Pastor Frank see Cindy in a new light.
As Frank stepped out of the shower and dried off, he made his way to the bedroom to get dressed for Friday. Friday's included 6 periods of Bible study, and one of those classes had Cindy in it. The cops had not shown up at his residence so he felt confident that Cindy had kept quiet about their little encounter the previous night. The first thing Frank noticed when he went back into the bedroom was the pungent smell. His eyes fell to the three now stained undershirts on the ground and remembered how much he had revisioned his experience the night before and how many times he had to expunge himself to get his erection to subside.

He was disappointed with himself for having to pleasure himself so many times and he also felt guilty, but he was helping a young woman with perfect morality and courage to stay a perfect jewel. The man that scored her for his wife would have a beautiful, great bodied, impeccably mannered, 100% loyal and totally faithful woman on his side. Yes, that woman would be considered a true 10.

Frank made his way to work, and knew he had a busy day but couldn't wait until 4th period, right after lunch. It was when Cindy had Bible study and while there was nothing between them more than God's will, Frank still found himself excited, almost yearning to see her. He did worry to himself that perhaps he was beginning to covet this delicate flower, but he pushed that from his mind and decided to dive into his teaching to forget about her for a while.

Lunch had almost no taste to Frank, he was so preoccupied with seeing his favorite student and was relieved when the bell finally rang calling kids to class for 4th period. Cindy came in not long after the bell. Frank was siting at his desk and as she walked by Cindy and Frank made eye contact. She flashed him a smile, blushed and quickly turned away. Frank felt a wave of warmth cascade through his body. He felt so much responsibility and pride in his student and the special moment they had shared. He knew he should not covet, but in his heart, he still did, at least a little.

Friday was also free dress day. The students didn't wear their uniforms and Cindy had chosen some bedazzled slim fit jeans, and a pink top, tucked in, and a faux leather jacked over her shirt. Frank could help but follow the contours of her backside as she made her way to her desk. He made sure not to stare but he loved watching her sway as she walked. Her walk seemed different, more feminine and sultry than her remembered. Possibly experiencing her sexuality for the first time had changed her in more ways than one, opened her eyes to her sumptuousness. When she got to her desk she took off her jacked, necessitating her to briefly push out her chest for one wrist to reach the other behind her back and this arching of her back
made Frank realize for the first time that Cindy had developed a bit more than her had noticed in the conservatively styled school uniform. He had thought she had nothing but bumps but now realized she had a firm b-cup and more on the way.

Frank shook his head to brake free of his momentary staring and get back to his lesson plan. Usually Frank did most of the scripture reading but today he had the students do it while he walked up and down the isles. All was a veiled attempt to conceal that he was watching Cindy. Her long dark hair was up in a pony tale, its natural ringlets still noticeable. When it came to Cindy's turn to read, Frank could swear that her voice was even different, more relaxed and more voluminous, it was as if her whole being had gone up two notches in self confidence.

When the period ended, Frank was at the front of the room and in the corner, "Cindy?" he asked as she walked by the front.

"Yes?" she answered as she walked over to him.

"How is everything today?"

"Wonderful" the last syllable wavered in her throat. Her eyes were wetting and Frank realized she was trying to conceal her emotion. "Thank you so much Pastor Frank. I can't tell you the difference, I feel focused and fulfilled. I prayed to God for an hour last night, and thanked him for you and your understanding and trust. A warm contentedness washed over me after I said Amen. I know it was God saying you're welcome. I gotta run to math class but can we talk later?"

"Of course Cindy, I am still so proud of your will power and determination. You are truly one of the blessed."

Cindy gave him a large toothy grin and made her way out the door. Frank figured that was the last he would know of the issue and was proud of himself for staying noble.

However about 5 weeks later, near the end of the basketball season, Cindy came by Pastor Frank's office before 1st period. Frank hadn't seen her outside of class since that one afternoon, but the look on her face was readable. She looked about halfway to where she had been on that fateful morning.

"Hi Pastor Frank" Cindy said, very quietly compared to normal, though still relatively high in pitch.

"Hello Miss Cindy, what can I do you for?" asked Frank.

"Well, it's just that, the feelings I had before you helped me, they are starting again. It's not nearly so intense yet, but it grows every day, and I need, well I also want to be relieved again. I feel so guilty that I enjoyed it, but if God was ok with you helping me before, he would be ok with you helping me again right?"

