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My Harem Pets by Doc Oc

I am the sole owner of a private security firm that specializes in custom Audio/Video security/surveillance systems and I am also a specialist in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). I was the contracted lead operational technician on a large tunnel boring project in the Rocky Mountains southwest of Denver, Colorado.
I’m 32yrs. old, 185.5cm tall, and 93 kilos and from hard work keep in fairly decent physical condition. The trouble is that work is all that I have in life. I am divorced twice: both; self-centered, narcissistic, money grubbing, gold digging, back stabbing, bitch WHORES. They tried to get my inheritance but my grandparents and parents had put trusts in place that they couldn’t touch. I am worth approx. $750 million but I’m all alone and from the way things have been in the past know that I can’t trust any woman to be truthful and faithful.
One day while I was in Denver I spotted a family of six. I thought it would be nice to have a family and as I kept looking was captivated by the one daughter. She was about 12 or 13 years old and just starting to blossom; 160cm, 50 kilos, 81A-51-76, blonde, blue eyed and cute. I thought to myself that if only I could find a woman as innocent as she was then maybe I could have a happy and lasting relationship; and that got me to thinking. What if?
I got called into work on the TBMs as they thought that the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) was broken as it was giving them a hollow reading to one side of Main 1 and Aux 1. We were driving three 5 meter auxiliary TBMs in parallel with two 20 meter TBMs. The two main TBMs were 50 meters apart and the three aux TBMs were 70 meters apart and 25 meters above the mains. These tunnels were to be 251 kilometers long and used for all weather rail and auto traffic; one tunnel east bound and the other west bound. The aux tunnels were for repair access and ventilation.

Main 1 was the north tunnel and at present we are 108 kilometers into the mountain. When I arrived at the TBM the boring crew showed me the readings from the GPR and told me that it must be an error as there was no way a cavern could exist this deep in the mountain. I took the charts and rode back to the mouth of the bores and started down Aux 1 with a hand held GPR so that I could determine if it was a real cavern or some kind of anomaly that had to be corrected for.
When I got to Aux 1 the readings of the GPR were the same except they showed the cavern to be slightly above the north side of the bore about 10 meters from Aux 1’s outer rim. The strange idea that this would be the perfect place to hide-away from the rest of the world popped into my head. I made note of the exact distance from the mouth of the bores and the distance and angle from the tunnels rim. I reset the GPRs and told the crews to keep on boring.
It took 17 weeks for the TBM to clear the area enough so that a liner block could be removed and an exploratory drill pushed through to the cavern. Air samples showed that the cavern was connected to outside air so that means it was either an old mineshaft or it was a much more extensive cavern network and open to the outside. I opened the drill shaft to allow an ROV to pass and got ready to do some exploring.
My exploring would have to wait as my regular job had a couple of large contracts to fill. I went to Seattle, WA. and fulfilled a contract for Betaware Inc. and another for Gamehouse Inc. before returning to the bores. Things were about 2 days behind schedule so the company asked me to check things out. I spent 3 weeks tuning up all the electronics on the TBMs and then set about finding information on the cavern.
When I was in Denver I again saw the blonde girl and thought to myself that if she was raised away from all the influences of money and greed that maybe she would make a future husband a good wife instead of being a self-centered, narcissistic bitch of a woman that is out to get everything for herself.

The Bureau of Mines had one little note in an article from 1881 about a mine that after following a silver vein the crew opened up a fault into a large cavern and lost the vein. The note stated that the mine closed in 1882 and never reopened. I took note of the mines probable entrance location and put the book back on the shelf after carefully removing the page with the note on it.

I took some time the next week to search for the mine entrance and found it on the third day. I got GPS coordinates for the mine and set the wheels in motion to buy the entire claim site via one of my many shell corporations. It took almost a year to get clear title to the mine but in the meantime I hired a team of miners from South America and Mexico to come in and clean it out and shore it up. I then went to the level that broke through into the cavern and started to explore.

It took me almost 3 weeks to find where the drill had come through from the bore. After setting up some lights I discovered that the cavern was several large chambers spread out over almost 2.25hectares. A plan came to mind that if I worked it right I could build many rooms in the chamber and put a girl in each giving me the ability to have women that would not be able to do me any financial damage and yet I would be free to have sex with as often as I wanted with as many women as I wanted any time I wanted.

