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Chapter 12

Tuesday night, Cathy came home from work as Grandma was cooking dinner. “Mmmm, smells good, mom.” she said as she kissed grandma on the cheek. “How was school?” she asked Sam after she kissed him on the cheek. Sam and grandma were both nude.

“It was school. How was work?”

“Very busy. The merger with Spectrum Tech is moving forward, and there's a ton of red tape we have to wade through.”

Grandma set a plate of grilled chicken, rice and steamed veggies in front of each of them.

“Looks good, grandma, thanks.” Sam said as he started eating.

“Thanks, mom.” Cathy said. “Aren't you going to eat with us?”

“I'm not very hungry, I had a big lunch. Go ahead and eat, don't worry about me.”

“OK, mom.” Cathy said.

After they finished, Cathy went upstairs to her office, and Sam and grandma went to the living room to watch TV. Sam turned on the sports channel and watched highlights of the previous weekend's football games while grandma sucked his dick. Soon he came in her mouth, and she swallowed every drop. After that, she kept her head in his lap, sucking his soft cock.

“At it again, I see.” Cathy said as she walked into the living room completely nude.

“Wow, mom. You look hot.” Sam said as his cock came back to life in grandma's mouth.

“You two are always naked around here lately, I didn't want to feel out of place.” she sat on the couch opposite them. “Mom, do you mind if I borrow Sam for a little while?”

Grandma took his cock out of her mouth. “I don't mind, Cathy.”

“Come sit with me, honey.” Cathy patted the couch next to her.

“What's up, mom?” Sam said as he sat next to her, his hard cock sticking straight up.

Cathy put her hand on his cock. “I'm so horny right now, Sam. I need to feel you inside me.” She kissed him on the lips while stroking him.

Sam kissed her, pushing her back on the couch. He got up between her legs and pushed his cock into her wet pussy. “Oh, mom. You're so wet. Mmmm.” he fucked her slowly, wanting to make it last.

“You feel so good inside me Sam. I love you.” she put her hands on his back, pulling him close.

“I love you too, mom.” he held her tight, slowly fucking her, kissing her neck. “Oh, mom. I'm gonna cum soon. Should I pull out?”

“No. I want you to cum inside me.” she reached down to rub her clit. “Oh, Sam. Mmmmm.”

“Oh fuck, here it comes.” he felt his cock spasm as he shot deep into his mom. “Oh God! Can you feel it mom?” He pushed her forward. “Ahhhh!” He finally let go and pulled back a little.

After they finished, Sam laid on top of his mom for a while. Pretty soon, Cathy pushed him off her and sat up. “That was nice, honey, but I've got to go up and pack my bags, I'm flying to New York in the morning. I'll be gone for a few days, maybe longer.” she kissed him on the cheek and walked out.

“Wow, twice in one week. I wonder what's gotten into her?” grandma said.

“I don't know, but I'm not complaining.” Sam looked at the clock and seeing that it was eight thirty, he decided to call Missy and have her come over. “I want you here by nine thirty. Don't be late.” he said as he hung up the phone.

He took grandma up to her room and took off her collar, then gave her a few instructions on what he wanted her to do a little later. “And remember, don't call me 'master' in front of her, not yet, anyway.”

“Yes, master.”

Missy showed up right on time. “I missed you, Sam.” she said after they kissed hello.

“Take those pants off.” he said, rather forcefully.

“Wow, Sam. You're pretty eager tonight. I like that.” she unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down to her ankles, stepping out of them. “Should I take my panties off, too?”

“No, not yet. I don't like seeing women wear pants. From now on I only want you to wear skirts and dresses. Is that clear?”

“Uh, sure, Sam.” she said, wondering if he was going to punish her. “I'm sorry, I didn't know. It's what I wore to work tonight.”

“Well, now you know.” he kissed her. “I missed you too, Missy.”

They went into the living room and watched TV for a while, making out during the commercials. “Let's go upstairs.” he said as he turned off the TV. As soon as he closed his door, they both started pulling each other's clothes off until they were both nude. They fell into bed and immediately began fucking. After they finished, they both laid on their backs, trying to catch their breath.

“Wow, that was hot, Missy.” he turned on his side to look at her. “I hope you don't mind, but I want to go say goodnight to grandma, make sure she's alright.”

