Story 552
I was fourteen and the youngest of three. Our dad had left before I was born and as far as I was concerned he was dead. Mom ran a home business out of a office we had made in the house. She had always made time for us. I was actually apprenticing with her for the summer and had my own desk and computer in one corner of the huge room.

I had been working with her for a couple of months before school got out and enjoy every moment since she and my sisters were beautiful. Allie my oldest sister had been married for almost a year and her and Dan were living with us. I knew something was wrong but not what. She and Grace my sixteen year old sister had been talking with mom constantly.

They and even Dan had been looking at me a lot and it made me a little nervous. Dan worked during the day but like me, Allie and Grace worked with mom. It was a couple of hours before I heard the girls whispering and turned to see them and mom looking at me. I looked around and frowned, “okay enough is enough. What am I doing wrong?”

Mom smiled as she stood and crossed the room and shocked me as she sat in my lap and leaned against me, “Allie and Dan have been trying to have a baby.”

I looked at Allie and grinned, “okay.”

Mom wiggled on my growing cock, “Dan is sterile.”

I frowned and hugged her as I looked at Allie again, “I am sorry.”

My mother caressed my face and gave me a soft kiss which made me shudder and groan. She grinned, “how would you like to provide the sperm to get her pregnant?”

I looked from her to my sisters as I blushed, “you mean for a doctor to impregnate her?”

She had to feel how hard my cock was but continued to wiggle and squirm on my lap, “um... well we were thinking of having you fuck her.”

I looked at my sister quickly and saw her blushing. I looked at mom and did not think my face could get any redder, “I... how many times?”

Allie giggled and stood to cross to us, “Dan says I am a horny bitch so you can fuck me as many times as you want.”

Mom stood and grinned as she pulled me up, “why not take her to your bed and fuck her.”

My sister slipped her hand into mine and pulled me after her. After we were out of the office she looked at me and grinned, “I like doggy position the best.”

I groaned at the thought and she giggled and pulled me into my room. Like my sisters I had a large king size bed and stopped to watch Allie undress beside it. I stripped and kept blushing as my large and thick cock sprang free. She gasped and I looked at her to see her staring at my cock.

I opened my mouth but she grinned and reached out to wrap her hand around my cock. She pulled and I stumbled closer and she let go and kissed me and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I groaned and clung to her as I kept kissing her. She finally shuddered and stepped back, “hard and deep Rich. Shove it in hard and hold me when you cum.”

She turned and moved onto the bed on her knees and spread them wide as she laid forward. I was looking straight at her open pussy and moved closer to feel it. She wiggled and pushed back and I bent my cock and slowing forced it into her. She grunted as I buried my cock and stopped with a little left.

She pushed back and I looked at her before I pulled back and started to fuck her and press. A few minutes and she was wet and slippery and moaning out loud. Her tight pussy was constantly grasping my cock and she was shuddering hard. She kept pushing and shoving back and I began to fuck her hard and deep, banging on her cervix.

It was several minutes before I shoved into her hard and held her hips as my balls churned and my cock throbbed. My cock had pushed all the way into her and her pussy had clenched as she screamed and began to spasm and struggle, “RICH!”

I grunted as I gushed cum straight through her cervix and held her as I began pumping more. She jerked and wiggled as her pussy kept grasping my cock, “aaaahhhh!”

When I finally stopped I took a deep breath and let her go to sag forward onto the bed. She was panting and turned onto her side and smiled as she held out a hand. I moved onto the bed and laid beside her, “I did not hurt you?”

She giggled and shifted to give me a kiss, “you fucked me very good and came right where I wanted it.”

I grinned, “your pussy felt amazing.”

She grinned and rubbed my chest, “I need to lay here for a little if you want to go.”

I looked at her before I pushed her onto her back and moved over her. I kissed her and moved down to feel her breasts and lick and suck on the nipples. She laughed as I went back and forth and ran her fingers through my hair, “or you can play with my girls.”

I grinned and continued to feel and lick and suck. It was awhile before we got up and dressed. I blushed when we returned to the office and headed to my desk. Of course Allie had to describe everything we did and how it felt. They laughed and giggled and snickered when she told them I had dumped a huge load of sperm straight in her womb.

We stopped for lunch and once more mom came to sit on my lap. She wiggled and gave me a kiss as Allie and Grace made sandwiches, “baby?”

I looked at her as she shifted, “yes?”

She grinned, “want to fuck your mom and get her pregnant too?”

I looked at her stunned as my cock throbbed at the thought, “now?”

She laughed and my sisters joined her. She stood and pulled me up and after her, “we might be awhile girls.”

They laughed but I ignored them as I let my mother pull me back to her room. She turned at the bed and I pushed her hands down and started to undress her. I took a moment to stare at her firm breasts before kneeling to remove her shoes, after that it was her skirt and then her panties. I stared at her bald pussy and reached out to feel and rub it.

