Cindy offers Frank a Favor he can't refuse
Frank still had his head cupped in his hands as he woke up the next morning. He hadn't had a hang over in a long time. But after yesterday, he drank himself silly. What the hell was wrong with him? He was the Lord's choice to care for this wonderful pious young lady and instead of helping her with her emerging feelings, he was encouraging them. What was he thinking putting his mouth tongue on her, inside her? He was going to prison some day he was sure, and even more sure he was going to Hell. The Lord had tested him with Cindy and he had failed miserably. He should go to Cindy's, beg her parents forgiveness and then turn himself in. He loved her. That was what he had honestly thought last night. That's when the booze entered, and soon Frank loosened up to admit this was all him, his weakness of lust. He was disgusting.

Frank almost called in sick for work, but made it to his office. He only had two periods today and he could go home. He struggled through the first and was able to do better in the second as he finally had drank his weight in water. Frank packed quickly and made for the door. He was almost there when Cindy and a couple of friends came out from the side hall.

"Hi Pastor Frank." sang the girls staggeredly like they always did. It was a powerful moment for Frank as he saw Cindy back with her young friends as a sweet naive girl who didn't need the dirty world of the heathens. Frank didn't even look Cindy in the eye as he said hello back to the girls and left for the parking lot.

Suddenly the door opened and Cindy yelled, "Pastor Frank wait"

Oh sweet Jesus thought Frank, she is gonna say something stupid and sell me down the river.

"Yes Cindy?"

"Here's that note from my Mom you needed." and with that she disappeared back into the school.

Frank unfolded the note. It read: On Thursday my squad had practice cancelled, I won't be expected until 7pm, see you then!! The dots on the exclamation points were little hearts.

Frank folded the note again and went to his car and got in. He looked at the mirror, then the note then the mirror, and then the note, again and again. Frank sighed, she was ready to make this a regular thing, and he wasn't gonna be able to stop himself. Frank decided to grab another bottle or two, he needed to forget his morals for a while, he could deal with the guilt better after getting another taste of Cindy's nectar.

That Thursday they met again. Frank was all too willing to help Cindy, and it might not even be exaggerated, after all when he was Cindy's age he jacked off non-stop, maybe she did feel that horny all the time. With no release, that would be torture. Frank couldn't bare the thought of torture to his little angel. He kept things mechanical, tried as much as possible to only use the toys to help Cindy but she began to pull his hair until eventually he would finish her off with cunnilingus.

That was how it was for some time, at least one a week Cindy would find a way to have an hour or two of extra time and she and Frank would meet. Cindy was fantastic at always finding free time when Frank could meet as well. This clue to Cindy's determination got by Frank, but years later, looking back, he should have known then that Cindy was becoming obsessed. Cindy always wore skirts on those special days and the last few times had worn tight sweaters, and once using a push up bra. It hurt like hell but it make her perky B's into C's, and while she was expanding every day, she wanted to get attention for them now. Cindy really was of great stalk and as her birthday neared she was going to be going into the high school classes. Cindy made sure to get an hour of free time with a forged Dentist note for her birthday. She wanted to have a release on her special day, and she wanted a big one.

She loved meeting with Pastor Frank. He would hike up her skirt, yank down he panties and tease her, touch her, vibrate her and finally taste her! She loved the feeling of him taking her in him. She had been sent a gaurdian angel by God. She was so happy with her gift and thanked God every time she prayed and begged for God to lavish Frank with joy for what he was giving her. Yes she had come to love orgasms. First the hand was enough. She never told Frank but after their first night she had touched herself for weeks. Then when she could no longer have new mental fantasies about that day she approached him for another.

Then she knew she wanted them daily. She hadn't figured out a way to get to see Frank daily but she yearned to. One day she would figure it out. Yes, she wanted Frank to taste her every day. But she wanted to taste, she tried to kiss Frank twice but he always pulled away. She wanted to feel his lips as he teased her below. She still wanted the orgasm but she wanted the feeling of closeness. She had felt Frank dig into her pussy, but she wanted his face to also dig into her. To feel his weight, to be totally in the moment.

On her birthday, she met Frank an hour before lunch, giving her two hours. Cindy loved that, she could have her tingle from below and sleep for a bit, that was always nice. She wasted no time getting onto her spot on the couch. Frank had warmed her up with some light lower body massage and was just starting in with the vibrator. Cindy wanted something, anything to be different this time, something to make it stand out.

