The final chapter
Lyden faces his biggest and deadliest challenge: Aldol and his armies. Will the Outsider stay and fight, or will it run away again. When the dust settles and the cost is tallied, who will remain standing?

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Chapter 34
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Putting Out Lights

“I think you’re healed enough, Generator,” a gravelly voice speaks next to me, startling me awake. “Your battles aren’t over yet and I’m tired of having you in my home.”

Opening my eyes, I see Marchosias in his wolf form, licking his lips. If nothing else, that wakes me immediately! Does he have to look so hungry?

“I’m awake!” I scream, sitting up. Brooke and I are still covered in gore, but somewhere along the line Areth has gotten herself cleaned up.

And attached to another one of Marchosias’s light traps. In fact, it’s the same one that Miranda’s brother was on last night.

“You let him go?” I ask the demon, nodding my head at the trapped fairy.

“I wondered if you’d caught my plan there,” he tells me. “He should be back in your world soon, heading for the Paladonic Knight’s fortress.”

“You sent him on a suicide mission,” I state, not really caring what happens to the werewolf. He was an enemy yesterday. One less person to fight for the Outsider today.

“I gave him hope, and don’t underestimate the pup,” he rebuked me. “Do you know why the Sisters of Respite are called that?” I shake my head. “Because all of them are supernatural creatures. All of them. Fowl magic is used to subjugate and overcome their true natures. They receive a respite from their natural selves.”

“Do they even know?” Brooke asks, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. I see Ondine waking up also, trying to cover a yawn with the back of her slim hand.

“Only the highest ranking members know,” Marchosias growls. “They hide it from their members and force them to kill their own kind.” I wonder why they would do that, but If Marchosias wants me to know, he’d say something. Besides, I have more important things to worry about.

“Are you just going to leave me up here?” Areth demands. We all look up to where the fairy is futilely kicking her feet in the empty air. I can see right up her slim legs and know she’s wearing nothing under her skirt.

“Didn’t you learn your lesson last time?” I ask the golden woman, trying to hide my smile.

“But it’s so pretty!” she pouts in response, twisting and trying to pull her hands free.

I turn back to the demon. He chuckles and licks his lupine lips. I’m doing my best not to laugh as well. “Do you mind?” I ask the demon-beast.

Once the fairy is free, Marchosias guides us back out of his cave.

“Your rides are almost here,” he tells me.

“You’re not coming with us?” Ondine demands.

“No,” he replies, a laugh in his voice. “I would make little difference there, and I’m needed here to keep things in order.” He takes a second to pierce each woman with his powerful gaze. “Keep the generator alive. He is our best hope of defeating our enemies.” Before any of them have the chance to respond, he turns on his lupine legs and heads back into his cave.

“I still don’t trust him,” Brooke whispers to me.

“Me neither,” I reply, just as softly.

The rocs land on the soft sand of the beach a moment later and we climb onto their backs, Brooke sitting comfortably behind me. The massive birds spread their titanic wings and we’re airborne, wending our way to Gaia’s domain. We have to grip the feathers tight, in order to stay on as the birds speed their way south and west. There must be some sort of magic involved, keeping the wind from ripping us off.

“Aunt Angie’s forces are holding their own,” a voice whispers to me on the wind. “But you need to hurry. The rocs will take you through Darkness’s domain.”

“Aunt Angie?” I ask. I know Lysa must be talking about Angela, but still.

I hear her sweet laugh, so like her mother’s, before her voice grows serious. “Hold tight to the Talisman of Darkness. It’ll shield you from those that would do you harm, father.”

Just as quickly as her presence came, I feel it leave. My heart still warms every time she calls me that.

I glance over at where Ondine and Areth are holding tightly to their bird and pass on Lysa’s information. Reaching into my filthy shirt, I find the talisman that Eris had given me, and hold tight to it. I hope we don’t run into any problems.

The sky descends into darkness. Brooke’s hands grasp my waist tighter, letting me know she’s worried.

“We’ll be fine,” I tell her. A moment later, I feel her lips brush the back of my neck.

“Are you so sure of that?” another voice, richer and deeper than any I’ve ever heard before asks. The sky is completely dark now and we’re flying blind.

“Who’s there?” I ask, trying to see through the gloom surrounding us. It’s no use. At least my voice is working this time.

“I have many names,” the voice replies. “Lord of the Morning, Satan, the devil, Lord of Lies—“

“The Pillar of Darkness,” I reply, a pit forming in my stomach. I thought we were supposed to be shielded from anything dangerous!

“Don’t worry, little generator. From any creature other than myself, you are invisible. Yes, I can read your mind. No, your daughter thought I wouldn’t bother, but when I sensed someone using my power, I grew curious. Eris mentioned something about granting you a token of my power. Sorry I was too distracted to meet with you myself. I had a few nymphs, Lampads, and even a couple succubae to entertain.” His voice is oily and sweet, while remaining deep. I don’t trust it. His reference to entertaining succubae gets under my skin, but I force the dark thoughts away before he can read them.

“Too distracted to work towards saving this world?” Brooke demands, anger filling her sweet voice.

“Did I mention that it was a few nymphs, Lampads, and a couple succubae?” the voice asked solicitously. “Besides, I’m the ruler of chaos and entropy. What do I care if everything gets destroyed?”

“Um, you’ll be killed along with the rest of us?” Areth comments in her standard suave way.

“Ah, the sweet candor of the fairy folk!” he says happily. “None of your kind ever visit me.”

“Duh! We like seeing where we’re flying. Maybe if you turned on some lights around here.” I really hope she doesn’t piss off the Pillar of Darkness. “Fairies don’t care for this darkness.”

“Alas, but no.” The man actually sounds disappointed that he can’t do it. “So many of my denizens would die, were I to do that. Well, take care generator. I hope we meet again.”

“What?” I ask, shocked. “That’s . . . it? Hi, how are you, goodbye?”

“Lyden!” Brooke hisses at me. I realize that I really don’t want the Lord of Lies to hang around. Why did I have to open my big mouth?

“Oh, yes. There was one other thing.” Somehow, the way he says that, I know he didn’t forget. “Eris mentioned the deal she made with you, Brooke and Lyden.” When he says our names, we both shiver. It feels almost as if someone just ran their fingers through my soul. “She may enjoy causing people pain, but I find that to be overly dramatic. I will therefore give you a choice. I can unlock the block on the baby, letting the Pillar of Earth work her magic upon it. Or I can leave the child be, and it will be what it will be.”

“Why would you do this?” I ask, not trusting him.

“I don’t suppose you would believe I’d do it out of the kindness of my own heart? No, I didn’t think so.” I hear him sigh, dramatically. “I have my reasons, but I will not give them to you. Either accept my offer, or be gone from my domain.”

I can feel Brooke shaking against my back, and know what her answer is. Unfortunately, I can’t bring myself to trust the Devil.

“I’m sorry, but we made a deal with Eris,” I state. “I’m not the type of man to go back on a bargain once struck.”

His following laughter is both horrible and deafening to hear.

“Wise decision, generator! Had you taken my offer, the child would have been forever tainted by my touch. Since the other option was to be gone, LEAVE!”

Blinding light hurts my eyes and I hear the other three women cry out in pain at the same time.

“Gaia’s mountain!” Areth declares, being the first to recover. A second later, I’m able to peek through my squinted eyelids and see her fortress looming before us.

“How did you get here?” the Pillar of Earth asks when we land on the balcony. “Lysa said you would be at least another hour.”

Brooke and Ondine begin explaining what just happened to them while I head over to Thomas. From what I hear them saying, we weren’t teleported, I guess that’s impossible, but we were forced out of the Devil’s demesne at a tremendous speed.

“How are things going here?” I ask our general.

He jumps, and I know he hadn’t realized we were back. Ondine breaks away from Gaia, rushing to the older man, hugging and kissing him furiously. It’s the first public display of affection I’ve seen from the two. It makes me happy to see it, though I see Thomas’s cheeks burn red..

“We were doing well, until a few moments ago,” Thomas informs me as soon as his mouth is free. “Some of those fire ants appeared out of nowhere, behind our lines. They need reinforcements bad!” He draws in a deep breath before continuing. “Lysa, have this group of succubae reinforce their right flanks. Pull these dragons up from the south to fill in where the succubae were fighting. Have this group here fall back, and recover. There doesn’t seem to be much going on at the moment right there, but I don’t want to leave it unguarded.” Thomas told me he hadn’t made it very far in the military, but he seems to know what’s needed on the battlefield.

I can only assume my daughter hears the orders and relays them to the combatants.

I walk over to the pile of hilts with invisible blades and pull one out. It fits easily into the sheath that Murasame once used. If anyone notices that my father is missing from my hip, they don’t say anything.

