When Trace's step sister is hurt during cheer practice, he has to help her with her showers.
My mom died when I was 10. Dad and I lived by ourselves for the next 6 years. Dad didn't date much, but every once in while he would meet someone and go out. When he met Francine they hit it off and before long he made the announcement they were going to marry, I was shocked.

And so was Francine's daughter Kelly. We had our respective parents to ourselves for years. But now we were going to have another parent as well as a sibling. Dad and Francine married a few months before I was 16. Kelly had just turned 15. Dad sold our house and they bought a larger one with four bedrooms.

The house was two story with three bedrooms up stairs and the master on the ground floor. All of us liked it with the exception of Kelly. The house had two showers, one upstairs, one down stairs and both were double sized. But Kelly didn't like it because there wasn't a bath tub and she loved bubble baths.

We moved in and after a few months were beginning to get comfortable. Kelly and I didn't have a lot in common. She was a cheerleader, on the honor roll and member of half a dozen clubs at our school. I on the other hand, didn't much care about grades and was a member of only one club, the car club. I was a died in the wool motor head.

When I was 14 I had saved my money and bought an 1956 Studebaker commander. I had been working on it since. I had installed a 350 Chevrolet v-8 with port injection and a five speed manual tranny with a 4:56 locker rear end. A friend had painted it for me. It was a dark metal flake blue with dark tinted windows. The interior was done in grey leather and had a 5000 watt
stereo. For Kelly that was my one saving grace. She loved to ride to school with me because everyone looked at my car as it passed.

Dad and Francine both worked second shift at the Boeing plant so Kelly and I spent a lot of evenings alone at home. Kelly would invite her boys friends over in the evenings. Each one was a jock and always looked down on me for my love of machines. I knew they wanted me to disappear, but I wouldn't. I loved hanging around and being a thorn in the works. Final Kelly got angry and after her boyfriend left called me on it.

"Damn it Trace!" She screamed at me,"Why can't you leave us alone!"

"What if I do?" I said with a grin,"and you get yourself pregnant? Dad and Francine would kill me for letting it happen."

"I would never fuck any of those guys!" She screamed,"and if I did it wouldn't matter."

"Why's that?" I asked wondering what she meant.

"Mom put me on birth control a year ago." She huffed,"So I can't get pregnant."

That shocked me, I didn't know what to say.

Finally I choked out,"Alright, ok. I guess you can't get pregnant."

Kelly switched gears and tears began to trickle down her cheeks as she said,"Those guys are the cool guys. I need to date them and make them like me. Please, can you just leave us alone?"

"Ok," I replied, but then my big brother instinct kicked in,"but you let them know if they hurt you, I hurt them."

Kelly looked at me shocked, then replied,"You....would?"

"Yea. I'm only your step big brother, but I take it seriously."

After that Kelly and I grew closer. We began to talk in the evenings and hang out. By the middle of my 16th year we were close friends. She still invited her boyfriends over and I decided that I should give her some space, so I'd stay in my room or go out and work on my car.

One day Kelly and her boyfriend were watching TV and I was outside working on my car. I needed to pee so I wiped my hands and made my way into the house. The bathroom was down the hall from the livingroom. As I passed the doorway I heard the TV going, but also heard a groan in the background. I stopped to listen and heard it again.

A moment later I heard her boyfriend groan,"Of fuck Kell....that feels so good!"

I slowly peeked around the corner and spotted Kelly and her boyfriend on the couch. What I saw shocked me and gave me an instant hardon. Her boyfriend had his cock sticking out of his pants. Kelly had one hand wrapped around the base of it and the head in her mouth. As I watched her head bobbed up and down, sliding his hard cock into her mouth. She was giving him a blow job!

I stood there and watched as Kelly sucked his cock. Her boyfriend looked like he enjoyed it a lot and Kelly looked like she knew exactly what she was doing. Finally her boyfriends groans grew louder, then his hips rose, he grabbed her head and pushed. Kelly slid his hard rod into her mouth until her lips were against the base.

