Story 534
I glanced at Shane as we walked up the hotel stairs, “you looked at the medical exam?”

He nodded, “she had the checkup last week and is clean.”

This was our first time doing this and I was a little nervous even if it was my idea. Some men want to watch their wife with other men and some want to watch as they get bred. There were six of us and Mr Pertowski had asked me if I knew a few guys. I was doing part time work as an electrician and he was having a house built.

Anyway he showed me a picture of his wife and we talked and he told me about wanting to watch his wife being bred by a bunch of men. I knew the other guys from high school, we had just finished our sophomore year. I said I could get the guys but we would need to see a medical report so we knew she was safe and fertile, he had laughed at the last but agree.

I looked back at Jack, Simon, Dick and Chuck. We had known each other since fifth grade. I stopped at the door and knocked and it was answered right away by a stunning blonde maybe in her early twenties, “come in guys.”

I led the way in and waited until the door closed before starting to undress. Her husband was sitting in the far corner as his wife dropped the robe she was wearing and moved onto the bed, “who is first?”

I laughed, “you belong to us until we finish.”

I walked to the bed and bent to grab her ankle and pulled her back to the edge. I held it out to Dick and reached for the other and spread her legs as I gave it to Jack. I knelt and opened her wet pussy before I started to lick. She shuddered and humped as she relaxed, “oh... kay...”

The guys laughed as I captured her clit and sucked while wiggling my tongue. I pushed my tongue into her and nibbled on her inner lips before returning to her clit. She was shuddering and humping as she moaned and I slipped a couple of fingers into her and began to fuck them in and up.

I continued to nibble and suck on her clit and she bucked and thrashed as she wailed and squirted, “fffuuuccckkk!”

We held her in place as she struggled and howled while squirting. I finally pulled my fingers out and stood, “now you are getting fucked.”

She was still shuddering as I moved over her and pushed my thick cock into her and buried it. I fucked her with long deep thrusts and she jerked while her pussy clenched, “aaaahhhh!”

I continued to fuck her with deep strokes and used one hand to finger and rub her clit. A couple of minutes and she was shaking and thrusting up while her pussy constantly tightened and she cried out. She thrashed and struggled several minutes later and I began to fuck her harder. After awhile I buried my cock and pressed against the back of her pussy before I gushed cum.

She spasmed and shoved her pussy up as it clamped down, “YES!”

I continued to thrust into her each time I pumped another large spurt of cum until I finished. I pulled out and moved as Shane took my place and pushed into her leaking cunt. I sat on the bed to catch my breath as he fucked her firmly with hard deep strokes. She was spasming and jerking as a couple of others moved onto the bed and pushed their cocks into her face.

It was awhile before I moved behind her. She was on her knees with a couple of pillows under her. I pushed into her slimy cunt and began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. She was still shaking from the long fucking Chuck had given her and her pussy clenched around my cock as she screamed, “yyyeeesss!”

It was hours before we stopped and left her on the bed exhausted. Her husband grinned and came to sit on the bed as we got dressed and left. We went home but talked to each other most of the week as we remembered what we had done. Five days later Mr Pertowski walked into the job site.

It was my last day and I was headed to another job. He grinned, “Dawn is pregnant.”

I smiled and waited for him to say something or ask for names. He glanced around and then looked at me, “I have an acquaintance who wants to do the same thing with his wife.”

He handed me a medical report, “she is clean and will be fertile tomorrow.”

I read the report, “and her husband?”

Mr Pertowski laughed, “wants wife breeders for her.”

I nodded, “same place?”

He nodded, “same room.”

The other guys were more than willing and we met at the hotel. When we knocked a man opened the door and grinned, “just in time, the bitch is horny.”

We walked in and began undressing as he closed the door and moved to one of the chairs to sit. The woman on the bed was a brunette with a nice body. She was laying on the bed with her legs spread as she fingered her pussy. I nodded to Simon and bent over the bed with Shane to grab an ankle and pulled her to the edge.

We held her legs up and spread as Simon knelt to start licking her pussy. She shuddered and humped and wiggled as she moaned and then wailed. He finally stood and moved over her as he pushed into her open slit and sank his cock into her pussy. He fucked her with long deep thrusts as she hugged him and tilted her hips.

She howled a few minutes later as she tried to thrash around. It was not long before she was spasming while Simon pumped cum into her. He pulled out while she panted and Jack took his place and pushed into her leaking hole. By the time it was my turn she was slimy and cum was leaking down her ass.