“We should get going then,” I say, heading back to the rocs.

“We can’t go with you,” Brooke says, fear and worry in her tone. “We won’t survive in Fire’s domain.” I remember what happened to Brooke the last time she was there. The arid atmosphere was too dry for the mermaid. She’d almost died.

“Take me, Master,” Sheila pleads with me.

“I can’t protect you,” I try to let her down softly. Almost everyone else that’d been in Marchosias’s nightmare world gained some fighting skills, but my ex-boss was a tavern wench.

“I can’t stand staying here and not knowing,” she tells me. I glance at the map that Thomas is looking over, but know what she means. We likely hadn’t shown up on it while swimming. “I can fight. I can watch your back. Just don’t leave me behind! I need to be with you, Master. Please!”

For a second I’m tempted to act like the stern master I know she appreciates, but when I see the desperation and love in her brown eyes, I relent.

“I’d better not regret this,” I tell her, waving to one of the rocs waiting on the balcony. “Expect to be punished when we get back.” She shivers at my tone, and I know I’ve pleased her. My heart wrenches, knowing I won’t be coming back.

I think back to the reason Gaia said I couldn’t live past this battle. Generators were all killed off because of how dangerous they could be. They gather followers the way a queen bee gathers drones. Even though I have no interest in ruling, the mere fact that I could amass an army of loyal followers to challenge the Pillars is enough to make any of them worry. The choice is either war for no reason and watching my loved ones die, or sacrifice myself. Looking around at those I love in this room, and the friends I’ve made, I know what I have to do.

“I don’t suppose there’s time for a recharge?” Becky asks me. She glances at the map and shakes her head. “No, I guess not. I wish I could go with you, but I’m needed here. You’d better come back to me!” The short woman steps up to me, grabs my filthy shirt and pulls my face down to hers. Our lips meet, and there is so much passion in the kiss that I really wish there was time for a recharge.

“Becky has been a big help,” Thomas informs me, without looking up. “Already she’s caught and countered two ambushes that I would have missed. She’s quick to grasp the skills and weaknesses of our forces, and turn them all to advantages.”

“I’m no tactician,” she tells me, “but I help where I can. I just wish I understood magic better.”

“I’m coming along,” Alloria states, brooking no argument.

“Then I am, too,” Emmet follows her.

“Like hell, you are!” she spins and screams at him. “I’m going to get away from you, human!”

“You’re carrying my child, bitch,” he snaps back. “I don’t care what you feel for me, but I’m not going to let you put my child in danger, without me there to help protect it. If that means protecting you too, then so be it.”

Alloria’s eyes go wide as she rubs her flat stomach, before she glares at him.

“I don’t care if you’re coming, or staying,” I snap at the two. “But decide right now. It’s either both of you, or neither. I’m going right now.”

“Of course you’d take his side. Men!” the elf sneers as I climb up behind Sheila. A moment later, I see the other two climb onto the other bird. “Try not to get any of your filth on me, human,” she tells Emmet. “I hope you fall off!”

“You didn’t mind my filth when you were fucking me, slut” he sneers back, wrapping his arms around her. She closes her eyes for a moment, but doesn’t say anymore and doesn’t make him remove his arms.

I hope I didn’t make a mistake in letting them come with me. Or Sheila, for that matter.

Something is bothering me about Aldol’s tactics. In order to destroy the worlds, it has to destroy the Pillars first. Why was it working with Varun, while striving to kill Angela? For that matter, why is it leaving the other Pillars alone?

I didn’t realize I was muttering my thoughts, until I hear Lysa’s voice.

“Gaia is too well fortified to take on directly, and the creature can’t survive in the Light and Dark domains. We think it was planning on betraying Varun, but not until they achieved maximum chaos in his realm.”

“What about you?” I ask. “Are you safe?”

“I love you too, Dad,” she replies happily, even though I can’t see her. “He can’t attack me, because I can be anywhere there is air, just like Gaia can show up anywhere there is ground. I’m safe enough for now. But if he takes out Aunt Angie and Varun, then Gaia will be too weakened under that strain to defend herself. If three Pillars fall, this world falls.”

“I won’t let that happen,” I tell her seriously. I can’t let that happen, I think to myself.

Soon, we cross the border into Angela’s domain. The air suddenly goes dry, marking the border.

An explosion rocks the air next to us, and I hear the other roc screech in pain. The elf and healer plummet as their ride falls out from under them.

I don’t even hesitate as I pull Sheila off with me. Using her for mass, I pull out my wings. Her scream at the sudden plummet suddenly resounds in my head, as I chase after the two below me. My wings are tucked tight to my body, as I dive.

“Stop screaming right now!” I order Sheila, and thankfully my slave obeys.

The rock ground is racing up to meet us, but I don’t spread my wings yet. I have to catch the other two first.

“You’re not going to make it,” Sheila warns in my head. I can actually feel her terror, but at least she’s not screaming.

I know she’s right, but I can’t give up.

Wind buffets me, and suddenly either they slow down or I speed up.

“This is all I can do to help,” Lysa’s voice tells me.

It’s enough. I’m able to grab one in each hand, and change fully into a dragon, spreading my wings mere feet above the ground. A shockwave shoots out as I have to pull in air around me to make up the mass the other two can’t supply, the sudden vacuum creating a sonic boom. For a second there is no air for my wings to catch. Fresh air swoops in a second later, pounding me, but slowing my descent.

I still end up face planting into the dirt, unable to completely turn my momentum around.

“No offense, Lyden,” I hear Emmet mutter in my head, “but every time you suck me into this, you make life painful.”

“Don’t you dare talk to Master like that after he saved your ass,” Sheila reprimands him, reminding me a bit of my old boss. I can’t help but laugh. We’re all alive!

“You might want to get up and defend yourself,” Lysa’s voice reaches me.

Despite the toughness of my scales, I still hurt as I get up onto my legs. That landing was hard! What I see before me makes me growl deep in my long throat.

Myrmidons and other rock like humanoid creatures are running for where I’m at.

“Cherufes!” Alloria growls. “I hate those things. Be careful of them, Lyden. Their skin is made of stone and their blood is molten lava.”

So, fire breathing ant creatures and magma filled rock men. And me without Murasame to kill them.

Glancing at my claws, I see they’re missing. No, not missing, just invisible and made of solid air.

Thank you, Lysa, I think to my daughter. I still have a magical weapon.

I charge a group of Myrmidons, not even slowing when gouts of fire spring at me. I let the flames wash harmlessly across my scales, and swipe at the closest one. My air infused talons pierce the ant monster and my world rocks as it explodes.

“What the hell was that?” Sheila cries as I try to focus on the bad guys still coming at me. Their wary now, but then again, so am I. It doesn’t help that I’m seeing everything in triplicate.

“Aim for the ones in the middle,” Sheila tells me, but I hold back. I’m off balance and don’t know why it exploded.

“Your claws are made of air,” Alloria tells me. “They must stoke their internal fires, fanning them into an explosion.”

“We’re fucked!” Emmet yells. “Lyden, let me out. I may have a spell to slow them down.”

I can’t, I tell him. Slowing them down won’t work and will only get us all killed.

“What about the talismans?” Sheila offers.

Thank you! I mentally send her a kiss.

I don’t know if I can pull the talisman out in this form, but maybe if I concentrate on one of them. . . . The image of Varun’s talisman floats through my mind, and I feel a wash of power pour into me.

“Stop!” I yell after changing my tongue. Fire breath isn’t going to help me out much here. “Stop or I will destroy you all!”

They pause for only a moment, before laughing and rushing at me again. I tried, I think. That thought is immediately followed by, I hope this works.

Using the power of the water talisman, I fill my lungs, and bellow out a spout of water. My own energy levels don’t decrease as gallons torrent out of me into the oncoming force.

I hear sizzling as it strikes the first Myrmidons, and they go down. The Cherufes stay standing a little longer, but they slow down, and I see them grow stiff, their movements stopping as the deluge of water continues to buffet them.

Once unleashed, I can’t stop the flow, and even after every enemy is either dead, or stalled, I continue to spew forth liquid. I have to slowly walk back, as the water pools, and still it comes out. By the time it finally lessens, and stops dripping from my jaws, there is a small lake in front of me.

“It’s a good thing you don’t cum like that, or you’d kill any woman you slept with!” Jennifer’s voice sounds behind me. “I’m glad Thomas ordered us here to watch that display.”

I look back to see her still riding on Blue.

“You’d love to be filled up like that,” I tell her, laughing.

“Any chance you can do that a couple more times?” the large-chested woman asks.

I mentally check on the seahorse carving, but it feels dead in my head. “No, I think that was it,” I tell her sadly. “How goes the battle?”

“We’re holding our own, but only because we have superior numbers. Those damn ants are fucking hard to kill.”

