Never to Young
Daddy Was Just A Baby by Doc Oc

Chapter 1
Charles Richard Harris was just a bit large for his 12yrs. At 5’10” tall and 130lbs. he looked more like a15 or 16 year old. Charlie as he liked to be called; was a good kid. He went to church on Sunday and loved his parents and grandparents and especially loved to play baseball. His favorite team was the Mariners; and as he lived near Seattle that was only proper.
Charlie was in his backyard with his baseball bat and a rig his Dad had set up for batting practice the day it all came down. Now Charlie was an only child as complications from his birth left his mother unable to have more children. So his family doted on him and he had grown up understanding that children as a whole were special and people as a whole should be treated with respect and charitable love. As I said he was a good kid.
His batting practice was going well when he heard a scream from the alley behind his house and went to the fence to see what was going on. He saw a girl running down the alley in a torn dress and screaming for someone to help her. Charlie recognized Helen Ramirez from the house on the corner and started to say something when he saw a man chasing Helen. The man had only his boxers and sneakers on and was catching up to Helen quickly as she had only one shoe on and was trying to hold up her ripped dress with both hands.
Right outside his fence the man caught Helen by the hair and as he turned Charlie recognized him as Helen’s Uncle George. “Now you little slut you’re going to give me what I want whether you like it or not. I’m going to breed you like the cow you are and enjoy every minute I’m buried in your hot little cunt,” George said. Now Charlie knew that this was all wrong as incest was wrong and Helen was still a girl and George was an adult. So being the kind of man most people would be proud of Charlie vaulted the fence bat in hand and before George could turn; the bat connected with the back of his head. Now Charlie put a lot of force in that swing and with the resulting ‘CRRRAAACCCKKK’ Uncle George went down like a busted balloon.
Charlie stepped up and guided Helen to where the gate in his fence was inset and stood in front of her; bat at the ready in case George got up and tried something. Then he heard a car and when he looked he saw flashing red and blue lights, it was the police; someone had called 911. When the officers got out of the car Charlie was relieved to see that both officers were woman, this would make things easier for Helen. Now Charlie turned to Helen and saw that part of her left breast was showing, the nipple and most of the areola. Charlie was instantly hard but recovered quickly and peeled off his shirt, and draped it over Helen covering her. When Helen finally looked up she realized who had saved her she collapsed into Charlie’s arms.
The officers approach and ask, “What happened here? Can you tell us what is going on?”
“Officer Johnson,” Charlie looked at her name tag, “I was doing some batting practice in my backyard right here,” Charlie signals at the fence, “when I heard a scream for help. I looked over the fence and saw Helen here being chased by a man that until he got closer I didn’t recognize. When he grabbed Helen I saw that it was her uncle and then I heard him say something about ‘taking what he wanted whether she liked it or not’ and then something about ‘going to breed you like the cow you are’. So I vaulted the fence and hit him in the head with my bat to stop him.”
Now Uncle George is starting to come around and he is cussing and swearing and calling Helen names. And then without really looking around he says, “When I get my hands on you you little cunt I’m going to fuck you so many times you’ll be pregnant till you die.” At about that time he looks up and there is Officer Crabtree, (nametag), and he whispers; “Oh shit.” Officer Crabtree drops down on George spearing her knee into his kidneys and pinning him to the ground while grabbing his hands and cuffing him tight.
Now Officer Johnson is finally getting words out of Helen and she tells the officer how her aunt has been in the hospital for about a month and how her uncle has been touching her and trying to get her clothes off for nearly a week now. Finally this morning he had broken down the locked door to her room and told her he wanted sex and she was going to give it to him or he was going to take it. When he grabbed her she ran and he got tangled up in his pants and she managed to get out the back door and through into the alley where she started screaming for help. When her uncle caught her she knew she was out of luck and suddenly Uncle George just collapsed and she was free. That’s when she saw Charlie but didn’t connect anything until Charlie moved her to the gate and she saw the bat in Charlie’s hand and her uncle lying on the ground.
Now the officers had called in another patrol car and it was at the end of the alley behind Helen’s house and they came out and told Crabtree and Johnson what they found inside Helen’s story was confirmed. Helen was put in the back of the first patrol car so she could be taken to the hospital for an examination as to the extent of her injuries and George was taken by the other two officers to jail to be booked on charges of assault and attempted statutory rape.
