Story 556
I was new aboard the merchant ship Teneval. It was a huge ship that never touched land or a dock. It had six barge like ferry ships that moved from the docks to the ship and back. When the ship sailed they were lifted up like lifeboats. The ship was a hundred paces wide and three hundred long and one of the largest ever built.

It had two dozen tall masts with a crew of over two hundred. Most of the crew were family or had been aboard all their lives. I was a distant cousin which was the only reason I was allowed aboard. For as large as she was she had a shallow draft and seemed to move over the water easily.

The sides were lined with large mounted ballista that fired burning tar on spears or a large spear type of bolt. Everyone aboard was crew first and fighters second. I helped hoist the sail and tied it off before moving to the next. The ship moved slowly but once moving nothing was going to stop it.

Once underway the standing watch took over and the rest went to help with other chores or rested. Since I was new I was apprenticed to different places, the first was the salt evaporators. This was where we brought sea water and filters in and removed the salt, the salt was cleaned and sold in port.

The elves that had made the ship had thought of everything. I manned a pump that brought water to the tank which drained through the many filters. After the filters the water was boiled and the steam sent through coils to cooling tanks. We only boiled half the tank before dumping the brine into very large shallow metal evaporation pans.

The sun did the rest and left the salt crusting the bottom to be scrapped off. The steam was sent to the cooling tanks and boiled twice more and then used aboard ship. The heat used to boil the water came from coils. The power came from small wheels just under the waterline which somehow generated it using spinning copper.

I moved and kept pouring brine into the pans that ran the length of the ship along the center beam. When I finished I was released to do something else. It was hours before I ate in the galley and headed to my small cabin. The ship was more than large enough to provide each man with a small cabin. I stripped and stood in the small water closet to turn on the tap for sea water.

I washed and then shut it off before stepping out and reaching for a towel. I hesitated when I saw the girl, she had tanned skin and slanted eyes with long sun bleached hair. She was naked and stood beside my bed and smiled, “I am Misty.”

I cleared my throat, “Alex.”

She patted the bed, “I am a ship comforter.”

I looked from her to the bed, “comforter?”

She took a step and caught my hand and pulled me towards the bed, “unattached females that have sex with the crew.”

I cupped her breasts as I let the towel fall, “unattached?”

She shivered and pulled one of my hands down her body to her bald pussy, “until we claim a mate and they accept our claim.”

I felt her almost hot pussy and fingered her slit and she shuddered before sitting on the bed and turning to lay back. I turned to bend over her and suck on a nipple, “how long have you been a comforter?”

She shuddered and wiggled, “since they bought me in a southern port.”

I caressed down her body as she began to wiggle and hump. I grinned and turned to move over between her legs and push into her. She grunted and held her hips up as I pushed deeper before stopping. I held her and began to kiss her while her pussy kept squeezing. She shuddered and humped and finally looked at me.

I smiled and kissed her before I pulled back and began to fuck her. I did it slowly with long strokes and she groaned and shook while her slick pussy began to grasp at my cock. I kept kissing her softly while using long deep thrusts. She wiggled and hugged me as I started to fuck her firmly.

She grinned and thrust up harder while her slick pussy squeezed, “mmmm!”

It was several minutes before I shoved into her and held her. She was thrashing around and jerking and clutched me as my cock erupted, “YES!”

I pumped a thick stream of cum into her and she began to spasm while her pussy gripped my cock. I spewed a dozen times before I was finished and just held her while she shuddered and moaned. She finally grinned and kissed me as she humped. I laughed and pulled back to start fucking her slimy pussy again.

I fucked her several times before stopping and just holding her as I fell asleep. I woke to her moving out of bed and turned to watch as she dressed. She bent over the bed to kiss me and caress my face, “thank you.”

I watched her leave before getting up and going to wash. I dressed and went up on deck and stretched as I saw the faint hint of dawn. I looked up as the bow night watch started ringing the alarm triangle and followed his pointing arm. I trotted forward and saw the huge shape as its fin cut the surface. I sucked in a breath at the size and a cold chill went through my body.

Gratcher were huge fish and predators that were feared by all who went to sea. Just looking at this one made me glad I was on the Teneval. It was at least thirty paces long and ten wide. The fin rose a few paces out of the water and I turned to look at the nearest ballista. I moved to it and glanced at another man when he joined me.

We cranked the cable back and I reached for the closest bolt. The other man hissed as I put it in the grove and I looked at him. He nodded to the line attached to the barbed point and I looked before looking to see if the line was attached. I grinned and lifted the back and aimed out as the sun rose.