“What about Aldol? Has it shown up?” If I can get to it and kill it, I may be able to end this.

“Your succubus said it showed up to her, but when it couldn’t talk to her because of these ugly glasses, it left. Otherwise we haven’t seen it.” She points to her Blublockers as she looks at me critically for a moment before adding. “It’s good to see you’re alive, Lyden. Your daughter wouldn’t give us any information on you. I . . . we were getting worried.”

“I didn’t want any eaves droppers hearing what you were doing,” the Pillar of Air defends herself. It’s weird knowing she is everywhere at once.

“Show me where I’m needed,” I say, and take to the air, spreading my wings.

Blue joins me a second later and playfully nips at me. I have I no doubt she approves of my current form. I nip back to let her know it’s appreciated, and then let her lead the way.

As we fly, we pass over battles and devastation. Bodies from both sides litter the ground. There has been no time to clean them up. Whoever thinks war is full of glory has never seen this. It makes me sick!

“When we stop, will you let me out?” Alloria demands. “I’m sick of being in here with the humans.”

“It’s no picnic for me either, Slut,” Emmet retorts. “But as long as you’re carrying my child, I’m going to protect you.”

“That’s all you care about? The child?” I can tell from her tone that Alloria is hot under the collar.

“I might care more for the mother, if she weren’t such a slut and bitch,” he decries.

“I am neither of those, human!”

“Then say my name, slut!”

“No, never again!”

“Bitch. Slut.”

“Fuck you, Emmet!”

Before I even realize what’s happening, the two are kissing madly. What’s wrong with them? Are they angry lovers? As clothes begin to come off, I mentally turn a blind eye to them.

“I think I’m going to try some of those moves the next time we’re together, Master,” Sheila informs me. I can’t stop my chuckle.

We land just as the two lovers finish up. Oddly, I feel more energized, despite not having taken part in their frenzied sex.

“I’ve missed you, but did you have to make a lake in my realm?” I hear Angela’s voice chide me softly. “It feels like an itch on my skin. I can sense everything in my realm now.” I look up to see the woman that’d introduced me to this world float down. Her hair is made of red flames, and fire caresses her body like a robe. The power of the Pillars must be different from person to person, seeing as TanaVesta was not outfitted with these flames. I saw barely any difference in appearance between Lysa before and after she became the Pillar of Air. Is she only doing this for effect, or is it because she’s still trying to control her powers? Either way, she looks hot!

I change back into my human form, making sure I have fireproof clothing, and run to her when she lands.

“The fire,” she tries to stop me. “I can’t completely control it yet.”

“I don’t care,” I tell her, pulling her into my arms. The flames lick around both of our bodies, but I’m still immune to them.

As soon as she gets over her shock, I feel her arms wrap tightly around me and her lips seek out my own.

“Now that’s hot!” Jennifer states. Despite myself, I laugh at how much our thoughts are alike right now.

We laugh as we pull away from each other, but Angela refuses to let go of my hand.

“How are you?” I ask, worried for her.

“Besides that new lake?” She asks, arching one delicate eyebrow. “Tired. I’m still trying to control myself and the powers of being a Pillar. Aldol isn’t making it any easier. Neither is Aeacus. He has a grudge against me for some reason.”

“Aeacus?” I ask, trying to figure out why that name is so familiar.

“Ruler of the Myrmidons,” Jennifer reminds me. “Those bastards are hard to kill.”

“Since they’re flame creatures, can’t you just control them?” I ask Angela.

“I could if he were in front of me,” she says, “but he’s hiding somewhere. If I had more control of my abilities, I could control him from anywhere. I’m sorry, Lyden.” She tries to pull her hand from mine in embarrassment, but I refuse to let go.

“It’s not your fault,” I tell her. “Being the Pillar of Fire was thrust onto you. You didn’t have enough time to prepare.”

“It wasn’t thrust onto me,” she reminds me. “I took it.”

“Because there was no other choice,” I reply. “Any idea where he might be?”

“No. I—“ she starts to say, but is cut short by Lysa.

“Thomas says that our forces are being overrun near your eastern border.” My daughter doesn’t materialize as she speaks, but her voice comes from the air itself.

“Enough chit-chatting,” Jennifer barks. “We’ve still got a war to fight!”

“How quickly can the rocs get us there?” I ask the open air.

“One is too wounded to fly,” I hear Lysa’s voice. “The other can carry you all, though it might be a bit crowded on its back.”

“I can fly on my own,” Angela says. Flame tipped black wings sprout from her back. “I can fly pretty fast now, also.”

I nod to her. Looking up at the sky, I can see a large shadow descending towards us at a rapid pace. Dust billows up from the dry ground as the huge bird flaps its wings.

Lysa was right when she said it would be crowded. Sheila sits in front of me, my arms holding her tight as she grips the roc’s feathers and leans forward. Jennifer’s arms wrap around me, and I feel her fingers grope my crotch.

“You know,” the buxom woman whispers in my ear, “if your boss lost her pants, I could help you slip inside her as we fly.” My cheeks burn at her forward attitude, though I know it shouldn’t. Not after everything else that has happened over the last few months. Despite myself, I grow hard under her hands, and even her laughter at my embarrassment isn’t enough to diminish her talents.

“If Master wants me, he has only to ask,” Sheila says with a grin, turning to look at me.

Before I can respond with a negative, Jewkes climbs on and the roc takes off, sending my heart into my stomach with the force of it. Blue struggles to stay with us, but slowly falls behind.

Once again I see the devastation this war is causing as we travel across the landscape. Angela looks like a shooting ball of flame next to us. I can only assume that Lysa is guiding us as we travel to the north and east towards Fire’s border with darkness.

The sky begins to darken, and I worry that we might be heading all the way into Darkness’s domain. I have no desire to meet up with the devil again, but our ride descends before it grows any darker than dusk.

I can see our forces begin to buckle under the onslaught of a horde of Myrmidons. Shadows are flitting around, and I realize we’re far enough into Darkness’s territory for some of those creatures to fight here as well.

“Where are we most needed?” I ask my daughter.

“Directly ahead,” I hear her voice.

“We’ll stay behind and heal those we can,” Elliot says as he climbs down after Richard.

“Don’t make decisions for me, human!” Alloria stomps her foot.

“I know you can fight,” the healer snarls, “but your skill would be better put towards helping me with the wounded, slut!” He slaps her rear and propels her away from the fighting. She opens her mouth to protest again, but another slap on her rump silences any protests as her cheeks burn.

“I’m guessing there is a story there,” Angela says as she approaches me. “From the thoughts going through her mind. . . .” She trails off as she shakes her head. I can’t help but wonder what those thoughts might be, but have other things to worry about.

“Sheila, go with them. Jennifer, Jewkes, watch my back,” I call out. I lie flat on the ground and absorb some mass as I change into a dragon.

“Oh, I’ll gladly watch more than that!” Jennifer crows with laughter.

I stick my forked tongue out at her, before turning back to the fray.

“You can use that tongue on Sheila and me when we’re done,” Jennifer continues to taunt me. Her attention turns to Jewkes. “Come on, old man. Let’s see if you can use that gun. I mean the one in your hands. We can try out the one in your pants later.”

Richard shakes his head, but climbs onto my back behind Jennifer.

“No orders for me, Lyden?” Angela asks as a smile plays across her kissable lips.

I smile in return, though I don’t know how it looks on my draconian features. I send her a rapid set of images. She laughs as her body becomes that of the tall Amazonian warrior, spear wreathed in flames in one hand and a round buckler in the other.

“I hope you plan on fulfilling those other thoughts later,” she tells me. “I’ve never done it with a dragon before!”

“Now that I want to see!” Jennifer laughs. “The dragon and the Amazon. That would make quite the sight!”

A shot rings out a moment before Richard shouts, “We’ve got incoming!”

A shadow is coming right for us. Both of my riders fire upon it, but it dodges aside with ease. I fill my lungs, planning to blow flame, but a blue blur intercepts it before I can. I watch in surprise as Blue drops her head and rips the creature in two. She tosses the torso aside, but it’s not dead yet and begins crawling towards us.

“That’s a vampire,” Lysa warns.

Before I can think of how to fight it, Angela is there, flaming spear in hand. She stabs the creature through the chest and it bursts into flames, screaming as it dies.

“Fire will kill them, as well as a stake through the heart,” she tells me, before running on.

I chase after her. How are we going to fight all these creatures? I wonder. I can’t use my claws on the Myrmidons without causing explosions, but I can’t use my flames on them either. I have to be careful not to hurt our allies fighting against Aldol’s forces also. Even my friend’s guns won’t do any good.

Too bad I can’t combine the air of my claws with fire to. . . .