Chapter 2
Charlie told his Mom and Dad about what happened in the alley and they were so pleased with the way he acted that they got all the family together and had a backyard bar-b-que to honor the hero. Now Charlie didn’t understand all the fuss he had only done what he was taught was right and honorable but he did enjoy the party.
Charlie didn’t see Helen for almost a month as she was with other relatives till her aunt was released from the hospital. Then one day there was a knock on the door and when his Mother opened it there stood Helen and her Aunt Margaret. “Come in,” Mom told them, “please do come in. Make yourself comfortable and I’ll get something to drink.” Mom went to the kitchen and when she got back Margaret spoke up, “We came over to thank Charlie for his heroic action the other day. Helen told me what happened and I knew that George was acting a little strange of late but had no idea he would do something so awful to his own blood.” Helen looked at Charlie and smiled and Charlie’s heart nearly jumped from his chest. He was also quite embarrassed as he was now hard as a rock and it was very uncomfortable. It was pressing into his pants leg and trying to force its way down his pants. His Mom and Helen’s aunt talked for almost an hour; the one piece that Charlie caught was the fact that somebody else had also seen the attack from Helen’s escape out the backdoor to Charlie’s knocking him unconscious. George had taken a plea bargain and was sentenced to 15yrs in prison; if he had been found guilty, in court, of all the charges against him he would have gotten life without parole.
As they were leaving Helen took Charlie’s hand and asked, “Can you come over to my house on Saturday? I’d like to thank you personally.” Charlie looked at his Mom and she nodded so he said, “Yes I can, about 1:00pm?” “That would be Ok,” Margaret said.
Now Charlie is puzzled. He knows that Helen is 14yrs old and he is only 12 so why would she want with a 12yr old hanging around. He did think of her often especially when he remembers the view of her well rounded breast with the nipple sticking out like a large pencil eraser. That gave him cause for many a night playing with his cock. Now Charlie had seen some of the other boys when they showered after PE and he didn’t know what was normal but he was bigger than all the boys in his class. As a matter of fact Charlie didn’t know anything about sex. He knew that boys and girls were different down there and that it had something to do with making babies but beyond that he was completely in the dark. And that is where things go completely off the rails as Helen doesn’t know much more than Charlie. She knows that babies are made in her belly and that it has something to do with her blood cycle and that sex is involved but not much more than that.
When Charlie shows up on Saturday Helen takes him to the swing in the backyard and there they spend the afternoon. Helen cuddled up in Charlie’s arms and just swinging back and forth. Her aunt heard her say, “Charlie, I feel so safe in your arms. I know that you won’t hurt me and that you’ll protect me, so let’s just sit here and be safe.” Her aunt thought it was cute not even guessing what it would lead to.
The two of then spent many hours in that swing together till one afternoon; “Helen, I need to go shopping and will be gone a couple of hours. Do you want to go with me or do you wish to stay here with Charlie?” her aunt asked. Helen shifted so she could look at her aunt and said, “I’ll stay here if that’s OK with you?” “It’s OK dear. Love you. Be back soon.” And she was gone. Helen’s shift was beginning to cause problems. When she moved it placed her left breast under Charlie’s left hand and as they sat there he could feel the nipple begin to swell and enlarge. This was Ok but it was causing Charlie’s cock to get hard and Helen was sitting right on top of it. Charlie turned Helen’s face to his and leaned down to kiss her. When their lips meet it was like a bonfire was lit. Charlie moved his hands so that his right hand was now covering Helen’s left breast and his left hand was holding her head tightly in to the kiss. Charlie was like stone now and he could feel heat on him from where Helen’s legs crossed his. Mother Nature was in control and these two kids had no idea yet where she was taking them.
Charlie knew that moving his hand down between Helen’s legs was the right thing to do but didn’t know what to do after that. Helen was so hot between her legs and as he moved his hand around her skirt rode up and his hand was right on top of her mound. The feel of her hair through her panties had him so hard it felt as if it would break. He noticed that she was wet further down between her legs and he slid his fingers down to feel the wetness. He could smell something and knew it was coming from Helen and it made him want her even more. Helen is twisting and squirming as Charlie moves his fingers between her legs and she feels a fire begin in her belly that she has no clue how to deal with.