I started buying materials through my various companies and had it all shipped to the mine. I got a crew of about 100 illegals that knew construction and put them to work building all the necessary rooms for the holding of up to 500 people for an extended period of time; as much as 100 years. I paralleled the Aux 1 bore and placed electrical and water feeds, as well as a sewage exit line. I modified the liner block so that it could be easily removed and replaced from the cavern side and marked it on the bore side so it could be found easily; if you knew what you were looking for. I had food storage for 250 people for 150 years. A completely self contained Audio/Video system with satellite TV and in-house multi-channel audio/video that can select any one of 20 recorded video feeds (VCR/DVD/in-house cameras). I limited the outside channels to just those sections that will be my personal living quarters so that the girls don’t get ideas from what is going on in the outside world. Most of the time XXX porn will be playing on their available channels. Artificial lighting that mimics natural light (vitamin D) and all the fresh air I could get as I used both the bores fans and ones that I had installed in the old mine. The next trick was to close the mine in such a manner that no one would get nosey and start looking around and if they did stumble upon it would think that it was abandoned and unsafe to enter; all the signs would say so.
Time now to start collecting the girls. I thought long and hard on the age range of the girls to collect and decided that 12 to 14 years old was best as they had yet to be completely corrupted by life but were old enough to be left somewhat alone in the ‘harem quarters’.
I started taking more and more outside jobs for myself so that it would allow me to get around the country better and see more of the available ‘stock’.
It took me about 6 months before I found the first one.
1: Jenny: ‘A’
I saw Jenny on a trip to Dallas, Texas. I was working a job near DFW installing some security cameras when I saw a group of 10 girls in school uniforms walking by. One in particular caught my eye, as her bust was larger and fuller than the others, I watched them go by and turn the corner around the building I was working on. As I was on the roof I walked over to the other side and watched as they went into a building across the street. Over the next few days I saw them coming and going from that place and thought how nice it would be to have that one girl impaled on my hard cock. Watching her contort in passion as she fucks my cock to one orgasm after another all the while I’m licking and sucking her full tits. The more I think about it the more I believe that I might get away with snatching her up to start my little project.
I started laying plans and checking places to make it as easy as possible. I even followed her both alone and with her friends to see if there was a pattern to where they went and what they did. After about 2 weeks I found that every Monday, Wednesday and Friday she walked home alone from an exercise gym at approximately 6:30pm. I started laying plans. I moved around some of the toolboxes in my truck so as to provide a space behind the cab area where she could be hidden when bound and drugged.
The building I was working in was a non-narcotic drug warehouse; I looked up, on the internet, what drugs and hormones I would need to carry out my plans, and then checked their inventory to find out if they had them. I found that they had them all and in large quantities. So now, how to get the stuff out of the building, then I remembered that the airshaft that I was using for cable runs let out in a corner of the garage near where I parked my truck. Over the next few days as I went up and down this shaft I started taking the drugs I needed and stashed them in that hidey-hole in the truck. There were drugs to induce sleep, to induce lactation, to induce menses and to induce labor and pregnancy tests. I got approximately 5000 of each of the 10 drugs that I thought I would need for my little project. I also included 500 bottles of chloroform.
The following Thursday was the completion date and I set in motion to grab the girl Friday night before I left town. There was an alley on her route home that was very dark at only 2m in from the entrance, so I parked the truck in the alley and waited. I got the chloroform ready and as she walked passed where I stood I stepped out clapped the rag over her face with one hand grabbed her with the other arm and pulled her into the dark. She was out in seconds and I moved her limp body to the truck, bound and gagged her, gave her a shot to keep her out, and stashed her in the hidey-hole and drove away. I drove I35 north, then I40 west and at a rest stop about 6hrs out pulled in and got her ready. She was still out so I removed the gag and bonds and stripped her clothes off. I took note of bra size (86B) and checked her over, nice full breasts, round little butt, shaved, and virgin. I tied her back up, replaced the gag and headed west and home. I threw her clothes in a Goodwill box and checked her purse. That was when I found out she was 11 years old, blonde/green, 157.5cm, 50 kilos, 86B-66-86 but as I’d already taken her I decided to keep her as the only other option was kill her and that would be a waste.
I moved her into the harem hole via the mineshaft and locked her in one of the rooms so that she couldn’t go wandering about. Each room is equipped with a small kitchen and a bathroom otherwise it’s a 20m2 studio apartment.
She cried for hours after waking up and screamed she wanted to go home, wouldn’t tell anybody and all that junk; just like in the movies. After 3 days I went to see her and told her that she was now mine and she would never see her family again. That she was the first of many girls that would be my little harem but there would be more. That she would provide me with sex and have my children all right here in my private world.
It took about two weeks but the first night I had sex with her was really something. I took about an hour every night for over a week to get her stretched out a little bit so that I wouldn’t kill her. I was fingering her snatch and sucking her clit for nearly half an hour when I noticed a change in her pussy flow. The juice was coming out of her in thick globs and was as slick as anything I’d ever seen. I slipped between her upheld legs and placed the head of my cock in the entry to her virgin hole. I started pushing into her and as her cherry broke I sank about halfway into her impossibly tight cunt hole. She started screaming “No, No. It hurts, take it out” but she was cumming hard so I pushed hard again and bottomed out. She was panting like a dog and her pussy was pulsing and twitching and she was cumming like a hose when I couldn’t hold it anymore and shot a huge load of cum deep in her. As my load hit her insides she came extra hard and fainted; she was pregnant the next month.
2: Celeste: ‘B’
The month following the taking of Jenny I was in Memphis, TN. working on a casino security system in nearby Tunica, MS. and was staying at a motel in nearby Robinsonville as I don’t like the casino’s hotels. I took a day off and stayed at the motel to relax and unwind. I cleaned out and washed my truck and while doing so noticed a very well put together young black girl in the schoolyard across the street. She looked interesting so I set up some surveillance cameras to watch the yard and see what I could see.
When I get to my room the next evening and watched the video I shot I see the girl as she is in the yard at different times of the school day. I see that she is quite busty and a little thick around the middle, I guess at 160cm, 56/59 kilos, with a very dark complexion, but rather cute. I’m thinking that Jenny needs a ‘sister’ and she looks good enough to eat, more than once. I take Monday off and set up the truck to survey the school and see what I can see about my little prize.
I watched her in the school yard all day and made up my mind she was going to be my next ‘pet’. The next day I rent a car so that I can follow her without being to conspicuous. I leave the job early and wait in the car until school lets out to see where she goes and I follow her bus. I see where she lives and there are about 20 kids in the yard playing and only one adult that I could see. I find a place where I can park and watch the house with a pair of 10X150 binoculars. She comes out of the house with her clothes changed and her ‘T’-shirt hides nothing. Over the next few days I set up remote cameras to see where she goes and what she does. The next Monday evening I collect the cameras and review the recordings. It appears that Saturday afternoon is the only time she is actually alone. She walks about 5 kilometers to a neighbor’s house to take piano lessons and at about 4:00pm walks home. It takes her approximately 45 minutes each way and there is only one spot on her route that will work. The road dips into a gully, filled with kudzu and crosses a small bridge and turns at the bottom. That leaves an area about 150 meters each way that is blind. That is going to give me about 6 seconds to get her off the road and to where I can hide the car. That is when I get the idea for a ruse that just might buy me more time.
I go to a shop in Memphis and get a nice little white purse. My job is finished on Friday and I decide that I will stay the night and on Saturday afternoon I get setup, the car is hidden on an old driveway in the dip. I see her go by to practice and watch via remote for her return. I see her coming and put the purse where it can be easily seen and step behind a kudzu overgrown hedge to wait. I hold my breath and as she starts to walk by she sees the purse and steps off the road to pick it up. As luck would have it as she picks up the purse she turns her back to me to go back to the road. I quickly step out and grab her, covering her face with the chloroform soaked towel. She tries to struggle but is out in seconds. I struggle a little as I drag her to the car and put her in the trunk. I look carefully and drive away stopping to collect the remote on the way. I drive the long way around so that I return to the motel after dark. The truck is parked where it can’t easily be seen and I carefully place her in the hidey-hole after giving her a shot to keep her out.
I get up early and check the girl, give her a light shot to keep her under and prepare to check out. I call for the rental to be picked up and as I drive away I’m thinking to myself that this girl is special as I could feel that her tits are bigger than I first thought. Maybe she is 14 or 15, held back a year or two.
I hit the US 61 to the I55 to the I40 west headed for home and about 6 hours out pull over at a rest stop and go in the back to check her out. I strip her and get a ‘big’ surprise as she is an 86C and she has the biggest set of pussy lips I’ve ever seen; they are as fat as my thumb. She’s a little chubby but not sloppy, no hair, a virgin. I give her another light shot put her back in the hidey-hole and head for home. The next stop I dump her clothes in a dumpster and check her purse. Damn, her school I.D. says she is only 11 years old, black/brown, 157.5cm, 57 kilos, 86C-71-86. I shred the stuff in her bag and toss it in the trash. I check on her again and can’t help but caress those fat pussy lips, I feel them quiver and start to swell under my touch, and as I stroke them a small trickle of fluid seeps from the crack between them. Her pussy and clit are completely hidden by her lips and are wet at the slightest touch.
I get Celeste into a room and lock her in and after she wakes she is crying and screaming she wants her ‘Mommy’. I give her 3 days them go to her and let her know that she like Jenny in the other room is now mine and I will do with her as I please. She will provide me with sex and have my children here in my private world.
Two weeks after she arrived I went to her and told her that this was the night she was to become a woman as I was going to make love to her. She started crying “No, No. Please let me go home.” I kissed her to keep her quiet but when I started giving her some tongue and began fingering her clit she started to respond and was moaning within minutes. I moved down over her dark body and began sucking on her beautiful chocolate tits all the while fingering her slit. When I moved down and started sucking her clit she came and thick pussy cream started to leak from between her lips. After 20 min or so she is begging for my cock so I shift position and get between her upturned legs, I place the head of my cock in her slit and push hard. I pop through her cherry and sink all the way to the hilt in the slickest, silkiest pussy I had ever fucked. She was fucking me back she wanted it so much. With my cock slamming into her she came and must have squirted what seemed like a quart of hot pussy cream out around my cock. Thick and gooey it tasted bittersweet and was wonderful as she did it twice more before I blew a huge load into her hot depths. She was pregnant the next month.
The job at the bores is progressing slightly behind schedule and the powers that be want me to check everything out to make sure it is all in ‘tip-top’ working order. It takes about two weeks but I get what minor adjustments need to be made done and the bosses are happy again. While I am in the main offices updating the files I take the time to go through them and remove all reference to the ‘cavern’ found by the GPRs.

One of the companies I owned has developed a working aphrodisiac and the lab test show it is very effective and will soon start human trials under FDA guidelines. I take the formula to another of my companies and have then manufacture an injectable, slow dissolve version much like the birth-control rods woman use. This is can be injected near the clit or urethra and would keep a woman horny all the time. I decide to do my own trials and inject Jenny and Celeste; within 3 days they are playing with themselves and demanding I fuck them; a lot. It works and I get them some toys to play with. I have even managed to obtain some very explicit ‘kiddy’ porn from a number of locals in Germany, Russia and Japan.

