Story 548
Many people have tried to create an artificial womb. I was young and looked at all the ideas before I began to design my own. Both my parents were doctors specializing in obstetrics. I was eighteen with a biology major and a minor in engineering when I started testing my design using monkeys.

I had the recorded heart beat of women going through their pregnancy and used it. I also played soft music and talked to the womb. The monkeys were born normal and health. So I built another while a specialist watched and cared for the baby monkeys. This time I had two gorilla babies and again they grew normally and were healthy when they were born.

I was twenty and decided I needed a human baby. I was very worried, a lot could go wrong. It was a neighbor that helped me, Devlin was from the hills and had a very large family. I was mostly living in a mother in law apartment my parents had built to one side of their house. It had a small kitchen and a dining living area which was where I had the wombs.

It also had a small bedroom that my large bed almost completely filled. The neighbor was always helping and chatting with either me or my father whenever we came outside. I was sitting under the wide carport while it rained trying to think of a way to find a woman that would help me. I glanced at Devlin as he walked up and smiled, “hey.”

He smiled, “you looked like you was thinking mighty hard.”

I nodded, “I spent the last two years on an artificial womb. It has worked very well and I grew monkeys and gorillas to term. They were born healthy and strong, the experts said there is nothing wrong with them.”

He nodded and sat in another chair, “so are you trying to think of another animal to try?”

I shook my head and hesitated before looking at him, “I was thinking of a human baby.”

He sat back and looked into the distance for a few moments before looking at me with a grin, “my Nancy would have loved to have something like that. She always says the hardest part about raising youngens is when she is pregnant.”

I grinned, “does she want to have more?”

He snorted, “maybe in another year.”

I sighed and looked out at the rain. It was a minute of silence before Devlin cleared his throat, “you seen Jade and Jenny?”

I smiled, his twin teenage daughters were always around and had even come to help clean my apartment many times, “they were by yesterday to help me clean up.”

He nodded and smiled, “they been having their bleeding for a couple of years now.”

I looked at him trying to think what bleeding was and then I realized he meant they were having their period. I grinned and looked at the rain, “did you start them on birth control?”

He chuckled, “that is not our way and not why I mentioned them.”

I looked at him not understanding and he grinned, “they are old enough to bleed so they are old enough to breed. They like you a lot and would probably do whatever you asked. My Nancy would probably insist you get them pregnant the normal way though.”

I looked at him shocked as the thought sank in. I sat up, “do you really think the girls would let me grow their babies in an artificial womb?”

He chuckled, “probably as many times as you could.”

I grinned as I looked into the rain, “and you and your wife would let them?”

He laughed as he stood, “I will talk with Nancy and the girls.”

I thought about it as I stood and turned to head for my apartment. The wombs were clean and sterile and ready. I had everything I needed to start but with a human I was going to need to do the embryo removal myself. It was not hard with the equipment I had but I would need to type the girls and set up the artificial embryo sack.

I turned at the knock and went to open the door. Nancy grinned as she came in with Jade and Jenny, “so you want to get the girls pregnant to have the babies in your machine.”

I smiled and looked at the two grinning girls, “if you and they agree. The artificial womb is safe and there will be no danger to the girls.”

She had walked to the wombs which made me nervous. She turned and smiled, “I would have enjoyed my pregnancies more if someone else had gone through it for me. The girls have agreed to let you get them pregnant and Devin and I have agreed to let them.”

I looked at the girls, “excellent I can check their cycle and use...”

Nancy chuckled as she headed for the door, “you fuck them proper until they are pregnant.”

I looked at her as she left and then at the girls, “but...”

Jade grinned and started stripping as Jenny giggled and caught my hand and pulled me after her and towards the bedroom. She turned me beside the bed and began to help me undress as her sister followed us in and climbed onto the bed. She rubbed her pussy, “I am really wet.”

I glanced at her as I lifted my foot to let Jenny pull my pants off. She pushed me towards the bed and Jade laid back with her legs spread, “fuck her proper.”

I looked back at Jenny as she stripped before turning to climb onto the bed. I laid beside Jade and felt her hot wet and slippery pussy. She shuddered and humped and I grinned before turning to move over her and lifting to position my cock. I forced it into her extremely tight hole as she grunted and settled on her.

I waited as she wiggled and tilted her hips to get comfortable before I started to fuck her. I kept it slow but used long strokes and bent my head to kiss her as she clung to me and shuddered. Her pussy began to tighten painfully as she shook and thrust up, “ooohhh!”

Jenny giggled as she laid beside us and reached out to rub my back. I kept fucking her sister and Jade continued to thrust up and shiver. A few minutes and she began to spasm and wail as her pussy clenched, “yyyeeessss!”

