Story 549
I met Jenny when I was almost twenty and she was twenty five. It was instant attraction and I love being with her. It was six months before we were married and things settled a little. I had always enjoyed helping mom with the house chores. Doing them in our own house relaxed me, of course I also did the outside chores too.

I have never been attracted to the TV so instead I used my laptop to write. Jenny had an older sister she talked to a lot and she even came over often with her daughter for dinner. It was a year before Jenny seemed to change. She took longer to come home after work and we had sex less often.

She began trying to get me to find a job instead of staying home. She never came right out and said it though, she just gave me hints. It was summer and Angie, Jenny’s sister was staying for the week because they had sprayed their house. Molly was a cute teenager that always seemed to be watching me.

It was a Friday and both Jenny and Angie had to go to work. Like always I was up early and made coffee and breakfast. I vacuumed and started a load of laundry before starting my laptop. I smiled at Molly when she came out and made her breakfast. I changed all the beds and washed the sheets.

Molly watched and finally sat in the living area watching TV. I took her out to the store when I went shopping later. Jenny and Angie came home together and started drinking while I made dinner. It was over dinner that Jenny set her glass down.

She looked at me, “do you not want to do anything? You are nothing more than a domesticated house husband. I feel like I am doing all the work while you lay around and do nothing.”

Angie did not say anything as I looked at Jenny and smiled, “what makes you think I do not do anything?”

She leaned towards me, “you stay home.”

I nodded, “I enjoy doing the house work.”

I sighed and reached for her hand and she pulled it away. I looked at her, “look in your checkbook and tell me how much we paid in groceries? Or how much the rent was last month? How about the utilities?”

She frowned, “it is not there so I do not know.”

I stood and went to our bedroom and came back with her book reader. I turned it on and handed it to her, “remember your favorite author? The one who publishes a new book each month?”

Jenny glanced at it and then at me, “yes.”

I smiled as I sat, “those are my books.”

She opened her mouth before her eyes narrowed, “the author is a woman.”

I grinned and took a bite, “what makes you say that?”

She looked at the reader, “it... well...”

I smiled, “the author is A. S. Graham and what is my first and second name?”

She looked at me, “but...”

I reached out to squeeze her hand, “I have told you many times that I write.”

She grinned, “I thought you just sat around the house.”

Molly giggled, “he takes breaks to type on his laptop.”

Jenny looked at her and then at her sister who was looking at me with speculation in her eyes. She leaned over to whisper to Jenny who looked at me and grinned, “where do the sex scenes come from?”

I blushed, “sometimes from when we make love and sometimes from when I imagine doing things with you.”

She grinned and looked at her sister, “you have had two and sometimes three women doing things.”

I felt my face heat up as I blushed harder, “you know guys always dream of that.”

They laughed and we went back to eating. I cleaned up after dinner as they disappeared together. I turned out the light and looked in the living area but they were not there. I found all three naked and laying on our bed while reading from my laptop, “not fair, that is not finished and has not been edited.”

Jenny grinned as she wiggled, “we think it is good. Undress and come give us a massage.”

I looked from her to Angie to Molly, “um...”

Jenny smiled, “yeah that kind of massage and your first load of sperm will go in Molly.”

I looked at Angie and she grinned, “she is not on birth control.”

I looked at Molly and she smiled, “you have to cum in me like in the book.”

I looked at Jenny and she wiggled, “undress house husband and do your duty.”

I smiled and stripped before I walked around and moved onto the bed, “which chapter are you on?”

Angie looked back, “the second.”

I straddled Molly’s legs and leaned forward to start on her back. She sighed and put her head down as she began to relax. I saw Jenny glance at me several times before she reached back to rub the head of my drooling cock, “put it in her.”

I hesitated before shifting and leaning forward. I bent my cock as Molly tilted her hips and tried to spread her legs. I looked at my wife as she watched and finally pushed and slowly forced my cock into Molly. Her pussy was extremely tight and hot as I buried my cock. She wiggled and groaned as I pushed deeper before I laid on her.

I kissed her bare shoulder as her pussy clenched and she shivered. I looked at Jenny and she smiled before turning back to the book and reaching under her to finger her clit, “how can you write like this and clean the house?”