3 & 4 Twins: Donna and Debbie: ‘C’/’D’
It was not easy getting the twins, cute little Filipinos that are just about the sexiest things alive. I saw them one day about 2 months after I had grabbed Celeste and decided that they would be next. I made the drive back to San Francisco and watched them for about two weeks. On Fridays after school they walked home together and took a ‘shortcut’ down an alley. I also found out that they like kittens and puppies so I decided to use that as bait. On Friday afternoon I set up a box with some puppies in it and just some small air holes. As the girls left school I went ahead and setup. It worked better than I had hoped it would as when they heard the puppies crying both of them put down their books and started to open the box. Barefooted they didn’t hear me as I clapped the chloroform soaked rags over their faces and held on tight, it only took about 10 seconds. I toted them both to the truck, bound and gagged them. I covered their heads with hoods and put them at opposite ends of the truck so that they wouldn’t know if the other was there.
I grab their books and bags and head for the I80. On the way home I stopped at a rest area near Reno, NV. and go in back to strip them and get rid of their personal items. Clothes went in a Goodwill box, papers shredded, and books burned. Their school ID’s told me that they are 12yrs old, black/brown, 152cm, 41 kilos, 81A-58-81 and allergic to penicillin. After I get them undressed I found out that they are not ‘identical’ as Donna has a small birth mark on her left ass check and Debbie has one on her right breast.
The twins are in one room together and I go to them on the 4th day to let them know that they now belong to me for the rest of their lives. They like the others are crying and demanding to go home. I give both girls inserts in the hood above their clits and 3 days later when I check on them they are trying to get their fingers in their pussies and fuck themselves.
Donna almost screams at me to fuck her as she is so horny she can’t stand herself. She tells me that her fingers are not enough to satisfy her cunt and that she needs a cock in her. Debbie does the same thing as she too demands I fuck her she needs it so bad. Both of them have a near constant stream of pussy cream leaking out of their holes. As I lick Debbie’s breast the flow of cream increases and when I push my finger into her I feel a swelling where her “G” spot should be and when I touch it she nearly goes insane. I realize that the swelling is her spot and when I check Donna just as sure as they are twins she is the same and it is just as sensitive. As I stroke Debbie’s spot she screams out ‘I’m cumming’ and my hand gets soaked.
I push my cock deep into Debbie’s sizzling hot snatch and she humps up against me breaking her cherry and I can feel the swell of her against my shaft. We get a good rhythm going and she is crying ‘More, Master, more’. Because of the added friction it is hard for me to control myself and soon I feel her clamping down on my cock as she screams ‘I’m cumming’ and as I get soaked by her hot cum I let go a huge load deep in her. I can feel her cervix sucking at my cock to get at my cum. I let my cock soak a minute or two and then as I slide out from within her I feel her pussy clasp me to keep it inside. I am completely spent so I go to Donna and finger her to orgasm telling her I’ll be with her tomorrow night.
I visit Donna I caress her clit and watch her eyes glaze over with passion and let her know I’ll be with her in just a couple of hours. I got a call that I’m needed in Los Angeles for a job, so I get my things together and get cleaned up for my evening with Donna.
As I enter the room Donna says, “Please, Master, I need you.” I finger her clit and she, like her sister, cums on my hand. She is begging me to fuck her. As I slide between her legs she has a small orgasm from just the expectation.
I place the head of my member in her hole and push it in to her. As my shaft contacts her ‘spot’ she cums and keeps on cumming. I stroke in-n-out and she is humping up to me. Soon she is cumming so hard I can’t control myself and as she clamps down on me one more time I cut loose and dump a gigantic load in her. As she feels my spray hit her cervix she goes rigid and squeezes down even harder on my cock. Suddenly she goes completely limp and her pussy lets go of me, as I slip from her depths I expect to see a river of cum leak out, but just as with her sister and, Jenny and Celeste, it all went straight into her womb. I kiss her goodnight and go to bed knowing in my heart that the twins are both pregnant.
5: Mary: ’E’
I saw Mary about 3 months after I grabbed the twins but knew that I just had to have her. I was working a job near Great Lakes Navel Station on Chicago’s north side installing an Audio/Video security system at a new mall when I noticed the cutest black girl walking to school one morning. Her school uniform couldn’t quite hide her budding curves and I thought to myself ‘give that a couple of years and WOW’. I noticed her a couple of more times over the next few days and began to think ‘Why wait?’ The problem is how do I do it and when. I started to keep track of her comings and goings, and after about 5 days I found out that she lived just around the corner with her father and three brothers. Her mother had been killed about a year and a half ago and dad was a bit of a bully always slapping the kids around and forcing them to do the work around the house. She always looked so sad when I saw her and I don’t think she had a single friend at school.
I searched out a spot to take her and found that the only place was the job sight. The next morning I was by the sidewalk when she walked by, I said “Good morning” to her and at first she was startled and then she answered “Good morning”. Over the next few days we spoke each morning and afternoon and as we got to know each other I was wondering how I was going to pull this off without getting caught. The job was coming to an end and I decided one morning to tell her that as I would soon be leaving and that I would miss our little chats. She looked very sad and asked me when, I told her that it would be the end of the week, she looked even sadder and went on to school.
That afternoon she approached me and asked me if I could help her run away from home. She explained to me that her Father was very abusive and that she thought that he might be thinking about doing something to her and that before he tried she wanted to be gone. EUREKA!!!! Just like that she was mine. I told her that if we got caught that she would go to foster care and I would go to prison, but, if she was absolutely sure she could meet me Friday night about 9:00pm and keep it very, very quiet. She asked me “Where?” and told her right here and pack nothing.
I had the truck ready and was waiting for her by 8:30, when she had not shown up by 9:30 I thought that she had been caught sneaking out, or had changed her mind, and was praying she would not “rat me out”. As I started to pull away I saw her come running up to the truck waving her arms, she climbed in and as we drove away she said that her dad had almost caught her. She was just stepping into the hall when his door opened and she thought she was caught, but, he went into the bathroom to take a shower and she ran for it.
We went south on the I55 through Chicago and headed west on I-80. When we got to Iowa I pulled into a truck stop and while she changed clothes I got something for us to drink and put some knock-out drops in hers. She got back in the truck and off we went, soon she was out and I pulled into a rest stop so that I could get her stripped and doped for the trip. After I got her stripped she was even better than I had hoped, 12 yrs old, black/brown, 157cm, 61 kilos, 91C-71-91, Her butt nicely full and rounded and a set of pussy lips just as big as Celeste’s, like two jumbo hotdogs in her panties. She had a tampon in so she has already started her cycle and was at least partly no longer a virgin. I gave her a shot to keep her out. When I got her home I shaved her and injected two rods into the hood of her clit. I noticed that her large pussy lips completely hid her sizable clit.
The 4th day after I got Mary into her room I went to her and told her that she need not ever worry about anybody molesting her as she now belonged to me. That only I would have sex with her and she would have my children right here in my private ‘harem world’.
The first time I had sex with Mary she had cream leaking from her cleft. I started licking her nipples and rubbing her clit and labia. Soon thick cream was oozing out of her crack. She was moaning and groaning and hiking her ass up at my fingers begging me to take her. I licked her clit and finger fucked her for about 15 minutes when she came hard screaming for me to fuck her. I moved between her legs and put the head of my cock at her hole and pushed my way in. she was tight but so slick that it was easy to go all the way to the bottom of her hole. As I hit bottom she cried out “Yes Master, Fuck me.” I stroked long and slow so as to saver the feel of her hot hole. She was begging me to go faster and harder but I kept it slow so that when she came it would be huge. I could feel her cunny pulsing and clenching as she got closer and I could feel a huge load boiling in my balls. Suddenly she started to thrash around and then went rigid and clamped down hard on my cock. I couldn’t hold it anymore and as she tried to drown my cock in cream I pumped a massive load into her. I held myself inside her for about 10 minutes and when I slid out her lips closed over her hole and there was very little run out from inside. The next month her pregnancy test is positive.

6 & 7: Joanne & Sandy: ‘F’/’G’
I was working a job at a mall in Norfolk, VA. when I spotted these two. I thought to myself that they would make fine additions to my little ‘harem’ of pets. Over the next few days I noticed that they were always around the mall, and that’s when I found out that they lived in the apartment building in the next block. This is going to be a tough one as there are not a lot of places to grab them between the apartments and the mall. I kept an eye on them over the next week and found that on Wed. nights they go to a church youth group about ten blocks away. While checking out the route to the church I find that there is a convenience store that they stop at to get a cold drink. When they leave they walk between two buildings to get to the mall and home. The next week it is the same and now I have my spot. My job is complete and I’ve got my check so I decide to do it this next Wed. night. I set up with the truck at the end of this walkway and wait in the dark with chloroform rags at the ready. As they pass me in the dark I step out and clamp the rags over their faces and in a few seconds they are out. I carefully load them in the truck and head south on the I95 out of town and toward I-40. I stop at a rest stop in the Smokey Mountains and give each of the girls a knock-out shot. I get them undressed and checked out. Their cell phones went in the creek and their ID’s in the shredder. Their clothes in a dumpster and I’m on the road again.
Joann is 12, blonde/blue, 157.5cm, 54 kilos, 86B-66-82; Sandy is 12, blonde/green, 157.5cm, 54 kilos, 86C-63-84. Both are shaved but I’m thinking as I look at them there has to be some way to remove all the body hair permanently without all the fuss of lasers and what not. As soon as I get them home I put them in their own rooms and inject two rods into their clit hoods.

My first night with Joann when I enter her room she is watching the sex show on the monitor and stroking her pussy. When she sees me she puts her arms up and asks me if I am going to do to her what the men in the video are doing to the woman. I tell her yes and that I hope to be able to have children with her much as any married couple would. I suck on her nips and start playing with her clit, she squeals and says that that feels good and do it some more, so I do. She is moaning and groaning and wiggling around and telling me how good it feels. Soon the cream is flowing from her slit and she is breathing very hard when she gives a strangled cry and I feel the gush from her overheated hole. She is begging me to fuck her so as I slide between her legs I place my ramrod hard cock in her slit and push forward. She starts crying “It hurts.” ”Stop!” “No.” I give a hard push and as I feel the heat of her blood I go balls deep in her tight hole. She is screaming for me to take it out but I hold myself in her and as she adjusts to me being inside she stops crying and soon is moaning and starts asking me to “Do it to her”. Soon she is fucking me back and as she gets closer and closer to orgasm her pussy is squeezing me tighter and tighter. As she cums she screams and clamps down on my cock and I can’t hold it anymore. I push deep and jet a massive load of cum that feels like a gallon or more. The following month a pregnancy test is positive.
The first night with Sandy was the 3rd week after their arrival as there were other pressing needs to be taken care of. The evening I went to Sandy’s room as I walked in I could see that she was in need of some sex. Her crack was running wet with lube and when I touched her lips she moaned loudly and said “Please Master I need you to make love to me and give me babies like the others.” As I play with her clit I feel the heat in her pussy increase and she got much wetter. She was begging me to fuck her but I was in no hurry to start so I kept up the foreplay and soon she came all over my hand. I decided that it was time and moved between her legs. I slipped my cockhead between her lips and rubbed it up and down and just as she screamed out “Fuck me” I rammed it balls deep in her hot hole. It took a couple of minutes for her to adjust to having my meat in her hole but soon she was humping back and squeezing my cock. After about 30min. I felt her muscles change as she has an enormous orgasm and as thick cunt lube was leaking out past my cock I shoved deep and let go a gigantic load. As she feels my stuff hit her cervix she cums again and faints dead away. After a couple of minutes I slip from her depths and see that she is full of very thick cream and none is leaking out. The next month her pregnancy test is positive.
Jenny is in labor and when I check she is almost fully dilated. I can just feel the top of the baby’s head. I spend the next 12hrs with her and then hold my daughter in my arms. Thinking it’s over I start to leave when she cries out there is another and I rush back to her bed just as another baby girl slides from within her body. Two baby girls, my family has begun.