“I don't mind, Sam. I think it's sweet the way you care about her.”

“Why don't you come with me. I'm sure she'd like to see you.” he got out of bed and pulled her up too.

“Do you have something I can wear? My pants are still downstairs.”

“Don't worry about it. You're fine like that.”

“But Sam, I'm naked, and so are you.”

“I know. Grandma won't mind, she's probably naked too.” he opened his door. “Come on.” he took her hand and pulled her into the hall. “Grandma, can we come in?” he said after knocking on her door.

“Sure thing, sweetie.” grandma said.

He opened the door and went in with Missy following him. Grandma was sitting up in bed naked, resting against the headboard with her legs spread wide open. She had a romance novel in one hand, and her other hand was on her pussy. “Reading those trashy romance novels again, I see.” Sam said.

“I know they're trashy, but they get me so hot sometimes.” she kept rubbing her clit.

Missy's eyes were wide open, staring at grandma in disbelief.

“Missy and I just wanted to say goodnight and make sure you were tucked in.”

“Sam, I know Missy's here, but can you help me out? You know I can't climax without your cum in my mouth.” she rubbed her clit slowly.

“Not tonight, grandma, Missy's going to take care of that for me, OK?”

“Please, Sam. You know it helps me get to sleep.” she looked up at him.

“Alright, grandma, go ahead.”

She got on her knees and sucked his cock into her mouth.

“Sorry, Missy. Grandma likes me to cum in her mouth before she goes to bed. You don't mind, do you?”

“Uh, no, I guess not.” Missy said as she watched grandma suck him.

“Mmmmmm. Oh fuck that's good. Yeah, suck it grandma. Mmmm.” he pushed on the back of her head, going deep in her throat. “Get ready, here it cums. Oh fuck!” he pulled back so just the head of his cock was in her mouth as he began spurting. “Uuuunnngg!” he grunted as he finished. He pulled out of her mouth. “Is that Better?”

“Mmmm hmmm.” she kept her mouth closed, holding his cum. She sat up on the bed again and began furiously rubbing her clit, moaning through her nose. Soon, she arched her back and curled her toes while swallowing. “Oh God that's good. Thank you Sam, I really needed that tonight.” she looked at Missy. “I hope you don't mind sharing Sam a little, dear.”

“Oh, no. I don't mind.” she had her hand on her own pussy.

“Now, time for bed. Go on, get under the covers.” he said as he pulled the covers back. She got in and he pulled the covers up over her. “Good night.” he kissed her on the cheek. “sleep tight.”

“Thank you Sam, good night. Good night, Missy. Nice to see you again.”

“Nice seeing you, too.” Missy said as Sam took her hand and pulled her out, turning off the light before shutting the door.

“Now, where were we?” Sam asked as he got into his bed with Missy.

“That was unusual.” Missy said.

“What are you talking about?” he asked innocently.

“Your grandma just sucked your cock and swallowed your cum. I knew you were close with her, but I didn't know you were that close.”

“We're closer than ever since grandpa died. She misses him and I'm just trying to keep her spirits up. She loves me, and she knows that I love her. There's no shame in making the people you love feel good. She likes to swallow a mouthful of my cum before bed most nights, she misses me on the nights that you're here.”

“It sounds sweet when you say it like that. Now I feel bad taking you away from her, do you think she's upset?”

“No, grandma's happy we're going out. She likes you a lot. So do I.” he kissed her on the lips.

“I'm sorry, Sam. I don't mean to judge you, I was just a little surprised to see that. You can understand that, right?”

“I know it may be different than what you're used to, but I don't see anything wrong with it, and I hope you'll try and keep an open mind about these things.” he kissed her nipples.

“I'll try, Sam. Everything about you is so different than what I'm used to. I don't know what to think sometimes. I still like you, though.” she kissed him. “So are you going to ask me to be your girlfriend?”

“I thought you already were my girlfriend. I'm not dating anyone else. Are you?”

“Of course not, Sam. I just want you to make it official somehow.”

“OK. Missy, you are now officially my girlfriend, and I'm officially your boyfriend.” he kissed her on the lips. “Good enough?”

