Story 550
My dad had an idea when he came to Mist. We had a lot of land on the edge of the equator. He would sneak up on Chalker nests and steal the eggs. We put them on temperature controlled pads that let us decide if they would be male or female. Chalker were herbivores that got very large quickly.

We raised and herded the young and once they reached their full growth we harvested them. Mostly we used bots to watch and move the large animals. They had thermal scanning capabilities that allowed us to see through the normal morning fog. Of course they also let us see other creatures.

We did not allow Scarlet Kings to build colonies but we did have Indigos and Emeralds which were half the size. They were another type of insect that was a herbivore. I was sixteen and had the idea to use Indigos and Emeralds like we used the Chalkers. I had a corner in the main room with monitors and comps to control my bots on the section of land I had claimed.

I glanced back when the front door opened and my father led Jean in with the workers following. Jean was the ranch whore and had eight children, all girls. Frank, John and Thomas were our workers and took care of the bots and the harvesting of the Chalkers. Dad gestured as Jean giggled and wiggled and headed towards her room with the men following.

He crossed to me and cleared his throat, “the work you did training the last batch of hatchlings was good.”

He was shifting back and forth and I waited for him to get to the point. He glanced back at Jean’s wails before grinning as he looked at me, “Nova and Kristine.”

I nodded, they were Jean’s oldest daughters and twins. Dad cleared his throat, “Jean wants you to train them.”

I blinked, “to do what?”

He shifted and looked uncomfortable and his face reddened, “to um... to enjoy sex.”

I looked at the other doorway where the children played and had classes. I looked at dad, “But they are...”

He shrugged, “Jean asked.”

I glanced back as she began wailing again. I had been tempted to fuck her many times. I smiled and nodded before turning back to my work while he headed towards the other room. When I was done I went to open the other door and look into the large room, “Nova? Kristine?”

It was still morning which meant foggy out and class time inside. Today was one of my free days so I did not have classes. The girls turned from their school comp holo before getting up and crossing the room. I led them out and closed the door before facing them as I smiled, “your mom wants me to train you to like sex.”

They looked at each other and Kristine grinned at me, “we know, we asked mom if you could do it.”

I nodded, “so you accept?”

They nodded and I gestured back into the other room, “come see me after the class is over.”

They grinned and kissed me quick before going back into the other room. I sat to think before ordering a couple of things. We had a supply run coming out at noon so I had time for a few last minute things. I walked out and crossed to the hatching barn. I had stolen queen eggs as well as a couple of dozen worker eggs from both Indigos and Emeralds.

I hatched them in an area I wanted them to put a colony in and they had. So far I had ten colonies and was thinking of Cloud Buzzards next. They stayed in or above the tree tops mostly but were also scavengers. They looked like an old earth moth but solid white, the body was almost three meters long.

Another animal I was thinking of was a Bronto, it was a very large brown lizard with long thick legs and neck. It would be another two years before I could begin harvesting my colonies. I did have eight wild colonies I could harvest from. What I was looking at was several hundred stolen Cloud Buzzard eggs.

I would need to have bots harvest leaves from the tree tops when they hatched. Only one larva in ten survived to the change stage and only half of those became Cloud Buzzards because they were helpless while in the cocoon. If my plan worked all the buzzards would survive and once changed I would release ten percent and harvest the rest.

I finished my checks and was headed back to the house when the supply flyer landed. It was early but John was outside and helped me move everything into the house. I glanced at the open door into the class and called the girls. Jean appeared and started putting supplies away as I pulled out what I had ordered.

Dad and the workers were outside since the fog was lifting. I put the wrist, ankle and thigh restraints on the girls before moving them to an old couch with a wide back. The girls were frowning as I bent Nova over the back and secured her so she was straddling it. I moved Kristine around to the other end and put her on so her head was right beside Nova’s.

Next I cut their clothes off as they wiggled and protested. I looked at their bald pussies and started with Kristine and began to rub and feel and finger her. Nova quieted as she watched and her sister shuddered and start breathing hard. She humped into the couch and wiggled as she moaned.

Her extremely tight pussy clenched and gripped my finger each time I pushed it into her. I turned to pull a couple of things out before rubbing her slit with a four inch vibrator. She jerked and tried to push back as I grinned and slowly pushed it into her. I worked the belt around her waist and the four leg straps up from the base of the vibrator to the sides of the belt.

Next was the four inch slim vibrator I pushed into her ass and secured like the other one. Last was a vibrating sponge I secured over her clit. She was jerking and shaking as I went to the other end to start feeling and fingering Nova. Once she was wet I put her belt on and attached the vibrators.

I sat on the couch as they kept moaning and pulled out my comp, “let me know when you think you have had enough.”

