Story 555
I have lived on the southwestern edge of the fourth continent all my life. Crocodylia is not a easy world or a safe one. I had lived on the single one hundred kilometer wide strip of solid ground on the continent. While the plesiosaur might resemble old earth dinosaurs there were differences. The neck was shorter and stronger, the head wider and larger.

The scientists had brought in plasicrete and other material. They made a one hundred meter diameter cylinder they sank into the water off the southern end of the land. It was one kilometer out from the shallows where the swamp began. The water here was fifty meters deep and right on the edge of a drop off into much deeper water.

The scientists were here to study the marine animals in the ocean. My fifteen meter skiff accelerated out of the swamp towards the plasicrete rising up twenty meters out of the water. I had killed a seventeen meter croc and was returning before the weekly supplies got here. I opened the comm, “professor Donaldson?”

It was a few moments before he answered, “Tallon?”

I shook my head, “look at the perimeter scan. I need to know if any of the larger sharks are near.”

“I do not see anything.”

I nodded and hoped he was paying attention. It was not long before I sent the signal and the outer net dropped. I did not slow as I went through and into the boat room and shoved the grav into reverse as I started closing the outer net. I glanced back and almost cursed as the huge maga shark fin went past the opening.

I sent the signal and the solid outer door dropped down and sealed the room, “damn scientists.”

I moved the skiff to the dock and secured it before going to the dead croc. I used straps and the dock lift to raise it and move it to a sturdy cart. The croc weighted over fourteen hundred kilograms and that was after I had gutted and removed the innards. I would get a third of that after removing the bones and skinning it which was still more than enough.

I pulled the cart after me and into the side room that was my work area. I stopped beside the long center table and used the grav hoist to move the croc. I removed the straps and began skinning it and removing the four large clawed feet and the head. I set them aside and struggled to move the hide to the outer wall.

I used another lift to put it on the work bench before carefully cutting the four legs off the skin. I started to work it into a wide machine and went back and forth to push and pull it through. I rolled the tanned hide after the last was cleaned and tanned. I left it and went to wash my hands and arms before bringing containers using the cart.

I glanced at the door when professor Donaldson walked in, “you missed a mega shark.”

He blinked as he looked from the skinned body to me, “I did?”

I shook my head as I turned to the croc and picked up a knife, “did you need something?”

He walked closer as I sliced down the leg. I made four cuts around it and around the bone before pulling each large piece of meat away. I laid each out beside the croc and used a sonic cutter to make thick steaks. I put them in a container and moved to another leg, “professor?”

He followed me and grinned, “sorry. I have never seen this done before.”

I shrugged, “the legs and shoulder I cut into steaks since everyone wants them.”

I cut up the other three legs and then removed a large front shoulder. I cut it off the bone and used the sonic cutter to make large thick steaks. I took all the full containers to the cool room where they would stay for at least a day. I came back, “so what did you want?”

He smiled as he followed me, “my daughter and professor Higgins daughter should be coming out with the supplies.”

I glanced at him and moved to the croc, “one of the best cuts is along the spine.”

With a seventeen meter croc I got over five and a half meters of meat. I cut it into one meter long, twenty centimeter thick pieces. Once I was done with both sides I gestured, “see the belly?”

The professor nodded and I began cutting it out, “this is what we make croc bacon from.”

He grinned, “I like that.”

I cut it into large slabs before putting it in containers, “we put these aside to cure.”

I moved containers again and returned to the table, “next is the ribs. They used to cook the bone and meat together but the croc bone is to dense.”

I sliced down each rib and rolled the body over and sliced the membrane on the inside. I repeated what I had done on the other side and worked the meat out and peeled each piece away. There was a hand width space between each rib so there was a lot of meat. I set it in containers and turned to the tail, “the most tender meat on a croc is the tail.”

I had to make four long cuts down the tail spine before removing the meat and cutting it into roasts. I took the containers to the cooler before returning to start removing the bones. I carried them up to the roof and tossed them over before going back for more. From the roof I could see the mega shark still circling the building.

When I finished and cleaned up I returned to get my rifle from the skiff. I went up to the top floor, the whole floor was mine, that was my deal with the scientist. The kitchen, dining and living area was in the center and all the bedrooms were around the outside. I stopped by the comm and opened the channel we used with the closest trading post, “Victor?”

He answered a moment later, “Hey kid, we are almost there.”

I smiled, “we have a mega circling so come straight down when you get here.”


I sat and began cleaning the rifle and by the time I was done the flyer was landing. I went up to help unload and move the supplies and found two stunning girls with Victor. Jana was professor Donaldson’s daughter and sixteen. Michelle or Mike was professor Higgins daughter and fourteen. They were both brunettes with long hair.