“Oh, Sam. You make me so happy. I'm going to be the best girlfriend you've ever had.”

“You already are.” he got on top of her and they made love.

Chapter 13

Sam waited until thursday to call Missy and have her come over on friday. He took her out to the fancy steakhouse again, then they went home. Up in his room, he made her undress and lay on the bed.

“I want to have some fun tonight. I'm going to tie you to the bed, put your hands up.” he tied her up spread eagle on the bed. “Are you comfortable?”

“I'm OK. What are you going to do to me?” she was scared and excited at the same time.

“Whatever I want.” he grinned as he blindfolded her.

Missy's world went dark and she thought she heard Sam leave the room. “Sam? Are you still here?” there was no reply and she felt a hand touch her hair, then her ears. Something was inserted into each ear, and her hearing was reduced to a slight dull ringing noise. She felt a hand on her clit, rubbing gently. “Mmmm.” she moaned, getting more and more aroused. Suddenly there was a burning cold sensation on her clit and she squirmed around, trying to get away. “Oh fuck that's cold Sam.” the cold was removed and just as quickly her cunt felt like it was on fire. “OH GOD!” she screamed out, slowly realizing that there was a very hot wet towel laying on her groin. “Take it off! Take it off!” she yelled out. She felt a sharp pinching sensation on her nipples next, while her pussy was still burning. “Oh God, Sam!” she felt nothing for quite a while, except the pain in her nipples. The hot towel on her pussy started to cool, and was suddenly removed. She felt a hand on her legs, slowly moving up to her crotch. The fingers stroked up and down her lips, getting her aroused and wet again. “Oh Sam, I want to cum, rub my clit please.” her hips started moving up and down and the hand suddenly went away. “Come back, Sam, please.” she begged. “Please, Sam.” nothing.

After a few minutes of nothing, “Sam? Are you there?” nothing.

She pulled at her restraints, but it was no use. “Sam?” still nothing.

Suddenly there was a finger on her lips, pulling her lower lip down. She opened her mouth and flinched as something touched her tongue. She recognized the taste of whipped cream as her mouth was filled up. She closed her mouth and swallowed. The finger pulled at her lips again, and more whipped cream was put in. She swallowed again and opened her mouth. Something hit her tongue and immediately started burning. It was bitter and vinegary, and very spicy. A hand pushed her chin up and held her mouth closed, forcing her to swallow the bitter fluid. She choked a little, then began coughing. She coughed for a minute, all the while her mouth was on fire. “Sam!” she yelled out. Her mouth was pulled open and something cold dropped on her tongue. Her mouth closed and she tasted the chocolate ice cream. It was heavenly, immediately quenching the fire on her tongue. “That's better. Thank you Sam.” she felt nothing for a few minutes except the lingering pain in her nipples.

“Sam?” she asked. “Are you there?”

Missy laid there for what seemed like an eternity, growing more and more anxious, wondering what sensation was coming next.

A hand touched her ankle, and her leg was pulled up over her head, then the other leg was pulled up and the hand let go. She could feel the ropes pulling against her ankles again. She was now tied up on her back with her legs tied spread eagle over her head. Her ass was up off the bed and her pussy was pointing straight up. Suddenly she felt something touch her labia, then she felt Sam's cock enter her. She was so turned on at this point, she came almost immediately.

“Oh god, Sam. Oh fuck. Please kiss me.” she writhed in ecstasy, desperately wanting to reach out to him, to hold him, but the only thing she felt was his cock thrusting into her, and the lingering pain in her nipples. She felt his thumb on her clit, and that drove her over the top. “OH FUCK! FUCK ME SAM! OH GOD! YESSSS!” just as she was in the middle of a rising series of orgasms, she felt a tug on her nipples. The true pain of clothes pins is not when they are applied, it is when they are removed. The pain in her nipples increased greatly, sending her even higher into a fit of sheer ecstasy. Her body shook as the pain in her nipples, and the pleasure coming from her pussy crashed together in an explosion of sensory overload. She felt like she was floating on a cloud while her skin was on fire.

