The dinner date goes better than expected.
Daddy Aquires Lexi

The dinner date goes better than expected

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Chapter 7:

Lexi and Maggie returned to the apartment, giggling and holding hands. When they were in the door, they wrapped their arms around each other and gave each other a crushing, passionate, tongue dueling kiss.

Coming in, “Daddy, please turn around and close your eyes. I don’t want you to see me yet,” Lexi told me.

“Hi Dave. You’re going to absolutely drool when you see your daughter when we’re through getting her ready,” Maggie said. “Don’t turn around. We want you to be surprised.”

“Yeah, and super horny for later,” whispered Lexi to a knowing Maggie.

Walking past me and going into Lexi’s room, they closed the door, giggling and whispering to each other.

Seeing that it was time to get ready, I got into my shower, washed my hair and started to soap my body.
Knowing what was going to happen tonight, I managed not to play with myself since Lexi’s and my hot masturbation session. I was thinking how hot and wet she gets begging for my cock. And Maggie was going to be there tonight watching and helping Lexi for her first fuck. Needless to say, my cock was getting hard, and I was thinking of what was coming with my daughter and our beautiful wet and horny lady. With the utmost will power, I stroked it and stroked it and my god, it felt so good, but I didn’t cum. I knew I was going to give Lexi quite a load tonight. Getting out of the shower hard and horny, I toweled myself dry and got dressed.

Meanwhile, in Lexi’s room, Maggie had Lexi take off all of her clothes. All of them. Standing by her bed completely naked, Lexi stood with her arms behind her arching her back, offering her breasts and nipples to Maggie. The woman’s nipples were getting hard and protruding through her blouse, and the young lolita noticed.

“Maggie, are you getting excited looking at my naked body? Your nipples are getting hard,” Lexi whispered.

Wanting to keep the child on edge, Maggie approached her, and wrapping her arms around her, replied, “I can’t wait until we’re back after dinner, my lovely girl. I want you between my legs licking me so badly, my pussy is leaking like a sieve. And I want to eat you so badly. I love you so much, Lexi. I really do,” Maggie quietly replied.

Rubbing her hard nipples against the woman’s blouse, “I want that too Maggie,” moaned Lexi. “Having Daddy’s hard cock and your soaked pussy at once will be like heaven for me. I love you too, so much. I don’t know what I’d do if I ever lost you. With your permission, I’m going to ask Daddy if you can move in with us to complete our family. Would you do that? Please? Our lives aren’t complete without you.”

Knowing what the answer was going to be already, Maggie replied, “Let’s wait and talk about it over dinner, and see what your daddy says, okay?”

“So does that mean you will?” Lexi anxiously asked, wrapping her arms around Maggie and burying her face in her breasts. “Thank you so much, Maggie. My god, I love you so much. Daddy and I really need you, and he loves you too.”
With tears in her eyes, Maggie tilted Lexi’s chin up and softly put her lips on the child’s. After the loving kiss between the two, Maggie said, “Thank you so much my beautiful girl. I love you both so much. Thank you for thinking of asking.”

Lexi was still standing in the bedroom stark naked, “Ummm. Maggie, should we get dressed? Daddy will be waiting.”

Maggie then stripped completely naked too. Showing Lexi her nude body, the child stood in awe of Maggie’s large breasts with her tight, pointed nipples, her small waist, perfect ass, and her smoothly shaved pussy. “Maggie, do you think that I’ll ever get breasts and a body like yours? You’re so beautiful and hot.”

“There is absolutely no doubt that you’ll have a beautiful body, my love,” Maggie tried to reassure the pubescent child. “As a matter of fact, I’d bet that your body will end up much better than mine.”

“I really don’t see how that’s possible,” sighed the girl.

Nude, Maggie offered to help Lexi get dressed. “Let me help you get ready for your daddy. First, let’s get your new panties on. I put a pad in the gusset which I’m sure you’re going to need so you don’t soak them,”

Slipping on a pair of panties with a pad herself, she told the youngster, “See, I need the same panties as you. Your daddy is so hot, isn’t he? I’m so excited to watch his hard cock slip into your soaked pussy, aren’t you?”