8: Alice: ‘H’
I had no more than gotten my first two babies delivered than I had to leave for Atlanta, GA. The job was putting in a security system at a mini-mall across the street from a middle school. When I saw her she sent my mind reeling, dark skin and built like the proverbial “brick shit house”. I figured she must have been kept back as she didn’t look as though she was 12 or 13, more like 15 or 16.

I watched her from the site and decided that she was going to be #8. I studied her and followed her to find out where she lived. She lived in a small house with her mother and seven other siblings. Her mother ran a daycare and there must have been 30 children running around the yard along with all sorts of animals. When she gets home she goes right to work helping in the daycare and watching her 3 younger sisters.

It appears as though the only time she is not watched like a hawk is when she walks to school and when she goes to singing lessons for her church choir. I’ve got another 2 weeks to go and this job will be done so I ‘m going to have to work fast to find the right place to grab her. I go over her paths to and from school and to and from church when two nights before I’m slated to leave I find it. There is a spot near the church where she cuts across a parking lot to get to the street she lives on. The next evening I knock out the two lights at the rear of the lot and see how well the truck is concealed. It can be seen but not from the street or alley. So it’s decided, I will stay until Saturday and that night as she cuts across the lot I will grab her and be on my way before she is missed.
I get the police scanners tuned local and wait. At about 5:00 pm I see her going to church so I move the truck into position and at a little after 8:00 pm I see her come around the store. I slide out of the truck and as she passes the rear bumper I grab her placing the chloroformed hood over her head and pinning her arms down. It only takes about 20 seconds and she is out. I hoist her into the truck and pull out headed for home. Just outside the city I pull over and go in the back, give her a shot and tie her up. I hit the I10 west to the I55 north to the I40 west and home. I‘m on the road for about 6 hours when I pull over at a truck stop in West Memphis, AR. and go in the back to prep her. I get her undressed and WOW!! She is a 91C-76-91, 162.5cm, 66 kilos. no identifying marks, a little tuft of hair, clit slightly larger than expected, full outer lips and a virgin. The ID in her little bag says that her name is Alice and she is 13 yrs. old. I get all her things together and throw her clothes in a dumpster and her shredded papers in another dumpster behind a liquor store.
I get her home and then get busy getting things cleaned up around here. Alice is loud and always demanding I take her home; she is upsetting the other girls so I tend to keep her gagged. Every time I enter her room I take time to play with her pussy and get her worked up. She is very hot and wet after a good fingering and having the rods injected. I feel that I will be taking her soon as I tend to get a little hot myself.
The first time with Alice as I enter her room I see she is playing with herself and there is a good quantity of pussy lube dribbling down her crack. I have fingered her to orgasm a number of times and she tastes good. I bet that she is thinking that this is going to be like those times. I suck on her tits and I finger her big clit and the lube is like a river. She is asking me to do something about the itch that she can’t scratch and when I ask her where it’s at she puts a finger in her twat and says “In here!” Her lube is very thick and slippery and makes it easy to put my fingers in her; hopefully it will make it easy for my cock. I play with her for a few more minutes and then slide between her legs. I place the head of my cock in her slit and start pressing against her cherry. As her cherry breaks I plunge all the way to her cervix and feel her muscles grab me tightly. I wait for a couple of minutes then stroke in and out slowly and build her up to her climax as I am sucking her nipples and rubbing her clit with my thumb. She cums and cums again and as a huge amount of cream pours out of her cunt I feel I can no longer hold it and hose her insides with a massive amount of my own cum. As I shrink from within her I expect to see a lake of cum under her but there is almost none and I believe that that last cum of hers opened her cervix and that my entire load went straight into her womb. A pregnancy test the next month was positive.
Celeste has given birth to 2 baby girls so now my family is 4 babies plus my 8 ‘harem girls’.

9: Judy: ‘I’
Alice had been with me for a couple of weeks when I got a call to do a job in New Orleans, LA. for a large company. They wanted an audio/video surveillance/security system for their new building. I got to New Orleans on Saturday, looked up the job site, and got a motel room on the edge of the French Quarter nearby. As I was checking in I saw this cute blonde coming out of a room on the second floor. I was getting the second suitcase out of the truck when I heard a voice call out “Judy” and when I looked around I saw the blonde look up and answer. She had a bit of a “Tom-boy” look about her but still cute with potential.
I told the owners that it would take about 6 weeks to do and that I would need a 1 week break after the 3rd due to prior commitments (my ‘harem’). Over the next few days I saw her and her family, mother, older sister, and two younger brothers, as I was coming from and going to work. Mom liked to drink beer and talk so we spent some evenings together with me just listening to her prattle. Divorced, hubby found a younger woman, the four kids, no job, and living on Welfare and the little the Ex sends. I gave her a line so as to put her off and prevent her from coming after me; also to keep her suspicion to a minimum about anything I might be doing.
I think that Judy was a bit of a Daddies girl, as she was always saying “Hello” and trying to get my attention when she would see me come in from work. I would just smile and wave so as to appear a normal run-of the-mill married, loyal husband, away from his family for work. Fortunately my truck is registered under a fake name in another state so tracking me is not possible. I mention to the mom that my job will be ending in about 4 weeks and I would be going home then. Judy started asking me about my family and once asked me to take her with me as she hated living with her mom and her dad would not let her live with him and his new wife.
About a week before the job completion I saw her in a ‘string bikini’ and decided that she would make a fine addition to my ‘harem’. I was getting things together on Thursday for my role-out on Sunday when Judy came to me and begged me to take her along. I explained to her the trouble I would be in if they found us together when she told me she had a plan. I thought about staying at another motel for a few days and then grab her but her plan was better. She would run away tonight and wait for me till I left on Sunday. That way I would still be here while the cops were looking for her all over the place. They might also think that she ran off to be with her dad. I told her OK and got her a room across Lake Pontchartrain. The next morning I was awakened to a pounding on my door and when I answered the police rushed in weapons drawn. I asked what was going on and they informed me that they were looking for a run-away girl and thought that she might be with me as her mother told them she had overheard her ask me to take her away. I gave them my shpeal and let them look through the room and even let them look in my truck. I told them that it would be hard for me to hide her as I still had two days work before I left for home. They took down all my ID info (fake; it’s good to be rich) and asked me to look out for Judy.
I went to work and when I got back to the motel the mom got all up in my face about her kid. She is going to be trouble so that night I loaded the truck and when I got up to go to work mom was watching me pull away, probably thinking I’ll get answers when I see him tonight. When I left work I got paid, went and got Judy and headed for home. Just to put some trash on the trail we headed east into Mississippi, stopped for groceries and gas and drove for hours before stopping for the night. As she slept I dosed her with chloroform and got her prepped for the trip. She is12, blonde/blue, 162.5cm, 52 kilos, 86B-56-81. I put her clothes in a trash bag and put them in a dumpster at a truck stop near Meridian, MS. I turn north on US 45 toward Tupelo, MS. and US 78 to Memphis and the I40 before turning west and home. I kept her drugged all the way home and when she woke-up she was in her room with no clothes on and had already been injected with 2 rods. She started crying and asked me what was going on so I told her. She was to be the latest addition to my little ‘harem’.
I don’t have any outside work scheduled this month so I will stay around the house and enjoy myself with my pets. Jenny is pregnant again, Celeste is pregnant again, Donna and Debbie are pregnant, Mary is pregnant, Joann is pregnant, Sandy is pregnant and Alice is pregnant.
It is time to take Judy and as I enter her room she is not glad to see me. She is begging me to let her go but I tell her that she was the one that asked me to take her away and that I only did as she asked. She is still begging me to let her go when I swipe my tongue across her nipple. She cuts off in mid sentence and moans loudly as I do it again. I start massaging her breasts and sucking her nipples and she stops talking and just starts moaning and groaning. I can smell her heat as I finger her pussy and get her hot and wet. I lick her pussy and now she is squirming around and humping up against my fingers and tongue. As I am in an almost constant state of arousal around here it doesn’t take me long to get rock hard and ready. I put the head of my cock in her slit and pushed hard, ramming my cock through her cherry and balls deep in her slick cunt. She squawked a little and then immediately started humping up against my thick cock. It was exciting to see her pussy lips grasp at my pole as it slid in-and-out of her steamy hole. She is cumming hard and often and as she screams “I’m cumming” and her pussy clamps down on me. I shove all the way to the bottom and unload what feels like a gallon of cum in her. As she relaxes and my cock slips from her I ask if she still wanted to go home because she would have to give up what she just enjoyed. The answer I got was an emphatic “No Fucking Way!” Her pregnancy test the following month was positive.
While I was in New Orleans I saw an ad for depilatory products, one was a cream that although you have to use it long term it promises that over time no more hair. The other is a device that uses radio waves (microwaves?) to kill the follicle and no more hair. Through one of my companies I order 10 of the machines and through another I order 1000 lots of the cream.

