Story 544
I was Kaire but had been raised by a human who was my god father. He was good about teaching me Kaire traditions and history. I am what you would call red with black strips which was why they named me Kai, which meant fire. Jesop was the one to send me to Kair to study when I was eighteen.

That was when I found the old records and stirred the empire up. I was looking for dates when colonies had been sent out. I found the records for one colony departure but no corresponding colony record. I tried asking in many places and finally walked into a huge office with a golden Kaire.

He glanced up and then sat back, “you are Kai?”

I nodded as I crossed to the desk, “yes sir.”

He smiled and gestured to a seat, “I found your query interesting, tell me more.”

I sat and took a breath, “the record I found showed three colony ships leaving for a temperate world called Tres. The scout record has it as a heavily forested world with many edible animals and predators. I looked and have not found any follow up record after the ships left Tres.”

I waited and he frowned, “and you want what?”

I had thought about this, “a chance to go to Tres and see what happened to the colony.”

He scratched on a pad on the side of the desk, “I would like to find out also.”

He looked at the six females that strode in and sighed, “I see my mates found me.”

They walked around to stand behind him waiting and he looked from them to me, “I will have a scout ship made available.”

I blinked, “you can do that?”

He stood, “I am the emperor so yes I can do that.”

I watched him walk towards a side door with the females following him. I was shocked and finally stood as they left and the other door opened. A tall human stood waiting and I walked towards him. He smiled, “If you would pack a bag I will have someone contact you with directions to reach the ship.”

I glanced at the other door, “he was the emperor?”

He laughed, “Serg heard about you. Our father is human as well as one mother and a grandmother.”

I blinked because I had not heard that. I grinned and nodded, “I am staying at the colony...”

He nodded, “we know.”

Four hours later I was pulling a small float with a pet carrier and a large case with my belongings. The female Kaire that was leading me barely glanced at me as she walking into the lift. I followed and pulled the float close before we ascended up into the scout. When I walked in she began bringing the lift into the ship and I pulled my float through the airlock.

A scout is only a hundred meters long, half that wide and a third that tall. A dark grey spotted male led me to a cabin. I hesitated before releasing Ginger from her carrier. The male shifted as she came out and started looking around, “what is that?”

I smiled as I watched my four year old cat leap to the bed, “a cat.”

He growled and I looked at him, “a real cat. She is what they call an orange tabby.”

He looked at her as she began kneading the bed, “what does she do?”

I grinned, “kill rodents and just about anything else she can catch.”

He grinned as she laid down and started purring, “what about when she goes to the bathroom?”

I gestured to the cage, “the bottom has an outside liner I put sand in.”

He turned to leave, “we lift shortly.”

I turned to fix her litter box before picking her up and setting her beside the box. She smelled it before turning to head towards the door. I caught her and picked her up as I left and went to the common area. I sat on a couch and let Ginger go. I felt the change in the ship as it lifted and a female walked into the room.

She stopped and looked at me and then Ginger. She crossed to sit in a chair and turned on the holo table, “I am Sora.”

I smiled and bowed my head, “Kai.”

She grinned, “it fits.”

She looked down as Ginger jumped down and crossed to her before jumping up and into her lap. Sora was surprised and hesitated as Ginger smelled and then laid down while purring. I grinned, “that was fast. She normally takes a little longer to adjust to people.”

Sora grinned, “what is she?”

I smiled, “an earth cat. She is called Ginger and is an orange tabby.”

She laughed as she felt and then pet Ginger. Sora was not the first she converted, by the time we reached Tres she had the whole crew treating her like a queen. Dolan was the scout commander and told me after we reached the planet they would wait in orbit. They were more than happy to watch Ginger while I looked for the lost colony on the planet.

Once we reached Tres we could look down on the area around where the colony ships had landed. There were no lights or other electric fields we could see or scan. What we did see was six areas to the west that had a lot of small fires. The scout landed on the western edge of a huge plain and I shouldered my pack before opening the outer airlock.

