Regency Porno
Southern England, 1748.

As the carriage drew to a halt outside my family home, a home that I hadn’t seen since I was five or six years of age, I took a sharp intake of breath and braced myself for what was about to happen. Lined up at the bottom of the steps that lead to the front door of the mansion house were the four servants, my siblings – James and Verity and my parents – Charles and Charlotte.

Mr Edgar, the head butler strode forward as the carriage ground to a stop and after opening the door, he manoeuvred the steps into place so that I might egress with some decorum.

“Welcome home Sir,” Edgar said. “It is very nice to see you again after all this time.”

Thanking him, I carefully stepped out of the carriage, and gingerly shuffled my feet on the gravel. I smiled at the ensemble before me, and before I could utter a word, Verity ran toward me with her arms out-stretched. She grabbed and hugged me, placing a soft, velvety kiss on my right cheek.

“Welcome home brother,” she whispered in my ear. I nodded, but didn’t say anything, she was my sister – but to be truthful I knew nothing about her apart from what I had been told in letters. Verity hadn’t been born when I departed from the family home.

With her vice like grip on my person released, I strode forward with my hand outstretched and approached Father, who had shot Verity a look of disdain. Emotion was something not to be shown in front of the servants, he would tell Verity later.

Father shook my hand, Mother kissed me politely on the cheek, and finally James shook my hand too, then he politely withdrew. James was my elder brother by five years. He had been excused military service due to his poor health in very early childhood; I was pleased to see that he looked the picture of health now. Mr Edgar introduced each of the servants by name, and as he did so they retired into the house to do whatever it was that their duties demanded of them.

After I was introduced to all the servants, Peter, the footman, took my luggage to my room. I was ushered into the house where one of the serving girls, a comely looking girl with flame red hair and the most beautiful hazel eyes that I had ever seen took my coat and hat.

“Thank you Eliza,” I said struggling to remember her name. She bobbed a curtsey and scurried off through a side door. Edgar stood slightly behind me and indicated to me that I should follow him. I did and he led me upstairs to my room.

Peter was busy unpacking my luggage when Edgar and I arrived. He’d already laid out several shirts and pantaloons on the bed ready to be hung in the large ornate wardrobe that stood in a corner of the room.

“It’s exactly as I remember it Edgar,” I said as I crossed the threshold of the room.

“Thank you Peter,” I said standing next to the bed, “I will finish up here.” Peter shot a look at Edgar, who moved his head to one side to indicate that he should go.

“Thank you Mr Christopher,” Peter replied as he took his leave with a slight bow.

“Will there be anything else Sir?” Edgar asked clearly perturbed by my dismissal of Peter – after all, it was a servants job to cater to his or her masters every need, and he clearly felt that I should have let Peter sort out the wardrobe rather than do it myself.

“Nothing at the moment Edgar, apart from tell me what time the evening meal will be served.”

“Dinner is generally at eight o’clock Sir,” Edgar replied. “His Lordship has advised me that this evening will be a celebration of your safe return Sir.”

“Very well. Will you have one of the servants come and wake me at seven please, I’m tired after my journey, and I wish to take a nap.”

“Certainly Sir,” Edgar responded, “if there’s nothing else.” He waited for a second. I didn’t respond, so he continued. “Sleep well, Sir.”

Edgar left, closing the door behind him. I took a few minutes to remove the clothing from the bed and hung them up in the wardrobe, and then I peeled back the bedclothes and undressed, falling into bed as naked as the day I was born, and soon fell asleep.
Several hours later, Eliza roused me. She stood at the side of my bed as I opened my eyes. She curtsied quickly, smiled at me and asked if there was anything she could do for me. I instructed her that I wished to take a wash before eating; she scurried off to fetch some hot water.

When Eliza returned several minutes later she was carrying two jugs of what looked like extremely hot water. I was out of bed and stood naked at the window - admiring the view of the gardens that I had not seen for over twenty years.

I felt her eyes linger over my buttocks; the scarring on my leg where the doctors in the army had repaired a wound sustained in battle that had forced my military career to be cut short - hence my return home.

I felt my pego twitch slightly at the thought of her looking at my naked body. Eliza paused for a moment before coming to her senses, and headed for the small chamber next to my room where the porcelain bath was. She emptied both containers of hot water into it, and headed for my bedroom door.

“Eliza!” I snapped. “You have not been dismissed.” Eliza stopped dead in her tracks. “Close the door and assist me,” I ordered.

“I was going for more water Mr Christopher,” she told me whilst her eyes remained down turned.

“I don’t need that much water for bathing.” I advised her.

Eliza complied with my order, and after closing my bedroom door, she hovered nervously.

Still stood looking out of the window as I was, Eliza’s vision was drawn again to my backside and I could feel her gaze. My pego twitched again, and I felt the blood surge toward it, swelling it as my desire for this red haired girl grew. “Lock the door if you please Eliza,” I said with a grin on my face that she could not see. Eliza obeyed.

I turned and let her gaze fall upon my semi erect pego as I walked to the bathroom. Looking out of the corner of my eye, I could see her eyes following me as I crossed the room. “Come.” I said and Eliza followed nervously.

I knelt by the side of the bath and swished my hand through the water to test the temperature – it was excessively hot. Too hot to sit in right now and I noticed that my fingertips had turned red from the heat – Eliza noticed too.

“I’m so sorry Sir,” she pleaded, “I had no idea that the water was so hot.”

“No matter,” I replied, “I’m sure I can find something for you to do for a few minutes until it cools down.” Standing and turning around, I headed back toward my bed. “Tell me, Eliza, how old are you?”

“Seventeen Sir,” she replied trying not to look at my still semi erect prick. I lay on the bed with my head on the soft pillow and ordered her to undress.

“Sir?” She questioned as I started to rub my pego gently, engorging it almost to the point of full erection.

“Get out of your clothes,” I ordered her, “then join me here on the bed.”

She hesitated then slowly she began to remove her clothing, all the time watching me rub my prick. I could see her lips moistening. Watching her undress slowly was driving me insane with lust, and as she peeled off layer after layer of clothing, I admired her body, lustful thoughts running through my mind.

Her breasts were, for a girl of her age not quite fully developed, but more than an ample hand full. Her nipples, small cherry coloured buds, looked as though they were ripe for the plucking. When at last she removed the final layer of clothing and stood naked in front of me for the first time, my eyes were drawn to her pubic mound – and from where I lay her red bush, looked neatly trimmed, and oh so inviting.

I held out my hand and she gingerly approached. I drew her to me, kissed her mouth, pushing my tongue forward into her closed lips, attempting to enter her mouth. She resisted for a moment, but eventually opened her lips enough for my probing tongue to feel the sharp intake of breath.

Her breath was sweet against my tongue and within a few seconds, she responded in kind. Soon her tongue was probing my mouth too. She had her eyes closed, her arms held slightly outward; body motionless as we kissed.

I took advantage, and placed a hand on each of her breasts and squeezed slightly, feeling the warm flesh beneath my fingertips. I felt her body tense as I held one of her nipples in between a thumb and forefinger. I felt it swell under my touch.

Releasing my mouth reluctantly from the kiss, I moved to one side of the bed, she instinctively fell onto the bed where I had been – my head sought out her nipple, and I began to play with it, using my tongue.

Above me, I heard her gasp. I began playing with both her nipples at the same time. My mouth was encased over her right breast, whilst my fingers twiddled her left nipple back and forth.

“Oh Sir,” she almost whispered. “We shouldn’t be doing this!”

I stopped suckling on her breast long enough to tell her to relax, and resumed my sucking. After what seemed like four or five minutes of me playing with both nipples, sucking each one alternatively, she pushed me away from her body – making me lie flat on the bed, with her to my side.

She ran her hands slowly down my chest, caressing my skin. She snaked her palm down from my nipples to my groin, hesitating slightly when her hands reached my pubic hair. I twitched my cock, and she giggled a little. I didn’t know whether she was admiring my prick, which by now was painfully erect and throbbing or whether she was unsure of how to proceed.

“Touch it,” I said, and she obeyed without hesitation. Gingerly, she placed her forefinger just below the head and slowly moved it down the shaft toward the base. The feeling of her touch was almost electric to me, and when I twitched again, she paused.

“Don’t stop!” I groaned, and placed my hand over the top of her hand, which was now resting in my pubic hair. Moving her hand up and over the shaft, I began moving it rhythmically up and down.

My hand lingered on top of hers for a few seconds until she got the idea of what I wanted her to do, and taking the shaft fully in her hand she began to masturbate me. Her hand moved with a slow, but deliberate pace. I moved my hand away from hers to allow her full movement.

With my other hand, I grasped her breast again, and rolled the nipple back and forth again, hoping that the feelings I was getting from her were as intense as the feelings I was giving her.

Quite abruptly, she stopped and dropped her head down to my swollen prick and kissed it. “Sorry Sir,” she said, “I don’t know what made me do that!”

She genuinely looked quite apologetic and withdrew her hands, placing them by her sides. I smiled at her and told her that it was fine, and that if she wanted to do it or anything else then she could.

A wry smile formed across her lips, and she dropped her head back down to my prick, kissing it again several times. My hips thrusted up automatically as she kissed my cock, I felt her hot breath as my pego pierced her kiss, and entered her mouth.

The feeling as the head and shaft entered her mouth was unbelievable – the heat of her mouth was not unpleasant, and I instinctively thrusted my prick into her mouth as far as it would go.

I heard her gag slightly as the head touched her tonsils, then without warning she managed to swallow my prick right up to the base – her nose touching my pubic hair.

“Suck!” I almost screamed as the feeling of her mouth around my heavily swollen prick became unbearable, and suck she did. She sucked like nothing else in the world mattered to her and at that moment, I believed that nothing else did.

As she sucked, she instinctively moved her head up and down, uncovering my shaft, and clasping the head between her lips, teasing me with her tongue.

I groaned and spent my seed. Without removing my pego from her mouth, she began to swallow. Whilst the hot jets of my jism filled her mouth, she drove forward and swallowed the entire length once more right down to the base. She began sucking again with even more gusto than before.

Several moments passed and she continued to suck. “Enough!” I cried and she reluctantly let go of her vice like grip. Pausing as the head of my prick left her mouth, she licked her lips slowly and a strand of saliva formed across the gap between her lips and my still swollen member. She swallowed the contents of her mouth with a satisfied gulp.

Ceasing the moment, I moved, pushing her flat on the bed. I quickly sprang from my prone position to between her legs, spreading them as far as I could.

I moved my head toward the red hair that covered her venus mons, pausing millimetres away from her quivering lips. With a flick of my tongue, I parted her cuntal lips slightly. She shuddered from both anticipation and from pleasure.

Again, I flicked my tongue at her – parting her slightly further than I had done previously. She grasped my head – grabbing two handfuls of hair and drove my face into her. I licked and lapped as fast and as furiously as I could, opening her totally.

My tongue moved frantically; from the bottom of her slit to the top and back again. I lingered here and there, licking the same spot for a few seconds before moving on.

Pausing like this at the top of her slit, she began to writhe as I licked. She pulled my face and head deeper into her. She moaned loudly, and began to move her hips up and down, holding my head tightly.

“Yes!” she groaned. “Yes... that’s it. That’s the best place.” She moaned. “Lick there Sir. Lick with all your might!” I obliged, and as the movement of her hips accelerated, I felt liquid on my lips and tongue as I lapped furiously.

Then, quite abruptly, she fell limp. Letting go of my head she lay gasping.

“Oh Sir,” she said quite of breath. “That was simply the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life!”

Withdrawing my head away from her now swollen, parted lips, I stared at her body.
I could still feel the moistness of her ejaculate on my lips.

Running my finger across my lips, I swept the moisture off my mouth. I thought of sucking it myself to get the maximum amount of her juices into me, but a thought dawned upon me. I smiled a wicked smile.

Instead of placing my finger into my mouth to suck the sweet tasting dew, I moved my finger toward her mouth. She eagerly sucked on my finger, swallowing down her own juices.

“Hhmm. Tasty.” She moaned again and licked my finger clean. “Is that what it tasted like to you Sir?” I nodded, kissing her on the lips again, and then I collapsed to her side on the bed, lying in silence.

My prick was still throbbing, though not as intensely as it had been. I could feel it start to soften deep down inside me.

“Sir, you must get ready.” She said and moved off the bed. Quickly, she pulled on her garments. I watched her as she dressed.

My pego had deflated by now, and Eliza took it in her hand, squeezing the foreskin tightly in her hand.

“Don’t.” I said and she paused looking slightly puzzled. “It feels quite tender.” I explained, she nodded and let me be.

I stood, walking toward the small anteroom, stepping straight into the bath water. Eliza followed. It was still hot, but not as scorching as it had been beforehand.

After several minutes’ worth of her assistance, I completed my bathing and stepped out of the bath, she commenced towelling me dry. Eliza took her time when she was rubbing my prick very gently with the towel.

Eliza helped me dress, and after unlocking my bedroom door, we departed.

The evening meal was a pleasant enough affair, with lots of conversation regarding my time away both at boarding school and my time thereafter in the armed forces. I was informed of what had happened at home.

Verity’s birth and her childhood – something that I had missed totally; James’ time at school and his return to our family home when Father had fallen ill. All were related to me during our meal.

I was told how James, with the help of our Mother, had nursed Father back to health. How he’d decided to stay on to run the estate in my absence whilst Father had recuperated.

They explained that James had, when Father had been given the all clear by our family doctor, offered to take a back seat in the running of the estate.

However, Father had refused – advising that since he had taken over the estate management, the family income each year had increased by a factor of three, and that the estate had not been in better hands. James, it seemed, was a dab hand at running a business, and Father relished the free time that James had garnered for him.

The matter of my army career arose, and I explained the circumstances surrounding my injury and subsequent recovery and discharge.

I told of how I was saddened to leave the army and the joy I now felt at my return home.

Verity asked if she could see the wound in my leg, but before I could say anything, Father admonished her – telling her that women did not talk of such things in conversation with their family, and certainly not during meals.

Verity frowned at Father as he told her off, but I smiled at her, nodding my head to her in agreement to her request. She smiled back at me, telling me she’d gotten my approval of her request.

If Father had seen the nod, he had dismissed it and the subject was not mentioned again during the remainder of the evening.

After our meal was complete, brandy drunk by those who wanted it, and the servants had cleared away, James told me that he and Father were going to London for a few days to conduct some estate business. Mother was going to visit relations in the city, and take the time to do some shopping – Verity would remain here with the servants and me.

James advised that they were all retiring to bed shortly to ensure that they got enough rest for the journey - as they had an early start the following morning. I told him that I understood and wished them a pleasant journey and a good night’s sleep.

After Mother, Father and James had retired to bed, Verity asked me to take a walk with her in the gardens. I agreed.

Soon we were walking quite slowly, admiring the stars and enjoying the warm evening breeze that was pleasant against our skin.

Once we were out of earshot of the house, she began asking me questions about my life, and my time away from the estate.

I answered all her questions as honestly as I could, and within a few minutes, we found ourselves standing by the brook that ran through a small portion of the grounds. Moonlight played down upon us as we stood watching the water rush by.

This place had changed in the time I’d been away. When I had been a child, the house had been visible from here, but now, due to Mothers love of gardening; planting trees, bushes and various plants, the view from and to the house was obscured. Only someone on the top floor of the house could see the brook, and then they would only be afforded a glimpse.

Verity and I sat down with our backs to a large tree, she asked me about the wound in my leg. I explained how it happened. She asked if she could see it, and I agreed, seeing no harm in showing it to her. After undoing the buttons that held my pantaloons up, I stood, letting them drop to the floor.

Verity said nothing at the sight of my prick; I turned around so that she could see the scarring of my flesh.

“It looks sore still,” she commented.

“It looks sore, but isn’t.” I said turning to face her again – my groin level with her head. I saw her looking with curiosity at my pego, but she said nothing.

As I went to pull my pantaloons up, she stopped me, took hold of my member, and started to masturbate me. “What are you doing young lady?” I asked in surprise and more than a little astonishment. I made to move her hand off my quickly engorging dick, but she swatted my hand away.

“Nothing I haven’t done with Peter.” She replied matter of factly. “I’m sixteen, nearly seventeen, and I’ve been fucking for a year or more!” She said proudly, smiling again. She increased the movements of her hand – I could feel my prick stiffening under her young, but experienced touch.

“Sit down.” She ordered. I opened my mouth to say something, but she placed a finger over my lips to silence me. I sat down.

Rather than masturbating me this time, she dropped to her knees, her head level with my crotch and began sucking on my ever-hardening prick. Verity was extremely skilled, and within minutes, I sprayed my seed into her mouth. She swallowed each and every salty drop.

Verity licked her lips afterward, and simultaneously, she lifted her skirts up to her waist. With her other hand, she slipped off the garment that was covering her groin.

I’d never actually met a woman who worn underwear under her skirts. These days a woman’s skirt offered little or no protection against an enamoured male – if they wanted to fuck a woman, they would – despite her objections. Besides, not many women could afford to buy the under garments as they were quite expensive.

“Your turn to pleasure me now,” she said, lying back on the ground, spreading her legs. Seeing her hairless quim, I asked her what she wanted me to do. I didn’t know why I’d asked, but I had.

“Fuck me,” she said. I was almost in shock at the thoughts racing through my head about what I was doing with my sister, but somehow I felt as though nothing was wrong with this picture. I didn’t really know this girl, and fucking her seemed to be quite a natural thing to do – even though she was my sister.

“Put your finger in the hole and move it back and forth to start off with,” she instructed, “that will allow your prick to regain its strength before you put it in me.”

“I know what to do,” I said maybe a little too harshly. She seemingly ignored the tone in my voice. “How do you remain hairless?” I asked, my tone a little calmer even though I was staring at her bald cunt, licking my lips as I did so.

“I order the servants to pluck me with tweezers,” she replied, “come on, fuck me!” My mouth opened to reply to this statement, but no sound would come out of my mouth. My head spun slightly at the though of the servants kneeling between her legs, pulling the tiny hairs out of her skin next to her young and tender cunt.

I swooned slightly at the thought of me putting my fingers into one so young, but so sexually experienced.

“Come on Christopher; fuck me with your fingers!” she moaned, playing with her very swollen clitoris.

I hesitated for a moment, and Verity took control, grabbing my hand. She moved it toward her most secret of places. Once there, instinct and lust took over.

My fingers gently probed at the lips barring entry to her moist, inviting hole. I moved my hand back and forth, gently teasing her lips, my thumb rubbing against her engorged clitoris every now and then in an intentionally errant manner. Eventually, I drove two fingers inside her bald quim; it shook with a life of its own.

Whilst my head said to me that this was wrong, my prick and my fingers disagreed.

My hardened pego stiffened even more as my hand pleasured her at an ever-increasing tempo. Verity closed her eyes, and seemed to relax to the point of unconsciousness as I knelt with two fingers inside her.

I rubbed my cock with my free hand. I could feel the spasmodic twitch of my prick, and knew that if I didn’t put it inside her soon, I would spray my seed on the ground.

I withdrew my fingers, moving into the space between her legs. Lifting them up, I exposed her cunny - the tiny tight hole looked inviting, but exposed at the same time.

Inching my way forward, I did my best to guide myself toward her without using my hands. Feeling the tip of my prick touch something soft, I pushed home.

Verity gasped with delight as my pego sunk into her hole all the way to my pubis. Rocking back and forth on my knees, I began fucking her for all I was worth.

Verity reached forward, taking hold of her legs. She pulled them further back to allow easier access. It was then that I realised that my pego was not in her tight little quim as I had expected, it was up her bum! I attempted to withdraw, but she stopped me.

“Don’t.” she said. “Leave it in there, it feels good.” Verity adjusted her hips slightly.

I did as I was asked, plunging myself into her again. This time it seemed that my swollen member managed to go even deeper inside of her.

By the Gods, her bum was tight!

I’d never experienced anything as tight as this before. Not even when I’d taken the virginity of a girl in Portsmouth the night before sailing for Spain. Moreover, her cunny had been tight, very tight.

Verity’s body tensed, she arched her back, opening her mouth, as if to speak. No sound came out. Her eyes were clamped shut, her head was back as far as she could get it – and even though I knew what was happening, I had never seen or felt an orgasm in a woman as intense as I did that evening.

I continued to fuck her bum as fast as I could. My head began to fill with even more lustful thoughts, of things that I would do to her, if only I had the chance. The way her bum hole clenched at my prick as it moved in and out of her hole, was astonishing. Her muscles clenched at me, sucking me further into her anus.

It was almost as though she was milking me to the point of orgasm, and orgasm I did – I thought that I would never stop spurting once I started. It seemed to me as though there was no end to it.

When after several moments, I flopped out of her, my sister opened her eyes, and smiling, told me that she’d never experienced anything like that before. She kissed me as passionately as any woman had ever done. Peter had never, ever, made her feel like before, she told me with pride.

I made her promise that she would not tell Peter, nor anyone else in the family of what had happened - she agreed not to say anything on pain of death. I explained that this oath was made not for my sake, but for hers. If anyone found out, it would ruin her reputation when she was older. She agreed once again, with a wry smile on her face.

“I’ve never had such an intense feeling,” she commented again as we were walking back toward the house some moments later, “we’ll have to do it again.”

I said nothing hoping beyond hope that she would not try to make good on that last statement.

She took hold of my hand, and held it all the way back to the house, only letting go when we neared the front door.

Edgar appeared as if out of nowhere. Verity kissed me on the cheek, said good night, then proceeded to climb the stairs. Edgar remained in the hallway with me, as we watched her ascend.

“Is there anything that you require Sir?” He asked.

“No, thank you, Edgar,” I replied, “I’m tired, and I’m turning in for the night.” I turned to face him, “I doubt I shall be awake in the morning when Mother, Father and James leave for London – please convey to them my hopes that they have a safe journey and a lucrative business meeting.”

“I will Sir,” Edgar responded, as I walked up the stairs toward the landing, “oh, and Sir?” I stopped, turning to face him. “Nice to have you back home. Good night.”


I awoke the next morning with the morning sunlight streaming through the flimsy curtains, sleep still in my eyes. I surveyed the room still not quite able to believe that after so many years, I was back at home.

I got out of bed and meandered into the anteroom, filled the porcelain bowl with ice-cold water in readiness to wash my face. As I stooped over the bowl, splashing water onto my face, rubbing my eyes with the water, I heard my bedroom door open.

“Sir?” A voice said. I recognised the voice as Peter. “Breakfast is ready.”

“Thank you, Peter,” I replied, feeling refreshed now that I no longer had those little crustaceans of sleep in my eyes. I peed into the pot that stood near the bath. Once I was done, I returned to my bed.

Peter stood in the doorway with one hand of the doorknob – apparently waiting to see if there was any thing he could do for me. As I entered the room fully, I noticed his eyes looking over my lean, naked body. I tried my best to ignore his eager eyes as they danced over me. “Get some fresh clothes for me, Peter.” I ordered.

Peter bowed slightly and obeyed; he opened the wardrobe and selected a comfortable white flannel shirt and a pair of brown pantaloons. Laying the clothes on the bed for me, he took a pair of long white socks from a drawer in the cabinet next to the bathroom door, and placed them on the bed next to the clothes.

I stood stock still in the centre of the room, and nodded my approval of the selection Peter had made. He picked up the shirt, shook it slightly, and then helped me to put it on. As he stood in front of me, I could hear the rhythm of his breathing as he worked busily on the buttons down the centre of the shirt and the cuffs. Taking the pantaloons off the bed, Peter dropped to his knees, allowing me to step into them.

As he pulled them upward toward my waist, I felt his breath on my pego - his head lingered at crotch height. Without moving my head, I glanced downward, noticing that Peter’s tongue was poking slightly out from between his lips.

Did he lick his lips? I was unsure.

Still on his knees, Peter held the pantaloons in place whilst I fastened the small button that held them around my waist. As soon as my hands had fixed the button into place, Peter let go of the waistband, and moved his hands to my crotch.

Slowly and deliberately, he made the required movements to close the cloth around the small pearl coloured buttons. I tended to my shirt ruffles and cuffs, straightening them, as Peter, still hunched in front of me, touched my legs and flaccid prick.

I could feel his nimble fingers gently touch me, and then move away as though trying not to arouse my suspicious that his touches were deliberate. I stood for a moment after Peter had finished with the buttons, looking at him with more intent now. My feelings of doubt no longer present – he had touched me on purpose, and although my prick was still flaccid, he could not draw his eyes away from the outline of it beneath my pantaloons.

Touching him gently on the shoulder, he took his cue, standing in front of me. I thanked him for his help, to which he only nodded. He took a step backwards and sideways, bowing slightly. I would have to quiz Eliza and Verity about Peter, I thought to myself.

I proceeded out of my room and onto the large landing of my family home - sunlight streaming in through the two large windows at either end of the building. I glanced up at some of the portraits that hung on the walls, noticing that there wasn’t one of me there. How could there be? I had never sat for a portrait in my life.

I made a mental note to ask Father about getting one or two commissioned when he returned from London in a few days time. I headed down the stairs to the dining room, from where a combination of wonderful smells was emanating.

Verity was already at the table eating when I entered the dining room. She nodded her “good morning” to me as she chewed on something. The smell was even more powerful and satisfying to my nose now, and my stomach rumbled in anticipation.

Edgar and Eliza stood silently at the opposite side of the table near a small trolley, upon which a large silver platter and a covered tureen sat. As I took my chair, Edgar moved toward me, Eliza following with the trolley.

“Good morning Sir,” Edgar said as he unfolded my napkin. “I hope you slept well.”

“Yes, thank you Edgar, I did.” I replied taking the napkin and placing it on my lap. I shuffled my chair forward slightly. “I’m famished and everything smells so good!” I said, licking my lips.

Breakfast was a muted affair. Neither Verity nor I said much whilst we ate, only when the servants started to clear away the used plates and cutlery did Verity ask me of my plans for the upcoming day.

“You know, I hadn’t given it much thought,” I said smiling at her. “I was hoping to just relax today, perhaps take a ride around the estate or out onto the moor – get a breath of fresh air.”

“What a wonderful idea,” Verity replied, “would you like some company?” I replied that I would be pleased for her to accompany me on my ride – especially given the fact that it had been a number of years since I last saw the estate and the surrounding moorland, and she would be my guide.

I did not tell Verity at the time, but I was pleased that she had offered to go with me as I had a slight fear of getting lost – and that would have been very embarrassing.

“I shall go to the stable and prepare the horses for our ride,” Verity told me and almost ran from the dining room with excitement.

Laughing gently at Verity as she raced from the dining room, I stood from my place at the table and patted my stomach. “That was wonderful Edgar,” I said, “please give the cook my thanks.” Edgar replied that he would. “Did you pass on my message to my parents?” I asked.

“I did, Sir,” Edgar responded. “His Lordship apologises for his absence on your first full day home. This visit to London was planned some time ago and due to circumstance the timing of it was unchangeable.”

I nodded my understanding, recalling that several of the letters I had received whilst away with the army - they had told of how the estate management had changed now that trade routes had been set up, of how fast clipper ships were now transporting goods from all over the globe back to England and vice versa.

My family in particular had taken the opportunity with both hands and had started selling a portion of the estates natural resources overseas as well as importing goods either for resale or for use on the estate itself, and thus far, due to James’ involvement mainly, the estate had made a decent profit from the endeavour.

