Slut Leslie calls home after many years. Her twin siblings ask for help
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Slut in Training III:
Family Affair

I am an independent handyman. Over the years, by working for myself, I’ve been able to save up a nice little nest egg. I thought I had saved enough to be comfortable if something should happen and I couldn’t work. That was until I met, and fell in love with, Leslie.

Over the past four years, I have lived with my girlfriend, Leslie. With my help, she had run away from home to accompany me to California. At that time, she had just turned 14-years-old. Maybe I was going a little middle-aged crazy. I was then 35-years-old.

Over the course of a month or so, I had taken her from being a cute, naive, virgin into a cute, cum hungry, slut. She would eagerly take it in her pussy, down her throat, or up her ass. She absolutely loved sex. I had initially intended to train her sexually, and then send her home to be a local slut. That’s what she had initially said she wanted as well.

However, all that changed when we fell in love with each other. She had indeed become a slut, but she was my slut. I had awoken a great sexual hunger in Leslie. As I pushed 40-years-old, I knew I would never come close to satisfying that hunger alone. Therefore, I gladly shared her with numerous young men. Her young men included a few well-hung blacks. She has thoroughly serviced up to a dozen men in a single night.

All the men I brought to Leslie had to follow only two standing rules. One, no one was allowed to hurt her. Two, they had to stop when one of us told them to stop. Except for those two rules, they could use Leslie any way they liked.

Since we had gotten together, I had devoted all my attention to Leslie. I hadn’t worked in nearly four years. I also enjoyed giving Leslie nice gifts. After a year or so of wild sexual activities and many gifts, my bank account was starting to get thin.

So, when Leslie offered to help with the finances, I accepted. When Leslie asked if she could help contribute to our expenses she had but one marketable asset. Her body was a gold mine.

The only change in our lifestyle would be that the young men she saw would have to start paying for her favors. After an extended discussion, we decided that for $50.00 a man could fuck her anyway he liked. $125.00 would get him invited to a party where Leslie was the primary entertainment. He could fuck her as many times as he was capable of, in as many ways as he liked, for as long as the party lasted. The two primary rules still applied.

The past three years have been very lucrative for us. We now own our own large home in southern California. It is well furnished and equipped with the latest video and audio recording gear. The activities in any room can be monitored and/or recorded. Our bank account has swollen, and we each drive sports cars. Most nights we spend together. But, on Friday and/or Saturday nights, Leslie does her best to entertain her many friends.

For her 19th birthday, Leslie said she wanted to contact her family. We believed I could still be thrown in jail for various charges related to her running away. So, we decided to travel to Florida for a vacation. She could call her family along the way. If they traced the call, we would be long gone before the authorities could find us.

On the way to Florida, we stopped at a payphone in a rest area somewhere near New Orleans. From there, Leslie called her parents for the first time in four years. They had given up searching for her after almost a year of looking and hoping she’d come home.

They never suspected a kidnapping. At the time she ran away with me, Leslie had left a note saying she was tired of her father’s yelling at home and his calling her vile names. She wrote she was going to New York City. They had believed her note. The cops had told them that, beyond putting out an alert, there was very little they could do.

Her mother answered the phone when Leslie called. She immediately began crying when she realized it was Leslie. Leslie told her. “I’m fine and living with a wonderful man. He treats me well and never yells at me.”

Her twin brother and sister, Billy and Janie, got on extensions and asked a million questions. They were then 15; just a bit older than Leslie had been when she began her training as a slut. The twins seemed to envy her for getting away.

Leslie’s father grabbed the phone from his wife and instantly started yelling at Leslie. “How could you do this to your mother. She’s been crying for years over you. Where the hell are you?”

Tears had begun flowing from Leslie’s eyes.

“I can’t tell you, Daddy.” Leslie sobbed.

“You get your ugly ass home! You hear me?” He screamed so loud he could easily be heard outside the phone booth. I could plainly hear him even though Leslie had the phone held tightly to her ear. I knew then why she had been so eager to run away from home. He was a badgering asshole who had belittled her until she had decided to get out at any cost.

”I’m 19 now! I don’t have to take your shit. So, fuck you!” Leslie yelled back. Her father slammed down the phone, but the twins were still on their extensions. They quietly talked to Leslie. They wanted her to figure out a way they could communicate without their father knowing. Leslie told them she’d figure something out and hung up.