Sora followed and extended the lift and watched as I took it down and stepped off. She brought it up as I took a deep breath of fresh air and started walking. I glanced back when the ship lifted and then continued into the forest. Most of the trees were only a hundred meters tall or less. The bushes and brush had frond like leaves that closed when the sun went down.

I had planned to head straight west to the set of fires we had seen grouped together. It would take me a couple of days to reach them. I still had a few hours of daylight before I could set up camp. It was an hour before I saw the grey tree house. It was two thirds of the way up a large tree and from the ground I saw it had a wide porch area.

I looked around and shifted the short plasma rifle before shouldering it. I moved to the tree and leaped to grab onto the bark and started climbing. The lower branches were more than ten meters above the ground. From the first thick branch I found wooden pegs in the tree. The tree was slowly covering the pegs.

I was able to use them to climb higher until I stepped onto the ancient wooden porch. I shifted the pack before removing it and moving towards the open doorway into the house. I looked in and then walked in and looked around. Beside a table there were cabinets along the outer wall. To the back was a wide bed that had what looked like a fur covering.

I walked to the bed and reached down to feel it. It felt solid and like it could still be used. I turned at a gasp and a Kaire girl was standing in the doorway staring at me with only a leather belt around her waist. I had not thought about what I would say and cleared my throat. She was black with grey spots and very pretty.

She spoke before me, “I am Kesha Den Sa Gilgor and I see you.”

A thrill raced through me at the words as I walked to her, “I am Kai Ser Glen No Dos and I see you.”

Her eyes went wide and she placed her hand on my chest, “I claim you.”

I blinked, “but...”

I took a breath, “I am from Kair.”

She pushed as she began to walk and I had to step back until I backed into the bed. I sat and she knelt as she reached out to open and remove my long kilt. I caught her hands and she looked into my face. I slowly let her hands go and sighed as I stood. I moved to the table and set the short rifle on it and then undid my weapon belt and set it on the table to.

I turned as the girl stood and removed the simple belt as I took the thin shirt off and removed the kilt. I walked to her as she backed onto the bed. I followed and laid beside her, “you claimed me very quickly.”

I caressed her pelvis as she shivered and smiled, “this is a claiming house.”

I bent to suck on a nipple and she shuddered and held my head. I moved over her and between her legs and rubbed my cheek against hers, “claiming house?”

She looked at me as I moved down to her pussy, “males and females of age from any clan may come to one of the claiming houses and claim a mate if they have not been chosen.”

I nodded and licked through her pussy. She gasped and spread her legs while tilting her hips, “ooohhhh!”

I pushed my tongue into her and then nibbled on her inner lips. I captured her clit and sucked hard as I wiggled my tongue. She humped and clutched the bed as she wailed, “aaaahhhh!”

She wiggled and bucked as I continued to use my tongue on her clit. She twisted and began thrashing around while still screaming. It was several minutes before I moved up and settled with my cock sheath against her pussy. I looked into her eyes as she panted and finally humped and pushed.

She grunted as my cock emerged and sank into her. She put her arms around me as she humped and wiggled while trying to adjust. Her pussy was tight and warm and kept squeezing and massaging my cock. I wanted to fuck her hard but my adopted father had told me what to expect and what to do.

I rubbed cheeks with her and licked under her ear as she shivered and humped. I pulled back and started to fuck her with deep thrusts. Each time I buried my cock I pressed and rubbed against her. Kesha lifted her legs and spread them wide as she clutched me and began howling. She struggled and thrashed while her pussy constantly tightened.

I continued to fuck her with long strokes as her eyes rolled up and she started convulsing. I fucked her hard and deep suddenly and she spasmed and screamed, “yyyeeeessss!”

Several minutes later I shoved into her and pushed as I gushed cum. She kept jerking as her pussy clenched and milked the sperm out of my cock. When I was done I relaxed and looked at her before pulling out and laying beside her. I felt and caressed her until she took a deep breath and opened her eyes.

She looked at me and grinned before rolling until she was on me, “it was very good.”

I rubbed her butt, “yes.”

I gave her a hug before rolling her off me and moving off the bed. I walked out and brought my pack back in and to the bed. Kesha was sitting up as I sat and dug into the pack and pulled out the sat link. I opened the comm and moved onto the bed and beside Kesha, “Dolan?”