Upon the delivery of the depilatory products I decided to test it on Alice as she seemed to have the most sensitive skin. The cream was immediate and after 7 days used it again with no side effects. The machine took a little longer but the results were even better as once used only a touch up a couple of weeks later and the hair was gone. YEA, slick pussys all around.

I also got to thinking that with all the babies being born around here the harem might need some help; so I decided to get an older woman as a nurse /midwife. The trick is where to get her from? And how to keep her quiet?

To allay suspicion from all the comings and goings I hire a crew to convert the old mine entrance into an under-ground home complete with 2 car garage and large workshop.

Donna and Debbie and Mary deliver their twins.

After only girl births so far I was thinking something was wrong so I went to a fertility clinic to get tested for X and Y chromosomes; I am 83% X and 17% Y chromosomes so boys will be few and far between.

10 & 11 & 12: Margie, Libby & Sarah: ‘J’/’K’/’L’
Now that the Twins and Mary have delivered I can take this job in Phoenix, AZ. I’ll get rid of this truck this trip as I don’t want any trouble after the mess with Judy in New Orleans. I pack up and when I get to Phoenix I find the job site and get a nice motel nearby. After settling in I drive around looking for a new truck and find what I want at a lot on the south side of town. I make the deal and pay for the truck and tell him I’ll be back later to pick it up. He offers to have it delivered and I tell him that that would be nice and to please have it delivered to the job site as that’s where I’ll be tomorrow. I take my old truck to the job and unload all my tools and gear, and when I get to the motel there is a guy that is taking his family back to Mexico who agrees to take it off my hands. I tell him the price is right, FREE, as long as it stays in Mexico. He agrees and I help him load up and he and his family hit the road. The next morning I get a cab to the job and about 9:00 AM the guys from the dealership show up. I thank them and tip them $100 each and start getting my “new” truck in order. While working the job I notice that there is a middle school across the road from the site. As I check out the school I notice three young Hispanic girls that hang together but are alone. All three are showing signs of shape although plain in features. They seem sweet enough but appear to be ostracized by the other kids at the school. I’m thinking that the larger of the three would make a good addition to my group but, how do I separate them? I start following them and soon realize why they stick together and are ostracized. The three of them come from large families and live in a rundown trailer park. There Dad’s are also migrant farm hands. The girls hang together because their families travel together most of the time.

I come to the conclusion that all three will have to be taken at the same time. I do some serious scouting of the route between their homes and school or church and watch them every spare minute. I find that the only time they are alone as three is when they leave church and walk home on Friday nights. I carefully walk the route they take both day and night when I find just the right spot. There is an alley where a street doesn’t go all the way through to the next and they use this shortcut. The alley has a dog-leg in it that will hide the truck and force the girls to pass it one at a time right next to the back door. The trick is going to be all three at once, two I could handle with chloroform rags and my hands. Friday is 3 days away and then it will be a week before I can try again. I may have to give up on this trip, especially after overhearing them talk about leaving town Saturday morning. I am about to cancel this try when the site manager informs me that his people can finish the job and I can leave on Friday. Of course I will be paid in full plus expenses. Friday morning I collect my check, $250,000 and make ready for tonight.

I go across town and get three pairs of adult novelty handcuffs and at another store three ski masks. I then wait to see if the amigos go to church. After I see them go passed I wait until ½ hour before they get out and then set up. I pull the truck into the alley and park it just so. They will have just enough room to squeeze around one at a time. I get the cuffs ready and soak the hoods in chloroform. Perfect, I see them coming down the alley and hear them talking as they squeeze around the truck. Hood over head, cuffs on wrists, push into truck; hood over head, cuffs on wrists, push into truck; hood over head, cuffs on wrists, push into truck. Each one only had about two seconds before there was nothing they could do. I close and lock the door, get in the cab, start the engine and drive away. I go to a nearby truck stop on the interstate pull around back and then go in the back to check the girls. I can’t believe it took less than 2 minutes to grab all three.

I give each of them a shot and tie them up. I go into the stop to get some dinner then hit the road for home. I figure that it will be about 2 hours before they are missed so I intend to get as far away as possible. I listen to the scanners as I drive north on I17 to US 89 and at about midnight I hear the Amber Alert go out that they were looking for 3 girls who had not gotten home from church and were presumed to be runaways. They said the girls were Margie ??? aged 11, Libby ??? aged 11 and Sarah ??? age 9 ‘9?’ I was already 4 hours out so the chances of getting caught are slim but I still need to be careful I don’t get stopped. I found a rest stop and pulled in so that I could get some sleep. I go in the back and lie down; suddenly I snap wide awake as I thought I heard something moving around outside. I look at my watch and it is 4:15 AM so I decide to get the girls ready.
I take the largest one and put her on the bed. I strip her and find I missed on a couple of things, such as she was an 86C-71-86, black/brown, 160cm, 59 kilos, and a small patch of hair, still a virgin.
I take the middle sized one and put her on the bed. I strip her and check her out. She is 86B-71-81, black/brown, 157.5cm, 57 kilos and she too has a small patch of hair, still a virgin, and a large distended clit.
I take the smallest one and put her on the bed. I strip her and check her out. She is 81A-63-81, black/brown, 155cm, 52 kilos no hair, but she also; has a larger than normal clit.
I get them in a room and inject the rods in their clit hoods. After they wake up I get there names, who is who. The bigger one is Margie, Libby is the middle sized one and Sarah is the nine year old. I get the stuff and they are looking at me in stark terror as I depilate the 2 older ones then go about my chores. I fill the refrigerators and go around depilating all the other girls.
Tonight is my first night with Margie. The ‘Three Amigos’ have been here about 6weeks and all are on their cycles and those times that I have played with them all are ready for loving. When I enter Margie’s room she asks, “Is it my turn to give you a family Master?’ As I licked her nipples she started groaning and moaning and asked me to make babies in her. I leaned down and licked her clit and she gave a little yelp and lube started running out of her gash. I fingered her clit and sucked her nipples all the while bringing her to at least two orgasms. She is begging and crying for it so I lift her legs and there in all its glory is her shinny cunt hole. I place the head of my rock hard cock into her vaginal opening and push hard. I can feel her hymen stretch and as I push a bit harder it breaks and I plunge full depth into her. She screams “Madre e Dios! It hurts, take it out!” but I keep it in her until the pain subsides and pleasure starts to set in. I start slow and long strokes in and out of her smoldering hole and she is so hot that it appears as if every other stroke she is cumming. The lube is running out of her in torrents and I can feel her working up to a gigantic orgasm. Her pussy is pulsing and sucking and twitching around my cock. I feel her start to tighten down on my shaft and as she screams and goes rigid she clamps down on my cock and I feel this over poweringly hot gush over my shaft and balls. I can’t hold it anymore and as I slam deep into her cunt I spray a huge load of cum all over the inside of her. I keep pumping as my balls empty into her and finally she relaxes and releases me. A pregnancy test the next month is positive.
My first night with Libby and I can’t wait to play with that big clit of hers. When I entered her room she looks at me with passion filled eyes and I can see that her mound and clit are swollen. She is dribbling from her pussy and as I caress her she says, “Thank you for choosing me tonight Master’. As I lick her nipples she groans lustfully and says “Please hurry Master, I want it now.” I clean her slit and run my tongue over her bloated clit and she just screams “Please Master.” I start playing with her clit and licking her nips and as she gets hotter I can feel the lube increasing in her virgin hole.

I slide between her raised legs and place my rigid shaft at the entry to her love-box. As I rub it around and then shove hard I go right through her cherry and hit bottom. She screams and goes rigid with the pain so I just hold still till she stretches out and then I start that slow in-n-out that gets the juices flowing and soon she is moaning and groaning and having many small orgasms. I shift my position slightly and start flicking her clit with my thumb. Soon she is thrashing around and each orgasm is stronger than the last. Her pussy is pulsing and fluttering and as she clamps down really hard and cums my cock erupts like a volcano deep in her steamy hole. I hold myself in her till I go limp and as I slip from within her I notice there is little or no leak-out from her. A pregnancy test the next month is positive.