I could see her throat working and it hit me that he was cumming and she was swallowing it! After a minute, she pulled her mouth up off his cock, licked the head a couple of times and sat up.

As her boyfriend tucked his cock back into his pants he said,"We've been going out or two months, when are you going to do it with me?"

"I told you, I can't. I'm not on birth control and I don't trust condoms. Besides, I suck you off when ever you want it. Don't you like my blowjobs?"

I wondered if she had told me a lie, or was telling him a lie about the birth control. They went back to watching TV and I silently slipped out of the house so they wouldn't know I had saw them. After her boyfriend left Kelly and I ate the dinner that Francine had left in the refrigerator, then decided to watch a movie.

When the movie ended, before she could go off to her bedroom I said,"I saw what you and your boyfriend were doing in the livingroom."

Her face paled and she said,"You..did?"

"Yea. It looked like you knew what you were doing. How long have you been sucking these guys off?"

" a year." She stammered.

"Have you fucked any of them?" I asked intentionally being brutal with my language.

"No! I told you I never would fuck any of them. I go out with them because they are cool, but I don't trust any of them. I suck them off because they like it and it keeps them coming back."

"Do you like doing that?" I asked

"I didn't at first." Kelly replied,"but now it makes me....excited."

"So what do you do when your...excited?" I asked.

"Trace! I can't tell you that!" Kelly giggled.

"Sure you can. I'm your brother...ok step brother, after all. You can tell me anything. So when you get excited what do you do?"

"I aw....I usually take a shower and use the nozzle know...spray myself." She replied.

"Do you use your fingers?" I asked.

She stared at me for a moment, then giggled as she said,"Yes. I use my fingers when I spray myself with the nozzle."

"Do know.....have one when your doing that?"

Kelly smiled and said,"I'll answer this but I think we should stop talking about it. Yes I do."

I stared at her for a moment then said,"You know your boyfriends are really lucky."

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"To have you as their girlfriend." I said.

Kelly stood leaned over and kissed me on the cheek as she said,"You're sweet."

After that the relationship between Kelly and I got even closer. She'd tell me everything. And she quit worrying about me catching her and her boyfriends. In fact I caught them several more times. What Kelly didn't now and I never told her was that I used the frank talks we had, the voyeuristic peeks I got of her sucking her boyfriends as masturbation material. When I jacked off, in my head it wasn't her boyfriends she was sucking but me.

As I said Kelly was a member of the cheer team and they practiced every evening. That's when it happened. Kelly and the cheer team were practicing a difficult move. Being the lightest member of the team, the other team member would toss her high into the air and catch her. Only that time they didn't catch her. They missed and when she hit the ground she shattered both wrists.

Kelly was in the hospital for a week. They had to operate three times and she had more screws ands pins in her wrist then a hardware store. When she came home she had casts on both arms from finger tips to elbow. She couldn't pick up or hold anything. Francine helped her eat, bath and dress. In the evenings I'd help her do homework.

After a few days we fell into a routine. Then one afternoon Francine had to work a double, a day and evening shift. Kelly and I had eaten supper, finished her home work and were watching a TV show. When the show was done I got up to go finish the dishes..

"Trace?'ve got a problem."Kelly said.

"What do you need?" I replied, ready to help her out with what ever she needed.

"Mom....didn't help me with my shower. And she didn't yesterday either. I can go pee by myself, but I can' know wipe after, so I feel icky. I need a shower but I can't do it by myself."

"So you want me to help you shower?" I asked.

"Yea, but you can't see me while your doing it or you can't touch me." She said.

"So how is this going to work?" I said with a laugh.

"Well, I think I know how we can do it. Mom's got a sleep mask in her room for when she sleeps during the day. And she uses this glove wash cloth thingy to scrub me in the shower. You could put on the mask and use the glove. That way you can't see me or really feel me."