I send a series of thoughts to Angela, hoping she picks up on my idea. She gives me a dubious look. A moment later she turns back to her forces and barks out commands.

Our forces of succubae, kobolds, and others that I can’t identify fall back right in front of me. For a moment, the Myrmidons that were fighting them mill around in confusion. Then they spot me. Howling with glee, they charge, some of them belching gouts of flame my way.

TAKE COVER, I mentally command Jennifer and Jewkes. They stop shooting and immediately comply. They both yelp as I balance on my tail and two back legs, but hold on. I bring both of my paws up to my mouth as the wave of ant-creatures rushes me. I don’t know if this will work, but I have to try.

My lungs fill with air. In my mind, I picture the solid air of my talons fueling my breath as I bellow my own flame. A massive cone of heat leaves my jaws. I can hear the front ranks laugh, thinking they’re immune, but a moment later they begin to scream. I have no doubt that under normal circumstance they wouldn’t be harmed by my breath, but when buttressed with Lysa’s weapons, it’s more than they can withstand. Even I can feel the heat of my own attack. If someone were to do this to me, I don’t think my immunity would be enough to protect me.

When I run out of breath, nothing is left before me but molten, scorched black rock.

I yip in glee as I drop back down to all fours and hear Jennifer groan behind me.

“If I ever tell you to heat things up a bit, remind me of this moment,” Jennifer moans.

Worried, I turn my long neck to look at her. Both my riders are singed and frazzled, their skin red and burned. I guess there was more heat than I realized.

SORRY, I tell them, eliciting more groans as that single word penetrates their minds.

“We’ll live,” Richard croaks.

“Not for long if we don’t start fighting,” Jennifer grunts.

I look up and see that the hole I’d created is starting to fill back in. The enemy is wary now, but still pressing the fight.

“Does that girl ever stop?” I hear Richard mutter, referring to Jennifer’s exuberance.

I start to draw in another breath, but from the way my head starts to swim; I know I don’t have the strength to push out another gout as powerful as the last one.

I hear Jennifer and Richard open fire. Bullets impact the Myrmidons, but they shrug off the attacks. If only the bullets were made of air. Then they would cause explosions in their ranks like my claws had.

I change my tongue to a human one to speak. “Lysa? Any chance you have any air bullets?”

“No,” she replies. “Why?”

I quickly explain what I’m thinking.

“I can’t make enough bullets, but I could wrap each bullet as it’s shot. I’ll need a few seconds between each shot. Would that work?”

“Only one way to find out,” I tell her. I turn to face the two using my tail as a rifle support. “Take careful aim and space out your shots.”

“We heard,” Jennifer said. “And I never miss a shot!” She proves her point a second later as she fires and a Myrmidon’s head snaps back. A second later the thing explodes, taking out those running next to it. “This adds a new meaning to bug bombs!”

Richard shoots next, this time it’s a chest shot, and the monster explodes moments later.

“Take more time between shots,” Lysa says. “It’s hard creating a shell and keeping it on the bullets.”

The two take more time between their shots, but it is becoming apparent that it’s not going to be enough. Despite the explosions, the Myrmidons are gaining ground. Blue is nearly swamped by vampires, the dark creatures swarming over her shiny scales trying to find a soft spot to exploit.

I want to run to her and fight off the monsters, but I’m hard pressed to keep them back from Jewkes and Jennifer. My invisible claws rend them to pieces, and it’s easy enough to burn them with my breath, but there seems to be no end to them.

Angela returns, saving Blue, but even the Pillar of Fire is hard pressed. It doesn’t look good. We may have superior numbers, but they’re too hard to kill. As I watch, our left flank crumples. Only the arrival of reinforcements stops us from being overrun.

“Retreat!” Lysa’s voice booms over the air. I know the command has to be coming from Thomas who has a better view of the battlefield than we do. I don’t like it, but know I should comply.

Jennifer and Richard climb onto my back, and I start to move backwards. To my surprise, the enemy doesn’t push forward, but holds their ground.

“What are they waiting for?” Jewkes asks. “They’ve got us backed into a corner. Why hold back now?”

“Master?” Sheila yells as she runs up to me.

I see Angela, coming back from her weary warriors, and turn to see that Emmet and Alloria approaching from the other direction. Blue is circling overhead, acting as a scout.

“I truly hope you never decide to take on humanity,” Emmet says.

“We’re still losing,” I tell him.

“Lyden’s heart is too large to want to hurt anyone or thing that isn’t trying to kill him,” Angela says with a smile.

“I hate to break up the reunion,” Lysa’s disembodied voice tells us, “but the Outsider has been spotted.”

“Where at?” I ask the empty air.

“Coming right for us!” Sheila screams.

Before I have the chance to say or do anything else, Aldol is there, the army to its back. The creature flashes, but makes no threatening moves.

“I think it wants to talk,” Alloria says. I can tell how distraught she is, because she is gripping Emmet’s hand. “Do you think it’s offering surrender?”

“We’ll never surrender,” Angela spits, venom in her voice.

“I’m not taking off my glasses to hear it!” Jennifer states.

“Master, please tie me up,” Sheila says next to me.

“I don’t think now is the time. . . .” I trail off as I realize what she’s after. “No. I won’t let you subject yourself to its will!”

“It’s the only way, Master,” she holds her ground, placing her hand on my cheek and imploring me with her brown eyes. “We need to know what it wants, why it’s holding the army back.”

“There’s nothing to tie you up with,” I continue to argue.

Without hesitation she rips off her shirt, baring her naked breasts. “Shred this and use it.” Alloria takes the cloth from her, and begins tearing it into ribbons.

“But I. . . . But. . . .” I can’t figure out what to say.

“I know I am the least of your women, Lyden,” she tells me, using my name for the first time since she willingly became my slave. “Let me do this for you.”

“But you’re not the least,” I tell her vehemently as Alloria binds her hands and feet.

“I love you. You have opened my eyes to who I truly am. No matter what happens, don’t forget me.”

Before I can say anything else, the elf takes Sheila’s glasses off her face. Aldol’s light immediately fills their brown depths.

“I have come to inform you of the futility of your quest,” a voice that is not Sheila’s—yet comes from her—states.

“I have already killed your ally,” I tell the thing. I face its body, not willing to stare at my lover while it controls her. “I have come for you. You’re army can’t stand against us.”

I’m bluffing, but I doubt it can read my mind.

“The other was nothing,” I’m informed. “Even if you kill me, there will be another, and then another. We are infinite. You are not. We exist outside of your existence. You cannot comprehend us. You cannot defeat us.”

“If you’ve come here to talk us out of saving our own lives, you’re wasting your time. We will prevail today, and every day that you threaten us. It’s you that can’t comprehend us or the order we bring to our worlds. It’s you that will lose.” I turn away from the monster and look at the elf. “Alloria, I’m sick of hearing this thing. Will you put the glasses back on Sheila, please?”

As if in slow motion, I watch Alloria move to replace the glasses, but a bolt of light from Aldol strikes Sheila in the chest, knocking her back and away from the elf.

“No!” I scream, super-speeding to her, but I fear it’s already too late. I’ve been hit with that attack before, and even with clothing to slow it down, it still hurt like hell. Sheila was topless.

Her chest is a blackened crisp when I reach her. I hear screaming around me, but I ignore it as I lift my one-time boss into my arms.

“Ly. . .den?” Her voice comes out as a gasp. I stare down at her, surprised she’s still alive. I can hear air bubbling out of her chest. I can’t imagine the pain she must be in.

“You’re not the least of my women!” I tell her, trying to see through the tears forming up in my eyes. “Hold on!” I lean forward, pressing my lips against hers and willing her to be whole again. White light explodes beyond my closed eyes and I feel myself growing weaker. I don’t stop. I won’t stop! I pour all of my feelings into our connection. Feelings that only a few months ago were resentment, but have grown to so much more.

“I love you, too,” I gasp, when I sense that I’m almost completely drained.

“Lyden?” Sheila says above me, but she sounds distant. “What have you done?” Hands shake me, but all I want to do is sleep. I’m so tired. “Just a little nap, and then I’ll be ready to go.” Did I say that out loud, or only in my head? Who cares?

I feel lips pressed against mine, and a modicum of power seeps into me. Opening my eyes, I see I’m surrounded by flames. Did Aldol destroy everything? I wonder. The image of everyone I love and care about going up in flames sends a jolt through my system and I try to sit up.

Angela pulls away from me. I gasp as I look around. Jennifer and Jewkes are standing between Aldol and Alloria. The elf is down on the ground, groaning, and I can see that her leg has been fried. Emmet is leaning over her, mumbling a spell.

Where’s Sheila? I look around for her and find her covering her bare chest and looking at me with fear filled eyes. When she sees that I’m going to live, she rushes to my side, careful of Angela’s flames.