Cindy had noticed anytime Frank wasn't on the ground but on the chair that he would have a point sticking out of his pants, pressing out the fabric. Cindy knew men had a penis but didn't know much at all about them. She had never asked much and without a brother, she never saw one. But she was a smart girl and could deduce there was something about this. Of course the school didn't have sex education and her parents hadn't broached the subject and Cindy wasn't allowed on the internet for anything but school and it was always in plain view. Cindy was very naive and didn't get the jokes some the the "bad" girl jokes she overheard. But she knew his pants didn't start out that way so something was happening to his lower area and she knew it was connected.

"what is that Pastor Frank?" she said between heavy breaths from the teasing of the vibrator.

"What?" asked Frank

"That!" she said firmly and reached out and pressed her cupped hand over he erection pushing out of his pants.

Frank made a jerky movement and yanked his crotch back. Unbeknownst to Cindy, Frank had almost come from the surprise of that touch. She didn't know how much she had him.

"Careful Cindy don't do that. That isn't proper." sweated Frank.

"I want to see it."

"No, no you don't."

"Yes I do."




Cindy sat up and pulled her panties up, "Show me now! Or I won't ever come back."

Cindy was prepared to say she would tell, even if that crossed the line. She was very thankful for Frank's tuteledge but she wasn't that naive. She knew she could get Frank is all kinds of trouble with the cops. She didn't know any of the terms but she knew what was not accepted. But Frank was a weakened man at this point. He had dropped any illusions that what he was doing was normal. He now masturbated every evening thinking about Cindy. It was his whole night after one of their sessions. Cindy was the only thing that even aroused him anymore.

"Oh--ohkay." said Frank sheepishly as he stood up and took a couple of steps back. Frank was in decent shape from running and biking. Nothing to turn heads but Cindy didn't know, she only saw the man that pleasured her. Frank took of his shirt and tossed it aside. Then he undid his pants and let them fall. Finally he pulled the sides of his boxer briefs, a small pre-cum wet spot on the front and pulled them all the way down. His erection was a bit above average, a full six and a half, straight out pointing at her.

Cindy stood up and turned around. She pulled off her top, a light blue shirt. Then she unzipped her plaid skirt and tossed it aside. She hooked her panties with her thumbs and as she stepped out of them Frank realized for the first time she was wearing sandal heels. They weren't very tall but Frank couldn't believe he had missed it when he was starting to tease her. Then again these days she kept those beautiful shimmering aqua marine eyes open for the first bit and would stare longingly at him. It was that mental picture that Frank pleasured himself to at night. These heels were giving her lithe legs just the right amount of curvature, and her little bulbous bubble butt stuck out a little more.

Cindy had finished unclasping a very sexy red and black lace bra. She dropped it beside her and turned around. Frank had massaged her breast once or twice but always from outside, he had never seen her lady lumps in the flesh. He had always been impressed by how much her bras had held up her breasts. Now he realized her breasts were held DOWN by the bra. They were miraculous, bulbous and round with a gentle curve. They stood out at attention with small areolas. The were the size of women's softballs. Cindy was quickly growing a full Persian body. Her sunkist brown skin had a cleavage line up the back, this body was built to make men salivate. She stood before Frank, in her birthday suit, plus sandals. Frank almost cried. He knew she was beautiful but he had really seen very little of it and never all at once. Frank felt his dick dancing a bit, her body making him had minnie convulsions just taking her in.

Cindy stepped gingerly towards Frank until they were standing very, very close. Frank was terrified, he felt like the virgin, Cindy was a natural beauty and like all natural beauties, she was very instinctual about others pleasure. She kept Frank's eyes locked on her and put her hand on the sides of his face and stepped forward to kiss him. Their lips locked and their tongues danced. Cindy had very few kisses on her resume but let Frank glide and was assisted by her thick luscious lips. As Cindy stepped to him their chests and stomachs touched, Franks erection nestled between them. Cindy's body was taught and supple. Frank could feel the firm muscles from cheerleading, yet they were covered by a perfect curve inducing layer of fat making the whole body a very reactive squeezable form.

Franks hands danced around Cindy, her ample ass, cupping her ass, drawing the line of her back, that fantastic valley right down the middle. the tight waist and just beginning hips, the strong shoulders. She was amazing, and Frank was slowly rubbing his stomach along hers, teasing his cock by rubbing her soft,flawless skin. He figured he would pop with a minute or two of this. But Cindy pulled back just a bit and put her hand on his crotch.