“My god, Maggie, you’re getting me worked up and wet again. Please don’t do this to me,” Lexi wailed.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. The pads will take care of these problems for us,” Maggie reassured the young teenager. “These pads will soak up a lot of our juices. They should be fine for tonight. At least I hope they will. Now let’s put on your new bra.”

Giggling, Lexi pointed out, “This still doesn’t cover my nipples. I sure hope that Daddy notices and appreciates this.”

“Trust me, beautiful girl, he’s going to love it. His cock is going to be hard all night.” Maggie informed the girl. “I’m going to lend you a hand by wearing this.” Maggie pulled out an open tipped bra, and after she put it on, her hard nipples were protruding through the D cups.

Running her fingertips over Maggie’s exposed nipples, “My god Maggie, that is incredibly sexy. I can’t wait to get my mouth on these tonight,” she said lightly pinching them.

“Oh, god. That feels so good. I’m looking forward to it. Okay, sweetheart, let’s get your stockings and garter belts on. Now watch how I put mine on, so you can do this when I’m not around,” Maggie demonstrated.

After she got them on, “Oh my god, Maggie. That looks so cool and so sexy. I hope Daddy likes this,” Lexi exclaimed.

“With what I have planned for you later, you’re daddy is going to cream his jeans, so to speak,” Maggie winked.

“Okay, now let’s put on your dress. Oops. Hold on. Let’s put your shoes on first,” Maggie suggested.

“Now your dress. That’s right.” Pulling it down around her, Maggie made sure the dress was smooth and was properly lying on Lexi’s beautiful, young body.

“Ummmm, Maggie?” Lexi wondered. “My nipples are rubbing against the dress. They’re going to be hard all night if we don’t do something.”

Putting on her blouse, Maggie turned and faced the child. “Look at my nipples, sweetheart. You see how hard they are? Between the both of us advertising our wares tonight, we’re going to drive your daddy up the wall.”

“Oh god, Maggie, you look so sexy and turned on! I hope my nipples can get as big as yours,” Lexi said as she reached out and lightly squeezed the woman’s nipples.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, honey. My panties will get very wet tonight even with the pad,” Maggie said breathing heavier.

“Maggie, my nipples are hard, and you can notice them through this dress. I know we’re doing this for Daddy, but I don’t want everyone in the restaurant to know how horny I am,” complained the child.

“Don’t worry, honey. We’ll be wearing our coats, and won’t be taking them off until we get to our table. Your daddy won’t do anything to embarrass us. Have faith in him,” Maggie answered with her hard nipples protruding through her blouse. “God, I want you so badly, sweetheart, but we should listen to your daddy’s wishes and keep our hands off each other.”

When the two beautiful girls emerged from Lexi’s bedroom, the first thing I noticed was four stiff and pro-
truding nipples trying to poke their way through fabric. I also noticed how the girls arched their backs to
accentuate their display and heighten theirs and my arousal. I could just imagine how much stimulation they were getting from their clothes constantly rubbing against their nipples. I made it a note to see if I could eventually smell their pussies later, but I knew that they had put pads in their panties to soak up any of their delicious fluids.

They looked so beautiful, their extended nipples notwithstanding. Lexi had just the faintest amount of makeup to accentuate her natural features and beauty. Her hair was cascading down her back in waves, with curls coming down on each side of her face framing it. Her full lips just had a hint of gloss on them. She was just drop dead gorgeous. Maggie was just as stunning with a low cut dress with a slit up the left leg. The dress accentuated her lovely large breasts with her hard nipples beckoning all to come and fuck her. The girls were so alluring, and I was just wearing a sport coat, dress slacks, and tie. The usual nice outfit for a man going out with two gorgeous women at once.

“You two are the most beautiful creatures walking this earth,” I said as I approached them. Wrapping my arms around both of them, Maggie and I leaned down a bit so we could put our heads together, “I love both of you so much. You two have made my life and world complete, and I will always do what I can do to make you the happiest I possibly can.”

“Dave, we love you more than anything else in the world,” Maggie began. “Lexi and I have agreed that you are the one and only man in our life, and that we will always want to be with you, and that WE will do what we can to make you the happiest daddy in the world. We also want you to know that, especially after tonight, you can have us whenever and wherever and however you want.”

