( a world that isn't but ought to be..)
Chapter Three

Lisa edged her nose up to the door window and peered inside. She could see all her classmates sitting where they always did and her empty seat in the front row looking like it was a football field away. But Mr. Richards wasn't there. A younger man, tall and slender with unruly hair and a big nose was pacing in front of the blackboard talking and waving his hands. Then Lisa remembered... Mr. Richards was away at a conference for 3 days and this was their substitute teacher!

She looked again... he gesticulated a lot and emphasized his words like they were really important. Lisa glanced at the bio-girl sitting next to her empty chair... she opened her legs and gave Lisa a shot of her smooth hairless camel-toed twat, then snapped them closed and stuck out her tongue and looked up at the teacher batting her eyelashes as though she were drinking in every fabulous meaningful word.

"Whew!" she thought. She took a deep breath and leaned against the wall.

She wouldn't have to sit there with her milk-white thighs open wide giving Mr. Richards clitty-shots all period long. She glanced either way down the empty hallway, bent low and hiked her cotton panties over one foot then the other and pulled them up her slender thighs… she squatted just enough to snuggle her puffy prick into her asscrack just so before pulling her panties up tight. Her little dicklet was so tender she could barely touch it, but she did manage to arrange it so her crotch looked nice and poochy with a crease up the middle… plump little cunt bulges just like a real bio-girl pussy. She could still taste the old man's jizz in her mouth… she breathed into her hand and sniffed. If any of the bio-sluts smelled cock and cum on her breath she'd never hear the end of it.

She brushed her skirt and puffed out her titties and opened the classroom door and walked in with her head down. All the students stared and her friends giggled and smiled. The teacher stopped in mid-oration. He looked her up and down side-stepping to his desk.

"And you are.." he started, peering down at the class roster.
"Lisa, Sir..." glancing at his name written big on the chalkboard, "Mr. Skol-an-der... I think."
The class snickered.
"Mr. Skulandra. You're 20 minutes late Lisa."
"I'm sorry Sir, my mom was sick."
"Oh, I hope it was nothing serious.."
"N-no, she's better now... it was, ahh, morning sickness."
"Oh! Is your mother pregnant?"
"Uh, no Sir... drunk." The kids all laughed. Mr. Skulandra glanced around uneasily and flushed down to his necktie.

"Take your seat Lisa. Now class, quiet please.." and he went on about the Peloponnesian War or something. Lisa couldn't believe she'd said something so cheeky to her substitute teacher… she blushed thinking he might make her stay after class and warm her bottom for being such a sassy bitch, or take her to his office and show her what her slutty mouth was really good for.

Lisa stuck out her tongue at the bio-girl sitting next to her as she settled into her seat, then rested her chin on her hands and stared up at the teacher batting her lashes and completely tuning him out. She could see the swollen tuber of his distended cock inside his loose chinos, see it swaying this way and that as he strutted before the front row of giggling nubiles who sat pantiless squirming and scissoring their legs open and closed showing-off their young puffy juice-oozing twats. The drone of his voice got dimmer and dimmer as Lisa drifted into her favorite daydream… about her brand new Daddy, his deep warm kisses, his thick warm cock with its throbbing veins and big dangling balls and that day 3 months ago when her life had forever changed. Her mother's voice came back to her as she lay asleep in the Oklahoma trailer park where she grew up, and she remembered how excited her mother was when she woke her up to tell her the news…

"Lisa! Wake up sleepyhead… Guess what! We're moving to California!" Lisa rolled over in her bed. She yawned and propped herself on an elbow and rubbed her sleepy eyes… the blanket fell from her shoulder exposing her new swollen tit bumps.
"Oh darling, your boobies are starting to grow! Why didn't you tell me? They're adorable!"

Lisa pulled the blanket up to her chin but her mother would have none of it. She yanked it down again and fondled Lisa's new tender pink titties cooing and squeezing them like plums in the supermarket. Lisa just lay there on her elbows staring down at her mother’s hands pawing her young gurly boobs.

