Mommy and me living in a new town, with new people... Living out some new adventures !

After this famous (or infamous) anniversary, my mum got into her first serious relationship after my dad - with my coach. We both moved in with him in his house (he was living alone, has no kids) after few months already. Everything's just great. Mum's happier than ever, I'm closer to my football teammates, who are more or less all my real friends. Mum's still working in the office, I'm finishing school and our football team is more and more succesful. Mom and my brand new step-dad get along really great, and they have my full support.

But, enough of the casual family life... I'm sure you are eager to know what happened to that filthy, cum swallowing, worn out slut, that was fucking with my entire football team and had even other fuck friends by the side - my mom. Well, they say some things never change. And some even say, that the more open the relationship is, the healthier it stays.

In our case, both statements are true. My biggest fear was that my coach will now get jealous and all that crap... But it was just the opposite - he enjoys whoring my mom Liz out to others, just like I do. She's pretty busy now.

In the morning, she first calms down coach's (his name is Brad) morning hard-on, then they go to work. After work, she makes lunch. Then, she ussually cuddles at home with Brad and me, or she's getting another fucking from someone else - one of my single teammates (about 5 or 6 teammates are now regularly fucking her, whenever they feel like it and she's up for it,ofcourse.), or maybe one of her ''friends with benefits''. Good girl as she is, she never forgot about them.

At those times, when she meets a fuck friend in a bar or somewhere, me and Brad help her choose clothes and underwear, give her advices, and in the end, we kiss her goodbye and wish her a good fun. We then ussually laugh to our own dirty ideas and comments while waiting for her. When she comes, we both enjoy the same thing: seeing mum's happy face, and her messy body. We don't stop teasing her until she's sitting in Brad's lap, and she tells us all about how she just got pounded into her sweet pussy.

Poor mum - all that ofcourse gets us hard, too, so she can't just lie down and give her wonderful body a rest. She jerks me off, or I just jerk myself off on her, while Brad fucks her with his rock hard cock.

The stamina she got with all my teammates comes handy for her nowadays. She got much closer with them, too. Pretty much all single guys are having fun with her on regular basis.

She was once pounded six times during the day, and she just lied on the couch in the evening, freshly showered and pretty worn out after a day of wild sex. Then, one of our teammates called me if she's home, that he's horny as hell, if he could come to see her.

I almost lied she isn't home - for her sake - but she stopped me, took my phone, and said, ''Sweetheart, you're always welcome at our house. Ofcourse you can come see me.''. I looked at her, saying ''Mum, It's okay, he would understand that you're fucked up. He would respect that and you could just make up for him tomorrow. Look at you, poor girl, you're already all sore !''

''Honey, I know, but I'll survive. I already got back used to you, 20 years old bulls so much, that I feel like being in high school again. And I understand, that you guys are young and healthy, and therefore you're eager for some... Relaxation. And if I was relaxing guys 6 times today, I'll cope with the seventh, too.''

I love her for these kind of things. She just loves to please, if she feels appreciated and respected. That's something she always enjoyed. And now she's getting it from the whole team and my coach and me.

That's because she isn't just a cum dumpster to my teammates. They come to hear for advices on everyday things, for love advices, they trust her their problems, they help her any way they can, too. They all call her Mom - I think that says all ! And for the sexuality, not just satisfaction, but she's a fucking teacher for them, also. They live out all their kinks and deepest desires on her, and for the less experienced, some of those even lost her virginity with her - they are training on her.

She's marked with our football team for life now, too. One of my teammates makes great tattoos at home, and we finally convinced mum into it.

I was sitting behind my mum and she was resting on my lap. It was a great view. I kissed mum's tense neck, and caressed her while looking down her belly, and even lower... My friend, teammate, between her spread legs, drawing our team logo just above her bald pussy. After he finished, he also had to make a very tiny writing, slightly left, on the top of her left inner thigh - ''Captain black was here''.

