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Chapter 1

Sam had just turned 15 years old and lived with his mother Cathy in a large house in an upscale suburb. Sam was an only child, and had few friends, as there were almost no children in his neighborhood.

Cathy was a high powered corporate executive, already serving on the board of directors at three different multi-national corporations, even though she was only 35 years old. She was driven, not by money, which she made plenty of, but by power. She enjoyed managing people, and was very good at it.

Since she was away on business so much, she had a full time housekeeper and nanny to watch Sam. The housekeeper was Kim, a middle aged Korean lady, and the nanny was Marta, an older heavyset woman from a former Soviet country. They shared the cooking duties, keeping Sam well fed. One saturday afternoon, Sam heard his mother talking on the phone.

“OK. I'll have a jet pick us up and I'll see you tonight. I love you, mom.” Cathy hung up the phone and started crying.

“What's wrong, mom?” Sam had never seen her cry.

“Oh, Sam. That was your grandmother.” she paused to compose herself. “your grandfather had a massive heart attack last night. He's... he's gone.” she wept a little and hugged Sam tight, which she rarely did. “We have to fly down to Boca for the funeral. Have Marta pack your black suit and enough clothes for a week. I'm going to call the charter service to see about getting a flight today.”

Within a few hours, a limo picked them up and took them to the executive terminal at the airport where they boarded a private jet and flew to Florida, where another limo was waiting on the tarmac to deliver them to her parent's house.

Cathy hugged her mom and offered her condolences. She didn't cry with her mom, as she had already done all the grieving she was capable of in the first few hours after she got the news. She left Sam to console his grandma while she replied to a few e-mails.

Sam hugged his grandma as she wept on his shoulder. “Oh, Sam. I can't believe daddy's gone.” she wept. She always called her husband 'daddy'.

It was rather sudden and unexpected, Grandpa Joe was only 58 years old and was never sick.

“It's OK, grandma. There, there.”

The next few days were a blur of friends and relatives, the wake, the funeral, and finally the burial. After all the services were done, Cathy put Sam on a plane home so he could get back to school while she stayed behind to help her mother with the estate.

A week later, Cathy and her mom came home one evening while Sam was doing homework. Sam got his customary peck on the cheek from his mom, and a long, tight hug from his grandma. She didn't want to let him go.

“I'm going to send Marta and Kim home, your grandma will be visiting for a few days.” Cathy said to Sam, then she told the servants to take the next two weeks off, with pay, and even gave them each a check for a thousand dollars as a bonus. “Please take some time to be with your family. My mom can take care of Sam for a while.” Cathy was always very generous with her servants. She had plenty of money, and enjoyed the power that the money gave her. She discovered long ago that a few hundred dollars would ensure that waiters, doormen, drivers, and most other servive workers fawned over her and treated her like a queen. She taught Sam this as well, and always made sure he had a few hundred dollar bills in his pocket.

She called Sam and Grandma into the living room and had them sit together on the couch opposite her.

“Sam, your grandmother will be staying with us for a few weeks, maybe longer if things go well. She'll be taking care of you. Cooking, cleaning, and anything else you need. Is that alright with you?”

“Sure, mom. I like grandma's cooking. No more kimchi or borscht for a while, I hope.”

Cathy took a deep breath, “Sam, do you know what a submissive is?”

“Uh, not really. I guess it means 'one who submits', but I'm not sure.” he said.

“You're on the right track. A submissive is someone who derives their pleasure from submitting to the will of someone else. Doing things they themselves might not enjoy as long as it pleases their master.”

Grandma sat quietly, looking at her hands.

“Why are you telling me this now, mom?”

“Because your grandmother is a submissive and she lost her master when grandpa Joe died. I want you to take over as her new master. I think it'll be good for both of you.” she turned to her mother. “Stand up and get undressed, mom. Your new master will inspect his property now.”

“Oh, no. Not Sam. He's my grandson. Please Cathy, not this. It's not right.” grandma protested.

“Shut up and get on your feet, mom! Nobody asked for your opinion.” Cathy yelled at her.

Sam sat there stunned, hearing his mom yell at his grandma like that, and then was even more stunned to see his grandma stand up and begin unbuttoning her shirt. She took her shirt off, laying it neatly on the couch, then unbuttoned and unzipped her slacks, pushing them down and stepping out of them. She folded her slacks neatly and put them on top of her shirt. She stood there in her bra and pantyhose.

Sam had never really paid any attention to his grandma's physical appearance before. He had only started noticing girls about a year ago, and never thought of grandma as a girl. Now he could clearly see that she was a woman, and an attractive one at that. She was only 53 years old, and was aging well. She was about five foot three, slim, with a nice round ass and fairly big tits for her small frame.

“Keep going mom. Take everything off.” Cathy ordered.

“Please, Cathy. Don't make me do this in front of Sam.”

“How is he going to inspect his property like that? Sam's your new master now. You'd better get used to it.”

Grandma reached back to unclasp her bra while a tear fell down her cheek. She was ashamed and embarrassed, but also a bit excited about having a new master. She pulled her bra off and put it on her slacks, then she put her thumbs in the waistband of her pantyhose and pushed them down to the floor, stepping out of them. Finally, she pushed her panties down and stood nude in front of her daughter and her grandson.

Sam couldn't believe what he was witnessing. His grandma was totally nude, and his mom kept saying that he was her new master. He didn't really understand what she meant, but he did know that his cock had never been as hard as it was right now.

“Go ahead and inspect your property, Sam. She belongs to you now. Go on. It's OK.”

Sam stood up and looked at his grandma's naked body for the first time. He saw that her eyes were closed and noticed she seemed to be breathing heavily. He also noticed a slightly pungent smell he was unfamiliar with.

“You can touch her, Sam. You can do whatever you want to her. Go ahead.”

Sam's cock was throbbing as he reached out and lightly touched her big breasts. He held them with both hands and squeezed them gently.

“Grandma's got nice tits, doesn't she? The best money can buy.” Cathy said.

Sam got down on his knees to look at her pussy. He'd never seen one in person before, only pictures on the internet. She was completely shaved, and her lips were darker than the rest of her body. He touched her pussy, marveling at how warm and wet it was. He turned her around to look at her ass and noticed the scars. All over her lower back, cheeks, and thighs were numerous little scars, the physical record of a lifetime of being whipped. He ran his fingers over the bumps.

“Do you approve of her?” Cathy asked.

Sam didn't know what to say, he had no experience or knowledge to help him, so he just said “Yes.” hoping to please his mom.

“Here's her collar and her leash.” Cathy handed him a black leather dog collar with a three foot black leather leash attached. “Put that on her and she officially belongs to you.”

Sam stood up and put the collar on her, fastening it, then held the leash in his hand while he looked at his mom for further direction.

“She's all yours now, sweetie. She'll cook and clean for you. She'll bathe and dress you every day. She'll take care of any physical needs and wants you have. If she ever refuses you, whip her with this until she submits.” She handed him a black leather riding crop. “What do you want her to do first?”

“Uh, I don't know, mom.” he was afraid to even think what he wanted, so he just stood there with her leash in one hand and the whip in the other.

“You look like you're about to bust out of your pants. Why don't you make grandma suck you off first?” Cathy smiled.

“Please Cathy. I can't. He's my grandson, please.” she pleaded.

“Nobody's talking to you, mom. Zip it.” Cathy said. “Go ahead, you have to tell her, Sam.”

“Uh, grandma... Uh, would you like... Uh.”

“Don't ask her Sam. Give her an order. It's time for you to be a man now.”

Sam steeled his nerve, and puffed his chest out a bit. “Grandma, get on your knees and suck my cock.” he was surprised hearing those words coming out of his mouth.

“No, Sam. Please don't make me do this. I'm your grandmother. This is wrong.”

“Looks like you'll have to use the whip, Sam. Don't let her talk to you like that. Go ahead, it's OK.”

Sam hit her ass with the riding crop, but not very hard. He pulled down on her leash, trying to get her down to her knees.

“Please, Sam, no.” she pleaded.

Sam hit her ass again, harder this time. “Get on your knees, grandma. NOW!” he shouted.

She got down on her knees in front of him and reached up to unbuckle his belt, then she unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, pulling them down past his hips. She pulled his boxer briefs down slowly, freeing his cock. It wasn't very big yet, he was still going through puberty. He barely had any pubic hair. His cock pointed up a little, and the tip glistened with pre-cum. She reached out and wrapped her fingers around it, pulling it down to her lips. She licked the tip, tasting her new master for the first time, then she put her mouth over his head, closing her lips around it.

“OK, Sam. It looks like you've got her under control now. I've got a video conference with the Tokyo office in a few minutes, I'll come say good night later.” she got up and went to her office, leaving them alone.

As soon as Cathy was gone, “You don't have to do that if you don't want to, grandma. I'm sorry I hit you, it's just that mom said...”

“Do I not please you, master?” she looked up at him, holding on to his cock.

“Oh no grandma, you please me, I just don't want you to do that if you don't want to.”

“I only want to please you, master” she stroked him. “You need to cum, would you rather use my pussy or my asshole to make you cum?” she took him in her mouth, going all the way down and holding there for a few seconds. “If I'm not doing it the way you like, please tell me what you desire, master.” she said after coming up for air.

“That feels good, grandma. Very good. Please continue.”

She took him deep in her throat again. His cock wasn't as big as daddy's had been, but her new young master was still growing, and she knew he'd get bigger. She pulled back and sucked and licked and slurped.

“Oh, grandma. I'm gonna cum. Oh god!” he came in her mouth, holding on to her head as he finished. “Oh fuck, grandma. Whew, I needed that.” she swallowed his cum and kept sucking until he pulled out and sat down on the couch.

“Thank you master.” she said after swallowing. She stayed on her knees, with a contented smile on her face. “Did I please you, master?”

“Yes, grandma. You made me very happy. Now get up and make me a sandwich. I'm hungry.”

Chapter 2

“What kind of sandwich do you want, master?”

“I don't know. Let's go see what's in the fridge.” he stood up. “Remove the rest of my clothes first.”

She took his shoes off and pulled his pants and underwear to the floor, then she got up and pulled his shirt over his head.

