Story 554
My mother ran a river outpost on a colony world. Mostly it was jungle spice hunters or miners with the few adventurers or hunters. I do not know who my father was and I doubt if my mother knows. There were five of us with another in an artificial womb and on the way. I was the oldest, I was also the only boy and even the unborn baby was a girl.

I had a large section of jungle I had claimed when I was younger. Mostly I planted and grew some of the special spice plants or the few extremely rare and valuable plants used to make regen drugs. A weekly transport would land by the outpost for supplies or to deliver someone on their way further into the jungle, or sometimes it was to take someone away.

I have had a problem or according to mom we have a problem that runs in the family. First the males in her family were always born with three testicles. Second we were always horny and tended to cum a lot and produce a lot of semen. The women had larger ovaries and except for mom and they tended to release two eggs at a time.

Without the implant they would normally continue to be fertile into their fifties. They also squirted when they had an orgasm. Mom might not have the larger ovaries or have twins but she was a squirter. I know because I have cleaned her sheets before. Angie was the next oldest and fourteen and she was a horny bitch too. Even Danger who was thirteen seemed to be horny a lot.

I carried the heavy pack in and glanced at the back corner where the girls were supposed to be studying. Mom chuckled as she came around the counter, “Angie and Danger went to your place for privacy.”

She meant my suspended treehouse to jill. I took the pack off and turned it to set it on the counter, “I kept everything in separate pouches.”

She began pulling it out and weighting it before looking up the current prices. She sent the credits to my account, “we have a couple of trappers coming in to take the shuttle out.”

I nodded as I grabbed the empty pack and headed for the door, “I will do the chores after I wash.”

She cleared her throat and I stopped to look back. She grinned, “have you ever thought of fucking one of the girls instead of jacking off?”

I blushed as I looked at her, “everyday and everytime, you too.”

She laughed and waved and I turned to leave. I had a pipe that brought water up to my treehouse tank for my shower. It was cool and refreshing and I was looking forward to it. I climbed the ladder and hung the pack upside down before walking through the open doorway as I stripped.

Angie was jerking and writhing around with Danger who was bucking and spasming. They were both naked and laying on my bed. I growled and moved to the bed, “I just put a clean sheet on the bed.”

I could see cum soaking into the sheet as the girls looked at me. I had never really caught them naked before and looking at their bodies and their cunts had my cock hard. I reached for Angie and turned her and opened her legs as I held them up. I stared at her pussy and groaned, I needed to cum and bad.

I looked into her flushed face before turning her and moving onto the bed and over her. I pushed into her slimy pussy and buried my cock before I settled. She wiggled and sighed as she put her arms around me, “you came back early.”

I began to fuck her with deep thrusts and gave her a kiss, “yeah.”

She humped and her pussy tightened as she shivered, “mmm... this feels so good.”

Danger moved over and rubbed my back as I kept fucking Angie, “will you fuck me too?”

I groaned as I thought of her slimy pussy, “nice and deep.”

Angie thrust up and shook as she clutched me, “ooohhh!”

She squirted and shuddered while her tight cunt kept squeezing. I began to fuck her firmly and grind each time I buried my cock. She writhed and bucked and as she clutched me, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

My balls were slapping her ass as I fucked her and there was a wet sound. She thrashed and squirted and bucked and squirted and her eyes rolled up as she squirted. I shoved into her and kissed her as I gushed a solid stream of cum into her. She lifted and spread her legs wide as she jerked and her pussy kept clenching while sperm filled her.

I groaned when I was done and settled and looked at her while she twitched and shuddered. Her pussy kept massaging my cock as she panted and sagged to the bed. I pulled out and looked at Danger and she grinned and laid back with her legs open. I grinned as I moved to her and felt her slimy pussy.

She was more than wet and I moved over her and forced my cock into her. Well, more like pushed hard and slipped in and buried it. She wiggled and tilted her hips as I began to fuck her with short grinding thrusts. Her tight pussy kept clenching and she sighed and began to hump, a few minutes and she was moaning and shaking.

A couple more and her legs were up and spread as she wailed and thrashed while squirting. I was fucking her with deep thrusts and grinding while her slimy pussy constantly grasped and squeezed. She struggled as I held her tight and jabbed and thrust and buried my cock.