Leslie cried for the next 100 miles. She had calmed a bit when we stopped at a roadside motel for the night. That night, as I held her snugly in my arms, she told me of her life with her family. Her father had never beaten her, but she could never do anything well enough to satisfy him. She said. “He called me an ugly, flat-chested, little bitch all the time. He told me that nice boys would only laugh at me.”

That was why, when I came along, she was looking for someone, anyone, to love her and get her out of that house.

Whatever the reasons, I had fallen in love with her within a few weeks of our getting together. She had made me feel loved as well. When she had come to me, she was a slender, nearly flat-chested young girl. She had grown into a beautiful young woman. She had also developed a great set of tits. I was damn proud to have her as my girlfriend.

That night we didn’t make love. We just held each other tightly as we dozed off.

Late the next afternoon, we arrived at our destination. We were staying at a theme park in central Florida.

As she unpacked, I went to explore the park’s shops. I found just what I wanted, a surprise birthday present for Leslie. I hoped she would like and accept it.

That night, we had dinner at one of the parks nicer restaurants. The place was packed with diners. Leslie said she noticed I was a little quieter than usual. I told her I had something on my mind.

“I hope my call to the family isn’t bothering you.” She said.

“Absolutely not! But, I’m sitting on something that is.”

She giggled and said. “I’ll take care of that in a little while.”

I softly took her hand, and said. “I was hoping you’d take care of it now. I’d sure hate to have to take this back.”

I then pulled the small velvet box out of my pocket, opened it, and held it out to Leslie. “Leslie, we have been together about four years now. I think you know I love you very much. Will you marry me?”

Her eyes flew wide open, and the tears began flowing. She held out her shaking left hand. I slipped the diamond engagement ring on the ring finger of her left hand. She nearly yanked me over the table to lay a long passionate kiss on me.

We noticed everybody in the restaurant was watching us as we sat back down. She looked at her hand, and yelled so loudly that everyone in the entire restaurant could hear. “YES! YES! YES!” The room erupted in applause.

Back in our room that night, Leslie fucked me until I couldn’t go anymore. She used all her considerable skills on me. She rode my cock from on top until I came in her pussy. Then, I dumped a load in her ass. Finally, she took my cock deep into her throat.

Starting with the head of my cock, she licked and sucked her way down to my balls. After gently sucking each ball, then both balls, into her mouth, she moved on to my ass. She expertly reamed my asshole, driving her tongue as deep as she could into my ass. Even though I had already cum twice, Leslie’s expert treatment got my cock up one more time. As I lay on my back, she took me in her mouth. She slowly and gently licked and sucked until I shot my last load of the night deep in her throat.

We had a great time in Florida. Our vacation turned into a long engagement party for two. We returned home two weeks later.

When we returned to California, Leslie began trying to figure out how to secretly communicate with her brother and sister.

Leslie knew her brother and sister had a computer. We weren’t familiar with computers, but one of our party friends was. We soon found out about E-mail and instant messaging. In exchange for a free evening with Leslie, our friend provided us with a good system. He also taught us how to use it.

Leslie set up an account with an internet service provider that offered something called blind forwarding. Somehow, that kept others from tracing her messages. She was soon communicating almost daily with her brother and sister.

They were thrilled to find out about our upcoming marriage. We had planned our wedding for the following spring. They wanted to attend the wedding, but their father wouldn’t hear of it. The twins said he had gotten worse after Leslie’s call. He screamed at them all the time now. He had even slapped Janie the previous Saturday morning just because she hadn’t brushed her hair before breakfast. He frequently called them both terrible names.

The twins would be 16-years-old next March, just in time for our April wedding. They were begging to join us, even if they didn’t know where we were. It looked like I was about to go into the runaway business again.

Leslie and I had several discussions about the twins coming to stay with us. We agreed they could come live with us. I was concerned about them being around during our parties. Leslie suggested we train the twins, as I had trained her, if they willingly agreed to be trained. After all, her training had provided us with a great living and all the cock she wanted. So, why not train her brother and sister.

I told her I loved the idea, but I would leave Billy’s training up to her. I would train Janie.