"Really? You want me to do it that way? Really?" I asked getting a little pissed.

By now Kelly knew how to get me to do most anything for her.

A tear trickled down her cheek as she said,"Please? I really need a shower."

I sighed and said,"Ok sure."

I followed her to the upstairs bathroom.

I helped her put the plastic bags over her casts, then I said,"I think I should go put on a swim suit so I can just get in with you."

I went to my room and pulled on a pair of swimming trunks, then went back to the bathroom. Kelly had managed to take off her clothes and was in the shower stall. The glass was frosted so all I could see was her outline behind the glass. I pulled on the mask and glove, then felt my way into the shower. After fumbling around I found the shower control and turned it on.

I located the shower head by feel, pulled the hand held unit out of it's mount, then reached out looking for Kelly. My wash cloth gloved hand touched her and I used that to orient the spray. I wetted her, then returned the head to it's mount.

"Soap?" I asked.

"Put out your lefthand." Kelly instructed,"Now...a little to the right...there."

I soaped the wash cloth, then felt around until I found Kelly. I began by soaping her back, working my way down to her round ass. Even through the wash cloth I could feel the firmness of her ass and my cock responded. I tried to ignore it but as my hand slid down her legs it got harder. I stopped and rinsed her off, then again soaped the wash cloth glove.

I had her turn to face me and I began by soaping her front from her neck to her waist. As my hand slid over her firm tits I thought I was going to cum in my shorts. Vaguely over the noise of the running water I thought I heard a whimper.

When I reached her waist I stopped, bent down and washed each foot, then worked my way up her legs. I stopped short of her crotch, not sure how or if she wanted me to do that part of her. I pulled the shower head down and rinsed her, then hung it back on it's mount.

" do you want me to wash" I asked lamely.

"I'll aw....I'll spread my legs and you it good then rinse." Kelly replied.

"Ok." I said.

I soaped the cloth and felt around until I found her. Slowly I ran my gloved hand down until I felt the space between her legs. Slowly I pushed my hand between her legs and began to soap her. My cock was so hard it hurt and over the sound of the water I was sure I heard Kelly moan. I must have soaped her for at least ten minutes. Even though I could barely feel her pussy through the terry wash cloth I knew I was rubbing her and it felt so good I thought I was going to cum in my

Finally I knew I had to stop. I pulled my hand away took the shower head and began to rinse her. As I did her moans, which had been some what subdued, grew much louder. I worked the spray back and forth, pushing it into her crotch and pulling it away. I heard her moans peak, she gasped and a small squeak came from her lips.

A few seconds later Kelly gasped,"Stop! No more!"

I pulled the shower head from between her legs, hung it and turned off the water. I felt around until I found the door, opened it and stepped out. I had left two towels hanging on the shower door. I grabbed both, handed Kelly one and began to dry with the other.

"Trace," I heard Kelly say,"Aw..can you help me dry myself?"

"Sure why not." I said a tinge of bitterness edging my voice.

Here I had a sexy little girl in my grasp and all I could do was dry her. If I tried anything else and Kelly didn't want it, I'd get my ass hung by our parents just for trying and destroy the relationship we had built. So bitterness it was. I dried her and as I did an idea hit me.

I dried her back, then her front, then her legs and finally I said,"Put one foot on the toilet and let me dry your thighs and, you know".

I heard Kelly move then she said,"Ok."

I reached out and found he body, then felt my way to her legs. I pushed the towel between them and began to dry her. I let the towel slip just as my hand was pushing up. A second later my bare hand cupped her pussy and I pushed my finger into her slit.

I left it there only a moment, then pulled away saying,"Sorry. The towel slipped."

"That's ok, it was accidental." Kelly replied.

"Can you get dressed on your own?" I asked.

Yes." She said.

