Story 553
I stood as more mages came in and Trinity glanced around before opening a portal. We stepped out in a large fishing village that was in the mouth of a large river. He closed the portal and we began to head towards the docks, “Eve saw a Kracken attacking the village and three other seers confirmed it and narrowed the time to now.”

Men and women from the village watched us before moving towards their homes. We were just getting to the docks when the tentacle from a kracken emerged from the water. It wrapped around a fishing boat as I let the wild magic surge into me and reached out while murmuring a spell.

I was not the only one and the tentacle jerked off and away from the boat. The water further out in the river exploded as the huge beast surfaced with a roar. Fire and jagged lightning struck but I chanted and drew a rune. The kracken started to sink into the water but it shifted and became ice.

It roared again and lashed out but the others had merged and their magic protected the fishing boats. I chanted and murmured and blue flames exploded from the frozen river around the kracken. The monster heaved and roared as it pulled itself out of the ice. It stood on several tentacles and began moving towards us.

It towered over us and I drew a fiery glyph as it reached out. Three ice spears glowed as they ripped free of the river and flashed into the kracken. It roared and fell as the spears each slammed into it and found one of its three hearts. It began to thrash around and convulse while dying.

I relaxed as Trinity led the mage merge and began slicing the monster into small pieces. It was a little while before they finished and I returned the river to normal. I waded into the water and chanted and drew runes that seemed to stay for a few moments before sinking. It was a moment before a stone rose and I took it before walking out of the water.

I joined the others as a portal appeared. We walked through and back to Arolus and I handed the stone to Trinity, “if a kracken enters any river the stone will glow. Touch it and you will see the river and know where.”

He nodded and tucked it away as I headed back into the camp. I grinned when I saw my three nephews chasing Grif and playing tag. There were a lot more children in and around the camp. I stopped by Henry who was tossing a small girl into the air and catching her with his trunk, “you and the others should start a nursery.”

He chuckled, “I think the word is already being spread.”

I laughed as I crossed the camp and caught Amanda around the waist. She had been talking to a couple of my younger sisters and turned to grin, “just in time, I need a fuck.”

My sisters laughed as they walked away and I pulled Amanda towards the wagon, “I think I can help with that.”

She started to strip me before we were even in the wagon and backed me to the bed. I glanced at Kim and Dara whispering together in the bed before Amanda pushed me down and stalked onto me. She straddled me and slowly wiggled down my cock. I cupped her breasts and gave the nipples a tug.

She shuddered as her pussy tightened and squeezed. She laid on me and grinned before giving me a kiss as Kim and Dara giggled. I caressed her hips before shifting until she was under me. I started to hump and grind and press as her pussy continued to grasp my cock. She kept hugging me as I continued to use short grinding jabs.

Her warm pussy kept grasping and squeezing as she shook. She sighed and wiggled and squirmed as I continued to fuck her and keep my cock in her as deep as I could. Slowly she began to stiffen before shaking and spasming and then I started to fuck her hard and deep. She screamed and thrashed and bucked while wetting me.

Kim and Dara giggled as I kept fucking Amanda hard. It was several minutes before my balls churned and she was incoherent. I buried my cock and held her as I gushed and spewed and pumped cum. She jerked and wiggled as I kept spurting in her. When I was done I settled on her while she panted.

She finally grinned and pulled my face down for a kiss, “thanks da.”

I pulled out and moved off the bed to dress. While Kim, Dara and Amanda whispered together I slipped out. I spent the day shaping crystal into egg shapes and creating potion stones. Shouts brought me to my feet as a dozen centaur warriors prodded and pushed large shaggy men past the camp.

Mages began to follow and I hesitated before setting everything aside. I walked after them and through several camps until I walked into the large camp where most of the councilors had set up. Trinity was waiting with several others as the wild men were pushed forward. One straightened and growled as he looked around, “you have broken the treaty of Mallory.”

I remember reading the treaty but the others were looking around as if they did not know what he was talking about. I cleared my throat, “the treaty of Mallory forbids mages from coming together in large numbers. It was signed by the first mage council and witnessed by the emperor.”

The wild man nodded, “that is right.”

I smiled, “and it was done to stop a war started by druids. A century later the druids broke the treaty when they attacked and used trees to kill mages and other innocents over several countries. The treaty was voided by the emperor, the mage council and the druid council of Kent.”

The men looked at each other and one cleared his throat, “but...”

