Lexi's dreams finally come true
Daddy Aquires Lexi

Lexi’s dreams finally come true

I would like to thank an excellent writer on this site for inspiring me and editing some of my stories. When you read my tales, I would like for you to be naked and masturbate, alone or with a significant other. My purpose is to make you cum, and cum hard.

Chapter 8

Arriving at the apartment complex, I hurriedly parked the car, opened the door, and being the gentleman that I am, started to run around to the other side to help the ladies out. Before I got to it, the passenger door flew open, and Maggie quickly got out. Pulling the child behind her, Lexi emerged with flushed cheeks and labored breathing. Slamming the door, both girls ran up to the apartment and waited for me to come and unlock the door. Lexi was holding on to Maggie’s arm with a frantic look on her face.

“Daddy, hurry up!” she yelled almost jumping up and down in her aroused state. Maggie was bending down and I would assume, whispering obscene suggestions into Lexi’s ear.

Unlocking the door, the girls ran inside and into my youngster’s room. I went into my bedroom and kicked off my shoes and removed my socks. When we were all together, I wanted to give the girls a good show. My cock was so hard, it hurt.

Meanwhile, Maggie instructed the panting adolescent to take off her dress. When Lexi quickly removed her dress, Maggie could see that the pad in her panties did nothing to soak up the copious quantities of juices that were being leaked all evening. Dropping to her knees, Maggie could see the soaked material, and when she removed the pad, could see how soaked and swollen the child’s labia was. She slowly started to pull them down with the young girl doing what she could to hasten the process. “Oh god, Mommy! I’m so horny, I’m going crazy! I need to cum! I need Daddy to make me cum! Hurry! I need to get my clothes off!”

“Ok, honey. But keep your bra on, but lower it a little so your daddy can see your hard nipples better when he comes in. Hold on. Let me wipe your pussy. Spread your legs for me, sweetheart. God! You’re so wet! I love the way you smell! I should talk! I’m just as soaked as you are! Now put these on, honey. Remember, we want to drive your daddy wild!” she said handing Lexi the crotchless thong.

Slipping it on, Lexi felt her labia protruding through the material. Standing in front of her mirror, the young teen saw what her daddy was going to see. “Maggie, I’m dripping again! God, I need Daddy to fuck me! Play with my pussy, Maggie! Please!” In her aroused state, the horny youngster didn’t know to call Maggie by her name or her new endearing title!

“I can’t, my sweet horny one,” Maggie softly responded. “Your daddy wants to be the one to make you cum, so he gets your body. He’ll be able to smell your juices and see how wet you are. He’ll be so pleased and proud of you! He’ll see how ready you are for your first fuck! Now, let me get ready for the both of you.”

Maggie quickly shed her dress, then her open tipped bra, exposing her luscious 38D breasts and hard nipples, to the awe of the young teen. Pulling down her sopped panties, “you can see that the pad didn’t do me much good either, can’t you?” she said, handing the soaked panties to the adolescent. Lexi drew the panties to her mouth and licked the juices from the crotch, then stuffed the gusset in her mouth and sucked, getting as much of the lady juice as she could. With her lust needs, she couldn’t help it and was getting herself worked up even more!

Pulling out a teddy and after wiping her drenched slit, Maggie donned a pair of transparent red crotchless thongs. Next, she slipped on a matching red transparent waist length top that loosely tied at the neck but hung wide open in an inverted V, draped delicately almost covering her substantial breasts and hard nipples. Maggie’s juices started running down her thighs again. Both horny girls were barefoot.

“Ok, hold still now, beautiful girl. Let me touch up your make up a little,” Maggie said putting just a little lip gloss on Lexi’s perfectly shaped lips. “My god, you are so sexy, sweetheart, and so turned on! Your daddy is going to love smelling your cunt. And your nipples are so hard! Ok, my young, horny one, call your daddy in for your first fuck!”

Looking at Maggie’s tits and nipples, putting her arms behind her, and arching her back, Lexi called out, “Daaadddy, you can come in now!”