I was really doing extra work for my classes as they wiggled and struggled. They moaned and then began to get louder and I smiled at my brother and sister when they came out with her sisters. The girls were shaking the whole couch when Kristine finally screamed, “enough!”

I put my comp aside and stood to move around behind her before removing the vibrator in her pussy. I opened my pants and slowly pushed into her very wet and slippery pussy. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and grasped my cock, “oooohhhh!”

I started fucking her with deep strokes as she began to jerk and shake while wailing. I was hitting her cervix with each thrust and she began to spasm while her pussy clenched, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I began to fuck her firmly with long strokes and she struggled and spasmed as her pussy kept grasping. It was several minutes before I shoved into her and pressed as I began to gush cum. She jerked and screamed at the feel of warm sperm flooding her, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I pumped and spurted until I was done. Nova was grunting and thrashing as she struggled. I pulled out of Kristine and turned to pull a seven inch soft cock out of the bag of supplies. I pushed the soft dildo into Kristine and secured it to the belt while she kept shuddering and shaking. I moved around behind Nova and removed the vibrator in her pussy.

She was panting and sighed but I moved and slowly pushed my cummy cock all the way into her. She groaned as her tight pussy squeezed, “ooohhh!”

I held her hips and pulled back before I began to fuck her with long thrusts. She grunted and shuddered violently as her slick pussy clenched, “fffuuucccckkkk!”

I smiled as I kept fucking her with deep strokes that planted my cock against her cervix each time. Nova jerked against the restraints and wailed louder as I suddenly fucked her hard. She tried to twist and jerk as her body spasmed, “ROGER!”

I continued to fuck her and her slippery pussy was constantly grasping my cock. It was several minutes before I held her hips as I buried my cock and came. I gushed and spewed and pumped large spurts into her while she shook and her pussy clenched. When I was done I pulled out while she panted and picked up a soft dildo like I had used on Kristine.

I pushed it into her leaking pussy and secured it before going to sit on the couch. Kristine was grunting and shaking as she humped into the couch and it was not long before Nova was doing it too. Jean laughed from the doorway and crossed to rub Nova’s butt, “what are you doing Roger?”

I looked up from my comp, “training them.”

She grinned and came around to move my comp and sit in my lap, “why not just fuck them?”

I glanced at her daughters while they continued to moan and spasm, “you wanted them to enjoy sex.”

She wiggled and grinned before giving me a kiss and then standing. She shoed the others out to do their chores as I finished my school work. After awhile I stood and turned the vibrators off and undid the restraints. I stood them up and pulled them to the bathroom where I gave both a douche and a couple of enemas.

I put the vibrators back in their pussy and ass and clipped a new vibrator to their clit hood. I pulled them to their room and found a couple of skirts for them to wear and a blouse. I let them put shoes on before I went to get dressed and led them out. I helped them climb up into my floater and headed for the sonic barrier.

I used the remote to shut the barrier down and then turn it on after we went through. It was time to do a little harvesting on one of the wild Emerald colonies. I looked at the two girls wiggling and looking around and stopped to reach between their legs to turn on the vibrators, “have fun.”

They shuddered and moaned as I headed into the forest. The floater stayed ten meters above the ground on anti gravs. On the bed behind the cab was a grav lift and a sonic lance on a swivel mount. It took awhile to reach the colony and I stopped short when I saw the Jacket nest to one side.

I reached over to turn the vibrators off as the girls panted and shuddered. I looked around before opening the door, “stay in the cab.”

I used the sideboard and moved back to the bed and the sonic lance. If the Jackets had built a nest I would not be harvesting the Emerald colony. I would harvest the Jackets though and I turned the lance and aimed at one of the Jacket sentries beside the nest opening. I shot it in the head and went to the next and then the next as they began to emerge.

It was a new nest so there were only a couple of dozen. The last to come out was the huge queen and she almost glowed. After she was dead I moved the floater to the dead Jackets and began to lift them aboard and harvest them. I used the lance to cut the nest down before turning to head back home. The girls were grinning as I turned the vibrators back on.

When we got home I moved the meat into the stasis units and started tanning the pelts. Everything else went into another stasis container for feeder farms. I pulled the shivering bow legged girls back into the house and back to my room. I laid them on the edge of my bed and started with Nova.

I pulled her toys out and shut them off before I stripped and buried my cock. She howled and jerked as I held her waist and began to fuck her with long strokes. For the rest of the day I would fuck them every hour and make them wear the vibrators when I was not fucking them. By the time I put them to bed they were exhausted.