It was a wish of our captain - a black man, who respected her maybe the most overall, but in the bed he dominated her completely. Noone fucked her so ruthless. He literally used her, spitted her, gave her some nasty words, slapped her ass, came in her atleast twice, dropped her and went to the kitchen and join the conversation.

After his fucking, mom was ussually senseless for few minutes, and then she came to join us, walking slowly, and exposing her sore, used vagina and ass while dressing up carefully. He was eager to get that writing on her thigh just because of moments like this - Just imagine this fantastic scene, to see my mum, lying on the bed like a cum dumpster, and then you read that down from her thigh...

After tattooing, my teammate had a birthday. As he only invited his teammates to the party, we arranged my mum, who was also invited ofcourse, to striptease for him and to be ''on service'' for everyone all night, ofcourse.
We wondered how we could spice everything up a bit and we didn't knew what more to buy to him, also. We saved both problems at the same time.

We all persuaded mum to get her pussy pierced. But, he was literally begging her to do it. He had such a kink for it. And, for his birthday, mum finally got her pussy lip pierced, and when she dropped her panties while stripteasing, this poor guy just fell in love with her... Or with her pussy, who knows.

Despite all that, she still kept the same image in our new town, as she had in our hometown - for everyone else, she was nothing but a fantastic mom, great girlfriend or wife, and a respectful bussineslady.

As for locals, noone had a clue she had a cock in her hand ten minutes before she shook hands with him and noone knew that a piercing with a tiny soccer ball is hanging down her sore crotch while they are talking politely with her.

I always enjoyed, when I was present at those situations, when she was fucked properly, and then went to the town, still all exhausted and ''soft''. And then she met a guy and had to disscus casual things with him very proffesionally, enthusiastic and polite, thinking in her head, ''Get away from me, I'm barely standing normally !'' ....And I was the only one who knew that !

All her effort to keep her ''bussiness look'' untact included not going into the local sex shop. We didn't have one in the town we lived in before, but we do have it now. It's very well stocked, you can find much interesting and new things in there, but, for mum, there was only one problem - people seeing her entering the sex shop, and the owner was a local, and knew her and my coach well, too.

I was ussually buying her sex toys for some time now, especially dildos and vibrators, for a simple reason. If she bought it herself, it was either boring, or it didn't suited her well. And we discovered that I can pick these things for her better.

So one day, I decided to buy some new equipment for her vaginal muscles, and a new vibrator.


''Oh, good evening, young mister. I heard you played well yesterday !''

''Oh yes, It was quite a match. Thanks !''

The owner of this sex shop was pretty old, in his mid 50s, quite chubby, and he was always well dressed and he always kept his mustache in good shape. He's single though.

I went around the store, and I liked that he kindly left me alone. I quickly found something that could keep my mum's vaginal muscles in shape, and I started looking for a good vibrator.

There were two of them who got my attention, but I still couldn't decide which one to pick. I was standing there for a few minutes, looked at some other ones, and then the owner approached me.

''Well, can I help you with something ?''

''Uhm, well... I was looking at these two... My friend has a birthday, you know...''

''They are good choice both, but... I hope she won't be disturbed by the size... These are quite big...''

''Oh, no... The size won't be a problem, she's... Umm, quite experienced I have to say. I can't decide, because she likes some smoother surfaces, these are quite rough...''

'''Umm.. I've got something like this, come with me.''

''Here it is. The thickness is quite similar, but it's quite shorter than those two...''

''No problem, I think it's perfect. Her ''g spot'' isn't very far in, so this one will do it's job perfectly. And it's even got an extension for the clit as well.''

Owner smiled to me, and I immediately got aware that I told a bit too much already... ''You know quite a lot about her, if she's just your friend...''

Looks like I blushed or something, and he quickly added, ''I'm just kidding, don't take me seriously. It's none of my bussiness.''.

Then I got an idea... He looked like a trustworthy man. Local women liked to visit his shop, because he never told noone what did the customers buy, or what does a certain person likes. And he had some pretty kinky stuff in there.

