Story 551
I do not know why but my aunt Gia was different than any other woman I knew. She was the one to talk mom into moving to Mist with her two teenage daughters. We moved to the fourth continent which had three large colony cities on the coasts. They were positioned almost like a triangle on the continent.

What struck me was a reoccurring problem. Just outside the city we were in was a Scarlet King colony. It had grown to a huge size that threatened anyone not behind a sonic barrier. Normally the peace officers would use plasma bombs to destroy the colony but I saw money. Mom and Gia were working at a commercial fish farm.

That could be very dangerous if one of the big ocean predators got through the grav screen. I bought an old sonic lance used for harvesting tree limbs in the city. I also bought an almost ancient walker. It was an old spider type of vehicle used to harvest and haul trees out of the forest.

I slipped out in the early morning and as the fog began to lift I stopped close to the colony entrance beside a main trail. The first Scarlet King that came by I shot in the head. I swung the bed lift and used the grav hoist to lift and hauled the body onto the back bed of the Spider. I checked the area and used a small sonic cutter to remove the extremely light fur.

I cut the arms and legs off and put them in one of the large stasis crates and the fur in another. Sometimes I could only shoot and move the huge insects and before it got dark I had killed hundreds. I headed back to the city and sold the bodies to one of the fish farms and the limbs to a tourist restaurant.

I used a machine to clean the furs and tan them before I sold them to a merchant at the starport. Of course it took a total of three days to kill and sell everything. On the plus side I made enough to pay for everything I spent. That was when mom and Gia decided they could help. The morning of the fourth day I packed the Spider and we left in the predawn fog.

Mom, Gia, Jade and Eve rode in the large roomy cab as I started. I went the same way as before and I slowed before stopping. Mom had bought a small camouflage holo screen and set it up on the Spider bed. When I killed the first Scarlet King they all jumped and wanted to help. I had Gia on the Spider bed lift and showed mom how to remove the skin.

I showed Jade and Eve what to do after the body was skinned. Like removing the limbs and stacking the bodies using the other bed lift. We did very well and killed almost five hundred before it started to get dark. On the way back to the city they were tired and the cab was very warm.

I drove and glanced back when Jade and Eve stripped to their panties and stretched out on the back seat. Mom bumped my shoulder a moment later and giggled, “see something you want to fuck?”

Gia turned to look at me as I bushed and then back at her daughters. She grinned, “they look fuckable to me.”

I smiled, “me too.”

Jade shifted and lifted her head to glance towards us, “only if you do all the work.”

Mom bumped my shoulder again, “I will drive.”

I glanced at her and then at the sat map, “follow the plotted course.”

I stopped and moved over the seat as mom moved to the controls. Even as the Spider started moving I was stripping. Jade turned and leaned back in the seat as Eve made room. She pushed her panties down and off and spread her legs. I was kneeling and moved between her legs to feel her pussy.

She shivered and grinned and I moved closer and positioned my cock before slowly forcing it into her. She was very tight and moaned as she wiggled. I held her hips with only half my cock buried and started to fuck in and out slowly. She tried to spread her legs more and tilted her hips and I sank into her deeper until my cock was buried.

I sighed as I stopped moving to enjoy her tight warm pussy around my cock. It kept contracting and squeezing and she shuddered and humped. I looked at her before I used one hand to hold her and the other to finger her clit. She wiggled and kept humping and thrusting up as she began to moan.

I finally pulled back and started to fuck her with deep thrusts. Her pussy tightened and gripped my cock each time I buried it and she thrust her hips up when I pushed back in. She shuddered and moaned as I continued to fuck her. It was not long before she began to writhe around and jerked.

Her pussy was constantly grasping my cock and became slick. I continued to fuck her with long deep strokes and she started jerking and wailed as she spasmed. I held her waist and fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes. Jade howled and thrashed around while her slick pussy massaged my cock.

It was several minute before I buried my cock and pushed against her cervix hard. She was jerking and twisting and grunted when my cock suddenly began gushing sperm into her. She shuddered while her pussy clenched and kept squeezing, “yyyyeeeeesssss!”

Gia, mom and Eve giggled as I pumped spurt after spurt into Jade until I was done. I relaxed as she continued to pant and pulled out, “thanks Jade.”

She grinned, “no problem.”

I looked at Eve and she had already removed her panties. She was sitting on the edge of the seat with her legs spread while fucking a finger into her tight hole. I grinned as I moved over and between her legs before rubbing the head of my cock in her slit. She shuddered and humped and I slowly forced my cock into her until it was buried.

