Story 557
I was eighteen and horny and had began to really look around at women. We lived on the edge of the city and our closest neighbor had a daughter that was a teenager. The problem was the father was very strict and religious. Only I knew he drank so he must not be that religious. Kaira and her mother Riley both always wore long dresses.

The dresses went from neck to their feet and all the way to the wrists. My mom always sighed and shook her head when she saw them. For the last year I had gone through a special trade school and did auto cad work. It is hard concentrating when you are always horny. Mom had taken a week vacation to be with dad just as summer began.

I was on my own and knew I did not have to worry about my father bothering me. My father was never around and was strange anyway. He never came out and said it but he had the knack or gift or whatever you want to call it. He could see the future, I know that sounds strange but almost every year for as long as I could remember he has won several lotteries.

Normally it was three or some times four a year, one year it was six so I did not say anything when I got the text. I had worked all night and finished in the late morning. I stripped to my swim suit and went out back and stretched as I thought of swimming. I had set my phone down and picked it up to see the text that came in.

It just said, “listen and go look in the other backyard and enjoy.”

I blinked and shook my head, “he has gone off...”

I heard the moan and looked around before I heard it again. I walked to the fence and looked over to see Kaira and her mother both sitting on loungers. They had their long dresses up around their waists. Their legs were spread while they shoved fingers into their pussy. Kaira was shuddering and moaning and humping and turned her head and saw me.

She groaned and shifted and turned until her cunt was towards me. She did not stop and kept fucking her fingers. Her mother shook and turned to look at her daughter and then at me. She groaned but turned like Kaira so I was staring straight at her hairy pussy. I shook myself and glanced around before heading for the gate.

I went around and into their backyard and walked straight to Kaira as I opened my pants. She pulled her fingers out and sat up and reached for my cock as soon as she saw it. She almost swallowed it and began to bob and fuck my cock with her mouth. I shivered as I pushed my suit off and pushed her back and down on the lounger.

I bent and lifted and spread her legs before I buried my cock in her tight and very slippery cunt. She grunted and lifted her hips as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. I continued to fuck her with deep strokes and gestured to her mother Riley, “come here so I can finger you.”

Those were magic words before she wiggled off the lounger and stagger to me while holding her dress up. I reached between her legs and began running a finger over her clit and through her slit before shoving the finger up into her. She humped and sighed and moaned as I kept fingering her with long strokes while fucking her daughter.

Kaira was thrusting up while her slippery pussy constantly clenched and she wailed, “fffuuucccckkkk!”

Riley hugged my arm and spasmed while her cunt grasped at my finger, “yyyeeeesssss!”

It was several minutes before I shoved into Kaira and grunted as I spewed and pumped cum. She howled and jerked as her cunt massaged and milked my cock, “YES!”

When I was done I pulled out and stared at her leaking slit before looking at Riley. I grinned and moved and pushed her head down, “push your tongue into her and curl it to get the cum.”

She dove in without saying anything and I looked at her butt before pulling her dress up and over her hips. I moved her legs apart and positioned my cock and pushed into her. She shoved back and I began to fuck her with firm thrusts. Her pussy was hot, wet and kept grasping my cock. I heard her moaning as Kaira wiggled and squirmed and humped.

I loved fucking Riley and kept it up as she shuddered and shook. She was moaning into her daughter’s cunt as she licked and sucked and Kaira began to thrash around. I fucked Riley for over ten minutes before I shoved into her and pushed as I held her hips. She screamed when she felt the warm gushing spurts of cum, “aaaahhhh!”

When I was done I pulled out and pulled her up. I turned and saw her wet slimy face and grinned as I caught her hand and reached down for Kaira’s. I pulled her up and both of them after me and out and then into my backyard. I stopped beside the pool and turned to start pulling Riley’s dress up and off.

She caught my hands and I pulled her close, “Your body is mine now.”

She smiled and then grinned and let my hands go. I stripped her dress off and then turned to repeat it with Kaira who helped me. I was surprised they did not have bras and knew they did not have panties. I felt both of them before sitting Riley down on a wooden lounger and spreading her legs.

I grinned at Kaira, “time for you to push your tongue into her and curl it to get the cum out.”

She grinned and moved between her mother’s legs as she bent forward. I moved behind her and checked her cummy slit before I sank my cock into her. I fucked them three times each and between each time I felt them in the pool and on the loungers and bent over the table. I even pulled them into the house and made lunch for us.

I fucked them one last time before I put their dresses back on. I kissed Kaira and then her mother, “you are not to wash the cum out until tonight. Come over after dinner so I can fuck you both once more.”

They grinned and nodded and walked out holding hands. I watched before going to do chores like laundry and cleaning the house. I was tired but I was also remembering how Riley and Kaira felt. I made a small dinner and cleaned up. It was a few minutes before Riley peeked in the open back door.

I grinned and walked out and backed her to the table as I pulled her dress up and off. I laid her back on the table and felt her pussy before pushing my pants down. I pushed into her and buried my cock before I held her waist and started to fuck her. I used one hand to press on and rub her clit and she groaned and humped as her cunt squeezed, “ooohhhh!”