Then, why wouldn't I share our little secret with him, too ? I could maybe get some awesome tips from him, some good stuff, and... It's kinky.

''Tell me, do you know how to keep a secret ? Can I trust you ?''

''What... Ofcourse. Whatever you buy here, stays between me and you, don't worry. Alot of customers are worried...''

''No, it's something different. You're closing in 10 minutes, are you up for a drink later ?''



''So, what is it then ?''

''These things... I bought them for my sweet mommy...''

''Well... Wow... You're a very... Caring son, I have to say.''

He seemed interested, not disgusted, so I continued and told him all about us, how my mum gets fucked by my whole football team, about her other adventures, her new tattoo and piercing...

''I've never heard something like that... Wow... All I can say is...''

Old bastard looked a bit confused, so I was getting worried if it was the right decision...

''All I can say is... You must be damn good at self control that you didn't fucked her by yourself yet !''

I felt relieved. He understood all, he understood that I'm not pounding her, and he understood that she likes it, if she didn't like it, she wouldn't do it and I wouldn't encourage her or force her to get laid. That was the most important - that everything is for her joy, not just mine.

''You guys are really awesome. I never thought of your mum like that, so I'm quite surprised, she always looks so... Decent.''

I quickly explained him, that she is to be respected despite all this. Yes, she became quite a whore, but she's a damn good person with a lot of talents.

''Ofcourse, I never said she isn't ! Well, I admit that I was checking her out quite often... She's a real treat for a man's eyes. Now all this turns me up even more. You described me everything so well, that I can almost smell her pussy, too !''

We laughed, I shared some more details with him, and then we left. I promised him a photo of her using that vibrator, if he'll keep it for himself. I found out he was quite a pervert, he wasn't bothered by incest, he was into bondage, and he had an enormous foot fetish.

He could describe my mom's painted toe-nails in details, and he saw her feet in the local grocery shop a week ago !

Back at home, I showed and told everything to my coach already, while we waited for mum to come home from work. He said that he thinks there's nothing to worry about, and that it could get interesting.

Finally, mum came. I presented her the goods, and she was happy with what I bought. I immediately got a nice, wet kiss, which told me that she didn't had anything in her mouth after work.

''Mum, could you please try it out ? I'd love to take a picture of you using it !''

''Honey, sorry, but it'll have to wait. I'm meeting my dear trucker in half an hour. He'll pass nearby today. He was gone for 2 months now, so I'd really should be in shape for my little poor guy now...''

''Yeah, your mum even left me hard in the morning because of that guy !''

''Mum, don't think that a day without fucking will make you a virgin again. And, we all love you like you are ussually - loving, sore, and satisfied !

We had a laugh, mum quickly got dressed in that guy's favorite undies, covered them with a skirt and a top, and left. She took virginity to this 26 years old trucker a year ago, and since then, he'd do anything for her. And I've become great friends with him, too.

I've even went with mum on few trips with him in his truck. We had lots of fun. Ofcourse nowhere knew us, so I took many pics of my mum posing on and next to the truck, exposing herself. Every evening I enjoyed watching her get sqaushed under this fat trucker, getting all messy wtih him, and I jacked off half a meter away.

It was there actually, when she got completely comfortable with me watching her using all her experiences on doing nastiest things.

She'd still asked me every time, ''Honey, I'm so sorry, are you really sure you don't mind ?''

''Mum, please, if I would mind, I wouldn't go with you guys. Now, look at this poor guy, he's rock hard for you, sweetheart, don't keep him waiting anymore !''

''I love you, my dear'', she finished and moaned at the same time, as the trucker's cock already pressed in her.

I also saw her swallow his load every day while he was driving, and she gave him a blowjob meanwhile. When we teased her enough, she even flashed other truckers a tit or her thigh and panties.

An hour later she came back home.

''Hey, boys !''