Slowly she came back to reality, and realized that Sam was no longer fucking her. “Sam?” she wanted to touch him, feel him, hold him, but she felt nothing except her heart beating rapidly in her chest. She tried to slow her breathing and relax. Soon she felt a tug on her ankles, and her legs were released, then her hands were freed and she reached out, blindly, trying to grab hold of him. She got her arms around him and held him as tightly as she could, feeling a new emotional connection that was stronger than she ever imagined possible. She felt his hands pull the earplugs out and she could hear again, then her blindfold was removed and she could see. The room was dark, the only light was coming from the hall.

“Oh, Sam. I've never felt anything like that. I love you so much.” a tear fell down her cheek as she kissed his neck and hugged him as hard as she could.

“I know, Missy. Just lay here for a while, relax. I need to go check on grandma.”

“Please don't leave me Sam, I need you so bad right now.” she hugged him even tighter.

“I know. I'll only be gone a minute, I promise.” he pulled her hands off him and got out of bed.

Missy got under the covers and curled up, waiting for Sam to come back. She felt so alone, she almost began to cry.

Sam went into grandma's room and untied her. She grabbed him as soon as she could and held him as he removed her earplugs and blindfold. She didn't know it, but Sam had been going from room to room, doing the same things to Missy as he did to her.

“Oh, master, that was wonderful. Thank you. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, grandma.”

“Please hold me Master, I don't want to be alone right now.”

“I know grandma, but Missy's waiting for me.” he looked at her, and saw the desperation in her eyes. “Come with me.” he removed her collar and took her hand, leading her to his bedroom. He got in bed next to Missy, and grandma got in after him. “Missy, grandma's feeling lonely and a little scared. She's going to sleep here tonight.”

“Oh, Sam, as long as you're here with me, I don't mind if grandma sleeps here too.” she hugged him tight while he stroked her cheek. They kissed, and he could feel his grandma spooning against him from behind.

He rolled back a little, and grandma got out of his way so he could lay flat on his back between them, putting his arms around them both. They both put their heads on his chest and began rubbing their hands up and down his body. Their hands met on his cock and they both stroked him up and down, taking turns, fondling his balls and shaft. “Mmmm. That's nice.” he turned to kiss grandma on her forehead, then did the same to Missy.

Grandma moved her head down and took him into her mouth, while Missy went down to lick his balls. They began taking turns sucking and stroking him, and soon, they were kissing each other with his knob in between their mouths.

“Oh fuck that feels good.” he was enjoying the view, and the feeling of two tongues licking his cockhead at the same time. “If you two keep doing that, you'll make me cum all over you.”

Grandma grabbed his shaft and stroked faster, still sharing the tip with Missy. Soon his hips raised up and his cum started spurting up in the air. Missy put her mouth over the tip and got a mouthful, then grandma did the same.

“Oh my God. Fuck!” his hips moved up and down as his cock spasmed, oozing out more cum each time grandma stroked it.

Missy noticed that his cum tasted better than she ever thought it could. It tasted like love to her now. She licked up some cum from his stomach and held it in her mouth, savoring the flavor and the feeling it gave her. She swallowed and licked him, searching for more of his cum with her tongue.

Grandma let go of his shaft as it went soft, then she joined Missy in giving him a tongue bath. The two of them licked every square inch of his groin and torso, making especially sure his cock and balls were clean. Grandma finally got back up and whispered in his ear, “Thank you master.” she laid her head on his chest and drifted off to sleep. Sam pulled the covers up over them and kissed Missy one last time before falling asleep.

Chapter 14

The next morning, Sam and Missy woke up alone, grandma had already gone down to the kitchen to fix breakfast. They didn't bother getting dressed, they both went down to the kitchen nude. Grandma was only wearing an apron as she cooked the pancakes.

Sam hugged her from behind, kissing her neck. “Morning, grandma. Smells good.”

“Good morning Sam. Good morning, Missy.”

“Morning grandma.” Missy said. For some reason, it no longer seemed at all unusual to see Sam and his grandma both nude and hugging like lovers. She didn't feel any jealousy towards grandma, if anything, seeing them caring for each other only reinforced in her the feelings she had for Sam. She yearned for that kind of love, something she never got from her alcoholic mother.

They all sat down and ate, grandma even had a pancake this morning. While they were eating, Missy noticed that grandma had fresh rope burns on her wrists, the same as were on her own wrists. She wondered if Sam had tied her up last night too. “Can I help you clean up grandma?” Missy asked.