“Let's go.” he said as he pulled on her leash.

He opened the fridge and pulled out the meat drawer, pulling out packages of ham, smoked turkey and cheddar cheese. “Here, use white bread and put it under the broiler. No mayo. I'm going to the bathroom.” he let go of her leash.

When he came back from the bathroom, his sandwich was on a plate with potato chips and a dill pickle spear. “Looks good. Get me a soda, with ice.” he took a bite of the sandwich and immediately spit it out. “I told you not to put mayo on this. Get over here grandma, now.” he pulled her down over his knees and spanked her ass hard. “You're lucky I left the whip in the other room.” he said as he spanked her. Soon her ass was bright pink.

“What did she do now?” Cathy asked as she walked into the kitchen.

“She put mayo on my sandwich after I told her not to.” he kept spanking.

“She's just testing you. I can see you're going to be a good master for her.” She leaned down to kiss him on the cheek. “I'm going to bed. I've got to go to Seattle tomorrow. Why don't you take your new property to the mall and get her a wardrobe that pleases you. She'll pay for it.”

He stopped spanking her and pulled her up. “Go make me another sandwich.” he pushed her away. “Mom, where is grandma going to sleep?”

“She can sleep in your bed, or on the floor in your room, or you can make her sleep in the garage or out on the lawn for all I care, sweetie. She's your property now. Good night.” She went up to her room.

“I'm sorry about the mayo, master.” she said as she set a fresh sandwich in front of him.

He took a bite of the sandwich. “That's better. Bring me the jar of mayo.”

She set the jar on the table in front of him. He took the lid off and put the jar between his legs, putting his cock inside. “Ooh, that's cold.” he said as he pulled the jar off, leaving his cock covered in mayonaisse. “You like mayo so much, get down here and have some.” he took another bite of his sandwich while she got on her knees between his legs and licked the mayonaisse off his cock and balls. He started getting hard while she was licking him clean. “Suck me until I cum again, grandma.” he said as he finished his sandwich and sat back in the chair.

She sucked his cock, smelling the mayonaisse as she breathed through her nose. Soon he filled her mouth with cum for the second time, and she swallowed it all down. “Thank you, master.”

“Clean up here, and throw that jar of mayo out.” he pulled her up by her leash and watched as she cleaned up.

“OK, come upstairs with me. It's bedtime.” He led her to his room by her leash, taking her into his bathroom. “Get a washcloth and clean the rest of that mayo off me.”

She did as she was told. “All clean, master.”

“Good. Let's go to bed. You can sleep in my bed tonight, grandma.” he pulled back the sheets and got in bed, she got in next to him.

He rolled over and snuggled up behind her, spooning her. “Do you really like being treated this way, grandma? You know, with the spankings and everything?”

“I love pleasing you, master, and I know I must be punished if I don't please you. Your happiness is all that matters to me.”

“What about all the protesting you did earlier? You know, 'not Sam, he's my grandson' and all that?'

“I didn't want to seem too eager, Sam. Plus it is a little unusual for a grandmother to submit to her grandson. I'm glad you and your mother helped me overcome my reluctance.”

“I think I understand a little, grandma, but this is all new to me and feels kinda weird. I do want to be a good master to you, I'm just not sure I know how.” he fondled her tits and pinched her nipples.

“Don't worry. I'll help you if you need it. I know this is strange to you. You probably weren't expecting your grandma to suck your cock before today, were you?”

“No, I wasn't expecting that when I woke up this morning, that's for sure. Hell, I'm still a virgin.” his cock was coming back to life. “I want to fuck you, grandma. Will you show me how?”

“Anything you want, master. Would you like to fuck my pussy or my ass?”

“I want to fuck your pussy, you know, just regular sex.”

She turned over onto her back and opened her legs a bit. “Get up on top of me, between my legs. That's it. I'll help guide you in. Go slow at first. That's it. You're inside me now. You can go ahead and fuck me now, and when you cum, you can cum inside me if you want, or you can pull out and cum on my stomach, my tits, my face, or in my mouth. Whatever you want.”

“I want to cum inside you, grandma.” he said as he began thrusting his hips. “Oh fuck that's good.” he kissed her on the lips, probing her mouth with his tongue. “OH GRANDMA! FUCK YES!” he screamed as he busted his first ever nut inside a vagina. “Oh God! Oh fuck. Oh yeah.” he began to calm down and slipped out of her pussy. “That was fantastic, grandma. Thank you.”

“I'm so happy you liked it, master. I only want to please you.”

He rolled off her onto his back. “Did you cum, grandma?”

“No, master. I must ask permission before I'm allowed to have an orgasm.”

“Can you make yourself cum with your hand?”

“If you want me to, yes.”

“I want you to sit on my chest and make yourself cum while I watch.” he turned on the light on the nightstand.

“Yes, master.” she straddled his chest and began rubbing her clit with one hand, while pinching and pulling her nipple with the other one. After a few minutes she asked, “May I cum please master?”

“Yes, you may cum now.” he liked watching her, and liked the way she smelled.

“Thank you master.” she said as she rubbed her clit harder. “Oh Master! I'm cumming! Ohhhhh! Mmmm.” she was rocking her hips back and forth as she came. “Oh master. Mmmm. May I lick my fingers clean, master?”

“Yes, you may.” he watched as she sucked her pussy juice off her fingers.

“Oh thank you, master. I haven't cum for weeks. Not since before...” she suddenly got quiet, then she crawled off of him and curled up on the bed, weeping quietly.

“It's OK, grandma. You can cry if you want. I won't punish you. I miss grandpa too.” he spooned her, holding her tight as she wept. “I love you, grandma.” he turned off the light and they both drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 3

The next morning, grandma woke up an hour earlier than her master, slipping quietly out of bed and going to the kitchen to make breafast. She brought in a tray with scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and a glass of milk. She set the tray down on the nightstand and got in bed. “Master, I have breakfast for you if you're hungry.”

“Wha...? Oh shit, grandma. You really are here. I thought I was having a weird dream.” he saw she was nude, wearing only her collar.

“Are you hungry, master?”

“Sure. What's for breakfast?”

“You didn't tell me what you wanted, so I made daddy's favorite. Bacon and eggs. I can make something else if you want.” she set the tray on his lap.

“This looks good, grandma. I'll eat this today. Tomorrow I want pancakes, too.” he ate and she just sat there watching. “Are you going to eat?”

“If you want me to. Otherwise I'll eat later, after I bathe and dress you.”

“Whatever you're used to, grandma. I want you to feel comfortable here.” he finished his plate and she took the tray away. He got up and went to his bathroom, she followed him in. “I have to pee, grandma, do you mind?”

“I'll leave if you want me to, but daddy used to pee while I washed him in the shower.”

“OK, I can do that. Let's get cleaned up.” he got in the shower and turned the water on.

She got a washcloth and a bar of soap and began scrubbing his chest, moving down to his stomach. When she got on her knees to wash his legs, he began pissing on her. She opened her mouth and moved to catch some piss, then she swallowed it. She gulped down another mouthful. She put her mouth on his cock and swallowed the rest of his piss. “Thank you, master.” she said when he was done, then went back to scrubbing him clean.

“Wow, grandma, that was fuckin' wild.” he pulled her up by her leash and kissed her, tasting his piss in her mouth. His cock was now hard, so he turned her around and pushed on her shoulder to get her to bend over. He slipped his cock in her and fucked her until he came. “Oh fuck, grandma.”

She turned him around and washed his back while he washed his hair. He rinsed off and stepped out.

She turned off the water and got out, taking a towel and drying him off. She helped him get dressed, then walked him to the door.

“Are you going to be OK by yourself, grandma?”

“I'll be fine, master. I'll clean your room and wait for you to get home.”

“Later, grandma.” he kissed her and rubbed his fingers on her pussy, just because he could.

After school, Sam came home to find his grandma sitting nude on his freshly made bed.

“I want you to suck my cock, grandma.” he pulled it out.

“Yes, master.” she smiled and went to work, sucking him deep until he filled her with cum. “Thank you, master.” she said after she swallowed.

“Get dressed grandma, we're going to the mall to get you some new outfits.”

“Yes master.” she put on the clothes she had taken off the night before. “I'm sorry if my outfit doesn't please you, master. This is all I have right now.”

“You look fine in that, grandma, are you ready?”

“Before we go out, you should remove my collar. It might not look right in public.”

“Go ahead and take it off if you want, grandma.” he said

“Oh, no, master. I'm not allowed to take it off. Only you can do that. I can wear it to the mall if you'd like, but we'll get some weird looks.”

“I don't want that. Here.” he hesitated. “You still have to follow my orders if I take this off?”

“Yes, master.” she said

He took her collar off. “Let's go shopping.”

The car service dropped them at the mall, and Sam went straight for the big upscale department store where his mom bought her clothes for work. “Do you see anything you like?”

“Whatever you choose is fine with me.” she didn't even look at the racks of clothes.

“Here, go try this on.” he handed her a dress and she went to the changing room.

“Well, do you like that one, grandma?” he asked as she turned around in front of him.

“Only if you like it, master.” she said.

“Help me out here, grandma. I don't know what you like.” he was getting a little frustrated.

“Sit here with me Sam.” she sat on one of the chairs outside the dressing room, he sat next to her. “I know this is new to you, let me try and explain. I don't like making decisions, I don't like thinking about things if I can avoid it. You have to make these decisions for us both, that's your duty as master. I'll wear whatever you choose, but you must choose for me. When we go to dinner later, you must order my meal, I'll eat whatever you order. I may hint at something I want, but you don't have to get it for me. Please stop asking me what I want.”

“Don't you have your own opinions about what you wear and what you eat?”

“Not really. I only want to please you. I don't want to think, I only want to feel. I want you to make me feel pleasure, and pain. That's when I'm most happy. Do you understand?”

“I think so, grandma. Go take that off and get dressed. Let's get out of here. There's nothing here I want you to wear.” he waited for her to change, then got up and she followed him out of the department store. He went straight for the lingere store, the one with the catalog he liked to look at while jerking off. “Go look around, grandma. I'm going to talk to the clerk.”