"Mama! Plee-ase… they're sensitive.." Her titties had grown a lot lately… they stuck out like little pink bells, puffy with big round swollen aureolas and thick meaty nipples that stuck out big as grapes.

"Oh, of course they are darling, they always are at first… it's just that, they're so succulent and squeezable it's hard to keep my hands off them!” her mother laughed, rolling Lisa's thumb-sized nipples between her fingers. Lisa broke out in a sweat.

"Mama! You're giving me a boner!" she squirmed. Sure enough, there was a little bulge swelling beneath the blanket between Lisa's thighs.

"Oh my… ummm, it's been such a long time since I had your tiny prick between my lips.." her mother smiled impishly. "Usually when I go on a date I get to suck as much dick as I want, but not tonight… your momma's feeling kind of deprived.." she pouted as she slipped her hand beneath the blanket and clutched her fingers around Lisa's little swollen cock.

"Umm, your clitty is getting nice and hard darling, you want momma to take care of it for you? Are you squirting any juice yet?" she asked, squeezing Lisa's prick rhythmically. Lisa blushed crimson and nodded her head.

"Really!?! Oh goody, momma wants a taste.."

She ducked her head beneath the blanket and Lisa felt her warm lips engulf her little stiff prick and work it up and down fast in a steady rhythm… Lisa's cock was throbbing, she could feel her cum rising quickly somewhere beneath her balls then like a frieght train up her cock… her head rolled back and her mouth opened big and she let out a groan as her prick exploded… she heard her mother cough and gag as spurt after spurt of hot creamy gurl cum gushed into her mouth and throat. Lisa felt like every cell in her little 9yr-old body was being drained… she lay there limp as a wet noodle as her prick finished its spasms. Her mother lifted the blanket and smiled licking her lips all around her cum glazed chin.

"My goodness! What an enormous load… you shoot more cum than your Father did!.. or any of those young bucks I've been bringing home. Where in the world does it come from darling?!" she laughed rubbing Lisa's tiny cherry balls and lapping up the slime coating her fingers like a cat.

“My boobies blossomed almost overnight.." she went on. "One day I had little bumps like yours, the next I had big round boobs out to here.." she laughed gesticulating with her hands. "I wore my sister's hand-me-down trainer bra and in a week it was so tight my tit meat was bulging out the sides and top like Pillsbury muffin dough! Well, I took it off as soon as I got around the corner and I'd stroll to school with my knockers bouncing and my nipples sticking out hard as cherries. I loved staring at my reflection in store windows, I was finally a woman with big tits and hair on my cunt! My pussy would get so hot and juicy I was sure all the boys could smell it… they'd stand around sniffing the air grinning and squeezing their boners through their jeans howling like dogs and whispering the filthiest things… like how they wanted to take me for a ride in their Daddy's car and park somewhere and stick their dicks in my mouth and make me suck it before jerking-off all over my tits and face… umm, nasty nasty.."

"But I was more interested in older men than boys my own age. It was a small-town and everybody knew each other and the older men treated me like a princess… they were nice and they took their time, and they gave me money, not just a mouthful of gooey cum and empty sweet talk. Each day after school I'd stop by Mr. Turley the pharmacist and he'd give me a quarter to go in his backroom and take off my sweater and stretch out my nipples and waggle my boobs for him while he jerked his load off all over them… a quarter was a lot of money back then just for letting a perv glaze your tits! You can thank me for your big nipples darling… most gurls have tiny pea-nips.."

Her mother was rightly proud of her tits. They were so womanly, so big and heavy, so soft and buoyant… shaped like wine goblets they casually lounged on her chest swaying and jiggling whenever she moved. Her aureolas were hypnotic… brownish-pink and big as softballs, like targets on a field of white bitch tit meat. Her nipples were big and stuck out like cow teats needing milking. Daddy called them "mommy’s udders" and he couldn't keep his hands off them. He was constantly pawing and squeezing, slapping and pulling on them.