It was a minute before he answered, “Kai? Are you in trouble?”

Our scheduled comm time was still a few hours away, “I found a dwelling in a tree. When I was checking it a girl found me.”

I looked at Kesha, “her name is Kesha Den Sa Gilgor. Gilgor was one of the colony clans.”

“I will relay it to the emperor.”

I smiled as I cupped one of Kesha’s breast, “the building is called a claiming house.”

“Claiming house?”

I tugged on her nipple and she shuddered and grinned before straddling me, “males and females of age from any clan may come to one of the claiming houses and claim a mate if they have not been chosen.”

They were quiet for a minute and then I heard laughing and Sora, “she claimed you?”

I wiggled as my cock emerged and Kesha tilted her hips to push back and down, “yes.”

They laughed again and I sighed as my cock pushed into her slimy pussy, “tomorrow I will have her show me the way to her clan.”

“Call tomorrow night at our scheduled time or before if you reach them.”

I humped as Kesha began rubbing her pussy on me while it constantly tightened and squeezed, “let me know what the emperor says.”

The comm shut off and I reached for a panting Kesha and rolled as I pulled her down. It was awhile before I slept with her snuggling against me. I woke with the predawn and looked at my new mate before caressing her hips. She purred, “start that and we will be in bed all day.”

I grinned and rubbed her cheek before moving off the bed. I put the comm away and got dressed as Kesha got up. She showed me the hole that was used as a bathroom and then we climbed down. In a nearby stream I washed and watched her as she cleaned her pussy. She shuddered and grinned before starting to wash her body.

After we were done I let her lead and we moved a lot faster than I would have alone. We walked up to a river in the late afternoon. I knew it was on the edge of the area by one group of fires. Kesha gasped and I followed her look to see a large animal. I thought of a Kratcal but it was larger and the head was different.

She was trying to back away while looking up. I caught her arm as I shifted the pack and slipped it off. I let her take the pack as I lifted the rifle to my shoulder. The animal was eating what looked like a type of river animal. I aimed as it lifted its head and sniffed the air. I squeezed and the rifle kicked and roared.

The plasma round exploded through the animal’s head and it dropped through the branches to the ground. Kesha stared as I moved towards it while it spasmed. It was dead so I set the rifle aside and glanced at her as I knelt and pulled out my knife. She grinned and set my pack down and came to help as I carefully skinned the animal.

She rolled the hide and we went to the river to wash before returning. I shouldered my pack and bent to help with the hide but Kesha pushed my hand away. She struggled to stand and put it over one shoulder. She gestured and I turned to follow, “we will talk about this later.”

She glanced back, “you are my mate and I...”

I growled, “and I can help carry anything I kill or skin.”

She looked down, “yes my mate.”

I sighed, “start that and I will spank your butt.”

She grinned and finally looked up at a large tree. I followed her look and saw a rope bridge across the river going from the upper branches. I set my pack down, “put the hide down.”

I went through the pack and pulled out a strong cord. I tied one end to the hide before shouldering my pack, “climb up.”

Kesha nodded and moved to the tree where wooden pegs had been inserted into the trunk. I followed and climbed up until I reached the small platform at the beginning of the bridge. I gestured before bending to pull up the hide, “go across.”

Once I had the hide I shouldered it and looked across the swaying bridge before slinging the rifle. I grabbed a rope on one side and carefully stepped out and started across. It swayed and swung but I crossed without anything happening. A male was waiting with Kesha and looked me over as I approached.

I smiled and kept going and he stepped back to make room. An hour later I was sitting with dozens of males while females moved around us. One had greying face fur and leaned forward, “you are not from one of the clans.”

I smiled, “I am from clan Dos.”

They looked at each other and I leaned forward, “I came to see what happened to the Kaire colony here. Why did no one maintain contact with Kair?”

The old one growled before shaking his head and making a throw away gesture, “it was passed on that we were abandoned.”

I frowned, “the records show the ships left here and the inventory shows you had a star comm.”