I smiled as I kept fucking her with deep strokes and she began to pant. She wiggled and humped as I kept planting my cock. Her warm cunt was constantly massaging my cock. I continued to rub her clit while fucking her and started to do it harder. I began to grind and rub and press into her and she squirmed.

It was not long before she began to spasm and wail, “fffuuuccckkk... mmmeeee!”

I fucked her hard and deep as she lifted and spread her legs. Her cunt constantly grasped and clenched as she bucked and thrashed around. It was several minutes before I held her hips and buried my cock. She gasped and jerked as my cock erupted and I began to gush and pump cum. She shook and her pussy milked my cock as I kept spurting and spewing until I was done.

I bent over her and gave her a kiss, “you can wash the cum out in the morning.”

She grinned, “okay.”

I pulled out and helped her stand before she put her dress on. She walked out with a tempting sway to her hips and I sat to wait for Kaira. It was a minute before she walked into the backyard and stripped as she walked towards me. I pulled her into the house and all the way back to my room and bed.

I laid her back on the bed and moved over her. I kissed her before I lifted and pushed into her. She wiggled and humped as my cock slid into her and I pulled back and began to fuck her. I used long thrusts and buried my cock in her slimy cunt with each stroke. She shuddered and put her arms around me as she kept lifting her hips.

It was not long before she was wailing as she bucked and struggled. I fucked her long, hard and deep and she lifted her legs and clutched me as she squirmed. Her tight pussy was constantly clenching and grasping as I kept shoving into her. A few minutes and she was howling and thrashing around.

She kept it up as I continued to fuck her firmly and began to rub and press to get deeper. She twisted and shoved her cunt up each time my cock plunged into her. It was awhile before I buried my cock and began to pump spurts of cum. She jerked and wiggled when she felt the warm sperm, “YES!”

When I was finished she was panting and shivering. I gave her another kiss, “do not clean the cum out until tomorrow morning.”

She grinned and humped as she shook her head. I pulled out and helped her off the bed and walked her out. I helped her with her dress and she gave me a kiss before leaving. I slept through the night and was up early. I had a new project and started working. I left the back door unlocked and open and a couple of hours later turned to see Riley peeking in the door.

I was just in a robe and turned my chair and opened it, “come lick my cock.”

She grinned as she came in and stripped before kneeling. She wiggled back under my desk as she turned my chair and pulled it in. I grinned when I felt her begin to lick my cock. Every few moments she would slip my cock into her mouth and fuck it. I shivered at the feel as I tried to work and had to look under the desk when Riley moaned and spasmed.

She jerked and shook like she was cumming and I groaned and thrust forward. She shoved my cock into her mouth before it erupted and I gushed huge spurts of cum. She shook and shuddered as I grunted and kept spurting until I was done. I relaxed and pushed away from the desk before pulling her out and sat and pulled her onto my lap.

She leaned against me and grinned before moving and then straddling me and impaling her pussy. She thrust back and forth and started to rock. I held and caressed her hips while her warm pussy constantly tightened and squeezed my cock. She sighed and rubbed her clit on me and a few minutes later she was dragging her pussy back and forth.

She was panting and shaking while her very slipping cunt continued to massage my cock. I stood and held her butt as I walked out and across to my bedroom. I sat on the bed and turned and rolled until she was under me and pulled back to fuck her with deep strokes. She lifted and spread her legs as she kept humping and thrusting up.

She wailed and howled as I fucked her firmly. Her grasping cunt squeezed and tightened each time I tried to pull back. She thrashed around and struggled and bucked until several minutes later when I shoved into her. I held her as my cock began to gush and spew spurts of cum.

She jerked and screamed when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “YES!”

When I was done I relaxed while she continued to pant. I gave her a kiss and pulled out before laying beside her, “do you work today?”

She shook her head and I bent to suck on a nipple, “if you have chores at home do them but then I want you back by the pool so I can fuck your pussy again.”

She grinned and nodded before moving off the bed, “Kaira started the chores but I will send her over for you to fuck.”

I smiled, “after she licks your leaking pussy.”

She giggled as she walked towards the door, “okay.”

I moved off the bed and went back to work and it was a little while before Kaira walked up beside me. I grinned and turned and reached out to lift her dress to look at her pussy. I slipped a finger into her and she pushed her hips forward and moaned. She was wet and warm and her pussy tightened around my finger.

I stood and turned to bend her over my desk as I lifted the dress. I used my feet to push her feet apart before pushing into her tight hole. She groaned and pushed back as I held her hips and started to fuck her with deep thrusts. I fucked her with steady strokes and buried my cock each time.

I took my time but it was not long before she shuddered and squirmed while moaning. Her slippery cunt tightened and grasped my cock while she sagged onto the desk. I grinned and began to fuck her hard and deep and she wailed and jerked. I was shoving my cock all the way into her each time.