I woke to my alarm and looked at the two girls holding each other as they slept. I reached for Nova and rolled her onto her back. I moved over her and pushed into her cummy pussy slowly. I started to fuck her with long thrusts and she sighed and wiggled as she opened her eyes and put her arms around me.

Her pussy tightened and she shuddered as she lifted her hips, “mmmm?”

I kissed her and continued to fuck her slowly with deep strokes. She humped and shuddered as her pussy squeezed. I smiled and kept fucking her as she began breathing harder and jerking. She wiggled and squirmed and clutched me before shaking and bucking, “oooohhhh!”

Her tight pussy grasped and clenched and she yelled as she bucked and thrashed around, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

I grinned as I began to fuck her firmly while she lifted and spread her legs. She clutched me and kept shuddering while her pussy tightened. I continued to fuck her and kiss her and she twisted and howled before I finally buried my cock. She jerked as I spewed cum into her, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I continued to shove into her while pumping strong gushing spurts until I was done. Nova was shuddering and her pussy milking my cock as I kissed her and pulled out. I moved off the bed and turned to pull Kristine and then a panting Nova. I pulled them into the fresher and then the shower where I washed and fingered them both before I was done.

I put the belts on both of them and pushed the vibrators into them before helping them dress. They squirmed through breakfast and then the morning classes. Once we were done I pushed my hand under their skirts and turned the vibrators on before pulling them out and after me. First was checks and chores and before I finished the first they were spasming and yelling.

They had learned not to try to shut the vibrators off or stop until I let them. Several times they knelt or clung to something while howling and cumming. It was noon before I pulled them into the house and laid them on the couch back. I shut the vibrators off and lifted Kristine’s skirt to feel her puffy slit and remove the toy.

I looked at the other men as I opened my pants and pushed all the way into her in one slow thrust. She groaned and wiggled as her very wet and slippery pussy squeezed. I held her waist as I began to fuck her with long deep strokes. Her pussy kept contracting and clenching as she spasmed and squirmed.

After several minutes I fucked her hard and she wail and jerked as she squirted and pussy massaged my cock. I continued to fuck her hard and finally buried my cock and began gushing cum. When I was done she was still shuddering as her pussy milked my cock. I pulled out and replaced her toy in her slimy hole.

I grinned as I helped them off the couch and looked at the men, “go lick and suck their cock and come back to show me their cum.”

The girls grinned and strutted to the men who grinned as their mother frowned. I walked to her and kissed her check, “they will not steal your cocks.”

She grinned and rubbed mine, “okay.”

It was a few minutes before the girls came to me and knelt as they opened their mouths. I grinned, “go ahead and swallow.”

I turned to look at the bots I had been monitoring before standing, “we need to take a trip next door.”

I pulled the girls up and after me as I fixed my pants. Once we were in my floater I turned their toys on and smiled as they leaned together and began moaning. It took awhile to cross my father’s property and then most of mine. I stopped when I reached the edge of a Indigo colony. In the branches above was hundreds of what we called Tree Flies.

They were omnivorous and gathered together whenever there was a lot of food. They were a light green color with multi faceted eyes. In the branches was the large body of a Chalker which was what they were feeding on. I shook my head because Chalker do not normally climb. I turned the girls toys off and climbed out and back.

It was hours before I was done harvesting and had all the Tree Flies and even what was left of the Chalker. I looked at the girls as I started back and grinned before I turned on their toys. The bodies went into the stasis boxes for the feeder farms but I began tanning all the tree fly hides. Dinner was ready when I brought the girls in and we washed.

I told dad about the swarm of tree flies and he grinned before pulling Jean onto his lap. After dinner I pulled the girls after me and back to my room. I stripped them and removed their toys and started a vid before undressing and moving onto the bed with them. I moved over Nova and pushed into her slippery hole. I kissed her and began to fuck her with deep strokes.

She humped and wiggled while her tight pussy kept squeezing. Between them I fucked them both several times before they fell asleep. I was planning ahead before I fell asleep holding Nova. Six months and I had a clearing on my property with a very large one story house and three large barns with everything I needed.

The cloud buzzards were in cocoons and would be ready for harvest once they broke out. I had the ten percent to one side to be released and the rest in one barn. I looked at Kristine strutting to me from the house, “the two guys said they would be out in the morning.”

I nodded, Sam and Mal were my age and looking for work. I caught her and gave her a kiss before I started for the house, “so I have all night to get you and Nova pregnant before they get a turn.”

She grinned and hugged my arm, “yeah. We can barely wait for all three of you to start using us.”

I did get the girls pregnant and they do love having sex. Of course Sam and Mal also brought a couple of girls with them that also love sex. The cloud buzzards were a success and so were the Indigos and Emeralds.
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