Walking into Lexi’s room appearing nonchalant, with my heart and cock throbbing mercilessly, the smell of the aroused women permeated throughout the room. I stopped and openly admired Maggie’s incredible body and beauty. Her cunt was oozing her natural lubricant. Her nipples were so hard! Then, there was Lexi. Our just turned 13 year old child sex goddess. I was not discreet in admiring my daughter’s glistening pussy with her juices running down her thighs, and her small breasts and hard nipples she was displaying over her shelf bra and offering to me. Both girls were fixated on my hard 8 inches, which could be discerned through my pants, and their breathing quickened. I lifted my chin a bit and inhaled. Looking at both girls, I commented, “I love how you both smell. I can smell your drenched pussies from here. I can’t wait for both of you to soak me in your cum. I need it as much as you do.”

“Lexi, sweetheart, come here,” I commanded. She approached me with her back still arched and nipples pointing at me over the top of her bra, with lust on her face and want in her eyes. I waited for her to get to me and I put my arms around her. Pressing my hard cock against her midriff, she put her arms around me and pressed her nipples against me, and began rubbing her chest back and forth. Raising her face to mine, I bent over and pressed my lips to hers. Opening her mouth, my tongue went in as deeply as it could. My daughter started to rub her crotch against me while I unhooked her bra. We let it drop to the floor.

Leaving my wanting daughter breathless, I pulled away. Lexi noticed that my gaze went to her hard nipples. Stepping back, I looked down and I could see that the front of my pants were wet, outlining my hard cock, courtesy of my incredibly aroused daughter! How cool is that? Who would have thought? Not wanting to waste an erotic opportunity, I motioned for Maggie to come forward. Gazing at her beautiful tits, I told them both “My beautiful ladies, take off my clothes.”

Being the horny one she was, my daughter, with shaking hands and great anticipation, started to undo my belt and my pants. My incredibly built and accommodating woman Maggie, came up to me and unbuttoned my shirt, whispering extremely dirty things in my ear. She was asking me if I could smell my daughter’s soaked cunt. Did I notice her hard nipples? I turned my head to her, and grabbing her to hold her close, I crushed her mouth with mine. Hers opened, and I pushed my tongue as far as I could almost going down her throat. I squeezed and felt her lovely butt cheeks. I pushed aside the string running up her crack and rimmed her lovely asshole with my finger, indicating things to come. Maggie pushed back letting me know her wants. Meanwhile, my lolita had my pants unbuttoned and was pulling them down, exposing the outline of my hard cock still in my briefs.

After my kiss with my Maggie, I pulled my intensely aroused daughter up, and put my mouth on hers. Right away, her hand grabbed hold of my hard shaft, but on the outside of my shorts. Not being good enough for her, she worked her hand into the waistband of my briefs finally encircling my rock hard cock with her dainty hand.

“Oh my god! At last! Oh, Daddy, I love you so much!” sobbed my breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly aroused daughter. “Daddy, you know how long we’ve wanted to do this. You know how badly I’ve wanted you to do this with me! You’ve always known how much I’ve needed you to fuck me! How much I need your cock in me! I’m soaked for you! Please Daddy, fuck meeeee!”

Meanwhile, Maggie was caressing and stroking Lexi’s butt cheeks and running her fingers up and down her crack, and teasing her hole. Taking her hand off my cock, Lexi quickly pulled my underwear down, and I stepped out of them. So, picture this: My stunning Maggie is still wearing her transparent, red teddy with a soaked crotchless thong, her nipples so hard, she may have well been naked. But my god! What a turn on! Lexi is only wearing her crotchless thong, with both girl’s juices running down their thighs, and nipples standing proudly, and me standing there stark naked with my 8 inch circumcised cock with a purple head at full attention and so hard, it was hurting.

Picking my daughter up in my arms, she wrapped her arms around my neck, and nuzzled into me, breathing heavily. I walked over to the bed. Laying her gently on the towels she and Maggie thoughtfully laid out, she did what came naturally to her and spread her legs for me. Her labia sticking out of her thong was glistening. The thong was drenched. I put my hand out to Maggie who ran to me and put her right arm around my waist, and wrapped her left hand around my cock.

“Daddy, I’m so proud of you finally making her dreams come true! You’re finally going to fuck her!” Maggie whispered excitedly in my ear. “I’m so envious of our daughter!”

“Don’t worry, my beautiful little one, after Lexi has had her fill, so to speak, you’re next. But after I fuck our daughter, I want you to lick my cum out of her pussy. I’m sure you won’t have a problem with that, will you?” I whispered back.