After we sent the stasis boxes down in the lift I escorted the two girls down. The living areas for the scientists was on and just below the ocean surface level and very sparse. My living area had grey marsupial skins on the floor and the couches and chairs were covered with croc hide. I helped Victor load the croc hide from the one I had killed with the feet and head.

He paid me in shells or supplies like vegetables, salt or spices. After he left I put my supplies away and went down to the cold room. I pulled out the croc belly containers and started mixing my family recipe for the cure. I glanced back when the two girls walked in. I went back to rubbing the cure onto the meat and putting it back into the containers, “bored already?”

They stopped beside me to watch what I was doing and Mike cleared her throat, “dad said the top floor was yours?”

I nodded and Jana touched my shoulder, “can we use a bedroom?”

I looked at her and she blushed, “it does not look comfortable in the rooms they showed us.”

I smiled, “scientist do not tend to look at things that way.”

I finished and sealed the container and they followed as I went to bring out the rib meat and put the belly meat away. I set the container on the table, “I have room so sure you can use one. If you call the trading post they can send you a list of things, beds, coverings, furs for the floor. Just let your fathers know.”

Mike started helping as I mixed a marinade sauce and then poured it into the container. I worked it on and into the meat before sealing the container and washing my hands. I put the container away and started pulling out containers with the steaks. They stayed and helped as I seasoned or treated and marinaded the meat.

I was finished and heading up stairs when Professor Albert called to say he was taking a sub out. I sighed and turned to head down and the girls followed. I sat in a sim seat and brought the drone sub alive. I put the sim helmet on and open the comm, “let me take the drone out first.”

“I am waiting.”

I shook my head and turned the drone towards the sub bay hatch. It slid open and I started moving out while looking around, “okay come out.”

I could hear the girls whispering as I watched the professor emerge and turn to head for deep water. I went after him, “on the bottom professor.”

The other sub dipped and sank to just above the ocean floor as it continued to go deeper. I stayed to one side and followed while constantly looking around. There were fish of all sizes including several larger than the two subs. I followed the professor to several of the remote sensor arrays and then back home.

I had to remind him several times to stay on the bottom. Once the sub bay doors were closed and the drone docked I shut it down and pulled the sim helmet off. I stood and headed for the stairs. The girls had left but when I walked into my kitchen I found them. I hesitated since they were both naked and cooking.

I went to the pantry and pulled two of the three cooking aprons off a hook. I handed them to the girls when I came out and started helping as they stopped to put them on. Dinner was strange since I was used to eating alone but it was nice sitting with them. We cleaned up after and they went to put clothes away.

I walked into the huge common room and switched on the holo table. I sat and started watching the planet news update. I shook my head at some of the things the tourists had done. Like trying to feed a croc or one who thought he could swim with them. I looked at the girls as I switched to a sat look down.

They sat on the couch beside me as I started zooming in on the land to the north. I was looking at the beach and just inland where the Snappers were beginning to make nests and lay eggs. This was not a swamp animal, they only lived in the narrows around the oceans and came out onto the land to nest and lay eggs.

Think of an old earth Alligator turtle with a shell three meters across. The neck was almost three times as long in proportion to the body. The head was like a croc and filled with teeth. Jana leaned against me, “those turtles look mean.”

I grinned, “they are.”

Her hand slipped onto my lap and rubbed my cock through my pants and I looked at her. She grinned and Mike giggled, “want to fuck?”

I shut the holo table off and stood and pulled them both up and after me. I headed back to my large bedroom and bed and let them climb on while I began to strip. I crawled onto the bed and over Jana before I kissed down her body. I licked through her pussy and pushed my tongue into her. She wiggled and humped as she moaned.

I nibbled on her pussy lips and caught her clit and sucked hard. She gasped and thrust her hips up, “ooohhh!”

I continued to lick her pussy and covered her clit to wiggle my tongue. I glanced up as she humped to see Mike sucking on her nipples. Jana shuddered and began to thrust up harder as I kept licking her. I sucked on her clit hard while using my tongue to tease it. She howled and bucked as she tried to close her legs and push my face away, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

Mike giggled as I moved up and slowly forced my cock into Jana’s tight pussy. She lifted and spread her legs as I buried my cock and kissed her. She groaned and wiggled while hugging me tight. I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly with long strokes. She kept lifting and tilting her hips each time I sank my cock back into her.

Her pussy grasp my cock and became slick and she began to moan and shudder. I fucked her hard and deep suddenly and she thrashed around and spasmed. Her pussy was constantly contracting as she clutched me, “aaaahhhh!”

