Story spans a period of about 12 years.

Romance, incest, male/ 2 females, softcore

This story is a biography, based on fact (as best as I can remember) with interwoven fiction. It spans a period of about 12 years.

The background development can be found in the early chapters of this series.
They are easily accessible by clicking on my username.



I arrived at the shop just before finish time and settled myself on the usual seat.
It was not long before Sarah came out and walked towards me. The closer she came the slower she seemed to be walking.
She explained that her legs were very tired and seemed to be a little sore at the top – pointing to the front of her upper legs. Obviously, she was not used to being on her feet for 2 shifts in one day.

I told her that she could rest up as soon as we were home – I would look after dinner – she need not do anything.

We started for the car but she became slower and slower, obviously in some discomfort. I told her I would give her a piggyback to the car. I bent down and she climbed on board. With 2 arms around my neck she held on tight. The feel of her body, so close, was, very pleasant. Nearly to the car, I asked how she was.

“Real nice” she replied.
Knowing ‘real nice’ normally meant she was having an orgasm, I questioned
“Do you mean........................” and before I could finish, she whispered in my ear,
“my nipples have gone hard from my breasts bouncing on your back!”


Finally, settling in to the car, I said to her “sorry I bounced you so much.”
She replied “you can piggyback me any time you like!”

Before we started driving I asked her to pinpoint the soreness in her legs. She pulled up her dress. “Not up that far!” I cautioned. I could see almost all her blonde pubic hairs - and so would anyone else that happened to be looking in the car window. She was so like Lucy. No Inhibitions.

Summing up the situation, I suggested that I stop at the drugstore and get an extra heat pad.
Then she could put her legs up with 2 heat pads applied. After that, I would give her legs a proper massage. In the meantime, I would be able to read up on the basics of massage from the manual that came with the table.

While we were driving home Sarah decided to phone Lucy and update her on the day’s events.
After describing happenings at the shop in detail she told how her legs were sore……. how I had had to piggyback her…..and how it made her nipples go hard. No detail was left out.
Also, she explained that after some heat treatment I was going to massage her legs.

Just before she hung up I heard Sarah say “ I had not thought about the date…………………I will ask Jimmy if he will do it.”


Arriving at the apartment, it was another piggyback up the front steps.
Inside the apartment she turned around so I could undo her zipper. She let the dress drop to the floor and flopped on to the sofa. As expected, she was completely naked.

I sat alongside her, on the edge of the sofa, and asked about her phone conversation with Lucy.
She told me that Lucy had reminded her that Lucy’s ‘recess’ ended today and that she should not wait for her return before having another session. “Would you give me a session, on the table, after the massage?” she asked.

I must have been celibate for about 56 hours - and that seemed like forever! I think I was suffering withdrawal symptoms! My earlier moralistic ideas had completely vanished.

However, I did not want to appear to be too enthusiastic. I liked Sarah to think that I was doing her a favor giving her intercourse sessions. I hesitated a little with an “ah” before I agreed.
Over the time since we had purchased the table, Sarah had had ‘massages’ but the timing had never been right for her to have a session after a massage. Now, it seemed, we were just going to make it before her ’recess’ started.


I heated the pads in the microwave, passed them to her, and organized the food. The pads required a number of reheatings in order to have any benefit. Sarah stayed on the sofa and watched TV. After nearly 2 hours I helped her off the sofa.

On standing, her legs seemed improved enough to have a shower before her massage.

When inside the bathroom Sarah said “Jimmy, would you come in the shower with me ………… it will be quite ok…………I might need some help………….I’m not sure how I will go bending?”

This had to be another special occasion! I did not need any coaxing to get in the shower with Sarah again. It was always a sensual experience being so close to Sarah particularly when she circled her hands around and over her wet shiny breasts. They looked so inviting, but…………….!!
This time my dick did start to get hard. Luckily it did not embarrass me by going all the way.
After all, there was a right time and a wrong time.


”It would have been nice to have a regular ‘massage’ as well……………. but I’m all showered now.” Sarah said as she settled on the table. Like Lucy, Sarah had developed a liking for ‘massages’. Realizing that here was a good opportunity to accumulate more’ brownie points’, I suggested that I could give her a light rub all over, without oil, if she felt that it would make her feel more relaxed.
“Would you………….that would be great” she responded.

As it was usual to start on the back, Sarah sat up in order to change position. As she did so, she lent over and kissed me on the cheek………..”You’re just so good to me!” Seizing on a further opportunity to possibly triple those ‘brownie points’, I said “we’ve got plenty of time and I don’t feel too tired.”
Sarah looked a little concerned, and replied “just stop if necessary………….I would not like you to be too tired to put your dick in.”