The first night with Sarah was the day she turned 10yrs old but as I watch her play with herself, on the monitor, and see the lube leaking out of her pussy I know that she is as hot as the others. After dinner and a short nap I go to Sarah’s room and as I walk in she stops masturbating and just spreads her lips showing me her dark pink slit. I lick her clit and she grabs my head and tries to shove my tongue and face into her pussy. I can smell her heat and lube cream is coming out of her in little pulsed globs. I lie down then start licking and sucking her tits and fingering her slit. She is wriggling around and suddenly I feel a hot liquid all over my hand and I know she just came. The look in her eyes is one of uncontained pure lust and I tease her a bit more and she begs me “Please, Master, stop teasing me and fuck me like the others.” I move between her legs and the look on her face changes to one of fear blended with lust. Fear of the pain and lust for the pleasure. I place the head of my cock in her start to push but decide to tease her a bit longer. I rub my cock up and down and then push in and let up, I do this 3 or 4 more times when she says in a very guttural lust filled voice “Now, Master, I want it now!”

I ease up and then shove hard ripping through her cherry and going balls deep in her hot and tight little hole. She screams and I hold still till she adjusts to my rock hard rod being buried deep in her. Soon I can feel her start to relax and then I get that slow in-n-out motion going. Soon she is flowing lube like a river and we are stirring up a good froth when I feel here gush all over me. She is cumming rivers and I feel her twitching and getting ready to explode and as she does she clamps down hard on my cock and I can’t hold back any longer. I cum so hard that I hurt and keep spraying her full of cum as she is pumping out thick gobs of cream around my cock. I hold my rod deep in her till I go limp and let it slid from her overheated hole. I expect to see a great river of cum leak out of her but there is almost none and I believe that the pressure inside her forced my cum straight through her cervix into her womb. I kiss her nipples and her lips and stroke her clit. “Thank you, Master; do you think I am pregnant like the others?” I tell her “Thank you” and tell her that I believe that she is. I check on the others and find that they are all playing with themselves; it looks as if our little show got everyone pretty worked up.

Joanne and Sandy deliver, twin girls each. Next is Alice then Judy

13: Kim: ‘M’
I was almost to Los Angeles, CA. when I called the customer and he directed me to an address in Anaheim a city southeast of L.A. I looked over the job and told the customer that I could get it done in the two weeks he requested but that my fee would be 15% more than originally quoted. He agreed and I went to find a nearby motel to settle into and would start the next morning. After I settled in I called my home computer and checked on my harem and upon finding everything OK I laid down for a good night’s sleep. I still think I need someone to watch out for the girls. The next morning I start work and while working upstairs I noticed that the family next door had some interesting daughters.
On Saturday while placing some of the cabling I noticed that the neighbors were a mixed couple, he was black and she was of India/Hindu decent. From looking around I see that they have 8 children 5 girls and 3 boys. One of the girls in particular caught my eye. Tall, slender, well built, approx 13/14 years old, very dark but quite nice to look at. While working on Sunday I notice that there is another girl, older about 15/16 and quite similar to the one I was checking out. The first one I saw was in a bikini; black/brown, (86C-61-81) about 160cm, 52 kilos and had a small birthmark just above the panty line on her left side. The more I thought about it the more I made up my mind that she would be my next ‘pet’. The trick was going to be how do I get her away from here.
A couple of days later I over-heard an argument between her and her mother about a party coming up at the end of the month. I knew that I would be leaving the week before the party and an odd thought started running around in my head. After lunch I saw her sitting on the balcony sulking and moping and another idea popped into my head. I started climbing the ladder at the side of the house and she was only 10ft away when I feinted being startled and made it look as though I was going to fall. I heard her gasp as I grabbed tight and caught myself. I turned and said to her “Sorry but I didn’t see you and you startled me.” She smiled at me and said she was sorry. I told that I was sorry too as I had overheard the thing with her mother that morning and said that I thought that mom was being a little unreasonable not wanting to buy her a new dress for the party. She looked at me sadly and said it was ok as she would make do with what she had.
Over the next few days every time I saw her I would wave or salute and she would smile and wave back. On Friday as I was finishing up the job I again saw her on the balcony and said “Hello” and she said “Hi” back. I told her it was too bad she was not my daughter as I would be more than happy to buy a dress for her if she was. She asked me if I had a daughter and I told her “No, I‘m not even married.” I then told her that I had an idea, What if I bought her a dress for the party. Would she get in trouble? She said yes she would and I said what if you didn’t wear it until the night of the party because by then I would be gone and there would not be much they could say about it.
She smiled brightly and then saddened as I said “How would I get the right size, or get it fitted, or the right accessories and shoes.” She looked sad for a moment and then my heart jumped when she came up with the idea that she could sneak out. And as I was leaving on Sunday she could do it tonight and we could meet before the mall closed. She said that the mall closed at 10:00pm and that she would meet me at the 7-11 down the street at about 8:30 or 9:00. I told her to be very careful and I would have her back before she was missed.
I finished my job and got a second motel room where I could stash her till tomorrow night. I went to my regular room got cleaned up and ready. I got to the meet point about 15 minutes early and parked the truck where not much detail could be seen and hit the switch to hide the license plate. I was wondering if she had backed out or been caught as by 9:15 she was a no show. Just as I was thinking about calling it off I saw her walk into the stores lights. I started the truck, opened the door for her, she got in and I asked for directions. She told me where to go and as luck would have it; it was near the other motel.
I asked her if she wanted something to drink and when she said no I fell back to plan ‘B’. As I made the right turn I took it a little fast and she slid closer to me and grabbed the dash handle to steady herself. Just as the truck straightened up and she relaxed I grabbed her and clamped the towel over her face. She started to struggle but as she inhaled she got a full dose of the chloroform and out she went. I drove to the 2nd motel and parked the truck where no one would see me unload her. I got her in the room gave her a shot to keep her out for at least 24hrs bound her and gagged her. I went to my regular room got everything packed and informed the manager that I would be leaving early and would drop the key in the night drop.
When I got to the job the next morning there were cops everywhere and I asked the customer what was going on. He told me that the 10yr old girl next door had possibly run-away. Of course I was startled and burst out “What?” Of course my surprise was genuine as he said 10yrs old, and as he was repeating what he had said an officer walked up and asked me what I was doing there. I told him and it was confirmed that I was installing a high end audio/video security/surveillance system. He asked me if I had seen the girl in question and I told him yes that I had seen her and even spoken to her a couple of times the last being yesterday afternoon as she sat on the balcony. She seemed sad about something but wouldn’t talk about it.
He asked me for ID and contact info which I provided then said I could go. I finished explaining the operation of the system to the customer and was getting ready to leave when the officer from earlier asked me if I was leaving. I told him yes within the hour and then he asked me if he could look in my truck. I just looked at him for a second when he said it was to make sure she wasn’t hiding herself to scare her parents. So I took him to my truck, unlocked it and stepped back saying ‘Be my guest’. He looked around and asked me if I would keep an eye out for ‘Kim’ as I had just found her name was ‘Akimha’.
I said goodbye and drove away as if going to the interstate, all the while keeping an eye out for a tail. I stopped at a truck stop and got lunch and waited to go to the other motel until nearly dark. I parked the truck where it could not be seen and went to the room to wait for dark. She was still where I had put her so I gave her a light shot to keep her out and kept a watch for a possible tail all the while checking her out.
About midnight I walked to the truck checking things out as I went, I moved the truck to the room got Kim in the back, dropped the key in the night drop hit the 91east, heading for the I10 and home. I stopped at rest stop in Arizona and went in the back to get things ready. I shredded all the papers in her little purse and threw her clothes in a dumpster, gave her another shot to keep her out till I got home and laid down for a nap.
I awoke to some rustling around and find that Kim was awake. She looks at me terrified out of her mind so I sit up and tell her what is going on. I tell her don’t be afraid but you now belong to me. When I first saw you I wanted you to be mine and now you are. You will never see your family again but I promise I will be good to you and take care of you. I gave her some water (spiked) and after she knocked out another shot to last until we got home and I get her settled in. After I get home and get Kim in her room and inject the rods in her clit hood; in doing so I notice her birthmark is shaped somewhat like a fish.
After seeing Kim’s mother I know where I’m going to get the nurse/midwife from; India.

Alice and Judy deliver; twin girls each.