When the end of March rolled around, Leslie had arranged with her mother to have the twins stay overnight with, and baby-sit for, a neighborhood couple. There was no neighborhood couple, and there would be no babysitting. Leslie’s mother still didn’t know where we were, but she thought the twins would be better off with us wherever we were. She had no idea how we paid the bills.

On the appointed night, the twins hopped a city bus for the airport. They caught a flight we had reserved for them to LAX. We picked them up there, and brought them to our home. The family reunion was joyful and tearful.

Billy was a good looking kid. He was about 5’9” and solidly built. He apparently worked out. His blonde hair was cut very short.

Like her older sister, Janie was beautiful teen. Like her brother, she too stood about 5’9”, but she had a slender build. She had already developed a nice set of C-cup tits. When Leslie saw I was staring at Janie’s tits, she smiled and winked at me.

When we got the kids home later that night, Leslie and I sat them down and explained our lifestyle to them. She left out the part about how I had helped her run away. They listened quietly to every word as Leslie spoke. She told them how I had taught her to enjoy many forms of sex. We showed them around our large house and pointed out many of our other high-end possessions. They looked startled when we told them, in detail, how we had paid it.

As they returned to the living room, I spoke to them. “Now kids, you have a choice to make. Feel free to make up your own minds with no pressure from either Leslie or me. You may stay with us and attend school until you’re ready to go out on your own. Or, Leslie and I will be happy to train you as I have trained her. Your decisions must be yours, and yours alone. If you accept training, you will soon have a skill that can take you anywhere you want to go. Billy, you probably won’t make nearly as much money as Janie, but you will never lack for girlfriends. Janie, with your great body and looks, you can make a fortune if you want. If one, or both of you, doesn’t want to be trained, that’s OK. You can still stay with us. However, if you’re not being trained, you must stay in school and away from the parties we have. If you do accept training, you will be expected to contribute to the family income. Think about it, and give us your answer tomorrow.”

The twins looked at each other, looked around the nicely decorated living room, looked at each other again, and said in unison. “Please, train us.”

Like I had with their sister, I told them in graphic terms the type of training they would be receiving. Leslie would train Billy to properly service a woman. Billy would be expected to eat and fuck a woman’s pussy and ass, and anything else a female may like him to do. Some times his client’s pussy may not be as clean and fragrant as it could be. You will be expected to do your job in spite of it. In the future, he may, if he chooses, service some of our male customers as well.

Billy grimaced at that. Janie giggled.

I told Janie she shouldn’t laugh. She may end up servicing a woman now and then as well. We told them I would be training Janie in the ways of pleasuring a man. Like her sister, she would be expected to suck, swallow cum, fuck, take it in the ass, and lick her customer’s asshole clean. She too grimaced.

“Are you still willing to be trained?” I asked.

After looking at each other again, together they answered. “Yes! We want to be trained.”

“Very well! Are you virgins?” I asked. They bowed their heads and quietly nodded. “Yes.”

“OK then. We might as well get started. Billy, go with Leslie. Janie, you come with me. You’re both about to get fucked.”

A look of concern came over their faces, but they said nothing.

I kissed Leslie, and we took our trainees to separate bedrooms. We had previously agreed, that if they accepted training, we would only fuck them the first night. They would learn everything else soon enough.

Leslie had the easiest job that night. As she entered what would soon be Billy’s room, she had him sit on the edge of the bed. As she slowly undressed in front of her brother, the first time since he had been 5 or 6-years-old, 16-year-old Billy quickly got a hard-on. When Leslie was completely nude, she reclined on the bed. She had Billy stand and remove his clothes. Though he was still a kid, Billy had a respectable cock. It was slender but nearly 6” long. He still had some growing to do.

Billy stared at his sister’s tits. “Your breasts are bigger than Janie’s.”

“You can call them tits, Billy! And you don’t have a penis; it’s a cock, prick, or dick. Have you seen Janie’s tits often, Billy?” Leslie asked.

“Oh no! I’ve watched her through the window only a couple of times as she dressed after a shower.”

“Did you ever suck them?”

“No!” Billy seemed shocked that Leslie had even asked such a question.

Leslie extended her arms to her brother and said. “Would you like to suck mine?”

Billy bowed his head. “Uh, yeah!” He said in a whisper.

“Well, come on then. Lay with me.” Leslie beckoned to her brother.