Lightly kissing them both, “Thank you for saying that my love. It means the world to me. Shall we go ladies? I think you’re going to like where we’re going to eat.”

Walking to the passenger’s side of the car, I held her hand as Lexi gracefully slid in looking at me with her biggest smile, she knew her dress was riding up showing her garters and luscious thighs. She also saw me notice. Taking my hand too, Maggie slid in with the same result, and made no effort to keep her dress down. And with the slit, I couldn’t help but see more thigh over her garters and her panties.

The restaurant was about 20 minutes away, and while enroute, I put my hand on Lexi’s leg and slowly worked it up her thigh. Maggie was doing the same on her other leg. I couldn’t help but notice that Lexi slowly spread her legs in hopes that we were going to go even higher. My god! I love horny, uninhibited women, no matter what their age!

Now our hands were above her stockings on her bare thighs. Putting her hands on ours, Lexi spread her legs even more trying to push our hands closer to her beautiful pussy. To the child’s frustration, we both resisted.

Lexi eventually put her left hand on my bulge and started to rub my hardness. She put her right hand up Maggie’s dress to get at her cunt. I could see Maggie spread her legs, with her lovely hard nipples.

“Daddy and Maggie, you’re going to get me worked up, and I’ve needed to cum all day! All day! Daddy, Maggie wouldn’t let me cum! I need to! Please, let me cum!” the pubescent girl moaned.

Looking over to Maggie, noticing that I was looking at her incredibly hard nipples, she arched her back to push them out more. “Maybe later, my little horny one,” I coolly responded. Shit. I knew exactly how she felt. I could imagine Maggie was feeling the same way. She just spread her legs a bit maybe to get some air between them. I needed to cum as badly as they did! This was going to be a long night!

I put my elbow on the seat back, and bent my arm so my hand was level with Lexi’s little breasts and protruding nipples. I brushed my fingers across her bump. Seeing what I was doing, Maggie started to rub and lightly pinch her right nipple.

“Oh my god! What are you two doing to me? Both of you! Daddy, please make me cum!” the child gasped doing what came naturally to her; she began to thrust her hips.

Raising her hand higher, Lexi was pinching and twisting Maggie’s nipple. If I didn’t know any better, I thought I could discern the enticing aroma of aroused pussy, but the evening was just beginning.

“Maggie, we better stop now, or we’re going to have a horny wreck on our hands,” I suggested. Looking over at me, she made a small movement with her nose saying that she too could detect the lovely fragrance. I smiled, and taking my fingers from Lexi’s hard nipple, I extended my arm across the seat to lightly brush Maggie’s neck. Looking over at me, I mouthed a ‘thank you’ to her and she smiled and made a small nod.

When we arrived at the restaurant, I went to the passenger side of the car to help the ladies out. Opening the car door, I could discern the potent odor of excited and ready pussy, in spite of their pads. Maggie gave me her hand, and with her dress riding up her thighs, gracefully exited. Now reasonably composed, Lexi gave me her hand, and with her skirt riding up and knowing she was giving me a show, effortlessly slid out too.

Both girls had jackets on which helped mask their excited state, and we walked in. The maître’d met us at the door and after giving him my name, took us to a small room with a lavish table setting. The girls looked at the surroundings in awe, then looked at me. “Nothing is too good for the women I love so much,” I announced.

Obviously, rather than checking our coats, we kept them and I just draped them over chairs, “Maggie my love, would you like to get in first? Sweetheart, you’re next,” I instructed my daughter as I slid in last. The configuration was of a table, one side with a large bench seat, which we were sitting on, and the other with 3 chairs. All of this was in a small room, with a single door.

A waitress came in carrying menus and a tray of water glasses. She introduced herself as Kimberly. She was young, about 16 or 17, 5’ 2” with long, curly, dark brown hair, and a pair of lovely breasts which were just a bit too large for her straining blouse. She was just a hair on the voluptuous side. She was wearing a black skirt and white blouse with comfortable shoes. She couldn’t help but notice the ladies with their hardened nipples protruding through their tops. And no, the air conditioning was not turned on.