My first night with Kim is a couple of weeks after I get back from D. C. with Silvia. Kim is such a sweet darling, so cute and so sexy, nice round tits, little round butt, raised nipples and her little fish mark. She has been here about 8 weeks so tonight is her night. I enter her room and she is masturbating and pussy cream is running out from between her full lips. She is wriggling and squirming and trying to grab my cock. I lick a good swipe through her slit and she freezes as a rush of juice flows from her overheated hole. I can smell her musk and it tastes sweet just like the others. I lean over her breast and again she freezes. The look in her eyes is one of overpowering lust. “Master I need you to fuck me right now before I go out of my mind.” “I want to feel your cock in my cunt just as the others have.” I kiss her lips and as I move my mouth to her nipples she is trying to push my head down between her legs. She is crying, “Please, Master, now.” I move between her legs and then lick her slit and then suck on her clit. She screams and cums and tries to grind my face into her gash. I keep licking and sucking till she cums again.

I slide up and put the head of my cock between her lips and when I feel her opening I shove hard right through her cherry and full depth in her tight hole. She screams in pain and begs me to take it out but I just hold still while she adjusts to my rod being inside her. As I thumb her clit the crying stops and I feel her relax as the pain fades away and the pleasure returns. I get that old in-n-out rhythm going and I can feel her pussy trying to milk my cock as her passion goes into overdrive. She is cumming with almost every stroke of my cock and I soon feel mine building in my balls. I feel her pussy get tight on my shaft and then she arches her back and goes absolutely rigid as she clamps her hot hole down on my dick. A huge rush of cunt cream pours out around my cock and sets me off. I plunge deep and shoot a huge load of cum in her. I hold myself deep in her while I pump even more cum into her. After I go limp and slide from her I see great globs of cum and cream leak from her. I kiss her goodnight and go to bed. A pregnancy test the following month is positive.

14: Sylvia: ‘N’
I have to leave home for a small job in Washington D.C. I wouldn’t go but this job will net me approx. $500,000 and it is a government job for any old friend. When I get to D.C. ‘Charlie’ laughs at me and says, “Still afraid of flying huh ‘Joe’?” I say “You bet your ass.” Little does he know why I drive everywhere I go in the country. We catch up on old times and then he takes me to the job site.
It is an older building, owned by the Government, being used as a high end private school. We spend the day checking out the job and I tell him what equipment I will need and how long it will take. He informs me that he had anticipated my requirements and that most of the equipment was already on site and the rest would be arriving in the next day or two. I told him that as I had other commitments (i.e.: the ‘harem’) I would start the next day.
I show up and the principle shows me where everything is stored and I find that most of the cable holes are already drilled, power tied in and necessary conduit placed. All I have to do is run the cable, install and align the cameras and microphones and setup the monitors. As I’m going about my work I take notice of all the ‘tasty tid-bits’ running around. On the 4th or 5th day I notice this one young lady and think to myself ‘Why is such a handsome girl alone’? She is not great looking but not plain either. The glasses don’t help but again don’t detract either, curious!
A couple of days later I get answers to some of those questions. She is most always standing in the same spot so I am using her as a study for camera alignment when 3 of the other girls start pushing her around and causing trouble. I flip on the mikes and over hear them cussing her out for getting to high a grade on a test and they now failed it because she blew the curve. They started slapping and hitting her and then knocked her down.
I stepped out and told them to stop and put myself between her and the others. As a teacher came up I told her what I had witnessed and the girls called me a liar, it was then that I told the teacher that I was installing the security cameras and I had caught the whole incident on tape. She called the office on her talkie and asks for security. While she is keeping the other 3 girls busy I kneel down and help the 1st girl pickup her things and get up. She says “Thank you,” shyly and I say to her, “Let me guess, you are the smart one in class and they don’t like that because you study and get good grades and they might be held back or even kicked out of school.” She looks at me shocked and asks “How did you know?” I tell her “You’re looking at a guy that had it all the same way in school.”
She smiles at me and says “Thanks again, my name is Silvia.” I said “You are welcome and my name is ‘Joe’.”
Security has shown up and I show them the video and give burn them a CD copy of the recording. I say good day to all, smile at Silvia and go back to work.
Over the next few days every time I see Silvia she smiles and gives me one of those ‘hidden hand waves’. I smile and nod my head to acknowledge her. On Saturday I was working so that I could get home to my ‘harem’ when, as I was up a ladder, I heard a sweet voice say “Hello.” I turned and looked and there is Silvia standing there smiling at me. I came down the ladder said hello and asked how she was. She said she was fine and that she wanted to thank me again for the help the other day. I told her that it was not a problem and that I was glad to do it. She asked me if I had had lunch and I said not yet. She then pulled a sack from behind her and asked me if I liked chicken. I asked, “Are you asking me on a lunch date?” She blushed as bright as a tomato, not easy for a black girl, and nodded her head yes. I said I didn’t hear you and she blushed again and said shyly “Yes.”
We went out to the grass in front of the building and sat down. She had fried chicken, corn on-the-cob, Cole slaw, baked beans and chocolate cake WOW! As we ate and talked I found out a lot about her. Mother dead, drug overdose; Father in prison, 13 yrs. old, only child, lives with Aunt and Uncle and 10 cousins, no friends, I laughed at that and said it had to be a lie as a nice girl like you must have a lot of friends. She said no she didn’t as her aunt and uncle made her study all the time as they didn’t want her to end up like her parents. I asked her how she had pulled this off and waved at our feast. She said that she had lied and told them it was all for her to spend the whole day at the library. I told her she should not have lied but that I’m glad she did as I enjoyed our ‘date’ very much. She blushed again, and after I helped her pickup I took her hand and kissed her cheek, said thank you for lunch and went back to work.
When I checked the monitors she was still standing there with her hand touching the spot where I kissed her, she slowly turned and headed for the library. As we ate I got a good look at her, 162.5cm, 61 kilos, 90C-66-86, med brown complexion, black hair, green eyes and thought to myself this could be #14 but how to take her with me.
On the following Thursday I told the principal that the next two days would be for training and that I would be leaving for home on Saturday afternoon. Silvia had overheard and at lunch asked me if it was true that I was leaving on Saturday. I said yes and she got a very sad look on her face. I was thinking how I could take her when she asked me to take her with me. I told her that I could get in a lot of trouble if we were caught together. I could go to prison or worse and she would probably end up in foster care. I told that if we did we could never marry and that she would have to leave everything behind and never see her family again. She said that that was ok as she had nothing here and that the only person that really cared was me. Was she ever naïve.
I told her that to do this she would have to run-away tonight, stay hidden until Saturday and then join me for the trip to my home. She asked me where I was living and I told her, she said she would meet me there at 2:00pm on Saturday. I said ok and went back to work all the while thinking ‘Yea, right’. I was also thinking #14 is done. I finished the day and went to the motel to eat and cleanup. The next morning when I got to the school everyone was in a panic as Silvia’s guardians say she has disappeared and nobody has seen her since last night. The principle was in his office and I asked him what was going on, if what I had heard was true. He said that her guardians told him that Silvia had gone to bed last night at 8:00pm and when her aunt checked on her at 11:00pm she was gone without a sound. “Does anyone have any idea at all?” I asked, and he said “No, none.”
He told the secretaries to keep him informed and we went to the monitor room, me thinking to myself, well just maybe. I spent the day showing the principal and two security guards how everything worked. When I left at 5:00pm there had been no word on Silvia. I told them to meet me tomorrow, Saturday, and I would instruct them on weekend, holiday and remote operations. I went and got all my gear packed, I made preparations to the truck in case she actually showed and went to bed.
Saturday morning at the school the principal and security were there and we got started. No word as yet on Silvia. About 10:30am one of the secretaries reported that the police had just informed her they were still looking but had no information on Silvia. We finished up about 1:00pm, I wished them good luck on finding Silvia, said goodbye and went to the motel. I was just finishing loading the truck when I noticed the passenger’s side door was not shut tight so I went to close it and there is Silvia hunkered down on the floor. I close and lock the door, finish loading, turn in the key and hit the road. She starts to get up but I tell her to stay down until we are clear of the city.
It takes about 3hrs to get clear of town on the I95 and after another hour or so I pull over to get some food. While we ate I told her straight out: “This is your last chance, you can still go back, you might be punished for running away but think hard. You know nothing about me, but if you leave here with me you can NEVER, I repeat NEVER, go back.” She looked at me and said, “I’ve thought about this since Thursday night and this morning almost went back. But I remembered something I once read. It said that sometimes at life’s darkest hour a ray of light will come in and show you the path to follow. You will not hurt me, this I know from your actions the other day, so whatever happens I accept.” Two days out I give her a knock-out dose and get her ready. I take off her clothes and check her out. Nice little body, shaved, full lips (both ends), clit about normal, nipples slightly larger than expected for breast size. Overall a good choice for a ‘pet’. Her clothes go in a dumpster and she goes into bindings and a gag.
Silvia has been here almost 6 weeks now and every time I visit her she asks me if it is her turn to be my lover. I have checked her cycle and tonight is her turn. She is different from the others in that she came with me voluntarily. She was drugged only so that she wouldn’t know where this place is or where she is in it.
I check on the girls and go and get cleaned up. As I enter her room she smiles at me and she asks if it is her night and I tell her yes. “Tonight you will become, as the others have, one of my ‘harem’.” I take notice of the way her pussy lips are quivering and flexing, almost as if they have a cock between them already. I swipe my tongue up through her slick slit and she gives out with a startled gurgling cry and mutters “Yes, Master, more.” I lie beside her and as I finger her clit I am licking and sucking her nipples. Soon she is squirting out both ends as with each stroke of my tongue her nipples squirt milk and with each stroke of my finger her pussy flexes and a little squirt of lube jets out. She is soaking wet and is breathing so hard that she may hyperventilate. I stop to allow her body to relax and to catch her breath. I slide between her upturned legs and rub my cock through her juicy slit. I then place the head of my cock at the entry to her honey-hole. I begin pushing into her and watch her stretch to allow entry, and just as I contact her cherry I shove hard plunging balls deep in her tight twat.
She screams in pain and goes still as I keep my cock buried in her. I soon feel her relax as the pain subsides and I start a slow rhythmic stroke in and out of her and soon the cunt cream is flowing like a river. She is breathing hard and panting like a dog when her eyes role back in her head and I feel great hot gush on my cock and her pussy grabs me like a vice. She gives out a strangled gurgle and starts to shake all over and her pussy is pumping my cock like a vacuum when I shove deep and unload. I can’t believe the load I let go, there must be a cup of cum in her and I’m still shooting. I keep it deep in her till I start to wilt and as I slip from her grasp I expect to see a huge amount of cum leak down her crack, but there is almost no run out. I release her legs; lean down and give her a kiss goodnight. A pregnancy test 3 weeks later is positive.
15 & 16: Abani & Nilaya: ‘O’/’P’ and Parma
I decide to take one of my companies’ planes and go get the woman I need to help with the girls. I had advertised in advance and got over 500 responses. Most were from New Delhi, Mumbai, or Kolkata. But a few were from smaller towns and villages; these were the ones I wanted to check on first.