We put her put her on her stomach with a couple of pillows under her hips. I rubbed the head of my cock through her cummy slit before I pushed into her. I fucked her with long deep thrusts and hit her cervix on the first stroke. She jerked and wailed as I kept fucking her and planting my cock.

She pushed back while her pussy clenched. It was only a minute before she was howling and convulsing. Her pussy was constantly tightening each time I buried my cock in her slimy hole. A few minutes and she was completely incoherent. She thrashed around and jerked while yelling that she was cumming.

A few more minutes and I buried my cock and pressed into her open cervix before gushing cum. She was jerking back and forth like she was having a seizure and her pussy clamped down on my cock. I pumped large spurts through her cervix as she continued to shake and grunt. When I was done I pulled out and moved so Simon could fuck her again.

Like with Dawn we fucked Hanna for hours before leaving her exhausted on the bed. A week later on Friday I got another call while working. I made calls to the other guys and arranged for them to meet me before returning to work. When we walked into the room this time I recognized the woman on the bed.

She was not married and was our age. She was also going to the same high school. I caught Chuck before he moved towards the bed and looked at the man that let us in, “she is not your wife and she is not your daughter.”

His face reddened as she blushed and sat up, “she wants...”

I took a step, “we are not going to jail.”

He shook his head, “she is my niece and...”

She moved to the edge of the bed, “it is my idea.”

We looked at her and then I looked at the man, “you fucking her?”

He shook his head and I nodded before bending and pushing her back on the bed. I caught an ankle as I stood, “you belong to me.”

She blinked as she looked at me while Shane caught her other ankle and lifted it and we spread her legs wide. Chuck knelt between her legs and leaned in to start licking her. She moaned and shivered and a moment later humped up and shuddered, “ooohhh!”

I let Simon take her ankle and sat beside her and reached out to tug on a nipple, “why are you getting pregnant?”

She spasmed and thrust up as she wiggled, “aaahhh.”

I shook my head, “fuck her.”

Chuck moved up and over her before pushing into her. He grunted as she put her arms around him and he began to fuck her. She wiggled and grunted as she kept thrusting up while he was fucking her with long deep strokes. It was awhile before she spasmed as he buried his cock and flooded her with cum.

She thrashed around and wailed and when he was done and had pulled out she smiled up at the ceiling. Shane moved over her and pushed in as she hugged him and lifted her hips. She loved fucking and smiled as she stared at the ceiling each time they finished. When it was my turn I moved over her and between her legs.

I pushed into her slimy cunt and buried my cock against her cervix. She grunted and looked into my eyes before I pulled back and began to fuck her with long deep strokes, “why are you getting pregnant?”

She shuddered as her pussy grasped at my cock and she humped up, “mom is a crack head and I do not have a dad. Uncle Dave is leaving so I will not have anyone. If I am pregnant I might be able to get my own place.”

I shoved into her and looked into her face as she shuddered. I smiled and gave her a kiss before I began to fuck her long hard and deep, “take birth control and move in with me.”

She jerked as her pussy clenched and clutched me, “aaahhh!”

I kept fucking her with deep thrusts and she finally relaxed but kept lifting her hips to meet my thrusts, “but...”

I buried my cock to grind against her, “no buts. You are my girl and you will get pregnant when it is because you want a child.”

She groaned and bucked as her pussy constantly tightened, “but...”

I pulled back to fuck her with long strokes, “you might get fucked a lot living with me.”

She laughed and then shuddered hard as her pussy tightened and she stiffened. I fucked her hard and deep before shoving all the way into her. I held her as she spasmed and convulsed and gushed huge spurts of cum through her cervix. When I was done she was still jerking and shaking and I waited before pulling out.

Simon took my place and pushed into her pussy and began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. We fucked her like the others and when we stopped I waited while my friends left. She was quiet when I took her to her apartment and followed her in to help her pack up. I took her home and she was almost clutching the bag in her lap.

I led her to my studio apartment which was the only thing in the large lot besides a few wind generators. She looked around hesitantly as I looked through her things to find her birth control. After she took a pill I stripped her and pulled her into the shower and washed her which made her smile.

I dried her when we finished and got dressed. I took her hand and led her next door and walked into the kitchen. My mother turned and blinked, “who is your friend?”

I smiled as I sat Cynthia at the table, “Cynthia and she is living with me.”

Mom smiled and gestured to the stove, “finish dinner while I talk to her.”

I shook my head as mom came and pulled Cynthia up and left. I went to see what mom was making before I stirred and leaned against a counter. When they returned mom pushed me towards the table as Cynthia helped her. She seemed quiet but mom kept looking at me as I set the table.