I informed Kimberly that today was our daughter’s birthday, and tonight was going to be very special for her, so we’re not going to scrimp on tonight’s activities.

Glancing at Lexi’s nipples, Kimberly smiled and said that whatever we were in need of, she was there to help. I thanked her, and ordered Lexi a soda, Maggie an iced tea, and an Arnold Palmer for myself. When Kimberly left, I put my hand back on Lexi’s thigh and lightly rubbed. Noticing, Maggie put her hand on her other thigh and did the same. Lexi’s right hand found its way onto the front of my pants where she could feel my hard cock. This is just what I wanted to happen as I wanted to keep her on edge all night.

There was a knock on the door, and after answering, Kimberly came in with our drinks. After she placed them in front of us, I asked her come back in a few minutes as we hadn’t decided what we wanted yet. Glancing at Lexi’s chest again, and noticing that her state hadn’t changed, if not intensified, Kimberly smiled at me and told me that she would be back in a few minutes.

I noticed that when Kimberly left, she was accentuating the swing of her hips. I also noticed that from the doorway, you could see what was going on under the table. She could see where our hands were and what we were doing. This could make the evening more interesting, I thought.

Looking at the menus, I pushed my hand further up Lexi’s leg until I could feel her bare thigh. Inching up higher, I could feel Lexi spread her legs giving me access to her now soaked pussy. And yes, you could smell her. She pressed harder on my hard cock rubbing it. Having decided on what to order, I asked Lexi if she had.

“Daddy, it’s hard to concentrate with what you and Maggie are doing to me,” she moaned.

“I’ve decided too,” Maggie announced. “Lexi, what have you decided? How about a small filet? I think you’d like that.”

Spreading her legs more Lexi moaned, “Oh, god. Whatever. You decide, Maggie. I can’t think straight.”

A knock on the door, and acknowledging it, Kimberly walked in. On her way in, she glanced what we were doing under the table, she looked at me and smiled, glancing at Lexi’s and Maggie’s chests.

I ordered our meals for us, noticing that Kimberly had unbuttoned the top button of her blouse exposing a small amount of her pushed up mounds. She knowingly looked at me in the eye and deeply inhaled, indicating that she could smell the heavenly aroma. Looking at Maggie’s magnificent cleavage, we could see that Kimberly was also getting turned on.

Maintaining my cool, I asked Kimberly for a refresher drink for all. Standing up straighter, her nipples hard, she backed out looking at what Maggie and I were doing to Lexi rubbing her thighs with her legs spread. Lexi had her eyes closed, breathing heavily. Kimberly had to know what was coming later.

After a few minutes, there was another knock on the door. I waited a bit in answering to give Kimberly the idea that we had to get ourselves presentable. I wanted her to think that we were in the middle of something really erotic and naughty. I finally told her to come in and Maggie and I kept our hands on Lexi’s legs so Kimberly could see. Lexi was still rubbing my cock, and now had her hand up under the hem of Maggie’s dress.

Wheeling in a small cart, Kimberly had her eyes on what we were doing to Lexi who was breathing heavily with her evidently protruding nipples, and her eyes closed, Kimberly had to notice how spread Lexi’s legs were, giving us access to her pubescent body. I also noticed that Kimberly had unbuttoned another button on her blouse. I glanced at Maggie who was admiring the bouncing tit flesh Kimberly was advertising.

The smell of pussy was heavy in the air, and it was very noticeable. Even in her sexual stimulation, Lexi could smell it. Leaning closer to Maggie, Lexi quietly told her “I guess our pads didn’t do all that great of job, did they? I don’t care. I need you both. Mommy, I want you and Daddy to do me together. Would you please?”

Serving our entrees, Kimberly heard what Lexi said and let out a small moan. Her nipples were hard, and she was rubbing her thighs together. Still looking at Maggie’s exposed portion of her breasts, Kimberly leaned over the table exposing hers, “Is there anything else I can do for you, Mr. and Mrs. Chase? Anything at all?” Kimberly asked a bit anxiously.

Looking at her newly exposed mounds, I raised my eyes to hers, and told her “Thank you for your offer, Kimberly. Actually, there are some things you can do for us and with us. Would you be interested?” I asked.

