Pastor Frank gives Cindy her first Orgasm
When the alarm went off in the morning Frank woke up extremely rested. He couldn't remember the last time he had slept like that. But then again, he also couldn't remember the last time he had a release like that. He felt incredibly guilty at allowing himself to fantasize about a particular girl. Even worse he had even for a second fantasized about actually touching and engaging in a sexual way with one of his flock. She trusted him, so much so that she had sought his help in staying a woman of God and yet he couldn't even stop himself from doing so. He felt terrible but also confused. Why would God allow me to feel this way, why did he make her pop into his mind? He was fine with the faceless mob of body images to satisfy his urges as he waited for God to put his future wife in his life, so why was he putting images of that sweet innocent Cindy in his deviant thoughts?

Oh well, Frank was not going to second guess The Father in any way, but he was confused. Frank went through his normal ritual of showering, shaving, breakfast, the morning paper and then headed off to work. He had three periods of religion today. Two in the morning and one in last period. And then Cindy comes in!

What the hell was that? Why, why did his mind do that? For the rest of the day every 20 minutes or so either the view of Cindy in her uniform from behind, or those legs in the front seat or those thick lips, silhouetted by the cars electronic lights would go through his head. Only once did the vision of her lying on her side, one leg caressing the other pop into his head. And he instantly felt a bulge growing, thank god the vision was during an in between period so he could let the bulge deflate on its own, he couldn't fathom fantasizing about the same female two days in a row, and especially not one of his own flock.

The day past slowly, too slowly. Pastor Frank definitely felt a little churning ball of anxiety in his stomach. He knew he really couldn't wait to see Cindy again. He didn't know why exactly, but he was hoping to hear that she was a woman of strength and had stayed pure, she deserved to be one of the chosen few who actually got to go to heaven. Maybe, just maybe he could use her strength to inspire him. And maybe he could pretend to apologize for something trivial while in his heart apologizing for using her like a piece of meat in his in inappropriate fantasy.

Finally as the sun was getting close to sinking behind the mountains, the days were actually getting longer but January still had short days overall. Frank had always been a bit of a night owl and felt more focused when it was dark out. Frank was grading a stack of papers when there was a quick knock on the door.

Cindy came in, she was wearing her school uniform today, though she had on cotton legging under the uniform skirt due to the cold and snow. And on cold days they were allowed to were boots, Cindy had on Uggs. They didn't really match her uniform but everything seemed to look good on her now. Frank worried that he felt some serious attraction to this girl. But she had come to him with problems and God had given him the wisdom to tell her, and he would continue to do so.

It wasn't until she was close to his desk that Frank realized how horrid this beautiful girl looked. She had dark circles under her eyes, those beautiful bluish eyes were red around the iris, her light foundation makeup had streaks from tears and Cindy looked to be physically ill.

"My goodness Cindy are you alright? Did you get the flu sweetheart?" asked Frank.

"No, Pastor Frank." Cindy squeaked out her voice weaker than usual. "I--I was able to stay chaste through the night but I am having trouble even thinking or walking today. Every step my leggings lightly rub against my private area and I am so filled with shame from the feeling I have." She began to sob softly.

Frank walked over and hugged Cindy from the side and let her just cry for a few minutes and get the stress out. The sobbing eventually subsided, and Cindy began to describe the struggle of the night before, she had done poorly on her homework due to the constant distraction of tingling feelings from her pelvic area. She had tried watching some sermon channels on tv, then tried reading her favorite Bible passages but it didn't take the urges away. But she had shown incredible strength and not explored the feelings at all.

It was painfully obvious that Cindy was barely keeping her sanity. Her body was shaking, the slightest touch of any fabric in her nether regions caused a mini-explosion of tingling and her urge to follow her desire of exploring these feelings was now her constant thought. She told Frank that she hadn't been able to listen to any of her lectures or take any notes because it took all her focus just to keep her hands off her self.

Frank consoled her and tried to give her a solution to her problem when a thought jumped into his head. At first he dismissed the thought as a disgusting perversion that he would admonish himself for but for now he needed to focus on helping out this wonderful blossoming woman.

But then again and again and again the image would push back into his minds eye. Finally Frank realized he could not push the image away anymore and thought to himself the God was giving him a solution so that Cindy could go back to having a normal life and not have done anything of her own accord. She would be clean before God.

Frank closed his eyes and prayed to God to tell him if he was wrong, if not he would do as he saw in that recurring vision. The vision wasn't overly complex, it was clearly his office, Cindy laying on his sofa, he in a chair next to her. Not all the kids at this school were noble and chaste like Cindy. Some were devious, some didn't care about God and their actions showed it. One senior female, completely incorrigible, he had caught moaning under the bleachers and caught her with a vibrator, pleasuring himself. He had confiscated the vibrator and let her know any other violations of any kind and he would have her expelled.

The contraband he had taken from her was locked away in his lower desk drawer. He never had considered that he would ever use it for anything, but he didn't want it falling into the wrong hands, so in the drawer it had stayed. Now he felt God was instructing him to use it to save this wonderful young lady from the unfair urges she was having.

"Cindy, I am so unbelievably proud of you for staying true to the Lord last night and today. I have prayed to God about it asking, pleading for a solution and God has given me a vision. You have to be helped, or you will become a heathen, no person can resist urges forever."

"What about you Pastor Frank? Have you ever had urges?"