I sat and relaxed, “she is not going to get pregnant just because and is going to finish school with me.”

Mom looked at me, “as your sex slave?”

I smiled, “as my companion. If she wants sex I am sure I can help her out.”

Mom laughed as Cynthia smiled and then grinned. When dad came home he glanced at Cynthia but did not say anything. After dinner I cleaned up and gave mom a kiss before taking Cynthia’s hand and pulling her back to my place. I sighed when I closed the door and let her hand go, “there are several movies by the tv.”

I went to start a load of laundry and a moment later she was adding a few of her things. I did not say anything and finished before going to sit on the couch. I did not have chairs so Cynthia sat beside me as I started looking at movies. I looked at her, “see anything you want to watch?”

She nodded and I selected it before leaning back and slowly relaxing. She hesitated before moving closer and leaning against me, “why do you guys fuck the wives?”

I looked at her and grinned, “because we are young and girls our age are more into kiss but do not touch. We check the doctor report for the woman so we know we will be safe.”

She smiled, “so just for sex.”

I laughed and put an arm around her, “yeah.”

When we went to bed she was naked and snuggled against me and put her head on my shoulder. I woke up hard and horny and turned my head to see Cynthia going into the bathroom. I climbed out of bed and followed her. She blushed when she saw me, “I... my pussy is sore.”

I smiled, “if you fuck six guys as many times as you did it will be sore.”

She nodded and stood and I gestured to the bathtub shower, “start a hot bath.”

I looked in the medicine cabinet and got out a bottle of pills and gave her two. I knelt beside the tub as she sat while it filled, “this is your place. I have to go to work, douche and take another bath this afternoon.”

She nodded and took a breath, “can I come with you?”

I looked at her before reaching out to rub a nipple, “sure. Wear long sleeves and pants.”

I looked at the water filling the tub, “we have an hour so relax for a little while.”

I went to get dressed and made two bowls of cereal and brought them into the bathroom. I sat beside the tub to eat with her and she smiled. When we got to the job site I set up and began pulling wire and Cynthia began helping. We worked together until after one and I bought her lunch from the lunch truck.

I started teaching her as I began testing wires and connecting fixtures. When we stopped for the day she leaned against me in the truck on the way home. As soon as the door closed I gestured to the bathroom, “ibuprofen and a hot bath.”

She smiled as she began to undress on her way to the bathroom. I picked up her clothes and undressed before grabbing a robe. My mother knocked as I was looking for our dinner and I let her in. She looked around, “Cynthia?”

I shook my head as I headed back to the kitchen area, “I sent her to take a hot bath.”

Mom went into the bathroom and I heard them talking as I started making dinner. When mom came out she stopped and came to kiss my cheek, “try anal. She said she would like to try it.”

I grinned, “than both her pussy and ass would be sore.”

She laughed as she walked to the door and left. A few minutes later Cynthia came out and blushed as she came to help. I grinned at her naked body and rubbed a hip, “you should be feeling better tomorrow.”

She nodded and I turned back to dinner, “we can try oral and maybe anal once.”

She grinned and wiggled her hips, “okay.”

I smiled as she started setting the table and then dished out dinner. After we had eaten she helped me clean up and I went to shower. When I came out she was on the bed with her legs spread. It looked like she had lube in her ass and on a finger and was shivering as she slowly fingered herself.

I walked to the bed and she rolled onto her stomach and lifted her hips. I grinned as I bent and reached for an ankle and pulled her to the edge and rolled her onto her back. She looked at me as I spread her legs and lifted them. I let them go and used one hand to rub her clit as I bent my cock and started pushing against her ass.

She shuddered and lifted her hips and the head of my cock slipped into her before I pulled it out. She gasped and wiggled before grinning, “again.”

I smiled as I continued to hump and fuck the head in and out while she began to breath harder. Slowly I worked my cock into her deeper with longer thrusts. It was several minutes before she spasmed and jerked as she wailed, “aaaahhhh!”

I kept fucking her as she wiggled and bucked while her ass tightened. It was awhile before I was burying my cock each time I pushed into her. She twisted and shook while yelling when I finally planted my throbbing cock to gush cum. She howled and jerked, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I held her hips as I pumped spurts of cum into her. When I was done I pulled out while she continued to pant. I looked at her pussy and slowly sank my cock into her. She gasped and began bucking and shaking while her pussy clenched, “YES!”