“I'd like that, dear.” grandma replied.

They both cleared the table and put everthing away, grandma loaded the dishwasher, showing Missy where everything went. After they were finished, Missy gave grandma a hug.

“Your a good helper, Missy. Thank you.” grandma held her tight.

“You're welcome, grandma. Thank you for breakfast.” she let grandma go and sat down next to Sam.

“Do you have to work today Missy?” he asked.

“Unfortunately, but my shift doesn't start until two.”

“Let's go up and take a shower.” he stood up. “Grandma, would you like to join us?”

“Oh, I'd like that very much.” she said and followed them upstairs.

His shower stall was roomy, but the three of them were still pretty close together when they all got in. He turned on the water and began washing Missy. Grandma joined in, Sam washed her front, and she scrubbed Missy's back. Missy and Sam washed grandma, then the two girls scrubbed him from head to toe.

“Missy, remember the other day when I pissed on your feet?”

She nodded, remembering how much fun they had.

“Well, grandma and I go a little farther than that when we shower. Go ahead and get down on your knees with her. Open your mouth.” she opened her mouth and he began pissing, filling her up, then moved his stream to grandma's waiting mouth. “Swallow it, Missy.” he said as he filled grandma's mouth. He moved his stream between them, filling their open mouths with his salty yellow piss.

“Wow, I've done anything like that before, Sam. You're just full of surprises.”

“Did you like it?” he asked.

“Uh huh, it was wonderful, and a little naughty.”

His cock was hard now, but there wasn't enough room in the shower to fuck, so they got out and dried each other off. He had grandma sit on the commode and suck him off while Missy stood there watching and rubbing his chest and belly. After he came in grandma's mouth, he said, “You girls can do your hair and makeup in here.”

He went to the guest bathroom and brushed his teeth and combed his hair, then went back to his room to wait on them. “Wow, you two look beautiful.” he said as they finally emerged from his bathroom.

“You're just saying that to try to get in my pants.” Missy teased him.

“You're not allowed to wear pants anymore. It's much easier to get at you in a dress.” he put his hand under her pussy and pulled her close to him. “I really had fun last night, Missy. Did you like it?”

“Oh my God yes, Sam. I've never felt anything like that before. I didn't even know I could feel that way. I felt so vulnerable, yet safe at the same time, it's hard to put into words, but yes, I liked it.” she turned to grandma. “Did you like being tied up last night, grandma?”

Grandma just blushed, not knowing what master would want her to say. She didn't realize that her wrists had already given her away.

“I'm sure she had just as much fun as you did, Missy, she took the exact same ride. I guess you figured out where I was all the times I left you alone last night. You're a smart girl, I like that.”

“We're both wearing the same bracelets this morning.” she held up her wrist, showing him the slight rope burn.

Grandma looked down at her own wrists. She hadn't even noticed the rope marks, she had them more often then she didn't throughout her life.

“Sorry about that girls, I didn't mean to leave marks like that.”

“I don't mind, Sam. It reminds me of the fun we had. I know you'd never really hurt me. I trust you with my body.”

“I'm glad to hear you say that, Missy. I want you to know that I truly care for you, and only want to see you happy.”

“Oh, Sam.” she hugged him tight. “Come over here grandma.” she said. “group hug.” she pulled them all together and they just stood there, holding on for a while.

“You're so sweet, Missy.” grandma kissed her on the cheek.

“So are you.” she kissed grandma's cheek

“Do you two want to be alone?” Sam joked, breaking up their little lovefest.

“Maybe.” Missy said, totally serious. “Do you like girls, grandma? Do you like me?” she held grandma's hands, looking right at her.

“I like you Missy, but I've never done anything like that with another woman. I don't know...” she hoped master would make up her mind for her.

“I'm sorry, grandma, I don't mean to make you uncomfortable. I've never done that either, I just feel so... I don't know...You and Sam are so close, and I'm falling in love with him, maybe with both of you. I'm not sure what to think anymore.”

“Don't apologize, Missy, I liked sharing Sam with you last night. Maybe we could do something like that again, if its OK with Sam.”