“Oh my god, no! I want to! I need your cum as much as Lexi! And I’ll get it any way I can!” Maggie eagerly responded, loud enough for our daughter to hear.

“Now take Lexi’s hands so she can’t frig herself. I’m going to give her one thing she’s always wanted,” I whispered.

Laying on the bed with her legs spread, emitting an endless stream of pussy juices, her hips pumping looking for something to fuck, and her hair fanned out on her pillow, our 13 year old daughter was THE personification of a wanton, uninhibited, slut. It’s just the way I wanted her. Maggie, with her transparent red teddy still on, but with the hardest I’ve ever seen her nipples was breathing heavily, sat above Lexi’s head, leaning against the headboard with a bent leg on either side of her head, exposing her soaked labia to me, and grabbed the child’s hands, anxiously watched what I was going to do next.

I kneeled on the bed beside Lexi’s head with my painfully hard cock. She turned her head, and automatically opened her mouth. With her eyes fixed on my cock, she inched her head closer to me. I didn’t move, making her do all of the work. If she wanted my ultimate gift, she was going to have to do all the work to get it.

Finally close enough, my sexy adolescent daughter opened her mouth more and wrapped her luscious lips around the head of my cock. “MMmmmm,” she moaned, looking up at me. I can only say that nothing is more erotic and stimulating than seeing your cock in the mouth of a horny, eager, young and beautiful adolescent girl. Working her mouth up and down, trying to get her gift, I had to do something to slow her down so I could enjoy the forbidden feelings. And to let her too. She shook her hand loose from Maggie, and wrapped her arm around me trying to get more in her mouth, and ultimately, down her throat. It seemed she couldn’t get enough!

Removing her mouth from my throbbing cock, “Daddy, this is what I’ve dreamed about for soooo long. This is what I’m here to do for you, among other things,” she moaned. “Please cum for me! Please cum in my mouth! I need it!”

Renewing her efforts, she pulled my cock as far in her mouth as she could before she gagged. Looking at me, she worked as much of my cock in her mouth as she could. “Sweetheart, take it slow,” cautioned Maggie. “You’ll be able to get it all down your throat if you keep trying, but work it in slowly. When your daddy’s cock is at your throat, swallow, and it’ll go in.”

Soon enough, Lexi learned to control her gag reflex, and get all of my cock in her mouth. Oh my god in heaven! It was the most incredible feeling I’ve ever experienced! Working on sucking me with renewed vigor, I knew that I wasn’t going to last long.

“Lexi, I’m going to cum soon! Don’t stop sucking my cock! Keep it up!” I anxiously told her. I looked up at Maggie who, with a wild look in her eyes, was squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples with her pussy gushing her juices. God! What a sight! Lexi’s head was now bobbing up and down frantically trying to get me to cum! Her hips were pumping up and down just as frantically!

“Oh shit! I can’t hold back any longer! I’M GOING TO CUM! HERE IT COMES, SWEETHEART! SUCK IT! AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH” I grunted, fucking her mouth. As horny as I’ve been the last couple of days, and watching what had taken place earlier this evening, I was ready for relief! I pumped rope after rope after rope of cum in her mouth!

“Don’t swallow it honey!” Maggie reminded the horny child. “Keep it all in your mouth! When your daddy’s finished cumming, we want you to show us all you’ve got before you swallow it!”

When I finally finished ejaculating in my daughter’s mouth, I helped Lexi sit up. “Okay, honey,” Maggie instructed, “Show us what your daddy has given you!”

Her mouth full of my cum, our wanton, horny girl slowly opened her mouth, careful not to let any leak out. It was absolutely full! Turning her head, she showed Maggie what I had given her. Looking at me, Maggie raised
her eyebrows slightly in question. Knowing what she was asking, I nodded. “Okay honey,” my horny wet lady told our little lolita. “You may now swallow your daddy’s ultimate gift. And be very grateful for his gift. It’s very precious.”

Turning back to look at me, with a look of gratitude and wonder, and lust in her eyes, my child swallowed my entire load in two gulps. “Daddy, your cum is sooooo delicious! I know I’ll never get enough!”

