Janie becomes a cum and cock hungry slut ready for almost any action.
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Slut In Training V:
Slut Janie

Leslie and I took in her 16-year-old twin brother and sister. With our assistance, Billy and Janie had run away for an abusive father at home, and had happily accepted our offer of sexual training. In a very short time, they were performing like pros. They soon joined our little sex parties.

After just a week of training, Leslie’s sister, Janie, was turning into a real slut and had been the entertainment at one of our parties. She had serviced 14 horny cocks, and wanted more. Even with her ass and pussy overflowing and her belly swollen from all the cum she had ingested, Janie offered blowjobs to our guests as they left.

Following her first party, Janie asked Leslie and I to be her managers. Over the next several months, Janie participated in numerous parties. Most of the parties were at our home. But, on several occasions, she’d go to other’s homes to perform.

As she gained more experience and confidence, she became hungry for wilder and wilder sex. She could, and would, wear out large groups of men, and a few women. She fucked, deep-throated, and took up her ass any man and numerous objects. She once serviced three well-hung black men at the same time. They all came at about the same time, and Janie asked for more. On a dare, she once had an empty wine bottle pushed deep into her pussy. Needless to say, she would try almost anything.

Those, and many more, exploits were not just to satisfy Janie’s sexual hunger. She received compensation for her entertainment services, and, she was well compensated. Her personal bank account had grown wildly ever since her first party. Many would call her a common prostitute. They would be wrong. There was nothing common about her. Janie was a cum-hungry slut who happened to get paid very well to do something she would be doing anyway.

Janie had been a wild slut for about a year when a wealthy friend called. Sean wanted her to entertain at his estate the following weekend. He offered twice Janie’s normal rate, plus tips. When questioned as to why he felt the need to offer extra, he said Janie would be wanted from Friday evening through early Sunday morning. She would be asked to do all her normal activities, and maybe, something a little different. I reminded him of the two primary rules governing our participation in any party. He understood, and agreed, that no one would be allowed to hurt Janie, and she could stop anytime she, or we, decided to.

When the appointed Friday rolled around, Leslie and I took Janie to the party. As she entered the party room at about 8:00 PM, sixty-five to seventy people, forty of them men, gave Janie an ovation.

She spent a brief time chatting with, and being groped by, the guests, before Sean escorted Janie to a room set aside just for her. She disrobed and awaited her first visitors.

The host enjoyed her first. Then, for the next six hours, a steady line of men came to her to be serviced. They fucked her pussy, asshole, and throat. A few of the women had Janie eat their pussies while their husbands fucked her.
At about 2:00 AM, the line had dwindled, and Janie took a quick shower and caught a nap. She needed the rest.

Early Saturday morning, her activities resumed. Again she was used as a cum depository and pussy cleaner. Most of the pussies had been fucked just before Janie licked them clean.

Sometime Saturday afternoon, as Janie came from her second shower, Sean came to her. He asked if she would take care of a very special friend of his. Max hadn’t had sex in about three months, and he was real horny. His bitch was getting old. That’s right! Max was a dog. Sean offered an extra $1000.00 to Janie if she would do his dog while he watched. She’d get an extra $1500.00 if all his guests could watch. He told Janie to think about it, and let him know later that afternoon.

Janie did think about it. She had never even though about doing a dog before. Her slut mind figured that a dog’s dick might feel different and be fun. Besides, cum was cum to her, and the only thing better than cum was money.

When Sean returned an hour later, Janie asked. “Where’s Max?”

Sean grinned, and said. “Right here.” He called Max in from the hallway. “Max has never bred a human, so you may have to help him along.” Sean told Janie. She smiled and nodded her agreement.

Max was a beautiful black and tan German Shepherd. His coat had been well groomed and was soft and clean. He was larger than the average German Shepherd. He weighed about 110 pounds. Max was a friendly beast. He immediately went to Janie and licked her face. Janie hugged Max and asked Sean to lead the way to where his guest could watch. Max bounded behind them.

Sean took Janie to a large room that had little in the way of furniture, except the couches that lined the walls. The couches were filled with Sean’s guests. In the middle of the room was a padded bench about 2’ tall.

Sean told his guests Janie was about to fuck Max, and, if they liked the show, tips would be gladly accepted. He then took a seat so he could watch Janie’s show.