The first one was from a small town about 70 kilometers outside of Delhi; not what I was looking for. The next one was from the island of Sri Lanka; nope. More and more I looked at and was about to give up when I saw one from about 60 clicks outside of Hyderabad. She is a 60yr old licensed nurse/midwife speaks some English never married, no children, no living relatives no connections. I fly to Hyderabad to meet Parma and after some discussion and explanations she agrees to join me and look after the girls so long as when she passes on I will return her to her village so that she can be buried with her family; I readily agreed.

As we are leaving her village I notice two girls standing together and begging. Parma tells me that they are ‘untouchables’ and orphans that they are always here begging. The girls are 14 & 12 years old, 165cm & 160cm, 36 kilos each. I ask and she says, “Their lives could only get better if you took them to your home and give them something to live for.” She walks over to the girls and talks to them for about 10 minutes and as she turns to come back to me they step in behind her and join us at the car. We return to Hyderabad and take a plane to Mumbai where my plane is parked. Parma gets Abani and Nilaya into the plane as I get clearances and weather info for the flight to Narita in Japan for refueling then on to Sea-Tac at Seattle to refuel and move on to Denver and home.

It was a bit of a trick getting Parma and the girls off the plane and to my truck for the ride home but with the aid of my corporate ID’s and $5000 we worked it out. I stopped for gas and while I was out of the truck I gassed the passengers. When I got them into the harem house I put them all in one room so that the girls wouldn’t be quite as agitated when they woke up.

After Parma woke up I showed her around and showed her her apartment and where she could take care of all the girls and babies. She liked the setup and went around checking on all the girls and their baby’s, then went to see about Abani and Nilaya.

I waited almost 6 months before taking Abani to my bed. That gave her time to gain some weight and have a stable cycle. Two nights later I took Nilaya to my bed. Both were pregnant when tested 3 weeks later.

Things have changed around here since the arrival of Parma. The girls are free to come and go within the building and are no longer locked in their rooms. All the girls are learning to cook and clean and take care of babies as they swap time alone to be with me or to just be alone.

It has been 10 years since Jenny gave birth to my first baby in my little ‘harem’ and tonight I start all over again. Tonight ‘A1’ will be my prize and she has been getting the drugs for menses for about 6 months now. She has had 3 cycles and I believe that I will be able to impregnate all of my 165 daughters and if I live long enough maybe even my grand-daughters. I’m 43 yrs old. The score as of Week 520 is as follows:

Jenny: girls; 13 boys; 1
Celeste: girls; 12 boys; 1
Donna: girls; 12 boys; 1
Debbie: girls; 12 boys; 1
Mary: girls; 12 boys; 1
Joann: girls; 11 boys; 2
Sandy: girls; 10 boys; 1
Alice: girls; 12 boys; 0
Judy: girls; 11 boys; 3
Margie: girls; 11 boys; 0
Libby: girls; 11 boys; 0
Sarah: girls; 10 boys; 1
Kim: girls; 9 boys; 1
Silvia: girls; 8 boys; 2
Abani: girls; 6 boys; 2
Nilaya: girls; 5 boys; 3
Total: girls; 165 boys; 20

All the children are named for their mother’s ID letter and birth order; i.e. Jenny’s first ‘A1”; Kim’s forth ‘M4’ and so on. All the girls had twins for the first birth as a result of hormone shots and were allowed normal after that, but there were other twin births. There has also been one fringe benefit from all the babies and milk packed tits. All of the girls have increased their bust size both as a result of their growing and from the volume of milk that stretched the breasts.

Girl: Stats Taken: Stats Mo 147: ID
Jenny 34B-26-34 38DD-32-38 A
Celeste 34C-28-34 40E-34-40 B
Donna 32A-23-32 36C-30-36 C
Debbie 32A-23-32 36D-31-37 D
Mary 36C-27-36 40EE-36-40 E
Joann 34B-26-32 38D-32-40 F
Sandy 34C-25-33 38DD-33-38 G
Alice 36C-30-36 42F-40-46 H
Judy 34B-22-34 38D-30-37 I
Margie 34C-28-34 38DD-32-40 J
Libby 34B-28-32 38D-30-40 K
Sarah 32A-24-32 40E-34-40 L
Kim 32A-24-32 36C-32-38 M
Silvia 34C-26-34 40E-35-39 N
Abani 32A-24-32 38D-32-38 O
Nilaya 30A-20-30 38D-33-40 P

Tonight is the first night with my first daughter. A1 is a sexy little thing that turns 10yrs old today as does her sister A2, her turn is tomorrow night.
I go to the dorm area on the second floor of my harem and find A1 and many of the other girls playing at sex games. I take her by the arm and as I lead her away she asks me “Daddy is it my turn to be like Mommy and make babies.” I tell her “Yes, Dear, it is your turn to be my lover.” We go to the room I have set aside for myself on the 1st floor, the monitors and cameras are all on and ready for the show. All of the girls when they reach the age of 9yrs 6mos get shots to induce menses and get rods placed in their hoods. By the time their 10th birthday arrives they are ready to be made mothers.
We are both nude so I lay her down on the bed and lie down next to her. I start kissing her lips and pinching her nipples. Soon she starts breathing heavily and is squirming around rubbing her ass on the bed. I start licking her nipples and stroking her clit with my finger, she is soaking wet in seconds. None if the girls from age 6 or so are truly virgins as they all have toys to play with and they see what is on the TV screens.
I finger her slit and slid my finger into her cunny; it is so hot and wet that my finger slides easily into her. I slide down and start sucking her clit she is hunching up off the bed and moaning and running a river of lube out of her cunt. I tongue her clit and hole until she cums in a great screaming orgasm. “Please, Daddy, I need you to fuck your little girl.” “I need your cock in my cunt.” So I slide up her body and as I suck her nipple I shove my thick meat into her hot hole. She moans loudly and starts humping against my pole buried in her. She is crying out “Please, Daddy, please fuck your baby girl.” I almost blow my load right then. She is so tight that I don’t know how long I can hold it. Soon she is thrashing around like a fish on a hook and her pussy is grabbing at my cock so hard that suddenly she screams “Oh, Daddy, fuck me, I’m cccuuummmiiinnnggg,” and I feel this great rush of heat on my cock and I shove it deep and unload. As I cum in her she screams, “I can feel your cum in me it’s so hot I’m cccuuummmiiinnnggg aaagggaaaiiinnn!” her pussy clamps down so hard it hurts and it feels as if her cervix is sucking me off. Slowly I shrink and her pussy releases me and there is no run-out from her crack. We lie together about an hour and as I get up she asks me, “Daddy, do you think I am pregnant?” I said, “If you are anything like your mother, then I would say absolutely.” Her next cycle was late and a test confirmed it, pregnant.
And it starts all over again!
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