“Now lay down on your back, sweetheart, and spread your legs. I want to give you another treat.” I instructed.
“Lovely Maggie, please take hold of Lexi’s feet and hold her legs apart and keep them up for me. Her pussy is mine, and after tonight, it will always be mine.”

“Yes, Daddy. Make her yours,” she whispered.

“No my love,” I corrected. “My mistake. Actually, she’s going to be ours. Do you have a problem with that our lovely daughter? Would you have a problem belonging to both of us?”

“No Daddy. I want to belong to both of you! It will make our family complete! You both can have me anytime you want! I’ll do anything for the both of you! Anything!” Lexi softly said tears forming in her eyes.

Maggie and I looked at each other with wonder and love. Our little lolita will do anything she can to mold our family and to keep it together! Tears formed in our eyes as well. Not wanting to lose the moment, I lowered my head to put my lips on my daughter’s and gave her the most meaningful kiss I could. I leaned over Lexi toward Maggie and she leaned toward me and we sealed Lexi’s promise with a kiss of our own.

Afterwards, I kissed and licked and sucked on Lexi’s nipples keeping them nice and hard. Spreading her legs more with Maggie’s help, I could discern her aroma as I worked my way lower. Lexi, knowing what was coming, was helping, as she was pushing my head toward her seeping pussy. I reached up and took hold of her drenched thong and pulled it down. As she lifted her ass, I worked it down and off of her feet. Now, she was completely naked. A condition that I would always require her to be while she was home with just Maggie and me.

“Oh god, Daddy. Please! Make me cum! I need this so bad! Eat me! Suck my pussy, please!” the child moaned.

Now lying between her pumping legs, I was gazing at her drenched cunt. It seemed to be dilating, wanting something inside. And, oh my god! How she smelled! Our daughter produced a smell that was absolutely intoxicating! I knew it was one I would never get tired of!

“I can smell your soaked pussy, my beautiful girl. It smells so good! I could smell it tonight at the restaurant too. It was driving me wild. I couldn’t wait to get my tongue in you and have you cum in my mouth,” I softly informed my little lolita.

Her juices had run all over her thighs. Those were the first I licked up. Heaven! The taste was of our beautiful, adolescent daughter! The daughter whom I would always love and cherish! Working closer to the source of the nectar, I reveled in the intoxicating environment.

“Daddy! Please! You’re driving me crazy! Eat me! Please!” Lexi pled. I looked up at Maggie, and she was looking at me with a wild look of lust, biting her lip.

After cleaning up her juices on her legs & thighs, I zeroed in on her drenched, dilated pussy. Lexi reached down between her legs and spread her labia for me. “Do it, Daddy. I need to feel your tongue! Please, Daddy! Eat me! Lick me!” she panted. This was such an erotic sight. Maggie was holding Lexi’s legs up, almost bending her in half offering me her drenched pussy. My cock was waking up at the sight.

Licking closer and closer to the soaked treasure, I was driving our daughter even more insane with lust, want and need. Pumping her hips, I had to hold her down so I could get my mouth where it needed to be. With her holding her slit open for me, I lightly ran my tongue up its length.


Dipping my tongue deeper in her luscious cunt, I scooped up her prodigious secretions. My god! This is what I’ve needed for so long, and didn’t even realize it! It just felt so right, society be damned! Lord knows our daughter needed this as much as I did!

Lifting my head, I looked at our adolescent teen who was watching me with wild eyes! “I just want you to know that we love you so much, sweetheart,” I told her and included Maggie, to perpetuate the idea that we’re family now. “We’re going to make you the happiest girl in the world! I promise!”

Getting the hint, Maggie pulled back on Lexi’s legs more to expose not only her soaked cunt, but her lovely asshole. Jesus! This was like a smorgasbord to a starving man! I had no choice but to sample everything on my plate!

“Give your daddy your pussy, sweetheart,” she encouraged softly. “You’ll be surprised what he can do with it. We love you, honey. Spread your pussy for him! Give it to him!”

I plunged my tongue back in, licking like I was dying of thirst! Her juices were running into her asshole, and of course, I had to retrieve them. I licked her asshole and started to tongue fuck her!

“Oh, Daddy! That feels so good! I had no idea! Do what you want with me, Daddy! I’m yours and Maggie’s to do with whatever you want! Just make me cum! Please!” Lexi panted.