Edgar informed me that this trip was an opportunity for the estate to re-negotiate prices for items that it was currently buying and selling, and to negotiate the purchase of new items from recently opened trade routes.

Mr James, Edgar said, was eager to see these new goods and wanted the opportunity to gauge what, if anything the estate would benefit from. Edgar also said that my Mother, although nothing to do with the business of the estate, had taken the opportunity to go to London to shop for new clothes, and for items for the house too as she had heard from her cousin, my Aunt Jennifer, about new and wondrous things from far-flung places.

An hour or so later, Verity breezed into the house calling my name. I was in the library, reading an old tome when I heard her. Smiling at her broadly, I entered the hallway. She took me by the hand and we made our way out of the house. We walked toward a pair of chestnut brown horses that stood patiently at the bottom of six stone steps.

After mounting her horse, Verity dismissed the groom and patted the saddlebag behind her. “I took the liberty of getting Eliza to organise a picnic for us,” she told me. “I thought we could take the full day.” I nodded my approval and mounted. Verity led the way and trotted off toward the brook. I followed; taking in deep lung fulls of air.

We rode for an hour or so chatting all the while, occasionally we stopped to admire the birds or plants. Verity told me of her life thus far.

She told me that Father had arranged a tutor for her so that she could stay at home whilst gaining her education, and that currently, her tutor had gone home to arrange and attend the funeral of her Mother, who had died ten or so days prior to my arrival.
The tutor, a Miss Etheringham, I was informed would be returning within two weeks to resume her duties. We rode for another hour.

We were ready for our picnic. The sun was high in the sky, with not a cloud in sight. I felt hot and sticky, so I suggested to Verity that we might stop somewhere with a bit of shade, or perhaps somewhere with water nearby. She agreed, leading us to a small copse of trees.

After dismounting and retrieving the picnic from her saddlebag, we walked a few steps into the tree line, found a small clearing and sat down to eat. We could see the horses grazing the last of the green grass. Happily, the two horses nuzzled each other.

During our meal, I took the opportunity to talk about Peter. Verity was quite forthcoming.

“Oh Peter,” she said coldly. “He’s a nice boy – for a servant.”

“Does Father or anyone else know about what you two have been getting up to?”

“Good gracious, no.” Verity giggled, taking a drink from a small flask. “No. Nobody except for you and me,” she took another draught from the flask. “Peter, of course, and Eliza.” She added returning the cork to the flask. I was quite shocked that Verity and the servants were having sex with each other. Allowing Eliza to use tweezers on her pussy was bad enough – but to have sex with them as well!

She smiled, giggled again at the look of astonishment on my face. “Do you think that Peter would still be in our employ if Father did know?” I shook my head, she continued. “No, neither do I.”

“When did you two start, well, you know.” I asked taking a bite of the sandwich I’d chosen from the basket between us.

“About a year or so ago,” she said. “It was the night of my fourteenth birthday, and I managed to persuade James to get me something to drink. Brandy I think it was.” She began searching through the picnic bag, obviously looking for something.

“Anyway, I got very drunk and when Father saw me, he ordered Peter to take me upstairs and put me to bed.” I selected another sandwich, and took the other flask from the bag. I moved from where I had been sitting on the ground, and rested my back up against a tree trunk.

“Which of course he did,” she continued, “I was so drunk that I couldn’t even undress myself - so he took it upon himself to do it for me.” Smiling wryly, she stopped searching the bag as she recalled the occasion. “I began hugging him, and I think I kissed him more than once.” She smiled a broad smile and giggled again.

I looked at her smile, and just knew that it was something that I would grow to love as the years passed.

“Of course, he tried to stop me from kissing him, but I ignored him and kept on.” She chuckled to herself at the thought. “After he’d taken off my dress - I remember falling backwards onto the bed,” she recalled, taking a small bite of her sandwich.

“He started to remove my stockings and at one point, he tickled my feet so much that I almost peed myself laughing!” She giggled again at the thought. “Anyway, by the time he’d gotten my stockings off the only garments I had on were my petticoats, it was a struggle, but he managed to get them off.”

“Did he force himself upon you?” I asked. She shook her head.

“No, it was actually the other way around.”

“Tell me.”

“I was going to!” She cried, “stop interrupting!”

I held my hands up to signify that I had surrendered, and wouldn’t say anything else.

She continued. “After he’d taken off my petticoats, and I was naked, he dragged me to my feet so that he could pull back the bed covers.” Leaving the picnic things, she moved across the clearing and sat next to me with her back against the same tree trunk.

“Anyway, I was swaying a lot and simply had to hold onto him for support,” she said. “With one hand, he managed somehow to hold me up and pull back the covers and that’s when it happened.”

I was about to open my mouth to speak but she cut me off.

“In my urgency to get into bed, I staggered forward, tripped on his feet and landed in a heap on the floor.” She brushed her hair away from her bright blue eyes.

“I was giggling as I remember, and as I was giggling, I was looking up at him. He seemed quite annoyed at the fact that I was being uncooperative – I think he forgot I was drunk!” She laughed. “He said something that I don’t remember now, and bent down to pick me up, his face was level to mine, so I kissed him again.”

“He resisted again of course,” she spoke slowly remembering. “He tried to stop me kissing him by standing up, and when he did; his crotch came into my line of sight. I remember that my head was swaying back and forth, but my thoughts were clear – well, as clear as they can be for someone drunk!”

She stopped talking for a moment, and I kept quiet, I didn’t want to spoil her train of thought. “I reached out with both my hands, and grabbed his pantaloons, in all honesty, I was trying to pull myself up, but they came down, and that’s when I saw it.” She measured out a distance of about seven or eight inches between her hands.

“I was astounded, I’d never seen something that big before. Even James isn’t that big,” she giggled. I didn’t dare ask how she knew how big James’ pego was – even though I was sure she’d tell me at some point.

“Before he could reach down to pull up his pantaloons to hide this monstrous thing between his legs, I grabbed a hold of it and lifted it up to my eye level, so that I could see it better in the darkness.” She made a circle with her hands that must have been one and a half or two inches across the middle.

“It was difficult for me to hold onto with one hand, so I grabbed it with both my hands,” she said. “Then it started to change. It started to rise and swell. It was amazing to see something as big as that grow even bigger in my hands.”

“It was almost as if it had a mind of its own, it grew and grew almost uncontrollably. Of course, I know now what had happened, but at the time, I was naïve, and didn’t have a clue. My previous experiences were all with other girls – a nanny here, a nanny there, one or two of the servants that are no longer in the families employ, that sort of thing.” I felt my prick twitch at the thought of her having sex with all those women.

She closed her eyes at the memory of this huge prick engorging and swelling before her, “After a moment or two the thing was pointing at the ceiling, and it was forcing my hands apart – I mean the size of it was amazing.

“I couldn’t hold on to it, my fingers, which had been touching, were forced apart.” She moved her fingers apart slightly as if to emphasise the change in the girth of his prick. “I was mesmerised. My mouth fell open – I was unable to speak.

“That’s when he lowered his hand to it, and made it horizontal; then he pushed the tip of it into my mouth.

“I almost choked on it, it was that big,” she said opening her mouth as wide as she could get it. “He’d pushed it so far into my mouth that I could feel the thing touching every part of my mouth at the same time.” She paused a second, as if reliving the moment.

“I pulled my head backwards to escape from this huge thing in my mouth. But when I’d almost escaped, and only the head was still in my mouth, he grabbed my hair and thrust his hips forward, forcing it back into my mouth again. This was a surprise to me, and although I didn’t have that choking feeling that time, the size of it was still a shock.”

I didn’t say anything to Verity, but my prick had been swelling in my pantaloons – I didn’t know whether or not she’d noticed it, but regardless, she continued to speak.

“After pushing it forward, a small amount, he pulled it back again, and then started to repeat the process. This went on for a moment or two and then, in a voice that sounded most unlike his own, he said to me; Suck! Suck!”

My prick was swelling very quickly now, and I could feel the pressure of it against my thigh. “I started sucking on it without even thinking about it,” Verity said.

“As I was sucking on it, he was thrusting harder and harder into my mouth, all the time saying in this deep voice, suck!” She placed her hand on my thigh, near my crotch. “I had to obey him,” she continued, “I sucked and sucked and sucked for all I was worth, and then without warning, he stopped moving, I felt his thing swell a little more, and it throbbed terribly before this torrent of hot liquid hit the back of my mouth. All I could hear was him grunting.”

She moved her hand upward, toward my prick - which was now painfully evident to both of us through my pantaloons. Touching it tenderly, she continued speaking.

“He must have erupted forth his seed for at least a minute; I had to swallow it all,” she said, “I was swallowing for all my worth, but I still felt a few dribbles escaping down the sides of my mouth and onto my chin.”

She slid down the tree trunk until she was lying flat on the ground next to me, her hand still on my prick. Turning over onto her stomach, she spoke again.

“When he’d finished giving me his seed, he withdrew from my mouth, and rubbed the tip of his monster around my mouth and chin. He pushed it back into my still open mouth and I, automatically began sucking again. I couldn’t help myself, I had to suck it.”

She began to unbutton the small pearl buttons on my pantaloons, relieving the pressure on them slightly with each button she undid. As she opened the fourth one, my prick sprang out and she grabbed it with her left hand. Verity started to rub gently back and forth, I didn’t say anything, or try to stop her. My cock grew to her touch.

“When he pulled it out of my mouth again, I tried to stop him,” Verity said, “I tried so hard to keep his wonderful prick in my mouth. He stepped backwards and soon I couldn’t reach it, well, not without moving anyway.”

She shifted her position slightly so that her head was nearer my swollen member. She kissed it gently. “Then he helped me up onto my feet,” she said. “I kissed him again, tried to grab his prick again, but he pushed me onto the bed.”

She kissed my member again, and again, again. She ran her tongue up shaft; used the tip of her tongue on the head, then ran her tongue back down to the hairy base, all the time frigging my, by now, almost painful erection, with her hand.

I was just about to lift her head away from my pego when she suddenly engulfed it with her mouth. I could feel her hot breath surrounding it; she was using her tongue; moving it from side to side in quick rapid movements, and all the while sucking as if her life depended upon it. I groaned and my cock twitched. As abruptly as she’d started sucking, she stopped.

She hopped up to her feet, hoisted her skirts up to her waist, and to my utter amazement, sank onto my prick right down to the base. Moving her hips back and forth, she began to fuck me like a seasoned professional of more advanced years.

I opened my mouth to speak again, and heard myself groan instead. She leant forward to kiss me, and as she did so, the feelings in my prick changed and I almost erupted there and then.

Leaning back after the kiss, she grabbed her skirts again and lifted them clean over her head, removing the dress completely. I could see her small breasts with her little pink coloured rosebud nipples staring me straight in the face. I reached up and rubbed my finger against one of them, feeling it grow hard under my touch.

My other hand moved to her hip, and held her slim waist. By the movement of my hand and wrist, I encouraged her movement, trying to make her move faster – she refused to be swayed however, and stayed her action, standing up.

“What…” I managed to say. “What are you doing? Are you stopping?” She shook her head. “Then what...”

“I want you to make love to me,” she said lying down next to me again, legs spread slightly. As I stood and removed my pantaloons, she moved her left hand down to her hairless quim, and began to flick her finger back and forth across the top of her little slit, engorging her already swollen clit.

Almost immediately she opened her legs that bit further to allow me access to her. I dropped to my knees, and she stopped using her fingers. Instead, she grabbed both of her legs behind the knees and lifted them toward her chest. “Fuck my pussy this time,” she gasped, “I want to feel you deep inside of me!”

I obliged, making sure that I didn’t enter her backside. I thrust home. Gently at first, I began to rock back and forth on my knees, trying to take things easy, so that I did not spend, even though I was so excited at this point and could have spurted within a second.

She raised her backside off the ground a little and began moving against my thrusts – as I thrust in, she opposed the movement, causing some friction between us. She would explain later that when she did that, she got a tingling sensation in her clit that felt amazing and that, given enough stimulation, would send shock waves of pleasure throughout her whole body, causing her to loose liquid in rapid jets.

“Fuck me harder,” she moaned into my ear, “Fuck me harder!” I obliged, slightly. I was trying to think of other things to avoid spending. I closed my eyes to help myself.

I saw Eliza, naked in front of me, playing with her breast with one hand and her cunny with the other – she too was flicking at the top of her slit with her fingertips, causing her clitoris to swell as Verity’s had done. Involuntarily, I started fucking her faster and faster, I knew that I would spend very soon.

“Ohhh,” I cried, “Ohh!”

“Spend!” She moaned, “Spend deep inside me, brother!”

I could feel my body’s urgings deep within me, and almost unconsciously, my thrusting speed increased again. I felt lightheaded. My prick seemed to grow and swell deep inside Verity’s young cunny, and I could feel the tip touching her womb.

Verity responded by moving her hips and backside even faster herself, and then I spent! I sent my seed crashing into her. It seemed as though my cock was on fire as I spent, I could feel wave after wave of seed spurting out of me and into her taut, lithe body. Her body went stiff – she arched her back, her head tilted backward – she gasped aloud as her orgasm hit like a punch to the stomach!

For what seemed like an eternity, I lay embedded deep in my sisters’ bald cunny, my prick still spurting seed. I collapsed to one side, my prick completely deflated.

She let her fingers drift down her body to her quim, sending little electrical charges through her, causing aftershocks to erupt all over her body.

With her legs still spread, Verity began to probe her insides with two digits. After a second or two, she pulled them out, thrusting them deep into her mouth - sucking my spending from them nosily. She repeated this several more times, and eventually turned on her to side to face me as I lay on my back panting for breath.

“Thank you dear Christopher,” she purred, “that was every bit as good as the first time Peter fucked me with that monstrous cock of his!” She placed her hand on my prick, patting it gently. “You really are an excellent lover.”

I lay; eyes closed thinking of how wrong this was, but how good it felt.

I knew that once again, lust had overtaken me, I vowed never to let it happen again – but how wrong I was, over the next ten years, I would fuck Verity regularly, telling myself each and every time afterward, that that would be the last time, but it never was.

Moreover, Verity, the minx, despite her tender years, led me astray on more than one occasion.

Tales of which, I shall relay presently.


The following day Verity told me that her friend, Mary-Ann would be visiting from Cambridge University. Mary-Ann had lived in the village that made up part of the estate, and before advancing into further education at age sixteen, had became Verity’s friend.

Her Father was the local clergyman. As a member of the clergy’s daughter, Mary-Ann had been given the opportunity to attend one of the finest schools in England to obtain an excellent education – in my opinion; she was a very lucky girl.

Verity told me that Mary-Ann would be arriving just after noon, and that that evening they had arranged to go down to the village to visit her parents – she would be staying at the house with us, however. Not that that mattered to me, there was ample space.

At a quarter past twelve a carriage became visible on the gravel road in front of the house. Verity, who had been standing vigil in a room upstairs, came flying down the staircase like a mad thing, “She here!” She cried as ran past me, her youthful exuberance spilling out of her.

I made sure that my clothing was straight before I ventured out of the house to meet Mary-Ann. Edgar and Peter entered the hall from one of the panelled doors that lead to the servants’ areas, and proceeded outside, I followed them.

Verity scampered down the steps onto the gravel, and didn’t stop until she almost collided with the carriage, which was slowing down as it approached the house. Instead of waiting for the driver to stop, Verity grabbed at the handle and yanked it open with such force that I thought it might shear from its hinges.

A young girl about eighteen or nineteen appeared in the doorway with her arms stretched outward – she grabbed Verity, and gave her a massive hug. The driver of the coach pulled to a stop quickly. As they greeted each other, I could tell that they were very close friends.

They hugged and kissed, and examined each other – commenting on hairstyle and feature changes that had occurred since last they’d seen each other. It was several minutes before Verity became calm enough to remember my and the servants presences.

“Oh! Mary-Ann,” she extolled quickly coming over to me and, grabbing my hand, dragging me toward her friend. “This is my brother, Christopher!” I smiled at Mary-Ann, who offered me her hand. Gingerly, I took it, stooped and kissed it.

“I’m honoured to make your acquaintance,” I said. “Please, come into the house, you must be in need of refreshment after your journey.” She nodded, and brushed her hair away from her deeply coloured green eyes.

As soon as Verity had clasped her hand, they headed into the house. The servants had been waiting for this queue, and as soon as the girls moved away, they proceeded to remove the luggage, conveying it upstairs to one of the bedrooms.

I followed them into the house and into the dining room. Eliza curtsied as I entered and hurried away toward the door to the kitchen.

Edgar had seated Mary-Ann in the chair nearest the head of the table; Verity had dragged the nearest chair up so that they could sit right next to each other. I took my place at the head of the table – whilst Father was away, I’d allowed myself to sit in his chair. Mary-Ann whispered something to Verity and then excusing herself, she exited the room.

“She’s gone to powder her nose,” Verity explained as I watched Mary-Ann leave the room, a look of curiosity on my face. “Tell me, what do you think of her?”

“I don’t know!” I said quickly, “I haven’t had the chance to get to know her yet!” I smiled at Verity. “Ask me again tomorrow.”

“I will,” agreed Verity. “I’m so glad she’s here!” The smile on her face broadened, if that were possible. “The next few days will be such fun!”

During our luncheon, Verity and Mary-Ann chatted and gossiped about the things that had happened to them since they’d last been together. Mostly boring girl talk as far I was concerned, but every now and then Mary-Ann mentioned some boy or other that had tried to court her attention in Cambridge, and I was called on to give my opinion of some boy whom I’d never met.

At other times, I occasionally nodded at them when one of them remembered to include me in the conversation, but didn’t say much to either of them – not that would have noticed anyway, they were far too deeply engrossed in each other. As they idly chatted, I had had the opportunity to get a better look at Mary-Ann.

Her hair was the most magnificent shade of strawberry blonde that I’d ever seen, and she had it tied back in a bun – it was quite formal. Her dress revealed her cleavage to me, but not overly so. I could see her breasts straining against the flimsy material – both nipples just barely visible to my wandering eye.

My imagination wandered slightly, and my mind conjured up a picture of Mary-Ann standing naked in front of me – my eyes drawn to her crotch with its covering of flimsy pubic hair, or maybe she was bald, like Verity. The possibilities were endless.

I compared what I could see of her cleavage against what I knew to be Verity’s bosom. Mary-Ann’s breasts must have been five or six times the size of my sisters’. I smiled at the thought of seeing them in the flesh, and decided that at some point in the near future, I would have to accidently see her naked either in the morning, or at whatever time she bathed.

A short while after I’d finished my meal, I stood, and after making my pleasantries, excused myself. Seated in the library a few moments later, I could hear them chatting, laughing and giggling. This carried on for another forty-five minutes and then silence fell upon the house. Verity stuck her head around the library door, a wide beaming smile on her lips.

“Mary-Ann and I are going upstairs to, err, freshen up before we go to see her parents.” Before I had the chance to reply - she was gone, and the door was closed firmly behind her.

I tilted my head, shrugged my shoulders, and returned to my reading. I finished the chapter I was reading, and after placing my bookmark, I laid the book down, stood up, headed for the door.

Stepping into the hallway, I noticed that the house was quiet apart from the odd muffled noise coming from upstairs.

The image of Mary-Ann naked flooded back into my mind. This might be a good opportunity to try to peek at her, my brain told me, I almost ran up the stairs towards Verity’s room. I knew that Mary-Ann had been allocated the room next door.

A low moan emanated from one of the rooms as I approached the door to Verity’s bedchamber. Turning my head so that I could hear better, I stood stock-still and listened for a moment. Who ever had groaned, did it again.

‘What could be causing that?’ I wondered somewhat innocently, and tiptoed carefully toward the nearest door. After checking that none of the servants where nearby, I crouched, positioning my eye to the hole.

Looking through the small keyhole, my eyebrows raised in astonishment at the view of Mary-Ann and Verity lying head to toe with each other on the floor, each holding the others’ head in what looked to be a vice like grip between her own thighs.

Verity was lying to her friends’ left hand side, she was licking at the hairy cunny presented to her with gusto, and I could hear the sound of slurping.

Two of Verity’s fingers were lodged to the hilt inside of Mary-Ann, moving back and forth with a steady rhythm. Marry-Ann groaned again, and I felt my prick twitch inside my pantaloons.

Mary-Ann was not quite idle herself. I could see her head moving up and down rhythmically. Her arm also moved, but horizontally. I assumed that she was doing the same actions as Verity-to-Verity.

Her head movements were slight it appeared from my vantage point, but never the less it was an amazing sight! In addition, I knew that her tongue would be busy licking the folds of Verity’s cunny. My prick twitched again, and I could feel it begin to swell against my thigh.

I had to get a better view! But how?

I racked my brains trying to think of a place nearby that would allow me to gain a better view. It was then that I remembered the adjoining door that lead into what had been my parents’ room when I had been a baby and a toddler.

My parents had purposely built an adjoining door between these two rooms, so that whilst my Mother had been nursing her newborn children she could have quick access to the nursery when necessary during the night. I ran at almost full pelt down the hallway to the next door, thrusting it open.

Coming to my senses quickly, and so that they wouldn’t hear me, I crept into the room. Closing the door cautiously, I looked around the room and noticed that the servants had already unpacked Mary-Ann’s luggage.

Her nightdress had been neatly folded and placed on the bed by the pillows, her travelling trunk sat unopened nearby. I stole across the wooden floor to the door embedded into the wall panels on my right.

Immediately I saw that there was no key hole! I felt deflated, but resolved to get my better view. Slowly, I opened the door a millimetre, trying not make any sound as I did so. Luckily, the hinges of the door did not make any sound as the door opened.

I could hear them again, and the groaning and the slurping continued – if anything, the noises they were making had increased, and I felt sure that they had not heard me.

Peering into the room through the crack in the door, I was disappointed to see absolutely nothing apart from the door that I had been behind only a few moments earlier. They had moved! A foot entered and left my field of vision.

They were on the bed! Moving my eye rapidly around the room, I noticed a chaise-long a short distance from the door I was behind.

It had a blanket draped over its backrest that fell all the way to the floor, I noticed. That would be perfect. If I could get behind that without being noticed, I could peep without being seen!

The noise from the girls abruptly stopped seconds before I was going to open the door more than it already was. Verity told Mary-Ann to move to a different position on the bed, which she must have done, as a few seconds later, the slurping and the verbal encouragement started up again.

Verity was talking this time. She was speaking in excited tones to Mary-Ann; telling her what she was feeling in great detail - my prick – which had deflated slightly, twitched again at lurid and erotic talk emanating from the room.

‘Verity,’ I thought, ‘you little wanton slut!’

I made my move from the doorway, slowly and carefully – timing my movement to when they were making as much noise as possible.

Still trying not to make any noise, I opened the door just wide enough for me to get through, whilst crouched down on my hunkers.

“Oh yes,” Verity cried, and I made my move. “Yes, just there! That’s the spot!”

Verity screamed with pleasure, and although I was tempted to look at this point to see what was happening, I didn’t. Flipping the door closed with my left hand as soon as I was in the room, I scrambled to the chaise-long, and managed to squeeze into the small gap behind it.

As luck would have it, the door closed silently. When they were finished neither of them would notice that it had even been open at all. Lying on my right side, I lifted the blanket slightly, and stared out from beneath it. I could see Mary-Ann and Verity stretched out on the bed.

Verity spread akimbo, her lover between her legs - her arms and hands stretched out toward Verity’s face. I could see Mary-Ann’s nimble fingers manipulate Verity’s nipples with a light touch. Those nipples, I noticed, had grown considerably from the last time I had seen them excited, and as I looked, it seemed to me that they were still growing!

Verity was moaning and rubbing her hands through the now ruffled hair of Mary-Ann, grabbing it and pulling it gently toward her – pulling the lapping head ever deeper into the gap between her legs and her very, very swollen clitoris.

“Up a bit,” came a weak voice, “no, left a little.” I could see Mary-Ann’s head bobbing up and down as she licked furiously.

Moments went by and I could see that Verity was physically shaking, at the sight my pego reminded me it was there, by starting to stiffen once again.

Another low moan emitted from Verity’s open mouth, and it grew louder as Mary-Ann’s hands shifted position to grasp Verity’s hips. As her fingertips traced lightly over her body, the moan grew and grew, and was almost a scream by the time Verity had arched her back in readiness to spend.

Throwing her head back onto the bed was a sign that I recognised, and I knew what was fast approaching. Verity turned her head to face me, and I saw the broadest smile - her white teeth bared before me. As she screamed a silent scream of orgasmic pleasure. Pleasure etched upon her face.

‘She’s spending right now!’ I thought. My mind raced! My cock jumped – reminding me again, that it was there, and it wanted attention!

Instinctively, I let go my grip on the blanket, using both hands to slide my pantaloons down over my ever-stiffening cock. I lifted the blanket again, gripping it tightly. Stimulating my prick briskly with two fingers and my thumb, I started masturbating. My fingers never strayed far from the head, until I felt it grow to its hardest under my touch.

As I looked at the girls, they changing positions yet again, my hand automatically changed its grip on my member, and I began my rubbing with a new sense of urgency. I watched them move around – catching sight of the thin lips of flesh that hid the entrance to their cunnies – Verity’s bald groin and Mary-Ann’s hairy nest.

My prick swelled uncontrollably again, as my brain processed what I was looking at. My balls began to bounce off my thigh as I increased the tempo of my frigging.

Verity relaxed eventually – her spend complete. Her back slowly levelled out, and as she touched the bedclothes once more, Mary-Ann moved from between her legs, and laid herself on top of Verity’s small breasts. They kissed. I could see Verity’s tongue probing upward into Mary-Ann’s mouth.

“Stay there!” Verity whispered her voice slightly hoarse. She had recovered some measure of strength because she clambered off the bed and moved out of my view.

My attention focused on Mary-Ann. Her hand was moving between her legs, and I could see that she was playing with herself. I heard a squelch as her fingers moved about, and I definitely noticed that they were now glistening with her love juice when she removed them long enough to have a quick suck.

‘Mary-Ann must soaking,’ I thought, and my prick engorged a little more – causing me slight amounts of pleasurable pain. Even though I thought it couldn’t get any bigger, at the sight of her opened, glistening pussy, it did. The feelings I was getting were extremely intense, and I groaned as quietly as I could.

My hand movements increased yet again, and the sound of my balls slapping against my leg filled my ears. I knew that I would spend soon, but I prayed that they would not hear me above the noises of their lovemaking. Verity reappeared carrying what looked like a piece of long, but thick, cylindrical wood, dropping it on the bed next to Mary-Ann.

My swollen prick throbbed uncontrollably once more, and I began to spend copiously. Thick jets of my seed spilled out and landed in thick globules on the blanket. I was moaning – though quietly, trying not to let them hear me. I milked every drop of seed out of my now aching prick, and I could feel my body tingling all over. My breathing was heavy, my cock throbbed, but still, I watched eagerly – keen to see what they would do next. My head swam slightly as I became intoxicated with lust.

“Tastes good!” Mary-Ann said lasciviously, after licking her juice covered fingers again. They kissed passionately - a long and sloppy sounding kiss emanated from between them as Verity sucked up her lovers’ juices.

Verity grabbed the wooden stick. She inserted it into her mouth, and began sucking on it as a woman who loved to suck on a prick would. Lustily, she sucked and frigged her mouth with the large piece of wood – her mouth barely able to encircle it.