The Gratcher had turned and headed for us and only a dozen paces away it turned again. I saw my shot and shifted and fired. I lowered the ballista as I watched the huge bolt slice into the water and then slam through the gills of the monster. It started thrashing and jerking as it began to roll and I ran to the small loading crane next to us.

I caught the end of the line that went to the barbed bolt and climbed up to thread it through the hoist and then down to the spindle crank. I looked at the Gratcher as it fell away and everyone was shouting. I grinned and began turning the crank to bring it in. It was not long before the whole crew was looking over the side at the dead monster beside the ship.

I moved to the rail, “how much can we get for the meat?”

The captain looked at me before laughing and ordering men over the side to butcher the monster. We were half done when I had an idea and moved to the head and mouth. I looked at the huge teeth and grinned as I started cutting them out. I ended up moving them to a small hold and bringing one back up on deck with a wire saw.

The sun was fully up as we let the remains of the monster sink. During my breaks I measured and used the saw to cut the one pace long tooth into one finger wide slices. I set one down and drew a couple of long daggers before using the wire saw to cut the shape. Next I used files to shape the blade, hilt and handle.

Last was to carve the handle and engrave runes of fortune into the blade in an old script. I smoothed and polished the first dagger while eating Gratcher steak for dinner. The whole crew was in a good mood as I went for a walk and found Misty. She was with another girl and grinned when she saw me, “Alex.”

I smiled and bowed and she turned to the girl, “this is Jade.”

I nodded to the girl and Misty sighed, “I still have another man to see and I am scheduled to sleep with.”

I frowned but she smiled at Jade, “Jade does not have anyone to sleep with if you want company.”

I looked at her before nodding and smiling at Jade, “would you like to walk with me?”

Jade grinned, “sure.”

She gave Misty a kiss and whispered before slipping her hand into mine. We walked the deck and looked at the stars before finally going down to my cabin. I smiled as I undressed her and myself before pulling her into the small water closet. I turned on the water and began washing and she smiled as she helped.

Once I was clean I caressed her and she shut the water off. When I stepped out I used my towel to dry her first and she sat on the bed as I did myself. I followed her as she wiggled back and onto the bed and began caressing and feeling her. I rubbed and fingered her pussy and she moaned and wiggled as she humped.

She finally pulled on me and I moved over her and kissed her as I pushed into her and buried my cock. I settled and kept kissed her as my cock throbbed and her tight pussy squeezed. She shuddered and humped and I pulled back and began to fuck her. I used long strokes and each time I buried my cock I press into her and rubbed.

A few minutes and she was clinging to me and shaking as her slippery pussy constantly grasped and clenched. She jerked and spasmed as she began to howl. I fucked her firmly with deep thrusts and she started bucking and thrashing around, “aaaahhhh!”

I continued to fuck her as she struggled and squirmed and finally pushed all the way into her and started spewing and gushing cum. Her pussy clenched and kept squeezing as she shook and wiggled, “yyyeeessss!”

When I was done I kissed her while she panted and pulled back to start fucking her again. She grinned and then laughed as she wrapped her legs around me. It was awhile before I stopped and held her as she snuggled against me and slept. I was awake when the bosun tapped on my door. I dressed and bent over the bed and Jade and gave her a soft kiss.

I had deck watch on the starboard aft and took more slices of tooth with me as well as tools. I watched and carved out a dozen rough daggers. It was late afternoon when I was relieved and climbed down. I went to my cabin and put the daggers away before going to get dinner. I was on deck after to check the evaporation pans when the aft port watch sounded the alarm.

I turned to look and ran back to the rear deck. In the distance was another ship closing with us fast. I glanced at the captain and first officer as they reached the rail and lifted a distance glass. The captain hissed, “raiders.”

I looked at him and moved the few feet to a ballista. I looked into the distance as men scrambled for weapons. I knew raiders would have a ballista or catapult which meant fire. I glanced at the captain again and cleared my throat, “can I look through your distance glass?”

He snorted and stepped to the side and held it out. I lifted it and looked at the distant ship for several long moments before grinning as I handed the glass back, “want me to kill the helmsman?”

He smiled, “if only you could.”

I gestured to the other man on the ballista and we cranked the cable back, “I will wager a silver.”

The other man laughed, “I will take that.”

I looked at the captain and first officer and they grinned, “one silver.”

I moved back and released the ballista from the mount and began aiming. I had to adjust for the movement of both ships, the distance and the slight breeze. I slowly squeezed and was surprised when the ballista fired. The captain and first officer both used their glass to look but I followed the spear like arrow and knew a few moments later I would hit what I aimed for.