She writhed around and kept jerking while her hot slippery pussy constantly clenched. She wiggled and humped and I kissed her as I enjoyed the feel of her slippery pussy. I began to fuck her with deep firm strokes and rubbed and pressed to get deeper. Jade shuddered hard as she clutched me and yelled, “fffuuuccckkk!”

It was a few more minutes before I shoved into her and buried my cock. I kissed her as I tried to push deeper and grunted and gushed sperm into her. She bucked and spasmed as her pussy clenched and milked the cum from my cock. She shook and kept lifting her hips as I pumped spurts into her until I was finished.

I slowly relaxed as she panted and Jenny giggled and rubbed my butt, “my turn.”

I grinned and gave Jade a kiss before pulling out and turning to push Jenny onto her back. I moved over her as her hand reached between us to position my cock. I pushed into her as she lifted her legs and spread them wide. I settled and kissing her as I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts.

She lifted her hips and thrust up and onto my cock each time I pushed into her. I kept fucking her very tight pussy as she wiggled and grunted while it became slippery. Each time I buried my cock I pressed against her and rubbed. She started panting as she thrust up hard and began shuddering and moaning.

A few minutes later I fucked her firmly for several minutes and she wailed and thrashed around, “aaaahhhhh!”

I grinned as I continued to fuck her with deep grinding strokes. She wiggled and squirmed as she clung to me and began to jerk while her pussy clenched. She started thrashing around and bucking as she yelled and kissed me hard, “YES!”

Her sister giggled as Jenny began convulsing and I fucked her with deep firm thrusts. She struggled and bucked and her pussy kept pulsing. It was several minutes more before I buried my cock and held her as I grunted and began to gush and spew cum. She shuddered and hugged me as I pumped sperm into her and when I was done I slowly relaxed.

She was panting and shivering as I pulled out and laid beside her. I moved off the bed, “rest and in a little while we can do it again.”

They grinned and I went to get what I needed to type them and check their DNA. I set it beside the bed as they whispered and giggled and hesitated before moving back onto the bed. I caressed the girls and felt them and finally Jade pulled me over her and I pushed back into her extremely tight but slimy pussy. I fucked them both off and on every few hours.

A week later I tested them and knew they were pregnant. I had everything ready and waiting and even had the OB chair. I put Jade to sleep first and let Jenny watch and assist as I removed the fertilized egg. I placed it in the artificial womb and woke Jade. I watched for hours and even had Nancy there with us. It was six hours before I knew it had worked.

We did Jenny the next morning and by dinner everything was going smoothly. I guess I had only thought about getting this far and that the girls would return to their house. I was a little unsure how I felt about that. I had enjoyed having them around, they had made the days seem more fun. The girls put on soft music in the other room and kept watching the wombs.

At bed time I set alarms and went to wash and slip into bed. The girls came in together and stripped before climbed into bed. Jenny threw a leg over my hips and straddled me before lifting. She slowly pushed her tight pussy down onto my cock and wiggled as she sighed, “how long before I am ready to get pregnant again?”

I looked at her and then at Jade with her head on my shoulder, “probably a couple of weeks to a month.”

Jenny started thrusting back and forth as her tight pussy gripped my cock, “how long before you can build another couple of artificial wombs?”

I smiled as I reached up to feel her breasts and tug on the nipples, “a few weeks.”

She wiggled and began to rock while her pussy grasped and squeezed. I pulled her down and rolled until she was under me and began to fuck her with deep thrusts, “why are you asking?”

Jade pressed against me, “because we like getting pregnant and want to do it again.”

I buried my cock in her sister and looked at both of them, “but the babies have not been born yet.”

Jenny shivered as her tight pussy gripped my cock and she humped, “we can have at least nine before then.”

I went back to fucking her and enjoying her slick pussy. I kissed her and started to fuck her firmly, “no.”

I began to grind as Jade pressed against me harder, “no?”

I fucked Jenny long hard and deep and she began to wail and howl. It was several minutes before I pressed into her and gushed cum. She clutched me when she felt the warm sperm pumping and spurting into her, “yyyeeeesssss!”

When I was done I pulled out and laid beside her, “no. I will breed you again after we open the wombs and the babies are born. Until then you two are going to use one of the new birth control implants while we practice.”

They looked at each other and then grinned and Jade moved over her sister and straddled me, “okay.”

She slowly forced her extremely tight pussy down my cock before wiggling and settling. I caressed her sides and cupped her breasts and she smiled as her pussy squeezed. She began to thrust back and forth as Jenny turned to put her head on my shoulder. Jade added a twist and began to rock every other time.

Her pussy became slick and she started to shudder and moan. She began to pant and almost bounce each time she pushed back and down. Soon she was spasming and jerking back and forth as her pussy continued to become slick while it clenched. I grinned as I finally pulled her down and rolled before I started to fuck her with deep thrusts.