She didn't know what to do but figured his fingers made her feel good, maybe hers wold make him feel good. she poked her, rubbed there and wasn't getting the reaction she wanted. Eventually though Cindy made a quick half stroke of his manhood and felt Frank jump. She encassed her entire hand around in and did a purpose full stroke and Frank moaned into her mouth. Finally! She found what made it happen for him and Cindy began to stroke.

Frank felt cum bubbling and didn't want to be done already. He pulled Cindy's hand off and spun her around. One hand wrapped around her waist and pulled her back against him. He balls slide on to a cheek of Cindy's ass. The lower part of his shaft between the starting crevice of her ample butt, the head of his cock on her lower back. It felt great and at least this he could hold for a few minutes. He wanted to explore more. Her crotch, her wetness, her sides, her neck and finally those incredible standing at attention softballs! So firm, so soft, so buoyant, so squeezable. Frank just wanted to keep exploring, his fingers working Cindy's pussy but Cindy wanted to feel his lips again and craned her neck until she locked his lips again. This pulled his cock off of her backside and he loved the pressure of it. It fit so perfect.

But Cindy was determined and eventually and force ably spun around to make out with him full on . Franks hands continued to roam all over Cindy until one naturally settled on the back of her head, cradling her. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths and Cindy felt like a long lost lover finally found again. The kiss was perfect, the tingling in her nether region was about to make her cum. She finally felt complete.

Franks other hand eventually came to rest on her shoulder and ever so slightly without his realizing it Frank pressed down. Cindy was so used to following Frank's lead that she didn't fight but tried to anticipate and with his gentle pushing had sank to her knees. Her thighs rested on her shins causing them to widen just enough to close the space between them, her contours perfect from top to bottom. She barely had one hand up onto his pelvic area before the pressure of Frank's hands pushed her forward. Cindy didn't fight the incoming projectile.

Frank pushed forward gently with his hips pushing his throbbing erection passed her lips. She was so warm! Warm and moist and incredibly inviting. Her lips created a light seal and Frank nearly popped when Cindy, needing to exhale did a flapping with her lips, no idea they helped increase the orgasmic waves beginning to eminate from Frank's balls. Cindy couldn't say she really liked the taste of Frank's penis. It tasted like salty skin, but it was undeniable from his breath the effect it had on the man that pleasured her. In and out Frank moved it, Cindy reacting naturally with the guide of his hands.

"Oh Christ! Oh my sweet Jesus! Uuuuh-aaah. Oh yes." Frank whispered through gritted teeth. Cindy continued to the rhythm they had started with and was stuck. She couldn't think by instinct what to do next. This man had given her so much pleasure and the one time she wanted to pleasure him at the same time she was going to fail. She didn't know how to finish. How did she make Frank feel the things she felt? What was the tipping point? Suddenly, Cindy finally understood a joke she heard and couldn't keep down a muffled giggle.

Now never in a million years would Cindy have understood that giggle but to Frank it was an instantaneous and simultaneous acceptance of the situation, enjoyment of the situation and tacit approval for him to release. At least that was what it meant to his testicles. Frank grabbed a handful of hair with one hand the the back of her skull with the other and slammed home. Frank's cock reached right to the back of Cindy's tongue. Cindy felt the organ widen and then constrict, the semen coating the back of her throat. Then a second jet and a third and even a smaller fourth.

"Ahhh,aaaahhh, ooooooo, haaaaaaaaa, uuuumph!" grunted Frank as he came. Even when he was dry he spasmed twice more on her tongue. His dick wanted to cum more, but his balls couldn't comply. Frank held Cindy there for just one more second before realizing she had been held there a while. He reluctantly removed his softening cock from her lips and she bent over and coughed a time or two before inhaling deep.

She coughed again and looked up at Frank and said, "Wow, what happened?"

Frank helped Cindy to her feet and gave her a long deep kiss, tasting his cum on her tongue. "You made a foolish man very, very happy."

"I did?"

"Yes my child, you really, truly did."

Cindy reached down to touch Frank again.

"Whoa, no no. Ha, ha. You have to let it be for a while okay?"

"Oh OK."

Frank grabbed Cindy and pulled her down onto his lap on the sofa and cradled her in his arms. She looked up at him with her big green eyes, and Frank kissed her passionately. They nuzzled their faces together and dozed for the rest of the lunch period before hurriedly getting dressed in time to make it to 5th period. It was the first time together that Cindy had not had an orgasm, but she felt even more contented with a tummy full of Frank.
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