It was only now that I could see that the wood was carved in the shape of a cock, and it had been varnished, to stop the wood from splintering. Judging by the size and shape, it had been modelled on Peter’s cock - and it was huge! Either that or it was the business end of horses’ dick! Stuffing as much of the wooden prick into her mouth as she could, Verity continued sucking.

Saliva dripped and dribbled from the sides of her mouth, down onto her breasts – a wonderful sight! I shifted position slightly; the arm I was resting on was starting to become numb.

I was shuffling about trying to relieve the pressure on my arm. Verity pulled the wooden cock from her mouth, and positioned it so that Mary-Ann could sit on it – I could see it coated in saliva, and as the light streamed in through the windows, it bounced off it, making the cock’s surface glisten beautifully.

Without hesitation, Mary-Ann crouched over the cock, and with her fingers dancing over her cunny; she lowered herself onto it, almost filling her bum. My cock began filling with blood again – from its semi erect state, it was rapidly becoming hard again.

Mary-Ann was facing me, but had her eyes closed, as she experienced the feeling of her arse filling with the wooden dildo, and I could see that the wooden cock was stretching it, filling her almost to capacity, but still she kept sliding down upon it.

Mary-Ann slid almost all the way down on the dildo; soon though, she was jumping up and down on it, whilst her fingers worked on her clit. Verity held the wooden cock still as best she could - against the lifting motion that it was experiencing as Mary-Ann pulled herself upwards. Verity licked her lips with anticipation.

My prick involuntarily twitched, blood rushed to it, engorging and swelling it, hurting me slightly. I had never seen such things, and the feelings of lust were rolling over me like waves hitting a sandy beach – the pleasure was relentless.

Mary-Ann’s face contorted with pleasure as she moved herself up and down. Without warning, she pushed down further than I had seen previously. The cheeks of her backside touched Verity’s fingers – this time she did not move upward. “Come around to the front,” she ordered, eyes clamped shut. “Lick me!”

Verity crawled quickly to one side, no longer needing to hold the cock buried as it was, totally up Mary-Ann’s arse, only the slightest amount of wood could be seen peeking out of her bum.

Moving her head into position, Verity began lapping away at the exposed slit that sat below the bush of strawberry white hair that was her lovers’ pubis. Mary-Ann moved her hand to touch the dildo, and after grabbing it, and just about managing to extract it from her arse, began frigging herself.

Verity licked Mary-Ann’s exposed flesh, biting her clit as she lapped at the folds of pussy lips. Mary-Ann’s arse moved up as far as she dared, and after pausing for a split second, drove herself down onto it as hard as she could, and as deep as she could.

The sight of that dildo being removed almost full length, and then pushed into that arse to the hilt was driving me insane. My cock was reacting to this vision of lust too, throbbing again, and hardening with every twitch. I masturbated frenetically.

Verity buried her face as close as she could to her objective, and I could hear the sound of her tongue flicking away. The slurping and swallowing sounds that followed intensified my lust, and I felt my cock harden yet again in my hand.

This was getting to be one of, if not the - most erotic moments I had ever experienced.

Thrusting my hips against the stroking of my hand increased the pleasure I was feeling, and drove me on into new heights of ecstasy. I fucked my fist as if I had never fucked any one or anything before – the lust, the lightheaded feelings I was getting from the pleasure that I was feeling, and the visual stimulation not ten feet away, was driving me crazy!

Verity had totally obscured my view of Mary-Ann’s arse being stretched by the wooden cock – but at least I could see bald quim and bum hole! I was staring straight at that beautiful sight - and from my point of view, it looked delicious – all wet and glistening. My prick twitched and throbbed again, but the numbness in arm was starting to cause me some discomfort now, and I knew I had to move soon.

I had fantasies in my head of burying my cock all the way up to my balls in Verity’s arse while she licked cunny, would that I could! I worked my prick harder, desperate for release.

“How I wish this wooden dildo was a real prick!” Mary-Ann exclaimed as she worked the dildo in and out of her arse. “Does your brother have a big cock?”

The mention of my name by Mary-Ann was all it took to make me spend again as copiously as I had done the first time. My semen flew out of my cock in thick ropes, splashing the blanket.

“It’s not as big as this one,” Verity replied. “It’s big, but not unduly so, and it’s quite beautiful.” I smiled as I remembered fucking her – my imagination ran away with me as I thought about what it would be like to fuck Mary-Ann, making my still spurting cock throb again – sending a little more seed onto the blanket.

I felt totally spent when my cock eventually came to a rest. Soon it started to shrink as if it had enough fun for the evening. Stretching my arm out to try to get the blood flowing again, I unfortunately bumped the chaise-long. It moved, and made a short sharp screech as it scraped slightly on the wooden floor. ‘Oh fuck!’ I thought to myself.

Obviously, both girls had heard it move. Mary-Ann stopped her self-frigging, and Verity’s head and upper body turned to face in my direction. I lay as still as I could, hoping, beyond hope that they would just ignore it and continue, but, of course, they didn’t.

I heard soft footsteps on the floorboard, and a second later, I was looking up at Verity. My face blushed, and if I could have seen my reflection, I was sure that my face would have been a deep crimson red!

“Christopher!” She exclaimed as she moved the blanket away from where it had been. “Get up!”

Lying flat on my back, I sighed, and stuffed my prick back into my pantaloons. Verity’s eyes followed my hands as my cock went out of her line of sight and she licked her lips. Lust had obviously overtaken her a long time ago.

I turned over so that I was facing the floor, and quickly sprang onto my hands and knees in preparation to stand up. Then an exquisite, but lustful thought entered my brain.

Rather than stand, I crawled forward carefully and nuzzled my head on Verity’s leg, close to her smooth, hairless quim. I reached up with my hand, and stroked my fingertips across her waist and hip, staying away from her slit on purpose.

“Does he want to play?” Mary-Ann said standing up – the wooden dildo, still lodged deep in her bum hole looked simply divine.

“Well?” Verity asked. I tilted my head upward, and flicked my tongue toward her fully extended and swollen clit – catching it lightly. I heard Verity groan – she squatted slightly to allow me to lick her freely.

“I’d say he does,” Mary-Ann said with a grin on her face. She reached down and plucked the dildo out of her swollen anus, I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. She held the glistening dildo in her hand. I wondered to myself what thoughts were running through her head! I prayed she wasn’t going to use it on me! She approached, and stuffed the dildo into Verity’s mouth!

‘My God!’ I thought as I flicked my tongue at Verity’s clit.

My eyes were drawn to the sight of my sister sucking on a wooden dildo that had just come out of her lover’s backside! My lust level must have jumped by twenty places; my cock suddenly began to swell for the third time!

Turning on her heel, Mary-Ann walked back to the bed. She was wiggling her hips as she did so, teasing me. I watched as her hips wiggled sexily in that way a woman’s body does when she walks with the intention of attracting a mate. My cock throbbed again. She literally fell face first on to the bed her legs wide open – allowing me a view of both her orifices – and to my eye, the looked bloody gorgeous!

Her pussy lips hung loosely together – inviting me in. Her bum hole puckered in and out slightly as she placed her finger inside.

It looked to me that Mary-Ann got a great deal of pleasure from playing with her anus – at that time, I couldn’t say that I disagreed with her.

“Well, come on then!” She urged. I didn’t need a second telling.

I scrambled to my feet and started to loosen the button that was holding my pantaloons up. Verity started to undo the buttons of my shirt – her nimble fingers quickly achieving her task, her mouth still sucking on the wooden cock.

I fumbled with the buttons that held my prick tightly – I was almost fully erect again now, and I could feel it pressing against the waistband of my pantaloons - it struggled to pass the layer of clothing on its way to the vertical zenith of my erection.

Verity dropped to her knees and moved my hands aside. She opened each button until my pantaloons dropped to the floor. My cock sprang outward slightly, before rebounding into a vertical position – I could feel it hardening, as the vein on the lower side of it spasmed. Blood flowed through it once more.

The head of my cock was exposed fully, my foreskin pulled back to its limit – any more pressure and I was sure it would split! It throbbed uncontrollably.

Standing naked now, apart from my stockings and shoes, I could feel Verity touching my balls and cock with her fingers – it was responding to her attention, the head twitching almost violently.

Verity started to frig my prick with slow gentle movements, with her free hand removed the dildo from her mouth. She threw it on to the bed next to Mary-Ann.

“I, err.” I started to say but Mary-Ann cut me off.

“Don’t speak!” She commanded, slamming her finger into her bum hole again. “Get over here and fill me up!” I took a step forward, and lifted my leg out of my pantaloons, which had pooled at my feet.

Verity quickly engulfed as much of my engorged cock as she could at one go, and started to face fuck my prick as fast as she could. She deep throated me for a few seconds. When she had finished, she let my cock go, and took a deep breath in as she gasped for air. I walked, nay, ran across the room.

I stopped to look at the vision of beauty that was presented before me on the bed – Mary-Ann’s beautiful backside, her swollen finger filled bum hole, and her hair lined quim.

As she was too far forward on the bed to allow me any entry to her pussy, I grabbed her legs just below the knees and pulled her toward me. When she was in the right position, I took her finger out of her arse and guided it to hold my cock – I pushed forward and she guided it in between her pussy lips. I drove home.

“Ah,” she cried, “yes!” As I began to thrust slowly, she began to move her hips, and backside up and down at the same time – stimulating her clit against my prick as it slid in and out of her slippery cunt. “Fuck me!” She cried. “Fuck me hard!”

I ignored her ever so slightly, and did not increase the intensity and speed of my thrusts. I did however; slow down a little – leaving my prick buried deep inside her for a second or two, before pulling it back out to repeat the process again.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Mary-Ann exclaimed. “The feeling of your cock as it rubs my clit during the stroke is an unbelievable feeling. Words are simply not enough to describe this feeling!” She spent, copiously, sending jets of clear liquid over my pubic hair and legs.

I could feel her hips shuddering as I held my cock still at the end of my in stroke. She shuddered for over a minute. The ripples of her orgasm ripping through her like a pebble that has been dropped in water. I turned my head to look at Verity, but I could not see her.

All of a sudden she appeared in front of Mary-Ann. Crouching on the bed with her bald cunt near to her lover’s head, she grabbed a handful of hair, and lifted upward inviting Mary-Ann to lick her. Mary-Ann didn’t need asking twice!

The sight of Mary-Ann licking my sisters’ cunny whilst I was fucking her from behind, was an instant turn-on, and both she and I felt my prick swell yet again as it pumped in and out of her sodden cunt. Mary-Ann moaned, but continued licking.

“Fuck her arse!” Verity said with a nasty, but none the less lustful. and very sexy tone in her voice.

I knew that lust had a firm grip on her at that moment, and she was probably not in full control of her body or mind due to the pleasure she was experiencing. “Fuck her arse!” She exclaimed as my prick darted in and out of that wet, but much lubed pussy.

I withdrew my swollen prick, and felt the walls of Mary-Ann’s cunny tighten her grip on my cock – she was flexing the muscles that lined her pussy – trying to make me explode. Liquid, white hot and extremely warm gushed out of that cunny. It coated me again – some of it pooled on the floor beneath the bed, soaking the floor.

Without hesitation, I placed the head of my prick against her swollen arse. Expecting some resistance, I gave a hefty thrust to gain entry. I was amazed and delighted when my prick entered without meeting any resistance at all – the walls of her bum expanding instantly to accommodate my prick. Due to the unnecessary force, that I had used to gain entry, I found myself buried right up to my balls at the first attempt.

Mary-Ann groaned with delight and spent again, sending another torrent of that white liquid over my balls and down my legs. She continued licking at Verity’s swollen pink clit, which was now on show in all its glory. Verity was holding her cuntal lips open with her fingertips.

Verity ground her hips as Mary-Ann continued to lick, she moaned and spent; covering Mary-Ann’s face with her juice!

The sounds and sight of this at such close quarters spurned me on. Changing my position slightly by lifting my leg onto the bed to gain better access, I started fucking the curiously tight bum hole even harder and faster than I done previously – urged on by the lustful feelings that I was experiencing, and the sound of my balls hitting her flesh.

I had never felt more alive or more exhilarated than I did at that time. “Fuck! Cunt! Arse!” I shouted as I pounded into her mercilessly. Verity spent again and then again in quick succession. Through my swollen cock and through the wall that separated her cunt and arse hole, I could feel Mary-Ann spend again. The muscles contracting and expanding at immense speed, as her juices began to flow once more. The muscles in her hips and legs began spasaming uncontrollably.

I felt her copiously spend dribbling out of her cunny again. I fucked harder, with much renewed vigour as I heard and felt my balls really slapping against Mary-Ann’s clit and quim lips with a sticky sounding slap. Then, I felt myself begin to spend.

Quickly, I withdrew my pulsing prick. Staggering onto the bed, I aimed my cock at Verity – she reacted with reactions equalling that of a scalded cat, and lowered her head and upper body down across Mary-Ann’s back to meet my prick with her face.

I spent and shot my hot, fiery spend onto her face – it splattered against her face with such force that she had to close her eyes! I was amazed at how much seed I had ejaculated – after all, it was my third cum of the day!

“Look at the spunk!” Cried Mary-Ann. “How much spunk has he shot!” It was true. My spunk as Mary-Ann had called it, had landed on different parts of Verity’s face. There were large drops of it on her chin, on her nose, across one cheek and by pure luck, some of it had actually entered her mouth, and was covering her tongue.

Verity did not stop her movement toward my prick as I’d cum. A split second after I’d spurted for the third time, she’d engulfed my cock, and was sucking with the force of a small tornado – I could feel my prick touch her tonsils as she sucked feverishly on me, sucking me dry!

“Oh, my Lord!” I said. My whole body was shaking profusely from the rush that I was experiencing at that second.

Verity started moving her head up and down my throbbing prick of her own accord, stimulating me with feelings somewhat akin to taking a virginal arse for the first time.

Her lips clamped together, as she forced as much of my prick into her mouth on the forward stroke. She sucked on the backward stroke of her head, milking me. Each time she thrust forward, she swallowed a little more of my cock, and after two or three more strokes, she was kissing my pubic hair and balls at the same time. I could feel that my cock had pushed down her gullet. Verity had the whole of my cock in her mouth, and she stimulating me with her tongue as her fingers played with my balls.

When I collapsed onto my back exhausted, Mary-Ann moved into a crouching position. She reached up and grabbed hold of Verity, pulling her face down toward her. Mary-Ann proceeded to lick up as much of my spunk as she could see, each and every tiny droplet ended up in her mouth.

When she’d gotten as much as she could, Mary-Ann flopped back down onto the bed. Verity took the cue to step away from her face. However, Verity wasn’t finished yet.

She moved to the opposite end of the bed, and fell on Mary-Ann’s soaked cunt. She began to lick up anything and everything. Her mouth, her chin, her cheeks and her nose were covered with a combination of spunk and cunny juice by the time she came up for air. Verity drank up that sweet nectar as fast as she could, she smacked her lips with satisfaction as she swallowed the last of it.

“I. I. I ...” I gasped still trying to get my breath after witnessing such a wanton display.

I must have passed out at that point because when I awoke, I was in bed with both Verity and Mary-Ann. They lay on both sides of me, and were both fast asleep.

Turning to my side so that Verity was behind me, and Mary-Ann in front of me, I slipped my arm over her side and took hold of one of her breasts. I found the nipple and began tweaking it, and even though she was deeply asleep, it began to grow at my touch. My eyes closed again, and I feel into a warm, comfortable, sound sleep, the kind of sleep that you only get after a damned good fucking!


We slept together all night long, and when I woke an hour or two after dawn the next morning, both girls were nowhere to be seen. After breakfast, I found them near the stable getting horses ready for the trip to see Mary-Ann’s parents. They told me that they would be coming back, but that in all likelihood it wouldn’t be until later that afternoon, or possibly that evening.

I had told them that it wasn’t a problem. I bade them goodbye, kissed each of them on the cheek, and watched as they rode off – that had been at nine o’clock. I hoped that they would have a good time, and prayed that upon their return, they’d be up for some more fun with me.

The rest of the day passed without anything interesting happening, I spent the rest of the morning in the library reading. I took a nap after luncheon, trying to build my strength up, just in case they decided they did want to play again that night.

Time passed, the evening meal appeared at eight, and afterward I retired to the library to continue reading my book.

After a couple of hours, I was near the end of the book and decided to leave the remaining chapters for tomorrow. I glanced at the candle, noticing it was almost burned out.

Taking the remains of the candle with me, I made my way across the hall, and opened the small panel door that lead down to the area of the house that the servants used for their quarters. From my childhood, I remembered vaguely where the storeroom was so that I could fetch a replacement candle.

The flame from the candle danced on the panelled wood as I made my way down the stairs, and into a narrow corridor. The house was totally silent apart from my foot falls, and I felt an eerie sensation – the kind that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. I shivered as I felt a tingly sensation run down my spine.

I dismissed it as I would have dismissed one of the servants. After all, it was just my imagination playing tricks on me – or at least it was trying to play tricks on me. Within a few minutes, I had found my way through the maze of corridors that led to the storeroom. I turned the handle, the candle flickering, as it grew smaller, and pushed. The door didn’t move. Of course, it was locked, as it should be.

I decided to that I should go to the kitchen to see if there was another candle there, or perhaps even the key for the storeroom. I retraced my way back through the maze of corridors to the kitchen.

When I entered, I glanced around the room quickly, it had been some time since I’d been down here, and didn’t notice anything immediately that might be helpful to me. I could see the orange glow of the range, the last remnants of heat escaping from it. The silence was deafening. I checked a few cupboards, looking for a fresh candle.

It was then that I heard a noise. It was coming from one of the servants’ quarters beyond the kitchen itself. My candle flickered again, now dangerously close to going out, as I made my way toward the door on the opposite side of the room that led back to where the dining room was.

As I approached the door, which was slightly ajar, I heard another noise. It was muffled, and I couldn’t quite make it out. I opened the door fully, stepping into the dark hallway. Again, I heard a noise, slightly clearer than before.

It was a low moan. The hairs on the back of my neck rose again, I felt yet another chill run down my back. I shivered, again. Immediately, I stopped in my tracks, and spun around on the spot trying to see if there was anything or anybody in the kitchen with me. The candle went out! In the dim light I saw nobody.

I noticed a candle lying the top of the cabinet where the plates where stored. I grabbed it, and after lighting it off the dying embers of the stove, I heard the moan again. It was definitely coming from the direction of the servant’s quarters. I shivered again involuntarily.

I thought about going back to the library, but my curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to investigate where the noise had come from. I crept down the hallway that led upstairs, turning to my left at the intersection. I proceeded slowly down the corridor that led to where the servants slept. Another moan came to my ears – this time much louder. I listened at a door and heard nothing so I moved a little further down the corridor. Yet again, someone moaned. They, who ever they were, were behind the door directly in front of me.

Gingerly, I opened the door, and peered beyond it into the darkness. The flame from the candle flickered again. The moan came again, followed by a voice.

“Fuck me Eliza, you’re titties grow bigger every day!”

I recognised Peter’s voice, and heard a female giggle, Eliza obviously. I strode into the room, the candle illuminating the darkest areas furthest away from the door. I saw Peter and Eliza naked on a bed.

Peter almost shouted as he saw me looking straight at him, “I. Er, we ...”

I smiled, and put my finger up to my mouth to signify that he should be quiet. He blushed, the cheeks on his face turning a crimson red.

“I came looking for a fresh candle,” I said, entering the room fully at Eliza’s eager beckoning. She was lying on her side; her head supported by her arm, and was looking at me with lusty eyes. “I thought I heard a ghost or something, on my way back to the library,” I lied. “So I came to investigate.”

Peter said nothing, but did try to cover his prick with his hands, unsuccessfully as it was standing almost vertically.

“No need to be shy in my presence, Peter,” I said with a wide grin on my face as I looked at him trying to be modest. “Miss Verity has given me a very accurate description of your manhood!” Eliza exhaled that sort of breath one does when they hear something unexpected.

“I can assure you, Sir,” began Peter the level of his voice rising slightly. I cut him off.

“Peter – it’s okay,” I said quietly. “We’re all friends here. I have no problem with you and Verity making love to each other.”

At that moment, I didn’t actually have an issue with either myself or Verity fucking the servants. Call it selfish of me if you wish, but I reasoned that in the grand scheme of things, shit like this, didn’t really matter. “Just as there is no problem when I fuck Eliza.”

Peter’s jaw dropped visibly, and Eliza only just stopped short of blushing herself, but she said, and did nothing. “As long as we all realise that our liaisons are to be kept a secret from the rest of the staff and my parents, then we don’t have a problem.” I said putting the candle down.

I stared at Eliza’s breasts as if it were the first time that I’d seen them. Her nipples were erect, and I could see from the dew glistening on her thigh. She’d already spent at least once. I licked my lips, and my hand went to my prick – fondling myself.
Peter got off the bed and went to a small dressing table that sat just inside the illumination that my candle gave off. He picked up a metal hairbrush.

Peter told that sometimes he and Eliza used a hairbrush to stimulate Eliza’s clit whilst they waited for him to regain his stamina, and his erection.

As I undressed, I asked Eliza if the metal teeth from the brush weren’t too hard to be used on her. She told me that she’d grown used to it over time, and that the feelings it gave were unique, especially when she was almost at the point of cumming.

“When I spend Sir,” she explained, letting her free hand drift down between her moist thighs, “the brush makes the feeling that much better!” I saw a fingertip brush the lips of her cunny, and with an ever-broadening smile on her face, she began to flick at her clit. I undressed and was soon naked, semi prostrated on the bed near to Eliza’s feet.

She had shuffled forward so that she could lie flat on the bed. and had continued to toy with herself as I watched. My semi limp pego was resting on the bed between my legs. The sight of Eliza playing with herself wasn’t that much of a turn on for me, at least not right now – I still remember the wanton things that Mary-Ann and Verity had done the evening previous.

Peter knelt at the side of the bed, brush in hand; he gently ran the metal teeth up across her thigh and onto her stomach. I could see what looked like little red streaks appearing on her skin as he gently moved the brush over her.

She closed her eyes as the teeth ran over her by now very hard nipples. I continued to watch, my eyes not leaving Eliza’s body once I had witnessed the work of the brush on her nipples and the red marks it left behind – almost like slight scratches. Now my prick stirred. It throbbed gently.

For several minutes, Peter ran the brush up and down Eliza’s milky white skin, pausing at times to rub the brush in circular movements, rather than just up and down her body. It was then that I noticed him swap hands as he continued his ministrations to Eliza – now using his left hand only. His right was down between his legs, and I could see his wrist moving back and forth over his erection.

My cock ached to be used; so I moved myself in between Eliza’s legs, and gently held them apart far enough to allow me access to her dripping slit. Peter seeing me move toward her cunny, began to play with Eliza’s nipples again, rubbing the metal teeth of the brush over one, then the other, gently at first, then roughly, then gently again.

Sliding the head of my just starting to become erect prick into her fleshly folds, I gazed up at her eyes and waited. For some reason, I sought approval before thrusting home. Eliza’s almost imperceptible nod was all I required before I penetrated her silken cunny. Due to my cock being semi erect, I didn’t get very far with that attempt at penetration.

I withdrew my cock, and moved myself toward Eliza’s mouth. She greedily accepted it and started sucking. Soon my erection resembled something like an erect cock should be. Peter, all the time playing with her nipples and on the odd occasion, her engorged clit nursed his erection.

When the brush touched her clit, Eliza moaned and whimpered, even with my cock stuck half way down her throat. When I felt that my pego would be able to fuck Eliza properly, I withdrew from her mouth and moved myself back down to her spread cunt.

Gently at first, I moved back and forth on my knees, savouring the heat that enveloped my stiff cock. I was determined to take as long a time as possible fucking Eliza’s sweet hole, and lowered myself to a nipple.

Eliza moaned as I nibbled slowly on it, using my tongue to flick at the soft strawberry red flesh. I realised that Peter had taken the other nipple in his mouth and was copying my actions with his mouth.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him pulling his head backward gently with Eliza’s nipple gripped between his teeth, stretching the tender flesh of her breast as he did so. Eliza’s eyes were closed; and her head was flat on the bed. By the smile on her face, and groans she was emitting at very regular intervals, I knew she was enjoying the attention.

I continued my fucking, but at the sight of Peter biting her like that, I instinctively sped up my thrusting, and it was several moments before I realised what had happened. I slowed down again to a slightly more sedate pace.

I moved my head from her nipple and began to kiss Eliza’s cheek. Her tongue darted out of her mouth, and flicked eagerly at me. I nibbled her earlobe, and she groaned again – slightly louder than she had done previously.

Running the tip of my tongue around the lower part of her earlobe, I traced a path to her lips and kissed her – my tongue finding hers pushed out, ready to explore my mouth. Our tongues mingled for a few seconds before I released myself. No sooner was my tongue free of her before, it was filled by the enormity that was Peter’s rock hard prick.

He was half kneeling, half standing on the edge of the bed, with the head of his cock in Eliza’s mouth. As she sucked vigorously upon it, I could see his hips thrusting back and forth slowly. Eliza’s hips started to rock back and forth in time with my thrusting, and I could feel a small shudder start to build up from deep within her.

Eliza wasn’t attempting to take all of Peters’ cock, and Peter wasn’t even attempting to fill her mouth up with it. They were just enjoying the moment, as was I. Several minutes of both Peter and I fucking her, resulted in Eliza cumming. Thrusting twice more, I withdrew from her dripping slit. I slid down the bed on my knees – my mouth coming to rest between her fleshly moistened lips. I sucked and lapped at her wet flesh and heard her groan – even with Peters’ cock stuffed in her mouth. She managed to emit a loud grunt of satisfaction.

By now Peter had pushed his stiff swollen member as far into Eliza’s mouth as he could get it, and when I glanced up at her face between lickings, I could see her cheeks puffed out, as he vigorously fucked her face, trying desperately to push as much of himself into Eliza’s mouth as possible. My cock twitched, and I felt the rush of blood to it.

Licking away at her pussy, I heard Peter talking to Eliza. He was telling her that he was going to stick his cock so far up her cunt that it was going to fill her up to bursting. With a lustful tone in his voice, he told her was going to fill her up with his hot, sticky cum. When he pulled his wet member out of her mouth, I hopped off the bed, and cock in hand started to rub myself. Eliza scrambled off the bed too, and once Peter had lain down in her place, she quickly squatted over his cock, sinking onto its hugeness, facing him.

From my vantage point, I could see that she had taken the full length of him inside her, and from the look on her face and his; I could tell that she was using the muscles inside of her cunny to squeeze his prick tightly – she was milking him and loving every second of it. She kissed him, probing his mouth with her tongue.

I positioned myself behind her, and moved my pego toward her arse, intent on filling her with it. As I moved to the bed behind Eliza, Peter stopped thrusting for moment to allow me entry. I gratefully accepted, and push my prick head into the opening of her arse hole. She squealed slightly as I moved my cock in a little more with each gentle thrust – penetrating her anus.

It was now obvious to me that Eliza wasn’t used to taking a cock up her bum hole at all. Perhaps she was still a virgin in that area. Well, I thought, not any more!

I pushed deeper into her arse, and Peter restarted his fucking of her cunny – to which Eliza instinctively began thrusting against him, and me. Peter cupped her breasts and began to make circular movements in time with the thrusts of her hips.