Looking at Sarah stretched out on her front, I admired her beautiful shape. With some limitations, I now had a valid excuse to feel Sarah all over – something I could not do in any other situation.
I felt a little guilty lying to her about ‘being tired’, and making her feel I was doing her a favor.
In fact, I really liked feeling the girls’ bodies. It was made even better by the fact that they loved being pleasured in this way. Sarah had never failed to orgasm several times during her ‘massages. I wondered how she would go, this time, without the more sensual feeling of the body oil.

I started at her shoulders and gave the muscles around her neck a gentle ‘massage’. As I moved my hands down and around her back my eyes were attracted to the bulges of her breasts, caused by her weight on the table. When I slid my hands in unison to and fro over both bulges, I heard Sarah’s soft voice “ah ……….more!”
Obviously, the bulges were sensitive to touching. Clearly, she did not want me to move on yet, so I continued rubbing lightly over the bulges. At this point my dick started responding to Sarah’s pleasure. I could feel it get a little fat. If Sarah kept “” I would, too quickly, finish up real hard.

I now slid my hands to her bottom. Like her breasts, it was soft yet firm – not too big or too small, but beautiful to feel. As I moved on to her upper legs she spread them a little, clearly exposing her blonde hairs. I slid my hands, one after the other, down the outside and up inside of her legs. By opening her legs, I had a feeling Sarah was sending me a message. As I slid my hand up the inside of her leg, I made sure that the side of my finger lightly brushed her slit. Immediately I heard ………”ah…….ah”. Then I did the same on the other leg. And again, I heard………”ah …….ah”.
No doubt, Sarah was enjoying an orgasm – and I was sure my dick had gone up a notch.

I extended my pleasure by spending further time feeling down the length of her legs and on to her feet. I really enjoyed feeling Sarah’s shapely legs. There was not an ounce of fat on them.

It was time to give her the proper massage as planned, so Sarah rolled over to her back. With her legs down she had a beautiful and sensual high mound. Her full blonde bush was now right in front of me. I had seemed to develop a phobia about the girls’ pubic hairs. In the back of my mind, somehow, I had the idea that the girls might trim them - or worse! So I quickly gave Sarah’s bush a visual examination. It was difficult to resist the temptation not to rub my fingers through her hairs when they were so close, but at least I could see no evidence of tampering.

Now, starting on the tops of her legs I checked for sore points, and then kept short term point pressure on them. I was careful not to overdo that and finished with a general pressure massage of the upper front legs.

“That was good……I feel really relaxed……are you ok to put your dick in me now?” she asked.
“I’m right………….I’ll wipe off surplus oil and you can move to the end of the table.” I replied.


I had finished adjusting the table when Sarah commented “your dick looks only half hard……… you think it will go in like that?
“It would go in, but don’t worry………………when I’m standing between your legs and I can
see where my dick is going ………….it will become real hard!” I told her.

She opened her legs wide so I could get into standing position between them. Just looking at her blonde hairy triangle again was enough to do the job. By the time I had moved her hairs and exposed her slit, I was rock hard. After 56 hours my dick was more than ready.

Although I had seen Sarah’s slit many times I had never really studied it closely. This standing position was just perfect for that.

The first thing I noted was that it was different to Lucy’s. Even with her legs open, Sarah’s slit was close together, all smooth, until the top. Here, her inner lips started to show and her pleasure spot was clearly protruding. Lucy on the other hand, had inner lips which protruded slightly all the way, from top to bottom. I really liked the way Sarah’s looked.

I remembered Lucy telling me that all females looked different here.
Just like males, who had different size dicks.

Sarah could see that I was looking closely - “I’ll open it for you…………………. so you can have a good look before you put it in.”

She put a hand each side of the slit and opened it wide. The inner lips were clearly showing now, but, because her slit was normally so tight, they were otherwise hidden inside. Everything was there, that should be there. I thought my dick was hard - now it felt like it was about to burst. I had to hold it tight at the base just in case. I would be embarrassed if I lost control and squirted before I even got the head inside Sarah.

“Do you like it?” she asked.
“Yes……….it is very neat” I replied, looking at such a seductive vision but trying not to sound excited.

What I really wanted to say was ‘its beautiful, just made for my dick……..I want to plunge my 8 inches all the way and never take it out.’

Sarah continued “Can you put your dick now…………while I hold it open for you………………I feel ready…………does it look wet……… we need some lube on it?”.