Charlie sees that Helen’s nipples are pushing through her bra and blouse so he starts unbuttoning the blouse and soon her bra is showing and it’s hiding all the glory he had seen before. He lifts her bra up and there before his eyes are both of the glorious mounds that he had only seen part of the one of. He leaned over and sucked the right nipple into his mouth. Helen almost screamed out a moan as she humped her mound up against Charlie’s hand; and Charlie felt the heat and wetness in her panties increase. He pulled his hand up and found the waistband of her panties; then lifting it up slid his hand down to her cleft; skin touching skin and both taking no notice of the world around them. They are so caught up in nature’s song that even though they have no conscious idea of what they are doing their subconscious minds are directing an opera as old as time.
Helen moves to take off her blouse and bra somehow knowing that being naked is the way it should be. She then starts to remove her skirt and panties leaving herself naked to her lover’s eyes. Charlie removes his shirt and then reaches down and unbuttons and unzips his pants allowing Helen to slide them and his briefs down his legs. Both are now naked to each other and as Charlie lays Helen down on the grass he knows that this is how it will always be; he and Helen together forever. He moves between her wide spread legs and presses his rigid manhood against her open cleft and feels the head slide into her wet recess. “Yes Charlie, it will always be you. I know in my heart this is as it is meant to be. Take me Charlie, make me yours forever.”
Charlie pushes is cock into her velvet tunnel and she gives a slight “Eep!” as he breaks through her maidenhead and slips deep within her special place. He starts moving in and out nature now guiding then in their quest for fulfillment of each other. Charlie is stroking in and out of her wetness and as he pushes in Helen lifts up to take him fully. Even though she doesn’t know what it is she feels him all the way to the bottom of her pussy; Charlie feels a mushy barrier against which he is pushing the head of his cock. Helen feels the rise in her abdomen and knows she is going to feel something special and as her first real orgasm overcomes her senses she screams, “Oh yes Charlie, my love, don’t stop, so good, soo gooood. AAAAHHHH!!!!” she pushes her ass up to force him deeper and as she clamps down with her pussy Charlie can no longer hold back and he cums in a great spasm and squirts fully buried in Helen’s tight quim. A small stroke and another squirt and again, and again until all six pulses are deep inside Helen’s tight depths. Charlie soon starts to deflate and slip from between Helen’s hot lips.
They lay side by side and soon remember that they are outside and naked. They rush to put their clothes back on and only just in time as they take their seats on the swing Margaret pokes her head out to let them know that she is back. Charlie says, “Helen I heard you call me your love and I know in my heart that I love you too, but Helen my dearest I am only 12yrs old. With you being 14 I don’t see that is much of a future for us. I know that you will find somebody older and you will leave me for him and I will be left with nothing. I think it’s best if we forget what happened and try to be just friends.” He gets up and starts to leave looking back he sees the tears in her eyes and stepping back grabs her up and kisses her hard saying, “I do love you, I do and I pray to God for a way for us to be together.” “I will pray for us too Charlie as I know in my heart you belong to me and I to you.” Helen says.
They see each other over the next couple of weeks and then Charlie and Family go on their 3 week vacation. They get back late on Saturday night and there is a note on the door from Helen telling him that they have to talk as soon as possible. He decides to wait till morning as he is wiped out from the long drive. The next morning everybody is up and off to church; and when they come home Helen is sitting on the porch waiting. “Charlie; Can I talk to you for a minute alone?” she asks.
“Sure; let’s go for a walk.” He says.
They walk in the direction of a local park and when they get there they sit on a bench cuddled tightly, arms around each other. “Charlie I’m not sure how to tell you this but auntie says to just come out with it so here it is; Charlie I’m pregnant, I’m going to have our baby.” Charlie looks at her stunned and his mouth moves but nothing is coming out. “Yo… Yo… Yo… A baby, how…? Who…? When…? What…? Us…?” He forces himself to take a deep breath and then asks, “How did this happen?”
“You know when we did that thing in my backyard. Well that is when it happened. What we did Charlie was have sex. And as it was between my cycles of blood; that is when the doctor said it happened. What we going to do Charlie; I can’t get rid of it it’s a human being, one of God’s creations. But Charlie I’m only 14 and your only 12; we’re too young to have a baby.”
Charlie sits there thinking for a minute then realizes he needs his Mom and Dad’s help. “Come on let’s go get your aunt and then we will go talk to my Mom and Dad together as one.”
They walked over to Helen’s house and asked her aunt to come with them as they were going to see his parents. They would tell them and then ask for their advice. So Charlie and Helen and Aunt Margaret walked up to Charlie’s house and went inside. “Mom, Dad can you come to the living room please? I have something important to talk to you about.” Charlie’s parents and his Dad’s parents enter the living room and his Dad asks, “What’s up Son?”