I looked at the other males, “why did no one send the request for tech supplies or give a colony status?”

They looked at each other as if asking what I was talking about. I turned and opened my pack and pulled out the sat link before opening my comm, “Dolan?”

It was a moment before it was answered by Sora, “he is asleep.”

I looked at the males, “I am in clan Gilgor speaking to their clan council. They tell me it has been passed down that they were abandoned. Did Dolan get through to the emperor?”

She sighed, “we were hoping it was something else. Yes he talked to Serg personally and he is sending several cargo ships with colony supplies. He wants them to put sat links around the planet and is sending his brother to speak with all the clan leaders.”

I looked at those around me, “request modern weapons and medical equipment. Also flyers capable of vertical landings.”

She chuckled, “we have put together a list and those were on it.”

I smiled, “how is Ginger?”

She laughed, “she misses you but we are caring for her. We will be landing where we dropped you off. See if you can contact the other clans and bring them to the ship.”

I nodded, “I will try.”

I disconnected and looked at the elder, “you heard. The emperor is send supplies.”

He looked at the others before nodding, “we will send runners to the other clans to have a gathering.”

He gestured and they stood and walked away talking to each other quietly. I looked around and Kesha slipped up and under my arm, “I have found us a place to sleep.”

I smiled as I hugged her and bent to grab my pack. The tiny shelter had a carry bag filled with Kesha’s belongings. We left early the next morning and once back across the river we climbed down. She had traded the heavy hide from the animal I had killed for a light wooden spear thrower and a sleeping fur.

She carried the bag and when we stopped at noon I helped her alter it and turn it into a pack she could wear. She killed a type of browser before evening and we made camp. She scrapped the hide as I seasoned the meat. I slept lightly since we were on the ground and was up early. Kesha let me lead and seemed to look around as if she did not know the area.

It was mid day when we walked out of the forest and onto the plains. Kesha looked around with wide eyes that kept returning to the ship. I crossed to the lift as it dropped and grinned when I saw Dolan with Ginger in his arms. I slung my rifle over my shoulder and reached out to take her.

He grinned and glanced at Kesha, “she has missed you.”

I pet her while she purred and rubbed her head against my hand. I turned, “this is Kesha.”

I gestured to Dolan, “this is Dolan, the ship captain.”

I had been thinking and looked at him, “do you have any sonic barrier poles or a shelter?”

He nodded and glanced up as the lift started back up, “I had the crew break them out. We will remain in the ship until the cargo ships get here.”

I nodded and shifted to set Ginger down, “I do not know how long it will be before the other clans come or if they will come.”

Kesha cleared her throat, “they will come. If any clan calls a gathering all come.”

I nodded and I turned to watch Ginger explore the tall grass, “so days.”

She cleared her throat, “perhaps tomorrow?”

I looked at her and she shrugged, “we have runner relays and it only takes hours before all the clans will know and a few more before they begin to move. Clan Gilgor will be here tomorrow morning and the others will try to match or beat us.”

Dolan chuckled as he turned to see Sora and Ben, another crewman descending with large bags. A couple of hours and a large tent was up and a large area was fenced off with sonic barrier poles. I took Kesha into the ship to meet the crew and wash. That led to her hugging my arm as we ate and the crew asked questions.

When I took her outside and down it was dark. The tent floor was inflated so the bed was more than comfortable. Of course Ginger took the middle as her spot to sleep. Kesha smiled as she caressed her before turning to lay back and hold out her arms, “mate with me?”

I smiled as I finished undressing and crawled on and over her. I rubbed my cheek against hers and started to move down and she grinned as she caught me and pulled me up. I laughed and shifted before I humped against her almost hot pussy. My cock emerged and pressed against and into her pussy before I began to fuck her and drive it deeper.

She wiggled and tilted her hips as she clutched me and wailed, “aaahhhh!”

I fucked her slowly with long strokes and she began to writhe around while shaking. Her pussy began to constantly grip and pulse as she humped and thrust up, “oooohhhh!”

I began nibbling on the side of her neck and her ear and she hugged me tight as she shoved her pussy up harder, “YES!”