“I'd love that.” Sam said as he took each of their hands and put them on his cock. “I'd like all three of us to make love, together.” he took Missy's free hand and put it up to grandma's pussy, then did the same to grandma. They all just stood there, fondling each other. “Let's get in bed.”

They all piled into the bed, Sam was in the middle. He kissed Missy, then he kissed grandma, then he pushed them together and watched them kiss. They were tentative at first, but soon, they were kissing as passionately as they could, probing each other's mouths for the first time. Missy crawled over Sam, and got on top of grandma, kissing her the whole time, touching her body. She moved down and kissed grandma's neck, then moved down to her big fake boobs. She kissed grandma's nipples, then sucked them, then bit them just enough to get her moaning.

“Oh, Missy. Mmmmm.”

Missy continued down grandma's stomach, kissing and licking all the way down to her clit. She had never gone down on another woman before, but she knew what felt good to her, so she started doing that to grandma.

Sam leaned over to whisper in grandma's ear. “You have my permission to cum whenever you want.”

Missy rubbed grandma's clit with her thumb, while licking and sucking her lips. Soon, grandma began moaning and moving her hips up and down.

'Oh, Missy. Mmmmm.” she whimpered. “Oh God yes!.” shewas getting louder, and beginning to shake. “OH GOD YES! YESSSS! OHHHHHhhhh!” she pulled Missy close, holding her as she came. When her orgasm died down, Missy stopped licking her and sat up.

“Was that OK, grandma?” she asked.

“Oh my God, yes. That was wonderful, Missy.” she sat up and kissed Missy, pushing her down on her back and working down her young body with tender kisses. She began licking Missy's pussy, not really sure what to do, so she focused on her clit, licking and sucking, even biting gently.

The biting immediately sent Missy over the edge. “Oh fuck yes! Do that again! Oh God!” she shook as she came, moaning and pulling on her nipples, arching her back as she writhed in ecstasy.

Grandma moved up her body and held her tight, nuzzling into missy's neck.

“My turn.” Sam pulled them apart and got on top of grandma. His cock slid easily into her wet pussy. He began fucking her, slowly and tenderly, kissing and sucking her neck.

Missy laid there, watching. She had seen grandma suck him several times, but this was the first time she saw them actually fucking. Seeing Sam fuck his grandmother gave her a warm feeling, she wanted to be under him right now, but she was also happy for grandma, seeing her receive her grandson's love.

Sam pulled out of grandma and got on top of Missy, plunging right into her. He fucked her slowly for a while, then went back to grandma. Soon he began to cum, and pulled out to cum on grandma's belly. Missy stroked his cock, pulling the last of his cum out.

Whe he stopped cumming, Missy went down and slurped up as much of his sticky cum as she could, then she kissed grandma, sharing his cum with her.

They continued making love to one another, sharing everything they had, until Missy had to get dressed for work.

“I want you to come over after work and spend the night again.” Sam said.

“OK, I'll be here at nine thirty.”

“Don't be late. Do you have any garter belts and stocking you could wear tonight?”

“No, I usually wear pantyhose.”

“Not anymore. I want you to get as many garter belts and stockings as you can with this.” he handed her three hundreds.

“I can't take your money, Sam.”

“It's not for you, it's for me. I want to see you dressed in sexy lingere and I'm happy to pay for it. Take it.” he pressed the bills into her hand.

“Alright Sam, but don't think you can buy my affection with a few hundred dollars.” she smiled at him.

“I know you already want to give youself to me utterly and completely. I don't have to buy that.” he kissed her and walked her out to her car.

Missy went off to work leaving Sam and grandma alone in the house. They just watched some old movies on TV and fucked occasionally. He ordered a pizza and some salads around nine o'clock, and waited for Missy.

Missy had to close up the store, and there were a few customers who didn't want to leave. She didn't close out her register until five after, and didn't walk out the door until nine fifteen. She ran to her car and started driving like a maniac, trying to get to Sam's by nine thirty. She ran a red light and nearly got sideswiped by a pickup truck. She slowed down after that, deciding that she wanted to make it there in one piece. As she looked at the clock on the dash and realized there was no way she could make it on time, she felt strangely relaxed. She knew she was going to be punished, and wasn't afraid at all,in fact, she was looking forward to it. She pulled up in front of his house at nine forty five and walked leasurely to the door.