Coming out of his shell, Billy scrambled onto the bed with his sister. He practically dove on top of her.

Leslie held his head tightly between her breasts to slow him down. Once she calmed him down a little, he did a pretty fair job of fondling and sucking her tits. In a short while, Leslie guided Billy’s hard cock to the opening of her pussy. Without further encouragement, he rammed his full length into his first cunt. After only a few hard strokes, Billy called out. “I’m cuming!” Billy then dumped his load of cum into his sister’s hole.

Leslie patted Billy on the back and said to him. “Next time you must go a lot slower. You can never please a woman by being in such a hurry. She then sent him to the shower. She would teach him to take his time later.

In the mean time, I had taken Janie to the master bedroom. She seemed very nervous until I told her Leslie had also been scared the first time. I stripped to my underwear and lay on the bed. Like her sister before her, I told Janie to strip, stand in the middle of the room, and slowly turn so I could see all of her sweet, young, body.

Very slowly, Janie removed her clothes. When she got down to her panties and bra, she stopped and stood still.

I firmly said. “Everything!”

She jumped a little and finished removing her underwear. As she turned, she reminded me so much of Leslie. She had firm shapely legs, smooth flat belly, round ass, full blonde bush, and a beautiful set of C-cup tits.

“You’re beautiful, baby.” I told her.

A grin spread over her face, and she nearly ran and jumped into my bed. She asked. “Really? You think I’m beautiful? No one has ever told me that. Daddy had once told me I was so ugly, no man would want me. He told me he would probably have to fuck me himself because no decent boy would want me.”

I pulled her close and told her. “He’s an ass. You are beautiful, and many men will want you, and they will pay for the privilege to be with you. Just wait and see.”

With that, I turned her onto her back and kissed and licked my way from her lips to her breasts. I sucked her nipples until they stood erect. Janie’s virgin pussy became very wet as I petted it. I rolled onto her and moved down until my face was inches from her virgin pussy. I ate her juicy pussy until she had two screaming orgasms.

I then moved up her body, kissed her willing lips, and spoke softly in her ear. “This is going to hurt a little, but it won’t hurt long.”

She smiled at me and said. “I know. My friends at school told me about the pain when they lost their virginity. They said the pain would soon become really good feelings.”

When I thought she was wet enough, I moved the head of my cock to her virgin pussy’s entrance. Spreading her fresh pussy’s lips with my fingers, I pushed my cock’s head into her tight opening. After holding still for a few seconds, I shoved in a couple of inches until my cock bumped into her hymen.

Janie tensed and pressed her legs tightly against my sides.

I took short strokes until she seemed to relax. After a few minutes, she let her legs spread wide again. I pulled back until just the head of my cock was still in her. Then, kissing her firmly, and holding her tightly, I plunged my cock deep into her depths.

As I drove through her cherry, Janie tried to scream. With my mouth covering hers, only a muffled cry came out.

With my cock deep in her pussy, I held still, until I felt her body relax a little. Then, beginning slowly, I stroked in and out of her tight hole. Janie didn’t return my thrusts, but she did start moaning and rolling her head. At that point, I sped up.

Janie was moaning louder as her orgasm approached. When she thrust her hips up to me, I slammed deeply into her fuck hole and dumped the first of many loads of cum this young cunt would soon be getting. With a deep passionate kiss, I sent Janie to the shower.

When the twins got out of the shower, they joined Leslie and I in the living room. Leslie told them strip.

The twins looked at each other and hesitated. Leslie explained to them that they had much to learn. They needed to get comfortable with their own, as well as other people’s bodies. Billy and Janie shrugged and slowly removed their clothes.

With the twins standing next to each other nude, I pointed out how great Janie’s tits looked. I also said I thought her pussy would be good to eat once her cherry’s blood dried up. Leslie commented on the nice size of Billy’s cock and how good his cum would taste.

The twins looked embarrassed. They would very soon get over any embarrassment they were feeling. Their lessons would be nearly constant for the next several weeks.

We then sent them to bed, in the same room. They were given permission, no encouraged, to explore each other as they wished. They needed to learn there would be no taboos for their lusts. Billy and Janie had begun training for a new life. Training that would take them far from the home and life they had just left behind.

Before Leslie and I retired, Leslie switched on the recording equipment in the twin’s room.
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