Story 536
I watched the timekeeper and brought the stealth fighter alive. I felt the strike carrier as it emerged from jump and yanked the lever back for the thrusters. The fighter erupted out of the carrier with the other nine fighters and began accelerating. A moment and the carrier opened a wormhole and jumped out.

I began the random twisting spiral while beginning micro jumps. This was a confederate system that had sent raiders to imperial systems. Several destroyers started out to intercept us. I was rolling and twisting randomly but that did not mean I was not ready and locked a new skip missile on a destroyer and fired.

I turned and spiraled as the missile vanished and then appeared before exploding against the hull of the warship. Five more explosions gutted the other ships as we continued in. Four ships split off and fired new kinetic missiles into fixed positions as the rest of us headed for the planet.

As we streaked into the atmosphere the whole imperial fleet jumped in and began moving into the system. We each had different targets and I dove as I continued to twist and spiral and started to kick out decoys. I pulled out of the dive and flashed by above the ground. The fighter was leaving a wake of shockwaves behind it as I headed towards the military starport.

The others had targets like the military base or the munition storage facility or... I flashed over the military starport and activated the pod release. The thousands of spheres exploded out of the pods and spread out in a wide pattern before falling. I was beyond the military starport when the spheres touched down and began ripping everything apart.

I rolled and turned north towards the city center. I stayed low and streaked through the city as my team completed their missions and headed towards my destination. I retracted the canopy and flicked the auto pilot for the landing sequence. I hit the ejection button and the reversed grav tractor kicked me up and out.

I waited as I fell and at fifty meters I hit the anti grav switch for my harness. It was like I was being slowed by an elastic band until I was less than a half meter from the ground. I shut the anti grav off and lifted the rifle from under my right arm as I landed on the ground. I stood and started walking towards the large building that was the system’s government center.

I aimed at several grey unformed men charging towards me and fired. My rifle was a modified rail assault rifle and the rounds punched through the armor the men wore. I walked through their bodies and continued towards the small door as my men engaged more of the guards from several directions.

I shot the lock and yanked the door open before walking into the building. I lifted the rifle as I headed towards a set of stairs. We expected the system president and his council would be in the vault below but I was going up to his office. My mission was to breach the secure files and use a link to upload them.

I slid around the corner and fired into the five men on the stairs before climbing past their bodies. I changed the magazine in my rifle as I went all the way up to the top floor. I stepped out and aimed down the hallway before firing. The four guards tried to get behind cover but my rounds punched straight through and into them.

I frowned as I moved into the hall, there should not be this many guards up here if the president was in the vault. I let the rifle fall on its single point sling before I pulled my plasma pistol. I walked into the large waiting area and shot the four men scrambling to get behind protection. I changed magazine before using a small comp designed to break encryptions.

The thick armored doors slid open and I walked into the large plush room. A man was holding two young teenagers in thin sun dresses in front of himself. He held an engraved and jewel encrusted plasma pistol and shifted, “get out or I will kill them.”

I smiled, “they have slave collars.”

He glared, “do you know who I am?”

I took a step and he yanked the girls back against himself, “I am Jebadia Taylor Lee.”

I nodded as I reached for the other pistol in the holster on my chest, “do you know who I am?”

He sneered and shook his head as I pulled the pistol. I grinned as I lifted the pistol, “I am Lieutenant colonel Arthur Castle.”

I fired into the two girls and they collapsed as I lifted the other pistol and shot him twice in the chest and once between the eyes. I walked to his body and knelt to take the weapon from his dead hand and slipped it into a thigh pocket. I looked at the two girls and sighed as I put the stun pistol away and pulled the neural stimulator.

I touched each on the temple before moving back as they shifted. I walked to the desk as they sat up and attached the link to the desk comp. While I waited I checked out in the waiting area before grinning and going to take the belts and thigh holsters from two of the guards. I walked in and smiled at the girls as they huddled together, “what are your names?”

The pale blonde cleared her throat, “Sarah sur.”