“Don’t you dare die, bitch,” I hear Emmet mutter. “You’re my little slut, and I’m not going to fucking let you die.” His voice returns to the singsong that I’ve come to associate with spell casting.

“I’m not yours, Emmet,” I hear the elf groan. The fact that she used his name tells me she’s going to be all right.

“We need to get you out of here. Their army is still holding back, letting Aldol fight for them, but we can’t hold out against them,” Angela says, helping me to my feet. “Wait, where’s your sword? Where’s Shemhazau?”

I don’t have time to answer her and don’t think I can right now. Already I can see Jennifer and Jewkes slowly stepping back, as they deflect Aldol’s laser attacks with their swords. How are they even doing that? From the way they’re defending and not attacking, I know their weapons are useless against the monster. Even the rifle on Jewkes’s back and the shotgun on Jennifer’s won’t harm the creature made of light. The only weapon that could has been destroyed.

Destroyed as everything else will be, unless I can stop the Outsider right here and now.

I know what I have to do. Even with that certainty in me, I hesitate. Fear replaces the blood in my veins, and the two women next to me have to hold me upright as my knees give way.

“Get back,” I order them. They stare at me in confusion. “Get back!” I yell, trying to shrug them off me.

They step away uncertainly. I have to lock my knees to keep myself upright.

“Leave them alone!” I bellow at Aldol. Somehow I sense its attention turn to me.

“Lyden, watch out!” Jennifer screams, but this time I don’t hesitate.

Lifting my right hand, palm facing out, I begin to draw in the power and energy around Aldol. It tries to turn and run, but Blue is right there. She blows a thin stream of fire at it. The fire passes harmlessly through the light creature, and it retaliates with an attack of its own. The laser bounces off her scales, harmlessly striking the ground next to her.

I can sense desperation in the thing now, as I continue to draw the creature and its essence into me.

It turns and charges, but I’m prepared for this. I place my left hand against my chest, seeking the last four remaining talismans. In my mind, I create a cage of pure light surrounding Aldol and me. I see it become reality. I line the bars of our prison in molten flame, and feed them with air. Earth rises up around us on all sides, except for the area between Angela, Sheila, Jewkes, Jennifer, and me, leaving us in a brightly lit cocoon-like cave, open on the end where my friends and companions stand watching. Water and darkness were already depleted. I stand between Aldol and its escape.

Aldol slams against once side of our prison and is flung back. Despite my colorblindness, I hear the creature howl in rage at being trapped. It only has one escape: to join with me.

I continue to draw its essence, slowly sucking its soul if it has one, into me. As I do, I feel myself growing stronger. Light begins to break away from the creature and slip into my outstretched hand, like the light of a fiery sun as it gets drawn into a black hole.

“Lyden, what are you doing?” Angela yells at me, but I keep my eyes locked on Aldol. I can’t break my concentration for a minute, or I might change my mind. Terror fills me at what I’m doing, but I force it down, willing the power filling me to increase faster.

“He’s absorbing the Outsider’s essence into himself,” Alloria says. From her voice I can tell that she is weak, but at least she’s alive.

“What will that do to him?” the Pillar of Fire demands. I can hear the fear in her voice, but I can’t stop what I’m doing. It’s the only way left to stop this monster.

I’m so very sorry, Father, I think. Angela, Brooke, Becky, Sheila, Areth and Lysa, please forgive me, but I must do this to save you all. Lisa, I will be with you again soon if there is an afterlife.

“Most likely, it’ll destroy them both.” I’m surprised to hear how solemn the elf sounds.

“Lyden, NO! You can’t. I need you. Please!” Angela screams.

“Why, Master? Why would you bring me back, if you’re going to make me live without you?”

Their pain isn’t lost on me and my heart aches to hear it, but I can’t stop. If I do, I may never get another chance.

Aldol’s light begins to flicker and weaken, as my women cry and wail at the mouth of the cave.

“Captain Jewkes,” I call out. “I need you to do your duty. I need you to protect the people of Earth. Emmet, I need you to help contain me, if I can’t.” I have to swallow, before I can continue speaking. I can already feel Aldol trying to take over my body, seeping his fingers into my mind and every corner of my being. “Let everyone know I love them. I’m sorry.” Aldol is almost completely gone. “I knew I couldn’t survive past this last. . . battle. I . . . L-love . . . You . . . A—DIE! I will destroy you. Nothing can survive the chaos that I will bring to this world. Chaos is the only true form of the cosmos.” My body begins to laugh, without me willing it to.

As my consciousness begins to fade, I hear Emmet begin singing a spell. The report of a rifle echoes around inside the prison I’d made for the Outsider and me. Pain rips through my chest as my heart explodes, but it feels like it’s happening to someone else. To something else.

Die you evil fucker! I think. My father was right. Sometimes a well-placed swear word really does work.

Oblivion takes me.

* * *

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

A white room, lit only with candles and torches, sat empty of all life. Even the body that lie prostrate upon a table didn’t draw breath. The man was revered as a hero. There was even a monument erected over the cocoon-like cave he’d died in. He was the reason that the two worlds remained separate. He was the reason that life on Earth could continue, mostly ignorant of what had even transpired.

And he’d paid the ultimate price to do it.

The Chaos War had ended months ago, the Outsider’s army fleeing as soon as their commander was defeated. Despite the passing of time, no rot or decomposition touched the pristine body. Gaia, the Pillar of Earth, had made sure of that. She had even closed the hole in his chest, where the bullet had shattered his heart and ribs. She made sure no one entered this room, not even her. She had to be certain that the Outsider was truly gone.

But that was about to change. It was finally time.

A door opened, and for the first time in months, a living person entered. Another followed, and yet more, until eleven people stood in a circle around the unmoving body.

Two separated themselves, stepping forward. One a very pregnant elf. The other, a man that had once been her mortal enemy.

The man began to sing softly, laying his hands on the body. His spell delved deep into the tissues of the corpse, looking for anything amiss. “He is whole,” the man intoned after a few tense moments. “But he is still dead,” he added unnecessarily.

An older man, a veteran of two wars now, spoke up and broke the solemn silence. “He has been for months. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen magic do some incredible stuff, but bring him back? Why didn’t we do that for Lisa? Or any of the others that died fighting the Outsider?”

“Because only he partook of my essence. It is my milk that has supported his body since his death.” The Pillar of Earth glared at the insolent man. She was the only Pillar in the room. A fact that was noticed by almost everyone there.

“Well why does Ondine or I need to be here?” he continued undaunted. “We never had sex with him. Our souls, or whatever, haven’t mixed.”

“You were in his Mens Mundi,” a very short brunette broke in, trying to placate the man. Over the last few months, she had delved into the world of magic, studying with the Paladonic Healer, with the Pillars of Air and Earth—very few people ever saw the Pillar of Fire—and understood what was to come. “That small exposure transferred part of his soul to you. You are here, Thomas, to return it.” She also knew the truth about Ondine and her boyfriend.

“But not everyone he shared his soul with is here. And what about the part of his soul that died with him?” The man was obviously nervous about what was to come. Some in the room knew why, but most felt he was being incredibly rude and inconsiderate. The man on the table had sacrificed himself for all of them. How could he be so selfish? It wasn’t as though what was being asked of him would be painful or even hard.

“Those portions are forever lost,” Gaia answered. “He will not be the man he once was. Only the parts of him that you hold most dear will remain. He will no longer be a generator, either. That part of him was destroyed, along with all of his abilities. For all intents and purposes, he will be human.”

“We loved him for who he was. Not what he was,” the only redhead and one of the pregnant women stated.

“I didn’t love him,” Thomas muttered, but he was quiet enough, that only Ondine and Gaia heard him.

“We all know what is needed, then?” Gaia asked, looking around the room. Thomas’s cheeks turned a deep crimson, but he nodded.

“This is the part I’ve been waiting for,” an incredibly large breasted woman cried with glee.

“Only because you’re as much of a pervert as he was,” the only woman with wings said with a smile.

“I’m a married man,” a hook-nosed man spoke up. He was standing next to the woman with the impressive chest. “I shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Don’t give me that, Richard. You’ve been wanting to see my big bongos since you laid eyes on me.” She drops her voice, though it’s still loud enough to carry. “And I want to see what’s been creating that large bulge in your pants when you look.”

Thomas shifted uncomfortably, readjusting his own pants. Gaia approached him. The older man backed away from her formidable gaze. She had grown in height until she towered over him. Her hand shot out, grabbed him by the front of his shirt and with strong arms lifted him off his feet. To his credit, he didn’t shriek or otherwise call out in shock. Their eyes met for only a moment before the Earth Mother brought his face to hers. Their lips met, and Thomas’s eyes went wide in shock. The shock only lasted for a moment, before his body went into convulsions. Gaia continued to kiss him for a full minute before finally letting him drop to the ground.