''Wow ! Looks like someone had a great time !''

She looked like she's just been gangbanged, rather than fucked by a guy she actually teached how to fuck... Well, looks like her teaching skills and that guy's never ending erection make for a very worn out mommy.

Her hair was messy, face all sticky, and when she undressed for the shower, she exposed some sore skin between her tits, and on her hips from his gripping hands, her pussy was still filled, it didn't even dried out yet, and her ass was spanked. Her throat had three marks of his kissing, also !

We let her shower, and I said in the meanwhile, ''I just hope she'll still be up for trying this out. I hope she's not too fucked up.''

She came out of the shower. ''Mum, can you please lie down now so you'll test this out ? I'd really need a picture of you like that...''

''Honey, please, tomorrow... And besides, why do you want this so much ?''

I explained her everything. She panicked. But, we all calmed her down after I described the old man's behaviour a bit more, and I've told about his kinks that he trusted, and she was finally down with exposing herself with his product to him.

I took a picture with her legs stretching up and her new vibrator deep in her pussy. She was still nicely worn by all the fucking, so it looked great to me on the picture. I was sure that he'll love it, too.

And I was right. He couldn't believe all this, and soon, we were already good friends, and we shared all our secrets.

It became a practice that me and minutes later, my mum visited his shop just before he closed, and we stayed in his backroom, drinking coffee, and mum trying different things, like bondage leather, handcuffs, etc. He now often gives her toys, and she tried those infront of him, too.

He always gets all nervous and sweaty while mum spreads her legs, and slowly penetrates her exposed cunt with a brand new toy, just a meter away from him. He didn't had sex for 20 years, as he said, and now my mum teased him like this.
No wonder he looked like a pervert eating her with his eyes !

The only thing he got to touch on her, was that she once let him lick her toes. He was crazy about her feet. My mum later told me, that he was the second man in her life who did that to her. The first one was my father so many years ago, and that she felt like a princess.

The old man looked disgusting while looking at my mum. He was all sweating, all his fat and skin was sloppy and he was very hairy on his chest and stomach.

Despite all that, I asked my mum, ''Honey, why don't you let him have some good time with you ? I know you don't want to fuck around with locals, but he could be an exception...''

''I actually thought about it already, but I wasn't sure.. Well... Maybe I'll surprise him on one occasion...''

And she did. She drove him crazy with her teasing again once, and then she ordered him to strip down. He obeyed without hesitation. Mum was still sitting infront of him, like a meter away, completely calm, while he was shivering from expectation.

After he stripped down, I could actually smell that sweat. I saw his sloppy stomach, which didn't looked so bad when covered with clothes, and after all this, his small, semi-erect cock, almost overgrown with pubic hair.

I knew mommy never judged by the looks, but I was worried that this will be too much, even for her.

I was wrong. Mum slowly approached, kissed him, went to his neck, and continued licking his chest and belly all the way down to his cock ! Without even blinking ! I was so proud of her.

She took his saggy balls in her mouth, and then she kissed his cock, and slowly let her spit, mixed with his sweat, run out of her juicy lips on his cock to lube it up.

''Mum, I'm so proud of you. You were fantastic back there, I can't believe you have such a good heart. You saw yourself what that meant to him.'', I was showing my appreciation for her actions while we we were leaving his shop after she got filled twice - in her mouth and in her pussy.

He is still our ''family friend'' and we have great fun together. He never stops to show his appreciation and respect for my mum - and her body, ofcourse.

Overall, I'm happy with what I finally achieved - Getting my mum from having no fun for years, to a happy, satisfied and self-confident woman who is respected and appreciated by all the people around her.

She stated by herself also, that she feels 10 years younger now.

But, you still don't know it all. There's even more.

Our club was becoming more and more succesful, so we decided to open a bar for fans and ofcourse team members.

It was quite popular, we had some parties during the weekend, and it was pretty crouded after a match, too.

So one day, my coach, my mum and me were sitting in his office...


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