The other was tanned with an oriental cast and looked down, “Annabelle sur.”

I glanced at the link and crossed to the back wall were all kinds of fancy engraved or jeweled encrusted weapons were. I took two, a matching pair of engraved plasma pistols. I removed the other pistols in the holsters and replaced them. I walked back to the large desk and glanced into the two bags on one corner.

I grinned at the large bank credit notes, Imperial in one and Federation in the other, “these are your bags.”

They looked at each other as I gestured. I carefully fitted the belts and holsters to the girls before checking the link to see the data files loaded. I headed for the door and glanced back when they began following me with the two bags clutched against their chest. I lifted my rifle and began moving carefully as I made my way down and found my team.

They were in the open vault with bodies everywhere and six of the twelve councilors alive and standing against a wall. I looked around and nodded, “not to bad.”

Captain Jenks cleared his throat and nodded to the two girls behind me. I glanced at them and smiled, “still with me?”

They nodded and I heard their whispered, “yes sur.”

I gestured to a couch to one side, “sit over there.”

They nodded and walked to the couch as I looked at captain Jenks while the others snickered, “did you get everyone?”

He shook his head, “six councilors and the vice president fought but the president was not here.”

I nodded as I turned to look out the vault door, “he was in his office packing credits for a trip.”

I snorted, “he was one of those, do you know who I am?”

They laughed as I touched my ear bud to hear the army general commanding the task force. I shrugged and looked at my men, “he was using the girls as a shield.”

Second lieutenant Diamond snorted, “so you killed him.”

I grinned, “I do not fuck with people holding weapons or assholes.”

They laughed as I finally opened my comm, “of course we secured the target sir.”

“Colonel Denab is moving in to secure the building.”

I shook my head, “aye sir.”

He snorted but did not close the comm and we heard, “damn fleet types.”

I grinned as my men laughed. An hour later we were on a shuttle headed back to our strike carrier. The girls were almost timid as the men moved around them and seemed to ignore them or politely move them. I cleaned my weapons and made checks with the ten mechanics that were checking our ships before moving them.

Once we walked off the shuttle I led the way to the large debriefing room. I smiled at the two girls still following and nodded to the back row before heading to the front. It was several minutes before the admiral walked in and we stood. He gestured and we sat to start the debriefing. I saw him glancing towards the girls several times but he did not say anything.

When the briefing was over we stood and he walked out. I headed towards the rear, “Captains make sure your teams have finished cleaning their equipment. Lieutenant Darnel you owe your mechanic and his people a case of ale apiece for the damage to the cockpit.”

They laughed as I smiled at the girls, “tired?”

They nodded and I started for the door, “the next stop is the defac.”

I looked back at the two following me, “that is the dining facility.”

The cook, a stern looking woman took one look at the two girls and glared at me, “lieutenant colonel Castle.”

I smiled sweetly, “yes?”

She gestured to the two girls, “what are you doing with these girls?”

I looked at the girls, “nothing. They followed me home.”

She blinked, “and if they follow you into bed?”

I turned to look at the girls, “well... they look old enough and do have nice bodies. I suppose I would let them do whatever they want.”

I turned back to her and she blinked and then laughed, “I think they are the ones to catch you.”

I grinned, “they were left alone and used as a human shield.”

She nodded and served me and then the girls who were quiet. I ate slowly and had to reach out and touch their hands, “it is not going to be taken away. Eat slowly and chew it before you swallow.”

Thirty minutes later I led the two into my quarters and ignored the men sitting around the common room watching a vid. I led the two girls into the bedroom and took the two bags they still clutched. I set the bags aside and pulled their dressed up and off. That was all they were wearing and I shook my head as I stripped.

I pulled them into the fresher and waited for them to go. After they finished I pulled them into the shower and took my time as I washed them. When we came out I found a brush on my bed and smiled as I sat the girls and gently brushed their hair. When I was done I tucked them into bed before dimming the light.