She humped and then lifted and spread her legs wide and clutched me and wailed, “aaaahhhh!”

I kept fucking her and began to press and grind and she tossed her head and shuddered almost violently. I began to fuck her hard and deep and she tilted her hips as she grunted and her slick pussy grasped at my cock. After several minutes I buried my cock while she convulsed and I kissed her before suddenly gushing large spurts of cum.

She arched her back when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her and wiggled while her pussy worked on milking the rest out of my cock, “mmmm!”

When I was done I pulled out and turned to roll a grinning Jenny onto her stomach. I closed her legs and straddled them as she looked back. I laid on her and kissed her bare shoulder before lifting to look between us. I position my cock and pushed back into her cummy hole. I fucked the two girls at least a dozen times a day and they loved having slimy pussies.

They were constantly near the wombs and talking to them or playing soft music. I checked the wombs many times each day and worked on making a few more. Nancy was over every day to look at the wombs and the two babies inside. Even my parents began coming and looking and watching.

I had recorded Jade and Jenny’s heart beat and that was what I played constantly in the wombs. The day I unsealed Jade’s daughter I had Nancy and Devlin holding their daughters. Mom and dad were there and so were another dozen doctors that I did not even know. My daughter Amanda was as active as any normal baby and cried with her first breath.

I let one of the doctors clean her and check her before placing the baby in Jade’s arms. The next day it was a repeat with Jenny’s daughter Rebecca. Mom and Nancy were constantly with the two babies and by that afternoon everyone else had left. The two girls were whispering with their mother and mine and then they were all giggling.

I had cleaned the wombs and spent time holding both my daughters earlier and now I was relaxing and thinking we needed a larger house. I looked at the girls when they left the babies with their mothers and pulled me into the crowed bedroom. Jade grinned as she undressed while Jenny was stripping me, “we had the implants removed. Time to get us pregnant again.”

I grinned and reached for Jade and pushed her hands away, “after I pump sperm in you we are going to look for a larger house.”

Jenny pushed me onto the bed and Jade stalked after me and I caught her and rolled while she spread her legs. I lifted and pushed into her extremely tight pussy and wiggled and pushed to get deeper. She grinned and humped before Jenny jumped onto the bed and pressed against me, “guess what?”

I looked at her and she kissed my shoulder, “your mom had an inquiry about purchasing a dozen wombs for a big zoo and your dad had another for two from a private source.”

I looked at her as I hesitated and Jade humped as her pussy clenched. I grinned and gave her a kiss before I began to fuck her, “okay sperm you and then we can talk.”

She laughed as Jenny giggled while I fucked her with deep thrusts. I kept it slow and deep and she began to shudder and hump while her pussy became slippery. Her pussy constantly gripped my cock each time I pulled back. It was several minutes before she began to spasm and jerk while yelling.

I fucked her firmly and kept shoving into her hard as I planted my cock. It was awhile before I needed to cum and Jade was incoherent and twitching while her eyes rolled up. I sank my cock into her and kissed her as I began to spew cum. She shuddered and jerked as she clung to me with her pussy grasping and squeezing the sperm out.

When I was done I settled and took a deep breath and Jade panted and grinned at Jenny, “that is how you breed a woman.”

I gave her another kiss and pulled out before Jenny bent to lick my cummy cock, “from behind.”

I smiled and she turned and spread her knees and wiggled her butt. I moved behind her and sank my cock into her slowly as she pushed back. I waited before I pulled back and began to fuck her and she sighed, “mmmm!”

Jade giggled as I kept fucking her sister who was pushing and shoving back while moaning. I held her hips and continued to fuck her with long, deep plunging strokes. Her pussy grasped and tightened each time I tried to pull back. She wiggled and after a few minutes she began to struggle and wail as she shoved back harder.

I grinned as I tried to hold her and fuck her hard and deep. Her tight pussy was very slippery and constantly clenching. She jerked forward and kept slamming back as she grunted and howled. I shook my head a couple of minutes later when I felt my balls churning. I shoved into her and held her tight as my throbbing cock erupted and I gushed strong spurts of cum.

Jenny spasmed and jerked while her pussy kept massaging my cock, “aaaahhhh!”

I pumped and spewed until I was done and pushed her forward off my cock and down on the bed. She was panting and shivering and Jade laughed, “now she is bred.”

I laid between them to catch my breath and smiled when they both turned to cuddle. Within six months we had over a hundred clients with ten times that making inquires. By the time the next set of babies were born the numbers had increased even more. Our house is very large now with a lot of children.

I have a company that makes the artificial wombs because of the number of clients.
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