Mom shuddered and laughed before pulling me up and undressing me. It was her turn to stare when she pulled my boxers down. She looked up and I lifted her and sat her on her bed before I pushed her back. I knelt as she spread her legs and leaned closer. I looked at her wet looking pussy before I opened it and began to lick and nibble.

She sighed and began to lift her hips and I captured her clit and sucked hard while squeezing with my lips. She shuddered and thrust up, “aaaahhhhh!”

I kept licking her and pushed my tongue into her before wiggling it against her clit. It was several minutes before I stopped and stood. Mom was panting and lifted and spread her legs as I moved closer. I pushed into her warm and slippery pussy and tried to bury my cock. Like with Allie there was a little bit left as I pressed against her cervix.

Mom grunted and jerked while her pussy gripped my cock and she looked at me with wide eyes. I pulled back as I held her hips and began to fuck her with long strokes. I did it slowly at first and it was only moments before her pussy was slippery and my cock fucked in and out easily. She writhed around and humped as I kept fucking her.

After several minutes she began to howl and shake while her pussy kept grasping my cock. She began to thrust up harder and struggle as I started to fuck her firmly. I was planting my cock and realized she was taking the whole thing. She grunted and wiggled and jerked and finally I shoved into her and held her tight.

My cock erupted and I spewed a stream of cum into her. Mom screamed and spasmed as her pussy kept grasping my cock, “BABY!”

I gushed huge spurts into her and shook as I kept pumping in more. When I finally stopped she was shaking and moaning and rubbing her pelvis. I slowly pulled out and turned her on and bed before moving on and over her. I gave her a kiss and moved down to start sucking her nipples and playing with her breasts.

She laughed and held my head, “still not weaned.”

It was almost an hour before I helped her out of bed and we got dressed. Of course as soon as we walked into the office the girls were back to giggling with her and talking. I was glancing back more and noticed the way Grace was looking from mom and Allie to me. It was a couple of hours before she cleared her throat, “Rich?”

I glanced back and she blushed, “would you get me pregnant?”

I smiled and ignored mom and Allie staring at her, “only if you start sleeping with me and mom.”

She looked at mom who looked surprised and then she grinned, “you and mom?”

I nodded as I turned back to finish what I was doing, “Allie has Dan. You and mom do not have anyone so you have to sleep with me until you do.”

Allie laughed and mom giggled and I glanced at Grace to see her smile and nod, “okay.”

I nodded and finished my work before stopping and glancing at mom, “do you have anything else for me?”

She glanced at her screen and blinked before shaking her head, “Grace is finished too so go ahead and take her to bed.”

She almost jumped up as I shut my computer off and cleared my desk. I stood and moved to her and caught her hand and she grinned as she pulled me after her. She hesitated at the bathroom and I pulled her in and turned her before I started undressing her, “it will take awhile so go now.”

She kissed me and blushed as she went to pee while I undressed and put our clothes in the hamper. When she was done I took her hand and led her to her room and her bed. I turned her at the edge and kissed her as she shifted nervously. I smiled and backed her to the bed and she sat suddenly and looked at the bed in surprise.

I grinned as I pushed her back and down and knelt while pushing her legs open. I looked at her trimmed pussy before I leaned close and licked through it. I caught her clit and sucked and wiggled my tongue as I used both thumbs to rub the sides of her pussy. She sighed and moaned and began to wiggle and hump. I kept teasing her clit and she began to pant and shudder.

It was several minutes before she jerked and tried to close her legs. I grinned as I stood and helped her move onto the bed and turn. I moved onto the bed and over her before I settled between her legs. I gave her a kiss and she grinned and humped. I lifted and slowly pushed into her and she groaned and wiggled as I buried my cock.

I settled and started kissing her and nibbling on her neck and earlobe. It was a minute before she sighed and hugged me as she humped. I grinned and started to fuck her and grind against her. She moaned and kept lifting her hips to meet each thrust. Her tight pussy became slippery and she began to shake and then spasmed,”ooohhhh!”

I grinned as I held her and fucked her hard for a couple of minutes. She clutched me and yelled as she thrashed around while her pussy continued to grasp my cock. I slowed to use long thrusts and she wiggled and moaned. Every minute or two she would stiffen and then began to jerk and I would start to fuck her firmly with deep strokes.

She was screaming and bucking long before I needed to cum. I shoved into her hard and for the first time sank my cock into her cervix. I kissed her as I gushed thick spurts of sperm and she screamed in my mouth while clinging to me and struggling. When I was done pumping cum into her she was still squirming as her pussy constantly clenched.

I rolled and held her on me and she groaned and put her head on my shoulder. I rubbed her back and caressed her hips while enjoying her slick pussy massaging my cock. It was awhile before she lifted her hips but I caught her before she could move away, “you need to lay down if you want to get pregnant.”