I pulled on shorts and bent to find the pistol I had taken and walked out. The men turned as I walked in and crossed to a large glass cabinet. Inside were dozens of pistols, some fancy and some plain. I opened the case and emptied the weapon before placing it on two pegs. I closed it and crossed to my chair, “whose turn to buy the ale?”

Captain Noble chuckled, “yours.”

I sighed and glanced at the junior man, “Lieutenant Mark, if you would look in the cabinet behind you there is a case of ale in a chiller.”

He grinned as he turned and I looked at the three captains, “okay lieutenant colonel Gregor is going to replace me. I am being assigned to the academy. It was either that or go back to New Texas.”

They chuckled as I caught the cold bottle tossed to me, “Captain Samuels I have finished your eval and recommended you for promotion.”

I took a drink and closed my eyes as I tried to relax and let the adrenalin go. I finally opened my eyes and frowned at Sarah standing in front of me, “yes?”

She hesitated before moving to straddle me and put her head on my shoulder. I blinked and glanced at the men as she looked anywhere but at me. I caressed her hips, “what do you need?”

She humped and I felt her pussy against my cock, “you want me to fuck you?”

She nodded and whispered as if afraid of the answer, “please?”

I glanced at the others and first lieutenant Jerrold sighed, “take her to bed sir. She is conditioned and needs it.”

I looked at him and the others as they nodded. I put one hand on her butt as I shifted and leaned forward before standing. She wrapped her legs around my hips as I turned to walk back into the bedroom. Annabelle was standing beside the bed but kept shifting back and forth. I shook my head, “in bed.”

I laid Sarah back and turned her before pushing my shorts down and off. I moved over her and lifted and slowly pushed into her tight pussy while she sighed. I buried my cock as she wiggled as if trying to fit my cock in her all the way. I pulled back and began to fuck her with long strokes as her tight pussy contracted and squeezed.

I continued to fuck her and kiss her as she hugged me and lifted her hips to meet each thrust. I kept fucking her steadily as she began to moan and shudder while her tight pussy grasp and tightened. It was several minutes before she stiffened and then wailed as she thrashed around.

Her pussy became a lot slipperier and contracted as she clutched me, “aaaahhhh!”

Annabelle giggled as I kept fucking Sarah while she struggled under me. A few more minutes and I buried my cock and kissed her as my cock erupted and I gushed cum deep inside her. She jerked and spasmed while her pussy milked my cock, “YES!”

I held her tight as I flooded her with sperm and then slowly pulled out and laid beside her and caressed her hips, “how was that?”

Sarah was panting and shuddering and smiled as she looked at me, “wonderful sur.”

I sighed and moved over her and gave her a soft kiss, “just Arthur.”

She nodded and I looked at Annabelle, “and you want it now too?”

She nodded and I moved off Sarah and towards her, “we are going to work on this later.”

I moved between her legs as she spread them and slowly pushed into her tight pussy. I gave her a kiss, “first I or we feel and caress and then we do oral. I get to lick your pussy while you are clean. After that I will fuck you.”

She smiled as her pussy squeezed, “yes sur.”

I sighed and gave her another kiss, “Arthur.”

I pulled back and began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She humped and put her arms around me slowly. I continued to fuck her with long slow strokes and she sighed and wiggled before shuddering as her pussy contracted, “mmmm!”

She spasmed and humped and then writhed around while clinging to me. I fucked her firmly for a few minutes and she stiffened before suddenly bucking and thrashing, “aaaahhhh!”

Her pussy was constantly squeezing and milking my cock and I groaned as I realized this girl was going to make me cum. I fucked her with long deep thrusts and began to hump and jab. A minute and I buried my cock and kissed her as she jerked. I grunted and gushed cum against and into her cervix as she hugged me.

I pumped spurt after spurt before finally relaxing. I kissed her as she panted, “good?”

She smiled as her pussy kept squeezing, “yes sur.”