I humped and jabbed and pressed and rubbed and she wailed louder as she thrashed around. I stayed nice and deep and continued to jab and grind against her. She wiggled and thrashed around as she kept bucking and wailing. When I finally came she was spasming again and her pussy was constantly clenching.

I buried my cock and bent to kiss her as I pumped spurts of cum into her. When I was done I pulled out and turned her on the bed before going to turn the lights out. I laid beside her and she turned and put her head on my shoulder, “can I go with you when you have another wife to breed?”

I grinned, “sure.”

I woke to the feel of my cock in her mouth as she bobbed her head and groaned and lifted my hips. She was stroking my cock and it was not long before I shivered and looked at her as I began to gush cum. Her eyes went wide as she swallowed and then she was shaking and spasming while I pumped spurts of cum into her mouth.

I grinned as she continued to jerk after I finished and pulled her up, “you came.”

She blushed and nodded and I hugged her before looking at the time, “and we need to wash and dress so we can go.”

I stopped to buy breakfast and like the day before she helped and did what I told her to do. Shane caught me while we were eating lunch, “um... we have another wife.”

I looked at him, “when and do they know about the doctor exam?”

He nodded as he looked at Cynthia, “they know and have the report. The guy wants to do it Friday.”

I nodded, “Friday is good for me but you need to check with the others.”

He grinned, “I already did.”

He looked at Cynthia, “what about...”

I followed his look and smiled, “want to come and watch?”

She grinned, “sure. I can be the fluff girl.”

I grinned, “not if you make us cum in your mouth.”

She laughed and Shane blinked and then grinned, “cool. I will have the guy reserve the room.”

The rest of the day she wiggled and squirmed and on the drive home she kept rubbing her pussy. I grinned and reached over to open her pants and she grinned as she wiggled and pushed them down with her panties. I felt her puffy pussy before slipping a finger into her and rubbing her clit, “sore?”

She humped and opened her legs more, “no.”

I fingered her as I drove and her warm pussy kept grasping and squeezing my finger. She wiggled and moaned and shuddered until she cried out and spasmed while closing her legs with my finger buried to the last joint. I smiled as I pulled in at the store, “want me to have the guys come over to practice?”

She grinned and leaned over to kiss me, “not unless you want to share my pussy.”

I parked and looked at her, “you are my lover. If you want more tell me and if you do not tell me. I want to fuck you and I will let the guys fuck you if that is something you want. If not it can just be us until you drain my balls.”

She looked into my eyes before giving me another kiss, “just you tonight but maybe the others again some other time.”

I nodded and opened the door, “see that was not hard.”

She climbed out and caught my hand, “yeah but I did not know what you wanted.”

I headed for the store, “I want sex and am willing to share. After we are done I want to hold you and just be with you.”

She laughed, “sex is sex but being with a friend is different.”

I nodded and we started shopping. When we carried everything into the apartment mom was watching. We put everything away before I turned and stripped Cynthia and backed her to the bed. She was grinning as she sat and then wiggled into the middle while I undressed. I moved onto the bed and after her as she laid back with her legs spread wide and humped up.

I grinned as I moved over her and sank my cock into her and settled. I gave her a kiss and began to fuck her with deep grinding strokes. She sighed and her slippery pussy tightened as she put her arms around me. I continued to fuck her and she began to breath hard and shudder. A few minutes and she was clutching me and wailing.

She thrashed around and bucked while her pussy grasped and squeezed and massaged my cock. I finally shoved into her and kissed her as I gushed a huge spurt of cum. She tore her mouth away and began to spasm, “yyyeeesssss!”

I heard giggling and glanced at my mother just inside the door. I pumped and spewed until I was done and relaxed as I looked at Cynthia. She was shuddering and wiggling while her cummy pussy continued to milk my cock. She sagged to the bed with a big sigh, “damn I needed that.”

Mom walked to the bed and sat and tossed the sheet over us, “I heard screaming and came to save Cynthia.”

Cynthia grinned and I felt her pussy tighten, “you can come back in a little while to save your son.”

I shook my head as I pressed and rubbed against her and mom giggled again. I gave Cynthia a kiss before I ignored my mother and started to fuck her once more. She lifted her hips while her cummy pussy kept grasping and mom rubbed my back before she left. It was over an hour before we stopped and she was grinning as she rubbed cum all over her pussy.

We bred a dozen women before stopping. The guys have come over a few times and we have fucked Cynthia together. She enjoys it but likes it more when it is just me. The night I bred her was our wedding night and she kept her legs up and spread while mom watched.
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