From somewhere deep down in my body – somewhere near the base of my cock, I felt the feeling that a man gets when he is about to cum. I thought of anything but sex, and drove the feeling of wanting to cum away. It took some effort, but I managed it.

Peter and Eliza moved as one now – their fucking movements almost a blur before my eyes. I knew I was fucking against the tide of movement, having forced myself out of the rhythm that they had built up, but I didn’t care. I fucked gently in Eliza’s tight, now ex-virginal backside. I was going to fuck her for as long as possible. I would try to string out this fucking as long as humanly possible!

A thought crossed my mind, and I stopped fucking Eliza – I rested, my cock still wedged tightly in her side her, letting Peter bring me off. I could feel his rock hard member through the thin membrane that lay between her vagina and anus. Peter’s rapid fucking was enough to get me to cum, eventually.

Eliza leant forward as she moaned, and spent again before kissing Peter – her tongue probing his mouth as eagerly as she had done minutes before hand with me.

Eliza started to talk as Peter fucked her. “Cunt! Fuck! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” She moaned. “Ah! That feels so good!” She leant forward and kissed Peter. “My bum is tingling!”

Deep within her as I was, I noticed that she was shuddering again. Peter had noticed it too. She was going to come again. I started fucking her again, and I managed to synchronise my fucking speed to his, my balls bouncing against Peters cock as we both fucked her with ever-increasing ferocity.

Without warning, Eliza came – spurting hot liquid over Peters cock - my balls sliding through her juice as they flowed out of her. Peter moaned now, and grunted loudly suddenly becoming still. I could feel his cock spasm and throb. I knew that he was cumming now too – his cock buried deep within her pussy.

I continued fucking her arse for another minute, and felt both Peters spunk and Eliza’s spendings mingle together as the mixture dripped on to me. As my balls bounced off her cock-filled slit, I felt my cock start to pulse uncontrollably.

I groaned and spent! My cock twitched and seemed to stretch Eliza’s arse hole even more, making her groan deeply, as my spunk flowed in short sharp jets out of me and into her. I lay across her back as I continued to cum deep in her arse.

When eventually my cock slipped out of her swollen hole, I stepped away from Eliza and Peter’s still entwined bodies, and fell gasping to the floor breathing hard. My cock ached, as did my lungs – I was sucking in air like never before. Sweat dripped from every pore of my body as it tingled with pleasure.

Eliza lifted herself away from Peter’s now limp body, and fell to his side – a huge smile on her face. Sitting up from the prostrate position I had fell into, I saw Peter turn onto his side to face Eliza. He began to stroke her breast – running his fingertips up and down, over the flesh and the engorged nipple – she quivered and shuddered at his touch.

She was still cumming!

The feelings that her body had experienced must have been so intense that she was still feeling them even now, minutes after the fucking had finished. I noticed that her hips and legs were quivering with orgasmic delight as her whole body shook with ecstasy. When she eventually stopped, several minutes later, Eliza reached down to her swollen bum hole, and gently pushed a finger into it, all the way up to the knuckle!

She held it there for a moment, and then after slowly and carefully pulling it out – she began sucking upon it. She smacked her lips together as she withdrew her finger from her mouth, and smiled at me – it was then I noticed that she too was sweating profusely.

Talking as though we were old friends, we waited for our bodies to recover sufficiently before anyone moved from where they either lay or sat. Eliza told us that she wanted to do it again. Peter and I both groaned, and told her that we couldn’t – we simply didn’t have the strength!

After the three of us had recovered enough for both Peter and I to get dressed, we both kissed Eliza, and she made us promise that we would repeat the night again, very soon. We readily agreed, and left Eliza who was prostrate on her bed – already asleep.
Closing the door carefully, so as to not make any noise, Peter paused, “Sir,” he said.

“Peter,” I replied. “Tonight, I am Christopher.” He nodded.

“Thank you,” he replied. “That was…” I could see him searching for an adequate word.

“Intense.” I suggested. He nodded again and walked the few paces to another door.

“Very. Very intense.” He said, and opened his bedroom door, stepping over the threshold.

“Next time we should invite Verity.” I suggested before talking a step or two toward the kitchen door. Peter’s head poked back out into the corridor to look at me.

“Oh, that would be interesting,” he said, “Miss Mary-Ann too!” He said and clapped his hands together with glee at the thought.

“Now there’s an idea!” I retorted, smiling at him with a broad grin on my face. “Wish I’d thought of that!”

As I made my way back up the stairs and into the hall, I heard the clock chime twice, two o’clock - where had the time gone. Several minutes later, I crawled into my bed – my body aching all over, but all the while tingling still. It was then I realised that I’d left my candle in Eliza’s room.

As I fell asleep, my thoughts were filled of myself, Peter, Mary-Ann, Eliza and Verity all lying in a sweaty heap on the floor after a night of vigorous fucking – and fingers crossed, it would happen sooner rather than later.


At lunchtime, the following day Verity and Mary-Ann arrived back at the house.

Verity explained that Mary-Ann’s parents had been overjoyed to see her, and they had arranged an extravagant meal as way of celebration. Mary-Ann told me that they’d drank considerable amounts of alcohol, and that time had passed so quickly that when it came time to leave, they were incapable of doing even the simplest of tasks, and had staggered to bed to sleep. I accepted there explanations and left it at that.

The rest of the day was spent quite idly – me doing whatever I pleased, and the girls nursing severe headaches. After our evening meal, it was decided upon that we would sit on the veranda to watch the sun go down – the fresh air would do their headaches some good I told them.

With a girl on either side of me, we sat and watched the sun makes its slow descent into obscurity behind the trees and hills that lay on the western side of the estate.

As the last rays of the sunshine splayed down upon us, I heard the clock chime nine times. I called for Edgar to bring us a selection of drinks, telling the girls that what ailed them would cure them – reluctantly they agreed, and we each selected our favourite drink. We chatted for an hour or so about whatever gibberish came into our heads as we sipped at the drinks, me refilling the glasses with regularity.

At about ten, I made sure that there were no servants in earshot, and told them what had happened to me the previous night. When I’d finished telling my tale, I could see that both girls were visibly excited. They giggled, whispering to each other – I caught the odd word here and there, and could tell that they were starting to get excited.

Verity began to tell us of her sexual experiences with Peter after their first encounter. Listening to her going into graphic detail about what Peter did to her was getting me excited, and I could feel my prick swelling inside my pantaloons. I could see that Mary-Ann was excited too, and her right hand was down in her nether regions – fondling herself through her skirts.

The drink was having the desired effect by now, and that, as well as the stories we’d been telling each other about our sexual experiences had made us all red faced and jovial – and not a little turned on. When eventually we noticed that it was getting cold sitting on the veranda, we retired into the sitting room, and on to the floor in front of the fire place. We continued our recollections.

Mary-Ann had told of how she and Verity had started having their trysts. I sat and listened to her story and every now and then, I glanced at Verity, who I thought would have been embarrassed by the story.

To the contrary she wasn’t, I could see from the colour of her face that she was getting all excited by the combination of the alcohol and by the thoughts of her past love making.

At one point, we were all laughing so hard at something Verity had said, and none of us heard Edgar enter the room. He asked if there was anything further that we might require, I asked him to arrange with the cook for a light meal to be prepared and for it to be left in the kitchen. If we got hungry later, we would just help ourselves. Apart from that, we didn’t need anything else, Edgar said that he would arrange something with the cook, and excused himself.

Time passed and I heard the clock chime twelve. By now, we were all very drunk. Mary-Ann and Verity were sitting close to each other, fondling and kissing each other. I sat in my drunken state looking at them as they played – my drunken brain fuelling my sexual fantasies – my swollen prick pressed against my leg.

It made the thoughts streaming through my brain even more real. I didn’t touch myself though, even if my prick wanted me to. I left my pego to its own devices, and enjoyed the feelings it was giving me.

In my minds eye, I could see myself naked with the girls – my swollen prick fucking each of their holes in turn before spurting my hot, sticky cum. I groaned slightly as I sat, feeling my erection growing against my leg. The view of the girls touching each other, giggling, kissing and talking to each other using lewd language was exciting, and without really realising I’d done it, I’d unbuttoned my pantaloons and had started playing with myself.

It took what seemed forever for the girls to realise what I was doing, and when they did, the pair of them crouched in front of my spread legs, and took turns touching and licking my member. They teased me so much that I thought I was going to explode.

At one point, Verity had the head of my pego in her mouth, and was sucking me gently, at the same time, Mary-Ann was sucking on my balls – her tongue flicking at the hairy sacks of flesh.

Without warning, I stood and sent the girls sprawling. I’d long since discarded my drink, but as I staggered on the spot, I noticed a half filled glass – draining it, I belched. After putting down the glass, I started to take off my remaining clothes. The girls took there queue and followed suit. Soon all three of us were naked, and had become a writhing mess on the floor.

Each of us touched, kissed and played with whom-ever was easiest to touch, fondle and play with. I could feel fingers, tongues and kisses on various parts of my anatomy, and I was repaying all of those things in kind. I didn’t care who I was doing it to, I was delirious with the ecstasy of it all. None of us heard anything as a door opened. None of us saw anyone enter the room.

It was only when four extra hands started touching and fondling the heap of bodies on the floor, that I noticed. I don’t know when and if Verity and Mary-Ann noticed the newcomers, if they noticed them at all. Two extra mouths started kissing bodily parts, tongues flicking, fingers exploring body orifices.

In my drunken state, I looked about to see who was administering the extra attention to my body, and saw a nipple being presented to me. I started suckling on it greedily. Someone licked my bum hole and balls. My fingers were playing with the fleshly folds of two hairy slits. Someone was sucking on the head of my cock. I could not tell who was doing what to me, nor to whom I was doing things to, but it did not matter.

The part of my brain that generated lust, wherever that might have been, was working over-time. After some moments of suckling at the teat in front of me, my attention diverted toward a small, tight bum hole. My blurry vision tried desperately to focus upon it so that I might attempt to try to do something to it.

My brain instructed my body to move but my body refused. I summoned some strength from somewhere, and bodily lifted myself off the floor. I grabbed hold of my prick. Staggering, as I was, I guided it to the hole and made purchase upon it.

I pierced the hole, and drove my cock fully into it as far as I physically could. Who ever the arse belonged to, didn’t do or say anything except moan with lust. Perhaps they had their mouth full, I mused, as I felt the heat of the flesh that was wrapped around my prick.

It was astonishing.

The sounds, the heat, and the feelings that my cock were producing were almost indescribable. I began fucking the hot tight hole with some determination, fervour and gusto – my lust making me oblivious to anything that was going on around me - well, almost oblivious – I felt someone’s finger enter my arse.

I could feel it being pushed into me with every thrust I made, and the feelings that finger were giving me were sublime – the feeling complimented and even surpassed the feelings that my cock was giving me!

With my eyes closed to stop the room from spinning around, I fucked like a lunatic, my prick seemed as though it was possessed with super-human strength as it pounded in and out of the tight arse. Someone female groaned, as did someone else. Without opening my eyes I continued, trying to imagine whose finger was deep inside my bowel, giving me those sensations.

As drunk as I was, I could still feel those exquisite feelings that one only gets when orgasm approaches. My cock twitched, and stretched the bum flesh that I was relentlessly fucking, and within seconds, I could feel new, and never before felt sensations as the flesh of the bowel contracted around me – making the hole even hotter and tighter than it had been previously.

I moaned loudly, felt the cum spray out of me, and into who ever it was that I was fucking, making the already hot arse feel even more fiery, as my prick throbbed and spewed out my frothy hot cum. I kept on thrusting as I came, trying desperately to push my cock ever deeper into the body that was below me.

Eventually, I pulled soaked cock out of the swollen hole. I looked down, and through my blurred vision, I saw my spunk ooze out of the hole and drip onto the floor.

A mouth engulfed my cock, and sucked feverishly upon it, drinking the semen that coated my cock head, cleaning me. My hands grabbed two handfuls of hair, and pulled the face toward me, filling the mouth with my entire length.

I thrust instinctively once or twice before letting go of the hair. I collapsed onto the floor, and lay on my back breathing heavily. Someone took my prick into their mouth and gave me a vigorous sucking. Around me, I could hear the sounds of people fucking, the slurping of cunnies being eaten, the noise of my cock being sucked.

Each of these sounded strangely loud in my head. With some hesitation, I opened one eye slightly, and allowed my vision to clear itself up as best it could. The room was still swirling. I must have passed out, as the next thing I remembered was someone lightly touching my face. Gingerly, I opened my eyes. Thankfully, the room had stopped spinning. Verity looked down at me.

“Glad to see you’re still with us!” She smiled, kissing me. I let her tongue explore my mouth; I felt a hand on my cock – Verity’s I assumed. It was playing with my member trying to re-awaken it.

When Verity eventually released me from her kiss, I took a breath of air. The hand was stroking my cock still – and was succeeding in getting it to swell again. I realised at that point that I needed to pee, and pee I did.

Hot urine arced in the air above my chest, it splashed indiscriminately upon my and Verity’s faces. I opened my mouth to speak an apology, a stream of piss entered my mouth – forcing me to partially swallow and spit at the same time – the gagging reflex took over, and I spluttered my piss out of my mouth, and onto my chest. Verity looked at me with amazement and curiosity then did something that I would have never expected.

With her mouth open as far as it could go, she moved her head into the stream of hot urine that was emanating from me. She swallowed mouthful after mouthful with ease. Urine splashed out of her mouth and onto my abdomen. I felt it sting slightly as it splashed my hard nipples. Suddenly, a mouth was clamped over that nipple, and I felt someone licking fervently. I looked down and saw Eliza lapping up the splashes as they fell out of Verity’s mouth and onto my bare chest.

Someone else grabbed my cock, and I felt a mouth engulf it, even though piss was still streaming out of it. The feeling was amazing! To have a hot mouth sucking away like there was no tomorrow whilst I peed was unbelievable, and my cock stiffened considerably. I could feel the urine that wasn’t being drank was splashing down onto my groin and stomach, my thighs and my balls as the sucking continued unabated till the urine flow began to stop slightly.

Eliza’s head moved across my body, blocking my view of whom ever it was that was sucking on my peeing cock.

Lapping up the pools of urine that Verity purposefully let dribble from her swollen, urine filled cheeks, Eliza nibbled, and bit gently at my flesh – sending goose bumps up and down my spine. I was getting more and more turned on with every second that passed.

I shook my head back and forth slightly, as I tried to make sense of what was happening to me. I looked up at Verity, she was still slowly and purposefully letting my piss dribble out of her mouth, Eliza gobbling it up, as it barely touched my hot skin.

I reasoned it must be Mary-Ann sucking on my prick, and looked down again to confirm my thoughts – it was then that I saw that it was not Mary-Ann that was sucking on me, but Peter! Mary-Ann was lying on the floor next to Peter, and was sucking like crazy on his engorged prick. Her mouth stretched to its capacity, trying desperately to have all of it. I could hear the slurping noises emanating from her, as she sucked furiously.

I should have felt repulsion at the thought of Peter sucking at my prick, but due to the lustful feelings that I was experiencing from this wanton scene, I wasn’t. That and the fact that I was still drunk made me not care about this strange situation!

I instinctively began to thrust my hips at the sucking of my cock, but couldn’t, the combined weight of Peter and Eliza pushing down on me, was too much. Eventually, Verity either swallowed, or finished dribbling my pee out of her mouth. She crouched over my face with her bald cunny close to my mouth. My tongue stretched out of my mouth, and pressed into the hot moist flesh.

I lapped at her, letting my tongue drift past the end of her slit, across the small piece of flesh that separated her cunny from her arsehole. Purposefully, my tongue lingered on her puckered backside, and I tried to shape it into a cone, so that I might be able to penetrate Verity’s anus. Being as drunk as a lord, I failed.

Finding that I couldn’t enter her bum with my tongue, I went back to lapping at her – moving my tongue between her bum hole, and her dripping fanny lips. Eliza’s tongue mingled with mine as she joined me in licking Verity’s cunt and arse. I could taste my urine as our tongues mingled together, lapping as we were – and the taste was not unpleasant – my pee it seemed tasted like brandy!

Peter groaned as best he could with his lips clamped around my cock – he was still sucking away at me, just as Mary-Ann was still sucking away at him. His body was responding to her attention, and my body was responding to him!

As he came into Mary-Ann’s mouth, I heard her struggling to swallow the seemingly endless flow of his hot, sticky cum. I watched as it dribbled out of the sides of her mouth, and down onto his legs. His cock continuously pumped back and forth, in and out of her mouth, as she guzzled the fiery liquid greedily.

Verity groaned. Either Eliza or I had licked the right place. It was then that she started to pee! I kept on licking, flicking my tongue through the hot stream as it flew out of her, tasting for the first time, my sisters’ piss.

Eliza had tried to stay as close to Verity’s hot cunny as she could, but the force of the yellow liquid forced her head away – making her attempt to catch mouthfuls as it spouted out of Verity.

I sat back a little as Verity’s pee continued to flow. I saw that both Mary-Ann and Eliza were now trying to best each other at drinking Verity’s piss. I took the odd mouthful here and there, spitting it back at Verity’s chest.

Their heads very close together – they took mouthfuls of pee as it flowed out of Verity. Peter was still sucking on me, though now, he’d changed his position, and was now between my legs so that he could get a clear view of the proceedings around my face and chest. Every now and then, splashes of urine would drip onto him.

My cock filled his mouth, as he pushed down upon it, and I could feel him sucking on me with more and more savagery. Every fourth or fifth stroke, he took my cock out of his mouth, and gently ran his tongue down the underside of my shaft.

Sometimes he would suck my balls deep into his mouth – giving me more exquisite feelings. Other times, he would use the tip of his tongue, and lick my balls as roughly as he could. I grabbed at the breasts of both Eliza and Mary-Ann and pinched their respective nipples between my fingers – digging my thumbnail deeply into each as I did so. I heard them gasp with either pleasure or pain, but none-the-less they continued to battle each other as they fought to drink Verity’s hot stream.

Verity continued to pee for over a minute, and the two girls still fought each other ferociously to get to it. When at last she stopped, Verity simply pushed her self down right onto my face.

My face was engulfed by the smell of urine, sweat, cunt juice and sperm! It was intoxicating to me, and drove me onward with my ministrations – I licked and tongue fucked Verity – cleaning her swollen clit and pussy lips.

When Verity eventually lifted herself off me enough to allow me to breath, I took a deep gulp of air, but did not stop my licking and lapping. Verity spent again, and I felt the hot juice spurt out of her, on to my face. Undaunted, I kept on licking.

My hands moved from the nipples that I had been tweaking, and clamped themselves on Verity’s hips holding her down. She tried to move away from me once she’d finished her spend, but I held her tight – not allowing her to move. I probed, and licked at her holes with my tongue, cleaning as much of the mixture from her body as I could. The taste was incredible – more intoxicating that mere alcohol.

When she eventually escaped from my grasp, Verity moved to one side, and I heard her whisper something to Peter, who stopped sucking me, and moved out from under me. She took my cock into her mouth, and began sucking on me harder than I had ever been sucked on before; she milked me for all she was worth.

I saw Peter grab hold of Mary-Ann’s head. He positioned his cock head between her lips, opened her mouth slightly with the tip of huge member, and he drove home.

Without letting her suck him even once, he began to fuck her face with frightening speed - his cock growing, and throbbing with each thrust. Eliza was watching this with enthusiasm, as was I.

My cock twitched deep inside Verity’s mouth as she sucked upon me. We gazed at Peter’s fleshy prick flashing in and out of the fuck vessel that was Mary-Ann’s mouth. Eliza tore her eyes from Peter’s cock and kissed me, then she stood, her legs spread either side of my face. I reached up and grabbed at her – as she squatted over my face. I started licking her with the same intensity that I had Verity. Peter’s forceful face fucking of Mary-Ann continued unabated.

His prick was still growing as he ploughed it in and out of her wanton mouth, the sight of his cock was driving me crazy with lust – my prick was throbbing and pulsing very quickly. Verity was getting closer and closer to bringing me toward another orgasm. I let my right arm drop from Eliza’s hip, and brought it close to my face, and without stopping my licking, I placed a finger as best I could into Verity’s sopping cunt.

I finger fucked her for a few seconds to allow my finger to become covered in her juices, then, I moved it toward her arse. As my finger pressed against her pink and brown coloured hole, I felt some resistance. Ignoring her bum holes request that I should leave it alone, I pushed my cunny juice soaked finger into her as deep as it would go, resuming my fucking of her with my fingers.

I heard Verity moan as my finger and tongue moved simultaneously bringing her closer to spending. I was close too. Very close. Peter eventually stopped face fucking Mary-Ann, and when I saw his glistening prick, I thought to myself that it was the biggest prick I’d ever seen it. Quickly, he moved away from Mary-Ann, crouching behind Verity. I heard her gasp as he shoved his bloated cock in to her anus, past my lodged finger. “I’m going to cum up your arse!” He throated lustily as he started fucking Verity.

Verity’s sucking motions on my cock had ceased for a split-second. As soon as he started to pump away at her, she started again – I could feel that she was being stretched beyond her limit – her bloated anal passage was stuffed to over capacity!

“Put a finger up his bum V!” Mary-Ann said lustily, as she moved to kiss Eliza. “Finger fuck him!” Verity took no second telling and as she forced one of her fingers into me. I felt my cock swell and twitch yet again, I knew that I wouldn’t last much longer. Mary-Ann and Eliza knelt close to one another.

Mary-Ann started kissing Eliza, fondling her breasts and her hairy cunt. I caught the occasional glimpse of this, and my cock throbbed yet again. Eliza stood at Mary-Ann’s beckoning. They moved away from my line of sight and even though I could not see them, I could hear them, as they licked and sucked at each other’s bodies. Verity’s finger fucking of my bum felt good – too good. I knew that the pleasure I was feeling was as intense as anything I’d ever felt before.

Peter was sweating profusely now as he fucked Verity’s bum. He was fucking her with powerful thrusts – so powerful that I had to take my finger out of her bum. They were moving her body forward with each stroke. This of course, transferred down to my cock via her mouth – making her violent sucking action even more erotic than it had been – if that were possible!

My cock twitched, throbbed and I felt a huge spasm. I started to cum. Verity must have either known, or made a very good guess at what was happening, as she took my cock out of her mouth, and held it over her breasts.

My hot spunk spewed out of my throbbing cock in thick ropes, splashing down upon her alabaster flesh in huge globules. Slowly it dribbled away from her nipples, and meandered its way down her body – covering her stomach with cum. When I had finished, Verity’s mouth encased my cock again - draining every drop of my seed out of me.

Peter grunted at the sight of me coming, and came himself – deep inside Verity’s tight bum. He leaned in and whispered something into Verity’s ear – she smiled. Peter pulled his cock out of Verity, and quickly lay down at my feet.

I looked around to where Mary-Ann and Eliza were laying head to toe against each other. Their heads were buried in between the others legs, and I could still hear the sounds of them lapping and slurping at each other.

I turned my attention back to Peter. Verity was now crouched above his face; he was licking her anus, his tongue buried deeply inside her anal cavity. He was licking his own spunk out of her, and to me, it looked like he was enjoying the taste. I groaned with delight at the sight.

Hearing my groan, Eliza and Mary-Ann looked up briefly from each other’s pussies. Eliza noticed the cum on Verity’s breasts and stomach, she crawled across the floor to her, followed by Mary-Ann.

Eliza began to lick at the pools of cum as they slowly slithered down Verity’s body slurping with each lick. Verity’s eyes were tightly shut, and as she threw her head backwards, I knew she was cumming. Mary-Ann used her finger to mop up the strands of semen that were now reaching Verity’s thighs. Alternately, she would put her finger in her mouth, and then push another load up to Verity’s mouth. Verity accepted this boon, sucking on her best friends’ finger with gusto, moaning, “More!”

I felt very tired and told them all as much, but apparently, nobody had heard me as no-one responded. I looked about and saw my clothes spread about the room. Standing slowly, I carefully gathered them. Just as I was about to leave the room, I heard Verity say ‘Good night brother!”

Some minutes later, as my head touched the pillow, I fell soundly asleep. I was totally drained, but felt very contented. My dreams were filled with sex. I awoke late the following morning, and after breakfast, Verity and Mary-Ann met me in the library, as was my want to do each morning.

Verity explained that Mary-Ann was going back to see her parents today, and would be going on the Cambridge tomorrow. Verity asked if she could stay with Mary-Ann that evening and return here tomorrow. Seeing nothing wrong with her request, I agreed.


Two days later Father, Mother and James returned to the estate, Miss Etheridge, Verity’s tutor, arrived too. Over that days’ evening meal introductions where made. In the following days and weeks, Miss Etheridge and I became firm friends. Her first name was Estella, and she had a slim figure for her height, she was almost as tall as I was – and I’m just over six feet tall!

Estella’s body, from what I could tell over her dresses, was hard and lean and once or twice, whilst she was bathing, I managed to peek at her as she washed, but I had always been disturbed, and had to flee the scene before being was discovered.

She had muscles in places that women shouldn’t have muscles, but none-the-less she was still very attractive to me. Her body was lithe and tight, her muscles stood out proudly under her flawless skin. Her breasts were almost none existent, but her nipples were big and brown, and it looked as though they were constantly erect. I was sure that I could see what looked to be an earring through one of them.

On this particularly cold December day whilst, I was peeking at her through a small crack in the wall, I had my prick in my hand. I was pulling at it with fervour. I could feel deep down inside me the lust building for this waif of a woman, and I knew that I just simply had to have her, and soon.

Jerking my cock as I peeped through the small hole in the wall, Estella’s small chest was visible to me as she washed her hair. The combination of water and soap made her skin glisten as it ran down her sublime frame, and back into the porcelain tub.

Her hair washed, she lathered her hands, and began to clean her breasts and her under-arms, the water making the toned flesh shine brightly as she scrubbed with a flannel. Her fingers lingered over her brown buds, and I was astounded to see that she was playing with the ring, that I now knew for sure was piercing her nipple.

My cock twitched in my hand, as I watched her move the flannel over her wet body. I could feel my body tensing – getting ready for that sweet feeling that is orgasm. She stood, and for the first time, I saw her body, in all of its naked splendour.

Her pubic hair, such as it was, looked like the letter V. I watched the soapy water as it flowed down her body in rivulets. She stepped out of the bath, and I caught a glimpse of the folds of her pussy lips.
My jaw dropped when I noticed something metallic twinkle as she turned her back to me. It was only a glimpse as she turned, but at the sight of her pussy, my pego twitched in my hand. I was sure that I had spotted what looked like another ring – this time lodged in one of cuntal lips. This sight spurred on my hand, and my brain.

She began to towel herself dry, I watched her as I felt myself coming, splashing the wall in front of me with my jism. I groaned loudly, too loudly! She stopped her drying motion, and looked around the room, as if trying to see where the noise had emanated from.

At no point did she actually look directly at the hole that I was looking through, I felt some relief at not being discovered, even though deep down inside, I wanted her to notice me.

After looking around for a few moments, she continued to dry herself. By the time she was dry, and had started to dress, I had finished wiping up my cum. My seed was hot and sticky, and I made sure that I mopped up all of it in to my handkerchief. I then folded it carefully, putting it in a pocket to dispose of later.

Quickly and quietly, I stole away from the crack in the wall, making my way back to my room. Once there, I threw my handkerchief on to the freshly lit fire, I waited as the flames engulfed it, thick acrid smoke floated upward, in to the chimney.