"Perhaps, but I am afraid of you wanting to make this a habit everytime you feel urges." Explained Pastor Frank, though inside he was thrilled at the thought of another encounter and even felt his member slightly enlarge at the thought.

"I won't I promise, but well, now that I know how good it feels to follow the urges and how much better life is the next day I know I will eventually try to resolve the problem myself. Please Pastor Frank, won't you keep me clean and free of God's wrath?"

Frank tried to protest, but the fight wasn't in him, he wanted to help Cindy as much as she wanted help. They discussed the coming week and decided Thursday would be the best day for them to be able to steal away some time. There was a basketball game that afternoon but the school always had an assembly before the games so the girls were given a full hour and a half for practice before hand. Cindy would complain of nausea and say she just wanted to take a walk around campus to see if it would go away. Then she would go to Pastor Frank's office where they would have a quick session and would give Cindy ample time to recover before she would have the eyes of the whole student body on her.

Frank got to his office early and laid everything out. Had a pillow and towel for Cindy, plus some moist towelettes so she could clean herself. He also had a glass of ice water for her on the table and finally the special piece, the vibrator that had been confiscated from a naughty student.

It couldn't have been more than a minute after the lunch break bell that Frank heard a soft knocking at his basement office door. Frank walked over and in walked Cindy in her cheerleader uniform, her face beaming with a big smile and eyes full of anticipation and if Frank wasn't mistaken lust. Frank wondered if he might have awakened a monster.

"I got here as fast as I could" said Cindy quietly and walked over to the couch and sat down and patted the pillow, and then laid down, all without instruction. Cindy was ready this time, not to mention completely willing.

Frank to the chair next to her and handed her a moist wash cloth.

"I got this for you to put in your mouth to muffle any noise. It's pretty empty on this level but I think the nursery women are here preparing for the weekend."

"Oh, ok, that's a good idea, I guess I did make some noise last time" said Cindy.

Cindy closed her eyes and she laid back on the pillow, put the folded wash cloth between her lips and, Frank noticed, let her knees and legs fall apart, giving him clear access.

Frank grabbed the vibrator and switched it on, very curious to see how long it would take her to climax. He brought the unit up to her cheer leader bloomers and began to massage her lower vaginal area.

"mmm-uuu-mmmm. There it is again!" whispered Cindy loudly, having removed the wash cloth.

"Cindy please, you need to be quiet!"

"Sorry, sorry. Please keep going, I will stay quiet!" and with that she stuffed the wash cloth back in her mouth.

Frank went back to the probing with the vibrator and was about to move up a bit when the unit went silent. He smacked it a time or two but it was done. Frank had never even considered that the batteries might be low. What the hell was he going to do now?

"What happened?' asked Cindy staring up at Frank.

"I think the batteries are dead."

"Do you have more?"

"no I don't think so." said Frank.

"Oh no" said Cindy, her eyes watering. She had been counting on and looking forward to this day for too long, and it was very important to her to get to feel another release.

"Well, it is possible to stimulate you with . . . my fingers and thumb. I--I don't know if we should do that, that is too personal"

"Will it make we feel the waves like last time?"

"Well, yes it would do the same thing, but, well I would have to touch you directly, you would have to take off your bloomers and panties."

"Ok, fine, I don't care, I can't stand to have started and stop. I can't think of anything but getting the waves again! "

"But Cindy, listen to me, this is very serious, if you were to ever tell anyone about this I would go to prison for the rest of my life. And I really don't want to."

"I won't tell Pastor Frank, I promise! Please don't make me suffer from this all day. God said it was okay for you to help me, then you can help me right?"

"Yes, I will help you if you really want me to."

"Yes, do it"

It was a little disturbing to Frank how quickly Cindy reached under her skirt and hooked her thumbs in her undergarments and yanked them down. She seemed to have no embarrassment about exposing her virgin slit to the Pastor. It was obvious to Frank now that Cindy wasn't just doing this because of how the feelings had punished her before. She was doing it now because she WANTED to cum.

Frank squirmed for a moment in his chair. He wanted to help Cindy again, he wanted to be there for her, but he was also afraid that he wanted to touch her. That he wanted to give her an orgasm, not just help her out of her situation. He wanted to know she had cum from his touch, from his affection, and he wanted to create more lust from her. He didn't just think Cindy would make a great wife someday, Frank was thinking she would be a perfect wife for him. Had God kept Frank single because he was saving him for Cindy? Frank was feeling confused and lost, but he knew that he couldn't wait to feel the warmth and wetness of her opening.