“Excuse me, Miss...”

“Can I help you?” the sales clerk eyed him a little suspiciously. Teenage boys didn't come in this store very often, they usually just stared at the posters outside, and at the window displays.

“I hope so. I'm here with my grandma over there.” he pointed her out. “My grandpa died a few weeks back and grandma's been in kind of a fog since then. My mom said she needs to start going out and getting to know some people, maybe find a new man. Mom works long hours and is out of town a lot, so she asked me to take grandma shopping for some new clothes. I don't know much about ladies, um, you know, underwear, but mom says it will make grandma feel better about herself. I was hoping I could get you to help grandma pick out a few nice things. She's a bit lost right now, so if you could choose some things for her, I really would be very grateful.” he took a folded one hundred dollar bill from the inside pocket of his jacket and put it discreetly in the clerk's palm. “My mom said to make sure to get a few garter belts and at least fifteen pairs of assorted stockings. She said you would be able to help with the rest.”

“You're so sweet to help your grandma get over her loss. I'd be happy to help. Do you have a budget in mind?”

“I'm not sure. Would two thousand get grandma set?”

The clerk blinked a few times. “I think we can manage with that. My name's Missy, and you...?”

“Oh, I'm Sam. I should've introduced myself. I'm a little nervous in here.”

“I understand, Sam. It's nice to meet you. You can wait in the chairs over there while I go help your grandma. I'll check back with you in a few.”

“Oh, I forgot, Missy. My mom said not to buy anything white. She said we can get white underwear at the mega mart.”

Missy took grandma into the dressing room and had her get undressed, measuring her. “Your grandson is very sweet.”

“Yes, he's been so kind since...”

“Wait right here, I'm going to go get a few things for you to look at, OK?”


Missy came over to talk to Sam after about ten minutes. “I picked out a few things, but your grandma can't seem to make up her mind.”

“I know. She's just so used to having grandpa help her with these decisions. I'm sure you have a good eye for these things, can you pick out whatever you think looks the best on her?”

“Sure thing, Sam.”

After another hour, Missy and grandma went over to the register. “Sam, we're finished here.”

Sam came over while Missy rang everything up. “The total is $1849.99. Cash or charge?”

“Charge.” he said as grandma handed over her black credit card.

Missy had only heard stories about the black card, this was the first one she ever saw. It felt different than a regular credit card. It was heavier and made of metal, not plastic. She ran the card through the machine and grandma signed the receipt.

“We have some more shopping to do and I don't want to schlep these bags all over the mall. Can you have them delivered to this address?” he handed her a business card with his name, address and phone number printed on it.

“Our delivery service won't be able to deliver until tomorrow, but if you'd like, the store closes at nine, and I'd be happy to drop them off for you myself. Would nine-thirty tonight be OK?”

“That's very kind of you. We should be home by then.” Sam said and smiled at her, then left the store with his grandma.

Missy watched them leave. She wondered how old Sam was. He looked a little younger than she was, she was only 17 herself, and she thought he was very mature, and very sweet to help his grandma. She couldn't wait to see him tonight when she delivered everything.

Sam took grandma to another store, one that catered to a younger crowd. He told the clerk a similar story, about her needing to update her wardrobe now that she was widowed at such a young age. The clerk helped pick out a few dresses, and some skirts and blouses. Grandma paid with her black card again. They did the same thing at another deprtment store and by this time they had almost too many bags to carry.

On the way out of the mall, they passed by a fabric store. Grandma didn't say anything, she just took his hand and pulled him inside the store, making a beeline for the section where they sold decorative ropes, for curtains and other things. She said nothing, just looking at him.

Sam touched a few of the ropes. They had all different sizes, colors, and textures. He got fifty feet of rope in black velvet and another fifty feet in red velvet. Grandma smiled as she paid for the rope.

“That's enough shopping for today grandma, let's go to dinner.”

The car service picked them up at the mall and took them to the steakhouse. He ordered for the both of them, getting a large filet for himself and a small filet for her. After dinner, they were dropped off at home. The driver brought their bags up to the front door, and Sam gave him a hundred dollar bill for a tip, even though the car service was automatically billed to his mom's acount.

Chapter 4

As soon as they got inside, Sam put the collar on her and made her suck his cock.

“That was great, grandma. You really know how to suck a cock. Now go ahead and get undressed, then take these bags upstairs. You can keep your clothes in the guest bedroom next to my room. If anyone asks, or if we have visitors over, that will be your room. Go on now.” he slapped her on the ass to get her moving.

He went to his room and did a little reading for a test he had the next day. Grandma came in and sat on his bed. “Is there anything you need, master?”

“Yes, I want to know what you thought of Missy, from the lingere store.”

“She was very helpful, but she wasn't as good at making decisions as you are, master. She's very pretty, if that's what you're asking.”

”I want to go out with her, do you think I have a shot? Do you think she's submissive, like you?”

“Very few women are as submissive as I am, but most women like a man who knows what he wants. If you want her to go out with you, just tell her. Don't ask her. If she likes you even a little, she'll agree to go out with you if you're very direct with her.”

“I'll try that, grandma. Now go get the rope we bought today.”

“Yes master.” she smiled as she got up, going to her room and coming back with both lengths of rope.

“Lay down on the bed on your back. Put your arms up over your head.” He got out his pocketknife and cut the black rope into lengths about a yard long. He tied her wrists to the headboard, then he pulled her legs apart and tied each ankle to one corner of the footboard. He could see that her pussy was very wet, and she had a big smile on her face. “Don't go anywhere, grandma. I'm going downstairs to wait for Missy.” he turned off the light and left her there in the dark, tied to his bed.

Around nine thirty five, the doorbell rang. “You're late.” Sam said as he opened the door. “Please, come in.”

“I'm sorry, Sam. I tried to get here earlier, but I had trouble finding your house.”

“Don't let it happen again. Did you bring the bags?”

“They're out in my car. I'll go get them.” she went out and brought the bags in and set them down by the doorway. “Is your grandma here?”

“She's a little tied up right now.”

“Well, please tell her I said hello, and if she, or you, ever need anything, don't hesitate to call me. Here's my number.” she handed him a generic business card from the store, her number was written on the back.

“There is one thing you can do. Are you working tomorrow?”

“No, I'm off, but I can meet you at the store if you need to make any exchanges.”

“No, that's not why I'm asking. I want you to go to dinner with me tomorrow night. Wear something nice, preferably black, and be here at seven o'clock sharp.”

“OK, Sam.” she didn't know why she agreed to go out with him. She was supposed to go to a movie with another boy from her school, but she felt strangly compelled to do what Sam said.

“I'll see you tomorrow.” he said as he opened the door.

“OK, seven o'clock it is.” she walked out, a little excited that he asked her out. He was so mature, and he dressed very well, not like most boys her age.

Sam went upstairs to his room and turned on the light. He pretended to ignore his grandmother, laying spread eagle tied up on his bed. He could hear her breathing heavily. He sat at his desk and read for a while, then he stood up and got undressed. He sat on the bed next to her and gently rubbed her clit. “Do you want to cum, grandma?” he asked while he picked up the pace.

“Oh yes, master. May I please cum?” her hips were moving against his fingers.

“No you may not.” he abruptly pulled his hand away and walked out of the room, leaving her in an intense state of arousal.

She thrashed around a little, trying to get free of her restraints so she could finish what he started. “Master!” she cried out. “Please master!”

He came back in a few minutes later. “I'm trying to watch TV, grandma. Keep it down.” he picked up his underwear off the floor and stuffed it in her mouth. “That should help.” he got on his knees next to her head and jerked off, spraying his cum on her face while she looked at him, her eyes wide open , then he walked out without another word, ignoring her muffled screams.

She was delirious, tied up with her face covered in cum, his dirty underwear in her mouth. She thrashed about, tears rolling down her cheeks.

He watched TV for awhile, then when his cock got hard again, he went up to his room. She was a bit calmer now, but she was still whimpering quietly. He got between her legs and rubbed his cock on her pussy. He pushed into her, going all the way down in one stroke. “Do you want to cum now, grandma?”

“Mmmmmfffff” she tried to talk, but couldn't.

“I can't understand a word you're saying.” he pulled his underwear from her mouth.

“Oh God, Master. May I please cum? Please master?” there were tears rolling down her cheeks as she begged him, pleaded with him. “Please master! Oh God!”

“Yes, you may cum now grandma.” he fucked her slowly.

“OH MASTER! I'M CUMMING! OH GOD YES! YES! YES!” she screamed out as she came. “OH GOD, YESSSSSS!” she bucked her hips up and down and pulled against her restraints.

He fucked her faster, soon feeling his own cum building. “I'm going to cum grandma. Oh fuck yeah!” he pushed hard into her as he shot his load. “Oh yeah.” he held inside her, his cock spasming. He finished and pulled out.

By this time, grandma had calmed down just a bit. “Oh, thank you, master. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“Don't move, grandma.” he untied her ankles, then her wrists. “Now you may move if you wish.”

She immediately put both hands between her legs and curled up into a ball on her side. “Oh, master. Thank you.”

“Stay there for a minute, grandma. When you feel up to it, go wash your face, then come down to the living room. No hurry, just relax for a while.” he gently stroked her hair.

He was watching TV when she came in and sat next to him, leaning against his chest. “So, am I getting better at this 'master' stuff?” he asked.

“Oh yes, master. You were wonderful tonight. I feel so content right now. I know you're going to be a good master. Is there anything I can do for you?” she rubbed her hand on his chest and belly.

“No, grandma. Just sit with me for a while. We'll go up to bed after this show.”

Chapter 5

“I have your breakfast, master.” she said as she set the tray on his lap. It was the same as the day before, but with pancakes instead of toast.

“Mmmm. Good pancakes, grandma.” he ate quickly, as most young men do. “Wow, grandma, you're really a good cook. Come here and kiss me.”

She set the tray on his nightstand, then leaned over to kiss him. “Ooh, master. You taste like syrup.”

He pulled her down onto her back and forced her legs apart. He grabbed the bottle of syrup from the nightstand and poured some on her pussy, then he licked it off. “You taste like syrup, too.” he went back down on her, licking and sucking. He had never eaten pussy before, so he wasn't sure if he was doing it right, but he knew where her clit was, so he focused on that.