From my vantage point, I glanced up to Maggie who looked at me with a look of lust and a knowing smile. We were on our way to molding our very own adolescent fuck slut! But of course, she was our daughter, and we would love her to the ends of the earth! I could only hope that she could take it!

Pushing my tongue in her asshole as far as it would go, I had to dip my nose in her soaked snatch. As long as I held my breath, I had no problem. Given her production capability, I didn’t need to drown. But, I had to get back to the main course! I raised my mouth back to her beautiful pussy and started to lick. I started to make contact with her engorged clit when I ran my tongue up the length. This caused our little lolita to make the cutest little jerks and try and spread her legs more, panting and moaning, while rubbing her nipples.

Now, digging in with my tongue and a no-holds-barred feast of young pussy, I captured her clit between my lips and ran my tongue over it, driving our sexy Lexi wild! While she was pumping wildly, squeezing her nipples, moaning and egging me on, I licked my index finger, and slowly worked it up her perfect little asshole. Getting the tip in, I stopped and let her adapt. This was driving her even more wild! I started to slowly work it in deeper, taking it out and each time, pushed in just a bit deeper than the last. Soon, my entire finger was fucking her tight, but now slightly dilated asshole.

Moaning and tossing her head from side to side, her long full hair spreading around her, was adding to the stimulation of the scene. “God, Daddy! You’re driving me crazy! That feels so good! Do it, please! Finger fuck my asshole! I love it! Another, Daddy! Add a finger! Use two! Fill me up!”

Taking my finger from her ass, I wet my middle finger along with licking the index finger that just came from her ass, pushed both of them tightly together, and slowly worked them in. Taking it very slow, Lexi wasn’t having it. She wanted them both in her butt, and right now!

“Come on, Daddy! Do it! I can take it! Finger fuck my butt! I want to feel them both in meeee! Pleeease!” our soaked uninhibited daughter moaned. “Fuck meee!”

I pumped both fingers in and out of her ass while I munched on her clit. I knew she wasn’t going to last much longer, and that when she came, it was going to be a huge one. “Daddy, I’m getting close! I’ve had to cum all day! It’s going to be a lot, Daddy! Please don’t stop!” Lexi was panting. I thought she was going to hyperventilate! Pumping her hips, forcing her clit in my mouth, I started to lightly chew on it.

Licking and capturing and stimulating our daughter’s clit like my life depended on it, she was getting close. Shamelessly pumping her hips, Lexi was moaning and crying with gasps of sexual need. “Daddy, I’m almost there! Eat me! Don’t stop! Fuck me!”

Pumping my fingers rapidly in and out of her butthole, I munched on her clit mercilessly. Raising her hands and grabbing hold of Maggie’s forearms, “Daddy! I’m so close! I’m going to cum! I’m there! I’m cumming, Daddy, I’M CUMMING! DON’T STOP, DADDY! FUCK MEEEE! ARRRRRRGGHHHEEEE! DON’T STOP! MORE! I NEED MORE!” Moving my fingers as fast as I could in and out of her asshole and sucking her clit, Lexi was going to cum again! “I’M CUMMING AGAIN, DADDY! DON’T STOP!”

Her juices gushed out of her pussy into my mouth, filling it! When there was more, I pushed my face as far as I could into the entrance of her pussy! I reveled in her gushing cunt! I drenched my face in her cum! I kept licking her slit and her clit! I couldn’t stop! I needed more of her cum! I wanted my face soaked!


Still pumping my fingers relentlessly in her asshole, her pussy let loose another torrent of cum. I got half in my mouth and showered my face with the rest. I swallowed what I had, and rubbed my face in her gushing cunt, luxuriating in the wetness.

Trying for a fourth cum, my horny daughter loudly informed me, “DADDY, NO MORE PLEASE! I’M TOO SENSITIVE!”

Lifting my dripping face from between her legs, I got up on my knees. Her cum soaked me from my hair to my chest. Cum was dripping from my face onto her tits and nipples and her stomach. Seeing how wet I was, Maggie let go of Lexi’s legs and crawled over next to me.

“Daddy, I’m so glad you like our daughter’s cum so much! It’s a tremendous load off my mind. I knew she was a gusher, but I didn’t know how you’d react. Thank you so much!” Maggie softly told me.