Janie went right to work. She called Max to her, and spread her legs so he could get a sniff of her pussy. Max didn’t know what to do. He just stood there panting. Janie pulled Max to her side, reached under him, and began stroking his cock in its furry sheath. As his cock began to come out of his sheath, Janie again spread her legs. Max just stood there again. He seemed to be enjoying Janie’s hand-job, but he showed no interest in her pussy. Janie was at a loss as to how to get Max interested in her. Then it hit her. It always worked with a man. She had Max lie down and roll onto his back, while she continued stroking his doggy dick.

Janie, got on her knees, bent over, and took Max’s long pointy dick into her mouth. Her audience went wild. Many of the men were already throwing 20s and 50s at her. Janie sucked Max as well as she would a man. As she held his knot in her hand, she took his doggy dick deep in her throat and began swallowing. In short order, Max was cuming. He didn’t spurt like a man, but came in more of a steady stream. All the while, Janie kept his cock in her throat and swallowed all his seed. When Max quit cuming, Janie let him go. He went to a corner of the room and licked himself clean. In the mean time, Janie was getting a standing ovation from Sean’s guests.

She had begun picking up her tips, when she felt a cold nose sniff her ass. Max was back for more. This time, his dick was already partly out. Janie finished gathering her tips, and led Max to the bench.

This time, when she bent over the bench and spread her legs, Max showed more interest. He sniffed, and gave her pussy a tentative lick. He must have liked it, because he immediately began vigorously licking Janie from pussy to asshole. Several times he drove his long tongue into Janie’s fuck hole. In no time at all, Max had Janie in heat. She was lifting her ass and wiggling her pussy at Max’s snout.

Taking his cue, Max jumped up and put his front paws on Janie’s back. He was humping away, but was having no luck finding his target. Janie reached back between her legs and guided his long slender cock to her cunt. As soon as Max sensed he was in his bitch, he lunged forward and jammed about half his cock into his bitch’s hole. With a rapid series of thrusts, Max quickly had his full length in Janie, except his knot. A few more lunges and, with a gasp from Janie, Max’s knot popped into his new bitch’s cunt. Max then stood still and started cuming again. He pumped a steady stream of hot dog cum into Janie. She could feel the heat as it flooded into her depths. After a few minutes, Max tried to climb off Janie, but his knot was solidly stuck in her cunt. So, he turned around and stood tail to tail with Janie. That’s the way they stayed for about twenty minutes. All the while, Max pumped a slow but steady stream of cum into his new bitch, Janie.

When Max’s knot had shrunk enough, he pulled out of Janie with a squishy pop. He left the room, and Sean put him in his kennel. Max had earned a rest.

Janie got another standing ovation and lots of cash thrown to her.

After taking a shower and a short nap, Janie was led to a small, dimly lighted, room. There was a mat on the floor, and one wall had several holes drilled in it. Through the holes a small amount of light streamed. As her eyes adjusted to the dim light, Janie saw a cock emerging from one of the holes in the wall. She immediately began sucking it. As soon as that cock dumped its load, another cock was presented through the wall. Janie spent the next several hours sucking cocks stuck through that wall. She lost count of how many. When no more cocks appeared through the wall, she fell asleep on the mat she had been kneeling on.

It was 2:00 AM Sunday morning when she awoke. Sean figured, and Janie agreed, he owed her $10,325.00 for her services including the dog. He gave her an even $15,000.00 in cash. That, on top of the large amount of tips, came to over $30,000.00. All that cash made Janie one happy slut.

One the way home, Janie told Leslie and me something was bothering her. After fucking Max, she was wondering just what her limits might be.

She would soon find out.

Following Sean’s party, Janie relaxed for a week or so. She even past up a small party at our home the following Saturday. She was tired and sore. She was also somewhat disconcerted over Max, the dog. She wasn’t so upset that she had sucked and fucked Max. Her problem was, she had enjoyed it. Then it dawned on her. She rationalized that, since she was a cum-hungry slut anyway, it didn’t matter where that cum came from. She could, and would, continue to enjoy her sexual encounters with men, women, and beasts.

The added benefit of a swelling bank account didn’t hurt either. She theorized that if she fucked her ass off for now, she could retire about the time she was old enough to vote.