“Oh, master. Mmmmm”

“Do you want to cum, grandma?”

“Yes, master. May I please cum?”

“Yes you may.” he went back to sucking her clit and soon her hips began to move up and down.

“Oh Master! I'm cumming! Ohhhhh! Mmmm.” she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him closer to her. “Oh master, that was heavenly.” she said as she let him go. “Thank you.”

“Did I do that right, grandma? I've never done it before.” he asked as he got up and kissed her.

“It felt good to me. I've never done that before, either. I think you did it right.” she said.

“Really grandma? Never?”

“Never. Men from my generation considered it dirty, or thought they would be less of a man if they did that.”

“Well, lucky for you, times have changed grandma. We'd better get in the shower. I don't want to be late for school.”

She washed him, sucked him off, dressed him and sent him off to school, then she changed his sheets and did some laundry.

When he got home from school, she was sitting nude on his bed, waiting for him. He pulled out his cock, and she sucked and swallowed his cum. “Thank you, master.”

“Why aren't you wearing some of your new clothes?” he asked.

“You didn't tell me to dress. You have to show me what you want me to wear.”

“My mistake, grandma. Let's go to your room and get you dressed. Missy is coming over at seven and I don't think she'd understand if she saw you running around here with your tits hanging out.”

He picked out a fairly conservative dress and had her wear black sheer stockings and a garter belt under it. He didn't give her any panties to wear. They went to his room and she helped him get dressed, putting on a black suit with a purple shirt and matching solid purple necktie. They went down and watched TV for a while.

Missy pulled up at six fifty five and nearly ran to the door, not wanting to be late. She rang the doorbell.

“Would you get the door, grandma? I don't want to seem too eager.” he reached over and removed her collar. “Almost forgot about that.”

“Yes, master.”

“Hello again, Missy. My goodness, don't you look pretty?” grandma said as she opened the door.

“Thank you Mrs... um...I'm sorry, I don't remember your name.”

“Just call me grandma, dear. Everybody else does.”

“OK, grandma. How do you like your new lingere?”

“Oh, they're very nice. Thank you for helping me.”

“Anytime, grandma.”

“Sam should be here soon. SAM!” grandma yelled.

“Oh, hello, Missy. I didn't hear the door. You're right on time.” he said.

“I'll leave you kids alone. Don't stay out too late, Sam.” she gave him a grandmotherly peck on the cheek.

“I know, grandma.”

“You look beautiful tonight, Missy. I like that dress.” Missy was wearing a little black dress that came down to just above her knees. She had black hose and black 4 inch pumps, making her as tall as him. She had borrowed the dress from one of the girls at her work, as she didn't own much in the way of evening wear.

“Thanks. You look handsome in that suit, too.” she was a little nervous, but also excited. None of her dates had ever worn a suit before.

“The car should be outside, if you're ready.” he held out his arm, and escorted her to the car.

Chapter 6

“We have a reservation for two, the name is Thompson.” Sam said to the hostess.

“Right this way.”

Missy had never been to such a nice restaurant before. She looked around at the décor, the white linen tablecloths, the grand piano in the corner, all the well dressed customers. She nearly tripped as she followed Sam to the table because she wasn't paying attention to where she was walking.

They sat at a small table in a quiet corner of the dining room. The waiter approached holding two menus. “Good evening, can I get you started with drinks?”

“Yes, we'll both have iced tea, sweetened. We don't need to see a menu, I'm ready to order, if that's alright.” Sam said.

“Certainly sir.”

“We'll start with salads, ranch dressing, then we'll both have the petite filet with the lobster tail.”

“How do you like your filet, sir?”

“Medium rare for mine. Missy?” Sam looked at her.

“Um, that's fine. Medium rare.” she wasn't sure what that meant, she had never been to a steakhouse before.

“I'll bring your drinks and salads right away.” the waiter left to get his order started.

“Thank you for ordering for me. I've never been to such a nice place. I was worried about what I should get.” Missy said.

“It's nothing. I've been here a few times, and I know the menu fairly well.”

“You're so mature, Sam. How old are you?”

“I just turned 15 a few months back. How old are you, Missy?”

“I'm 17. I can't believe you're only 15, Sam. You're way more mature than any of the boys I know. How do you do it?”

The waiter brought their salads and drinks.

“I guess my mom has a lot to do with it. She doesn't really like children.” he took a bite of his salad.

“That sounds sad.” she looked over at him to see what fork he was using, not knowing which one was for salad.

“Oh no, it's not like that. I know my mom loves me very much, she just doesn't tolerate childish behavior, so I learned early on to behave like a grown up. I'm glad she raised me this way. Most boys my age are at home playing video games and smoking weed right now.” he reached over and stroked her cheek. “Instead of that, I'm having a lovely dinner with a beautiful young lady.”

“Sam. That's so sweet of you to say.” she touched her hair and blushed a little.

They finished their salads, and soon the waiter brought their steaks. Missy waited and watched to see how Sam cut his steak, and how he used the lobster fork. She tried to copy him, she dipped the lobster in the butter and tried it. “Oh, that's delicious.”

“Do you like the lobster?”

“Yes, I've never had it before. It's like shrimp, only way better.” she took another bite. “Mmmmmm.” she cut her steak open and saw it was bright red inside. Every steak she had eaten before was just grey. She took a small bite. “Oh my God that's good. I didn't know steak could be this good.” she cut off a larger piece. “Mmmm.”

“I'm glad you like it. This is the best steak in town, if you ask me.”

They finished their surf and turf, and the waiter removed their plates. “Care for any desert, sir?”

“Yes, we'll share a piece of cheesecake with cherries.” he said to the waiter. “The cheesecake here is legendary. It's so rich I can only eat a couple bites. I'm sure you'll like it.”

The waiter set the plate of cheesecake between them and Sam picked up the fork. He got some cheesecake on the fork and held it in front of her mouth. She opened her mouth and he put the fork in, gently. She closed her lips around the fork and tasted the cheesecake. “Wow, that's the best cheesecake I've ever tasted.”

“I knew you'd like it.” he took a bite from the same fork, then gave her another bite.

After they finished dessert, the waiter discreetly placed a black leather folder on the table next to Sam. He opened the folder, looked at the bill briefly, then took his money clip from his pocket and put three hundred dollar bills in the folder. He handed the folder to the waiter. “I don't need any change.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“I'm stuffed, how do you feel?” Sam asked as he sat back in his chair.

“I couldn't eat another bite. That was the best meal I've had in my life, Sam.” She didn't say anything, but she couldn't believe he just paid nearly as much for one meal as she earned in a week.

Sam looked at his watch. “The car won't be here for another half hour. Let's take a walk for a bit.” he got up and pulled her chair out for her.

“I need to go to the little girls room.” she said.

“Here.” he handed her a twenty dollar bill. “Give this to the attendent.”

She didn't know what he meant, but she took the money anyway. When she went into the bathroom, she saw an older lady sitting by the sink with assorted gums, mints, perfumes, and a stack of paper towels. She went into a stall to do her business, then came back out to wash her hands. The lady handed her a towel and she gave the lady the twenty. “Can I have one of these mints?” she asked as she checked her hair and makeup in the mirror.

“Sure thing, dear. Take as many as you like.”

Missy picked a wintergreen mint and popped it in her mouth. “Thanks.”

Sam was waiting outside the door when she came out. “Ready?”

“Sure.” she took his arm and walked out with him. The walked down the sidewalk, pausing to look in a few store windows.

Sam felt her shiver a little. “Are you cold?”

“Just a little, I'll be fine.”

Sam took off his suit jacket and put it on her shoulders. “Better?”

“Yes, thank you.” the jacket was warm from his body and she could smell his cologne.

“We'd better get back. The car will be here soon.”

Chapter 7

“We're home!” Sam called out as he opened the door. He took his jacket off Missy's shoulders and hung it on a hook in the foyer. He loosened his tie a little and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. “That's better.”

They went into the kitchen where grandma was waiting. “How was your dinner?”

“Very nice. Missy and I are going to the living room to talk for a while. Would you bring us some tea, please grandma?”

“I'd love to. Go on, I'll only be a few minutes.”

They sat together on the couch. “Your grandma seems very nice.”

“Yeah, she misses grandpa something awful. She's very old fashioned, her whole life was taking care of him, and now she's a little lost. That's why I asked her to make tea. She really only seems happy when she has someone to cook or clean for.”

“You're so good to her, Sam.”

“Well, she's my grandma and I love her.” he leaned forward and kissed Missy gently on the lips. “I've been wanting to do that all night.”

She put her hand on his shoulder, wanting to pull him to her, wanting him to kiss her again.

“Sorry to interrupt you, I've got your tea.” grandma set a tray on the coffee table with two teacups and a teapot. “Sam, I'm going up to my room. It was nice seeing you again, Missy. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight grandma.” they both said at the same time.

Sam pulled away from her and poured some tea into both cups. “Honey?'

“Yes, please.”

They talked for a while, then Sam put his cup down, took her cup from her hand, setting it down as he leaned in to kiss her. This time he used his tongue and she kissed him back very passionately. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him to her. Sam caressed her shoulders and back with his hands, but didn't go any farther. They kissed for a few minutes and Missy began wondering why he wasn't pawing at her tits, or trying to take her dress off, like all the other boys she kissed had done. She had already decided to let him feel her tits, and maybe she'd let him put his hand inside her panties.

He pulled away from her. “Wow, that's nice, Missy. I'd like to kiss you all night, but I have a big test at school tomorrow.” he kissed her again. “I'll walk you to your car.”

After Missy drove off, Sam went up and found his grandma sitting on the bed in her room. “Take off your dress, leave your garter belt and stockings on.” She did as she was told and he put her collar back on. “Come help me get undressed.”

She followed him to his room, and undressed him, loosening and removing his necktie, unbuttoning and removing his shirt. She got on her knees and unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pulling them down while he stepped out of them. She pulled his underwear down and then took off his socks. She looked up at him, waiting for her next order. His cock was just inches from her mouth, and she could see a drop of pre-cum.