I felt my way to the door and stepped out. I pulled off the mask and raised my hand to my face. I put the finger that had slid into her against my nose and breathed. After being scrubbing and rinsed I'm sure there wasn't any smell, but I could have sworn I could smell her.

I went to my room, pulled off my trunks and laid on my bed. My cock was so hard it almost hurt. I began to stroke it, the remembered feel of Kelly's pussy on my finger for that split second filling my head. I was almost ready to bust my nut when a knock sounded on my door.

"Shit!" I spat as I hurriedly pulled as blanket over me.

"Come in." I said.

Kelly opened the door and stepped in.

"Can't I have a little privacy?" I growled.

"I'm sorry Trace." She said,"But I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help."

"Ok, you told me. Now can I be alone." I said.

"So you can jack off?" Kelly asked.

I looked at her shocked, then anger hit me.

"Yes! Exactly! I need to jack off! If I was one of your boyfriends I'd just get you to suck it for me but I'm not. Now go away!"

Kelly came slowly across the room as she spoke,"Trace I really appreciate you helping me. And I know it caused you to have a hard on. And if you were my boyfriend I would suck it for you. But you know what? You don't have to be my boyfriend. You've been really good to me and I'll suck it for you because you have."

I stared at Kelly. Had she just offered to suck my cock?

"I will if you want me to." Kelly said again.

The anger, frustration and pure horniness that filled me guided me. I threw back the sheet and sat up, my cock swaying. Kelly looked at me, then locked her eyes on my cock as she got to her knees next the bed. She leaned forward and put her mouth over the head. The feeling was indescribable, warm, wet, like when I jacked off with hand cream but a 1000% better.

I sat there as Kelly worked her magic on my cock. It didn't take long. I had already been close to cumming before she put her mouth on me. When my cock erupted, Kelly shoved her mouth down over the length of it. I could feel her throat contract as she swallowed my cum. When I was done she pulled back and gently sucked the head a couple of times before standing up.

"Ok?" she asked.

"Fantastic!" I breathed.

She giggled as she left the room.

The next morning Kelly acted as if nothing had happened. Even on the way to school we talked about classes, some of the school rumors and what she was going to do about the cheer squad. The events of the night before were never mentioned. At the end of the day I picked her up and we headed home.

As we drove I aid,"Kelly, about last night...."

She said,"I don't really want to talk about it. I wanted to do that."

I grinned and said,"That's not where I was going. I just wanted to tell you it was amazing."

She smiled at me and replied,"Thanks."

"And I wanted to ask, will you....are you....going to do that again with me?"

Kelly smiled and said,"Perhaps."

That's all I could get out of her. When we got home Dad and Francine were gone to work. Kelly and I ate, then did our home work. After that we watched a couple of TV shows.

When they were done I turned the TV off and said,"Bedtime."

I had hoped Kelly would ask me to help her with her shower, but she didn't say anything as she headed up the stairs. I went to my room and got ready for bed. Just before I was about to climb in a knock sounded on my door. I opened it to find Kelly.

"I've been waiting for you in the bathroom." She said,"Aren't you going to help me with my shower?"

For a moment I was at a loss, then I grinned and replied,"Sure thing."

I quickly jumped into my trunks and damn never ran to the bathroom. When I got there Kelly was waiting. She was dressed in a terry bathrobe. It was draped over her shoulders because she couldn't get the casts through the arms.

I helped her put the plastic bags over her casts, then I pulled on the mask and said,”I’m ready.”

I could hear Kelly getting into the shower and a few moments later I heard her say,”Ok, I’m in.”

I felt my way into the stall and pulled the door shut. I turned on the water, put on the glove and began to and soaped it. As I began to soap Kelly I had to be careful. I had modified the glove by cutting a slit in the top. The idea was when I got to her pussy I’d slip my fingers through and into her slit as I soaped her.

Just like the night before I started on her back then moved other front. This time though I spent a lot longer soaping her breasts and before I was through I know I heard a moan come from Kelly.