"Of course Cindy, and I wasn't always sure I wanted to be a man of the cloth. I did explore my urges and it took me a long time to feel right before the Lord again. You have done nothing wrong and God wants me to help you. We need to go to my office." I told her.

We walked out from the school and over to the church into the basement where my office was located along with the nursery, and the children's Sunday School rooms.

Frank unlocked the door and let Cindy inside locking the door behind them. Thankfully the church was deserted on this sub-floor, as Frank was well aware even a high pitched voice like Cindy's could be loud if overcome with passion. Frank told Cindy to lay on the couch. She did so and he lit a few candles around the room and turned out the lights to create as comfortable an atmosphere as he could.

Frank went to his desk and put on some light surf sounds from his clock radio/sleep machine and grabbed the vibrator from his desk drawer and hid it on his back and his belt. He grabbed his chair and brought it over to Cindy. He sat down beside her, and realized she was squinting hard, she was fighting the urges even then, and he was never so sure in the vision God had given him.

He reached out and grabbed a hand of Cindy's and led her in a long prayer, asking for God's guidance and for God to be gentle and kind to such a wonderful servant as Cindy. Cindy gripped his hand hard, and slight tears were emerging from her eyelids.

Don't worry Cindy, I will make you better, Frank thought.

"Cindy, Cindy look at me."

She opened her eyes and stared into Franks. "I am going to do as God has asked me Cindy. God wants to remove your pain. Remember Cindy, you have done nothing wrong, you are a noble follower of the Lord. I want you to completely relax and keep your eyes closed. I also want you to not fight at all, just let everything envelope you. I am here to help you and God will guide you."

"Ok" Cindy said in a whisper.

Frank put one hand on her thigh as he grabbed the vibrator with the other. She jumped at his touch, she was coiled so tight from the stress.

"Cindy, you need to be relaxed. Please try."

"I will, I promise." she replied.

She released her taughtness just slightly and Frank gently pulled her leg away from the other. He snapped on the vibrator and before Cindy could wonder what the noise was he used the tip to gently push up her skirt and then he brought the tool down to the apex of her legs, to as close as the rear section of her pussy as he could, wanting to start where she was least sensitive before moving forward. It was a bit of a guessing game since her underwear and leggings were still on, but he only had to be close.

The second he touched Cindy's private area she immediately opened her eyes in terror, "Wh-What are you DOING? Oh no, you have to stop!"

"Cindy you need to trust me, you need to trust in the Lord!" instructed Frank as he gripped her leg.

"But I can't keep that feeling away!"

"Let go Cindy, its okay, the Lord is giving me the sin of pleasuring you, you will not face his wrath for this. Relax and let it happen to you."

"But! But! Oh! OH! OH! OH! OH!" Cindy began to moan and take quick staccato breaths and the first waves of pleasure began to radiate out from the epicenter where the vibrator was touching her.

Frank slowly moved it up until the vibrator was right over her lips but still below her clitoris. Or at least he thought that was were it was.

"Oh, OH MY GOD!" shouted Cindy as she felt what she would have sworn was an orgasm.

Yet she had no idea what she was yet to experience. Just as Frank saw her hips start to buck he moved the unit up to a likely location for her most sensitive area and he really hit home.

Cindy's butt rose up off the sofa as her clitoris reached to meet the vibrating sensation. "OOOOO! UUUGH! OH, OH, OH, OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!"

At that moment Cindy was completely overtaken by the pleasure of a full orgasm and passed out cold. Her hand fell to the floor, her body went limp, she had spittle on either side of her mouth and the only sign of life was her deep breathing and the wet spot on her leggings that had grown in circumference till it reached each of her mid thighs.

Frank had seen a woman release liquid or female cum before, but never so much. Cindy was gone, completely unconscious and that was when Frank noticed how hard he was. He almost got angry at himself and then thought better. He had just witnessed a woman orgasm and helped her achieve it, it was natural for his body to think he was going to mate. Instead he got up and went to his desk to meditate for the next 30 minutes.

Thankfully a half hour later his hard on had softened, at least most of the way and he went over and awoke Cindy.

"Wha, whe, who. Um, um what happened?" Her grogginess was total and a deep shroud of sleepiness was still all over her.

"Cindy, do you remember what happened?"

It took a few minutes before Cindy remembered. "Oh my goodness. Yes I do. Pastor Frank, that wasn't right!"

"It's okay Cindy, God came to me in a vision and told me to do that to you so you could go back to living a normal life. You hymen wasn't touched, you were never unclothed, and you did not cause the release you felt. I did that with the vibrating tool. Is the sensation gone."

Cindy blinked a time or two and said, "You know, it is! Oh thank you Pastor" and she jumped up and hugged him tight.

"I am happy to do what I can to help you under the guidance of the Lord. But Cindy, what I did I only did because God gave me the vision of it. It isn't proper and I would not have done it otherwise. And your parents, if you tell them or anyone else Cindy, I will probably have to go to jail."

"I understand, I trust you Pastor Frank, you have always been kind and honest to me."

:Let's get you home."

Frank drove Cindy to her house, and let her out of the car with a reminder to shower and rinse her leggings. She promised she would and smiled at Frank and shut the door and jogged to the front door of her home.

Pastor Frank drove home and suffice it to say that evening, he ruined 3 new undershirts before he finally got his erection to subside. He hoped he had cured Cindy of her problem, because he couldn't stop wondering what that wet pussy looked like under the leggings, and was afraid of trying to find out.
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