Two weeks following Sean’s last party he had another one on a Saturday night. He had made arrangements with Janie to entertain his guests. As usual, I went as her escort, and she seemed nervous on the ride to Sean’s estate. All she would tell me was she was going to test her limits.

When we got to Sean’s, there were only twelve couples in attendance. Janie could handle them with ease, even if Max joined the party.

Janie’s entertaining began as usual. She fucked and sucked cocks and pussies as they came to her. About midnight, she was taken to a large back room. It was more of an arena than a room. It had a few bleacher seats surrounding a circular dirt area. In the middle of the arena sat a bail of hay covered with a blanket. The arena seemed to be suitable for Sean to show his dogs.

Janie entered and sat on the hay bale. She was wearing some sort of leather harness. As she lie back on the bale and spread her legs, I could see her pussy was dripping with cum. It was evident she had serviced all the guests well.

I was shocked when I realized why Janie had been nervous about testing her limits. Sean then entered the arena leading a pony. The small audience fell silent. The pony was also wearing a leather harness with straps that hung down along his body.

As Sean led the pony to Janie, she got on her knees and stroked the pony’s cock. It began grow and grow. It grew to roughly 2’ in length. It would have dragged the ground had Janie not been holding it up. That thing was at least 3” thick. Surely, Janie wasn’t going to fuck a pony.

I was only slightly relieved when Janie began sucking that monster cock. She could only get the head in her mouth. If the pony came, the damn thing would drown her. When Janie stopped sucking, the pony’s cock stood strong and nearly parallel with the ground.

The pony was led to stand over the hay bale, and Janie again lay back on the bale. With Sean’s help, Janie’s harness was hooked to the straps hanging from the pony. She was supported along her torso by the leather straps and suspended below the pony. Several leather loops hung from each side of the pony’s harness. Janie could control her movements using those loops.

With Janie suspended below the pony’s belly, he could rare up without hurting her. Janie took hold of the loops and pulled her pussy towards the pony’s massive cock. With small adjustments to her position, Janie succeeded in getting the head of the pony’s cock nudging her pussy. All the cum she already had in her acted as lubricant for her pussy. She pulled firmly on the loops, and her pussy lips began to spread. Grunting and groaning as she applied steady pressure, Janie worked more and more of that monster into her cunt. Sweat was beading up all over her body. When the animal lunged forward, Janie gave a loud yelp as the cock’s head entered her badly distorted pussy. Janie’s pussy had never been stretched so wide or so deep. The wine bottle had been as wide as this pony cock, but hadn’t penetrated nearly as much as this animal was.

The audience started cheering her on. In a short while, Janie had about 15” of pony cock in her cunt. Using the straps, she began stroking about 5” of it in and out of her distorted pussy.

Janie had started to enjoy fucking that massive cock. The audience was going wild. The straps worked as intended, and she was doing her best to give the pony a good fuck.

As the pony started cuming, he got excited and reared up. Janie went with him. However, she wasn’t strong enough to hold herself off the invading monster as the pony pranced on his hind legs. She slid down and took another four or five inches of pony cock. The damn thing must have rammed right past her cervix and entered her womb. Cum was running out of Janie’s tortured cunt as the pony pumped huge amounts of his seed into her. A little blood was mixed with the cum.

I ran to Janie. She looked up with tears in her eyes but a faint smile on her lips. She said. “It’s all right, but I guess I found my limit.”

When the pony had finished flooding Janie’s cunt with his cum, he softened. I helped Janie off that monster cock. As it popped out, a massive amount of cum mixed with a little blood flowed out from her gapping cunt and down her legs. I helped Janie to the shower and cleaned her up.

Before leaving, Sean came to Janie. He said that since she had been hurt, he had doubled her fee. The cash he handed Janie was $50,000. Sean also handed her the cash tips his guests had given. They totaled another $6000.00.

On the way home, Janie looked at her money and said. “$56,000.00 for fucking a damn pony. That’s fucking great! But, I don’t think I’ll ever do it again. That damn thing hurt! I think I’ll stick to men and women....and maybe a few dogs now and then.”

I smiled at Janie as she dozed beside me. I couldn’t help but think to my self. ‘This cum hungry slut is going to make us all very rich.’
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