The captain and first officer exclaimed and grinned when they looked at me. I gestured to the other man to help cock the weapon, “double or nothing I hit the bow catapult fire pot?”

They laughed as I put another projectile in the ballista and held out my hand, “your glass captain?”

He handed it to me and I looked at the other ship. I ignored those around the helmsman trying to pry him away from the wheel. I looked at the catapult in the bow and then handed the glass back before I started aiming. When the large bolt struck everyone knew I had hit the pot. Fire and flames seemed to go everywhere and spread back through the other ship.

Men were yelling and screaming as another pot burst or exploded. I grinned as I helped crank the ballista and reload. The ship was closing and almost in range of their catapult as I aimed again and fired. There was another splash of flames but that was secondary, the bolt had also struck an officer.

The ship turned and I knew they would fire at us. Of course that was when all the ballista on the rear of our ship fired. The Teneval was wider than the other ship was long and had more weapons along the stern. The other ship continued to turn away and fell behind without firing a shot.

Flames were on and across the deck and in the rigging and sails. I watched as the whole ship was engulfed and returned the ballista to its resting position. We were silent as we headed below or to our stations. The sun on the horizon echoed the burning ship behind us and spread an orange glow across the sky.

I washed when I reached my cabin and laid back to try to sleep. I turned at the knock, “come in.”

The door opened and Misty peeked in, “want company?”

I smiled, “sure.”

She pulled Jade in behind her and they both undressed before climbing into bed. Jade slipped over me as Misty laid half on me and gave me a kiss. I caressed her softly before I grinned and shifted and laid her back. I moved down as she laughed and spread her legs. I opened her pussy and licked through it and she humped and sighed as she wiggled.

I kept licking her and pushed my tongue into her before I captured her clit and began to suck and nibble gently. She groaned and squirmed as she lifted her hips, “ooohhh!”

Jade laughed as she moved over and began to suck on her nipples. I kept licking through her pussy and wiggling my tongue on her clit. She hump and wiggled and moaned and finally tried to close her legs. I moved up as Jade made room and I kissed Misty and slowly buried my cock in her tight pussy.

She tilted her hips as I settled on her and started to hump and grind. It was not long before she began to shake while her slippery pussy constantly tightened. She held me tight as she shook and bucked, “aaaahhhh!”

I kissed her and began to fuck her with deep strokes. I pressed into her each time and rubbed before I pulled back. Her pussy would grab and grasp my cock each time and she started to shake and shudder. I continued to fuck her and she hugged me and struggled a few minutes later.

She writhed around and bucked as her pussy became very slippery, “yyyeeessss!”

It was a little while before I was fucking her hard and finally shoved into her. I held her and gave her a kiss as I gushed and spewed and pumped cum. She jerked and spasmed while her pussy kept clenching and milking my cock. When I was done she was panting and I settled on her.

Jade giggled and rubbed my back, “my turn.”

Misty laughed and pushed me out and off and I moved to Jade. She caught me, “can I be on top?”

I grinned, “can I feel your breasts?”

She grinned as Misty laughed, “yes.”

We shifted around until she sat up and lifted and I held my cock. She slowly sank down and my cock pushed into her. She sighed and wiggled as she sat and I cupped her breasts. She grinned and started to thrust back and forth and rub her pussy on me. I felt her breasts and began to knead them and rub the nipples.

She rolled her hips and began to twist and turn as her pussy grasped and tightened. A couple of minutes and she was breathing hard and shuddering as her now slippery pussy kept squeezing. It was several minute before she began to desperately rub and thrust back and forth. She was shaking and jerking as her pussy constantly clenched.

I was kneading her breasts and rubbing and tugging on her nipples. She twisted and began to spasm as she wailed and I pulled her down and shifted until she was under me. I buried my cock and started to rub and press and grind as her pussy tightened and squeezed. She was clutching me as I kept it up for a couple of minutes.

I shoved into her hard and kissed her as my cock began spewing and pumping spurts of cum. She shook and wiggled while her pussy massaged my cock, “mmmm!”

I pulled out when I was done and Misty giggled as she rubbed my hip and laid back, “my turn.”

It was awhile before they stopped and fell asleep on me. Both girls claimed me the next day and I accepted. The carved Gratcher tooth daggers made a lot of money at the next port and so did the meat. I was given a bonus and used most of it to buy into the cargo. Within a couple of years twenty percent of the cargo was mine and in another few years I was the third officer.

Misty, Jade and I retired to a tropical island with our children. We own and run a trade store and have a large open style house on the beach.
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