There was a knock at my door, I opened it, and there to my amazement stood Estella. She curtsied, smiling genteelly at me. She looked beautiful, and I swear that my eyes had never ever taken in such a sight!

“Would you care for a stroll through the gardens, Christopher?” she asked. How could I refuse!

I told her that nothing would give me greater pleasure, and after putting on a thick coat to repel the cold we strode out into the grounds. There was a chill in the air that made the vapours of our breath stream out of our mouths as we spoke, and even though I had offered my coat to Estella she refused.

“No, I like the cold weather,” she told me, “the chill makes me tingle.” I nodded, ready to give my coat up at a moments notice should she change her mind.

We continued to walk and talk, eventually finding our selves in the arbour. It was a pleasant enough place lined with small, thickly leaved trees and bushes that kept the wind at bay. In front of a statue of Venus, was a small bench, and just beyond that there was a fountain - that for some reason wasn’t working.

We sat upon the bench, facing each other. Strangely, it didn’t seem as cold here as it did elsewhere. I reasoned that my feelings of lust for this girl where keeping me warm on this, a bitterly cold day in December.

“I’ve wanted to speak to you regarding a delicate matter for some time,” Estella said to me almost in a whisper.

The urgency in her voice sounded to me as though she did not want to be over-heard, so I replied to her in whisper also, even though my mind had began to race at the thoughts of what she might say to me.

“As you know, my Mother died recently,” she wiped a tear out of her eye, “and your Father has graciously allowed me to stay here with you all over the upcoming Christmas festival.” I nodded, and smiled sweetly at her. “Everyone has been so kind to me over the last few weeks, and I wanted to repay that generosity.”

My heart sank, and although I tried not to show my disappointment openly, I replied.

“What did you have in mind?”

She told me that she wanted to take a short trip to London to buy some gifts.

I advised her that that shouldn’t be a problem and that if she asked my Father for a few days grace to go shopping, he would, with all certainty, let her go.

“That’s the problem,” she replied. “He gave me his permission to go, but he also told me that I couldn’t go alone.” She sighed again, “and that leads me to my current dilemma.” Her hand reached out and touched mine causing me to almost faint on the spot.

“I thought of asking James to accompany me,” she said, “but as you are well aware, James has his hands full with estate business, even more so at this time of year. That’s when I thought of you.”

A small wave of disappointment flushed over me, I was her second choice. I tried to hide my feeling of disappointment. “I’d be happy to go with you,” I said. She gripped my hand a little tighter.

“Thank you!” She exclaimed, “that’s a weight off my mind!” I smiled a weak smile.

“When did you wish to leave?” I asked.

She told me that she wanted to go the following Monday morning; I said that that would fine with me and stood up. “I’ll let Father know,” I said offering her my arm. We walked back through the gardens, toward the house. In the distance, I saw Verity approaching on her favourite mare. She waved, and trotted toward us. Estella greeted Verity with a curtsey, as horse and rider circled us. I smiled warmly at Verity, and enquired if she’d enjoyed her ride.

“Not as much as the last time you and I rode out together,” Verity replied with a wicked grin on her face. “That was such fun!”

Verity, the little minx, had reminded me of our last outing together, the previous September. I remembered how we’d made love in the shade of a large oak, as the last of the summer sunshine shone down upon us. The images of my fucking her, danced through my mind, and I could not help but smile the biggest smile I’d cracked in weeks.

“Yes, I enjoyed it very much.” I said through my smile, “When the weather turns nice, we shall have to ride out again.”

“Oh, I’m sure we’ll repeat the events of that day long before spring comes!” Verity cried as she sped away, geeing the horse from an almost standstill into a gallop. I turned to look at Estella as we watched Verity speed away from us. She had a puzzled look on her face. I decided not to explain – doubting that Estella would take kindly upon brother and sister making love to each other at almost every opportunity that arose.

Estella to her credit said nothing. We continued walking back to the house, and I asked her what sort of things she wanted to purchase while we were in London.

“Just the usual Christmas gifts,” she replied with a twinkle in her eye.

I advised Father the next time that I saw him that I wanted to go to London to do some Christmas shopping the following Monday morning. He seemed pleased at my announcement, and told me that Estella had wanted to go to London as well, but that he’d forbade her from by herself.

London was not a place for a virtuous young woman of her breeding to visit alone, he told me, and asked if I might accompany her. I told him that I would be pleased to have her company for a day or two. Father told me that he would arrange a carriage for us to travel in, and that we would stay in the small house that the family kept in London.

After getting Peter to pack a small case with suitable garments for the trip to London, I relaxed, and waited patiently for Monday to arrive. The two days that followed passed inexorably slowly, but eventually Monday dawned and shortly after nine in the morning, Estella and I set off for London.

As the carriage rumbled along the rough track heading for London, Estella and I chatted amiably. She spoke at length about the trinkets and toys that she wanted to buy for each member of my family, but she didn’t mention me at all.

I made no comment on her omitting me out of the gift conversation, but graciously gave my opinions on each item as she told me what presents she was buying for the members of my family.

When, some hours later, we arrived at the family house in London, I distantly heard a clock chime four. The carriage slowed, and two servants who attended the house, came streaming out of it to greet us. Shortly thereafter, we settled into our respective rooms, warming ourselves near the fireplace that stood against one wall.

During our journey, Estella and I had agreed that that evening we would dine at the house, and start our shopping in earnest the following day. I felt it best that we should be refreshed, and have a good nights sleep before we braved the onslaught that would be Christmas shopping in the centre of London.

After a small dinner – the servants providing us with fare that would not have been out of place back on the estate; we retired to the parlour, and sipped port as we chatted. Estella lit a small white cigarette, inhaling the smoke deep in to her lungs.

I heard the clock in the hall chime eleven, and announced that I was going to retire for the evening, as I felt quite tired. Estella said that she was tired also, and I followed her up the stairs toward our rooms. I watched her hips wiggle as she gracefully made her way up the carpeted stairs. When we reached her room, she paused and turned to look at me, smiling.

“Thank you for this,” she said, “and hopefully, we’ll be able to get some pretty baubles on the morrow.” I said nothing, but took her hand, and gently kissed it.

“Well,” she said, her cheeks blushing slightly, “good night, Sir.” She strode into her room, closing the door. Lingering, I waited for the key to turn in the lock, but heard nothing. I made my way to my room, a wry smile upon my lips.

I undressed quickly and quietly, and threw another log onto the fire that blazed in the centre of one wall. Crouching, I rubbed my hands together to warm them against the cold that hung in the room. It was then that I noticed that I could see into Estella’s room through the shared fireplace, feeling the warmth permeate my hands.

Estella walked into my view as I continued to rub my hands together, and I could see that she’d removed her dress. All that remained was her small petticoat, which, as I looked on, she removed. Naked now, she reached up, unfurling her hair, allowing it to drop down.

I was enthralled by the sight of this thin, but nubile woman as she searched through her luggage seeking something to wear for bed; my eyes were drawn to her small breasts, and in particular the small ring that pierced her brown nipple. My prick twitched, and grew a little between my legs as I watched her shake out the nightgown she had found within her luggage.

Just seconds before she was about to throw it over her head, I spoke. “Good night Miss Etheridge,” I said aloud completely oblivious to the fact that my semi-erection would be in her full view if she looked right at me.

She seemed startled at the sound of my voice suddenly coming from out of nowhere in her room. Her eyes scanned the room as they had done back at the estate. Again, she didn’t see anything or anyone, so she continued putting on her nightgown.

As the nightgown fell over her sweet, slender body, she turned to face me, and I saw again the ring that pierced the folds of her cunny lips very briefly. Her garment fell to her feet, removing the ring from my sight, my prick swelled yet again, throbbing.

It was then that she saw me crouching behind the dancing flames of her room’s fireplace. Eventually the penny dropped, and she noticed me, crouched as I was by the fire in my room.

“What are you doing?” She asked moving toward the fire herself to catch some of the warmth – taking in my naked body beyond the flames.

“I was just putting another log on the fire,” I explained, “this room is quite cold.” I moved the last log that I put on to the fire, and the flames flared, dancing in the dim light, casting deep shadows in both rooms.

“Put some clothes on!” She cried. I felt my cheeks redden, and I knew that I was blushing.

I apologised, and moved away from the fire grate. I quickly threw on my pantaloons, fastening only to restraining button at my waist, and quickly resumed my crouched position next to the fire.

“I am decent now,” I told her matter of factly, “I am sorry for disturbing you.”

A burning log moved on the grate, sparks flying into both rooms. She was still crouched opposite me, wringing some warmth in to her own hands. She consciously pulled down her nightgown a little more, to hide any further embarrassment on both our behalves. She held her hands out, drawing heat from the dancing flames.

“I am sorry if I surprised you,” I told her with a gentle tone in my voice. “I was not aware that we shared the same fire until I saw you getting undressed.”

“Exactly what did you see?” She asked with as much innocence in her voice as she could muster. “Tell me, Sir!” I told her.

“So, you weren’t spying on me?”

“Good heavens, no,” I retorted. “That was the last thing on my mind.” I held my hands near to the fire again. “But, I have to tell you Estella, that I did enjoy my brief glimpse of your body.” I rubbed my hands together, still trying to draw as much heat as I could.

“Has it gone?” She asked as if ignoring my last statement. A puzzled look appeared on my face briefly – which she saw immediately, “your excitement.” She explained. The penny dropped, she was talking about my erection.

“Ahhh, no, not yet,” I told her truthfully. “I apologise that you saw it Estella,” I said as honestly and truthfully as I could. I felt my cheeks blushing up again.

“Well, it’s not like I haven’t seen one before,” she said as a smile drew across her face. “I am a woman of the world, you know!” I thought for a second about asking her about the rings that adorned her body, but dismissed the thought.

“I understand,” was all I could say, even though to be truthful, I didn’t have a clue as to what she was talking about. I saw her face contort in to a wry smile. “I know that you have been watching me,” she said casually. Before I could protest and deny her claim, she continued, “through the hole in the bathroom wall.” Flabbergasted that she knew my secret, I said nothing – confirming her statement as the truth. My mouth was open, but nothing would come out. She smiled at me through the flames.

“Did you approve of what you saw?”

“Err... yes,” I said eventually, and in my minds eye, I could clearly see the memories I had created of her naked beauty.

My prick, which had began to deflate by then, twitched again, and its head peeked out of the gap in the material. Whether she saw the swelling in my pantaloons or not, I did not know, nor did she comment.

“Well?” she asked, I shook my head slightly, “tell me,” she repeated. “What did you think of me?”

“You are beautiful,” was all I could say, “I have never witnessed anyone with a body such as yours.”

I saw her smile again at my words. “And what did you think of my rings?” Estella asked. She pulled down the top of her gown, exposing small breast and that wonderful nipple with the small metal ring through it. Stammering slightly at the sight that my eyes beheld, I told her that it was something that I had never seen before.

“Wait there,” she said, and stood up.

I watched as she ran to her door, opening it, she vanished from my sight. Seconds later, she entered my room; her long nightgown clinging to her legs, and her toned, muscle bound body. With one deft movement, she slid her arms out of the sleeves, and the nightgown fell to the floor. Grabbing my hand, she guided me to her breast.

Gently, she placed my palm across herself, and pressed softly upon my hand. I felt her heart beating strongly as she held my hand to her body. The metal in her nipple was strangely cold against the warmth of her flesh, I closed my eyes momentarily. Moving my hand slightly, I used my fingertips to feel the small ring and her nipple at the same time, caressing them both gently.

I felt, and saw her nipple visibly grow to my touch. Looking at her for approval to continue, I saw her imperceptible nod, and I continued. Staring, as I was at her naked body in the firelight, my cock swelled again in my pantaloons, this time it visibly showed through the gap in my pantaloons. I moved it ever so slightly and it grew yet again.

Her eyes followed my movements, and I saw her bite her lower lip softly and gently, her full attention focus on my pego. I withdrew my hand from her breast and ran my fingertips down her lithe body. My fingers lingered as I moved to her abdomen, feeling her taught muscles beneath the skin – I felt my member swell again – it pulsed, twitching up and down.

Gently, and with some hesitation, I moved my fingers toward the small ring that was hidden in between the lips of her cunny. Instinctively, she opened her legs to allow me greater access to her intimate parts. I crouched on the floor in front of her; my face inches from her pubes, and that sweet looking pinky brown slit at the top of her legs.

As I inched closer, my nostrils filled with the heady smell of her sex. Licking my lips, and closing my eyes briefly, I inched forward yet again, pausing only when my touched her smooth skin.

She must have sensed that I was hesitant, because she grabbed two great handfuls of my hair, and pushed my face downward. My nose was buried deeply now in the small V shaped hairs above her slit, and my nostrils flared, as I breathed in her musky odour.

My tongue darted out of my mouth, and I gently began to explore the folds of flesh presented to me. I felt her release her grip on my head, and as I looked upward at her, she spread her legs further apart, balancing her weight evenly.

She placed on her hands on my shoulders, with her legs further apart. I had even greater access to her sex, and that ring. The smell of her was intoxicating. My tongue moved slowly and deliberately between the small ring, and her clit. I licked and sucked at her body, and felt a small amount of wetness escape from the moist lips. My prick throbbed relentlessly at the taste and sight of this beautiful creature.
Lapping it up as quickly as it had appeared, I savoured the taste of her juices - my swollen cock reminded me that it was there, still poking through the gap in my pantaloons.

My hands, which had been idle up this point, moved down to my waist. I pulled at the fabric, trying desperately to pull the material off my body. My body bucked slightly to assist my fumbling fingers as I opened the restraining button, anxious to let my ever-swelling pego to escape.

Seconds later, through my cock, I felt the slight coldness that remained in the room. Blood relentlessly flowed to my prick, swelling it further. Lustful thoughts filled my brain, and I launched myself bodily upward. My mouth clamped over one of her small, perfectly formed breasts, taking it all in to my mouth. I began to suckle upon it, and my hand moving to grasp my prick.

I stood closer to her, and guided my prick toward her cuntal lips. I felt it nudge her leg, as it moved upwards, coming to rest in the gap between her legs, nuzzling her slit and touching her pussy ring.

She paused, savouring my touch. Eventually she moved away from me, and let herself fall backwards on to the edge of the bed. Estella reached out for me. I joined her at the foot of the bed. I knelt in-between her legs. My face was level again with her venus mons. I let my mouth encase her vagina totally, and I sucked and licked furiously.

My hips began thrusting of their own accord; I desperately wanted to enter her sweet body, to feel the heat of her sex on my prick. After licking for a moment or two more, I lurched upward, penetrating her with a gasp. The heat of her cunt was just as I thought it would be and it enveloped me – warmth spreading from her to me, as I slowly manoeuvred myself in and out of her. I could feel the ring touching me, giving my cock extra stimulation.

Estella lifted her hips slightly off the bed; I felt her move against my gently thrusting. I dropped my head to her breast, kissing her hardened nipple. I licked, before biting it gently. Taking it wholly in my mouth, I sucked with vigour.

As I thrusted into her, she gently matched her movements to mine. I felt her nails scratch my back and buttocks as she ran her hands down the length of my body. Her nails dug into my flesh as she moved her fingers up toward my shoulders.

I gasped as her fingertips reached my shoulder blades, she dug her nails into my flesh yet again – it was painful, but erotically so. Slowly and deliberately, she started down my body again; whispering sweet nothings in to my ear, flicking her tongue at my earlobe as she spoke.

My body shivered, my spine tingling to her touch. My hips must have received some signal, as after the shudder, my thrusting sped up. Estella’s hands came to rest on my buttocks; she grabbed two handfuls of flesh, digging in her nails once again. The pain was exquisite, and spurned me on – the speed of my thrusts increasing once more.

“Fuck me harder!” Estella whimpered.

I obeyed, swiftly moving my hands to either sides of her shoulders, my palms flat to the bed. I braced myself, and began to thrust now for all I was worth, the ring in her cunny lips rubbing all the time against me, exciting me even more.

The faster I thrust, she more she dug her nails into me, I felt sure that she would draw blood sooner rather than later, but the feelings from my groin were indescribable, and those feelings alone were enough for my brain to ignore the exquisite pain.

I gasped, feeling my cock twitch deep within Estella’s body her muscles contracting around me as I felt her vagina grabbing at my granite pole of an erection. She must have known that I was close to cumming, because as I thrust into her with renewed vigour, her body tensed, and those wonderful cuntal muscles grabbed me yet again – milking me harder and harder.

We were both sweating profusely; I heard her gasp as beads of water dripped off my forehead onto her face. The droplets sizzled as they touched her. I came.

My seed shot into her body, and as I thrust up against the wall of her womb, stopping me from penetrating her further than I already had, I felt it splash back against the head of my cock. She simultaneously twitched, thrusting her aching hips toward me.
She gasped as the full force of my spend hit her like a tidal wave, my bodies juice mixed with her own as her own orgasm ripped through her svelte body in waves. I continued to thrust into lithe body, as my cock spurted out my seed. Eventually my thrusting ceased and I fell to one side of her spent totally. Sweat poured from every pore of my body, and I was breathing hard.

Turning on to her side to face me, she lifted her hand to my face, and swept my damp hair back from my eyes. She stared into my face as her hand slid down my sweaty body, it came to rest on my not quite deflated cock and without taking her eyes off mine, she spoke.

“That’s mine,” she said as she ran a nail up its full length sending small shockwaves through my body, “nobody else must have it from now on.” She paused, “unless I give permission.”

My mind swirled. I was slightly confused by her words and by the lightheaded feeling that all of my exertions had created in my head. Never the less, I nodded in agreement. I was hers and hers alone. In my heart, I felt the statement to be true.

“Good.” Estella said as she continued to gently rub her nail up and down the length of my now totally soft prick, “relax and get your strength back my darling,” she continued as she stood. “I’ll be back in a thrice.”

She left the room, and I managed to just about get onto my hands and knees. I started to crawl further up the bed, still sweating profusely. Lying face down, my head on the soft pillow, I closed my eyes, and began to drift off into a relaxed sleep.

I was almost unconscious when I felt her body weight on the bed next to me. My eyes opened slightly, and I saw her lying close to me; she again, was staring into my eyes.

“This is going to sound rather silly,” she began, “but, I think I love you,” she said quietly, leaning into me. She kissed my forehead. I opened my mouth to speak, but she shushed me. “Don’t speak.” She said.

“I’ve…” she paused slightly as if to gather her thoughts, “had feelings for you since we first met.” she explained, “I don’t know why, nor do I care, but as soon as I saw you, I knew that you were a special person.”

Her hand stroked my face gently. “I fell deeply and madly in love with you in that second,” she mused gently. “I’ve been wracking my brain for a while trying to find a way to tell you…”

“Why didn’t you just say something?” I eventually asked, as she slowly and gently caressed my brow. She shook her head.

“I don’t know,” she retorted. “I wanted to tell you desperately. But, I couldn’t find the words.” She leant forward, kissing my mouth tenderly, “tell me you feel the same way.”

I spoke the words she wanted to hear. A huge smile beamed across her face. She fell upon me, wrapping her arms around me. I felt her hold my head and shoulders tightly, as kisses rained down upon my face, neck and shoulders.

“Why then,” I said slowly, gathering the words carefully, “did you tell me that you’d thought of asking James to come with you instead of me.”

“A ruse to get you here,” she replied with a straight face, “nothing more,” she paused to kiss me. “I honestly didn’t think you’d agree without a legitimate reason.”

“I would have,” I said. “All you had to do was ask.”

“Does it really matter?” She asked, “after all is said and done, you and I are here, were we are meant to be.”
My eyes closed before I could speak and I felt myself drifting off to sleep again. When I awoke, what must have been several hours later, I found myself shivering despite being half covered by a blanket. Estella had gone.

Sheepishly, I looked around the room for her; I could see daylight behind the flimsy curtains. I moved the blanket to one side, got off the bed, and dressed quickly. The room had turned decidedly chilly - I noticed that the fire had died.

I wandered down stairs after checking Estella’s room, which was empty. I found her downstairs, eating. I kissed her cheek lightly before sitting down next to her. She smiled at me in reply, her mouth full of food.

Thank the good Lord that the previous night had not been a dream; I thought to myself, as I waited for the servant to deliver my breakfast. I wondered to myself as we ate and chatted idly, why I had never considered marriage before.

There had been plenty of women in my life with whom I could have settled down, if I had so chosen, so why choose her over any of the others? It was a question that I could not answer, - and that would remain unanswered, for the time being.

Once we had finished eating, we put on thick coats, and headed out into the chilly morning air. Hand in hand, we strode towards the centre of London and the shops. We spent the rest of the day and on my behalf, a small fortune on Christmas presents.

Estella wandered in and out of various establishments perusing the wares on display. She, I noticed had an eye for a bargain, and would often haggle the price down with the shopkeeper, where as I would just give whatever was asked for on the display card.
We ate and shopped some more. By the time we were ready to head back to the house, we were both carrying quite a few items, and Estella managed to find a better way to carry the goods she had bought as I struggled.

When we got back to the house just before sundown, the servants took the packages from us. The head servant informed me that dinner would be at eight o’clock.

I told him that that was fine, and followed Estella up stairs. I found her in her room. She had removed her hat, and was filling a bowl with water. I crossed the room and wrapped my arms around her waist. As I kissed her neck, I slid my hands upward to cup her breasts through her dress.

I nibbled at her earlobe and whispered dirty words into her ear, telling her what I’d like to do to her sexually. She giggled, and pushed her backside into my crotch, wiggling it from side to side.

My fingers worked on her buttons, and but a moment later, I peeled her dress off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Kissing her neck continuously, as my hands moved down to her corset, I undid the catches that held it tightly in place around her slim waist and muscled torso.

Deep lung fulls of sweetly scented perfume filled my nostrils, and I felt my ardour rise, my prick began to swell, and she felt it through my pantaloons. Estella began to thrust her bum backwards against my crotch again, grinding her hips.

She turned in my grasp and kissed me quickly on the mouth. Sliding down my body, she fell through my embrace and crouched at my feet. Her hands quickly worked at undoing the buttons there, and seconds later, she had me my prick in her hands. Soon, it was in her mouth.

She sucked greedily upon me, giving my semi-erect member cause to rise strongly under her movements, her head bobbed back and forth, devouring me. I felt myself swelling again, my body was tingling – my prick throbbed and pulsed as my blood engorged it. Her hands were upon my hips, holding me as her mouth slid over the complete length.

I had expected her not to be able to take the whole of my prick in to her small mouth. I had expected her to gag on me more than once as she tried to swallow me. She took the full length.

I could feel the tip of her tongue rubbing up against my balls, as she thrust her head forward with increasing speed. I was surprised. No one had managed to take my member in to there throat without gagging at little at first – not Verity, Mary-Ann or Eliza nor any of the other woman I had slept with.

At some point, Estella moved her hands from my hips, and began to gently caress my balls. She squeezed gently with one hand, and rubbed with the other. My cock twitched violently, it throbbed as her head drove itself repeatedly onto my cock, her fingers working miracles with my balls at the same time, sending pulses of pleasure up and in to my engorged penis.

I was going to erupt soon, the sensations she was giving me with her mouth, were the best I had ever felt. Sensing that I was just about to come in her mouth, Estella poked a finger into my backside. She forced her finger into me as far as humanly possible. Estella began to move it back and forth.

The feeling of that finger wiggling deeply in my arse, made me cum copiously. My sperm hit the back of her throat with awesome force. Splashing my orgasm around her mouth and down in to her throat. Her wagging finger kept moving, as I ejaculated, intensifying it.

It seemed to me that gallons of my seed hit her tonsils and tongue, as Estella swallowed mouthful after mouthful of my salty, white seed. After taking it all, Estella licked her lips. She sighed, a contented sigh.

With the hand that had been rubbing my balls, she took hold of my cock, and gently rubbed back and forth, exposing the head of my prick and my foreskin – her tongue flicked at the head each time. Her teeth gently nibbled at the head when the opportunity presented itself. With one last deep suck, she smacked her lips together in satisfaction and stood up.

“Time to dress for dinner,” she remarked. I nodded my agreement.

After dinner that evening, we retired to bed early, and spend the remainder of the night making love. Next morning, Estella told me that she wanted to go shopping by herself. I had wanted to spend the whole day with her again, but she insisted on going out alone. Reluctantly, I let her go.

After lunch, I ventured out and bought Estella a Christmas present. After all that had happened between us, I couldn’t have not bought her a present now, could I?


When Estella got back to the house after her solo shopping trip, I tried to peek into the bags as the servant present helped her remove her coat.

“No peeking,” she chided me, “you naughty boy!” As she smiled at me, the servant averted her eyes, smiling weakly. Estella, bags in hand, almost ran up the stairs and into her room. I stood in the hallway; all I could do was smile. I thought about venturing up stairs after her, but decided against it – after all, whatever she had bought for me was supposed to be a surprise.

Several minutes after she had gone up the stairs, Estella came back into view. She had a huge smile on her face as she walked daintily down the stairs. I moved my head to one side as I watched her walk toward me. I kissed her gently when she reached where I standing.

For the rest of the evening Estella kept mum about the present she had bought that day and no matter what questions I asked, she refused to answer. “You’ll find out soon enough,” was all she would say.

After our meal, I asked Estella what she wanted to do with the rest of the evening. She told me that she did not have any particular plans, so what ever I had in mind would be fine. We got our coats and gloves, and after dismissing the servants for the rest of the night, we stepped out into the cold December air. A little flurry of snow began to fall as we walked hand in hand up the avenue into the direction of the centre of London.

Chatting as we walked, I was still trying to gain clues from Estella as to my present. I was trying to be as subtle about it as I could. Estella though, as I was to find out was a very intuitive woman, and she knew exactly what I was about – even though I thought I was being clever by not asking her direct questions.

We found an expensive looking establishment that served fine wines and went in. After getting drinks, we sat, silently staring into each other’s eyes. We had drunk almost half of the contents of our glasses before either one of us spoke.

“I have had an idea,” Estella said with a twinkle in her eye. “I grew up not far from here, and I would like to go back for old time’s sake.” I nodded my approval with a curious look in my eye, and took a long gulp out of my drink. Estella’s face drew a wry smile and as she sipped at her drink.

“Don’t worry, you’ll have a good time,” was all she would say when I asked about where she had in mind to go. As I looked into her eyes, I thought that I could see her mind racing. She had a look on her face that told me she was both lost and very deep in thought at the same time!

Someone had told me once upon a time that the eyes were windows to the soul, and as I sat staring at her, I tried again to fathom what she was thinking. However, being a typical man, I gave up after a few minutes. I would never understand the female psyche, I mused.

Draining her glass in one long swallow Estella stood. I had but a mouthful left myself, so I quickly followed suit. She offered me her hand. Taking it, she led me out of the noisy room and back into the quiet, snow-laden street.

We quickly walked hand in hand, her leading me up both quiet and busy streets for what must have been thirty minutes. As the snow continued to fall, Estella mentioned shops and street names as she recognised them in passing. Eventually I began to notice that we were heading into one of the poorer areas of London. The buildings were more rundown here; the streets not so clean, and the people we saw wore less than appealing clothing. They must be freezing in this cold weather I thought to myself, as the snow fell heavier onto the street.

I asked where we were going, and Estella told me that it was not far now and just to follow with an open mind. I told her that I was an open minded man, as open minded as the next man, and Estella nodded, telling me that where we were going, an open mind was a very good thing.