“My beautiful Maggie, I love our girl’s cum! I can only hope that you can give me as much as Lexi,” I answered.

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem, my wonderful daddy! Let me help you clean up a bit,” she then started to lick the adolescent’s cum off my face. “MMmmm. It’s delicious! I think she’s going to have one of our heads between her legs constantly.”

While licking our daughter, my cock had regained its length and hardness. While she was licking Lexi’s cum off my face, Maggie took hold of my cock, and slowly stroked. She spoke loud enough for Lexi to hear over her aroused state. “Are you ready, Daddy? Are you ready to give our daughter her first fuck? Look at her! Her nipples are so hard, they’re like little pebbles! Her legs are spread for you, and her pussy is soaked waiting for your hard cock! Give her what she wants, Daddy! Give her what she needs!”

Thrusting her hips, our licentious daughter moaned, “Yes, Daddy! Give me what I need! Your cock! I need your cock! I need for you to fuck me! Pleeeeeease!”

Maggie started her instructions while slowly stroking my cock, keeping it at its hardest. “Okay sweetheart, spread your legs for your daddy. Spread them as far as you can! Bend your legs and bring your knees up by your head. Good! Now, see how big his cock is for you? You see how hard it is? It’s for you! It’ll be heaven when it’s in you, fucking you. Just imagine what it’ll be like when he’s fucking you!”

“Daddy, please! Do it now! I need you to fuck me! I’ll always need you to fuck me! Please, Daddy! Now!” our wanting daughter sobbed, keeping her legs up and reaching down, spreading her labia again for me.

At the entrance of her adolescent pussy, Maggie rubbed my cock up and down Lexi’s saturated slit causing her to moan. Rubbing my cock on our lolita’s clit caused her to flinch a bit, but she knew what was coming. Placing my cockhead at Lexi’s pussy entrance, Maggie reached behind me, and pushed my butt just a little to get the head in.

“It’s so close, Lexi! Your daddy’s cock is almost in you, fucking you!” Maggie whispered huskily, watching my cock slide up and down her cuntal opening, getting the head nice and wet. Pushing my butt a bit more, another half inch went inside my horny daughter.

“Sweetheart, this may hurt just a bit, but I guarantee you, in a minute or two, it will be heaven on earth. I promise you!” Maggie anxiously told her, while softly rubbing Lexi’s hard engorged clit with her fingers. Seeing what she was doing, I understood right away. I kept my cock at the entrance of our daughter’s pussy, while Maggie increased her efforts.

“Mommy, that feels so good! I feel like I’m going to cum again! Is that possible? Will I be able to cum again?” our horny and soaked child gasped in wonder.

“Honey, your daddy and I will train you to cum many times in a row. Unless of course, you don’t want to,” Maggie jokingly responded.

“Oh fuck, Mommy!” Lexi breathlessly answered. “I’ll do anything you and Daddy want me to! I have a feeling I’ll always need to cum between the two of you! Just don’t stop! I’M GOING TO CUM AGAIN! DON’T STOP. PLEASE! I’M CUMMING, MOMMY! I’M CUMMING AGAIN! WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING TO ME? AAAARRRRGHHHHHEEE!”

While our wanton daughter was having her incredibly strong orgasm, shaking and trembling, pumping her hips shamelessly, Maggie pushed my butt so that my dick was fully embedded in our daughter’s soaked pussy with one shove! I felt myself break through her maidenhead and then did my best to hold still.

Maggie was right beside me, pushing on my butt getting my cock all the way in. “You’re doing it, Daddy! You’re fucking our daughter! God in heaven, she’s so damn lucky! Will you fuck me too, Daddy? Please? Will I have a turn?”

“Of course, little one. But first, let me give our daughter what she needs,” I answered.

Coming down from her orgasm, Lexi didn’t seem to have felt any pain. Only pleasure! Looking at me with such love and caring with lust and want, “Daddy, you’re finally in me! I can’t believe it! My god! I feel so full! After all of this time, you’re finally fucking me as you should be. Thank you, Mommy for helping him! I love you both so much!”