I shook my head, “a century ago the high druid council allied with the mage council and declared all druids would follow the mage laws.”

I looked at them, “chaos has once more returned and with it darkness and creatures that thrive in it. The druids have not answered our call and we need help.”

One of the men snorted, “like we would help you. You kill trees and...”

I shook my head as many mages grumbled, “are you so lost in the trees and brush you do not know where the wood comes from?”

They looked at each other and I sighed and gestured, “come.”

I turned and everyone followed as I moved through the camps to mine. I climbed down to and in the river and glanced back at the druids, “what happens to dead trees when there are storms?”

They looked at each other and one cleared his throat, “they rot or some are washed away.”

I nodded, “or fall in the woods or sink under the water.”

I pulled in the wild magic and reached up river while murmuring and sending the summoning down under the water. I had to pull hard and many trees that had been submerged came up and moved down the river. I lifted them and merged them together into a sphere before letting the spells go.

I turned and looked at them, “we do not use living trees. We can merge dead branches or trees from the forest to make what we need.”

One of the druids grinned as he looked at the sphere, “which is good for the forest.”

I nodded and Trinity cleared his throat, “we do need druids. Many of the creatures have been hiding in the deep woods and now they are coming out.”

The druids looked at each other before finally nodding. I walked out of the river and started up the steps, “start with finding the other druids and then perhaps watching the isolated communities.”

One of the druids stopped to look at Dara before looking at me. I slipped an arm around her as I headed to the north, “her mother pushed her out.”

He nodded and sighed as he walked after the others, “nature can be cruel.”

I smiled and glanced at Dara as I set the sphere of wood down in a large area between trees, “walk with me?”

She hugged me and grinned as Serena landed on her shoulder, “your family enjoys loving us.”

I laughed and hugged her back, “it is easy since you enjoy loving them.”

It was an hour before we walked into a grove of ancient trees. The trunks were thick but they did not show signs of fire damage. Dara sighed as she looked around, “they are happy.”

I nodded and turned her and gave her a kiss, “this is their world. They only hear of the world beyond from the wind and the rustle of other trees who know as much as they.”

She looked into my eyes, “you are trying to tell me something.”

I held her against me and looked around, “your mother only knew the forest around her like these trees.”

I gave her another kiss, “after the troubles are over we will move on. There are many places that are as beautiful and as strange. Trees that reach to the sky itself and trees no bigger than a bush. Land with few or no trees or no land but swamp water and trees that grow out of it.”

I caressed her hips, “you asked to become my concubine. Like Storm you miss your home but each of us has a home and are reminded of them. I am comforted now by you and the others. You have much to teach us and much to learn. None will need to leave because of a child being born. I have seen the way you look at Tammy and the others.”

I gave her a kiss, “do you know what will happen when their children are born?”

She shook her head as she kept looking into my eyes. I undressed and pulled her down in the tall grass and against me. I kissed her, “you will be the their mother, just as your children will be theirs.”

She blinked and turned to straddle me and slowly push down on my cock. She wiggled and smiled as she put her hands on my chest, “and none will have to leave?”

I cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples, “no.”

She began to rock and rub her pussy on me and shivered. It was a minute before she shuddered and her pussy tightened. She laid on me and squirmed and I smiled and hugged her, “you have enjoyed loving us and we enjoy loving you. You are their sister and companion, their conspirator and comforter. Today even Kim needed you.”

She spasmed and looked at me before smiling and giving me a kiss, “you talk to much. Love me now Amerlyn.”

I laughed and pushed her up and humped, “wood nymph.”

She thrust back and forth and twisted while rolling her hips. Her slippery pussy kept squeezing and she began to wail. She reached to her collar and the ruby came off as she shoved down. I smiled as I caressed and felt her breasts before touching her pelvis as the wild magic shifted. I blinked as it seemed to murmur and whisper before smiling as I thrust up.

Dara shuddered and jerked and wailed as she looked into my eyes. I held her hips as she kept rocking and shoving down and she smiled and wiggled while her tight pussy clenched. A few minutes and she was panting and jerking back and forth, “ooohhhh!”

I kept lifting my hips and thrusting and finally held her waist down as my balls churned. She was grunting and shaking as her pussy constantly rippled and massaged my cock. It erupted and I pumped a gushing geyser up and into her. The magic swirled as it pulled it into her deeper. She jerked and spasmed as she smiled and looked at me, “mmmm!”