Cindy was motionless but here expression, even with her eyes closed showed nothing but eager waiting. Frank got out of the chair and kicked it over and instead got on one knee so he had a perfect vantage point and so he would not be restrained. He sucked on his fingers for just a second to moisten them and then slowly ran his two fingers up and down her outer labia, and very lightly. Frank saw that it didn't take long to entice the girl and she was pushing her hips up slightly becoming him inside. With the thumb and forefinger of his other hand he parted her lips and used is moistened finger to run up and down the ridges of her canyon.

With the sudden inhalation by Cindy it was clear she got a different sensation from the one she had through her leggings. He continued to touch, rub and tickle different areas of her inner and outer labia, following her guidance by watching the movement of her hips. She unconsciously showed him where it felt normal, where it felt good and where it felt too good. He kept working her like a maestro occasionally re-wetting his fingers. My God the taste of her nectar! This honey pot needed a honey bee. Frank could not stop from the thought, I wish I were that honey bee!!!

Cindy began breathing heavy, audible through the wash cloth, and Frank moved to add her clitoris to the places his fingers were visiting. Cindy continued to get more and more aroused, but unlike with the vibrator, Frank could scale back the intensity to keep her from going over the edge. He wanted to get every ounce of orgasm out of the pussy that it had in it. Cindy was in a near constant breath pattern of hyperventilation, but Frank wanted to please her even more. He stroked a bit more and plunged his finger over her hymen and into her. Cindy's stomach shot up towards the sky and she moaned , "OOOOO. . .MNMNMNMNMN-HUU! and settled back down onto the sofa.

His little sweetie had had an orgasm already, but she wasn't done yet Frank thought, she needs to feel an orgasm like the last one to satisfy her for another 5 weeks. He continued to slide his fined in and out and then he added a second and he stomach rose from her hips just a smidgen before going back down, a good jolt but Frank had not brought her to a larger orgasm. Frank looked up from his work where he had added his thumb on her clit, and say Cindy looking down at him with those teal eyes. She was quite a sight. Cute pony tailed head staring down her mouth now open making short quiet grunting or moaning sounds, amazing the girl was focused enough not to be loud without the wash cloth.

Just then Frank heard a door close and footsteps pass his door. Soon he heard the outer door open and shut. Thank the Lord, the nursery ladies were done and had left, though he didn't tell Cindy she had to be quiet, no reason to alert a random passer by. Frank looked back at Cindy, those big eyes were locked on him and her arm was now stroking up and down on his outside arm. Frank wasn't sure why but for Cindy it was simply a means of connection. He was touching her, she wanted to be touching him too. Were she more experienced she would have probably grabbed for his erection but being so naive, she was acting on instinct.

Speaking of erections, Frank had the hardest one of his life and he literally felt like he would break his dick if he didn't let it out. Oh fuck this little goddess of his was so god damn fucking HOT! Then she did the thing that forever changed their relationship. Cindy said, "please make me orgasm again." in a short of breath way that made it sound like she was crying, and the voice was the most vulnerable Frank had ever heard. Frank stared down at her crotch and suddenly remembered his dream from that first night he fantasized about her. Completely without contemplation any more Frank grabbed one leg under the thigh and lifted it while pressing down and away on the other leg with his other hand. God those legs, they were beyond amazing, firm but supple, they had some baby fat but it held its form in the way and with a body only a female like this could forge.

With that Frank plunged, without even taking his glasses off. He planted his mouth on her pussy lips and began to kiss, suck, lick and butt with his nose any where and everywhere, wanting to suck all her juice, to feel and learn every crevice. He loved Cindy, he felt it stronger than any feeling he remembered. He wanted to pleasure her in every way possible.

Cindy had what seemed like a conniption fit. She started breathing in and out OH OH OH OH OH! She did so nearly silent, the sound more of breath not of vocal cords. Then she changed to HE HE HE HE HE HE and HU HU HU HU. Then she was mixing them all together. Wave after wave of orgasm was hitting her. Her hands were not gripping his hair yanking him this way and that. She was in ecstasy, but she had blacked out the first time with him, he wanted her to black out now. He reached up and grabbed his glass of water and took a big mouthful of cold water and then another and held it in his mouth for a couple of seconds before swallowing and diving back in for more. The cold sensation added to his tongue was more than Cindy could take.