It was another hour before they fell asleep and I was exhausted. I was up early when the others arrived and began to strip my quarters. I glanced at the two girls when they came out and took them to the fresher and then the shower. I hesitated before putting their dresses on them and pulling them out.

Lieutenant Hicks gestured to the side where two meal packs were. I sent the girls that way, “go eat.”

I turned back to the others as Captain Noble snickered and shook my head. I looked at the hatch when it opened and Admiral Addison stepped in, “colonel Castle.”

I straightened, “sir?”

He sighed, “I am afraid your slot at the academy is going to someone else.”

I looked at him and he shrugged, “You are going to New Texas. Colonel McBride was killed in an accident.”

I cleared my throat, “sir...”

He held up his hand, “no one doubts you are loyal. We know your family is on New Texas. You know we need solid intel that they are not going to join the confederation.”

I shook my head, “New Texas will not join as long as they condone raiding. They kill raiders whenever they find or catch them and they do it publicly.”

The admiral nodded, “and they are a strong ally. Their president knows we are sending someone. He even gave us a list of those he thought would be a good candidate.”

He turned to the hatch, “your transport leaves in one hour.”

I cleared my throat, “Lieutenant colonel Gregor?”

He glanced back, “reported aboard and is reading your briefing and the after action reports. He said to tell you he owes you a case of ale.”

I turned after he left and Captain Jenks grinned, “going home again...”

Lieutenant Hicks tossed a roll of packing material at him as everyone laughed. I sighed, “lets finish this so the stewards can get it to the shuttle.”

One hour later Sarah and Annabelle fidgeted beside me as the small transport started moving away from the strike carrier. I kept glancing out the window as it began skipping until it changed course on the heliopause. It accelerated and jumped and several minutes later we emerged and the ship slowed and came to a stop.

I knew the system defense net was checking it out while the ship captain contacted system traffic control. We walked off the shuttle in the busy starport and a grey uniformed man with the badge of a Ranger appeared. I smiled as I turned to watch my crates being off loaded, “howdy cousin.”

He slapped my shoulder and turned to the girls, “who are these fine ladies?”

They looked at me and I smiled, “Sarah and Annabelle and they are taken.”

Dillon sighed, “all the good looking ones are taken.”

I glanced at him, “I do know of an amorous first lieutenant who is trying to find a husband.”

He grinned, “maybe next time.”

I touched the ground crew chief in charge of unloading, “have them sent to the Castle ranch outside Galveston.”

He looked me over before nodding and I turned away and started walking, “now I need to take the ladies shopping.”

Dillon grinned as he turned with me, “your dad may want a few words.”

I shrugged, “the old bastard can have as many words as he wants as long as he stays off my ranch.”

He laughed and then sobered and glanced around, “the president said to tell you he understands.”

I snorted, “I doubt that very much. I had no intention of coming back until I retired. I do not need fleet and everyone around me here looking at me with their hand on a weapon.”

He nodded, “awkward.”

I glanced at him, “and the worst part is I can not tell them we are a republic and have no intention of letting any other government tell us what to do, not even them.”

He grinned, “you should have seen the confederate ambassador when the news came out on the taking of Stonewall.”

I shook my head, “what did they expect? They started raiding civilian ships and other systems.”

Dillon nodded again, “he kept saying we were next.”

I smiled, “we do not raid and our commerce with both the empire and the federation keeps us safe.”

I did not bother telling him New Texas had a very strong standing defense net. Not to mention that just about every man, woman and child in the system owned weapons and knew how to use them. The afternoon was spent pampering the two girls which my cousin seemed to delight in doing.

We were coming out of a store when an older man stepped in front of me. I ignored the other men with him as I gestured to the vehicle, “put your things in the vehicle girls.”

The man glanced at them and blinked before looking at me, “it is time we talked.”

I snorted, “you mean you talk and I listen. I am grown and will do what I choose.”

One of the men growled as he took a step and I glanced at him before looking at my father, “my life is my own.”

He scowled, “you are my son and you betrayed me when you...”