Angie was fingering her clit too and I started to hump and slowly thrust in and out, “it gives me time to think and dream of doing it and I type more than one eighty words a minute.”

Molly sighed and wiggled again as I finally sank all the way into her and pressed. She stiffened but I pulled back and began to fuck her with long strokes. I was almost pulling out before I buried my cock and planted it. It was a couple of minutes before she suddenly wailed and kicked the bed, “aaahhhh!”

Both her mother and Jenny were grinning and watching her as I fucked her firmly. I shoved into her a minute later and looked at Jenny before shuddering and grunting as I gushed cum. Molly jerked and spasmed when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “oooohhhhh!”

Her tight pussy gripped my cock as I kept pressing while spurting cum into her. When I stopped she was panting and Jenny grinned and leaned over to kiss her cheek, “that is what it means to be a woman.”

Angie nodded as I pulled out of her daughter and rubbed her back. I sat back and looked at Jenny and she gestured, “guests first honey. Service Angie and then you can do me.”

Angie grinned as she spread her legs and tilted her hips, “just massage the inside and wash the walls with sperm.”

They laughed and Molly giggled as I moved over and between her mother’s legs. I laid between them and slowly pushed into her, “and are you on birth control?”

She wiggled while her pussy tightened and she looked back, “I am not married. Why would I be on birth control?”

I looked at Jenny and she smiled as she went back to reading, “how are you at changing diapers honey?”

I growled as I began to fuck Angie with long strokes, “just for that I am taking your birth control away.”

They laughed and Jenny turned her head and stuck out her tongue. I loved the way Angie’s pussy kept clenching as she wiggled. I was fucking her a little firmer as I thought of pumping cum into her fertile womb. I used long deep thrusts and kept pushing and pressing each time I buried my cock.

It was several minutes before she spasmed and jerked while her slippery pussy massaged my cock. She put her head down and continued to shake while I kept planting my cock. It was not long before she was wailing as she struggled and her pussy tightened, “aaaahhhh!”

I kept fucking her with long strokes but began to do it harder. She kicked the bed and shuddered hard while her pussy contracted and clenched constantly, “ooohhhh!”

It was awhile before I finally plunged into her and shoved hard. My balls were churning and my cock throbbing as I held her penned and gushed a solid stream of cum into her. She screamed and jerked as I kept pumping and spewing and spurting while her pussy milked the sperm out of my cock. When I was done she was panting and still shaking.

I kissed her shoulder and pulled out before moving over Molly and straddling Jenny’s legs. She grinned back at me as she tilted her hips, “massage the inside and make sure you rub the back before you fill it with lube.”

Molly giggled and I grinned as I bent over my wife and slowly pushed into her warm slippery pussy. I laid on her and she turned her face so I could give her a kiss. I humped and jabbed and shoved until my cock was buried and she grunted. I sighed as I held my cock in her as deep as I could.

I finally pulled back and started to fuck her firmly with deep strokes. She wiggled and her pussy tightened, “mmmm!”

Angie laughed and turned to rub her daughter’s butt. I continued to fuck Jenny with long jabs and kept pressing and pushing to get deeper. She wiggled and squirmed as she put her head down and moaned, “ooohhh!”

Each time I shoved into her and planted my cock I waited for her pussy to clench before I pulled back. It was a few minutes before she wailed and thrashed as she gripped the covers. I fucked her hard and kept it up as she continued to yell and spasm. Her pussy became very wet and slippery as she constantly shuddered and I finally shoved into her.

She jerked and tried to pull away as I held her shoulders to keep her there. My cock throbbed and then I was pumping spurts into her. She kicked the bed and screamed, “aaaahhhh!”

When I was done she was panting and shivered while her pussy kept massaging my cock. She looked back and grinned, “do Molly again.”

I looked at Molly as her mother rolled her onto her back and she spread her legs. I woke to the alarm and looked at Jenny and nudged her. She lifted her head and groaned, “I do not want to go to work.”

I shifted and rolled her onto her back and moved between her legs and slowly buried my cock in her cummy pussy, “it is Saturday. Why did you set the alarm?”

She shifted and wrapped her legs around me before grinning and looking across the bed at Molly and her sister, “we were going out shopping.”

She pushed on me and I reluctantly pulled out and moved as she crawled to Angie and shook her, “baby shopping?”