Frank was mashing his face in, both hand now under her legs gripping that amazing bubble butt. Frank's cold tongue swiped across her clitoris, and Cindy brought her together behind Frank's head, hold on to him in sexual spasm. her back arch raising her ass slightly until her arch had her on the backside of her head. Those young tits, still encased in a bra and top pointed to the opposing sides of the ceiling, and her hands pushed down hard. Frank kept digging deeper and hitting the clit faster and faster his crotch driving into the side of the sofa.


Cindy came so hard that she only got to experience the first 7 or so seconds, but one second did get to be with the true top level orgasm. The entire body felt like one continuous nerve bathed in the greatest sensation a human could have to such a level that after the orgasm goes up the entire body and penetrates the brain the feeling is too good to have, and you black out. Cindy did and her legs unlocked and her butt fell back on to the sofa. Frank, feeling the unholy orgasm his student was having drove Frank over the edge as well and he shot off like a shotgun in his pants. He pressed against the sofa, his nose buried in her thinly haired pussy, his hands still gripping her moaning into her hymen. Frank stopped grinding and pushing and went mostly limp, his head now turned sideways on top of her pussy, taking very deep breaths, feeling his orgasm fade slowly, wave by wave until he fell asleep,

Frank snapped away and his head shot up, after a bit of stickiness. It took him a moment to realize where he was. He saw the clock. It was a hour into lunch break! Frank looked at Cindy deciding the best course of action. He ran to his storage closet, thank God he always had extra clothes. He quickly changed underwear and pants, so much stickiness here he poured the rest of the water on himself. Once redressed he took the wash cloth and his underwear and rinsed them out in the sink and ran back to the room. He wiped down Cindy's face and then went to work cleaning up her legs and pelvis.

He began to stroke her hair, "Cindy, Cindy" he said softly. "Cindy, wake up sweetheart."

Cindy stirred for a moment and opened her eyes. She sat up and looked into Frank's eyes. The love, the trust, the gratitude and the desire rang through her eyes into his and Frank moved in and kissed her on the mouth and held it there for a few seconds. Cindy returned his kiss but lips never parted. Frank pulled back,

"Time to go darling. I don't want you to be late."

"MM Ok Pastor Frank." mumbled Cindy as she took a big breath in and sighed it out, her eyes closed, her body still unsteady from the orgasm.

Frank was back at his desk to grab his soiled pants to put in the car when he looked back seeing Cindy stand. Those sensuous legs stretched up, up! Then back to flat feet sticking her ass out. A bare ass none the less. Cindy leaned over and grabbed her underwear and stepped into them. Frank didn't breath through the whole display. That incredible, bubble, firm, supple, erection inducing ass. It was incredible. Frank fell into one of those daydreams that lasts 5 seconds but seem like minutes. He thought of how he wished to take Cindy and go. Just go. To Mexico or some other Latin country where they were strict on things. They would marry, have a home, and years from now, they would have a family.

But for the first decade, he would have her take a morning after pill each morning, then they would go and sit in the sun, and play in the waves, her bikini top off. They would massage and kiss and caress and walk the surf. Then at night they would practice the Kama Sutra. Every night, a different position, but only one each night, all the way to completion. Then when they had experienced them all the would start over, now doing two positions each night. In the next round three a night. And with the morning after pill they wouldn't ruin their sex with latex. Frank would drain his seed completely into her each night, every cum spouting shot would coat her innards.

Frank snapped out of his fantasy and watched Cindy pull her panties and bloomers up, amazing how clean they looked after all the debauchery. She came over to him and he walked her to the door telling her she would need to go first, so they arrived separately to the gym rally. He cleaned up as much as he could, but that was going to have to be dry cleaned, tonight. He opened his sublevel windowettes to let the place air out and locked the door as he left. He dropped off his slacks and the cushion cover in his trunk and went to the gym. He got a seat as close to the middle as he could find and as close to the floor as possible.

When the cheerleading squad came out to the floor hopping and yelling, Frank actually momentarily teared up. She was so incredible, so beautiful, so luscious, and so intoxicating. As he watched her and her classmates lead the school in cheer, every time her eyes hit his they locked for just a moment. He couldn't see it but her eyes had teared up to. He knew right then and there, though he didn't have a clue how, he was going to keep every other damn man on the planet away from Cindy, she was his, and he didn't know how long he could wait.
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