I stepped close and he backed up, “you are a bully and an arrogant backstabbing bastard.”

I kicked out and to the side when one of his men reached for me. He went down and I pulled my pistol and put it between my father’s eyes, “I told you to stay the fuck away from me.”

He had gone white and his men shifted with their hands on their weapons. Dillon stepped in and moved me back as he looked at the men, “leave.”

They hesitated before backing away, the one on the ground was pulled up and after them. I finally holstered my weapon and looked at my father, “stay away from me.”

I turned and went around before climbing into the vehicle. I felt bad about leaving Dillon with my father but lifted and drove away. My father was one of the reasons I had left New Texas. He was a bully who had knocked me around until I had finally walked away. He was one of the few that believed New Texas should not alley with anyone unless it was a confed system.

I sighed and relaxed as I headed out of the city. It was awhile before I entered my ranch and slowed to stop at the large ranch house. I grinned when I saw the young man strutting towards us. I got out and turned to help the girls with their shopping bags. I turned and smiled at the man as he looked from the girls to me, “Jake this is Sarah and Annabelle.”

He grinned and tipped his hat, “ladies.”

I glanced at the house, “my things get here?”

He nodded, “I was a bit surprised but had them put everything in the living area.”

I nodded, “I had a last minute change of orders.”

Jake grinned, “you are in time to help with the branding.”

I snorted, “only if you put my father’s face on them.”

He laughed as I headed for the house, “so how is the ranch?”

He followed as we went inside and began telling me every minor thing from one cow birthing four calves to a drunken rustler caught stealing horses. I showed the girls to my room and then headed to the kitchen. Jake had put supplies away and I started making dinner, “how is your family?”

He was leaning against the door jam as the girls began helping me, “Elizabeth is pregnant again and Tracy just had her teeth straightened. My youngest two are starting school in the fall and my two older boys are demanding new rifles.”

I grinned and looked at the girls, “the last I heard they only had pellet rifles.”

He laughed, “and terrorize everything they see.”

I sighed, “get them new Rebels and charge it to me.”

Rebels were small caliber rifles used for varmints. He chuckled, “sucker.”

After he left we ate and cleaned up before I moved my clothes and helped the girls put their new treasures away. I stripped them as they yawned and pulled them into the fresher. I washed them and caressed them before drying them and tucking them into bed. I shut the light off as I went to look at all my crates stacked in one corner of the living area.

I began unpacking as I thought and turned at Annabelle shifting back and forth on her feet, “again?”

She nodded and I sighed before setting everything down and following her back to the bed. I laid her down and bent to suck on her nipples, “horny girls.”

She shivered and held my head as I moved onto the bed and over her. Her small hand wrapped around my cock and pulled as I shifted and slowly pushed into her. She sighed as she tilted her hips and I buried my cock. I smiled and kissed her before I pulled back and began to fuck her with deep thrusts, “better?”

She shuddered as her pussy tightened and then she nodded. I fucked her slowly and kept kissing her as she humped and wiggled while her tight pussy squeezed. She sighed and hugged me as she shook harder and her pussy grasped my cock, “aaahhhh!”

Sarah giggled and rolled to press against us. I continued to kiss Annabelle as I buried my cock and pressed and rubbed. She jerked a minute later when I started to fuck her harder, “ooohhh!”

She was thrusting up and her pussy was wet and slippery. She thrashed around and spasmed for a few more minutes before I pushed into her and held her as I gushed cum. She jerked and her tight pussy clenched, “YES!”

I pumped and spewed and spurted until I was done. I laid on her and kept kissing her and she slowly relaxed as she panted. I pulled out and moved towards Sarah and she laid back and spread her legs with a grin. I smiled and kissed her before sinking my cock into her and slowly burying it.

She wiggled while her pussy seemed to spasm and massage my cock. I pulled back and started to fuck her with long strokes and she lifted her hips to meet each thrust. It did not take her long to become wet and slippery. She wiggled and squirmed as I kept fucking her and planted my cock. Several minutes and she was wailing and clinging to me as she bucked.