I grinned as I licked under her jaw and began to fuck her firmly and rub against her. She twisted and thrashed around while bucking, “mmmmm!”

It was several minutes before I shoved into her and held her while she spasmed. My cock throbbed and I gushed cum into her as she jerked and screamed, “yyyyeeesssss!”

When I was done pumping sperm into her she was panting and grinned. I pulled out and rolled her over before I pushed back into her from behind. It was awhile before we slept and I woke to Ginger kneading on my chest. I smiled as I opened my eyes and Kesha shifted and lifted her head from my shoulder, “she is purring.”

I smiled as I pet and caressed the cat, “she is waking me so I will feed her.”

A few hours later we were sitting outside watching the forest as clan Gilgor and another emerged. Kesha grinned as she bumped me with her shoulder, “that is clan Aough with my clan.”

I smiled, “I am your clan now.”

She turned to press against me, “yes.”

I glanced in the door to my tent and saw Ginger laying down and stood, “we need to shut the barrier down.”

I glanced up at the lift as Dolan appeared and went to shut the barrier off. The two clans set up camp beside each other and kept looking at the ship in awe. I waited and Kesha’s father and their clan council walked towards me which brought the other clan council. Dolan stopped beside me as he looked at the two clans.

I nodded to those I had already met and introduced them to Dolan. While he greeted them I turned to the other clan council, “I am Kai Ser Glen No Dos. The emperor sent me to find those that came here.”

Several of the elders were very grey and smiled as they looked from me to the ship. One cleared his throat, “why now?”

I sighed, “when you did not call the records for this colony were put aside and lost. I found them and brought them to the emperor who sent me here that same day to find if the colony survived.”

He nodded and glanced at the ship, “and what will you do now?”

I smiled, “we have talked with the emperor who is sending cargo ships with supplies as well as his own brother to speak with your clans.”

He blinked and then slowly smiled and glanced at the others before nodding. Another clan came out of the trees as I introduce the council to Dolan. By noon all six clans had arrived, each still had people on the way but they began setting up and organizing their camps. Mostly Dolan spoke with the council and answered questions.

I sat in front of the tent with Kesha as I brushed Ginger who was shedding. She always loved the attention and was purring. I looked up at the Aough clan leader who had a reddish furred girl with black strips like me with him. She was starring at Ginger and grinned when she looked at me, “Kai Ser Glen No Dos I see you.”

I looked at the clan leader and he shrugged, “this is one of my daughters, Ash No Hiss cin Aough.”

I looked at Kesha and she grinned and nodded. I smiled and looked up, “Ash No Hiss cin Aough I see you.”

She slipped around her father and knelt beside me as she reached out to feel Ginger, “I choose you.”

Her father chuckled as he turned and left and Kesha moved forward, “you chose?”

Ash looked up and smiled as she nodded, “I am a year past my mating time.”

I looked at Kesha and she smiled at me, “she is a year older than me.”

I nodded and put the brush down and Ginger stretched and stood to go to Ash. I grinned as she climbed into her lap and laid down while continuing to purr. Kesha grinned as Ash stared at the cat in her lap before beginning to caress and pet her. We glanced at the clan leader for the Plix clan as Dolan led him to us.

Dolan grinned as he knelt to pet Ginger, “I see she has captured another follower.”

I grinned, “she has tried going to the other camps but I have caught her each time.”

He nodded, “I will pass the word that she is a companion and friendly.”

I nodded and looked at the clan leader and bowed my head, “clan leader.”

He smiled, “she is a strange creature.”

I grinned, “I think all her kittens for the next few years are spoken for.”

He laughed and turned to the dark grey girl approaching before looking at me, “the captain has told us he may not accept any from the clans. He said you were free to accept and my daughter Smoky Sa Elic Ser Plix is of age.”

I glanced at Kesha and then Ash and they were grinning. I looked at him, “why?”

He smiled, “what the clans need is new blood.”

The girl reached us and knelt in front of me and looked at her father. She grinned when she looked back, “Kai Ser Glen No Dos I see you.”

I smiled, “Smoky Sa Elic Ser Plix I see you.”