“Stand up and turn around, bend over and put your hands on the bed.” he rubbed his cockhead up and down her pussylips, making sure she was good and wet, then he slowly pushed into her. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to him, fucking slowly in and out. He started going faster, then reached out to grab her leash, pulling on it, choking her a little as he really picked up the pace of his fucking. “Oh fuck, grandma, I'm gonna cum. I want you to sit on the bed and suck my cum out.” he pulled his cock out and she quickly turned around and sat on the bed, taking his cock in her mouth. “Oh yeah, fuck yeah!” he cried out as he filled her mouth with hot jizz. “God damn!” his cock spasmed in her mouth.

She swallowed his cum. “Thank you, master.”

“Whew! I really needed that. I had such a good time with Missy tonight. I wanted to try to fuck her, but I held back. I want to make her wait.” he sat on the bed next to her. “you're not jealous, are you?”

“No, master. You can have as many women as you want. It's not my place to tell you how to live your life. Daddy had several other women over the years.”

“Did grandpa ever make you have sex with other women?”

“No, daddy didn't think that was a proper thing for a lady to do.”

“If I told you to eat Missy's pussy, would you do it?”

“I'll do anything to please you, master. You know that.”

“Stand up and turn around for me. All the way around. I like the way those stockings look on you, grandma.”

“I'm happy my body pleases you, master.” she kept turning around, slowly.

“That's enough. Come get in bed with me.” he got behind her and caressed her thighs, feeling the sheer material of her stockings. “I love you grandma. Is it OK for me to tell you that? I don't know if a master is supposed to tell his property that he loves her.”

“Sam, every woman needs love. I love you too.” she turned around to face him, and kissed his lips. “I wouldn't want to be your property if you didn't love me.” she kissed him again.

“I'm glad to hear that, grandma. Would you like to make yourself cum for me before we go to sleep? I'd like to watch you.”

“I'd like that very much, master.” she got up and straddled his chest so he could watch as she rubbed her clit, bringing herself to a climax. After she finished, they spooned for awhile before falling asleep.

Chapter 8

The next few days were pretty routine, Sam sent a nice bouquet of flowers to Missy, calling her two days later. “I want you to go to dinner with me tomorrow. Wear a skirt, something casual. We're going to a great little Italian place.”

“That sounds like fun, Sam. What time should I come over?”

“Seven o'clock sharp. I'm looking forward to seeing you.”

“Me too, Sam. See you tomorrow.” she hung up the phone and closed her eyes, remembering the way she felt the last time Sam took her out.

The next day she spent the whole afternoon getting ready, fretting over which skirt to wear, trying on several outfits before settling on a plaid skirt, and a blue sweater.

She was running a few minutes late, and there was a wreck on the freeway slowing traffic. She pulled up to his house at ten after seven, hoping he wouldn't be too upset.

She rang the doorbell and he opened the door. “Hi, Sam.”

“Hello, Missy. You're late. Come over here.” he took her hand and led her over to a little bench along the wall.

“I'm sorry, Sam. Traffic was really heavy.”

Sam didn't say anything, he sat on the bench and pulled her down across his knees. He quickly lifted her skirt up over her ass and spanked her hard, giving her ten whacks. She was wearing a white cotton thong, so he could see her cheeks turn a little pink. As soon as it began, it was over and she was back on her feet.

Missy didn't know what to think. She hadn't been spanked like that since she was 5 years old. She wondered why she wasn't mad at him. “I'm sorry, Sam. Please don't be angry, I didn't mean...”

“Let's not discuss it.” he interrupted. “You've had your punishment. I don't want it to ruin our evening.” he kissed her on the forehead. “You look beautiful tonight. I really like your outfit.”

“Thank you, Sam. You look nice, too.” he was wearing jeans, a dark blue mock turtleneck, and a black sport coat.

“The car's waiting. We should go.” he took her arm and escorted her out the door.

The restaurant was nice, but not exactly what you would call elegant. It had maps and panoramic photographs of Italy on the wall, along with pictures of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and other famous Italian-Americans. There were red and white checkered tablecloths, and candles in those old style wine bottles. Sam ordered spaghetti with marinara and homemade sausage links for himself, and fettuchini alfredo with grilled chicken for her. “I really like this place, the décor is a little dated, but they make the best classic Italian-American style dishes.” he said as they waited for their pasta.

After the meal, Sam declined dessert and asked for the check. He paid, tipping generously, and took Missy by the hand as they walked around the little shopping plaza. “This place has fantastic ice cream.” he said as he opened the door to a little ice cream parlor. He ordered a banana split and shared it with her, feeding her with his spoon.

“Mmmm. That is good.” she said.

They finished their dessert and went back to the restaurant, where the car was waiting.

“I'm going to tell grandma to go up to her room. I want a little privacy tonight.” he said as they walked in the front door. He went to the kitchen and whispered in grandma's ear. “Go up to your room and get undressed and get in your bed. I'll wake you if I need anything, otherwise, I want you to have breakfast waiting for Missy and me in the kitchen at seven.” he kissed her on the cheek and said goodnight, then took Missy's hand and led her into the living room.

They sat on the couch and kissed for a while. Missy lay back and pulled him on top if her. She had already decided to let him feel her up, and thought she might let him go even farther. As they kissed, he still wasn't going for her tits, so she took his hands and put them on her chest. He squeezed her boobs a little, then he abruptly stopped and sat up. “What's wrong, Sam?”

“Nothing's wrong. I want you to stand here in front of me.”

“OK.” she said as she got off the couch. She stood between his legs as he sat back on the couch and spread both arms out. “Like this?” she asked, not sure what he wanted.

“Take a step back. That's perfect. Now, take off your clothes.”

“What?” she asked

“Take off your clothes. I want to see your body.”

She wanted to protest, but for some reason, she didn't. She kicked off her shoes, then she pulled her sweater over her head and let it fall to the floor, then she unzipped her skirt and let it drop away. She stood in front of him in just her bra and panties. She was a little embarrassed, and very aroused. There was a small dark spot growing on her panties.

“Turn around. Very nice, I like the thong. Turn this way. Now take the rest off.” He just sat there, looking her straight in the eye.

She had never been naked in front of a boy before. She wasn't a virgin, but all her sexual experiences had been the typical half dressed, awkward fumblings in the dark backseat of a boy's car. She just stood there, frozen.

“I'm waiting.” he said calmly.

She closed her eyes and reached back to unclasp her bra, pulling it off and dropping it. She put her thumbs in the waistband of her thong, and pushed it down below her knees, letting it fall down to her feet. She stepped out of it and stood nude in front of him. Her breathing had become very rapid and shallow, and her nipples were hard. She could feel the moisture coming from her pussy. She kept her eyes closed, never having experienced the mixture of shame and arousal she was feeling right now.

“Open your eyes.” he said. She looked at him, then quickly looked at the floor. He stood up and began to inspect her. He looked at her ears, her face, then moved his hands down her body, inspecting and caressing her at the same time. Her breasts were not as big as grandma's, but they were perky, and her little pink nipples were hard. He pinched her nipples, then sucked each one for a few seconds. He continued down, feeling her flat stomach. She had a small patch of black pubic hair above her pussy. He touched her pussy, spreading her small pink lips, saying nothing about how wet she was. He walked around and squeezed her ass cheeks, spreading them apart to look at her asshole.

“Very nice. Your body is as close to perfect as I could've hoped for. I want you to get a brazilian wax, and keep your pussy smooth from now on.” he put his hand under her chin and pulled her face up to look her in the eyes. “Are you a virgin?”

“Um...” she hesitated.

“Answer me.” he slapped her across the face, not very hard, just enough to get her attention. “Are you a virgin?”

“No.” she said quietly.

“How many men have you fucked?”

“Just two. They both go to my school.”

“Did you enjoy fucking them? Did you cum?” he asked as he walked around her, touching her.

“No, it happened so fast, both times.”

“Do you masturbate?”

“Sometimes.” she admitted, looking down at the floor again.

“Do you cum when you masturbate?” he put his hand on her pussy.


“Do you want to masturbate and cum right now?”

“I'm too embarrassed. I've never let a boy see me like this.”

“But you are aroused, aren't you? Your pussy is dripping.” he cupped his hand under her crotch.

“I know. I'm so hot right now, Sam. Please kiss me.” she was trembling with shame and desire.

“Not yet. Sit down on the couch and spread your legs.” She sat down. “I want you to show me how you pleasure yourself, but don't cum yet.”

“Oh God, Sam.” she said as she put two fingers on her clit and started rubbing in a little circle. “Oh fuck, I wanna cum so bad right now.” she started rubbing her tits with her other hand.

“Don't cum yet. Keep rubbing your clit.”

“Oh. Mmmmm. Ohhhh.” she whimpered. “Oh fuck, Sam, I need to cum. Please let me do it.” she rubbed faster. “Please Sam.”

“OK, Missy. You have my permission. I want you to cum now.”

“OH GOD! OH MY GOD! YES! OH GOD YES! YESSSSSSS!” she screamed as she had the most intense orgasm ever. “Oh God yes!” she slowed down a little, then pressed her legs together tight and closed her eyes. “Oh. Oh. Oh.” she whimpered quietly.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

“Oh my God, Sam. I've never cum that hard in my life. I want you so bad right now. Please kiss me.”

He pulled her up to her feet and kissed her on the lips. “Let's go upstairs.” he took her by the hand and led her up to his room, leaving her clothes strewn about the floor.

They got to his room and he shut his door. “Help me get undressed.” he said as he took his coat off and hung it in the closet. She pulled his shirt up and he bent over so she could pull it off. She got on her knees and unbuckled his belt, then she unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. She pulled his pants down to his knees and he stepped out of them. She pulled his socks off, then pulled his underwear down, getting her first look at his throbbing cock.

“Have you ever sucked a cock?” he asked while looking down at her.

“Yes, a few times.”

“Did they cum in your mouth?”

“Once. I didn't really like it.”

“Well, we'll have to do something about that. Go ahead and suck my cock now.” she did as she was told. She wasn't nearly as skilled as grandma, but her warm mouth felt good. “Oh, Missy. That's nice.”