She screamed when she felt me gush warm sperm into her, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I spewed and pumped thick spurts of cum. When I was done she was jerking and shuddering as her pussy kept gripping my cock. I pulled out and looked at Angie on her stomach before moving over her and shoving into her slimy pussy. It was more then an hour before I stopped and just held my sisters as they snuggled.

We finally got up and I rubbed their bare butts, “go douche and wash.”

They grinned as they slipped summer dresses on. I went to wash and dress before heading into the trading post. Mom grinned when I walked in but continued to listen to the two men. I crossed to listen and straightened as they described an area to the west and south of us. Mom glanced at me as I spun and almost ran out.

I jumped into our transport and brought it to life before taking off. I did not have to go far and found the mass of destruction just beyond the southern border of our land. If we were on earth they would call the insects army ants, here they were called emperor ants. Each one was the size of a large man’s hand and when they spread or migrated there were billions of them.

They consumed anything in their path, plants or animals. At least they did not kill the trees so it only took a season or two for the jungle to recover. The swath was a dozen kilometers or more long and maybe five wide. I turned and flew back to the outpost before I landed. I was already thinking ahead.

This was the third time in the history of the outpost for emperor ants to come. The ants were actually very valuable if you could catch them without being eaten. We had five, fifty thousand liter bladders and a special industrial grade pump. I did not wait for mom and began loading one of the bladders.

Angie and Danger came to help and I was back in the air in minutes. I stayed low and dropped the bladder just inside our property. I returned for the next and then the next and when we were finished mom had the other girls on a boat out in the river. I put the gravs under the carriage for the pump and started into the jungle after sending my sisters to mom.

I knew there would be several dozen transports coming to help fight the ants. It was dark when I reached the first bladder and started to move it and then the others. I hooked up the fifteen centimeter flex hoses to each of the bladders. I moved forward carefully until I reached the leading edge of the advancing insects.

I sent up a grav buoy with a bright light so I could see. I used the remote which started the pump and I began to vacuum the insects. I knew they would all begin moving towards me to counter the threat. I swept the hose back and forth and it was not long before the area around me was thick with the large insects.

Minutes ticked by and then slowly an hour as one by one the huge bladders filled. I glanced back when several men arrived pulling more bladders with them, “lock down one through four and add your flex hoses to the last one.”

One of the men nodded as they began setting up several more large bladders. He slipped up behind me and took over smoothly as I moved back and stretched. I glanced at the other men as a few more lights were sent up and out. Two more pumps arrived and a dozen bladders were dropped behind us.

I locked down our last bladder before moving to help the other men as they started the pumps. The five bladders would probable bring about three years worth of credit and worth keeping and maintaining them. The sun was up when we finished and looked out at the empty swath of ground the insects had devoured.

Now the hard part would start, heavy lift transports were on the way. We had to make room for them to land and pull the bladders out. I was exhausted when the last one lifted and flew away. Our five bladders would be returned empty in a few days. I went to get our transport which was crowded in with everyone else’s that had come to help.

I loaded the pump and the flex hoses before returning to clean everything. Mom fed everyone that had come to help and when I finished I went to stand under my cool shower. I left my clothes as I crawled into bed and fell asleep. I slept for ten hours before I woke to moaning and turned my head to see Danger shuddering while fingering her pussy.

I turned and reached out to tug on a nipple, “need help?”

She groaned and looked at me as she nodded, “and sperm.”

I grinned as I turned and moved over her before sinking my cock into her very wet pussy. I kissed her as she tilted her hips and pulled back before I started to fuck her with deep thrusts. She humped up each time I pushed into her and her very wet and slimy pussy kept squeezing. I used deep firm strokes and a few minutes later she was spasming and screaming as she squirted.

She had her legs in the air and was thrashing around while clinging to me, “aaaahhhh!”

It was another couple of minutes before I buried my cock and pushed as I gushed cum into her. She was convulsing and jerking as she kept squirting, “yyyeeessss!”

I pumped sperm into her until I was done and gave her a kiss and pulled out. She was panting as she lay back with her legs splayed and cum leaking out of her, “mmmm!”

I grinned and rolled out of bed, “come wash.”

I took another cool shower with my sister as she rubbed her breasts on me and stroked my cock. When we walked into the outpost mom grinned. She turned from helping what looked like a couple of amateur explorers, “as I was saying the area to the south is clear but there will be a few emperor ants. Keep your eyes open and do not sleep in the open.”

Danger slipped around me and went to the back corner with my other sisters. They giggled but quieted when mom cleared her throat. After the two men left mom walked to me as I sat looking over items on my comp. She pressed against me, “we got the credits for the ants.”