Mike pressed against me as I buried my cock to kiss Jana and start humping and grinding. She wiggled and jerked as she continued to thrust up while her pussy grasped my cock. After a couple of minutes I pulled back and began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She shook and started to struggle and thrust up almost desperately, “oooohhhh!”

I fucked her firmly as I felt my balls churning and finally shoved all the way into her and held on. She screamed and bucked and writhed around as I gushed huge spurts of cum into her, “YES!”

I kept pumping sperm as Jana shook and clung to me. When I stopped cumming she was panting and I took a deep breath. She sagged to the bed and I kissed her before pulling out. I turned to Mike and she grinned and turned to go to her knees and wiggle her butt. I moved behind her and looked at her slit before rubbing the head of my cummy cock through it.

I held hips and pushed into her and she grunted and pushed back. I buried my cock and continued to push while her tight pussy kept grasping and squeezing. She shuddered a minute later and looked back as she pushed back into me. I grinned and held her hips as I pulled back and began to fuck her with long thrusts, it was not long before she was shaking.

Her tight pussy was very wet and slick as it tried to grip my cock. I suddenly fucked her fast, hard and deep and she wailed and started to slowly collapse to the bed. I followed her down and continued to fuck down into her. She tilted her hips and tried to spread her legs more, “ffuuucccckkkk... mmmeeeee!”

She began kicking the bed while shaking and shuddering and I shifted so I was fucking up into her. It was not as deep but she howled and started struggling and jerking while her pussy clenched. I slowed to fuck her with long strokes again before she began to convulse. Jana laughed, “fuck her and sperm her deep.”

I grinned as I moved up again and began to fuck down into her firmly. I planted each stroke and Mike continued to jerk while her tight pussy kept clenching. It took several minutes before I buried my cock and tried to shove even deeper. She grunted as I held her while my cock swelled before gushing spurts of cum.

She shuddered hard and gripped the bed, “aaaahhhhh!”

I pumped sperm into her until I was done and kiss her shoulder and then pulled out. She relaxed as I turned and moved towards Jana who grinned and laid back with her legs spread. I woke to the morning chime and looked at the girls in bed with me. I moved off the bed and went to shower and wash before dressing.

While in the kitchen making breakfast I pulled up the schedule for today. I grinned because none of the scientists had anything scheduled for the first half of the day and only labs for the afternoon. I glanced at the two girls when they came in, “we are going hunting after breakfast.”

They looked at me as they sat and I went back to cooking. They helped me clean up after and I checked the perimeter scan. They followed me down to my boat and I opened the outer door and both nets. I accelerated out and sent the signal for the outer net to drop back into place. I headed to shore and turned to follow it while watching the sonar.

Thirty kilometers up the coast I beached the boat and helped the girls out. I had seen the Snapper further up the beach and started around it. It was fully grown and the eggs it had laid were fresh. I watched as it stopped burying them to watch us. I sighed and lifted my rifle and aimed. I squeezed and the rifle kicked as the bullet exploded through its head.

I moved quickly, the scent would bring other predators. First I cut the throat and then I began separating the shells. I cut the meat from the bones and had the girls take turns carrying it to the boat and put it in the stasis box. I stripped it to the bone and struggled to drag the shell to the boat after turning it over.

I looked around before heading back to the nest and started checking eggs. I found a dozen that were fertile and took them. I returned to the boat and took a few moments to make sure the fiber net on the shell would hold. I pushed the boat out and turned to head back down the coast.

I watched the sonar closely since the shell had blood on it and would attract almost everything that swam in the ocean. I was hoping to make it back with the shell because I was going to make a hot tub. As we got closer to the cylinder the scan picked up the huge mega shark.

I growled as I accelerated and sent the signal to open the outer net. I kept glancing at the scan and at the open door into the cylinder. It would be close and at the last moment I released the fiber net and the shell. We sped through the door and I sent the signal for the door and nets as I shoved the grav into reverse.

I turned the wheel and the skiff turned and seemed to slid sideways and to the dock. I jumped out and secured the skiff before running for the door and then up the stairs. I came out on the roof and went to the side to look down at the snapper shell. I saw the huge fin moving past it and turned and moved to the deck hoist and brought it to the edge.

I aimed and activated the grav hoist. The shell seemed to shudder before twisting and then it began to rise out of the water. I was watching the mega shark fin, if it leaped and bit the shell I would have to let it go. The fin sank as the shell rose higher and I finally brought it over and onto the roof pad.

I set it down as the huge mega shark surged out of the water like a missile. I heard the girls gasp as I turned and took running steps and dove. I pulled them both down as the huge monster rose above the roof and twisted and snapped before falling. I came to my feet and shook my head, “I swear that damn fish is after me.”