She groaned and wiggled as her pussy was stretched. I waited and began to caress her hips and pelvis until she shuddered and her pussy squeezed. I started to fuck her slowly with long thrusts and she sighed and kept lifting up as my cock pushed back into her. A few minutes and she jerked and writhed around as she moaned louder, “aaaahhhhh!”

Her pussy was a lot slipperier and was constantly grasping my cock. I bent and gave her a kiss before I began to fuck her firmly with deep grinding thrusts. She thrashed around a few moments later and wailed as I continued to fuck her. Each time I buried my cock I rubbed against her and tried to push deeper.

I kept fucking her and she began to buck and howl, “KEN!”

I finally pushed all the way into her and held her as I gushed and spewed. She jerked and wiggled as her pussy massaged my cock and milked the cum out. When I finished I bent and kissed her again, “thanks Eve.”

She was panting and smiled, “no problem.”

I pulled out and looked at the front seat before climbing over. I reached for Gia and pulled her hand out of her pants. I opened them as she grinned and pulled them down and off. She spread her legs and scooted to the edge of the seat. I moved closer and felt her hot pussy before slowly pushing into her.

She groaned as I buried my cock and held her waist. I waited as her pussy contracted and then pulled back and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. I slipped one hand to the top of her slit and began to rub her clit. Gia humped and shuddered hard as she moaned louder while her slippery pussy grasped and squeezed, “aaaahhhh!”

Mom laughed as she kept glancing at us. I continued to fuck Gia and looked at mom, “you are next.”

She grinned and looked into the back seat, “Jade? Come watch me so you can drive.”

I kept fucking Gia with long strokes while she wiggled and writhed around. She started wailing and thrusting up so I fucked her hard and deep. Jade reached over the seat to tug on one of Gia’s nipples which made her howl and buck, “fffuuuccckkk... mmmeeee!”

Mom laughed as Jade giggled and I shoved into Gia as I began to gush and pump cum. She wiggled and bucked and struggled as I held her hips while I spurted and spewed. When I finished cumming I humped and she jerked while her cummy pussy clenched. I bent over her and gave her a kiss as she panted and pulled out.

I helped her move over as mom stopped. She slid over and started taking her clothes off as Jade climbed into the seat. I grinned and reached over to rub her hip, “do not drive us into a tree.”

She grinned and I watched as she looked at everything before she started the Spider moving. I moved between my mother’s legs and she spread them and scooted to the edge of the seat. I fingered her wet pussy before I bent my cock and pushed into her. I buried my cock and held her hips while she shuddered and her pussy grasped my cock.

It was a few moments before I pulled back and began to fuck her with long deep strokes. It was not long before mom shuddered and her pussy tightened, “ooohhhh!”

I kept fucking her as she wiggled and started thrusting up. Her pussy was constantly clenching and a lot slipperier. I used one hand and began to rub her clit with the thumb while I fucked her hard and deep. She spasmed and wailed louder as the others began to giggle. I kept using deep strokes and began to rub and grind as I tried to cum.

Mom twisted and thrashed around as she bucked and howled. She came constantly for five minutes until I buried my cock and held her waist while pumping spurts of cum. She stiffened and then began to jerk, “yyyeeessss!”

Her pussy was grasping and squeezing the cum out of my cock as it continued to throb. I relaxed when I was done and rubbed her mound, “nice.”

She grinned as I gestured to Jade, “stop and I will drive while you rest and let the sperm soak in.”

She giggled and everyone else laughed. Our first stop was to sell the bodies and then the legs. We worked together to clean and tan the furs before finally washing and crawling into mom’s bed. I woke to the bed moving and looked at Jade and Eve draped over me. Mom chuckled as she moved off the bed and after Gia.

I grinned and reached for Jade but she looked at me and kissed me and rolled out of bed. She ran out as Eve moved away and yawned. I grinned and rolled and caught her on the edge of the bed and laid her back as I slipped off and stood. I turned her as she grinned and spread her legs.

I rubbed her pussy and fingered her clit before forcing my cock into her. She wiggled and humped as her extremely tight hole squeezed. I bent over her as I buried my cock and gave her a kiss. I stood and pulled back before I started to fuck her with deep grinding thrusts. She shuddered and kept lifting her hips to hump up while her pussy kept clenching.

It was not long before she was shaking while moaning and panting. Her pussy constantly squeezed and she began to twist and jerk, “ooohhh!”

I started to fuck her harder while rubbing her clit and she wailed and thrashed around. I loved the way her pussy gripped my cock and massaged it. I was pushing against her cervix with each stroke and Eve began to howl and buck, “yyyeeesssss!”