I noticed rats scurrying about in the shadows cast by the buildings as we walked, their footprints leaving small marks in the newly fallen snow. I heard the wash of water lapping up against stone in the distance, and gathered we were near the Thames. “Not far now,” Estella said, leading me down an alley lit by only one or two gas lamps.

We stopped in what I thought must have been the middle of the alley quite close to a lamp. Estella rapped gently at door that I could not see in the dim light. As we waited I asked what we were doing, and rather than reply, she lifted a finger and placed it carefully and gently upon my lips – indicating for me to be silent.

A small hatch opened and a female face appeared. Whoever the person was must have recognised Estella as without a word, the hatch closed. The door opened, a blast of hot air blowing out into the snowy alley. I saw an exquisitely furnished passageway behind the door. We stepped inside, and a woman who appeared to me to be in her forties, closed the door behind us. Estella and the woman embraced and kissed each other’s cheeks.

“Estella, my dear!” she exclaimed, “How nice to see you again after all this time!”

“Madam!” Estella greeted her, “we were in the area and I thought I would pay you and the girls a visit,” A huge smile covered her face; this was obviously somewhere she felt very at home. Giving her friend a huge hug, Estella turned to face me.

She made my introduction to the woman. I noticed that glint in her eye again, and sort of half smiled, half frowned at Estella – I was not sure about what this place was, and I had a feeling that made me uncomfortable to say the least.

We followed the woman down the passageway through another doorway, appearing in a lavish waiting room. We halted, and I saw several empty chairs, a counter, and a smoking bottle.

Several people where here already, lounging about with drinks in one hand and a tube from the smoking bottle in the other. Several took long tokes on the smoking tube, letting out deep, contented sighs as they did so.

I noticed that everyone here with the exception of Estella and her friend were men. A puzzled look appeared on my face. Estella noticed it and giggled. The woman clapped her hands together twice and, as if from nowhere, several scantily clad young beauties entered the room. Some of the girls wore nought but knickers and tight fitting brassieres, some basks, some lacy petticoats - one or two wore only knickers, with nothing covering their breasts.

A few of the girls made a beeline for the seated men. I could hear whispers coming from all of them as they kissed and fondled the men’s chests through their clothing. I blushed slightly as it dawned on me that we were in a house of ill repute!

Some of the girls recognised Estella, and embraced her, some hugging her tightly, some kissing her. Those who did not know her stood stock still, looking either puzzled, or slightly embarrassed at the scene before them.

“Girls! Girls!” the woman said waving her hands in front of her to quieten them. “We have a special visitor!” She indicated Estella with a swish of her arm. Estella curtsied slightly.

“Estella here,” the madam said, “used to be a member of our happy family.” The girls who had been standing idle now moved toward Estella, greeting her as warmly as the others had, each giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, some giggling delightedly as they did so.

All the while, I stood silently, my cheeks feeling flushed at the sight of so much flesh. My eyes moved from one girl to another, admiring their bodies. My head spun as I took in the scene. The majority of these girls were stunning. They were a pleasure to behold, but I felt some pity for them at the same time.

Eventually, after the madam had restored order to the melee of girls that crowded around Estella, they retired to sit on a few of the leather bound seats that lined the walls. A girl with a smoking pipe in hand sidled up to me, offering me the tube. I wanted to refuse, but thinking it would appear impolite, I did not.

Taking the tube in my mouth, I sucked on it gently. I could feel the smoke passing down my throat, into my lungs. It was acrid, and I coughed. As my body automatically got rid of the smoke with my next breath, I felt slightly dizzy. My head began to spin a little, and my thoughts became quite fuzzy.

Although the smoke tasted foul, I took another suck on the tube … a little harder and longer this time – I did not know why I had done that, it was almost an automatic thing – something about it drew me in. Estella introduced me as her fiancé, and I smiled at her, exhaling the purple and blue smoke into the room.

“Hello ladies,” I said in my poshest voice, bowing slightly. My legs felt like they belonged to someone else as my head began to swim a little more. In unison, or what seemed like it, they replied, “Hello!” back to me.

My eyes darted back and forth across the menagerie of female flesh that was on display before me, and I felt my cock start to harden quickly in my pantaloons. Visions of them sucking me entered my head, and the mere thought of that alone was enough to make me smile some more.

I drew smoke from the tube for a third time, keeping the smoke in my lungs for as long as I could. I did not know what it was that I was smoking, but the way it made me feel was strangely interesting to me.

Releasing herself from the grip of one exuberant friend, Estella spoke. “Christopher and I are only in town for a few days,” she told them, “and I wanted him to experience something the like of which he’s not had before.” A few of the girls giggled.

“With madam’s permission, I thought we might have a party.”

The madam smiled at Estella, nodding slightly. “Choose the girls that appeal to you most Christopher.” She told me, and took the smoking tube out of my hands. I felt like a child in a sweet shop! So many beautiful girls assembled before me, I started to think lustful thoughts. My eyes swiftly moved from one girl to another, checking each with a critical eye to see if the look of them turned me on or not.

“I choose Estella first,” I said my voice sounding a little strange to me. Estella shook her head.

“No,” she retorted. “You cannot choose me.” I looked at her and frowned.

‘What?’ I thought as my head spun. “This is a special Christmas gift from me to you,” she said, as if to answer my thoughts. “You must choose from the ladies presented before you.” I shook my head in disbelief but acquiesced. Slowly and with purpose, I looked around the room at the girls, pointing to those I found attractive.

Before long, I had three girls stood at my side. The Madam nodded, and clapped her hands again. The girls who not occupied with the other men in the room, all stood and made there egress.

Estella whispered something into the ear of the first girl that I had chosen; I did not quite hear what she said as she spoke so very quietly. I doubted at that time that I would have understood anyway had I heard, my mind spun from the after effects of the smoke. The girl nodded her response and giggled.

The other two girls I had chosen linked arms with me, and I passed through another door and up a flight of steep stairs. I felt as though I was dragged, rather than led but soon enough we entered a room. As soon as the door closed, several pairs of hands started to undress me.

They tore my clothes off my body. I stood and let them disrobe me, my cock beginning to swell again at their touch, my whole body felt alive to the touch of these girls. Each touch sent small electrical pulses racing through me…

A hand gripped my prick, frigging it, waves of pleasure rippled through me. Another hand rubbed my chest, fingertips moving swiftly over my nipples, engorging them in seconds as a wave passed through me. Another set of fingertips ran down my back, tickling my spine, caressing my buttocks, making me shudder with pleasure, all the time, my prick twitched in this girls’ hand.

I closed my eyes, and stood silently as they did with me what they pleased, not daring to speak, my mind filled though with erotic thoughts, and as well as flashing colours; swirling patterns that appeared and disappeared as quickly as they had appeared. My eyes felt heavy, as did my head.

I felt the tip of a tongue touch the shaft of my cock, the flow of pleasure from my cock was enough to make me open my eyes again, and lift my head. My prick twitched as my blood flowed into it, swelling it. Tongues touched me, licking or sucking me. They only lingered for a few seconds, engorging my swelling member a little more.

The remaining girls’ mouth enveloped one of my nipples, nibbling and biting upon it. I moaned, my cock twitching and throbbing - what with my head spinning, my slightly clouded, but highly erotic thoughts, I felt as though I was nearing orgasm.

They dragged to the bed, and threw me face down upon it. Two pairs of hands grasped at me, turning me over. I looked down at the girls as they clambered over the sides of the bed. Two of them resumed the licking and nibbling of my prick, the third climbed onto the bed - she squatted over my face, presenting me her hairy pussy.

I stuck my tongue out and licked her slit, feeling how wet she was. Moving my tongue slightly upward, I found her clit, and it was huge. Not, swollen though, it was literally huge, this was the biggest clitoris I’d ever seen, it was almost as if she had a very small penis between her legs adorning the top of her wet, slippery cunt – I kid you not!

My fuddled head instructing me to take full advantage of this opportunity and have at it – I didn’t hesitate and drove my head toward that massive clit! My legs where parted, as far as they would stretch, and a hot mouth enveloped my cock, she sucked as if possessed, upon it, taking it deeply into her mouth, emitting a loud slurping noise.

A tongue licked and sucked my balls, flicked at my arse hole, touching the crinkled brown orifice. I moaned, and groaned, between licks. My cock grew in the mouth that surrounded it. My balls where fondled as no one had fondled them before, and the pussy that hovered above my face leaked juice down onto my face and on to my chin.

“He’s coming,” the one playing with my balls said, and almost straight away, I did just that.

I could feel through my throbbing prick, the jets of jism as they spurted out of me. The girl sucking me was swallowing each mouthful, her hot mouth around my swollen, throbbing member, made me spurt even more down her throat as the girl fondling my balls squeezed gently.

After a minute or two, the spasms in my prick subsided, and it was set free. The girl whose pussy I was licking began to grind herself into my face as I continued to lick at her clit. She moaned, and juice flowed out of her body, and covered my face completely.

She moved away from me, her fingers dancing over her massive clit as she stepped away. Another girl stepped in to the vacant position, and the pussy grinding and licking started again.

A tongue started licking at my softening cock. I felt her licking the remaining dribbles of seed off the shaft of my cock, and my stomach. I heard her gulping as she swallowed the precious liquid greedily. One of the girls said something in a whisper that I did not quite hear.

My cock and balls where roughly handled, causing me to become semi-erect again. Whilst I thought it would be an age before I was ready, I could already feel a stirring deep within my loins.

I could literally feel the blood racing around inside my body; heading back toward my cock, ready to engorge it yet again. The girl above me orgasmed, my face again covered in warm, sticky juice. I lifted my hands, trying desperately to keep the girl from moving, as I lapped at her pussy. I tried to bury my tongue deep between her lips, as I pulled her down onto my face with glee, tasting the combination of the smoke and her fresh juices mingling on my tongue.

“Close your eyes,” the one who had straddled my face ordered me.

I obeyed immediately. My curiosity peaked, as did my lust.

I heard the door to the room open, and then close again.

“Lift his head,” someone said, I felt that something cover over my eyes. Hands touched my hair as strings where tied behind me. Blind now as I was, they started to touch me again, fondling my body - getting me ready to fuck one, or perhaps, all of them if I had enough stamina.

“Open your mouth,” a voice told me. I did, and felt a tube on my lower lip, “Inhale.”

I took several sharp intakes of breath, as I sucked the now strangely sweet tasting smoke down into my lungs once more. My cock twitched as I exhaled the smoke, and one of the girls must have noticed it move, as a hand grasped me gently – masturbating me slowly back to full hardness. I took another series of breaths, sucking more smoking to me.

Another cunt lowered over my face, I was told to lick. When I felt it touch my lips, I started to lick again, exhaling the smoke in to the pussy before me. The tube was yanked away, I heard someone else use it.

Whoever was above me, started to grind her self from side to side, as well as back and forth over my face and busy tongue. Her movements buried my tongue; the tip of my nose was deep inside her, nuzzling at her clit – stimulating her as I licked. I heard her quiet groan.

My head began to spin again. Intensified ripples of pleasure began to flow through me, as I felt the hand tugging at my prick slightly harder than it had done before, encouraging me to hardness.

I heard a noise of something being unwrapped, but my mind, filled with raucous feelings and sensations, made me ignore it. Who ever it was that had been frigging me, now stopped, and began to suck me.

Her hot mouth covered my cock in saliva as it slid up and down the shaft, engorging it slightly. Blood rushed into my groin, the heat from the mouth suckling on me felt good and as I concentrated, or tried to, I felt my pego expand and grow again.

I tried to reach out to grab a pair of breasts, or what ever I could get hold of, someone said, “Restrain him!”

The cunny above my head moved quickly away from me, my arms grabbed, and pulled upward, toward my head. I felt a loop of soft leather trail over my hand, tightening around my wrist. A few seconds later, I felt a tugging at my other wrist, my arms pulled toward the corners of the bed. They were tying me to the bed! My body tingled in anticipation.

As soon as my arms where secured, my legs were grabbed, the same thing happening again. My legs, spread as far apart as I could humanly spread them, where tied to the bed. I lay helpless on the bed. My mind racing to thoughts of what was about to happen to me – my body felt as though someone was poking me with a sharp needle – twinges of pain and pleasure intermingled, causing me to moan and sigh softly. One second, intensely erotic thoughts ran through my brain, the next second flashing images of me being beaten with sticks appeared before me.

I tried desperately to block out the bad images, and concentrate on the erotic ones, and it was only when fingers started touching my cock again, and a pussy had been lowered over my face once more that I realised that nothing too bad was going to happen to me.

I relaxed a little. I decided to let go what inhibitions, if any, that remained, and go with the feeling. I knew that there were still at least three girls in the room with me. One was crouched over my face, forced to lick her or suffocate, as she ground herself into me.

Another was sucking on my prick, bringing it slowly back to life with a combination of frigging; the tip of her tongue giving me an occasional lick of the shaft and balls. A finger loitered near to my anus, and every now and then, it was pushed into me slightly, sending waves of pleasure through my body – making me convulse and twitch.

‘What was the third one doing?’ my confused brain thought, as I continued to lick and probe the pussy above me. I found out sooner than I had expected.

I felt something touch my chest near my nipples. Whatever it was – it was dragged down my body slowly, teasing me; my body felt a whole, new sensation. Circles where drawn on my flesh and I felt this thing touch me lightly. It felt as though many leathery fingers were touching me all at the same time.

Suddenly my flesh stung as something bounced off me with a crack! I almost yowled in pain as the fingers of this thing that was playing with me, bounced off me, making me squirm slightly, restrained as I was.

The girl whose pussy I had in my mouth ground herself deeper into my face, making it impossible for me to make any sound at all… the only thing I could do was keep licking, taking in deep breaths when ever I could.

My flesh stung again, and again, and I could hear one of the girls giggling with glee each time my body moved involuntarily as the fingers bounced off me. The whore sucking on me doubled her efforts now.

Sucking with ferocity at my cock, I felt myself hardening deep inside her mouth, the head felt as though it was filling her mouth totally, touching the back of her throat. Fingers fondled my balls as her mouth ran up and down my shaft. I groaned a silent groan between licks, as my cock twitched yet again.

I felt myself swell within her mouth yet again. She sucked harder and harder on me, her fingers dancing over my balls in unison with her bobbing head – my prick began to throb and pulse as I hardened, painfully so.

The fingers bounced off me again, and my body jerked in reaction to the touch of this thing, sending shockwaves through me once more. I was getting used to the feelings that I was getting, the pain slowly turning to pleasure.

The pussy above me dripped juice onto my face, it dribbled down off the tip of my nose, in to my mouth, and down onto my neck and shoulders. One of them giggled again, as fingers hit me again, the puzzlingly enjoyable pain coursed through me…

The fingers touched my body yet again, and I felt the mouth leave my cock. A tongue flicked at it slowly and deliberately. I felt feet touch me at either side of my hips and waist, a hand placed on my stomach.

I felt the cheeks of some ones bottom touch the head of my now fully erect cock. Seconds later, I felt myself enter the body of one of the whores. She lowered herself on to my cock, the heat off her body flowing through me, making my cock feel stiffer and stiffer, as she moved down upon it enveloping me totally.

Only when her bum rested against the tops of my legs, did she start to fuck me. Slowly, carefully, she moved upward. The cunt I was licking moved, replaced by another. Taking a lung full of air whilst I had the chance to, I started all over again with the lapping movements I was making.

My jaw hurt like hell, but I could not stop myself, my brain told me that I had no other choice but to lick, and, lick I did. Whoever was riding my cock moved with slow and purposeful movements up and down the length of my shaft - it felt sometimes as if the head was about to pop out and she would stop; wait for a moment, then plunge down again, in slow, fluid movements - one long continuous stroke.

The movements of this body where measured, calculated. She did not stop until she had reached the base of my prick. Again, in one fluid movement, she lifted herself upwards to the point that my pego almost left her. Then, it started all over again; she slid down me in one movement, and after pausing for a short time, upward again. She was groaning and moaning. It was almost a whisper, but I could hear her, just.

This happened time after time. Slowly and surely fucking me – she was taking her time, getting as much pleasure from me as was possible. I matched this whore with my groaning. I was obviously in the hands of an expert whore – she, who ever she was, knew how to bring a man to orgasm slowly, making the experience last as long as possible, and for it to be as enjoyable as possible too.

My hot cock throbbed and twitched as this whore fucked me. I felt as though I was going to explode again at any second, but she seemed to have a knack of knowing when I was going to start to cum, and she would stop, or change her action slightly, allowing the urge to subside; then she would start again.

The cunny over my mouth changed yet again. I continued to lick and lap at the hot, moist pussy above me. This was replaced every now and then, by a puckered arse hole, which I licked with glee. Eventually, I could hold back no longer, and who ever was riding me sensed it.

Even she, with her natural instinct could not stop me. She sped up her movements substantially, and I felt her muscles clasping, clenching at my prick, as she drove it in and out of her body, short sharp strokes now having taken the place of the long deep movements she had been making. Her groans and moans became audible.

When I came, I almost screamed, even with a mouth full of cunt! My sperm felt as though it was flying out of my cock into her orifice! I could feel her muscles squeezing me as the white-hot liquid flowed out me in jets. I moaned and groaned through out my orgasm. When my body went limp, the girl, who ever it was, simply stood up.

I felt my prick hit my stomach. Immediately, it was pounced upon by two hungry mouths, I felt them licking and slurping up the warm, white cum. Another cunt was lowered on to my face; hands grabbed my hair, pulling me toward this pussy so that my nose was touching bare flesh. I started to lick at it.

I could smell a sweet, musky odour in my nostrils. It was the sweetest smell I had ever smelt, and I could have lain there forever if she had been willing to sit above me, letting me breath in that sweet, sweet smell.

As my tongue lapped at her fleshy lips, she moved, and I found myself licking an arse. It felt swollen and on fire, but it tasted so sweet on my tongue, I savoured the taste, licking anywhere and everywhere, trying to get as much of the sweet nectar that this woman had secreted into my mouth as possible.

I felt someone’s hand at the back of my head, and the blindfold was whipped away from me. I looked up at a swollen bum hole. My spunk leaked out of it, and down on to my face in drips, as I watched it pucker in front of me. I flicked my tongue at it, licking the hole as it moved in and out.

The muscles behind it contracted and expanded. A finger appeared between her pussy lips, it dipped into her cunt as if to lubricate it rather than play with her clit, and she began to rub her swollen arse hole, pushing her finger in and out quickly. Who ever this was, moaned.

Her fingers danced in and out of the still puckering hole, dragging more and more sperm out each time. I lapped my tongue at the hole when I got the chance, eating my own sperm. I had never tasted my own sperm before. It was slightly salty and sweet at the same time. It was a strange taste indeed!

The finger moved away from her arse hole and parted her cuntal lips - it flicked at her clit. It was then that I noticed the small metal ring. It was Estella! I had fucked Estella’s arse! Well, she had fucked her arse. I had just lain there!

Eventually, I was untied and Estella helped me off the bed, I looked at her, staring deeply into her eyes. We sat facing at each other. We only began talking once the other two girls had left us alone; Estella told me that she wanted me to know more about her. She explained that when she was an orphan as a little girl and the previous Madam here had taken her in, and given her a home, and a job.

She had worked as a serving girl until she turned eleven, and then she began working in the house as one of the girls. During the day, she had studied and learnt as much as she could from the old books that lay about the place. In the evenings, she had worked the house, soon becoming the favourite girl of quite a few of the visiting men.

One of the more sadistic clients had pierced her with two rings. He had drugged her, and had his way with all three of her bodily orifices. He had wanted to pierce both of her nipples and cunt lips whilst Estella was unconscious, but the Madam had interrupted him, and he was thrown out of the bordello, and told never to return,

She had stopped him from doing the deed – but only just – he’d pierced a nipple and one fold of pussy before the Madam caught him. Estella continued to say that this client had wanted to tie her up using ropes and harnesses. “It will make your holes more accessible for fucking,” she quoted to me in a funny voice as she impersonated the man.

Before the piercing incident, she was quite happy to be tied up and used in any way her clients saw fit. Her service in the house continued for more than ten years, and eventually Estella had gotten bored of being used by fat, sweaty old men as fuck toy.

At the age of twenty-five, Estella told me, that she had decided to leave the whorehouse. She explained how she had spent months seeking employment elsewhere before leaving the profession – it was then that she saw, and had applied for the job of tutoring Verity.

Despite saving a good amount of money, Estella told me that she felt wasted in the whorehouse, and always knew that her future lay elsewhere. My family had given her a chance to better herself both socially and financially, as my Father had offered her the princely sum of thirty-five pounds per year to work for us.

She told me that she would be forever in my families’ debt, and I believed her totally. We rested for a short time, took some refreshment, and waited ‘till my head cleared.

We dressed and left the whorehouse, receiving a fond farewell from the Madam and a few of the girls. As we walked, I asked her why she had not removed the rings from her body.

“Well, I actually quite like them,” she replied. “At the time, I despised them, and tried to get them out of me.” She imitated herself attempting to pull the ring out of her nipple. “Madam talked me out of it, saying that it would hurt me more to remove them, than keep them.”

“Do they hurt?” I asked cautiously.

“No, quite the reverse,” she continued, “I can feel the ring in my nipple when my clothes rub against it,” she said, taking my hand to her chest. Her fingers manipulated my own, rubbing through the layers of clothing at the ring beneath. I felt her hard nipple harden even more, if that were possible. “The ring in my cuntal lip rubs against my clothes and my thigh constantly.” She continued, “it gives me little thrills all day long, making me want sex all the time!

“I am glad that I did not have all of the piercings,” she told me, “but I wouldn’t take them out now for anyone.” She reached up, kissing my cheek. “I fear the sensations that four of them would have given to me would have been over powering.” She giggled, “I think I would have died from pleasure!” We walked through the freshly fallen snow, talking. Our feet made crunching noises.

As we meandered our way back through the streets to our temporary residence in London, we chatted more about her time in the whorehouse – I felt as though she was being totally honest and open with me, and I told her that I appreciated her honesty.

Estella continued to tell me about her childhood and teenage experiences in the whorehouse. I grew excited again when she told me about her clients, and their sexual tastes, some of which I was both surprised and intrigued at, and told Estella so. She promised me that if I were patient, I would try them all!

One we were back at the house, we went straight up stairs, and undressed. Climbing in to bed together, we snuggled under the bedclothes and talked. Estella told me more about her life, her loves, and everything else in between. I listened intently, trying desperately not to fall asleep – my body was crying out for sleep. As dawn broke, we made love and fell asleep in each other’s arms. She snuggled into me as she her breathing slowed, and I felt truly happy.


We travelled back to the estate the following day. We where tired when arrived and both retired straight away. We spent some time together over the days that followed, making love each day.

Today was the 23rd of December and I was feeling full of the festive spirit. My family held a ball on this day each year, and this years ball was as much of a success as all of the previous balls, I spent almost all of the party dancing with Estella.

Of course, I danced with Verity and Mary-Ann who was home for Christmas. She and Verity even danced together – but only once, the rules of etiquette would have deemed anymore inappropriate for girls their age.

We spent Christmas Eve together, chatting, making plans for the future, and that night making passionate love. Christmas Day dawned, and more snow fell, the weather grew colder, and Estella and I opened our presents together after breakfast.

Each day since our return to the house, we would at ten o’clock go for a walk in the gardens, and despite the sudden cold snap, today would be no different we decided.

My parents and siblings had been overjoyed to hear that we were a couple, and Father had even went so far as to tell Estella, in no uncertain terms that even as my fiancé, she would still be expected to tutor Verity until a suitable replacement could be found.

Estella had not been expecting this; she told me afterward, and of course had readily agreed. Time passed quickly while we were in each other’s company, and although we tried to get together on Christmas Day night, we were unable.

I did manage to sneak into Estella’s room on Boxing Day night, so that we could make love. It was hot and passionate love making, and I declared to Estella that I was falling deeper and deeper in love with her with each passing day.

The days passed quickly, and we spent as much time as we could together. Eventually, New Year’s Eve dawned, and as usual, Estella and I went for our morning stroll through the gardens. We were sat on the bench in the arbour, huddled together to keep warm, when Verity approached, whistling happily.

“The lake over by Hooton Point is frozen solid,” she said with glee, “I am going to go skating there this afternoon, do either of you want to come with me?” Estella agreed almost immediately, but I refused. They begged me to attend, but I stayed solid in my refusals, and eventually, they gave up.

After lunch, I waved the two girls off as they rode away toward the lake, specially smoothened boots slung over their shoulders.

It was some hours later when Verity returned to the house, hobbling on one foot. She was crying her eyes out when I first saw her.

“Oh! Oh! Christopher!” She cried at me, “I am so very sorry!” She clamped her arms around me, hugging me tightly, crying buckets of tears all the while.

I held her, gently patting her back to comfort her. “Sorry about what darling?” I asked. “Tell me, what has happened?”

Through tears and sobs, Verity explained what had happened as she and Estella had been on the lake. Things had been going swimmingly all afternoon, and the two of them had been having such fun. They had been laughing, joking and carrying on – talking about this and that, and of course me. Generally, they had been having a jolly good time, I surmised.

Through her tears, Verity explained that she had fallen heavily on the ice and winded herself. Estella had continued to slide around, laughing at her wards misfortune. It was then that tragedy had struck – the ice under Estella’s boots had cracked, and opened, and she went under the thin ice into the freezing cold water.

“I tried to get to my feet,” she told me as tears rolled down her face in a steady, constant stream. “But my ankle would not support my weight!” She bellowed with sadness. “Believe me Christopher, I tried! I tried!”

I hugged Verity to me, saying that I was sure that Estella would be fine; she had probably found a way out of the water and was, as we spoke probably making her way to the house as quickly as she could. Verity shook her head.

“No,” she sobbed, “she’s dead Christopher!” She wiped tears away from her face with her fingers. “I saw her there, under the ice.” She hugged me tighter, and buried her head into my shoulder.

“I heard her screaming for me to help her. I tried to, honestly - I did.” She sobbed, “Christopher, I tried, but I could not do anything to help her!” She groaned, and began to weep again.

“I crawled to the edge of the ice and almost fell in myself!” She buried her face into my chest, and I heard her sob loudly again.

I hushed her, “surely you are mistaken Verity,” I said softly, secretly fearing the worst, but not willing to believe that my lover was dead.

Verity pulled herself free of my grasp, and shook her head, tears dripping off her face and on to the floor. I felt tears welling up, and desperately tried to not let them flow, I shook my head, hoping that if there were any tears on my face that they would be shook away.

“No! No!” She screamed at me. “She is dead!”

I looked at her eyes, and saw that she was being serious. “She drowned in the lake, she went under the ice!” I hugged my sister to my chest, squeezing her tightly. “I tried to get her out Christopher, but the ice was breaking around me, I had to leave her! There was nothing I could do!” She repeated.

I raised my head, staring at the ceiling in disbelief. I released my hold on Verity, and raced out of the house, heading for the stables. A groom was busy brushing a horse, and as I approached, he stopped his work, standing to attention.

I jumped bodily on the horse that the groom had been brushing, even though it wore no saddle. With a quick turn, I spurred the horse out of the building, and set off almost at full gallop.

Racing down the snow-laden pathways, my mind went through everything that Verity had told me. I was uncertain as to what I was going to find at the lake, I hoped that Verity was mistaken. I prayed as I spurred the horse on, hoping that I would find Estella alive and well.