“Hold on just a bit, beautiful girl,” I gritted through my teeth. Her pussy was so tight and hot! My god! It felt so incredible! I slowly started to move my cock a bit giving our lovely daughter time to adjust. Every stroke became just a little longer until the whole length of my cock was working its way the entire length. Maggie was beside me the whole time, holding my cock, helping me gauge the proper stroke so as not to cause any discomfort. I didn’t think I needed the help, but she became actively involved in Lexi’s deflowering. It was best that she was. It was a major moment in cementing what was to become our family. I knew it meant a lot to her when she looked up from our joining with tears of happiness in her eyes. We leaned into each other and gave each other a deep, meaningful kiss.

“DADDY, YOU’RE FINALLY FUCKING ME! GIVE IT TO ME, DADDY. GIVE ME WHAT I NEED! FUCK ME! ALWAYS FUCK ME!” Lexi wailed. Lifting her legs as high as she could, she spread her legs as far as humanly possible. “Come on, Daddy. FUCK ME!”

I started to fully pump my rock hard cock in and out, in and out! Lexi was going out of her mind with uninhibited lust. Pumping her hips up to meet every one of my thrusts, we were finally fucking up a storm. Moaning, grunting, and gasping, Lexi was incoherent in her words, but certainly not her deeds! Wrapping her arms around me, her fingernails digging into my back, she was quickly reaching her peak. It helped that Maggie was beside me stroking Lexi’s hard, protruding clit and sucking on a nipple.


In her delirious cum, I felt my child’s pussy squirting, soaking my balls and running down my legs! God! How I loved the feel of a woman cumming on me! Maggie witnessed Lexi’s pussy gushing its juices, and put her hand in front of the stream to soak it. Afterwards, she brought her hand up to my mouth, and I licked the essence off.

Getting close to my own cum, I kept pumping faster and faster. “Daddy, cum in me! Please! Give me your cum! I need it! Fuck me! Give it to me!” our youngster gasped. Looking at Maggie and me with wild eyes and lust, she grasped my butt, forcing my cock into her as far as it would go!

“I’m so close, my love! I’M SO CLOSE! I’M GOING TO CUM! HERE IT CUMS, SWEETHEART! HERE IT CUMS! AAARRRRGGHH! TAKE IT! TAKE IT!” I yelled. My cock exploded with rope after rope after rope of cum! I couldn’t stop cumming! There was so much! Soon, my cum was overflowing from her squishy cunt!

Feeling my cumming, my horny girl had yet another. “Daddy, I’M GOING TO CUM AGAIN! HOW DO YOU DO THIS? AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHEE!” she screamed, her pelvis thrusting and shaking. I kept my cock in her to make sure she got it all. After awhile, and fully drained, I pulled my shrinking cock from her sucking pussy.

Seeing what I was doing, Maggie lunged between Lexi’s legs and clamped her mouth on our daughter’s leaking orifice. Forcing her tongue into Lexi’s sopping cunt, this seems to have awakened the child. “Oh Mommy! What are you doing? I can’t take any more! My clit is so sensitive!”

Lifting her face, Maggie responded, “Just one more, beautiful girl. Just one more cum! One more for your daddy and me! I know you can do it! Cum in my mouth, Lexi. Cum in my mouth! I need to taste yours and your daddy’s cum!

“Oh shit, Mom! Your tongue feels so wonderful! My clit is so sensitive! But it feels so gooood!” Lexi gasped spreading her legs as far as she could.

Running her tongue up and down Lexi’s soaked slit, Maggie tried to get her face into the horny girl’s pussy. Latching on to her clit, Maggie took it between her teeth and lips and sucked and tongued it.

“Oh, Mommeee! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME? I’M GOING TO CUM AGAIN! DON’T STOP! PLEASE DON’T STOP! I’M CUMMING! AGAIN! AAAAAAAAEEEEEEEE!!” my horny daughter cried. Cum was gushing out of Lexi’s pussy into Maggie’s mouth, filling it! Wallowing in the shower, Maggie held her face in the stream! “Please! No more! I can’t take it!” Lexi tried to close her legs, but Maggie’s head was in the way! “Please, Mom! Stop! Please!”

Knowing what I was expected to do, I stroked my cock to keep it hard, which wasn’t too difficult watching a cum starved woman eat the pussy and suck the orgasm out of an uninhibited adolescent girl!

Maggie rose from between Lexi’s legs with her face positively drenched! My god, she looked so sexy and desirable with our daughter’s cum dripping from her! I grabbed her head and started licking the essence off, with sticking my tongue down her throat for good measure.