She kept sucking and soon he was getting close. “I'm going to cum in your mouth, but I don't want you to swallow it yet. Just hold my cum in your mouth, understand?”

“Yes.” she replied.

“Oh fuck, here it cums!” he unloaded into her mouth, filling it with his hot semen. “Oh yeah. Don't swallow. Hold it right there.” he pulled his cock out when he was done, and she held her mouth closed.

“Get up on the bed and spread your legs. I want you to make yourself cum again.”

She put her hand between her legs and began rubbing her clit furiously, breathing heavily through her nose. “Mmmmmmm.” She started moaning.

“As soon as you feel your climax starting, I want you to swallow.”

She nodded and continued rubbing. Soon she closed her legs on her hand and tilted her head back, swallowing his cum while in the throes of her orgasm. “Oh my God! Oh fuck!” she cried out now that her mouth no longer held his seed. She laid back on the bed and pulled her legs up to her chest.

“How was that? Did you like it?”

“It wasn't too bad. I'm not used to the taste.”

“I know it doesn't taste that good, but my cum is a part of me, my essence. If you have any feelings for me, you should feel the same way about my cum. You wouldn't like it if I said that your pussy tasted bad, would you?”

“No, Sam, I guess not.”

He got on the bed and put his head between her legs. He kissed her pussy lips, then kissed her inner thighs on both sides. He licked her lips up and down. “I like the way you taste Missy.” he continued licking, then he began sucking her clit, gently at first. He went down and stuck his tongue between her lips, while flicking her bean with his thumb. Pretty soon she was moving her hips up and down. He stopped before she came, moving up quickly and plunging his cock into her in one stroke.

“Oh god Sam!” she cried out, putting her arms around him, pulling him to her and kissing him. “Oh, yes! Oh Sam!

He thrust into her steaming snatch while probing her mouth with his tongue. “Oh yeah Missy. Mmmm.”

She whispered in his ear. “You can cum inside me. I'm on the pill.”

He picked up the pace of his fucking and soon his prostate contracted violently, sending a thick stream of semen deep into her womb. She came at the same time, digging her heels into his buttocks, and her fingernails into his back.

“Oh fuck! Yes!” he muttered as he held his softening phallus inside her. He pulled out and laid next to her, still breathing heavily. “That was fantastic. Whew!”

She put her head on his chest, and he pulled the sheets up over them. They were both asleep within minutes.

Chapter 9

The next morning, Sam woke up alone in bed. Just as he was wondering where Missy was, her heard the toilet flush in his bathroom.

“Sorry if I woke you, Sam. I had to go pee.” she got back in bed and snuggled up against him.

He kissed her gently on the lips. “I'm glad you stayed here last night. You're not going to be in trouble with your parents, are you?”

“No. I live with my mom, and she's usually so drunk she won't even notice I'm gone until noon.”

He couldn't think of any good response to that, so he changed the subject. “I smell bacon. Let's go down to the kitchen.” he got out of bed and opened a dresser drawer, pulling out a set of flannel pajamas. “Here, you can wear this.” he tossed the pajama top to her while he put the bottoms on. “I've always thought it was romantic in the movies when a couple shares the same pajamas.”

“Me too.” she said as she buttoned the top. She stood up and the top came down about six inches below her crotch. “This isn't too revealing for your grandma to see?”

“I'm sure she'll be fine with it. She's actually more liberal about these things than you'd think.” 'oh is she ever' he thought to himself.

“Smells good, grandma.” he said as they sat down at the table.

“Good morning, Sam. Good morning, Missy.” she turned around from the stove. “Don't you two look cute wearing the same pajamas.” she gave Sam a peck on the cheek, then set the bacon and eggs on the table. “What do you want to drink?”

“Milk is fine, grandma.” he said.

“I'll have milk too, please.” Missy said.

Grandma got their milk, then set three pancakes on each of their plates, then sat down at the table with just a cup of coffee.

A few minutes into breakfast, the front door opened. “Sam, mom! I'm home!” Cathy announced fron the foyer. Soon she walked into the kitchen. “Morning mom.” she kissed Grandma on the cheek. “Morning Sam. Who's your girlfriend?”

“Mom this is Missy, and she's not my girlfriend. We've only been on a couple dates.”

“In my day, when two people shared a single set of pajamas like that, they were definitely boyfriend and girlfriend. Right, mom?”

“I think they look cute.” is all grandma had to say.

“Well, this isn't your day, mom.” he said to his mom, then he turned to Missy. “Missy, say hello to my mom, Cathy.”

“Hello.” Missy said, feeling a bit nervous.

“Nice to meet you, Missy.” Cathy said.

“So how was Seattle?” he asked before taking a bite of his pancakes.

“It was cold and wet. I was only there two days. I spent the rest of my trip going between Singapore and Hong Kong. I'm a bit jet lagged. Mom, could you get me a coffee? Cream and sugar, please.” grandma handed her a cup. “Well, I've got to get started on my expense reports. I'll see you in a while.” She kissed Sam on the cheek.

“Later, mom.” he said.

Less than a minute later, Cathy came back into the kitchen, holding out a yellow pencil with Missy's thong panties dangling from the end. “Mom, did you leave your panties in the living room?” she asked grandma.

“Damn it, mom.” Sam said as he snatched the panties from her and quickly put them in his pocket. “You know damn well those aren't grandma's.”

Missy turned beet red and slouched down in her chair, trying to disappear. Cathy just laughed.

“That's not funny, mom. Grow up.” Sam said to her, then turned to Missy. “Don't let her get to you, Missy, she just has a warped sense of humor.” he leaned over and kissed her. “Let's go upstairs.” he took her hand and led her to the living room to collect the rest of her clothes, then led her up to his room.

“I don't think your mom likes me.” Missy said as he shut the door.

“Don't worry about her, she can be a bit cruel sometimes, but she's alright. She's just a bit protective of me, and you're the only girl who's ever spent the night here. The only thing that matters is that I like you.” he began unbuttoning her pajama top, pulling it off. “And I like you. A lot.” he whispered in her ear as he hugged her tight.

“Oh Sam.” she whispered in his ear. “I really like you, too. I've never felt this way about any other boy.”

He pulled away from her. “Let's get cleaned up.” he pulled his pajama bottoms off and led her into his shower. He turned on the shower and took a bar of soap in his hands, soaping her shoulders and tits. “I hope you don't mind, but I always pee in the shower first thing in the morning. Don't worry, it's not dirty, in fact they say piss is good for atheletes foot.”

“I don't mind, just don't get any on me.” she moved to stand beside him, a little curious, she had never seen a boy piss before.

He began pissing, aiming his stream at the drain. After a few seconds, he moved his cock to piss on her feet.

“Sam!” she jumped out of the way, feeling the warmth of his golden stream on her toes. He moved to piss on her feet again and she jumped again, laughing this time. “Quit it Sam!” he chased her around the shower stall with his stream until he was finished, both of them laughing. “What's wrong with you Sam? How would you like it if I pissed on you?”

“Wouldn't bother me a bit. We're in the shower. It'll wash off, you know.” he grabbed her and kissed her, his cock growing hard.

“Oh, Sam. What's going on down here?” she asked playfully as she reached down to stroke his now rock hard boner. She kissed him while stroking his cock.

Without a word, he turned her around and rubbed his cock between her legs. She bent forward a bit and he entered her, fucking her under the warm spray from the shower head. He pulled on her hips, marveling at the smooth, firm, youthful flesh on her ass, much different than his grandma's.

She braced herself with one hand on the wall, while diddling her clit with the other. “Oh god.” she murmered quietly. “Mmmmmm.”

“Oh, yeah, your pussy's so tight. Oh fuck.” he said as he banged his pelvis against hers. “Oh God, Missy, I'm gonna cum! OH FUCK! MMMmmmmffff.” he grunted as he pushed her against the cold tile wall, spurting his white hot lava into her young pussy.

“OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!” she chanted over and over as she came, too. “Oh God yes.” her knees were shaking a little.

“Ohhhhh.” he held as deep inside her as he could, his fingers digging into the alabaster flesh of her hips.

“Oh wow.” he said as his cock finally stopped spasming in her, and he pulled out. He turned her around and kissed her deeply.

“Oh Sam, that was wonderful.” she said as they broke their embrace.

“You're wonderful, Missy.” he kissed her again, briefly. “Let's finish up.” he handed her the soap and a washcloth, and she began scrubbing him clean, exploring his body. He scrubbed her clean and they rinsed off and got out. He handed her a towel and she dried him off, then he did the same to her.

“I've got to brush my hair and put some makeup on.” she said as she went out to get her purse.

They both stood in front of the sink, fixing their hair. Sam got a new toothbrush from the linen closet and handed it to her. They both brushed their teeth, kissing afterwards. “Mmmm. Minty fresh.” he said.

They finished up and went to his bed. She snuggled up against him. “Sam, downstairs earlier you told your mom that I'm not your girlfriend. Do you want me to be your girlfriend?”

“I'm not sure you'd want to. I can be pretty demanding at times. I pretty much insist on having things my way.”

“I know that, Sam. I like that about you.” she kissed his neck. “I like it when you tell me what to do. I really like it.” she whispered in his ear. “I even liked it when you spanked me last night. I've never felt that way. Ever. You can punish me anytime you want.”

“Just show up late again, and I will. I'll spank you until you beg me to stop.”

“Ooh that sounds like fun, Sam.”

They stayed in bed, just holding each other for a while. “Oh shit, Sam. I've got to go, my mom'll be up soon, and I've got to work at two today.” she got out of bed and started getting dressed. “Where are my panties?”

“I'm keeping them, you'll have to drive home without them.”

“OK, Sam. Don't spend too much time sniffing them.” she smiled.

“I won't.”' he got up and got dressed too. “I'll walk you out.”

After she left, Sam went inside and put grandma's collar back on her. “Let's find something fun for you to wear today.” he opened her dresser, looking at all the lingere they had bought. He picked out a pair of pink spandex hot pants and a black lace bra. “Here, put these on.” she did as she was told. “You look hot in that, grandma.”