"W-why are we moving to California?" Lisa sighed.
"'Cause I just met the most wonderful man honey, an older man... very handsome, a real gentleman. He's not like those boys I've been bringing home, he doesn't manhandle my boobs and ass and try to shove his stir-stick in my honey pot every 5 minutes. He's... well, he's nice and normal!"

Lisa buried her face in the pillow. She was tired and sleepy and was sure mommy wanted her to get up and put on a little "show" for her new boyfriend like she did for all the others. But her mother just laughed and said "Oh darling, you don't have to do anything tonight… he drove me home strait from the bar and dropped me off with a kiss, real gentlemanly like. Umm, he kisses so nice! He'd be in my bed right now if he wasn't catching a plane back to California tonight.." Lisa sighed with relief.

"Just think darling, no more living in this fucking trailer park, we're going to live in our own little home with a yard! And for free! He owns another place just down the block so he won't be living with us, at least not right away… I wouldn't mind if he did, it'd be nice feeling like a real family again. Older men are so easy to please... give their cocks a jerk once or twice a week and they're happy as clams! Of course, he'll expect you to do your mouth service the same as you did your Father, but you won't mind, will you darling?"

Lisa was stunned. Her mother was giving her permission to suck her new Daddy's dick whenever he wanted her to!

"He leased the house we'll be living in to a couple but something happened and now he needs someone there just to keep an eye on things while he's away on business. I think he really likes me, he kept staring at my boobs getting a boner and trying to hide it… it was so cute! He's kinda quiet and shy, strong but not all showy about it... and he's rich honey! You don't own a couple of houses in Southern California unless you have lots of money!"

Lisa saw a glow about her mother she hadn't seen since her real Daddy left. But she didn't want to pack-up and leave the only home she'd ever known and told her mother so.

"I don't want to move to California! I want to stay here with my friends!" she whined.
"Those little sluts you pal around with? The only thing they're good at is sucking their Papis cocks and taking their brothers dicks up the ass."

Lisa just stared at her mother quizzically. Cocksucking was an art that every young girl learned kneeling between the legs of her Daddy.

"Oh darling, I don't mean there's anything wrong with that… it's just, well, in a year or two most of your little girlfriends will be waddling around like penguins with their bellies out to here with the next generation of brown-skinned cocksuckers and cumdumps! They're all being groomed as breeders, just like their mothers. That's not and never will be your problem, darling, unless you grow a cunt, but the outcome might as well be the same. Do you want to be a cheap used-up whore selling your holes to a bunch of crackheads behind the alley dumpster by the time you're 14?" Lisa mumbled something but her mother went right on.

"Your Father watched over you while he was here. He was adamant about saving your ass-pussy for your future Husband. Don't look at me so surprised Lisa, you have no idea how rare anal virgins are anymore! After a young girls mouth her ass is the next hole to go… and once a Papi fucks his daughter's butthole her cunt isn't far behind, it's like a law of nature or something. And ever since your Daddy left us it's been a constant uphill battle for me… Mexicans have been hanging around our trailer like flies for months now, all of them wanting to know when I'm going to rent out your mouth or your ass for their worthless cabron dicks. I'm exhausted just fending them off!"

"Is that why you stopped dating them mommy?"
"I got tired of my pussy smelling like a greasy taco.." She took a deep breath and shook her head, then looked at Lisa and smiled.

"And now I won't have to! Oh darling, you'll make new friends in California, normal boys and girls... and you'll get to run naked in the sand, show off your adorable pink boobies! He says they've got beaches in San Diego where everybody takes off their clothes and goes around naked. And you'll get to swim in the ocean.."
"But I don't know how to swim!"
"You'll learn Lisa! Now I don't want to hear another word, we're moving to California and that's that.."

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