“Oh god, yes Mr. Chase, if it’s what I think it is. Just give me a few days notice so I can make any changes to my schedule.” she was almost breathless in her response. I glanced at her breasts, and could see that her nipples were getting hard too.

“We can guarantee you a very hot time, Kimberly. We’ll be sure to give you as much advance notice as possible. I promise.” I assured the hot, turned on server. “Would that be alright with you Maggie?”

Openly gazing at Kimberly’s hard nipples and exposed tit flesh, “Oh yes, David. That would be perfect. I’m looking forward to it and to Kimberly,” she quietly responded while working her hand higher on my daughter’s leg.

“Oh god, Mommy, please don’t stop this time,” Lexi moaned. Kimberly’s eyes got wide and her breathing quickened.

“This is what’s in store for you, Kimberly,” stated Maggie. “When we’re together, you’re going to get all of us.” Looking at Lexi, “and I mean all of us. Won’t that be hot?”

“Oh my god yes, Mrs. Chase,” Kimberly managed to quietly respond. “I wish I could help with your birthday celebration, but I can understand that it’s to be a family celebration.”

“Yes Kimberly,” Maggie answered. “Tonight will be family only. When we leave tonight, my husband will give you his contact information, and you give us yours. We’ll get in touch as soon as possible. When you know your schedule for next weekend, please let us know. And please make the necessary arrangements to be at our place overnight, if not the entire weekend.”

“Kimberly,” I started, “Have you told anybody on the premises what is going on in here?”

“No, Mr. Chase. Not a soul. And I don’t want anything to happen that can jeopardize your ummm, family relations. No pun intended,” she said with a large smile.

“Very good, Kimberly,” I answered laughing. “You will soon see how much we appreciate your discretion. And we want to thank you very much.”

“I have to go for now, Mr. Chase. I’ll be back in a few minutes to check on you,” Kimberly told us, backing out looking at what we doing to Lexi under the table.

Taking our hands off my daughter, we started to eat. “Oh god,” Lexi moaned. “If I don’t cum soon, I’m going to explode. I can’t wait until we get home. I need it so bad, it’s beginning to hurt.”

Would this be the female version of ‘blue balls?’

Finally getting more subdued, “Daddy?”

“Yes, beautiful girl. What is it?” I answered.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I asked Maggie if she would move in with us.” My horny lolita started. “That we love her like family, and that our lives aren’t complete without her. Can she move in with us? Pleeeeeease? I love her so much, and she loves us. You love her don’t you?”

“I love her very, very much,” I said looking at Maggie. “I know our lives aren’t complete without her. I would like nothing more than to have her move in with us. And I hope, to stay.”

Maggie started to tear up again looking at me with such love and devotion, I started to tear up too. “Thank you, Dave. I love the both of you so much, I can feel my heart expand every time I’m with you. I’ll be just as devoted and loving as Lexi. I promise. Every day we’re together, I grow to love you more and more, if that’s possible.”

There was another knock on the door, and I answered for Kimberly to come in. Upon entering, she saw our red eyes, and asked if everything was alright. Was there anything wrong with the food? Can she do anything to make our experience better?

Laughing, I answered, “Kimberly, everything was absolutely perfect with the meal.” Looking at her in the eyes, and lowering my gaze to her now-hardening nipples, “and everything was absolutely perfect with the service. May I have the check please? We have to get home and give our daughter the celebration and gifts she deserves.”

Glancing at Lexi, she could see the child still panting heavily with her eyes closed and Maggie teasing her. Pulling the check from her apron, she gave it to me in a leather folder. I opened it, took note of the total, and gave her a credit card. “I’ll be right back Mr. Chase,” she said. Looking at Maggie and her heavy breathing, she observed Maggie’s nipples. With a subtle “Oh god,” she backed out of the room, watching.

“Speaking of gifts, I would like to give this to our daughter as a symbol of our love and devotion to her,” I said handing Lexi a small, gift wrapped box.