She writhed around as I continued to fuck her while her cunt constantly clenched. She spasmed and jerked and kept shoving back each time I buried my cock. She began to wail as her wet and slippery hole clenched and constantly grasped my cock, “aaaahhhh!”

I fucked her hard for a couple more minutes before I planted my cock. I held her impaled as I gushed spurts of cum into her. She screamed and shook hard while her cunt massaged the sperm out and into her. When I was done I pulled out and rubbed her bare butt, “strip and go lay out by the pool. When your mother gets there she is to strip and lick my cum out of your pussy.”

She grinned as she stood and turned to press her pelvis against me, “okay.”

I gave her a kiss and turned her before I sat back down. She stripped her dress off as she walked towards the door and I grinned. I finished the part I was working on an hour later and stopped. I went out back and found Kaira and her mother laid out on their stomachs by the pool. I waded in and swam a lap before climbing out, it was more to wash off than anything else.

I walked to the two loungers and moved over Riley before I pushed down and into her cummy pussy. She groaned and tilted her hips as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts that buried my cock. I kept fucking her with deep strokes while her slippery hole constantly grasped and squeezed.

She shuddered and began to wail as I continued to fuck her, “aaaahhhh!”

I buried my cock while her cunt tightened and she spasmed. I kissed her shoulder and pulled out and moved to the other lounger. Kaira had turned over and grinned as she spread her legs and lifted them. I pushed into her cummy pussy and gave her a kiss before I began to fuck her firmly.

I went back forth all day, sometimes cumming in Kaira and sometimes in Riley. I fucked them one last time after dinner and before we went to bed. I thought about them all night and looked at my cell when I got the text early in the morning. I knew it would be dad and picked it up to read what he sent.

I grinned because it started with, “your mom said she is my whore and does not regret it. Ask yours to stay and they will and you will not be sorry.”

I put the phone down and laid back to think how to ask. I thought about it and if dad sent it now I needed to do it now. I got up and slipped pants on before going to look out as the neighbor left. I walked out and started towards their backyard and found Riley and Kaira coming out the back door.

I grinned and pulled both close, “go pack and come live with me so I can fuck you where, when and how I want.”

Riley smiled as Kaira grinned, “what about your parents?”

I rubbed both their cunts through their dresses, “they said to ask you to move in so I can fuck you whenever you need it.”

They shivered and Riley reached out to caress my cheek, “give us an hour.”

I nodded, “use the front door and strip after you come in.”

She smiled and then grinned before turning to pull Kaira after her. I went home but left the front door open as I went to move things around in the guest room. It was not an hour, more like fifteen minutes and then they were dragging boxes of stuff in. I helped them put everything in the guestroom closet before Kaira stripped and pressed against me.

I grinned as I pulled her to my room and bed before laying her back. I pushed my pants off and moved onto the bed and over her. I settled between her legs and pushed into her tight pussy. I gave her a kiss as she sighed and began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. I glanced at Riley when she sat, “take off that dress.”

She grinned and stood to strip as I kept fucking her daughter. She humped and wiggled and hugged me as I continued to shove into her as far as I could. She shuddered and howled a couple of minutes later as I began to grind. It was another minute before I buried my cock and kissed her passionately while gushing sperm.

She jerked and spasmed while her tight pussy constantly tightened, “yyyeeeesssss!”

When I was done I grinned and gave her a kiss before pulling out and moving off the bed. I caught Riley and pulled her up before turning her and bending her over the bed. I spread her legs and fingered her pussy before I sank my cock into her. I held her hips and started to fuck her as she sighed and pushed back.

She bent more as she spread her legs and started to lick her daughter’s leaking pussy. I kept fucking her and grinned as Kaira began to moan. Riley wiggled and kept pushing back as I buried my cock. I held her and reached around to rub her clit before squeezing it. She shoved back as her pussy tightened and clenched, “oooohhhh!”

A few minutes and I was fucking her firmly and shoving into her and holding her while her pussy massaged and squeezed. She began to grunt and then yell and finally howl and I had to hold her up. I pulled out and turned to lay her back and lift and spread her legs. I moved over her and sank my cock back into her and kissed her before I began to fuck her long, hard and deep.

She humped and thrust up and hugged me and her pussy tightened, “aaaahhhh!”

I continued to use her and began to rub and grind. A few minutes and she was struggling and jerking and completely incoherent. I buried my throbbing cock a minute later and grunted as I spewed and started pumping spurts of sperm into her. She spasmed and tilted her hips while her pussy gripped my cock, “YES!”

When I was done I pulled out and moved off the bed, “go put your things away.”

I should have known my father would plan ahead. An hour later a furniture truck arrived and moved everything out of the guest bedroom before turning it into a walk in closet. They also took everything out of my room and replaced it with new furniture. When mom came home Riley and Kaira were a part of my life and helped with all the chores.

Mom seemed to click with Riley and Kaira from the moment she walked in the door and saw them naked. Thanks to my father’s help and money we bought our own house six months later. Riley was pregnant and dad said it would be twins. Whenever I am horny I pull one of them to bed but many time they are the one to come looking for me.
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