I began to fuck her firmly and she tossed her head as she thrashed around. I planted my cock and began to grind and push and it was not long before Sarah was convulsing. She howled and jerked and yelled and squirmed until I finally shoved into her and pushed harder. My cock erupted and I gushed and spewed and pumped a torrent of cum.

She hugged me tight as her pussy constantly tightened and milked my cock, “mmmm!”

When I was done she was panting and I gave her a kiss before Annabelle pulled me onto my back and straddled me. It was awhile before they were satisfied and snuggled against me. Somehow I do not think they had been having this much sex. I woke to a beeping and moved over Sarah and out of bed.

I dressed quickly and walked out and grabbed a ranch rifle on my way out the door. Jake was walking from one of the other houses and I saw a few men hurrying into positions. It was a couple of minutes before the wing lights on the large flyer could be seen. It dropped quickly and slowed as the legs extended at the last moment.

It settled to the ground and the side door opened and captain Jenks stepped out, “hey sir where is the ale?”

I snorted as the rest began climbing out, “what are you doing here?”

Lieutenant Hicks grinned, “colonel Gregor was walking from CIC to the team room and fell down a flight of stairs.”

I looked at him and then at the others and Samuels chuckled, “he will be out for six weeks so the admiral let us take leave.”

I shook my head, “and you came here?”

They grinned and I turned, “tell the hands they can go back to bed. Open the second bunkhouse and schedule these... men to be checked out on horses.”

I looked at my men, “you can tell me in the morning why you decided to make my life harder.”

I headed for the door and shook my head, “now the loons are going to come out.”

The sun was barely up and I was sipping real coffee and looking towards the corral. The horse master was checking my team and not without witnesses and laughter. Jake slipped up beside me, “soo...”

I glanced at him and smiled, “so you said we need to do the branding. Make sure one or two of the hands watch over them.”

He grinned, “they are your team but you want us to watch over them.”

I chuckled as I set the cup down, “my team is good but this is Texas.”

He laughed as he walked off the porch and I turned as the front door was opened. The girls peeked out and I gestured, “did you put on the riding skirts I laid out?”

They had and nodded as they looked around and I started walking with them. I turned and glanced around as Jake yelled and men began rushing towards positions. The three flyers came in hot and fast and flared to land in front of me. I waited as men spilled out and finally my father stepped out.

He started for me and I growled, “I will count to three before I have your men killed.”

He hesitated, “we are here on an official inquiry.”

I held up an arm with my fist closed, “one.”

My father straightened, “you would not dare.”

I opened my fist, “two.”

He turned and waved to his men, “back in the flyers!”

I waited and closed my fist before lowering my arm, “you are not welcome.”

My father sneered, “I am on the planet assembly and...”

I growled and took a step towards him, “because I have not taken custody of my mother’s land. That I will fix before the sun sets. You have lived on my good will and my beef. My mother’s proxy is mine and not yours. You are nothing but a piker and a coward. I am done warning you, get off my ranch.”

He looked me over, “you would not dare call me out.”

I laughed, “you are done.”

He looked at my team standing by the horse corral, “not with imperial soldiers here to overthrow the government.”

I shook my head, “you and the confed. Did you know the president and his security council were the ones to advise the empire to attack? Or that rangers scouted Stonewall before we went in? How about the little fact that they had confed plans to kill the president and all the assemblymen here on Texas? Do you even know the men whose boots you lick?”

He stiffened, “they would never...”

I growled, “get the fuck off my ranch and my property. I will be registering my mother’s proxy so kiss your position goodbye too.”

He spun and headed for the flyer, “we will see.”

I watched them leave before making a gesture. Jake appeared, “he will not stand still for that.”

I looked at the girls, “would you find a couple of gentle fillies for the girls?”

