My early years of becoming an Owned Biker Slut
Sandy's Early Years Biker Story Part 2

My training as the a Club Owned slut was continuing, but was still in the early stages.
With Jack and Dee taking off my Halter top there I was,Standing Topless in front of a large group of MC members. watching and Cheering.activity
With the music playing,the drinks and drugs they kept Feeding me were now ReLLY hitting Me.
I WAS NOW too fucked up to shoot Pool,SO I kept dancing only in my demin shorts.
Being High and Fucked up,I was dancing as Sexy As I could with all of the Guys Cheering me on. I never experience that before and As this went on,Eventually Showtime joined us as We danced.He At First just Watched ,but after a few minutes,Showtime also started to touch me as I continued to Dance with both Dee and Jack. Showtime also was playing Bartender as he continued to bring me more drinks as fast as I finished th last drink.
I tried to shoot pool again but couldn't in My Messed Up condition.
Again I started to dance as the Guys encouraged Me..I was now Dancing with any member who was watching and joined me on the Floor.
Showtime also kept dancing mostly Me,rubbing up against Me
Showtime also started to unbutton my shorts.He only unbuttoned it,
loosing and opening my shorts just enough to show my Belly.
From the Guys Cheering,I must have really looked Sexy to Them As I kept Dancing.

Showtime nodded to Jack and Dee to come over.They did as Showtime requested. He then left me dancing with them with another Drink that he brought Me.

It wasn't long before they pulled the zipper down on My Shorts and removed it.
I still had on my under Panties on,but that didn't Last Long as I danced with Jack,
Dee got behind Us and Pulled the Panties all the way Down, and had me step Out of them.
Now I was standing completely naked as they ran their hands over my body.

While now Dancing Completely Naked with Jack,Dee and countless other members,Later Showtime again came into the Room and joined us. As usual, gave me another Drink that he Made Special for me.At this Point, I didn't Care What was in the Drink.
Later as the Party continued,Showtime Left again. But this time Within minutes,Showtime returned to the game room carring a blanket and he laid it at the Edge of the dance floor.

It was now late Saturday night,There were many additional club members from Other Clubs at the Party, I also noticed a few more naked young Girls as things were really escalating.

Showtime was standing and Talking to the guys away from the Dance floor. As things progresed,I was dancing a lot with Dee and Jack, I also noticed occasionally,Showtime was singling them,Jack left and talked to Him as Dee kept me Dancing.
After a while,With me still dancing and of course Still Drinking their Drinks,Dee must have took Showtime's encouragement,
OK Dee probably took Showtime's Orders and slowly walked ME to the blanket,Laying me face up on the blanket.
He positioned himself kneeling between my legs,telling ME to open my legs.
Since I was alreadt Fucking Dee in Showtime's Bedroom, this was nothing new.
I obeyed and widely spread my legs,even taking Dee's cock with my hand,guiding his cock into my cunt as he climbed on me.
As everyone watched,Ilet out a moan as Dee pushed his cock deep into me.After several minutes of Dee's hard,pumping deep in me,
I let out a loud squeal as He filled me with his cum.Jack was alread at the Blanket telling me roll over,
placing me in a dogie position.and inmediately started to Fuck Me, With being in that position,
I could see some of the Guys Watching me were already Naked too.
As Jack also deposited his cum in me,He motioned to the nearest member watching to come to blanket.He was still dressed and
This guy eagerly pulled down his pants as he got on blanket,
I was fucked up but Wasn't Brain Dead, I knew exactlly what was going to happen Next,So I just Submitted to everything that was happening.
I rolled Sandy over on my Back again spreading my legs for him to mount me.
As he finished,several additional members were already in line waiting,Each ready to take turns with me on the blanket
as the night continued.

Later,the President and Vice President from every Club arrived at the clubhouse.
They got ready for their Initiation turns with Me.Each VP laid on the blanket,instrucing me to get on top of him to
Fuck him.I sat up and got on him,riding him like a horse,squealing loud as I wildly fucked the guy beneath me.
I also noticed there were several cams setup and everything was being filmed.
The President of that Club then joined us on blanket,
He began licking my exposed ass,also getting a good view of his VP's cock fucking me cunt.The VP had his hand on my
ass cheeks,spreading my asshole for his Pres to put his finger in my Asshole.It was clear,
they had done this many times together.When they decided I was ready,The Pres pushed his cock deep into my ASS.
I got news for them I wasn't Ready,I gave a tremendous scream and squeal.
Everyone watching kept load cheering as they both continued to DP fuck me wildly for a very long time.
The Pres continued pumping in my ass until he also let out a load squel shotting his Cum deep in my ass.
With me being in the top postion, everyone had a good view of mt Dripping, I also noticed lots of Camera Flashes from guys tanking pics .
This senerio would continue with every Pres and VP from every club at the Party.
As the last of the officers finished this initiation,I rolled over on my back totally exhausted.

I had no Idea that the Party for, opps With me was just getting Started.I would soon realized and learn that my body was now owned by the clubs and that I would submit to everything thet wanted.
Before this 10 day initiation Party was Over, I would Become totally Owned by the Biker Clubs and Totally Submit to Anything they wanted me to do..

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