“Wha—“ Thomas gasped, as his girlfriend caught him and held him upright. “Why?”

Gaia ignored him, grabbing the mermaid next and kissing her just as scrupulously. Ondine tried to respond, to kiss back, but her body also went into convulsion. She was helpless to stop the changes Gaia was making in her body.

Of those watching the odd performance, only one knew what was transpiring. She had yet to speak, but she had grown close to Ondine since her master’s demise. Ondine was a puzzle to Sheila. Strong and confident, yet submissive to her boyfriend at times. Ondine had confided Thomas’s fears to her, and she in turn had taken them to Gaia. Sheila had once been a ruthless and unforgiving boss. Thomas, one of her employees. His work had shown an extreme lack of confidence, and was rarely satisfactory. Apparently his performance in the bedroom was similar. Gaia had refused to endow the man with a larger penis, his biggest hang-up. Together, they’d worked up another plan, but kept it secret from Thomas. Even Ondine was kept in the dark.

From this day forward, Ondine would be the only woman that could please Thomas. By the same token, Thomas would never have a problem pleasing his girlfriend again. Not because of any special skills either had, but because they had just been remade for each other.

Sheila smiled at her friend when Gaia finally released her. She watched as Thomas caught her up in his arms and their eyes met. Both shuddered, but it was nothing like the convulsions they’d experienced from Gaia’s powerful lips. These were shudders of delight at being in contact with one another.

Sheila’s gaze turned to the body on the table. She wondered if she could talk Gaia into doing the same for her master and her, once he was alive again. She immediately felt guilty for the thought. She didn’t like it very much, but she had come to accept that her master belonged to more than just her. That he needed more than just his willing and obedient slave.

A soft moan entered the room, and Sheila turned to see that her friend and ex-employee were madly kissing. Arms locked around the other, as their mouths fought hard to impart the bliss that they were receiving from each other. There was an undeniable hunger and heat growing between the two. Despite herself, she was growing wet between her legs. She wasn’t into women, though she knew she would have to make an exception for what was to come.

Jennifer had offered to share the officer with her, but the only cock allowed in her was her master’s strong phallus. Thinking of Lyden’s powerful sexual prowess, made her stomach flutter, and the twins inside her roll around. She didn’t have much longer until they were born. She glanced at Brooke’s swollen stomach and grimaced. That mermaid was only carrying one child, but Brooke was a lot smaller than she was. Sheila knew that some of that was because she was further along than Brooke. She just hoped her master didn’t wake up, and think she was a cow with her distended stomach and fuller tits. Sheila wondered if her master’s sexual appetite would be the same when he woke up, or if it would be one of the things that was lost when he died. She wasn’t certain how she felt about that, either way.

Everyone was so engrossed in watching the two make out, that only Gaia in her omnipotence noticed Emmet and Alloria slip from the room. His hand fondled her ass, and she turned to glare at him.

“Stop that, human,” she spat venomously as they walked out.

“Never, slut!” He growled right back.

Gaia watched them long enough to see them argue for a few more seconds, before they inevitable embraced and began to violently fuck each other. She didn’t fully comprehend what had taken place between the two. Alloria would vehemently deny it, but Gaia knew she was happy with her life. When she thought no one was watching, the elf would gently stroke her swollen belly and smile. Emmet, despite his words, treated Alloria’s stomach with the utmost respect and care.

Mentally watching Emmet thrust himself into the very pregnant Alloria, Gaia recalled why they were there. She cleared her throat, feeling the stirrings within herself as her sex heated up. Everyone looked away from Thomas and Ondine and she smiled easily.

“Lyden Snow’s body is whole, and now he only needs his soul.” She grimaced slightly at the unintentional rhyme. “Thomas and Ondine have already begun.” The mermaid’s shirt was off, and she moaned slightly as if in response to Gaia’s statement while Thomas sucked vigorously on one nipple. “I believe we should follow suit.”

The Pillar of Earth matched action to words and stripped off her clothing. Only Richard Jewkes hesitated, glancing nervously around him as everyone divested themselves of clothing. Jennifer noticed his reluctance, and pulled his head into her more than generous bosom with one hand, while digging into his pants with the other. The hook-nosed man took no further urging to get naked.

Jennifer grinned when his phallus popped free. It wasn’t as big as Lyden’s, but was still bigger than average, and easily larger than Thomas’s prick, which was partially visible between Ondine’s lips. Jennifer dropped to her knees, bringing the cops pants down with her, and stared the bulbous head in its single eye. She could sense that Richard was still nervous, even though she also knew that he’d been taking every opportunity to check out her mountainous chest. Well, today he was going to get a lot more than just checking out her fat twins.

“Ungh. Holy shit, that feels great,” Richard grunted as Jennifer swallowed him. Some small part of her, the part that remembered being fat and ridiculed, shivered at his compliment. She knew she was good at giving head, though Lyden had had to teach her a bit at first. Despite the men and women she’d been with since that fateful event in her cabin, Lyden was still the best lover she’d ever experienced. She sincerely hoped this worked. She wanted another chance to get his cock into her. Maybe she could talk him and Richard into tag teaming her. The thought of have two cocks at her disposal sent a thrill through her, making her moan around the stiff prick between her lips.

Jennifer relaxed her throat, slipping her tongue out as she accepted Richard deeper into her gullet. Despite his length and size, it didn’t take long for her nose to brush his pubic hair, and she studiously bathed his scrotum with her tongue.

“Oh, shit,” Richard moaned, twining his fingers in her brown hair. She’d let it grow since she’d worked as a security guard. Now she had a better job: running Angela’s security. She still found it odd, thinking that she controlled the security for one of the Pillars of this world, but working for a succubus had its benefits. She was one of the few who were allowed to see the Pillar of Fire. “My wife never. . . . Oh. . . . If you don’t stop, I’m . . . I’m. . . .” Jennifer picked up the pace of her bobbing head. Yes, she’d learned a lot from Angela. “Ungh!”

Jennifer let the first volley hit the back of her throat, before pulling back until just the head was within her lips. She sucked hard, relishing the power she now had over men’s cocks. Relishing too, the way the cop’s sperm tasted and splashed around inside her mouth and against her tongue and teeth, until she finally swallowed most of it.

Richard tried pulling her off him, but she gripped him firmly at the base, and only allowed her mouth to come off enough to drool his seed back onto him. She dove for his member again, swallowing him whole, and moaning in her own pleasure. She had to make sure he wouldn’t get soft. His work wasn’t done yet, as her dripping pussy could attest to.

Becky couldn’t help but grin as she watched Jennifer bring Jewkes to a powerful orgasm. Every orgasm that happened in this room would help her man come back to her. She needed Lyden to come back to her. She’d been devastated when she’d lost Lisa. Even meeting Lysa, whom she tried to think of as a niece or even as her own daughter, wasn’t enough to assuage that grief.

Then she’d lost Lyden, and her entire world had crumbled. She’d never taken the time to tell him how much he’d meant to her. He had saved her life in more ways than one. She’d been horribly depressed when Lyden walked up to her at that club. She’d never told Lisa, but she was considering suicide.

She’d always been told how cute she was, but every man she dated would dump her within weeks of going out. She was too smart for them, they’d tell her, or the areola of her nipples was too large. She made them feel inferior with her intelligence, and with her short stature, most men couldn’t handle that.

Then Lyden had come up to her in that club. He’d treated her like a queen, ignoring women that Becky knew were hotter than she was. That night, he’d take her. Oh, the bliss of that night! Something inside her had changed. She was still the same woman, but the depression was gone. She’d tried to hide her intelligence at first, but as she grew to know him more and more, she grew comfortable. Then he’d told her how important her intelligence was to him, after the light monster controlled her. She hadn’t fooled him at all, and despite the fact that she’d almost killed him, he stuck with her. He’d saved her in every way a man could save a woman, while not putting her down or belittling her once.

“I think we should be joining in the fun,” Gaia whispered in her ear, startling Becky out of her thoughts. The dark-skinned woman’s arm snaked around Becky’s naked waist. Her skin tingled as Gaia’s fingers traced circles around her abdomen.

Becky berated herself, forgetting that she needed to take place in the orgy as well. Even after all of her studying and training in magic, she didn’t fully comprehend how this was supposed to work, but she trusted Gaia. She turned her head to look into Gaia’s brown eyes and felt herself get drawn in. Their lips met. Soft at first, just a simple touch, but as the Pillar of Earth’s arms tightened, their kiss deepened. Tongues came out to split lips. She wondered if she was going to start convulsing as Thomas and Ondine had, but it didn’t happen. Becky moaned, and had her moan echoed back as she fondled the powerful woman’s breasts. They were firm in her hands, the dark nipples poking into her palms.