She bowed, “I claim you.”

I nodded and looked at Dolan, “perhaps you could send a message to the emperor and see if there are males and females from other clans willing to come here?”

He grinned and stood, “now that is a very good idea.”

He walked away with the clan leader and I sighed as Smoky reached out to touch Ginger. I glanced up at Ben in the ship hatch when he yelled. He was pointing out into the plains and I reached for my riffle as I stood and looked. The animals I saw in the distance were huge and a dark brown.

I growled as I shifted and started to walk, “put Ginger in the tent and stay here.”

I glanced back to see all the warriors moving out of the camps. The closer I came the more I saw and slowly relaxed. The huge animals were a type of grazer. I looked at the clan leaders when they reached me, “they are only grazers.”

They nodded and Gilgor grinned, “but food and we might kill a few without to many warriors getting injured.”

I looked at them and realized how much they had done without, “how many would be enough?”

He looked at the other leaders, “six?”

They nodded and I gestured, “follow me but stay behind me.”

They looked from me to the rifle and I turned and began to stalk towards the herd. I knelt when I was a couple of hundred meters away and began to pick animals. I choose those alone or older that were on the edge and finally lifted the rifle. I went from one to the other and rehearsed my shots before I ever squeezed the trigger.

When I did fire I rode the recoil and killed the six I had picked in seconds. The herd was reacting and turning before they lumbered away. The six I had killed were down and spasming as they died and I finally stood, “now we need to get them back to camp.”

They did not answer and I turned to look at the clan leaders and all the warriors staring at me. I grinned, “we need to send a runner to the ship and ask Dolan if they have a few stasis crates we can use.”

They looked at each other and I gestured, “come.”

It was not long before we had pulled the animals back to the camps. Everyone was celebrating while they divided the meat up. When the first huge furry pelt was brought to my tent I grinned and started to help clean it. More than two dozen women from all the clans pushed me away.

Kesha grinned and whispered and giggled with Ash and Smoky and the other women who laughed. I hesitated before starting to walk around. Dolan and the crew minus the comm watch were mixed in with the clans and talking to them. I think they had brought out every stasis crate they had aboard and kept explaining how they worked.

When I returned to the tent the number of pelts had grown to all six. They were laid out and stretched as Kesha, Ash and Smoky made dinner. It was early but with food being available I understood. I sat and ate with them and then looked at Kesha when she went to turn a hide over so the soft fur side was up.

She smiled, “mate with them Kai.”

I looked at the pelt and then at Ash and Smoky who were stripping out of their belts while they grinned. I laughed and stood to remove my clothes. I set everything aside and glanced at all the Kaire as they walked towards the tent and the fur. I sighed and then turned to pull Ash to the fur and lay her down.

I laid beside her and caressed her body before I bent my head to suck on a nipple. She shuddered and moaned as she held my head and I gave it a last lick before moving over her. She spread her legs and tilted her hips but I rubbed my cheek against hers before I moved down. She shifted and there were murmurs as I looked at her pussy before I licked through it.

She arched her back and yawled as I sucked on her clit, “aaaahhhhh!”

She jerked and bucked and shuddered as I continued to lick her and tease her clit while using my tongue. It was several minutes before she began to spasm, “ppllleeeeaaaasssseeeeee!”

I looked up and moved over her and slowly humped and my cock emerged and stretched her. She clutched me and wailed as she held her legs up and spread, “oooohhhh!”

She shook and writhed around as I held her and began to slowly fuck her with long thrusts, “mmmm!”

I licked under her jaw as I kept humping and thrusting in and out of her slick pussy. It was grasping and clenching my cock while she screamed and struggled, “YES!”

I began to fuck her firmly and grind each time I buried my cock. She jerked and shook almost violently as I kept fucking her and she started to shake and toss her head, “mmmaaattteeee!”

I fucked her hard for another minute and then shoved into her and held her as I spewed cum. She twisted and her pussy clenched and gripped my cock, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I gushed and pumped and spurted until I was done. I relaxed and looked at her as she panted and pulled out and moved back. She was laid out with her legs open and shivering and Kesha moved between her legs and laid on her. She looked into her eyes, “now you are my sister.”