Sam heard the doorbell ring and looked at his watch. He smiled and told grandma to wait in the kitchen. He answered the door. “Hello, Missy. You're late.”

“I know, Sam. I couldn't get out of work on time tonight.” she felt a warm sensation in her loins.

“Come with me.” he took her hand and led her into the kitchen.

“Hey grandma.” Missy said.

“Hello dear.”

Sam sat down and pulled Missy over his knees. He pulled her skirt up over her ass and was pleased to see she was wearing a garter belt and stockings. He pulled her thong down below her ass and began spanking her as hard as he could.

Missy didn't make a sound or even flinch, if anything, she felt more and more relaxed as her spanking went on. She felt each slap on her tender cheeks, but instead of pain, her brain seemed to interpret the sensation as love. She felt her ass getting warm, and it felt wonderful.

“That's fifty.” he said. “You can get up now.” his hand hurt from the spanking.

Missy got up slowly and pulled her panties up. She kissed him and whispered “thank you.” in his ear. She sat down with a very contented smile on her face, still feeling the warmth on her bottom.

“I got some pizza. Are you hungry?” he asked.

“I'll have a slice.”

Grandma brought over a plate with a slice of pizza. “Would you like a soda dear?”

“Please.” she ate slowly. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion in her mind, and she loved the feeling.

Sam started to wonder if she was drunk. She was just sitting there, silent, with a strange smile on her face. “Are you OK, Missy?”

“Never better.”

“You seem a little, I don't know...” he didn't want to accuse her of being drunk, knowing about her mom's problem drinking. “You're sure you're alright? I didn't hurt you, did I?”

“Not at all, Sam. I know you'd never hurt me. I just feel so relaxed right now.” she started coming down from her high, slowly at first.

“I noticed you're wearing a garter belt like I asked. Did you bring the rest of the things with you?”

“I left them in the car. Should I go get them?”

“Yes. I want to see what I bought.”

She stood up and stretched her arms over her head. “Mmmm. I'll be right back.”

She came back in with a full bag from her store.

“Let's go upstairs. Grandma, would you join us?”

“Sure thing, Sam.”

They all went up and he led them into grandma's room. “Grandma, Missy is going to leave her things here in your room. Is there a drawer she can use?”

“Of course.” grandma pulled open an empty drawer. “You can use this one, dear. Let me know if you need more room.”

“Thanks, grandma.” Missy put her new lingere in the drawer.

Sam began opening a few other drawers. He pulled out a red garter belt and a pair of red fishnet stockings. “Here, put these on.” he handed them to grandma and she took off her dress and put the stockings on, then the garter belt.

“Get undressed, Missy. Down to your garter belt and stockings. Take off your bra and panties.”

Soon they were both just wearing their stockings and garter belts. “That's what I wanted. You both look very sexy. From now on, I want both of you to dress like this when we're at home unless I tell you otherwise. Think of it as your uniform. Understand?”

“Yes, Sam.” they replied in unison.

“Good. Stand up, both of you.” he looked them up and down, approving of their new uniforms. “Let's go to my room.”

They got in his bed and he gently stroked his hand up and down their stockings, feeling the silky material of Missy's sheer stockings, and the rough texture of grandma's fishnets. He got a coin from his dresser. “Heads or tails, grandma?”

“Oh I don't know. You know how bad I am at decisions like this.”

“You picked heads.” he flipped the coin up and caught it, slapping it on his wrist. “Tails. Tough break, grandma.” he turned to Missy and began kissing her, feeling her body. Soon he mounted her and began fucking her slowly, tenderly.


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Good series very good!

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2014-02-07 07:50:24
My God! This story is unbelievably hot! Can't wait for the next installment! You should be writing books or, even better, put your stories into a book! One of the only authors here that I absolutely love her stories as well as yours is KinkyBelle, but she disappeared from the site in the last couple months, and I cannot find out why she left, or where she may have gone. I sure miss her... Thanks a million for your stories!


2014-02-06 03:31:26
As soon as I write it. Thanks for your interest.


2014-02-01 02:55:31
When will the next part be put up

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