The juncture between her legs grew heated, the longer they kissed, and she found herself wishing Gaia would touch her there. If the Pillar of Earth heard her mental pleas, she ignored them. Becky kissed harder, urging Gaia on, but the dark woman’s hands only tickled across her back and sides, sending thrills through her. It wasn’t enough. She dropped her right hand down, and easily found Gaia’s soaked box. Mother Earth moaned as Becky toyed with her inner labia, but still didn’t return the favor.

Finally, frustrated, she dropped her own hand to her crotch, but Gaia moved quickly, pulling her hand away. Becky groaned, denied the pleasure she could have given herself, but it turned into a delighted gasp when Gaia dropped to her knees and planted her thick lips against Becky’s sensitive pussy. The gasp soon became a moan, and then a cry of bliss as Gaia stroked her clit with her tongue, sending her crashing into her first orgasm.

Gaia supported her until she came down, and then gently guided her to the soft white floor. Once Becky was on her back, the Pillar of Earth shifted over her. Gaia’s slit was slick and wet with her juices, and Becky found she was incredibly thirsty all of a sudden. She locked her arms around the woman’s torso, and pulled the tasty looking treat down to her quivering lips. Fresh mountain stream water seemed to flow from her, as Becky’s tongue licked along her gash. Becky didn’t have a lot of experience with a lot of women, but she knew that Gaia’s body was special, and she decided to do what she could to return the pleasure she was getting. It didn’t take long before both women were crying out, their bodies bucking against the other’s mouth, and reaching new heights of pleasure.

Areth couldn’t help but smile at all the perverted things taking place around her. Ondine and Thomas were going at it like rabbits. Thomas thrust himself into the mermaid from behind, grunting with each impact. Ondine quivered as she experienced yet another orgasm. Whatever Gaia had done to them, must have been deliciously fun. As she watched, Thomas’s body locked up and he deposited what Areth figured was his third load into her. He pulled out, and Ondine spun around, taking his sloppy member in her mouth and keeping him hard. Thomas’s eyes rolled back into his head, and he smiled, as his girlfriend cleaned up their combined juices before they began another round.

Glancing over to Jennifer, she saw that she had Richard’s hard rod between her massive tits, making him moan in bliss. Jennifer had a wicked smile on her face as she looked up at the older man.

Richard was too ugly for the fairy’s tastes, but then, all humans were before she met Lyden. If fact, no creature, human or otherwise, was as attractive as her dolt. She had never been interested in sex, before the pervert changed her mind. The act was anathema to her kind. It was a well guarded secret, but fairies didn’t mate with one another. They were immortal. Even so, fairies were born into the world. She rubbed her flat stomach. If she ever got pregnant, it would be a fairy, no matter who the father was. Of course, only Lyden would ever be able to put his seed in her. A quick glance at the pregnant women in the room decided her that she would never do that. Not unless Lyden got down and begged, promising to do something really perverted.

Now, watching all the sex going on around her, she knew she wanted to join in. He had made her into a pervert as well, but she didn’t mind. Looking around, she decided to join Sheila and Brooke.

She’d changed into her larger form before entering the room. She didn’t know how creatures this big moved so easily. She felt big and bloated. Her body gained weight that she didn’t like, but it was better than getting smashed by the other clumsy creatures.

The other two women were somehow sitting in each other’s laps, legs split and their crotches and pregnant bellies rubbed against the other.

“That looks like fun!” Areth chortled, clapping her hands. “Can I join in?”

Brooke turned her red hair framed head to face the fairy and smiled. She was laid back on the carpeted white floor. “I have somewhere you can sit,” she offered, licking her lips.

Areth wondered how the woman wasn’t as red as her hair, as small as her chest was. Even in her bigger state, Areth’s chest was still smaller than Sheila’s round tits. Looking around, Areth realized for the first time that all the women here had different sized chests. They ranged from Jennifer’s massive knockers to Brooke’s tiny ta-tas. From Becky’s large round nipples that nearly covered her entire breast, to Areth’s own pointy nubs. Apparently Lyden was an equal opportunity fucker. He really was a pervert!

Brooke moaned as Sheila tweaked one of her tiny nipples, bringing Areth back to the fun at hand. She hopped over to the supine mermaid, and planted her already wet snatch on the other woman’s hungry lips. The golden fairy gasped as she felt Brooke’s tongue slip out and into her. Areth wanted to return some of the pleasure she was getting from Brooke’s talented mouth, and reached for the breast that Sheila wasn’t playing with.

It occurred to Areth that before her dolt had taken her heart, she never would have cared about reciprocating. One more way she had become perverted, thanks to him.

With her other hand, she fondled one of Sheila’s full breasts, thumbing the rubbery nipple. She wasn’t prepared for the dolt’s slave to grab the back of her head and pull her forward in an urgent kiss. As Sheila’s tongue slipped between Areth’s lips, the black haired woman moaned loudly, her body shuddering in orgasmic bliss.

Areth did her best to return the kiss, but she was getting lost in what Brooke was doing for her. The mermaid’s teeth nipped lightly at her clit, sending delicious shockwaves through her small frame. Each time that button was touched, Areth thought she was going to lose her mind. Lyden had the same technique, and she never lasted long when he did it.

Sure enough, Areth had to break the passionate kiss with Sheila to gasp out her own climax. Her tiny frame was too small to hold in the pleasure that crashed through her. She could feel her fluids gush out, soaking Brooke’s face and chin. Sheila latched onto one of her sensitive nipples, sending her higher. Making her moan as she abandoned impropriety and lost herself in the passion of the moment.

Suddenly lust crazed, she leaned forward, pushing Sheila away from between the assassin’s thighs, and worked hard to return the favor. She had to arch around Brooke’s swollen stomach, but the woman was so skinny otherwise, it was barely a hindrance. She wasn’t as skilled as Brooke by any means. What she lacked in expertise, she made up for in enthusiasm, until Brooke’s thighs clamped her golden head, and Areth’s face became wet.

Areth found herself crying. Another experience that was foreign to her. She loved Lyden dearly, and his death had hurt more than she could ever admit to anyone around her. But as Brooke worked her tongue deeper into her, she found herself feeling closer to everyone in the room. What they were doing was creating a bond between all of them. They were each sharing a portion of Lyden’s soul, and their own was thrown into the mix. She only hoped that it would be enough to bring her perverted dolt back to her.

If only Angela was here to share the portion’s of his soul that she held. The first portion he had ever shared.

* * *

Lysa watched the orgy from an invisible corner. Having been born in her father’s mind, she had seen the act of sex a number of times, before she’d been discovered. She had known his embarrassment at knowing his daughter had seen him fornicate, but to her it was a simple act. There was nothing to be embarrassed about.

That didn’t mean that she was interested in doing it with her father. She understood the taboo in that. But she did love her father. She knew him deeper than he might have known himself. She desperately hoped that Gaia’s plan to bring him back would work, even if he wouldn’t be the same man he was before. He would be the best of what he shared with everyone here.

Lysa watched from beginning to end, never letting her presence be known. Even Gaia wasn’t aware of her, as she hovered off the ground. She watched as Thomas grunted for the fourth or fifth time, leaving his seed deep in Ondine’s colon.

Jennifer cried out her own lusts as she bounced on top of Richard Jewkes. Her mammoth chest was held in place by the man beneath her, as he climaxed again. Lysa had lost count of how many times Jennifer had gotten him off with a combination of her mouth, tits, and pussy, but this time she seemed satisfied as she rolled off him, a dreamy smile painting her lips.

Gaia and Aunt Becky had joined Aunt Sheila, Aunt Brooke, and Aunt Areth, creating a pile of flesh where it was hard to find out whose fingers belonged to whom, and what mouths were moaning against one sort of lips or another.

Cries echoed around the room, coming to a crescendo. The crescendo became a powerful wave of bliss filled force. Lysa had to grab a hold of the roof to keep from being swept away in the power of the event as it swirled around the room. Gaia’s eyes locked on her at that moment, but they lidded as she continued experiencing pleasure from Aunt Sheila’s fingers and mouth.

Lysa didn’t care that she’d been discovered. Her attention was on the force circling around the man in the middle of the room. Around her father. Like buzzards circling a dead corpse, the power swirled, moving faster and faster, until it became a funnel pouring into Lyden’s chest.

It’s going to work! She cried inwardly. He’s coming back to me. Please father. Come back. I need you. She had no idea how much she would need his presence in the world until after he died. The power and strength that flowed through her as the Pillar of Air made her a formidable person. But she was still a little girl at heart. A girl that never met her mother, and lost her father. She considered most of the women in this room an aunt—as part of an extended family of sorts—but that wasn’t the same as having a true parent. Aunt Brooke and Aunt Sheila were carrying her siblings. She didn’t care how messed up it sounded that her aunts were pregnant with her siblings. She just wanted her dad back!