I drove the horse onward, desperately trying to get every ounce of speed out of it, as I headed toward Hooton Point. After ten minutes at full gallop, I saw the lake in the distance – a lone horse stood idly by a tree stump, stamping its feet against the cold. My own horse by now was sweating profusely – she was breathing hard, but she kept up the pace that I demanded of her, her breath turning to steam as she galloped ever onward.

As I cleared a small copse of trees, the lake came into my sight fully. Without slowing the horse any, I prepared to jump from her back. I landed, and rolled in the deep, cold snow several times, coming to rest against a snow-covered rock that knocked the wind out of me slightly. Quickly, I dragged myself to my feet, looking around for any sign of Estella.

Moving slowly through the deep snow, I made my way to the edge of the lake. I could clearly see a large hole somewhere near the centre of it. My feet slipped frequently on the slick ice as I carefully made my way across the frozen water.

I looked around me as I made my way forward; surely, I would see Estella somewhere nearby, perhaps huddled at the foot of a tree trying to keep warm. I shouted her name at the top of my voice, waiting for a sign, something to tell me where she was, but again, saw no signs of her. When I neared the huge crack, I felt the ice moving under my feet.

I held my arms out to my sides to steady myself and crept forward, my head moved slightly from side to side, my eyes scanning under the ice now. Moving almost at a crawl to one side of the hole, my eyes fixed on something. I heard myself gasp with disbelief.

Tears began to well up in my eyes, and this time. I did nothing to stem the flow. I dropped carefully to my hands and knees, and crawled toward what I now knew to be Estella’s frozen corpse, ignoring the cold that began to permeate my hands and fingers.

The thin ice groaned and creaked under my weight as I slowly and gingerly moved over it. Tears now rolled down my cheeks, dripping off my face on to the ice beneath me.

I was directly over her body, which had moved a slight distance away from where the crack in the ice was. Obviously, the lake was not totally solid, and there was still some form of current down there. The ice creaked and groaned again, and began to move underneath me.

It groaned loudly for a second time, and I heard a piece of it crack somewhere to my rear. Gazing down into Estella’s face, I saw that a terrified expression was etched upon it, as she had fought so desperately to escape.

The ice between us looked as though it was less than three inches deep, and I began to scratch away it, trying desperately to get to her. I tried not to think about what she must have felt and done as she had plunged bodily through the ice into the freezing cold water beneath.

I frantically scratched away at the ice with fingernails. Fighting the thoughts of smashing the ice and pulling her cold, stiff body out of the water, I lowered myself flat on to the thin ice, spreading myself out as much as I could, and continued scratching.

I sniffed, and wiped my eyes with the back of my hand. I felt like banging my fist hard on the ice but did not, as I knew that if I made any such move, that the ice would probably crack under me, and I would suffer the same cold fate.

The ice groaned, and I heard it crack again. I did not want to leave Estella, but I had to. As I felt the ice under me shift slightly, I stopped scratching at the ice. I had to move right there and then!

Tears rolled down my face again as I moved away from Estella’s icy body. Crawling extremely carefully on the thin ice, I moved as quickly as I could toward the horses and safety. The ice continued to groan and moan under my weight as I passed over it inch by inch. Eventually I found myself on firm ground once more.

I collapsed face first into the snow and bellowed Estella’s name aloud! I cried, and could not stop myself, nor did I want to. Crying loudly as I was, I did not hear the sound of approaching horses.

A pair of hands grasped my shoulders, and lifted me to my feet. My Father stood before me, and in a show of emotion the like of which I had not seen before; he wrapped his arms around me, hugging me tightly to him.

My tears dropped off my face and down the back of his coat as he whispered in my ear – telling me that we would recover Estella as soon as it was possible to do so. He told me that she would be buried in the family plot - after all, she was a member of the family, or would have been in the very near future.

Wiping the tears away from my eyes again, I saw both James and Verity sitting upon the backs of their horses. Verity was openly weeping and James, well, James was staring at the semi frozen lake.

Neither of them moved as their respective mounts stamped semi frozen hooves on the cold ground impatiently. Freeing myself from my Father’s grasp, I strode slowly back to my horse, without speaking.

It was still sweating and breathing heavily, but not as heavily as it had been when I had arrived at the lake. I grabbed the reigns of the horse that Estella had ridden, and climbed up onto its back. I gee’d the horse gently, and moved away from the tree stump. As I passed by the free horse, I called its name, and with ears pricked, it began to follow me.

When at last I got back to the house, I dismounted, and ran into the house. I headed straight up stairs and collapsed face first onto my bed leaving my door open. Try as I might, I could not cry any more. The tears behind my eyes had dried up.

I lay, sniffing, face down on the bed, and after a short time; I heard my bedroom door close. The thick mattress on the bed moved under me slightly as someone sat down on the edge of the bed.

A hand stroked my head gently, and I heard Verity whispering. What she said I did not hear, nor did I care, but Verity, being the gentle soul that she was, kept on touching the back of my head and shoulders, consoling me.

Eventually, I turned over on the bed, and looked at Verity’s sweet face. She too had cried all of her tears for that day, and her face was red with both the cold and the emotion she felt for me and for Estella.

Verity leant forward and kissed my forehead gently. I reached up and wrapped my arms around her shoulders, dragging her closer to me. Verity moved so that she could lie next to me, and we hugged. She occasionally kissed me on the cheek or forehead as I lay with my eyes closed, she whispered to me for a moment longer, and then fell silent. We lay in silence, Verity kissing me occasionally.

Eventually, I opened my eyes and looked directly at Verity’s face.

Her eyes, swollen from the sorrow she felt had reddened, her cheeks were ruby red and puffed out. I traced a fingertip from her forehead down past her eyes, over her cheeks and down onto her small, but perfectly formed chin, I leant forward, kissed her tenderly on her lips, she quivered under my touch. I kissed her again gently, expecting her to try to stop me, but she did not.

“Verity,” I began. She shushed me, and kissed me softly; her hand moved and grasped the back of my head, pulling my face toward her. We kissed passionately for moment, before she released her grip on my hair, her hand moving down my back, coming to rest on my buttock.

Squeezing tightly, she kissed me again, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. I felt her breath as it surrounded my tongue, and without thinking, I responded to her by pushing my tongue back into her mouth as deeply as it would go. My fingertip left her chin, fell to her white blouse as I searched for her breast.

Verity’s hand kneaded my buttock as we continued our long, passionate kiss. We held that pose for what seemed like five minutes before Verity eventually pushed me backwards onto the bed. Her hands moved to my crotch, and she began to unbutton my pantaloons.

Reaching beyond the confines of the fabric, she took hold of my small, soft prick and after pulling back my foreskin, she buried its head in her hot mouth. Verity sucked upon my member gently at first, taking solely the head into her mouth, her tongue working its magic upon me. I felt myself stiffen slightly. I moved my left hand to Verity’s bum, and after lifting her petticoats, I began to probe at her cunny with my middle finger.

Frigging me slowly, Verity took a little more of me into her mouth, buoyed on by my own frigging of her warm slit. As she moved her head down onto me, I pushed my finger into her, going deeper and deeper with each stroke, just as she was with my cock. My prick twitched in her mouth, and I moaned. Verity began to lick my cock, coating it with her saliva.

I pushed my finger deeper into her pussy, causing her to emit a throaty moan of her own. Stretching her self slightly, Verity used the tip of her tongue on my balls; I felt a wonderful tickling sensation spread throughout my body as she worked on me, switching her attention back and forth from my balls to the shaft. I increased the speed at which my finger pumped at her.

My finger was by now coated in her sweet juices, it slid back and forth with great ease, and I could hear the noise of my finger penetrating her, complimenting the sounds she was creating whilst sucking me. I heard Verity groan again. This, like the last was stifled slightly, as she again had her mouth full.

My cock twitched again, and I felt it swell as Verity’s hot breath enveloped the tip. She began to frig me with a free hand, moving it fiercely up and down my shaft as she concentrated on sucking at the head of my member, her cheeks and jaw moved with ever-increasing rapidity as she sucked feverishly.

I withdrew my middle finger from Verity’s sweet pussy, replacing it with my index finger. Starting to finger fuck her again, I pushed my middle finger into her bum hole at the same time as my index finger entered her sopping cunt. She emitted yet another stifled groan as both of my fingers moved in unison, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her. My fingers moved back and forth within her body in time with her sucking.

We continued like this for a few moments longer. Eventually, I had to stop Verity – I was close to spurting my seed. I wanted to prolong the experience, my lust growing with each second that passed. I removed my fingers from her body, and grasped a hand full of hair, trying to drag her head away from my throbbing cock. Verity strained against me, trying to force as much of me into her mouth as she could, she obviously did not want to stop any time soon.

I cried, “stop!” and pulled at her head. Ignoring me, she thrust her face down upon my cock, and buried her chin into my pubic hair. I could feel her tongue working furiously at the base of my cock; she wanted me to cum in her mouth. I wanted to fuck her though!

I had to use a considerable amount of force to remove Verity’s hot, sucking mouth from my member. She was still refusing to let me remove myself from her mouth, and was sucking now even harder than she had been. God, I was close to cumming, but the urge to fuck Verity grew stronger and drove me onward.

She recoiled slightly as I pulled at her hair with a huge amount of force, I did not want to hurt my sister, but I had to find a way of getting her to release her vice like grip on my cock. As Verity released her suction-like grasp of me for a second, my prick dropped out of her mouth, and quickly, I scrambled off the bed, moving out of the reach of her hands and mouth!

I could see that lust had overtaken her completely as her fingers danced over her body. She was reaching down to play with her clit with one hand as she held up her petticoats with the other. I watched her as she bit her lower lip, her smouldering eyes following my cock as she fiddled with herself.

I pushed her forcibly down onto the bed, and hoisted her petticoats into the air, revealing her wet cunt and arse hole. My pantaloons dropped to my ankles as I moved in to fucking range of her crotch.

I pulled the thin flimsy fabric that covered her pussy aside, pushing the head of my cock in between the soft lips of her quim. I fell bodily upon her, and began rutting at her like a wild animal. Verity let out a gasp as my member penetrated her, and it immediately began to swell, filling her insides totally.

As I pushed myself into her, Verity’s body began to move in time with the thrusts. I forced the fingers that had been in her cunny and arse into her mouth, and she began to suck wildly upon them, grabbing my wrist with both her hands so that I could not move it away from her hot mouth.

I fucked her quim as hard and as fast as I could; I knew that if I kept on, I would cum deep within her with seconds, but did not relent. My cock throbbed, and I felt it swell yet again as my blood engorged it. Verity moaned her mouth full of fingers. As I listened to her, many, many lustful thoughts entered my head.

I pulled out of her pussy, feeling that I was about to cum. Lust had over taken me as it had taken Verity. I plunged my prick into her cute anus, penetrating her anal sphincter with one thrust. With one stroke, I was balls deep into her.

Moving my free hand to steady myself, I began to thrust in to her with reckless abandon. I could feel the muscles that surrounded her arse contracting and expanding around my throbbing cock, sending waves through me and through her at the same time. The muscles of her vagina contracted violently sucking me in to her further, and I felt them as I pumped relentlessly in to her anal cavity.

I began to sweat profusely, and when I looked down at Verity’s neck, a few beads fell onto her; they sizzled as they fell upon her skin, evaporating within seconds. She moaned again – still sucking on my fingers.

My brain switched into overdrive as I watched her suckling at my fingers; what with that image in front of me, and the picture that I had in my head of my prick being buried repeatedly in her tight bum, I continued to fuck away at my sisters bum. Pushing myself deeper into her body with each stroke, I buried myself into her as far as I could as my cock expanded again and again – her anus sucking me, and gripping me with force.

Lewd images of my self with Verity; with Mary-Ann; with Estella, and with others filled my thoughts – the theme the same with each of the pictures in my head; wild, uncontrollable fucking!

As I rutted away at Verity’s arse, my mind filled with thoughts of Estella’s body. I tried to dismiss the thoughts of her, but I could not. In my head, I saw her nipple and pussy rings, her small breasts, and her taught torso muscles. My brain showed me images of her swooping down on to my cock, taking it in her mouth, just as she had done the last time we had had sex on Boxing Day.

“Estella!” I cried as my spunk spewed out of my cock, filling Verity’s tight hole. “Estella!” Whether or not Verity took any dislike to me calling out the name of my dead lover or not, I didn’t know – she groaned and moaned as my sperm filled her, but otherwise remained silent.

I pulled myself out of Verity, my cum spurting out of my cock in thick long strands, landing on Verity’s pussy lips, and the first of her faint strawberry blonde pubic hairs. I collapsed onto my bed, holding my head in my hands.

I felt Verity’s hands grab my member, as once again she filled her mouth with my cock. I heard slurping and licking noises as she sucked greedily on me, draining every drop of my spunk out of my balls.

I sobbed gently, my head still in my hands as Verity began to lick my shaft and balls, slurping up the droplets of cum that she had missed. She continued for a few more seconds, and I heard her lick her lips with a contented sigh. My cock twitched as it softened, a few more drops of cum oozed of the head, falling onto my exposed stomach and pubic hair. Verity touched my face, moving my hands away from my face. She kissed me, and I tasted my spunk on her tongue as it touched my own.
“Leave me,” I said gruffly, suddenly annoyed for some reason. “I want to be alone!”

Verity said something about not leaving me alone.

“Get out!” I screamed at her, and she reluctantly withdrew after straightening her clothes.

“Christopher,” she said to me once she was at the door, “you have to believe me when I say that there was nothing I could have done to save her.” She pleaded with me, “Please, do not hate me!” She opened the door, stepping across the threshold.

“I know,” I said sitting up, “I’m sorry.” I stood.

Verity paused, turning to look at me as I walked toward her, “I could never hate you, you are my sister.” I told her, “and I love you with all my heart.”

I sighed as I reached out a hand, and touched her hot face, “Don’t blame your self Verity,” I said, kissing her forehead, “It was not your fault. I was an accident. A tragic accident....”

“It was my idea though,” she replied, “If I had not of suggested…” I cut her off.

“Shh.” I said my finger moving to her lips to stop her from speaking.

I tried to kiss her again, but before she felt the touch of my lips upon her forehead, she ran down the corridor toward her own room. I stood and watched her, listening to her footfalls on the wooden floor. I heard her door slam shut, then, I closed my door quietly. I cried again some time later, and then slept for the rest of the day, my dreams filled with thoughts of Estella and the short time we had spent together, my heart aching all the while!


More than a week later, my family and I attended the funeral of my beloved Estella. A few of the girls from the whorehouse were present too as I’d sent word via messenger to the Madam with the sad news. Informing them of the date that her internment would occur, they replied saying that the whole house would attend.

Marie-Ann’s Father, the Reverend Lumley took the service. He was brief, and to the point as per my Fathers instructions. As Estella didn’t have any relations to speak of except me and mine, we were chief mourners.

Standing at the graveside after the service, surrounded by the girls from the house in London, and my family, I threw a flower down on to the coffin as four of the cemetery grounds people lowered it into the ground. Verity had linked arms with me as I stood watching those men at their toil, sniffing and crying as I was.

She was speaking in hushed tones, but I confess that I wasn’t listening. To her credit though, she stood with me until the coffin was completely covered with earth. All of the mourners returned to the estate at the conclusion of the service. They boarded coaches drawn by four horses provided by my Father. I had decided to walk back to the estate for the wake, wanting to be alone with my thoughts of Estella.

I knew from experience that it was a good hour on foot from the church to the estate and time was what I wanted. I was numb as I trod through the deep snowdrifts, not from the cold though - despite the weather being bitter. I had been feeling numb since New Year, and Estella’s death – the shock and the grief were still overwhelming. The time from then until now had passed slowly, and I had not interacted with anyone.

I had stayed in my room for most of the time, eating sparsely, even though the servants delivered meals to me. If I was not asleep or crying, I was stood at the window staring out at the grounds, I wasn’t really looking at anything in particular – it was just better than staring at the four walls of my room.

During the week, each and every member of my family had paid me a visit at some point. My Father sat with me for over an hour, and listened to me as I spoke of my love. He listened to my words, and then expressed his feelings of sorrow.

I have to say that in all my years, my Father hadn’t spoken to me in this way – the advice he gave was sound and gave me great comfort. Mother and James expressed their regret, plain and simple.

Verity told me that if she could swap places with Estella, she would. I told her not to be so silly. What had happened had happened for a reason.

God, in His wisdom had taken Estella to His kingdom for a reason, and if it was anyone’s fault that Estella was gone, it certainly wasn’t hers. Verity was grateful, telling me that if there was anything I wanted, or if there was anything she could do for me, all I had to do was ask. Kissing her on the forehead, I thanked her.

I had expected Verity to leave me be at that point, but she kissed me on the cheek in return. She felt warm and vibrant to me. She smelt of sweet perfume, perfume that reminded me of Estella.

I reached up and placed my hand on her breast as I kissed her fully on the lips. She did nothing to stop me. Indeed, as I was kissing her, she probed at my mouth with her tongue.

I opened my lips slightly to allow her access to my mouth, and as I did so, she placed a hand on my pego, massaging me through my pantaloons. She opened her mouth to me, and I thrust my tongue into her mouth as far as I could, reaching for her tonsils.

We stood like that for about half a minute. Neither of us moving anything, apart from our tongues, my nose filled with Verity’s scent, but my mind filled by images of Estella.

I could see Estella’s lithe body, her nipple ring, her sculpted torso, the muscles she had in places that women shouldn’t have muscles.

After we eventually stopped kissing, Verity dropped to her knees, fumbling for the buttons on my pantaloons. She quickly undid them all, and with a swift movement of her hand, they dropped to my ankles. Verity took hold of my prick with her right hand, and caressed me. Slowly, and gently she began to masturbate me, I felt the blood in my body racing to my pego making it expand and grow within her young, tender hand.

My head went back, I closed my eyes as Verity took me into her mouth, I could feel the warmth of her, the way she sucked, and used her tongue on me was indescribable. It felt so good. She took my semi erect prick into her mouth fully, enveloping me totally. I could hear her slurping, and felt her mouth tugging at me as she swallowed her own saliva.

The warmth, the sound and the sucking all had the desired effect on me, and I grew in her mouth, impaled as I was, my balls banging off her chin. Within seconds, I was almost fully erect, and Verity had to relinquish some of my length. All of me, apart from maybe an inch or so was lodged deeply in her mouth.

Her head moved back and forth along the glistening shaft. All the while, she slurped and sucked, and I felt my desire rise up from deep within me. My lust building.

Grabbing her hair with both hands, I started to fuck her face. I held her head still, thrusting as hard and as fast as I could into her mouth. I grunted as I did so, making filthy and lewd conversation. I felt my lust rise again.

I felt my prick swell in Verity’s mouth. I was pushing the entire length of me in to her mouth, and with every stroke, I was pulling at her hair with increased force. Verity took everything I was giving her. The hair pulls, the facial fucking, everything.

All I could hear were the sounds of her pleasure at pleasuring me; she would tell me afterward that she quite enjoyed me being rough with her. My pace increased, and I fucked her face faster and faster. I wanted to cum, I wanted to cum lodged deep in her throat, to make her swallow everything.

By now I was both grunting and moaning, and at the point that my seed exploded into her mouth, I made a last desperate push with my hips, pulling on her hair as hard as I could. My eyes closed as I erupted. Feeling the liquid surrounding me was exquisite.

Verity gulped as she swallowed, I imagined all that warm sperm slipping and slithering down her throat and into her gullet. Recommencing the thrusting of my hips as I came, my face contorted with pleasure, lust and pain all at the same time.

I released my grip on Verity’s head. I thrusted long after I had finished spurting my seed and Verity kept on sucking. It was only after I’d left her mouth that the sucking ceased, I staggered backward until my legs touched the edge of my bed, and I sat down in a daze, my head swirling.

I opened my mouth to speak, but Verity leapt the short distance between us and with strength, I didn’t know she possessed, pushed my torso backward, causing me to lie across the bed. I expected her to be angry at the treatment I’d just given her, but to my surprise, she took one of my balls into her mouth, and gave it a suck.

When she finished, I sat up. She had traces of sperm on her cheeks and chin, a few splashes of it had dropped off her face, and where resting on her dress, staining it… Now, walking along snow covered lanes with drifts three or four feet thick, all I could think about was Estella. Tears that had flowed down my cheeks earlier stung my face.

I had thought I was cried out but I was wrong. I had wept during the church service, I wept during the internment, I wept as the grounds keepers did their jobs, and covered her coffin with the freshly dug earth.

I wiped a non-existent tear from my cheek as I walked. Treading through the snow, I felt nothing except sorrow and loss. My heart ached, and each breath I took made my chest hurt.

In the distance, I saw a figure walking toward me through the snow. I could tell who ever it was, was a woman, but I could not make out exactly who. The shape, slightly blurred as it approached.

As we neared each other, I heard a voice, a familiar voice, calling my name. I stopped, and the figure continued walking toward me. I could hear my name quite clearly. I surmised that the person walking toward me could not be uttering my name, as she was too far away. I turned on the spot, seeking out someone closer. There was no one.

Apart from the lone female figure, who was still quite a distance from me, there was no one. I could hear the voice calling my name still.

“Don’t be sad,” it said. “It wasn’t her fault.” I did not recognise the voice, but I heard the words clearly. “Do not blame your sister.”

“I don’t blame Verity!” I shouted at the top of my lungs. Turning on the spot, I searched for the person playing a cruel trick on me.

My eyes scoured the dunes of snow that covered everything as far as the horizon in dazzling white. My eyes were drawn to the woman walking down the road toward me, she was still coming, but seemed to me to be no nearer than when I had first laid eyes upon her.

“Verity is the answer to all your dreams.” The voice said, “She will be invaluable to you during the times that are in front of you. Do not dismiss her actions out of hand. She has your best interests at heart, yours and yours alone.”

“Who are you?” I shouted. “Where are you hiding?”

“Things will change now that I am no longer with you my love,” the voice, now clearly Estella said. “The things that happened to me before I met and loved you happened for a reason.” She paused, as if thinking, “The things that happened to me once I had met you, happened for a reason. Everything happens for a reason.”

“Why. Why did this have to happen now? Why could we have not had many happy years before either of us passed over?” I cried.

“There was never a future for us,” the voice of Estella said, “I was never going to see old age my love. There was something growing inside of me that would have killed me within the year.”

Her voice sounded serious to me, and I knew instantly that she was telling me the truth. “The fact that I drowned was a boon my love. I would have died a horrible, painful death otherwise.”

“Estella!” I cried. “How I miss you!” I sank to my knees, raised my hands and head skyward. “How I wish I could spend another moment, another hour, another day with you.”

“I wish for that too my love.” Estella said. “But it cannot be. My time with you now is limited.”

“Limited by whom?” I questioned.

“By God himself,” she replied, “He has given me this time to impart what little I know of the future to you. I cannot be more specific with my words my love. For that, I am truly sorry.” It started snowing again. “I must go my love. But be sure that one day we will meet again.”

“Estella!” I screamed. “Don’t go!”

“Do not forget me, Christopher. Keep me in your heart always, but mourn for me no longer….” The voice began to fade, “Remember, I will be with you in everything…”

I must have fainted or something, because the next thing I remembered, I was lying in my bed at home, Verity looking at me with a concerned look on her face.


As the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, my thoughts and dreams of Estella began to diminish, as if my body had listened to her request, I was finished mourning for her, but I would not, could not, forget about her.

Admittedly, I thought less and less about her with the passing months, but I did visit her grave once per week, laying flowers and talking to her – often having long conversations. I still loved her with all my heart and I knew that no matter who I fell in love with in the future, if anyone, I would always love Estella.

Sometimes Verity came with me, sometimes not. At times, I cried openly, at other times, I did not. Letting go of my emotions was good for me my Mother had told me. I often thought about Estella when I was alone.

Thinking about the words she had spoken to me from beyond the grave, her last earthly message; I tried desperately to remember the message about Verity. The words were fading from my memory slowly, and for the life of me, I couldn’t recall the words or the meaning, however hard I tried – and the more I tried, the harder it seemed to be to remember her words.

February came and went, and with March came the first signs of spring, blossom on the trees, new flowers, brighter sunshine and fresher air. I took to riding out again, although I avoided the lake.

March eventually gave way to April. It would be Verity’s birthday soon, and she was getting excited. Our brother James was busy keeping the estate running with precision, and from the things he informed us of during meals, we as a family, were well in the black.

Profits were on the rise, and very soon, we would be buying a ship to help transport our goods overseas to Australia. As we were financially sound, I’d arranged to talk to my Father about my future.

He was more than happy to discuss it with me. We spoke at length about my taking some of my inheritance early, and my moving away, at some point after Verity’s birthday on the 16th. We agreed that funds of £15,000 where available to me on the proviso that Verity would be travelling with me.

Father explained that her education was incomplete due to Estella’s death, and there was no point in hiring another tutor for only half a year – it would be a total waste of money. He thought it best that she saw a little of the country, other than her home county – he said it would do her good, a little bit of life experience as he put it.

After all, she’d not been away from the estate, or the local village in her entire life, having been home schooled since she was five. Of course, I agreed, because I had to escape this place.

Mother and Father had been away in London for a short while in late February, and James had been so busy with the estate that after our evening meal, he would often go to bed early, too tired to participate in the parlour games that Verity insisted on playing. He slept soundly each night, and woke just after dawn each day.

Verity and I had only had sex once since Estella’s funeral, mainly due to my refusal to engage with her – although I was sure she was getting all the sex she wanted off the staff.

Without my knowledge, she had arranged with Peter and Eliza to ambush me one night and ambush me they did. I’d been feeling melancholy, after visiting Estella’s grave, and had gotten drunk. Verity had insisted on joining me, and against my better judgement, I’d let her.

I’d noticed at the time that she was not drinking at the same pace as I, but had dismissed this due to her being young and of slim build – after all, a young girl was not supposed to imbibe alcohol in such quantities.

We made fun of each other, laughing at crude jokes and innuendo, me growing more and more drunk with each passing hour. As the main house clock struck eleven, I poured my eighth or ninth drink of the night. Verity had been flirting slightly with me as the night progressed, and once Edgar had retired for the night at eleven, Verity really flirted with me.

She was opposite me, sat on the long brown sofa that adorned the library. She was dressed in a short dress that wasn’t actually meant to be worn in early spring – it was more of summer dress. However, at the time, drunk as I was, I didn’t really notice, or to be truthful, care - she looked beautiful to my eye, and I felt proud that she was my sister and often, lover.

Verity had at some point pushed up her cleavage, and most of her breasts were on show, although when she had done this, I couldn’t say. I had been staring at her young, perky chest without actually realising what I’d been doing, and the more I drank, the more I stared. I had drunk almost half a bottle of cognac by myself, and at eleven-thirty, I tried to get up, I staggered slightly, lost my balance, and fell back into my chair.

“Shit!” I remarked, laughing. “I’m drunk!”

Verity didn’t say anything in reply, but slipped off the sofa, and onto her knees, crawling toward me across the fine carpet, licking her lips as she approached. By the time she had crossed the small space between us, I was staring at her breasts again. Verity had removed them from her dress, and now they were free, her nipples stood erect, her areola, a light pink against her alabaster pale skin.

Kneeling between my legs, she reached up, and with one hand began to fondle me through my breeches, with the other; she was working at the buttons, loosening them one at a time.