They grinned and Mike humped against my leg, “us first.”

I grinned and gave her a kiss before pulling them up, “hold that thought.”

I took them back down to the boat and we moved the meat and prepared it as well as placed the eggs in stasis. I could get top credit for fertile Snapper eggs. I went to wash before I had to work on cleaning the shell. The girls joined me and kept teasing me by rubbing their naked bodies on me and stroking my cock.

I finally shut the water off and pulled them out. I dried us and pushed them in front of me and to my bed where Jana laughed as she jumped on. Mike grinned back at me as she crawled on and spread her knees before wiggling her butt. I moved behind her and felt her warm pussy before I pushed into her.

I held her as she pushed back and her pussy tightened and I began to fuck her with deep strokes. She sighed and turned to kiss Jana as she moved closer. I shook my head as I continued to fuck her with long thrusts. She kept pushing back as I fucked her and after a few minutes she shuddered hard.

Her pussy tightened and grasped my cock as she yelled, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I fucked her hard and deep and she was shoving back hard and almost desperately. I continued to use deep thrusts and she squirmed and twisted while kissing Jana and howling. It was several more minutes before I shoved into her hard and held her as I tried to pushed deeper and pump a stream of cum.

She screamed while her pussy clenched, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I gushed and spewed and spurted while she jerked and her pussy milked the sperm out of my cock. When I was done I let her go and she fell forward and onto the bed. I grinned as I looked at her gaping pussy and saw cum beginning to leak. I looked at Jana as she laughed and turned to lay back with her legs spread.

She held out her arms, “nice and deep.”

I grinned as I moved onto the bed and over her before slowly sinking my cock into her. She wiggled and shifted before I began to fuck her. I kept my cock deep in her and used short grinding jabs. A couple of minutes and she was clinging to me and shaking. It was not much longer before I was fucking her hard and deep and she was thrashing around and howling.

After a minute I slowed and buried my cock to grind and hump. She kept clinging to me as her slippery pussy constantly massaged my cock. Mike was giggling as Jana panted and spasmed. I pulled back and went back to fucking her firmly and she began to scream and buck. I lasted a little longer before I shoved into her as I gushed very large spurts of cum.

She jerked as her pussy clenched, “YES!”

I pumped and spewed until my cock was only throbbing while her slimy pussy continued to milk it. I grinned and gave her a kiss before I pulled out and moved off the bed to get dressed, “we better check the scientists before they feed themselves to the sharks.”

I ended up taking the drone sub out to protect another scientist and let the two girls piggy back using other sim helmets. It was almost like they were in the sub with me. I almost growled as I watched the mega shark shadow the subs. The only reason it left was another even larger shark at one of the arrays.

Once the subs were back and the bay doors were closed we headed down to do maintenance on the subs. After that we checked the scientists living areas where the girls frowned at the mess. I grinned, “clean it and send them a bill.”

They looked at me before grinning and starting as I went up and sent down meal rations in stasis containers. I started our dinner and made a couple of calls for the Snapper eggs. When the girls came up they were smug and I almost laughed, “did you get paid?”

They laughed and Jana kissed me, “they did not remember giving us the job but paid us what we asked.”

After dinner we cleaned up together and I made a check on the scientists and locked the sub bays. We went up onto the roof and laid back to watch the stars and I frowned as I heard a scraping sound. I stood and went to look over the edge in the dark. The mega shark fin vanished in the moonlight and I turned and moved back.

I pulled the girls up and to the stairs and we started down. I spun when I saw the huge fish rising over the edge and towards the center of the roof. I pushed the girls down the stairs as I pulled my pistol. The shark landed and thrashed around while snapping and I fired into its head and emptied the pistol.

I moved down while it kept spasming and pushed the girls inside. I went to get shells and reloaded my pistol before going back up. The shark was still and I moved out to check it. It was at least twenty meters long and the back third hung off the edge. It was dead and I grinned as I turned to go get the girls and equipment.

It was hours before we were done and the remains had been tossed over the side. Of course the scientists were not happy but they understood why I had killed it. The girls had documented and taken a vid of everything that had been inside the shark. They gave it to the scientists who went to compare notes.

I made a call to Victor who said he would be out the next day. I finally pulled the girls to my fresher and stripped them before undressing. In the shower I took my time washing them before Jana finally laughed and pushed me back. We dried off and they caught my hands and pulled me to my bed.

I woke to both the girls on me and took a moment to enjoy it before I woke them. After two decades and a dozen children we are still here herding the scientists. Of course there is a second and third large plasicrete cylinder on each side with walking bridges to each.
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