Ash put her arms around her and everyone cheered. I looked at Smoky and she grinned and laid beside the other two. I moved over beside her and caressed her before rubbing cheeks and bending to lick and then suck on her nipple. She moaned and wiggled as she held my head and pushed her breasts up.

I moved to the other one and sucked on it and she shuddered. I grinned as I began to move down her body and she spread her legs. I looked at her pretty pussy before I licked through it and sucked on her clit. She shuddered and lifted her hips, “mmm!”

She kept squirming as I ignored everyone and kept licking her and began to wiggle my tongue on her clit and tease it. She moaned and humped and shook and then shuddered harder before trying to close her legs, “ooohhh!”

I moved up and settled and licked under her jaw and behind her ear as she put her arms around me. I started humping and my cock slipped out and pressed against her before I thrust. She gasped as my cock sank into her and stretched her, “OH!”

She shuddered hard as I began to fuck her slowly and push deeper. She tilted her hips and wiggled and finally lifted her legs. I used long deep thrusts and she stiffened before yawling and thrashing around, “aaaahhhh!”

She wet me and struggled and bucked and I began to fuck her firmly. That only made her spasm harder and then convulse. Her eyes rolled up as she jerked and writhed around, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I fucked her hard and began to press and grind. A couple of minutes and I shoved into her while she was still jerking and shaking. I gushed and pumped thick spurts of cum and she clutched me and screamed, “YES!”

She shuddered violently as I spewed sperm into her until I was done. I rubbed cheeks and pulled out and moved back. She was panting and trembling as Kesha moved over her and took my place. She looked into her face and it was a minute before she grinned, “now you are our sister.”

Smoky hugged her and shuddered again, “thank the gods there are three of us.”

Everyone laughed and Ash grinned as she looked at me and nodded. As everyone turned away I went to my pack and pulled out two small wrapped packages. I moved to one of the skins and opened one of the packages and set the human made cleaning bot on it. As it began moving and cleaned any flesh or sinew I caught Ginger.

She had stalked closer to the skin while watching the bot. I rubbed her ears, “it is not your toy.”

I looked at Kesha, “this is something to clean the hides and the other will treat it.”

It was dark before I rolled the hides up and pulled the three girls into the tent. Before I could move to lick Kesha both Ash and Smoky had already pushed her down and were doing it for me. I grinned as I sat beside them to watch Kesha twist and shudder and finally the two girls moved away while giggling.

I moved over and settled before I licked under her ear. I humped and rubbed and pressed as my cock emerged and pushed into her. She wiggled and squirmed as I buried my cock before I pulled back and started to fuck her with long deep strokes. I kept it slow at first but humped and rubbed each time I buried my cock.

She hugged me as she thrust up while her pussy tightened, “aaaahhhh!”

I kept fucking her and she began to squirm and shake. I licked her jaw as I began to use firm strokes and she clutched me and howled, “YES!”

I continued to bury my cock in her and rub and she stiffened before suddenly thrashing around. She bucked and jerked and spasmed and I started to fuck her hard. It was several minutes before I felt my balls churning. Kesha was twisting and writhing as she shook and I shoved into her and held her.

She tilted her hips and screamed as I gushed sperm deep inside her. She kept jerking with each warm eruption of cum as I pumped and spewed and spurted until I was done. I rubbed cheeks with her before I pulled out and turned to reach for Ash. It was very late when I stopped and the three girls were exhausted and fell asleep quickly.

I laid back with Kesha and Smoky against me and smiled when Ginger stalked up my body. She kneaded as she turned and finally laid on my chest purring. Over the years Tres has changed a great deal. The clans have grown and learned quickly. They are avid supporters of the emperor.

Even those that have come to join the colony have an appreciation for what we have done. I took the three girls back to Kair to finish my studies. Of course that led to all three becoming doctors so when we returned to Tres our clan was more than welcome. Even when my adopted father came to live with us and brought several dozen kittens he was welcomed.

As for Ginger, she has many followers and her kittens are prized by all.
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