I could feel myself hardening under her touch. After a short while, she tugged at my hips, lifting my buttocks off the chair made it easier for her, and soon my pantaloons pooled around my ankles. Verity lifted my feet, and freed me, spreading my legs slightly. My pego had inflated slightly under her touch. Again, she fondled me, and I felt the blood rush toward my groin, engorging me. She masturbated me, slowly. I reached out a hand to take hold of her head, with the intention of pulling her toward my pego; Verity resisted, and continued fondling me slowly. I exhaled loudly as my head spun lightly; Verity moved her mouth to my balls, and began licking. She teased me, taking her time.

“Verity,” I began to say.

She shushed me, and licked up from my anus to the base of my prick. I groaned, and tried to put a hand on her head again. This time she allowed me to grasp her hair and pull her closer to me. Verity’s tongue lingered against my arse hole, licking the light brown hole, coating me in her saliva, making my skin glisten.

I moaned, as the feeling spread toward my cock, which was growing harder with every lick. It throbbed as my foreskin revealed my ever-growing head. A small drop of pre-cum dribbled out of me.

Verity’s tongue tried to pierce me, and I groaned yet again, she lapped up from my hole, to my balls, and on up my shaft toward my now, bulbous head. She licked up the pre-cum greedily as she took me into her mouth. My hand went to my shaft, and I started to masturbate as she made circular motions on the head with her mouth.

My cock grew in my hand as I massaged the thick shaft just under Verity’s chin. I shuffled forward slightly, spreading my legs wide to making it easier for Verity to access my arse as she licked downward. Verity took one of my balls into her mouth, and gave it a hefty suck before moving on downward.

She had been fondling my balls all the while she was licking me, and now she touched me with one finger, inserting it into my now very wet anus, easily. She pushed up until she reached her knuckle, and stopped, waiting for my body to adjust to something going into a hole designed for the purpose of expelling solids.

Rubbing my balls with the other hand in what now was quite a rough fashion; I felt warmth spread around my groin. My hand moved further down my shaft now as I worked myself harder.

Verity licked around her still finger, lubing me further. She swiped her tongue upwards, sucking a ball into her mouth completely, before releasing it and taking the other into her mouth.

“Oh, suck me please!” I slurred my head swimming with my growing lust. Verity gave in, and her head moved upward, licking my shaft as she went. She licked at my cock head, encircling it again, probing and poking my pee-hole with flicks of her hot tongue.

She started finger fucking me, gently. My prick grew as she continued to move her finger in and out of my arse. I felt my muscles tense and release automatically with her movements, sending little waves of pleasure through me.

After what seemed like an eternity, she took me into her hot, mouth. Slowly, she sucked and slurped on me, sucking me in to her mouth deeper and deeper still. I moaned and groaned, desperate for her to make me cum; Verity slowly inserted another finger into my arse, stretching me more than a little. Groaning again, I felt my cock swell yet again, as more pleasure flowed freely through my body.

I had not masturbated or had sex for almost three weeks, and my balls were hanging heavy. I could feel my cock thickening in her well-trained mouth, my shaft growing with every throb and suck as blood flooded toward my cock at record speed.

Verity took more of me into her stretched mouth. She was moaning as she sucked, her fingers working harder in my bum. I could see her other hand under the hem of her dress – I assumed she was frigging herself, and the sight made me want to please Verity even more, and more importantly to me, cum myself.

I pushed down a little on her head, forcing her to take more of my length into her hot, wanton mouth. As Verity inserted yet another finger into me, my cock throbbed once more; pulsing and growing, stretching again within the confines of my sister’s hot oral cavity. Muscles in my backside spasmed yet again, making me clutch onto her fingers, trapping them deep inside me.

I felt my cock throb immensely, my sperm erupting violently in to her willing mouth. What seemed like gallons of cum flowed out of me in boiling, white jets. Verity struggled to cope with the volume, and little trickles appeared at the sides of her mouth, running down her chin. Dripping on to her bare breasts and nipples, my jism made sizzling sounds as it touched her bare flesh.

She moaned, and swallowed, her mouth seemed to be filling up almost instantly after every gulp. Swallowing repeatedly, she took my entire load down into her gullet. Verity kept sucking me until she was sure that she’d gotten all of my spunk, and only then did she let my prick escape from between her pale, pink lips.

The head covered in saliva, glistened in the candle light. She kissed my cock head and licked her mouth, savouring the taste. I was still rock solid – my cock felt harder now than it ever had done before, and showed no sign of deflating any time soon.

My head spun with ecstasy, I leant forward, kissing Verity fully on the lips, my tongue probing her mouth, my slightly salty cum lingered on her breath. Verity broke our kiss, and pulled me gently with one hand down on to the floor beside her; her fingers still working in and out of me slowly. She raised the hem of her dress to reveal her crotch, strawberry blonde hair covering her pubis and slightly hidden slit. Her fine pubic hair looked ever so appealing to my eye.

It was all I could do to stop myself from diving face first into her pussy. Somehow, though, I managed it. Her sweet slit looked so inviting, her swollen clitoris protruding from its sheath.

Verity guided her breast to my mouth; I suckled upon it greedily, taking it all. She almost tasted of roses, her flesh so soft and warm. I licked cum off her breast, cleaning her supple flesh totally.

Her fingers continued to work, stretching me wider and wider. The feelings were intense, and they kept my pego from going soft as she fingered me. I stretched out my arm, and guided my fingers toward her hairy slit. Allowing myself to rub gently on her clit, I felt her shudder slightly; Verity trembled as she had a silent orgasm. Her mouth open, as though she were screaming, but no noise emanated from her throat.

Verity’s cuntal lips opened slightly to my touch, and I rubbed again on her swelling clitoris, waves of pleasure ripped through her taut, lithe body. Her hips, buttocks and the tops of legs shuddered as aftershocks of arousal coursed through her.

I felt her vagina suck my fingers into her opening as I sucked at her nipple. She felt very, very warm and wet, her juices lubricating the walls of her vagina, and my fingers. I could feel drops of liquid dribble out of her as my fingers sank deeper. She shuddered her way through another orgasm, this time letting out tiny gasps of pleasure, again, almost silently.

I knew that I could get my whole fist in her if I so desired, and made the conscious decision that I would go slowly. I wanted her to enjoy every second, and to tease her as much as she had teased me.

As I suckled upon her teat, I inserted another finger into her; the sounds of squelching assailed my ears. She was ready, she knew it and so did I. My hand fucked her solidly for a minute or so before I pulled out of her with a pop.

My cock twitched and throbbed still, making involuntarily movements on its own. It was giving me a small amount of pain, but that just added to the thrill and enjoyment of it all. It was still as hard as granite, drops of pre-cum appearing every now and then. Verity moaned repeatedly. My mouth was still clamped to her nipple like a limpet, her cunt seemed to be leaking; there was so much juice flowing out of her.

She lay flat on her back, “fuck me brother,” she whispered, “please!”

I unhooked my mouth from her nipple with one final, lingering bite that made her moan even louder. I pushed my fingers into her open, willing mouth. She sucked her own fluids with gusto. Positioning myself between her legs, I could smell sex. It was intoxicating.

Again, my head swam, and I felt slightly dizzy as I entered her. She moaned as the head of my cock penetrated her well-juiced cunt. Verity lifted herself slightly as I pushed myself into her – she took my length easily.

My cock slid in and out of her cunt, giving us both indescribable feelings, we both groaned in-between passionate kisses. I thrust myself into her cavity, making her moan as I pushed. My hips rocked back and forth, building momentum, each time, pushing deeper into her slippery, wet hole.

I had made it my business, drunk as I was, to give her as many orgasms as I could before I came again. I pushed harder into her, seemingly touching her cervix as I pounded her clit with the base of my prick.

Verity raised her hips off the floor again as I continued to fuck her. Her hands grabbed my buttocks, and she pulled me into her harder and harder, as if hauling me deeper and deeper into her sex. She shuddered again, this time letting go with a mild whimper. Groaning as her orgasm washed over her, Verity trembled, and shook all over.

I understood that I was giving Verity major orgasms. Each time she was rising beyond her orgasmic threshold. She was riding up and up the pleasure scale, reaching and conquering each plateau with another body rocking orgasm.

The fact that she wasn’t making any noise, or very little noise, had me concerned though. I whispered in her ear, as I thrust into her again, asking why she wasn’t giving full vent to her pleasure. She spoke through gritted teeth, as my cock found its way right up to her womb once again.

“Father caught me masturbating back in January,” she explained as yet another shockwave built from deep within her svelte body. She gasped as I nibbled on her ear, “right at the point of my cumming.” She gritted her teeth as pleasure washed through her again. “I was screaming with pleasure as he came into my room – without knocking!” She wiggled her hips, “he scolded me for being a wanton little harlot,” she said as the pleasure peaked again, “told me not to do it again!”

She groaned again, a little more audibly. “Of course, I could never stop playing,” she kissed my neck as I blew in her ear gently, “so I learnt over the following days how not to make too much noise, lest he hears me and chastises me.”

I stopped my vigorous fucking immediately, holding myself at arms length from her, I looked directly into her eyes, my cock head poised to penetrate her innards again. “He beat you?”

She shook her head. “No, but threatened too if he caught me masturbating again.” She said quietly. “He checked on me every night for nearly a month to make sure that I wasn’t doing anything.” My cock slipped out of her pussy.

“Well, he won’t be doing that for long, I assure you.” I told her, as I pushed toward her cunt again, my cock slid downward due to her being so well oiled, and I felt her anal sphincter part as my prick drove into her sweet rump. Now I understood why Father had insisted that Verity travel with me.

Her eyes closed and again, she moaned. Eventually, she spoke, sounding as though she was in a dream state. “What?” Was all she managed to say as my pego penetrated her to the balls, “what do you mean?”

I fucked hard and fast now, desperate to cum myself again. “I’ll tell you now that you and I are leaving after your birthday,” I grunted into her ear as my frantic thrusting urged her toward yet another orgasm, my hairy bollocks bouncing of her arse cheeks.

She smiled up at me, and I felt her anus constrict around my cock, milking me, sucking me deeper into her. My cock exploded as she gripped me, forcing me to cum!

Spurt after spurt of white, hot sperm coated her intestines. Her convulsions made me squirt harder as I felt the heat of her anus mixed with my sperm envelop me. I flopped down onto her, gasping for air as my body rocked sending tiny explosions of pleasure through me and into Verity. We must have lain there like that for three minutes before my dick slipped out of her backside. I physically hauled myself to one side to stop crushing her.

I lay panting as she dipped a finger into herself, her anus weeping my cum. She pushed into herself deeply, and a good dollop of sperm seeped out of her arse. She pulled her finger back out, her hand moving to her mouth. I watched as she slurped and sucked on her finger as she feverishly ate my semen. It was then that we heard someone approach.

We couldn’t have cleaned up and made ourselves look presentable even if we had wanted to, what with my semen leaking copiously out of Verity’s backside. I was still drunk to boot, and because of my sexual release, I didn’t really care too much as to who caught us.

Verity didn’t look too bothered as the voices we could hear neared. Peter and Eliza came into view, both naked. Peter sported a massive erection. Eliza led Peter as she held his cock in her firm grasp. Verity smiled up at them both and dipped her finger into her cum soaked anus once more.

Eliza dropped Peter’s dick as they neared. She dropped to her knees, and began to suck my cum off Verity’s finger. Peter masturbated at the sight of us, making his cock stand to attention even more than it had been whilst Eliza had been holding it.

He advanced, also dropping to his knees, positioned himself near Verity’s head. She took him into her mouth eagerly. Her mouth was open as wide as she could. As he thrust his long cock at her face – she took as much of it into her mouth as she could, sucking wildly.

Eliza’s mouth moved to Verity’s arse, and she began to lick, cleaning her – often penetrating her to get all of my spunk out of her. I watched as these two fucked my sister, remembering our previous nights of passion.

I managed to crawl across the floor, and positioned myself between Eliza’s thighs. I started to lick her voraciously, she groaned as she licked at Verity’s cunt. Eliza was thoroughly wet; obviously, she and Peter had been fucking too.

I lapped at her cunt, my tongue moving in circles across her swollen lips and clit. My hand found its way to her arse, and I pushed against her slender buttocks, spreading them aside easily, giving me access to her puckered brown hole.

My finger worked hard to penetrate her, she gasped as I entered her. Licking and fingering her was a pleasure to be enjoyed slowly, and I relished my work, taking my time. I could feel those waves of pleasure build again, spreading through my body once more.

My cock twitched slightly. Eliza, Peter and Verity were all engaged in pleasuring each other’s bodies, and the sight of this made me feel happy. Eventually, my cock sprang back into action – it throbbed, and twitched as it grew once again. I pulled Eliza away from Verity’s cunt, and thrust my cock into her mouth, hard. I grabbed two handfuls of hair, dragging her toward me as I pushed my dick deeply down her throat.

I moved so that my head was in between her thighs, licking her. I thrust my hips wildly, filling her mouth with my cock. She, to her credit, took every inch of me, swallowing the complete length as her nose nestled in my pubic hair. My hands grabbed at the hair at the back of her head, forcing her onto me.

I licked Eliza with relish. Her nectar was sweet on my tongue, and I knew that Peter hadn’t cum in her… yet. As we were locked in this position, her sucking on my bucking cock and I, licking like crazy at her pussy; felt the cheeks of my arse being spread. I assumed it was Verity wanting to finger fuck my arse again.

To be honest, I actually enjoyed her fingers penetrating me, as my orgasms were always stronger, the amount of semen I produced more than normal. It felt good too!

I felt a warm presence pushing against my backside; felt my arse cheeks spread as I was penetrated. I turned my head and saw Verity fingering herself as she watched this wanton display. It was then that I realised that Peter had his cock in me! I was shocked and maybe even horrified, but I was too far-gone due to the cognac and the sexual energy that flowed around the room to do anything about it.

I relaxed, and let him do to my body what he wanted. His huge, and I mean huge cock slid into me. The muscles of my arse contracted, squeezing him. He groaned as he pushed past my resistant sphincter muscles, filling me, stretching me to my limit.

He was in me fully, I knew. His bollocks bounced off my arse cheeks in time to him fucking me and me fucking Eliza’s mouth. I had to stop licking Eliza. I simply had to groan as a wave of pleasure built up within me.

Suddenly I released water. I was pissing. Urine flowed out of me, into Eliza’s hot, sticky mouth. She gulped, swallowing as much as she could. Piss streamed out of the sides of her, and spilled onto the carpet beneath.

I didn’t stop my fucking of her mouth though - I couldn’t, Peter had me pinned to her face. Peter was grunting now with the effort he was putting into fucking me. He was close, very close. My piss spewed out of Eliza’s mouth. I grasped her head even harder as she took what she could into her gullet and stomach.

Eventually the stream of pee lessened and stopped. I don’t know to this day how Eliza survived. She couldn’t have breathed properly, not with my cock wedged so far down her throat. She hadn’t gagged either, which thinking about it now, was strange too.

But, even as I felt my cock harden again after my piss, I listened to Peter as he groaned and grunted. I could feel his cock throbbing wildly in me as he pumped it in and out of my bum, his pace frenetic.

He exploded cum into me. I felt it as it splashed my innards. Quickly, he withdrew and Verity pounced upon him, devouring the seed as it shot of his thick, meaty cock in ropes. Verity sucked down all that Peter had, taking him as far into her mouth as she could. His eyes were closed; a huge smile on his face, as his fat cock spewed forth seed.

I came at the sight of my sister taking him. I held on tightly to Eliza’s head as I fucked her face – cum splattering her tonsils. I moaned as my semen mingled with my own piss in Eliza’s mouth.

I let go of Eliza’s hair, and she pulled away from me, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. My dick slipped out of her mouth, quickly going from rock hard to soft. I yawned, smiling a huge, satisfied smile. Verity kissed Eliza passionately, using her tongue to gather what she could of my seed and urine from her servants’ mouth. Eliza did the same in turn, gathering as much of Peter’s cum as she could. Peter had crawled to them and was watching them, his cock softening.

“I’m off to bed,” I said as I collected my pantaloons from beside the chair where Verity had dropped them after taking them off me. “Good night to you all.”

They all wished me a good night as I weakly staggered away, my legs felt as if they were made of rubber. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I heard squelching and sucking coming from where the three of them lay.

God, they were insatiable!


Verity’s birthday, the 16th of April, dawned and she was understandably excited. She received many gifts, all of which she appreciated and thanked us for – none more so than her friend Mary-Ann who had now moved back to live with her family after ending her education in Cambridge early.

Unbeknownst to me, Verity had arranged with Mary-Ann to travel with us to where ever it was that we were going. Mary-Ann had agreed immediately. She and Verity both, where very excited at the prospect of getting away from their respective parents and travelling to God only knew where.

As we three sat on the veranda after luncheon on the 16th, we discussed were we might go together as a threesome. It had been agreed that we would initially travel to London and stay at the family home whilst we sought passage abroad. The question now it seemed was, where to go.

Mary-Ann had suggested Australia, Verity wanted the Americas; I suggested the newly opened lands of Southern America. Edgar, who was attending us, came up with the final solution.

Edgar explained that Tenerife, originally known to the Romans as Nivaria from the Latin Nivis or “snow”, a reference to the snow that is often seen in Tenerife on top of El Teide, Edgar told us. Later in its life, the island, known as “Tene” meaning mountain and “ife” meaning white – White Mountain, again a reference to the snow covered Teide by the Guanches from La Palma. So Tenerife as it is now known as, was Teneife, the “r” was added later by the Spanish. Tenerife – White Mountain.

Both the girls thought this sounded perfect, and I grudging had to agree. Britain and Spain had been through many conflicts, and they were sure to have many more. However, for now, they were at peace, and it did sound idyllic.

At my request Edgar, sort out a map of the island. It was 785 square miles in size and its main feature was El Teide, an old volcanic mountain that had created the island some eleven or twelve million years ago. The island had a variety of climates that resulted in a diversity of landscapes and geographical and geological formations – from extensive pine forests to the volcanic landscape that surrounded Teide to the Acantilados de Los Gigantes, which Mary-Ann translated as the Cliffs of the Giants, with its vertical precipices.

Edgar told us that semidesert areas existed in the south with drought-resistant plants. Other areas ranged from those protected and enclosed in mountains, such as Montaña Roja and Montaña Pelada, the valleys and forests with subtropical vegetation and climate, to those with deep gorges and precipices such as at Anaga and Teno.

We all looked forward to exploring these features, and thought that it sounded like heaven on Earth. The only other thing to decide, now that we knew for certain where we were going, was – where to live.

Edgar told us that city of La Laguna, the capital, was in the process of constructing the University of La Laguna – and that it would in time, become a very popular place to reside. We all agreed upon the matter and continued to make plans well into the night.

We found out that Edgar, in his youth, had been in the military, and had fought against the Spanish on the island. He had courted a young Spanish senorita, who lived in the town that his company of soldiers had captured until his unit redeployed, and had, for a short while thought of absconding from the service.

His senorita, Amada, meaning Beloved, had advised him not to desert. Amada had convinced Edgar that his own men would hunt him - and if captured, he would surely be put to death. Edgar had left with them grudgingly, swearing to return.

And return, he did, some five years later. Amada had waited for him, refusing other offers of marriage. They were eventually married, and lived happily until her premature death. Edgar had then came back to England, and employment with our Family. He occasionally received letters from his in-laws, telling him about the family, the island, about what was happening to them as a whole, to which he often wrote back, telling them about his sorrow upon losing Amada.

We decided to travel light – taking with us very few clothes. The weather, we understood was hot for most of the year, and our traditional English dress would serve us only so much in the clement climate.

After staying in London for the six weeks or so that it took to arrange transportation to Tenerife, we enjoyed ourselves. We often visited the Madam and the girls in the whorehouse – availing ourselves of the beauties therein. I negotiated to buy a half share in the house for five hundred pounds, a fee, which I was assured, would be returned to me tenfold with three years.

I opened an account at a bank, agreeing that my share of the profits would go directly into the account. Eventually the day we sailed to Tenerife dawned. We were all up early, and after eating breakfast, we travelled to the dock where the ship berthed. After embarking and settling into our respective cabins, we relaxed. Our luggage, such as it was, was stowed in the hold and after a short while, we felt the ship moving.

The trip would take two weeks we’d been told by the Captain – assuming we had fair winds. The ship, the Charlotte Rose, would be making a stop in the French port of Calais to exchange cargo with merchants, and then we would be travelling directly to La Laguna – a journey of twelve days, again, assuming fair winds and weather.

From there, the Charlotte Rose would travel on to the Americas after restocking her supplies of fresh water and food. They might even do a slice of trading if the markets were favourable. Two days after leaving Calais, Mary-Ann and I found our selves in Verity’s cabin. We’d encountered a region of rough weather; rain, thunder and lightening all dropped from the heavens, causing the Captain to advise us to remain below deck.

After eating a frugal meal with a mild red wine, we rode out the storm. Verity and Mary-Ann sat together on Verity’s bunk as we reminded our selves about the plans we’d made.

I didn’t know about the girls, but I felt as though I’d not had sex for what seemed like an age. It was in fact only a week and a half, but felt like so much longer, my balls hung heavy in my pantaloons. After finishing the remaining red wine that had accompanied our meal, and procuring another, stronger wine, we drank the evening away. We’d all but drank the second bottle, when I felt I wanted to pee.

I stood, undid the button to my pantaloons, and let them drop to my ankles, the cloth pooling around my ankles. Stepping away, cock in hand, I swiftly crossed the small cabin to stand in front of the two girls. There was a bucket sitting next to the bunk for the purpose of peeing and shitting into, and as I aimed my flowing urine, I felt the eyes of the girls watching me. They giggled, whispering into each other’s ear.

“It’s not polite to whisper!” I exclaimed drunkenly.

“Sorry Christopher,” Mary-Ann said, stifling another giggle as she reached out and took hold of my cock, the pee still flowing into the bucket. Verity leaned to the left and slowly undid the strings holding Mary-Ann’s bodice, exposing her now pendulous breasts and those, wonderful nipples. My, she had grown since last I saw her naked.

Mary-Ann masturbated me, causing a state of semi erection to occur whilst the pee flowed strongly. Kissing Verity as she masturbated me to an ever-growing state of hardness, I stepped in between Mary-Ann’s legs, forcing them apart slightly. Gently, I placed my forefingers and thumbs to Mary-Ann’s nipples, squeezing and tweaking them into erection. Mary-Ann’s head came forward, mouth open. She took a gulp at my pee as it flew out of my prick and into the bucket. Swallowing, she took another mouthful, and then another and another as my flow slowed to a trickle. I kept on tweaking and twiddling.

Verity had not been idle during this wanton little display; she had disrobed, and she was naked before Mary-Ann and me. Her own body had filled a little, and her vagina was bare of hair again as I glanced down at her.

Mary-Ann engulfed my prick, sucking on me with fervour. She took as much of my prick into her mouth as she could as I swivelled my body to stand before her. I began thrusting my hips slightly, forcing myself a little further down her throat. Verity moved from her bunk to a position behind me, parting my buttocks. She tongued my arse hole, sticking her tongue into the ruddy brown hole she found there. I groaned as Verity licked and Mary-Ann sucked - closing my eyes, I thrusted a little harder causing Mary-Ann to gag slightly.

We remained like this for a short while before I withdrew my very swollen cock from Mary-Ann’s hot, enticing mouth. I turned on the spot, Verity taking my cock into her mouth as it neared. I let her suck for half a minute before I raised her from the floor and laid her on the bed. Parting her legs, I aimed my prick at her cunt, intent on fucking her.

“No,” she cried as my prick touched her swelling clit, “I’m on my cycle.”

I nodded my head, rubbing my cock up and down her increasingly wet slit, lubricating it with her pussy juice. I took hold of her legs, just behind the knees and pushed them toward her head, exposing her cute bum. Lowering my swollen pego to her arse, I penetrated her with a gasp that we spoke at the same time. Without remorse, I began fucking Verity. Mary-Ann watched as she took her dress off and was soon naked. She knelt between my legs and licked at my balls from behind as I fucked my sisters’ arse roughly.

I grunted to Mary-Ann’s touch as Verity orgasmed, her spend flowing out of her cunt, drenching my pubis, cock, balls and Mary-Ann with hot, white liquid that sizzled as it touched my skin. As I pounded my cock in and out of Verity’s sweet bum, I thought back to when Estella and I had fucked in the whorehouse – her taking the lead, as I lay strapped to the bed, blindfolded. She had fucked herself anally and had come hard.

Mary-Ann slurped up Verity’s cum, drinking it down as she licked my arse hole and balls. She occasionally thrust her tongue into me, causing me to moan and groan more. Feeling that my time was near, I pulled myself out of Verity’s arsehole, stepping away from both of the girls. Quickly, I laid myself on the floor, prostrating myself, legs akimbo. Mary-Ann stood and positioned her self over my throbbing member.

She slowly lowered her cunt onto my prick and it pulsed strongly as her cunt enveloped me, taking me into her balls deep. Her shaven slit spreading to accommodate my cock. The heat that came from her cunt spread throughout her body and into mine as rode up and down my shaft. Verity’s cunt appeared over my face, I stuck my tongue into her, licking and slurping her juices.

The girls leaned together, kissing and fondling each other’s breasts - I heard them moan simultaneously as they did so. Mary-Ann’s pace quickened as her urgency to cum grew. She used her cuntal muscles to squeeze my throbbing, pulsing prick to orgasm. Verity orgasmed again, her juices flowed into my mouth, spilling out, covering my face, neck and chest.

My cock exploded as my semen flew out of me and into Mary-Ann’s cunt, coating the entrance to her womb with white-hot semen. I throbbed and pulsed wildly as thick ropes of sperm flowed out of me. Mary-Ann rode me harder, nearing her own orgasm. As she started to come, Mary-Ann leant backward, her swollen clitoris exposed. She orgasmed, sending her own juice flying. It arced out of her, splashing onto my chest, soaking me completely.

Mary-Ann smiled as she stood, freeing my still hard cock. She knelt next to my chest and started to lick and slurp at her own cum, Verity joined her, and she too, licked at my sodden chest.

They kissed; sharing Mary-Ann’s spend. Thin ropes of saliva mixed with cum spanned the gap between them as they returned to licking my chest clean. As I watched the girls, my cock deflating all the while, I noticed a dribble of my cum drip down onto the floor. My finger quickly found Mary-Ann’s sodden cunt and entered, coating it in my sperm.

I brought my hand and cum coated finger to a position in between the two girls, who took into their mouths in turn, cleaning it. Mary-Ann stood and sat on the edge of the bed, laying her self flat to the bed, legs spread. Verity scrambled over my body, positioning her self in between her lovers’ legs – licking and lapping wildly at the cunt before her.

Her head held in place, Verity kept on licking at Mary-Ann long after she’d gotten all of my seed out of the cunt that was spread out tantalisingly before her face, Mary-Ann orgasmed again at Verity’s touch. I crawled across the room and grasped my pantaloons. Putting them back on, I stood as the girls moved themselves onto the bed, heads in between the others thighs.

Smiling to myself, I opened the door, paused for one last look at these wanton harlots licking feverishly at each other’s pussy and stepped out into the dark corridor beyond. The rest of the trip to Tenerife went quickly after the Charlotte Rose cleared the stormy weather.

End of Book One
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