I headed back into the house to make a few calls before going to find the girls. They were with my team who were riding around a corral awkwardly. The few men helping were grinning at my team but did not say anything about the girls. It was a couple of hours before they split up and each went with one of the hands, I kept the girls with me as I rode out.

Like each year the herds were brought in close and put in huge corrals. We would pull them out to check brands and release those that already had one and brand those that did not. I glanced at the flyer that landed to one side a few hours later. I grinned and let the calf go and stepped back as it bawled and came to its feet to run towards its mother.

The girls were at the corral watching and trying to coax the calves closer. I waited as another was pulled towards us and smiled at my cousin, “cousin.”

Dillon snorted, “you know you are a lot of trouble.”

I chuckled as Jake laughed, “I take it my solicitor has filed the paperwork on my mother’s land and proxy?”

He nodded, “and we have served your father and he is already screaming of imperial plots in the assembly.”

I caught the next calf and shifted to lay it on its side, “and has the House Master at Arms removed him from the floor?”

He chuckled, “with much chest beating and threats.”

I nodded, “take a wild guess who I picked to replace him as my proxy?”

He shifted on his feet, “not...”

I grinned as I let the calf up after Jake finished with the brand, “how about aunt Sherry?”

He laughed, “mom?”

I nodded as I looked around, “I give my father a week without resources before the confed nuts drop him.”

My cousin sighed, “he will not wait that long. His men will strike today or tomorrow at the latest.”

I grinned, “take a guess what I am doing about that?”

He looked at Jake, “you going to let your people man the defenses and shoot them?”

I shook my head as Jake grinned, “something much worse.”

He frowned, “worse? You are not going to let your team...”

I turned to see lieutenant Diamond being pulled after a stray calf and laughed with the dozen men close enough to see. I looked at my cousin, “do you know what a stun field is?”

He grinned, “you wake up with a nasty headache.”

I nodded, “Jake’s wife is letting his sons help her set it up while we work. The whole main house complex should be covered.”

He laughed and Jake shook his head, “which reminds me you need to order those rifles.”

We grinned and then I stiffened as my comm and Jake’s went off with a strident alarm. I spun and started running for my horse, “Captain Jenks guard the girls!”

I leaped onto my horse and spun and kicked it into a run. Two flyers were sitting in front of the main house and a dozen heavily armed men were sprawled out on the ground. The ranger flyer dropped out of the sky as I slowed, “Elizabeth! Shut the fields down!”

A moment later I saw her wave from a window and dropped out of the saddle. The rest of the hands were just arriving as I walked towards the men. By the time they regained consciousness they were tied up. The vehicles were unregistered but my cousin managed to trace them.

I knelt in front of the men after they were all awake, “I will asked once and if you do not tell me what I want to know I will give you to the women.”

I looked at each of them, “who ordered you to raid my ranch and what were you to do?”

They did not speak and I finally nodded and stood, “they are yours Elizabeth.”

She and the other wives were holding large kitchen knives and started forward. Before the first man was touched they were pleading and talking. Dillon had a huge grin as he got the names of the confed leaders on the planet including my father’s. Six hours and they were in confinement and awaiting trail where they would have to speak under a truth scan.

The subject of my team on the planet was brought up but one of the other assemblymen who had come out to the ranch started laughing. He had got to the collection corrals just in time to see another calf with one of the lieutenants being pulled after it. His stories seemed to grow at the expense of my team.

The trials lasted two weeks and long before it was over there was a planet wide outrage with the confed. I led the girls into the transport and sighed as I sat and it was not long before the team began coming in. The girls were tanned and looking around the small transport as everyone sat. It was headed to the strike carrier and then the fleet academy.

I touched the new silver emblem on my collar and looked at the two girls. My time with the teams was over and I knew it. I grinned and reached out to cup one of Sarah’s breasts, “hey girly.”

She grinned and turned in her seat before moving to sit in my lap, “want to fuck?”

The team laughed and I hugged her, “actually I was going to ask you and Annabelle to shop for a couple of artificial wombs.”
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