I nodded and touched an item, “we can afford the prefab tower quarters for the girls now.”

She looked and nodded, “barely.”

I looked at her, “they need their own rooms and they need a place they can play and be safe.”

She sighed and looked at the girls before nodding again, “okay but you need to clear the area beside the outpost and level it.”

I looked at her and my cock started to get hard. She grinned and then she looked at me and reached down to rub my cock through the pants, “save that thought.”

I snorted as I sent the purchase order in, “make sure you are fertile.”

She laughed as I stood and headed for the door, “I am and so are the girls.”

I hesitated before I left and started chores that had been left undone. The prefab tower was a four stories with four huge bedroom suites on each upper floor. The classroom, kitchen and dining area as well as the large play area were on the ground floor. As I moved equipment Angie came out to help me mark off the area.

I used our small excavator and managed to clear what we needed. I marked the area for the water line and the sewage furnace before quitting for the day. I did the chores and came in to eat dinner in the small cooking area in the back of the outpost. The girls cleaned up after and I headed out and up to my treehouse.

I took a cool shower before drying and heading to bed. I grinned when I saw mom, Angie and Danger in the bed. I hung the towel up, “the sonic barrier in the outpost is on?”

Mom nodded as I touched the switch beside the door and crossed to the bed. I reached out for Angie and she grinned as she scooted closer and spread her legs. I turned and bent to lick through her pussy and Danger giggled and pushed mom onto her back. I glanced at them before going back to licking Angie.

She shivered and humped and squirmed as I captured her clit. I sucked and wiggled my tongue and she began to moan. I nibbled on her inner lips and then her clit and she gasped and thrust up, “ooohhh!”

I grinned as I went after her clit and kept sucking and squeezing and wiggling my tongue. The room was filled with the smell of pussy and the sounds of moans. Angie finally twisted and pulled on me while panting. I grinned as I moved up and gave her a kiss before I pushed into her and buried my cock.

She groaned and wiggled as she tilted her hips. I waited a few moments before I pulled back and started to fuck her with long strokes. It was not long before she was twisting and humping up while her very wet and slippery pussy constantly clenched. I kissed her and held it as I began to fuck her firmly and kept planting my cock.

She clung to me and screamed into my mouth as she struggled and bucked. A few minutes and she was thrashing around as she squirted and screamed. I rode her and continued to fuck her hard and deep while she yelled. It was several minutes before I shoved into her and pressed as I spewed cum.

Angie jerked and spasmed as her pussy massaged the sperm out and into her, “YES!”

I gushed and pumped and finally spurted until I was done. I relaxed as my sister kept panting and grinned. I gave her another kiss and looked at Danger and mom. I pulled out and moved towards mom as she went to her knees. I closed her legs and straddled them before looking at her very wet slit and sinking my thick cock into her.

She groaned and pushed back as I held her waist and began to fuck her. I used long strokes and kept sinking my cock all the way into her. A minute and she was wiggling and shoving back hard as she wailed. I began to fuck her hard and she screamed and squirted as she shook. I continued to fuck her as I pushed her down onto the bed.

She kept her hips tilted as I spread my legs and planted my cock in her and pushed with each thrust. Mom shuddered and thrashed and began kicking the bed as she squirted again, “yyyeeeesssss!”

Another few minutes and I shoved into her and held her as my cock erupted and I began spewing cum. Her pussy clenched and she squirted, “aaaahhhh!”

I pumped and spurted until I was done and slowly pulled out before moving towards Angie. The bed was soaked in cum before we went to sleep. It took a week to put up the tower and each night mom, Angie and Danger slept with and fucked me. We moved everything from the tiny living quarters in the back of the outpost the next day.

Mom, Angie and Danger have the other suites on the top of our tower. My other sisters and now unborn children have the second and third floor. While they settled in I went out and began to walk and check the huge dead area the emperor ants had been in. Five kilometers from the edge of our land I found the vein of gold jade.

If that was not enough it ran through what looked like an outcropping of leopard sapphires. I moved out and marked a huge area before calling in my claim. Gold Jade was not extremely valuable and neither was Leopard Sapphires. It was the amount that brought us a lot of credits and that brought more prospectors and adventurers and hunters.

We have increased the size of the outpost because of the business and I have purchased more rights to the areas where I hunt and grow spices.
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