We had been using lube on the head of my dick for regular sessions because Sarah was so tight. It made it a lot easier to push it in. Lucy had said that if the head of my dick was not so huge, lube would not be necessary. Once my head got in, however, it was fine.

Anyway, Sarah never complained that the head of my dick was too big for her!

I said that I did not think we needed lube. All she needed to do was continue to hold her outer lips wide apart.

Moving closer, I pushed the head in, right at the top of her slit and firmly up against her pleasure spot. Next, I pulled out slowly letting the head ‘flip’ on her spot – the same way the girls did when the were in charge. I could now see that the head was shiny with Sarah’s slippery so knew that I could start pushing all the way.

One of the best features of this position was that I could clearly see exactly what was happening. As I went further in, my dick was surrounded by Sarah’s beautiful blonde bush. It just seemed to disappear. A bit further in and it appeared to be embedded in a ‘sea of gold’.

I stopped at about 6 inches and withdrew 2 inches just so I could watch it reappear. Now, nearly all my dick was shiny from Sarah’s slippery.

I did not realize that I had become so distracted looking at my dick sitting inside Sarah until she said “Jimmy, what are you doing………… is going soft………….come right in and start working it so it goes back hard……….. real hard!!”

I addition, I had lost some of my urge, but that was soon fixed. I slid right up to her pubes and with some gentle thrusts, I was ready. Sarah seemed to know that the time was right………..she said loudly “now!” I only needed one invitation and gave her 2 good squirts.

“More……..a bit more” I heard Sarah say. “You usually give me more than that”
Unfortunately, I seemed to be finished.

“Leave it inside me for a while if you like………….it still feels good.” Sarah added.

I was very happy to leave my dick in her and watch it as I slid slowly back and forth. It was still lost in her bush. At this point my dick had softened only slightly. If we had been using the regular position, instead of the table, I would have been near to deflated.

While I was still inside Sarah, I decided to test her sensitivity to any changes to my dick. While it was still not fully hard I used my squirting muscle to ‘harden’ my dick. I did it once and looked at Sarah – no response. So I did it again.

This time she responded “something is happening to your dick………………it seems to going hard and then soft……………..are you doing that?.....................I like it……………do it some more!”
I did it a few more times when Sarah asked “Can you slide it out so I can see what you do?”

When I slid out, it still had a little softness. It was hanging at a slight downward angle – just perfect for showing Sarah what I was doing. I suggested that she put her hand completely under my dick so that she was holding the weight of it. “Now watch.” I said. Exerting pressure on the muscle again, I made it expand and rise momentarily, although not quite off her hand.

“Ooooooooh…………… it again………….I felt it move and saw it get bigger…… then, drop back down…………………I like the feel of it ………………….do it again ……………. ooooooh…………… I’m starting to ………….ooooh!!”

Encouraged by Sarah’s delight at what was happening, my dick had, in fact, now risen off her hand and gone completely hard again. Clearly, here was an illustration of the advantages of the standing position. No energy was wasted. It could all be used for the job at hand.

Sarah tested my dick with 2 fingers saying “yes…………it’s now real hard again………..and all shiny from me……………can I put it back in?”

She took hold of it as usual and pushed the head in to her. It certainly did not need any lube as I could see plenty of wet running out, right along her slit – just perfect.

“I think I know how to fix one of Lucy’s negatives with this position………I will try something!”

She placed her index finger on her pleasure spot and held it down slightly.
Then she asked me to slide in and out as usual. “Yes……….that’s better ……….. yes!!
................ that’s real good…………come right in…………..yes…………….yesssssssssss!

With the combination of my dick sliding in Sarah and her very obvious pleasure, I could feel my excitement and urge quickly building. “Are you ready……….” I breathed.
“yes ……………. I’m ready now!” Sarah whispered.

I squirted 3 or 4 times. I don’t know whether I had anything left to squirt, but it sure felt good anyway.

I slid out very slowly, watching my dick gradually reappear from pleasureland. This would have been the best session I had ever given Sarah.

Looking up, I could see her eyes were closed. Surely she could not expect to go to sleep in the position she was in? I realized that the best thing to do was to pick her up and place her on the bed. I looked at her, naked in my arms, and thought - I must have done something good in an earlier life to be sent such a bundle of pleasure to look after. Maybe she was an Angel – in disguise!

I put her on the bed. She did not even stir - she must have liked the table position. I put the table away and hopped into bed myself. No doubt, I would hear Sarah’s assessment in the morning.

Although this session had been a lot different to the usual, I was quite comfortable that I had not breeched any boundaries. Any differences were purely ‘educational’ and simply expanded on Sarah’s experiences of intercourse.

Continued…………………………..THE LAST DAY
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