I moved to her feet and as I worked my way up her legs I began to get very excited and nervous. I had no idea how she would respond when I slipped my fingers through the hole in the glove and began to finger her pussy, but atthis point I was so intent on doing it the repercussions didn’t matter.

There was a built in seat and when I got to her pussy I said,”It would make it easier if you put your foot up on the seat.”

“O.....kay.” She replied.

She seemed to be as nervous as I was. I figured it was because she still wasn’t sure about what we were doing. I didn’t know until later that she has seen me take the glove from the bathroom. She had examined it after I returned it and found the hole I had cut in it. She knew it was there but didn’t say anything to me about it because she didn’t want me to know she knew.

I reached out and found her leg, then ran my hand up her inner thigh until I was cupping her pussy. I soaped her slowly trying to being myself to slid my fingers through the hole and into her pussy. I was almost ready to abandon my plan when I heard a long, low moan from Kelly.

That instantly bolstered my courage. I slowly slid my finger through the hole and a moment later they were between her pussy lips. I didn’t move them at first, I just rubbed the glove back and forth allowing my fingers to slid up and down her slit. As I did the moan’s form Kelly grew louder.

As I slid the glove back and forth, on each pass I could feel the entrance to her pussy hole at one end and the hard nub of her clit at the other. On the next pass of the glove I pushed my fingers into her hole and stopped just for a moment with my fingers buried to the first knuckle in her hole before I slid the glove back. On the top of my stroke I used two fingers to push against the hard nub of her clit.

The moans from Kelly got louder and more frequent as I rubbed her pussy fingering her hole and clit. I also began to feel her hips pushing back and forth matching the stroke of my hand. I was leaning against the shower stall with my other hand on her shoulder. I let my hand slid down until I found one firm breast. As I fingered her pussy I cupped her tit and used my thumb and forefinger to gently squeeze her nipple.

Kelly moans were rather loud by this time and each time I got to her hole I pushed farther up into her, up to the second knuckle of my fingers. This time when I pushed into her I was so excited I abandon all pretext and began to slid my fingers in and out of her rather then just one push.

It didn’t take much of that and Kelly gasped,”Oh...Oh...Oh god...” as I felt her pussy gently squeezing my fingers.

When I heard her stop gasping I pulled my fingers out and used the shower head to rinse her crotch.

“Time to get out?” I asked.

“Yes....yes it is.” she replied.

I stepped out and felt around until I found the towel.

“Dry?” I asked.

“Sure, just dry, nothing else.” She responded in a clipped voice.

I was afraid she was angry about what I had done, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask. I dried her, then without a word left the bathroom. When I got to my room I pulled off my wet trunks and climbed onto the bed, pulling the sheet over me. I laid there waiting, hoping that I hadn’t screwed things up and Kelly would come through the door.

As the minutes ticked by I figured I had really screwed it up. Ten minutes later (it seemed like days) I heard a knock on the door.

“Yea, come in.” I said.

Kelly entered, with that terry cloth robe over her shoulders. She walked to the bed and sat on the edge.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” she said in a flat voice” touched me with your fingers.”

“Kelly I’m sorry.” I replied hastily,”I don’t know what I was thinking. It’s just that you’re so beautiful and sexy and being that close to you without being able to touch you drove me crazy! I had to! I’m sorry! I’ll never do it again! Ever!”

For a long moment she stared at me then asked,”You think I’m beautiful? Sexy?”

“Who wouldn’t I ?” I asked,”Why do you think those guys go out with you? They’re popular and can have any girl they want and they choose you. Why? Because you’re a knock out that’s why! I think you’re the best looking girl on the cheer squad. Hell I think you’re the best looking girl in school!”

Kelly stared at me for a long moment and said,”Really? You do? Thanks Trace. And you know what? I was pissed when I first figured out what you were doing. But it felt so good and after I came, I’ve never, ever cum that hard before, I wasn’t mad any more.”