I continued to fuck her for a couple more minutes before I buried my cock and held her waist. She screamed when she felt the warm sperm gushing into her, “YES!”

She wiggled while her pussy became slimy and kept squeezing more cum into her. When I was done I pulled out and then helped her up and off the bed, “bathroom.”

She ran for the door, “me first!”

After going to the bathroom I joined everyone in the shower and started feeling and they giggled and began rubbing their breasts on me. I dried them and we got dressed before heading to the kitchen. We were eating when I got a call from a peace officer. I looked at him in the small comm holo as he smiled, “Ken Darnett?”

I nodded and he took a breath, “we have a problem. I heard you have made a serious dent in the Scarlet Kings on the edge of Gal. We are in New Spring and have a serious problem with Jackets. We will pay you to come help us.”

I looked at mom and Gia as they looked at each other. I looked back at him, “will you transport our Spider there and back?”

He nodded, “I even did a little checking. The shell fish farm will purchase any and all the Jacket bodies you bring them. The main restaurant supplier will buy all the legs you can bring them and the trade council will buy any furs.”

I was thinking ahead, “I need a new sonic lance.”

He grinned, “anything else?”

I shook my head and we made arrangement to fly out in a couple of hours. Of course that meant packing for a few days and then we took the Spider to the port and let a loader put it in a huge transport. The cargo transport was loud and bumpy and we were more than ready to get out when we landed.

The peace officer was waiting and began showing us several nest positions just outside of the city. A normal nest had anywhere from twenty five to fifty. The three nests he told me about each held several hundred. I checked the new sonic lance as the Spider was unloaded and made a few adjustments.

We stopped on the way out to buy a few meal packs and then we left. I was thinking while I drove to where the first nest was. It was dark when we arrived but using the vehicle thermal scan I could see the nest. It was huge and several Jacket sentries were beside the opening into the nest.

I looked at the area below the nest and grinned, “ready to go hunting?”

Mom looked at me as Gia shifted, “now?”

I opened the door and used it to help me aim. I shook my head and brought the Spider to life and slowly moved closer, “the Jackets can not see very well in the night.”

I stopped and slowly opened the door and leaned out. I moved back to the bed and the lance and aimed and fired through the head of one Jacket sentry and then another. By the time I shot the last they had sounded the alarm and more were coming out. One after another I shot them as they emerged and they fell.

Soon the ground beside the Spider was covered with bodies. Mom and Gia were watching with the girls as I continued to kill the Jackets. I shot them for almost an hour before they stopped coming out. Mom, Gia and the girls moved onto the bed after that. I switched on the logging lights and kept watch on the nest while Gia started the grav lift.

I had to tell mom the different way to skin the Jacket and then they were working smoothly. We removed almost two hundred and thirty bodies before we were done and moved the Spider. I used the lance to cut the nest free and it fell. I watched as several dozen adolescents came out and killed them.

We added them to the others and I used a burner to start the nest on fire. That was when the queen came out and she was huge, five meters long and glowing a bright golden color. I shot her in the head and we skinned her before adding her to the pile on the bed. We climbed back into the Spider and mom laughed as she pushed me away, “fuck the girls.”

As she began to drive Eve and Jade grinned and stripped with their mom. I undressed and moved to Gia since she was the first to be naked and next to me. I pushed her legs open and leaned down to lick through her pussy before covering her clit. I began to suck and wiggle my tongue against it and she moaned and humped, “mmmm!”

Mom laughed as the girls giggled and Eve turned and knelt between Jade’s legs to start licking her pussy. I grinned and kept teasing Gia’s clit and used my lips to squeeze it and hum. She gasped and shuddered hard before trying to cover her pussy. I straightened and moved closer on my knees and pulled her butt to the edge of the seat.

I rubbed the head of my cock in her slit before pushing into her. She groaned and shuddered as she lifted her hips and her pussy tightened, “ooohhhh!”

Jade and Eve laughed as I began to fuck her with long thrusts. I held her waist with one hand and reached to her pussy with the other. I started fingering and rubbing her clit as I kept fucking her. Gia shuddered hard and her pussy clenched, “fffuuucccckkkk!”

I smiled as I continued to fuck her with long deep strokes and her hot pussy was grasping and squeezing. My cock was hitting the back of her pussy and each time it did she would jerk. It was several minutes before she screamed as my cock pushed a tiny bit deeper. I did not want to pull back and began to rub and grind while her pussy was constantly pulsing and clenching.

