Omegle Chat with a filthy bitch
You both like dirty talk.

You: m

Stranger: F

You: age?

Stranger: 22

You: 25

You: england

Stranger: Australia

You: I will get you wet

Stranger: You will? ;)

You: just watch and see :)

You: describe yourself

Stranger: Red hair slim d cup

You: dark hair, green eyes, slim, average height

Stranger: Now lets see if you can do what you said ;)

You: body shape and pussy?

Stranger: Curvy bare pussy tight

You: shaved or waxed?

Stranger: waxed

You: you got me going there mmm a tight pussy

You: nice and smooth

You: what are you wearing?

Stranger: lace bra and panties

You: tight boxers and a t-shirt

Stranger: mmm i hope they get tighter after talking to me

You: yeah there starting to bulge slut

You: you turn me on

Stranger: oh thankyou master

You: my cock would like to taste your aussie cunt

Stranger: Oh i would love to shove it all in

You: slowly take off your panties and slide them down to your ankles

You: then spread your legs outs dirty slut

You: love giving direction, I am a dominant man

Stranger: ok master i love being submissive

You: done it bitch?

Stranger: yes

You: I'd stroke your inner tights to excite you more

Stranger: mmmm master i love it when you touch me

You: stroke your pussy imagine my cock grinding against it

Stranger: i have a dildo next to me master should i use it?

You: not know you horny filthy slut

You: do as I say

You: *now

Stranger: ok master i am doing it

You: I see you want cock already

You: someone seems to have gotten excited here

Stranger: im sorry master i should have known my place

You: start rubbing you clit my cum slut

Stranger: ok master

You: aroused aren't you?

Stranger: yes

You: told you I'd get you wet

You: how tight are you bitch?

Stranger: very

You: well I am just a bit shy of 7 inch

Stranger: wow master i love huge cocks

You: but I am sure we'd find a way to stuff my dick into you

You: I'd prep you bitch

You: start fingering thinking of my dick

You: now!

Stranger: ok master im doing it

You: think how much better my cock would feel in there littleslut

Stranger: mmmm

You: I'd ram it in once I had preped you for it

Stranger: mmmm yes master

You: my cock would fill up your little pussy

You: go faster and harder with the fingering I want you ready for your masters juicy cock

Stranger: plez master may i ask are you touching yourself also?

You: not much I am just trying to edge

You: but my cock is very hard

Stranger: plez master i want to cum when you do

You: I'd stick it into if you were there

You: take your bra off now!

Stranger: ok master

Stranger: its off

You: describe your boobs

Stranger: d cup small perky nipples

You: touch yourself

You: I'd be playing with your fine tits

You: you take a lot pleasure when people play with your boobs?

You: I want my dick between your tits

Stranger: i want to give you a boobjob master

You: yeah mmm my cock wants you

You: put one finger in your mouth

You: that's what I would do

Stranger: i want to please you master

You: I love controlling my little sluts

Stranger: the finger i used to touch myself?

You: be an obedient filthy slut for me

You: yeah

Stranger: yes master i loved to be controlled

Stranger: ok i am putting it in

You: you can't even start to imagine how turned on I get about it

Stranger: i live to please you master

You: you're a good little servant I'd like to taste your pussy

Stranger: mmm i would love it master

You: you turn me on

Stranger: thankyou master

You: was just stroking my cock hard

You: take you dildo now

You: *your

Stranger: i have it master what should i do with it?

You: is it electric?

Stranger: yes

You: switch in on and start stroking your pussy with the tip

Stranger: yes master

Stranger: mmm master i wish you were doing this to me

You: up and down I want you to melt

You: tease yourself

Stranger: mmm master please i want it in me i want to imagine your hard cock buried in my pussy

You: suddenly let it dive deep into you

You: keep it there

Stranger: mmmm master!

You: deep penetration

You: wait a few seconds more

You: and take if you out when I tell you

You: now!

Stranger: ok master

You: start puming that dildo into your pussy

Stranger: mmmm that felt amazing!

Stranger: ok master!

You: nice movement imagine my cock ramming into you

You: was just stroking my cock again really hard

You: that was good

You: you naught girl

You: I love dirty talk

You: I want to own you little cunt

Stranger: oh i want you to own it

You: you starting to make you me even hornier slut

You: I want to fuck you NOW

Stranger: i want you to fuck me hard!

Stranger: i want it deep in my little filthy whore pussy

You: I'd take you rough and talk filthy

You: just like I like it

You: mmm

Stranger: mm master i love it when you are rough to my little slut body

You: still going strong with pre master dick

You: it's just a prelude to my cock

You: would be much more intense

Stranger: mmmm i would love to have you cum in my little slutty pussy i would want to see it overflow with your seed

You: I'd give you my precious nectar

You: also tits and into your face slowing into your hair

You: I want you covered in my jizz

Stranger: oh my god that is amazing i just want it all over me

You: are you drippping?

Stranger: yes i am holding it so i can cum when you do so plez tell me when

You: feel you're ready for my cock to replace that dildo

You: will cum soon my filthy whore

Stranger: mmm i want to be called worse i love being called names master

You: good that turn me on

You: cum very sooon

Stranger: mmm please master i want you to cum in my little bitch slut pussy

You: mmmh I am on the edge

Stranger: i want your seed all over me i want to drown in it

Stranger: please cum for your little cum slave

Stranger: cum baby please i want it all over me!

You: mmm

You: siht

You: I have cum

Stranger: mmmm

Stranger: please when your ready call me names and ill shove the dildo in my pussy and cum!

You: I want that tight aussie pussy

You: yes lowly cunt

You: you cum for me

Stranger: call me a bitch!

You: bitch you felt so good

You: are you doing this for a living slut?

You: I throw the money in your face

You: I own your cunt

Stranger: IM CUMMING!

You: that dildo is only whne i am not there

You: *when

You: just moan for me whore

Stranger: mmmm plez!

You: say out loud "that was almost as good as your cook master!"

You: I want to full-fill your pussy

You: make you my little cum bitch

You: you will be a full-fill-ed dirty slut

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