“Can you all sit down please this is very important and involves all of us.” His Mom looks at him then at Helen and suddenly her eyes go wide and she starts to say something and Charlie says, “Let me tell you what has happened. About 6 weeks ago Helen and I were sitting on the swing in her backyard when we started kissing and one thing led to another and as I found out today we had sex. And as a result of that sex Helen is going to have a baby. My baby. My first born child. Now you know as well as I do we can’t get rid of it and I’ll not give it to someone else as I want to be a part of its life. Gram, Gramps, Mom, Dad, Margaret I know in my heart that Helen is meant to be mine. That is why I was out there that day to save her. That is why all this time we spent together never led to any arguments or fights. I feel in my soul that we are one person in two parts and with your help we can and will be OK.”
“What do you have on your mind son?” Dad asks. The rest of my family looks at me and my Mom is crying a river as she already knows in her heart what I’m going to ask of them.
“Dad, Mom; you always told me to take responsibility for my actions and fess up to what I’ve done no matter what the consequences may be so here goes. Being as we have this big house and all this room Helen and her aunt move in here with us. She can sell or rent her place. Helen and I with all of you helping will raise our child with all the love and care that you raised me with; and with you guys here we will get practical knowledge of how to raise a good godly child; one that is loved and WANTED no matter what other people say. Then when we are old enough we can marry and spend the rest of our lives raising our child and any others that we may be blessed with. What do you think?”
Helen is looking me with nothing but love in her eyes. Aunt Margaret is looking at me as if she doesn’t know quite what to think. My grandparents are looking at like they just saw me age from 12 to 32 in a few seconds. Mom is crying a river and my Dad is trying to keep from cracking and just bawling his eyes out.
“Son I’ve never been more proud of you than I am right now. Never in all my days would I have believed that my son at only 12 years of age could be more of a man than many full grown men I know. First I have to ask this; Helen do you love my son enough to go through with this?”
“Yes sir, Mr. Harris I do and even more so now if it’s possible, seeing the man already that he will become. Yes Sir, I do.” Helen says.
“Margaret, could you do what Charles has proposed and move in here and live with us sharing all we have and assisting with their child?” my Dad asks.
“To have raised a child that at his age is already man enough to take responsibility for his actions; To see his parents considering his proposal seriously as if he was a man full grown, and to see grandparents offering their support as well. I don’t feel as if it would be right for me to refuse. Besides this would take one worry off my shoulders, and that is what happens to Helen if something happens to me; as you know I’ve not been well lately. That’s how this whole thing got started in the first place. Charles I accept you proposal and I think it would be best to rent my property as that would provide you two some income in the future.”
“Mother,” my Dad asks, “do you have anything to say about this?”
“Charles you know that your birth complications made it impossible for me to have any more children. And I had resigned myself to having to wait until you were 20 or more before I could share your children. Now you come to me with the answer to a long held prayer. My Darling child, no… my darling son and young man I would be honored to assist you and Helen in the raising of this child of love.”
“Mom, Dad do you have anything to say about you grandson’s proposal?” my Dad asks of his parents.
My Gram is blubbering so bad she can’t say a word so Gramps speaks up, “Never in all my days would I have expected something so full of compassion and love and moral strength to come from a 12 year old child. But I just heard my own grandson speak in such a manner that I would be proud to call him a man and slap down any who dare contradict me. Young Man you have my vote and if your grandmother could stop crying long enough to say something I know she would say the same.” My Grams is setting there crying and nodding her head yes. So now the hard part.
I get down on one knee in front of Helen and take her hand in mine, “Helen Consuelo Ramirez; will you on a day within the month following my 16th birthday marry me and spend the rest of your life being loved and adored by me. Raising the family we would be blessed with and trusting in faith and love to travel the right path together?”
“Oh Yes Charlie, Oh yes.” she answered.
Charlie and Helen’s child was born a boy and named Charles Fredrick Tomas de la Vega Harris after his father and grandfathers. 10 days after Charlie turned 16 he took Helen to wife and just over a year later their second child, a girl, was born; Margaret Consuelo Harris. Charlie and Helen had 7 more children following Margaret for a total of 9. Charlie and Helen just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.
You might ask how I know so much about Charles and Helen, well that child of love that was not disposed of ; Mr. Charles Fredrick Tomas de la Vega Harris, is ME.


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