“Thank you master.”

“Let's go watch TV for a while.” he led her down to the living room and they sat on the couch. He put the football game on and they watched in silence for awhile. “Aren't you going to ask me about Missy?”

“As your property, it's not my place to ask, master.” Grandma said. “But since you brought it up, as your grandmother, I am dying to know how it went. She really seems nice, Sam.”

“I know. I really like her, and she's pretty submissive. I spanked her for being late last night and she told me she liked it.”

“That's a good sign. Do you think you'll want to put a collar on her? Do you think she'd submit to you totally and completely?”

“I'm not sure, I'm just going to keep pushing and see where it goes. Maybe I'll start a harem, don't worry though, you'll always be my first and favorite property.”

“That's nice of you to say, master, but there is one thing Missy can give you that I never can.”

“What's that?”

“Children. You haven't considered that?”

“Hell no, grandma. I'm only 15 for fuck's sake. What is it with you women and this obsession with children?”

“I'm sorry, Sam, but all women like babies. It's the only reason we put up with you men.” she laughed.

“I know grandma, but just slow your roll. And don't say anything to Missy about that. Jeez.” He kissed her. “There's something you can give me that Missy can't, grandma.” he unzipped his fly and pulled out his semi-hard dick. “You give a much better blowjob than she does.” he pulled her head down to his crotch and she took him deep in her throat.

Just then Cathy walked in and sat on the other couch. “I see you two are getting along.” she watched as her mother sucked her son's cock. “Missy seems nice. I shouldn't have embarrassed her like that.”

“No you shouldn't have, mom. She's not one of your employees.” he put his hand on his grandma's head, pushing her down on his cock.

“So when are you going to knock her up so I can have a little grand baby?”

“Mom! What's with you two? First grandma, and now you. There won't be any babies for a long time. Stop bugging me about it.”

“It's what we do, Sam. Women love babies.” She held her gaze on her son's cock as it throbbed in her mother's mouth.

He was turned on by having his mother watch them. “Hold that thought, mom, I'm gonna cum. Oh fuck, grandma.” he sighed as he began spurting into her mouth. “Oh yeah that feels good.” he held her head down, throat fucking her as he went soft. Finally, he pulled her off and she sat up.

“Thank you, master.” she said as she put his cock back in his pants, zipping him up.

“Nice hot pants, mom. You look like a total slut.” Cathy said.

“You always say the nicest things, Cathy. I should wash your mouth out with soap.” Grandma said.

Cathy ignored her mother and turned to her son, “So, Sam. Do you like your property? Has she been behaving?”

“Yeah, mom. It's been the best few days of my life, plus, she gave me some tips on how to get Missy to go out with me.”

“I'm glad to hear that. It's important that you're a strong master for her. She could decide to leave you if you don't treat her right.”

“I'd never leave Sam. He's a wonderful master, so creative and strong, but also very loving and tender.” grandma said.

“No one's talking to you, mom.” Cathy said.

Before he knew what happened, grandma stood up and slapped Cathy across the face. Hard. Sam was as stunned as his mom was. Cathy put her hand on her cheek, feeling it burn.

“I'm tired of you talking to me like that and I'm not going to put up with it any longer. Sam is my master, not you. I let you treat me that way when your father was alive because he wanted you to grow up to be a strong woman. Well, daddy's gone now and you're all grown up. There's no reason for me to put up with you acting like a cunt. You're going to treat me with a little respect around here from now on.” She grabbed a handful of Cathy's hair and pulled her head up to look her in the eye. “Say something like that to me again and I swear I'll punch you in the mouth. Understand?” she let go of her hair and just stood there.

Cathy opened her mouth, but nothing came out. Then she started crying, weeping, sobbing and sniffling.

Sam couldn't believe that his submissive grandma had just slapped his domineering mother and made her cry like a baby. He just sat there, watching to see what happened next.

“I'm sorry, mom.” Cathy sobbed. “I've just been so angry since...” she tried to speak through her sobbing. “Seeing you and Sam together just reminded me that dad's really gone.” she buried her face in her hands and kept blubbering.

“It's OK honey.” grandma sat next to her daughter and held her. “I miss daddy, too. It'll be alright.” she caressed Cathy's face, wiping her tears away. A tear ran down grandma's cheek as she consoled her daughter. “I love you, Cathy. I always will, I just want us to have a better relationship from now on. I'm sorry if I hurt you.”

“No, mom. I deserved that. I have been acting like a cunt lately. I'm sorry.” she sniffled, her tears subsiding. She grabbed a tissue from the side table and blew her nose. “I'm really exhausted from work and travel and everything else. I need to go sleep for a few hours, maybe a few days. Please forgive me mom.” she stood up.

“I forgive you, Cathy. Go on up to your room, I'll come tuck you in in a little while.” she sat down next to Sam.

Cathy walked out and Sam just sat there speechless, his mouth hanging open. “What the hell just happened there?” he asked.

“Surprised? I don't submit to everyone, you know. That's been brewing between your mother and I for years, it just took your grandfather's passing to bring it to the surface.”

“Wow, grandma, I never saw that coming. Remind me not to piss you off.”

“You're my master. I could never be angry with you.” she kissed him. “May I go up and tuck your mom in bed?”

“Sure, grandma. Take your time. I'll be here trying to put my brain back together. Wow.”

She went up to Cathy's room and sat next to her in bed, stroking her cheek and humming a lullaby like she used to do years ago. Soon Cathy was sound asleep and grandma went back down to her master.

“Is she OK?” Sam asked.

“Sleeping like a baby. I know I shouldn't have slapped your mom that hard. You should punish me for that.” she smiled at him.

“Oh, I'm going to punish you, just not right now. But when you least expect it...”

“I can't wait.”

Chapter 10

Sam and grandma went up to his room and got into bed.

“Suck my cock, grandma.” he ordered and she went down on him. She sucked him until he came in her mouth, then she swallowed.

“Thank you, master.” she said as she moved up to lay next to him.

“I want you to give me an honest answer about something, grandma.” Sam said

“What is it?”

“Do you really like it when I cum in your mouth, or do you just do it to please me? Be honest, now.”

“I love it, master. I truly do.”

“Really? I've tasted my cum, and it's not that good.”

“Let me try to explain it for you. Um... You know how you feel when you get a paper or a test back from your teacher and there's a big 'A' on the front? That feeling you get knowing all your studying and hard work paid off? That's how I feel when you cum in my mouth, plus I get the added satisfaction of knowing I've made you feel as good as a man can feel. For me, a mouthful of cum is my reward for a job well done, and I enjoy it more than almost anything in the world. If I were your master, I'd make you cum in my mouth all day, every day. I really do love it that much. Why do you ask?”

“Missy said she didn't like it when guys cum in her mouth.”

“Did she refuse you, master?”

“No, I made her swallow my cum, and I'm trying to train her to like it.”

“How do you propose to do that?”

“I made her suck me off, and when I came in her mouth, I told her not to swallow it, but to hold it there while she masturbated in front of me. I only let her swallow after she climaxed.”

“That sounds delightful, master. Just delightful. I hope you make me do that sometime.”

“Oh I plan on it very soon. Very soon.” he said as he spooned up against her, nodding off for a little nap.

Around five o'clock, he called Missy at work. “I want you to come over after work. Be here at nine thirty, sharp. I'll order some chinese delivery and we can watch a movie.”

“OK, Sam. I'll see you in a few hours.”

Around nine, Sam took grandma up and had her put on some more appropriate clothes. Missy showed up on time, depriving them both of a spanking. They ate the chinese food, then watched a movie before going up to his room.

After the first round of sex, they were laying in bed, talking. “You're so lucky, Sam. Your mom and grandma really love you and treat you so nice. I wish I could say the same about my mom.”

“You and your mom don't get along?”

“She's a lush and a total slut. She can't hold a job and is constantly bringing strange men home. I can't wait until I turn 18 and can move out. I don't know how I'll afford my own place, though. I might move in with one of the girls from work. I wish I didn't have to worry about stuff like that. I just want some stability and security for once in my life. I don't need diamonds or fancy cars, I just want to know I'm not facing eviction every month because mom drank away the rent money.”

“I didn't realize things were so bad.”

“It's been that way my whole life. If I could find a man with a steady job who didn't drink or gamble, I'd probably run away with him. I'd do anything to not have to worry anymore. Anything.”

“Don't say that, I have a little money. I could help you out.”

“That's sweet of you, Sam, but I couldn't accept any money from you. I really like you, but let's face it, you're too young for this to last. I know you'll be living here with your mom until you go away to college. Even if we're still dating by then, I know you'll find some girl more in line with your social status, and forget about me, the poor little shopgirl you used to fuck. I've seen this movie before.”

“Come on, now. You never know what the future holds. I don't like you talking about us ever being apart.”

“I'm sorry, Sam. I shouldn't lay my problems on you like this. I'll be fine. I've always managed somehow.” she kissed him and reached down to stroke his cock, wanting him to get hard and fuck her so she could forget about her problems for a while.

They made love again and fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning they went down and grandma had breakfast ready. Cathy came in wearing a bathrobe as they ate. “Is it sunday already?” she said as she yawned.

“Have you been sleeping this whole time mom?” Sam asked.

“I guess. How long did I sleep?”

“Nearly twenty hours. You must have been wiped out.”

“It's been a long stressful month. One of the worst in years, which reminds me.” she looked at Missy. “I want to apologize for what I did to you yesterday. It was cruel and inexcuseable. Can you forgive me?”

“Sure, Cathy. I understand you're under a lot of stress.”

“That doesn't excuse what I did. I want to try to make it up to you, even the score, as it were.” she stood up and reached under her robe and pulled her panties down, taking them off and putting them on the kitchen table. “There, now we've both been humiliated in front of Sam.”

Sam looked down at his mother's panties, they were white cotton with a full bottom, not a thong.

Missy spoke. “You don't have to do that, Cathy. I'm over it already. No hard feelings?” she held out her hand and Cathy shook it.

“I'm glad we got that out of the way.” she grabbed her panties and put them in the pocket of her robe. “You shouldn't be looking at my underwear like that, Sam. Someone might get the wrong idea.”