The child came out of her reverie long enough to tear open the package and open the jewelry box. “Oh my god Daddy, thank you so much! Thank you Mommy! It’s absolutely beautiful!” she exclaimed as she pulled out a wide sterling silver choker necklace. With a small silver plate on the front, engraved was ‘For My Parents.’ There was also a small, fine, D-ring under the engraving. Both my girls read it and had an immediate full understanding of its meaning. Maggie looked over Lexi at me and raised her eyebrows slightly. I nodded and she knew that it was more than a necklace.

“It’s true Mom and Daddy. I’m here for the both of you,” our birthday lolita proclaimed. “To do whatever and however you please. I’ll be the best daughter for the both of you ever, always. I promise I’ll do what I can to make you happy and proud of me.”

I took her “necklace” and went behind her to drape it over her head. Lexi pulled her hair up and to the front, and I fastened it.

A couple of minutes later, there was another knock on the door, and I answered once again. By now, Maggie had her arm around Lexi’s shoulders, holding her close, whispering and kissing and licking in and around her ear. The older, horny woman also had her hand down the front of the child’s dress, playing with and lightly pinching her nipples. Kimberly came in and saw the interaction between Maggie and our darling, wanting child. When Lexi turned her head to Maggie for a tongue dueling kiss and reached for her nipples, Kimberly came apart.

“Oh my god, Mr. Chase. I can’t take it anymore,” Kimberly started crying, watching the two horny ladies passionately kissing. “I have to do something that I’ve never done in my life, she sobbed. “I can’t help it. It’s something I just have to do or I’m going to go crazy!”

“And what would that be, Kimberly? What do you feel you have to do?” I asked, openly looking at her protruding nipples. By now, the girls stopped their hot make out session to see what was going on.

“This!” she cried. Reaching under her skirt, she pulled her soaked panties down and off. Thinking quickly, I reached out my hand for her to give them to me. And they were absolutely drenched. It would seem that some of the lovely pussy odor in the room was coming from her. I held them to my nose and inhaled.

“Kimberly, you smell amazing! Watch Kimberly. Watch what I do.” I then put the gusset of her dripping panties in my mouth and sucked. “Kimberly, you taste as good as you smell. Now show us what you have to do,” I instructed

“Oh my fucking god!” the lovely teen exclaimed, watching me. She pulled a chair out from the table, pulled her skirt up to her waist, sat down, and dropped each leg over an arm. Her pussy was absolutely bare, just as I liked them, and it looked perfect and soaked. “Watch me, Mr. Chase. Watch me, all of you. Watch me frig myself! Watch me until I cum! God, I need to cum!” Kimberly started to finger fuck herself with two fingers from her left hand while vigorously stroking her hard clit with her right.

“Mommy, look!” Our Lexi exclaimed, with Kimberly listening. “God, I wish I could do that! I need to cum so bad!”

Standing up, I motioned for Maggie and Lexi to stand too. We grouped around Kimberly’s chair, egging her on to her quest. “Come on, Kimberly,” I encouraged her. “Fuck yourself! Think of when we all will be together. Naked. All of us doing you. We want you to cum in our mouths. We want to cum in yours. I want to fuck you with my hard 8” cock. Would you like that? Imagine what that will feel like! My hard cock sliding in and out of your soaked cunt! Think of it!”

Lexi was doing her part too. Kimberly was frantically frigging herself wanting to cum! “My daddy and mommy are taking me home tonight, and he’s going to fuck me for the very first time! Mommy is going to help put Daddy’s cock in my pussy, and she’s going to hold my legs so they’re really spread apart for my daddy. I can’t wait! I’ve never been fucked, Kimberly. Ever! I want my daddy’s cock so much, I know exactly how you feel!”

Maggie told the horny teenager: “Wait until you get his hard cock in your mouth, Kimberly. It’s absolute heaven! His cum is his most precious gift for Lexi and me. We just love it, and know you will too! Come on, Kimberly! Cum for us! Cum, Kimberly! Do it!” Maggie reached down and started pinching Kimberly’s nipple.

Lexi walked around to the other side and started playing with Kimberly’s other nipple. The teen was frantically frigging herself looking first at Maggie, then my horny daughter with a wild expression on her face and lust in her eyes. Maggie turned Kimberly’s head to face her, and brought her mouth down on the teen’s, invading with her tongue. Kimberly was moaning incoherently during all of this, and when Maggie was finished with the hot, passionate kiss, Lexi turned her and brought her mouth down on Kimberly’s. Both were still working her nipples over. When Lexi was finished, I approached the madly masturbating kid and did the same.