I groaned as I finally pulled back and started to fuck her hard and deep. It was only a couple of minutes before I groaned and shoved into her. She was spasming and looked at me before suddenly shifting off the seat. As my cock erupted she was complete impaled and I began pumping a stream of cum into and through her cervix.

She clutched me and hung on while her pussy clenched and squeezed, “YES!”

I gushed and spewed and spurted until I was done and slowly relaxed. She leaned against me as I kept rubbing her bare back. She leaned back and gave me a kiss before lifting up and off my cock, “that should be good for twins.”

I looked at her as mom laughed and Eve pulled on me. I turned and grinned before climbing over the seat. Jade was laid across the back seat and was rubbing her pussy. I moved over her and kissed her as I sank my cock in her tight pussy. She sighed and lifted her hips and I pulled back to fuck her slowly.

I used long strokes and kept kissing her while her almost hot pussy grasped and tightened. A few minutes and she was shaking and bucking as she hugged me. Her pussy was a lot slipperier and she began to wail. She writhed around and jerked as I began to fuck her a little harder with deep thrusts.

I glanced to the front and saw mom moving while Gia took her place. Eve helped her over the seat as I kept fucking Jade and she wiggled and squirmed. Her tight pussy was constantly grasping my cock as she humped and moaned and I began to kiss her as I fucked her firmly.

I was pushing into her as far as I could and rubbing and she hugged me and started to yell. Her wet and slippery pussy contracted as I kept pushing into her. Several minutes later she was bucking and struggling while she screamed. I was fucking her with firm strokes as I kept shoving into her and burying my cock.

It was not much longer before I kissed her and started to gush cum. She was shaking and jerking as her pussy constantly squeezed, “aaaahhhh!”

Once I was finished I relaxed and glanced at mom licking Eve. She was wiggling and humping and I kissed Jade before I pulled out. She sighed and turned to sit up as I shifted and hugged my mother. She looked at me and grinned before giving me a kiss and moving to sit on the seat.

I moved between Eve’s legs as she panted and slowly forced my cock into her. She groaned and wiggled as I buried my cock and pulled her hips out. Mom was leaning back as Jade knelt between her legs to lick her and I shook my head before bending forward to kiss Eve. I pulled back and started to fuck her slowly and she sighed and lifted her hips.

I used long strokes and her extremely tight pussy kept clenching. Each time I buried my cock she would grunt and try to thrust forward onto my cock. A few minutes and she was wailing and her pussy was very slippery. My cock was hitting the back of her pussy as she twisted and wiggled on the seat.

She began to spasm and convulse as she yelled. I grinned as I held her hip and used the other hand to finger, rub and squeeze her clit. She went wild and bucked and thrashed and screamed as her pussy clenched around my cock painfully, “YES!”

Mom, Gia and Jade laughed as I began to fuck Eve firmly and plant my cock. It was not long before I shoved into her hard and even tried to push deeper before I began gushing sperm. She gasped and shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed, “mmmm!”

I pumped spurts of cum into her while she squirmed and when I stopped she sighed. I bent to give her another kiss before I pulled out. I turned to move to the side and between my mother’s legs. I rubbed her pussy and she grinned and humped. I pushed into her and buried my cock, “are you having twins too?”

She grinned as Gia laughed, “we all are.”

I looked at Jade and Eve as I held my mother’s waist before I started to fuck her, “how are we going to keep the artificial wombs with us?”

Mom sighed and wiggled as my cock sank back into her, “we should have enough in a month to buy another spider. We can make living quarters on the bed.”

I snorted as I kept fucking her and grinding each time I buried my cock, “we will have enough with this trip. The artificial wombs are what will cost us.”

She humped while her pussy tightened and shuddered hard, “mmmm!”

I shook my head and continued to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She wiggled and squirmed as her pussy kept squeezing. I used steady strokes and began to rub and grind. She started panting and shaking while her slippery pussy tightened. She yelled and struggled and bucked and I held her waist and began fucking her hard.

She spasmed and began to convulse a couple of minutes later, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I grinned as I kept shoving into her and finally buried my cock. I held her tight as I pressed and spewed and pumped spurts of cum. She jerked with each one while her warm pussy kept grasping, “aaaahhhh!”

When I pulled out I moved over the seat to replace Gia. After New Springs we went to one of the other cities with a Scarlet King problem. We bought another spider and built a home on it with sides that slid out on both sides. In one month we made enough to buy all the artificial wombs. Now when things slow down we use the sats to search for large colonies or nests outside the cities.
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