The torrent of energy began to slacken until Lysa was able to let go of the ceiling. She watched as the last vestiges of the room’s orgasmic power slipped into her father’s body. She held her breath—though she had no true need to breathe—and waited for her father to awaken.

And waited.

His chest refused to move. Refused to draw in life giving air. His eyes remained shut, dead and unseeing. His heart remained silent, unaware of the love that was brought into this room for him.

Someone began to wail, but Lysa refused to take her eyes off of him. It had to work. It just had to!

The wail of pure anguish was repeated again and again in the room as everyone realized their efforts had failed. Only the men, Ondine, and Gaia didn’t openly weep for the loss, though the two women grew teary eyed, and the two men tried to comfort the women.

Lysa remained motionless as one by one, the women, excepting Ondine, kissed Lyden softly on the lips before leaving.

“I didn’t know you for long,” Richard stopped to pay his respects, “but you showed yourself to be a man of the highest integrity. I may have lost my job on the force for the report I turned in about what happened here, but I swear your sacrifice will not be forgotten. Thank you, Lyden Snow for all you’ve done for me, for humanity, and for the two worlds you saved.”

Despite his resolve, it appeared that the fired officer was about to break down in tears before he fled the room.

Aunt Areth was the worst one to watch. She’d returned to her normal size of four inches, and cried, wailing as she beat on his chest. “You can’t leave me, Lyden. I love you. Doesn’t that mean anything to you, pervert? I need you. If you weren’t such a dolt, you’d wake up right now and take me in your arms. Please Lyden! PLEASE!

In the end, Gaia had to pick her up and pull her away. The Pillar of Earth handed the golden fairy to Aunt Becky before turning to Lyden. “I’m sorry,” she told him sincerely. “I truly thought it would work.” Then she too left the room.

Each woman had their words to speak, professing their love, and their misery that Lyden was gone, before Lysa was finally left alone with her father.

Only then did she drop to the ground and stare at the man that had birthed her in his mind.

“I will ensure your legacy lives on, father. My siblings will be watched over by the air itself. So long as I’m the Pillar of Air, none of those you loved will come to harm. I will do what I can to protect both worlds.” She had to swallow the lump that was forming in her throat before she could continue. “I will miss you. You didn’t know me for long, but I will try to live up to the example you set. You truly were a great man. Thank you for all you did for me. Even the things you never even realized.”

She had to stop as a sob broke through. She dropped her head to hug his unmoving form. “I love you, father,” she whispered, and sealed it with a kiss on his cheek.

She tried to impart all of her emotions into that peck. There was a flash of light, and for a moment Lysa thought maybe she had healed him. Especially considering the terrible drain on her system. Surely the considerable power she held would be enough to bring him back?

Her father remained unmoving, un-breathing, and un-living. There was no spark of life left in him, despite what had happened in this room for his sake.

Despair washed over her then, as the realization sunk in that her father was truly and permanently gone.

She fled, the wind of her passing making the torches and candles along the walls flicker and sputter.

* * *

Angela knew she didn’t have much time. In fact, the torches and candles along the wall were the only reason she was able to be here at all. Fire was her element in more ways than one now. Before becoming the Pillar of Fire, she could enter any of the other realms she chose. Now she was all but locked into her own. Only when in the presence of open flame could she materialize anywhere else.

She silently thanked Gaia for this one kindness. She’d asked the Pillar of Earth to move the ritual into her own realm, but Gaia had demurred. The sustenance that Lyden had taken from her would only remain valid as long as he remained in Earth’s demesne. As soon as he’d been shot, a giant golem had taken him from Angela’s loving arms, whisking him back here before the milk from Gaia’s breasts could wear off.

Angela spent weeks crying herself into a stupor, barely caring for the damage she was causing in two worlds. Luckily in the end, only a few cities were wiped out, a few new volcanic islands were created, and other volcanoes awakened. She grieved for the loss of so many lives, but it was hard to compare that grief to losing the man that had awoken in her feelings very few succubae ever truly feel.

A man that had actually seduced the heart of a succubus. Even the death of her pseudo-father was forgiven, when weighed against her devotion to the man that had seen through her invisibility so many months ago in his office.

She took a moment to look down at his peaceful features. If she hadn’t known any better, she would have thought he was only sleeping. That was the only time he ever looked so calm. The world and his responsibilities had weighed heavily on him while he lived. Now in death, he was able to relax.

Through the flames along the walls, she had watched the orgy. The part of her that’d been a succubus had craved joining in. The part of her that was the Pillar of Fire stopped her. She could have manifested for a short time, but then she would have spent months trying to recover her strength. Strength that would have fled her before the fun had even ended. This way she was able to watch until the end.

The orgy had lasted too long for her to say here, despite the flames in the room. Not even a bonfire would have supported her long enough to match the pace set by her friends.

And now she could pay her final respects in her own way.

Already she could feel herself weakening. She mentally commanded the candles and torches to burn brighter, slackening the ebb of energy leaching out of her. She had no more time to waste.

With the flicker of a thought, her clothing burned from her body. She was in the form she’d first met Lyden in, with her shoulder length blue hair, earrings completely circling her ears, and her sensitive nipples each pierced with a golden ring. She reached down to the stud piercing the hood over her clit. She was already wet with anticipation, despite her heartbreak. As a succubus, she was always ready.

Reaching out, she threw back the white sheet covering the other half of her heart. Her hand came back, and she trailed her fingers up his phallus, rigid even in death. She could sense the portions of his soul floating inside him, and understood why the ritual had failed. She wasn’t surprised that no one else had seen this. Her former profession as a succubus made her more sensitive to a person’s soul. She was more keenly aware than the others what was inside of them. The portions of his soul hadn’t come together as one. She wondered briefly if this was because those in the room hadn’t been together as one, or because Lyden had loved them all differently.

A candle sputtered and went out, curling smoke into the air and recalling Angela to her limited time.

She summoned her wings, leathery black and three fingered, before climbing on top of Lyden. Although technically it would be necrophilia, she didn’t consider this to be so, with the portions of his soul still in his body.

She used her wings to maintain her balance as she lifted up, positioned him at her entrance, and sank back. In his current state, his rod didn’t conform to her inner walls as it had in life, and he filled her up in ways that was missing from her life for too long.

“Oh, Lyden,” she moaned, placing her hands on his chest, “I love you so much.” She beat her wings against the air, snuffing out another candle in the process, but also lifting her up. She let gravity take over again, and sank back down, stuffing her twat to bursting with his meat. “Oh, Lyden!” she cried out again, repeating the gesture, and snuffing another candle, but she didn’t care. It felt too good to have him in her again. Having him fill her pussy up in a way no other lover ever had. He filled more than her sex. He filled her heart, her soul, and her very being with hope and life.

With every beat of her wings another candle went out, or a torch was snuffed, further weakening her. But it also brought her closer to completion, as she slid up and down his length. In his non-magical state, he was truly a monster between her thighs. She moved one hand to a nipple ring, twisting it gently, as she continued to fuck him. Her other hand went to the stud by her clit, bumping it back and forth and driving herself closer to climax.

“You feel so great, my love. I can feel you in every ounce of my essence. Thank you for being who you were, and loving a poor succubus. Oh, Lyden! I love you! Oh, oh, oh!”

She dropped her face down to kiss him on the lips as her inner muscles tried to compress the solid steel impaling her. Her climax rose as she continued to kiss his soft warm lips. Her body shuddered, as ecstasy threatened to overwhelm her. Her orgasm was so powerful, it actually felt like he was filling her up with his hot seed. Juices overflowed her womb, gushing out of her, and soaking his scrotum.

She even imagined he was kissing her back, thrusting up into her. She wished that he was still alive, so that she could carry his child.

Her eyes snapped open just before the last torch went out, and she found herself staring into clear gray eyes.

“I love you too,” his voice croaked out after months of disuse.

With no flame to support her here, Angela was sucked back to her own demesne. It would be months before she was strong enough to return to her lover. She could only hope that he returned to her instead.

Author’s note: I hope you enjoyed my story, The Succubae Seduction. I’d like to take a moment to thank Garbonzo for his help in editing the massive story, and making this blog. He has put in countless hours helping this story to grow into what it is now.

Also, keep an eye out for when I publish this story to Amazon. There will be additional chapters, so it won’t be the exact same story! I’ll let you know.

I’ve already started working on the sequel, but don’t expect it out immediately. Keep checking the blog (When it come back up) as it'll arrive there first.

Well, until next time, allons-y!

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