When we had all given Kimberly the kisses most people only dream of, we stood around her cheering her on. “Come on, Kimberly! Cum for us! Cum, Kim! Cum for us! Do it! Do it! Cum! Pumping her hips frantically, and madly fingering herself, her breathing quickened and became raspy. I had a feeling that she was a screamer, and I motioned to Maggie to kiss her when she came. Maggie understood and nodded. Kimberly threw her head back and when I saw her begin to squirt her juices, I nodded, and Maggie hurriedly put her mouth on Kimberly’s and shoved her tongue in her throat as far as it would go. Kimberly was making a lot of guttural noises and muffled screams when she came, her jerking body and gushing pussy creating a most erotic scene. I doubt anybody heard her outside our little room. I grabbed her soaked hand, and put her fingers inside my mouth, sucking the juices. Lexi ran up to me, threw her arms around my neck, and planted her open mouth on mine, trying to get a taste of Kimberly’s pussy!

Coming down from her incredible orgasm, Kimberly slouched in the chair looking like she needed a nap. “Wow! Thank you all so much! I really needed that. You guys had me so worked up, I couldn’t wait. Thank you! Is my invitation still on Mr. Chase? I hope so. I promise that I’ll go with whatever you want me to do.
I promise!”

Handing Kimberly a card, “Here’s my contact information, sweetheart. Give me a call and we can line something up for next weekend. Shall we go home, ladies? We have to give our birthday girl the rest of her gifts.” I signed the credit card receipt and left a 50% tip for the horny teen.

After all jackets were on, we left the restaurant and got back in the car, with my anxiously horny daughter in the middle again. On the way home, Maggie put her arm around Lexi again for a deep, passionate kiss. Lexi put her hand on Maggie’s large breast and started squeezing. Maggie slipped her hand in the top of Lexi’s dress and got her nipple and started in again, causing the child to begin moaning and rapidly breathing again.

“Your daddy and I noticed that you started calling me ‘Mommy’ when we were in front of Kimberly,” Maggie quietly mentioned. “May I ask why?”

“I thought it would be so much hotter for Kimberly if she knew that it was a total family get-together tonight,” Lexi moaned. “Besides, you’re the Mommy I never had, and I love you so much like you were mine.”

“I AM yours, sweetheart. I’ll be the mommy I can be to make our family strong and secure. I couldn’t love anybody else as much as I love you and your daddy. And I think Kimberly got the impression that we loved each other very much,” Maggie answered.

“Speaking of Kimberly, wasn’t that hot in the restaurant, sweetheart? I mean, oh my god, she was going crazy, wasn’t she? Didn’t she look absolutely slutty frigging herself and giving us a show? And she came so hard! When we’re alone tonight, you’re going to do the same thing for your daddy and me. You’re going to show us how you make yourself cum,” Maggie spoke licentiously into Lexi’s ear, while licking her neck and kissing her wherever she could. “Aren’t you going to be looking forward to next weekend when Kimberly will be with us. Can you imagine how she’ll taste? Can you imagine all of us naked and all over each other?”

“Oh Mommy! I need to cum! Please, make me cum!” cried my darling daughter attempting to spread her legs more. But, unfortunately for her, there wasn’t room to do it.

Not being able to spread her legs, Lexi turned slightly toward Maggie, and put her hand under Maggie’s dress. With the slit running up the side, there was plenty of room to get inside the dress, just as Maggie had planned. She spread her legs as much as possible, but she didn’t have much room either. Not to be deterred, Lexi did her best to get her hand between Maggie’s legs.

“Mommy! Oh my god! Your panties are soaked! You smell so good! I can’t wait to eat you. I want you to cum in my mouth!” Lexi told my horny woman.

Making a supreme effort to drive the speed limit and trying to keep the car on the road, I wanted to get home as badly as the girls. “My lovelies, you may want to tone it down a little until we get home. I don’t want either one of you cumming yet.”

“Hurry, Daddy! Please hurry! My god, I need to cum!” my horny daughter cried.

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