“Mom. That's not funny.”

Sam and Missy went upstairs after breakfast and showered together. Sam made her suck him off, then made her hold his cum in her mouth while she masturbated, only allowing her to swallow when she had her orgasm.

“I like it when you make me do that, Sam. I like it when you take charge of me.”

“I'll be sure to do it more often.” he said as he kissed her.

“Oh, shit. I forgot today's sunday. I have to be at the store by noon. I'm going to be late. Shit!” she hopped out of bed and hurriedly got dressed. “Call me later, kay?” she said as she ran out the door, leaving him nude in bed.

After he heard he drive off, he went downstairs to the kitchen, still nude.

“Everything OK, sweetie?” his mom asked. “Missy just ran out of here like her hair was on fire. What did you do to her?” she didn't say anything about him being nude.

“I don't know, mom. I was telling her about how you like eating out young pussy like hers, then I asked her if she'd ever consider a threesome with you and me, and she just got up and ran off.”

“Don't be an asshole, Sam. That's not funny.”

“Just kidding, she's running late for work. Everything's cool.” he sat down across from her, a little excited at being nude in front of her after having seen her panties earlier. “Grandma, come over here.”

“Yes, master.”

“Take off your clothes.”

“Yes, master.” she stripped down, leaving her clothes in a pile on the floor.

“Get down here and suck my cock.” his cock was still soft from Missy's blowjob earlier.

“Yes, master.”

Cathy sat there, waching, getting turned on. She felt her nipples get hard and her pussy get wet. She still had her panties in the pocket of her robe.

“That feels nice grandma, yeah.” he held her head all the way down. Soon his cock was hard again.

“Get up, bend over the table.” he ordered and grandma complied. Sam stared at his mom the whole time. He slapped his hard cock on her ass, making a lewd display for his mom, then he slid his cock into his grandma's wet old cunt.

Cathy reached under her robe to pinch her nipple, mesmerized by the sight of her son fucking her mom right in the kitchen.

“You like watching us fuck, don't you, mom.?” he asked as he pounded into grandma.

“It's pretty hot, I'm not gonna lie to you.” she reached her other hand under her robe and touched her clit. Her robe was still closed and Sam couldn't see her nipple or pussy, but he knew what she was doing.

“I like it when you watch.” he pulled on grandma's hips. “What do you want to see me do to her?”

“Just keep doing what you're doing. I like that.” she pulled at the tie around her waist, letting her robe fall open.

“That's nice, mom. Very nice.” he said as he saw his mom's tits and pussy for the first time.

“Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum!” Cathy rubbed her clit with one hand, while plunging two fingers in her snatch with the other. “Oh God yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhh!” she cried out as she came. “Oh fuck that's hot.” she stood up, letting her robe fall to the floor. She stood next to her mother and bent over, her ass facing Sam. “I'm not ever going to be your property, Sam, but I want you to fuck me right now.”

Sam didn't need to be asked twice, he pulled out of grandma and pushed into his mom's hot pussy. “Oh, yeah, mom. I've wanted to fuck you forever.” he tried to hold out as long as he could, but he was so hot, fucking his mom for the first time. “Oh fuck, mom. I can't hold it, I'm gonna cum!” he pushed her against the table as his jizz filled her womb. “Oh fuck yeah, mom! Oh I can't believe this. Oh fuck!”

Cathy looked over her shoulder at him. “I can't believe I just let you do that. I don't know what got into me.” she pulled away from him, turning to face him. “Don't get the idea you can do that any time you want. I say when and where, got it?” she looked him in the eye. “you always have your grandma to take care of you.” she gave him the customary peck on the cheek, then picked up her robe, putting it on. “Here, you can keep these as a little reminder of today, you motherfucker.” she pulled the panties out of her pocket and gave them to him, then she left the room.

“Holy shit, grandma. I just fucked mom.”

“I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, master. I thought Cathy didn't like sex. I thought she only got off on power.”

“Me too. I've never even heard her talk about any men. Ever. I wonder how long it's been since she's been fucked.”

“Probably years. Maybe she'll let you fuck her again when you're thirty.” grandma laughed.

“I hope I don't have to wait that long.”

Chapter 11

After school the next day, “Sam, could you come to my office? We need to talk.” Cathy said.

“Sure, mom. What's up?” he was sure it would have something to do with their quick fuck in the kitchen yesterday.

“I was going to wait to tell you this, but... I'm pregnant with your child.”

“What? How do you know? It only happened yesterday. Oh my god, mom. Are you sure?” he was turning white.

“Just messin' with ya.” she laughed. “You should see the look on your face.” she laughed again.

“Damn it, mom! That's not funny.”

“Then why am I laughing so hard?” she kept laughing. After she finished laughing, she tried to be serious. “I really do need to talk to you. It's about your grandfather's estate.”

“Did grandpa leave me anything cool? Like one of his sports cars?”

“No, those were all sold at an auction, but there is good news. The bulk of the money from the sale of those cars, as well as other assets, has been put into a trust for you.”

“How much money?”

“It's in a trust now. You can't touch it until you turn eighteen. You get ten percent on your eighteenth birthday to pay for college, then another ten percent when you turn twenty one, then when you're twenty five, you get full control, as long as the trustees agree that you can handle it.”

“So what are we talking here, a couple hundred grand?” he asked.

“Right now, there's about fifteen million in there. By the time you're twenty five, it should be about double that.”

“What was that? I thought I heard you say fifteen million.” he couldn't believe it.

“That's right. Fifteen million, more later.”

“Dollars? US Dollars?”

“US Dollars. You're going to be a millionaire, you little motherfucker.”

“Well, at least I can afford to take care of our baby, now that I knocked you up.” he smiled.

“Seriously, you might have. I'm not on any birth control. I won't know for a few weeks. Fingers crossed.” she held up two fingers.

“Either way, I'm a motherfucking millionaire. Whoo!” he stood up and started dancing. Poorly. “Does grandma know?”

“She doesn't care about money. She has her own trust and gets an income of a quarter million a year. She'll gladly spend that on you until you turn eighteen. Just put it on her black card. I should start charging you two rent.”

“For some reason, I'm super horny right now. I'm going to go fuck grandma. Wanna watch?”

“Not right now, sweetie. I've got a lot of work to do. I just wanted you to know that you never have to worry about money, and you can have as big a harem as you want. Grandma told me about your plans to put a collar on Missy.”

“Really, mom? Missy can move in here?”

“Only if she's your property. You've got to get a collar on her first. After that you should take your two girls on a nice vacation. You can use the charter service and fly anywhere you want. Wait until you see the ass kissing you get at hotels with grandma's black card.” She paused. “One other thing. Since things are going well with you and grandma, I'm going to let Kim and Marta go. Don't worry about them, they'll both get a generous severance and a glowing letter of recommendation.

“I'll miss them, but I understand. Thanks for everything, let me know if you're pregnant.” he grinned and kissed her on the cheek.

Sam went down to the living room where grandma was waiting. “Grandma, take off your dress. I want you in just a garter belt and stockings all day today.”

She did as she was told and he pulled out his cock and began fucking her on the couch in the family room. After a few minutes, he pulled out of her pussy and stood up and got undressed. “I'm in such a good mood, grandma, I want to fuck your ass. What do you like to use for lube?”

“Anything you like, master. I can go get some lotion, or you can just use some spit, or you can fuck my ass dry.”

“Get down here on your knees.” he put his cock in her pussy. “Let's just use some spit.” he spit on her asshole and rubbed it in, then he pulled out of her pussy and put his cock against her asshole, slowly pushing in. “We need more spit.” he pulled out and put his cock in her mouth. “Get it good and wet, grandma, that's it.” he went back around and pushed in her ass, farther this time. “That's nice.” he said as his balls touched her cunt. He pulled out and went back to her mouth, letting her slobber on his cock, then he went back to her ass. “You ass is so tight, grandma.”

“I'm glad you like it, master.” she said as he began plunging in and out of her backdoor.

“Hey, mom. Decided to come and watch?” he said as his mom walked in.

“Yes. I don't know why, but I've been very horny lately.” Cathy took off her clothes as she talked. “Oh, I see you're cornholing your grandma. Very sexy.”

“I wanted to do something special to celebrate the big news.” he kept fucking her ass, a little slower now, wanting to hold out a while.

“Oh god. Mmmmm.” Cathy moaned as she touched her clit.

“Play with your clit, grandma. I want to feel you cum while I'm in your asshole.”

“Yes, master.” she did as he directed, and pretty soon, “May I cum please, master?”

“Yes, you may.” he said.

“Oh, master! Oh God, master! Oh God yes! YES! YES!” she cried out as her ass gasket squeezed his cock. “Oh master. Oh fuck, master. Mmmmm.”

“That felt awesome, grandma. Your ass really tightened up on my cock. I think we need more spit.” he pulled out of her ass and went to her mouth, going all the way in her throat. “You look pretty hot there, mom. You want some cock?”

“Not after it's been in mom's asshole. Maybe later.” she kept fingering herself.

“OK, mom.” he went back to grandma's ass. “Oh fuck that's nice, grandma.” after a few more strokes, he felt his cum building in his balls. He pulled out and went back to her mouth, letting her suck him until he exploded in her mouth. “Oh fuck yeah! Suck my cock. Yeah!” he filled he mouth and she swallowed it all down.

“Thank you, master.”

“Oh my God! Oh God yes!” Cathy cried out as she came. “Oh God yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhh!” she closed her legs on her hands. “Oh god that felt good. Mmmmm.” she let her legs upen, pulling her hand to her mouth and licking her fingers.


2014-03-30 07:01:28
OUT-FUCKING-STANDING !! This could very well be the best story I have read.


2014-01-25 06:15:32
Great story. Can't wait for a sequel


2014-01-24 12:34:00
I really liked this story, and agree with the other comments.


2014-01-23 19:03:47
Like your work, an easy read, good formatting. Like to see where you go with this. Looks like mom is going to get involved like too see her to teach Missy mom a lesson.


2014-01-23 17:13:14
I like your work. Looking forward to more chapters.Can't wait for Missy to be trained as well.

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