When I stopped cumming she sighed and laid forward on me and a moment later the others were there and lifting her up and off me. They kept hugging her as she grinned and Brandy bent to pull me up. I kissed her and looked at Dara as they each kept kissing her and she finally laughed. We held hands as we began to walk back and I summoned my clothes.

We were just reaching camp when Abby and William stood and turned to look up and tilt their heads. They spoke together as if it were planned, “Amerlyn?”

I moved away from the girls and strode towards them, “what is it?”

Abby glanced at me, “dragons come.”

I shifted as I looked toward the southeast and finally saw several huge dragons. I let the wild magic in and whispered Trinity’s name. I moved through the camp and then the caravan before coming to a clear area beside the river. Other mages began joining me on the edge and then the council arrived.

The dragons dropped and flared their wings as they landed. They seemed to fill the area before one moved forward and ignored the council. It stopped as it looked at me and its shape blurred before a man stood in its place. It smiled, “so you have learned what you are.”

I nodded and he glanced at the other mages and then at me, “the last time chaos came we were more than happy to side with it and other dark creatures. We are very long lived though and have thought long on what we and others have done. We stay to ourselves mostly and only take what we need to live. We have spoken together and decided that this time we will not join chaos.”

He looked down before looking back at the other dragons and then at me, “most will not fight on either side but those you see here have chosen to join you.”

I glanced at the dragons before looking at Trinity, “they could be very helpful.”

He nodded as he stepped forward, “we accept dragon.”

I bowed to the dragons, “be welcome.”

The others shifted and moved forward but I moved away and headed back to the camp. I caught Tammy and gestured to bring Kim to me, “dragons have come to join us. Do not let any of the girls be alone with them.”

They looked at each other and Kim cleared her throat, “you think they will turn?”

I shook my head as I looked at the huge cooking area with a lot of women moving around, “no but I think the girls will be another thing to tempt them. They will want power like all of their kind and that includes power over a mage. From what I read wild magic is one thing they have never learned to control.”

Tammy grinned, “you should let them try and see what happens.”

I shook my head, “even if only one ever managed it the dragon would be corrupted.”

I smiled, “they are very strong and have powerful magic. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

They nodded and I turned and used the wild magic to reach out for the girls, “I would rather not tempt them.”

I moved towards the cooking area as the girls appeared. They grinned and Tammy pushed me away as she gestured to them and began helping prepare dinner. Kim grinned as she pulled me back to my seat and pushed me down. She slipped onto my lap and wiggled, “have you thought of teaching mage children?”

I blinked as I caressed her hips, “teaching?”

She grinned, “well if you are teaching and someone has a child with the same problem you did...”

I grinned as I hugged her, “you are...”

She laughed, “Gorgeous? Beautiful?”

I laughed and shook her, “and smart.”

I looked at my father and several others as they joined me. He grinned as he sat, “would you like to help make vapor brandy?”

I looked around before I let the wild magic fill me. I murmured and green grass and leaves started moving to me and I felt my father merge with me. A brother and then more slipped in and then more mages joined us. I began to change and transmute it as someone else in the merge created a huge wooden barrel.

It was not long before we finished and everyone slipped out. My father sighed and turned to gesture and a tiny glass floated to him from the barrel, “well done.”

Jill laughed as she stood, “do not drink it all.”

I grinned and accepted another tiny glass as it floated to me. I took a tiny taste as music started up and then girls and women were dancing. I caught Jeanne as she slipped onto my lap and she gave me a soft kiss, “hey trouble maker.”

I hugged her, “how are your girls?”

She grinned, “old enough to enjoy the boys and have their own.”

I laughed and she turned, “want me to paint your girls?”

I looked at them dancing and singing and gestured as I pulled in the wild magic. A small image appeared beside us and Jeanne grinned, “perfect.”

She bent to peer closer and I frowned and touched her temple and I let the wild magic in. I whispered and she sighed and shivered before sitting back, “thank you. I have been meaning to speak to your grandmother or mother about that.”

I gave her a hug, “dad would be better.”

She gave me a kiss and stood and hesitated and I gestured, “hold your hand under it like you are carrying it.”

She grinned as she did as I told her and walked away. It was not long before we had a few hundred people coming and going. I finally stood and headed for the wagon and bed. Before I closed the door all the girls were following me in.
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