I lay staring at her, her words not quite sinking in.

She grinned and said,”So are you ready for a blow job? But my climax was so good one blow job doesn’t seem like enough. How about two?”

It took a few moments but when her words sunk in, I threw back the sheet.

She giggled and said,”I can’t hold it. Hold it up for me.”

I grabbed my hard rod and held it up. She licked the head a few times then gently put her mouth over it and sucked on it. She did that for a bit., then licked down my shaft until she reached my balls. She took each one into her mouth and gently sucked it, licking my ball sack. She moved back up and swallowed my cock to the root. It took all of four or five minutes before my cock exploded. Kelly had the head in her throat and I could feel it contract as she swallowed each blast.

When I was done cumming she pulled her mouth off and said,”My you had a load. I didn’t think I was going to be able to swallow it all. Relax. The next one will take a while so enjoy it.”

True to her word it did. My cock never got soft and she sucked and licked it for the next twenty minutes. When I came the second time it was just as good as the first and Kelly swallowed every drop. When I was done she licked my cock clean, then climbed off the bed.

As she left my room she said,”Sleep tight. See you in the morning.”

On the way to school the next morning we were having the usual small talk.

Finally though I couldn’t take it and said,”Kelly? We need to talk about last night.”

“I never talk about doing stuff.” She said.

“Well, maybe not with those other guys but with me it’s different and you need to talk to me about it.” I said.

She stared out the window for a moment then turned and said,”Ok. What do we need to talk about?”

“Well, know about what we did last night.” I stammered.

“About my blow job or your finger job?” She asked.

“Aw...both?” I said hesitantly.

“Ok. I sucked your cock because I wanted to. Why did you finger me that way?” She asked bluntly.

I drive silently for a few seconds then replied,”I told you Kelly. I think you’re the sexist, most beautiful girl I know. Being so close without being able to touch you drove me nuts. I had to.”

Kelly stated at me for several seconds then said in a soft voice,”Is that all? Because you think I’m beautiful and sexy?”

I swallowed and without stopping to think said,”No, it isn’t. I’m your big brother. Ok step big brother. But I think....I think......I love you.”

Kelly stared at me for a long while. Just as I was about to say something she said,”You do huh? We’ll see.”

We pulled into the school parking lot and that was the end of the conversation. I didn’t see Kelly again until the end of the day when she climbed into my car. We didn’t speak on the way home. I didn’t know what to say and she didn’t seemed inclined to talk.

When we got home Kelly went straight to her room. She didn’t come down for dinner, yelling down the stairs at her mom that she wasn’t hungry. After Dad and her mom left, she didn’t come out of her room until just before bedtime.

She was standing in my doorway in the terry robe as she said,”I’ ready for my shower.”

She seemed nervous, more so then the day before. I put it down to our conversation of the morning. I was determined to do anything I could to make her feel comfortable again. My little head was telling me her blow jobs were way too good to give up. I pulled on my trunks and followed her to the bathroom.

I grabbed the mask but just as I was about to pull it on Kelly said,""Trace? saw all of you last night. I guest there's no reason you can't see me. You don't have to use the mask if you don't want to."

I tossed onto the counter top.

Kelly looked very nervous as she said, "And I've already seen you naked so don't have to wear the trunks if you don't want to."

I grinned and pulled my trunks to my ankles. I kicked them off then turned to Kelly.

She smiled nervously, took a breath and shrugged off the robe. As I got my first look at her naked body my cock sprang to attention. She had large dark areola's, at least two inches across and her nipples were large. She was tan all over with no tan lines. I figured that was from the tanning booth she went to. I had to tear my eyes off her so that I could get her casts wrapped. When I was done we stepped into the shower. I turned it on and then realized I had forgotten the glove.

"I'll be right back." I said,"I need to go get the glove."