She looked at me and then grinned as she slid half off me and put her head on my shoulder again, “okay daddy.”

I grinned and caressed her bare shoulder, “I will be when you and mom have the babies.”

An hour later I shook her awake and helped her off the bed. I helped her find clothes while she blushed and held her face and gave her a soft kiss. She looked at me and I smiled, “see you tonight.”

I walked out and went to get dressed before going outside. I stretched and went for a walk before returning. Dan was back and mom and my sisters were in the kitchen. They were talking and swaying back and forth to music while cooking. I grinned as Allie caught my hand and waved at her husband while pulling me to my room.

I fucked her again and held her and sucked on her nipples until mom slipped in. She rubbed my back as she sat on the bed, “time for dinner.”

Allie grinned, “if I had milk he would already have had dinner.”

I grinned and kissed her before helping her out of bed. Dan grinned when I walked in holding mom’s hand and my sister went to sit in his lap, “I hope you give her twins.”

Mom and my sisters laughed as I grinned and sat between Grace and mom, “I tried.”

After dinner we all went for a walk and then came home to watch a movie. After I got ready for bed I went to look into Grace’s room before finding her and mom’s bed. Allie was wailing and howling with her door open as I slipped into bed and mom pulled me over my sister. I took turns and fucked them both twice before just holding them as we slept.

I woke up to mom rubbing my cock and opened my eyes to look at her and then at Grace. I shifted and turned to move over my mother and give her a kiss. I lifted and pushed into her hot pussy and settled before I began to hump and grind. She sighed and hugged me as her pussy squeezed, “morning Rich.”

I kissed her as I continued to fuck her with short grinding jabs that kept my cock buried, “morning mom.”

She shuddered and humped and grinned as she wrapped her legs around my waist, “hard.”

I grinned back as I pulled back to fuck her firmly and kept planting my cock and pushing into her cervix. Mom jerked the first time my cock forced it open but after that she only grunted. Her slippery pussy was constantly clenching and she began to spasm and wail. It was several minutes before I shoved into her and pressed before I spewed cum.

She screamed and clutched me while her pussy grasped my cock, “RICH!”

I pumped and gushed until I was done and sighed as I began to relax. She was panting and squirming as I settled and gave her a kiss. Grace rubbed my butt, “now me.”

I grinned as I looked at her and mom’s pussy tightened. She giggled and pulled my face down for a kiss before letting me go. I pulled out and moved towards Grace as she laid back. I moved between her legs and slowly pushed into her. I kissed her and pulled back to fuck her slowly. She sighed and wiggled as she lifted her hips each time I sank into her.

I kept it slow as I continued to use deep thrusts and rub. She hugged me as her pussy tightened and squeezed, “mmmm!”

I gave her a kiss before I began to fuck her firmly. I used long strokes and pressed into her cervix. She jerked the first few times and then began to thrust up while her pussy tightened. She hugged me and wiggled and I kissed her. She was breathing hard and shaking as I kept fucking her while she clung to me.

She squirmed and jerked a few minutes later as she wailed and howled, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

Mom laughed as I kept fucking my sister and continued to kiss her. It was awhile before I needed to cum and pushed into her and held her tight as I began gushing sperm. Grace jerked while her pussy tightened, “aaaahhhh!”

I spewed and pumped and spurted until I was done and she kept shuddering and wiggling. Her pussy was constantly grasping and clenched and massaging my cock. I relaxed and rolled and held her as she panted and laid on me. She finally giggled and gave me a kiss before lifting her hips, “Allie needs a morning load now.”

She rolled off and turned to hug mom before going the other way. I climbed out of bed and walked out and down to Dan and Allie’s room. He had already left for work but my sister was still in bed. I slipped in beside her and gently rolled her onto her back. I moved over her and used my knees to open and spread her legs.

I slowly forced my cock into her and she wiggled and squirmed as she groaned. I settled on her and waited as she shifted and finally opened her eyes. I smiled and gave her a kiss, “mom and Grace said you needed a morning fuck.”

She grinned and humped, “yeah.”

I pulled back and started to fuck her slowly with deep strokes that hit her cervix. She grunted and tilted her hips and tried to spread her legs more. I took my time as I kept fucking her and after several minutes she was taking my cock completely. She was thrusting up and hugging me while her pussy constantly tightened.

A few more minutes and Allie was struggling and bucking as she wailed, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I was using deep firm thrusts and rubbing each time I shoved into her. She thrashed and jerked when I finally buried my cock and began to spew and spurt. She clutched me and her pussy tightened, “yyyeeessss!”

I pumped five or six times before stopping and just holding her while she panted. I rolled and held her as she put her head on my shoulder and kept shivering. The three did get pregnant and I did keep fucking them. Grace and mom still sleep with me and Allie and Dan are still together and seem very happy.

I even got her pregnant with mom a couple of years later. Grace waited until they had the babies before asking me to get her pregnant again.
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