Angie opened her eyes and looked from Jenny to Molly before grinning, “hey?”

She shook her daughter and Molly groaned and laid back with her legs spread, “just fuck me.”

They laughed but I moved over Jenny and Angie and onto Molly, “my kind of girl.”

I slowly pushed into her slimy hole and settled before I began to fuck her. My wife and Angie laughed as they turned and climbed out of bed. Molly shuddered as her slimy pussy squeezed and she put her arms around me. She humped and wiggled as I continued to fuck and began to kiss her.

It was not long before she was shaking and thrashing around while yelling, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I was fucking her with deep firm thrusts and she was lifting her hips and shoving up each time. She clutched me and jerked as she screamed and bucked, “fffuuucccckkkk!”

Her very tight but slimy pussy was constantly clenching and I did not last much longer before I pushed into her and gushed cum. She squirmed and shuddered harder as I pumped and spurted and spewed until I was done. I pulled out and gave her a kiss as she panted before I started to move off the bed.

She giggled and rolled off and ran past me on her way to the bathroom. It was strange but pleasant to have all three of them teasing and flirting before they left. I started my house chores and pulled the sheets off the bed and changed them. I did laundry and between times I sat and wrote and actually finished the book I was working on.

Jenny, Angie and Molly did not return until almost dinner time and all three wore new sexy clothes and had their arms full. They came into the kitchen and my wife put her arms around me, “get all the house chores done?”

I held her hips as she pressed into me, “yes.”

She grinned, “how much did you do on the book?”

I gave her a kiss before turning to the stove, “I finished it and started on the editing. A couple of days and I will have it done and submit it for publishing.”

She laughed and pulled me away from the stove as Angie took my place. She undid my pants and pushed them down while backing me to a chair. I sat and she lifted her skirt as she straddled me. She was not wearing panties and slowly sat and wiggled down my cock. Her pussy was very warm, almost hot.

She began to grind and rub on me as I caressed her hips and kissed her. It was not long before she was rocking and almost pulling off my cock before shoving down. She began to breath harder and shudder while her pussy became very wet and slippery. She twisted and turned and rolled her hips as she began to wail.

She jerked back and forth and clutched me as she kept kissing me passionately. It was awhile before I groaned and shuddered and she shoved down hard, “YES!”

I held her hips so she could not pull away as my cock pumped a fountain of cum. She screamed and jerked as her pussy clenched, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

When I was done I relaxed and held her while she panted and wiggled. Her pussy was slimy and kept massaging my cock. She grinned and lifted up and moved to another chair, “I really needed that.”

Molly giggled and Angie laughed and looked back, “a domesticated house husband is very good at helping with that.”

I laughed as I stood and stepped out of my pants before picking them up. I folded them and went to put them away before returning. I pushed them all away from the stove and went back to cooking dinner, “how was your shopping?”

They grinned and started talking about baby furniture and clothes and I smiled and listened. I set the table and put dinner on before sitting down. During dinner they kept teasing me and after we finished they waited for me to finish cleaning up before I was pulled back to the bedroom.

Angie stripped and laid back as Molly undressed slower and my wife brought in the laptop. I shook my head as I took it and started it and went to the new book. I set it on the bed and went around and climbed on as all three lay together. I closed Angie’s legs and straddled them before bending my cock and sinking it into her as she groaned.

I started fucking her with deep jabbing thrusts as her pussy kept tightening. She tilted her hips and shuddered while moaning. Jenny grinned at her before turning to start reading the book with Molly who giggled. I continued to fuck Angie with deep firm strokes and enjoyed the way her pussy tightened and clenched.

She wiggled and squirmed while clutching the bed and moaning. Her pussy became slippery and I started to fuck her a little harder. A few minutes and she was thrashing and kicking the bed as she yelled. I kept fucking her and finally shoved into her and pressed as I gushed strong spurts of cum.

She jerked and her pussy gripped my cock, “YES!”

I pumped and spewed and when I was done I pulled out and left her panting and shivering as I moved over her daughter. It was another long night before we slept and only the start of how we live now. Molly did not get pregnant, she was really taking birth control, of course she is pregnant now. Jenny and Angie were another matter and have gotten pregnant twice.

My house chores have grown a lot more so it takes me a little longer to finish new books.
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