"No! No. That's....ok. We can do this without it this time."

As I realized I was going to be touching her with all of my bare hand my cock grew even harder. As the night before I started on her back. It was all I could do not to go straight to her pussy, but I knew I had to act at least a little bit like I was just bathing her.

My hands traveled down her back until both were soaping her firm ass cheeks. This time I let my fingers slide between them until I felt her crinkled little brown eye. She said nothing as I began to run my soapy fingers over her rectum. I gently probed her hole, rubbing it, letting just the tip of my finger penetrate her which brought a whimper from her.

Finally I pulled my fingers from between her ass cheeks and turned her to face me. I began at her neck and soaped downward. When I got to her breasts I spent a lot of time massaging them, gently squeezing them and rolling her nipples between my fingers. As I did she leaned against the shower wall with her eyes closed, moaning lightly.

I moved on to her feet and legs, slowly soaping them, taking my time. I pulled down the shower head and rinsed her chest and legs. I was ready for the last, ready to soap, scrub and touch her pussy. I slowly pushed my hand between her legs and cupped her pussy.

"Trace?" she whispered.

"Yea sis." I replied.

"I've...I've never let anyone else touch me."

"Really?" I whispered back as my finger found her clit,"How does it feel?"

"It felt good last night, Oh God it feel so good now!" She groaned.

I pushed one finger into her pussy as I moved another back to find her rectum. I began to diddle her pussy and ass. It didn't take long and I felt her stiffen, then she groaned and I felt her pussy pulsing as she climaxed.

When she was done she opened her eyes and stared at me as she said," I t' much better, so much more intense when someone else does it!"

I smiled back at her, knowing what else was coming. I pulled the shower head down and directed the spray at her pussy ans I continued to finger her.

As the spray hit her pussy, as I used my fingers to continue to diddle her, she moaned, her eyes fluttered and closed. I used the shower head and two fingers to push her toward another climax. I knew she was close when I pulled the shower head away and shut it off.

She groaned in protest, her eyes opened and she said,"Can't you that...for just a little longer? Please?"

"Time to get out." I said opening the door.

I grabbed a towel and spent the next five minutes drying her, making sure to rub her ass and pussy dry. I knew she was very excited and it wouldn't take much to make her cum.

I took the bags off her casts and said,"Let's go to my room."

She nodded and followed me to my bed. I climbed on and patted the bed beside me. When she joined me I didn't hesitate, I pulled her to me and kissed her. For a moment she went stiff, then her body relaxed, her lips parted and I was exploring the inside of her mouth with my tongue.

I pulled back from our kiss and said,"Kelly, you did for me, I want to do for you."

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"I've never tasted a woman. I want to taste you. I want to make you cum with my mouth like you did for me."

She stared at me for a long moment, then her head slowly nodded. I had seen it done in plenty of pornos, but I had never had the opportunity to do it to a woman. I slid down and placed a light kiss on her pussy. She jumped when I did, but then laid still. I used my thumbs to spread her pussy lips and was treated to the sight of the inner part of her pussy, glistening with moisture.

I didn't know what else to do so I leaned forward and put my tongue between those soft, musky lips. As I pushed it up along her slit a long low moan came from her. My tongue found her clit and I began to lick it then suck on it. It was a few seconds after that and Kelly let out a high pitched cry and I felt my face flushed with warm liquid. I climbed up wiping my face clean. When I was face to face with her I kissed her, my tongue again entering her mouth. I kissed her
for a long time, then pulled away.

"Kelly?" I gasped,"Why....why haven't you had sex with one of your boyfriends? You like it I know you do, but you haven't let anyone fuck you. Why?"

"I was always afraid." She replied in a whisper,"Afraid of getting hurt. Afraid of those guys telling everyone and.........and I wanted someone who loved me to be my first."

I looked down at her and said,"I love you Kelly, you know that."

"Yes, I know." She said then stared into my eyes for several long moments.