By this time, Maggie was beside herself with desire and need. I saw her eye my hard cock with a look of lust. She looked up at me, and laid down beside our exhausted girl. Lexi moved over a bit to give her room, and Maggie did the womanly thing and brought her knees up and spread her legs as far as she could.

“Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck the girl who loves you more than anything. Give it to me, Daddy! Please, fuck me!” she whispered huskily.

My god! Trying to keep these two girls satisfied was going to kill me! I did what she needed, and eased my steely cock into her dripping snatch. “OH MY FUCKING GOD! YESSSS,DADDY! FUCK MEEE! I NEEDYOUR COCK IN MEEEE!” Maggie cried.

I started pumping my entire length into her, but I knew that I wasn’t going to last long physically, so I took my cock out of her, to her great disappointment. Lexi moved over again, and I laid on my back. “Get on top, little girl! Fuck your daddy! Give me your cunt! I want you to cum on me!” I instructed. Having just cum in our little girl, I knew that I was going to last awhile, and Maggie was going to have the time of her life!

Moaning, Maggie threw a leg over me and taking my cock, guided it into her soaked pussy! “Oh yessss, Daddy! This is pure heaven! This is what I was made for! Fuck me, Daddy! You can always have me whenever and wherever you want! Just don’t ever stop fucking me!” our Maggie panted and moaned pinching her nipples.

Watching the hot action of the wanton woman fucking herself on my cock, and going crazy doing it, my daughter had both her hands between her legs, working her pussy again. Jesus! Can’t she ever get enough? I was beginning to think that I’d created a monster. With the woman on top of me going absolutely bonkers and bouncing up and down with uninhibited abandon, make that plural - monsters.

Madly bouncing on my cock, with her pussy leaking buckets, my midriff was getting soaked. Maggie had her hands in her hair, then squeezing her breasts, then pinching her nipples, then palms on my chest to give herself leverage. Her body was getting shiny from her exertions, but it was obvious that she didn’t care! Lexi was watching with wide eyes, not believing how hot and horny this woman was!

“I’m almost there, Daddy! Don’t cum yet! Please stay hard for me! Let me cum first! I need to so bad! I’m so close, I’m almost there! I’M CUMMING, DADDY! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE HOW YOU MAKE ME CUM! I’M CUMMING! AAAAAAAEEEEEEGGGGGGEEEEE! I LOVE IT! I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL COCK!” Maggie screamed gyrating madly on my shaft.


After awhile, with my cock deflating, Maggie with a moan, slowly eased herself off me, and lay down beside me.

Lexi, not wanting to lose an opportunity, dove between Maggie’s legs and started licking my cum from my woman’s red pussy. Grabbing the young girl’s head and holding it against her soaked cunt, “Oh Lexi! Yessss. Eat me, my darling girl! Get your daddy’s cum! It’s too precious to go to waste! Oh god, sweetheart. I’m going to cum again! Lick my clit! Oh shit! I’M GOING TO CUM AGAIN! MY GOD IN HEAVEN, I LOVE THE BOTH OF YOU! HERE IT COMES SWEETHEART! DRINK MY CUM! DRINK YOUR DADDY’S CUM! IT’S ALL FOR YOU! AAAAAAARRRRRRRFGGGGGHHHHH! OH SHIT! DON’T STOP YET!”
After her monstrous orgasm in my daughter’s mouth, Maggie just collapsed, and hardly moved.

“Hold on, girl! You’re not finished yet! Clean my cock and make sure that it’s nice and clean!” Turning to my comatose daughter, “And you can help, beautiful girl. You help your mommy clean my cock!” Both girls knew what I wanted and brought their heads down and their mouths on my cock. Believe it or not, with two beautiful girls licking and sucking my shaft, it didn’t get very hard. It rose a bit, but they were going to have to work to get it hard! Luckily, they were both so tired, they didn’t make an effort. When they thought it was clean, they both lay down, wrapped their arms around each other, and fell asleep quickly.

Before I drifted off to sleep, I was thinking that with two uninhibited, insatiable, wanton women always needing to be fucked, I knew I had my work cut out for me. In the interest of self-preservation, it was obvious I had to think of something.

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