Her lips parted to speak and she said,"Trace? Would you fuck me? I want you to be my first."

I had hoped for that, wanted her to say it..I wanted so badly to bury my cock inside her, feel what it was like to fuck a girl. But now of all times, my big brother instinct kicked in.

"Kelly, I don't know. I don't want to be the one to hurt you. And it will hurt the first time."

"I know, but I want you to. Please? Be my first?" She begged.

My big brother instinct was strong, but my sex drive was stronger. I reached down and put the head of my cock against her pussy. I pushed in slowly, tentatively waiting to feel the resistance of her cherry. With the head of my cock lodged inside her hole I found no barrier, so I stopped. I knew it was there and I knew I had to get through it.

I looked down at her and said,"Ready?"

She didn't say a word. Her lower lip was caught between her teeth as she nodded.

I pulled back a bit, then said,"I love you Kelly." As I pushed forward with a hard stoke.

I expected to hit her hymen, to have to push through, to have to hurt her to get inside her. To my surprise my cock slide smoothly into her until my balls were touching her ass. Kelly's eyes were scrunched closed and her face was set to take the pain.

As my balls gently touched her ass, my cock sheathed in her tight pussy, her eyes opened and I asked,"You ok?'

She looked surprised as she nodded and said," did’t hurt.”

“I think you must have lost your cherry doing all those cheerleader exercises.” I said with a grin.

We lay locked together for a bit then I began to slide in and out of her watching her face. I knew I wasn't going to last long. I didn't. My cock exploded and I buried it inside her with a long hard thrust.

As my cock throbbed I became aware of Kelly with her cast covered arms tight around my neck, her body trembling as she groaned in my ear,"Oh yes...Oh yes...Oh yes...Oh yes....OH YES!"

She screamed the last and I could feel a warm wet flush around my cock. Kelly held onto my neck for several long moments, then relaxed.

"Trace?" She whispered,"That was...fantastic! I've never ever felt a climax like that "

"Me either." I replied.

I was still hard and still inside her. I wanted more so I said,"Again?"

Kelly giggled and said,"You want to do it again?"

"Kelly I want to do it with you until I can't move!" I said.

Kelly and I did it again. She climaxed before I did and it was fantastic to see. Her eyes fluttered closed, I felt her body stiffen then I felt that warm wet flush around my cock as she came. It took me about five more minutes to cum. When I did Kelly wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into as far as I could go. Finally done I rolled off and lay beside her.

"I feel," she started to say, hesitated then finished,"fantastic. I never wanted any of my boyfriends to touch me, that's why I got so good at giving blow jobs. But I wanted you to. And when you did, when you entered me, I felt complete. You're not going to leave me are you Trace?"

"Kelly, you're the first girl I've ever had sex with. It was fabulous. I can't imagine any other girl being as good or better. So do I get to help you with your shower from now on?"

"Absolutely!"She replied,"Talking about that, I think we need another shower now."

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea.” I replied.

“Why not?” she asked.

“Because it will cause me to get another hard on and I’ll want to fuck you again, then we’ll have to take another shower which will cause me to get another hard on. A Catch-22.” I replied with a grin.

Kelly glanced down at my still hard cock and said with a giggle,”What do you mean get another hard on?”

“So,” Kelly added stretching,”When are Mom and Dad due home?”

I grabbed her, pulled her over on top of me, kissed her as I placed my cock against her slipped pussy and pushed it into her.

“Late.” I replied, as I took hold of her hips and began to fuck her again,”Time enough for a few showers. “

Kelly laughed as she leaned down to kiss me.

Just before her lips met mine she whispered,” I think I’m going to enjoy taking showers from now on.”

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Best story ever

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One of the gretest sex stories that I've ever heard. Sure would like to have the experience of helping a lady with her shower.
It still drives be up the wall with still a great erection.
I never had an erection as I have this evening from reading your story.

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