All siblings must learn how to share, take turns and care for one another.
Waiver Note: The following story is a completely fictitious narrative and is pure fantasy. This chapter involves graphic sexual descriptions between a young woman with her brother and father on separate occasions. The whole of this novella consists of multiple adults and teens (several of them family members) having sex with one another, written in a similar fashion. If the topic is not of interest or is offensive to you, please cease reading immediately and just move on. Your opinions are your own.

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- seltra

- - -

Although sunlight poured through the bedroom window, I awoke slowly the next morning, my body still completely sated from the experience Julie and I had shared the night before. I refused to open my eyes, lest I disturb the peace that had settled in my mind. Although Kelly and I made love twice a day – sometimes more – the moments were few and far between when I felt this elated.

I felt perfect.

My wife and I shared an incredible sex life to be sure, and it always felt special, like a prized treasure that neither of us was willing to part with. Sharing one another’s intimate pleasure was far from routine, despite how often it occoured. Neither of us took it for granted. Still, I had to admit to myself that this feeling, one of absolute unity and loving adoration for the other partner, was rarely so prevalent the morning after.

Now, here that special feeling of oneness was again. Only this time, it wasn’t with Kelly. Despite the handful of affairs that each of us had had, I could openly admit that I had never experienced this breadth of emotion for any of the women I had casually had sex. For me, it had always been only to relieve pent-up tension. Those women had been there as an escape from reality when it was too difficult to handle at the time. Kelly and I always made up after, though, and that was when this blessed emotion would return.

This was slightly different, though. As I lay there, still keeping my eyes closed, feeling Julie’s rhythmic breathing beside me, a powerful feeling of pure love welled in my mind. My fifteen-year-old daughter was its focus and target. I had only ever felt this melding of souls with Kelly. With her gone this month, and Julie so willing and anxious to assume the role of the companionship I so desperately needed, I found myself now feeling this love towards a second woman in my life.

There was nothing I wouldn’t do for her now. Julie was mine to hold, mine to love. She was mine to see happy and fulfilled, wherever that direction led us. She was a flawless gem, as rare and as beautiful as the most precious stone that money could buy.

She was indeed my little Jewel.

I hadn’t yet opened my eyes, fearing that perhaps the entire experience had been a dream. I was terrified to bring myself back to reality, only to find that it was still only Friday morning and that Julie and I had never made love as I had thought. Was it true that my very own daughter and I now shared a love as intimate as we had? Had we actually shared our most personal selves with one another? The pleasure and satisfaction that comes only from a deep, physical union: had we truly basked in it so freely the night before?

Finally, I dared to peel back my eyelids. Acutely aware that I wasn’t dreaming, I looked at the back of Julie’s head as her body nestled against me. I spooned my lovely Jewel against my torso and legs. The skin of our naked bodies was pressed together, her back against my chest. My arms wrapped around her, this precious treasure of a woman. In them, my daughter slept peacefully, looking like she was just as happily pacified by this new love we had shared as I was.

Yes, I told myself factually, it happened. You and your daughter made love with each last night. Quit second-guessing yourself.

I tilted my head forward slightly, kissing Julie on the neck. She breathed in sharply and sighed in her sleep, still dreaming. For several minutes, I didn’t dare move, again fearing I would shatter the moment. If it was real or imagined, I didn’t care. I just wanted to take it in, revel in the glory that was my intimate love with my fifteen-year-old Jewel.

Eventually, I got up out of bed, being careful not to disturb my daughter’s restful sleep. I had finally conceded that I needed a shower. It was going to be a long day, and the sooner I was cleaned up for it, the better. As I stood up, I glanced at the clock. The readout emotionlessly displayed 10:18am. Whether from long days at work or, more likely, the placating emotions I felt for my daughter, it was the latest I had slept in and left the bed in a long, long time.

After closing the bathroom door behind me, I started a shower and stepped into the spacious, tiled alcove. The scalding water burned my skin enjoyably, purging away the grime of a day’s work and a night’s pleasure. I stood there a while, feeling the hot flood of relief wash over me. It felt good, invigorating even, as if awakening my senses to the day of immense sexual satisfaction ahead of me.

I couldn’t imagine Julie wanting or permitting me to do anything else.

Well, I decided quietly, I suppose I should get ready for her, then. She could be here any minute. Without any hesitation, I wrapped my fingers around the digit hanging between my legs. My own, meaningful touch was enough to gain an immediate reaction. It began growing and hardening in my hand as I fondled it gently. The subtle bursts of pleasure beginning to gain momentum made me struggle to stand and I leaned against the wall under the showerhead for support.

With no resistance in my mind or conscience, images of Julie flooded my thoughts. I could see her beautiful face, how it had contorted in pleasure last night as I, her own father, treated her to a sexual feast she hadn’t thought possible. The memory of my daughter’s moans echoed in my head, how she had begged for more despite being her body becoming increasingly exhausted at the intimate stimulation. Oh, how I yearned to meld our bodies together again.

While my mind was still in mid-thought with that idea, a soft, feminine voice called to me from the shower room doorway. “Thinking you can get started without me, Daddy?”

Despite my eyes being closed, the shower spraying my face, I smiled widely in immediate response. Taking my face from the spout’s blasting streams, I let go of my manhood and wiped my eyes, looking towards the source of the question. There, Julie stood against the edge of the doorjamb. She eyed me suspiciously, as though daring me to continue while she offered her own personal touch instead.

She hadn’t bothered to dress, her fit, trim figure openly bare for me to see, and I looked her over hungrily. With one hand on her waist and the other wrapped up around the top of her head, she smiled genuinely and adoringly at me, her dear old dad. I couldn’t have torn my eyes away from the feminine perfection they were seeing even if I had wanted to. Julie’s long, athletic legs, her firm, teenage tummy, her succulent, round breasts, the warm, even tan over all her skin; all of that and more she displayed for me, as though begging for her daddy’s touch and affection.

“Or, is there still time for me to join you?” Julie’s deep, brown eyes shone with expectation. She knew what would happen this morning. There was no way in hell I would deny her now.

I reached out my hand, wordlessly beckoning her to join me. Her mouth stretched out in a long, wide smile and she squealed with delight as she stepped into the small bathing room with me. It took her two small steps before she took my hand and I pulled her gently into a warm embrace. Her naked body met mine. Together, we each breathed in the other deeply. Curling her into my arms, holding her tightly against my chest, I kissed her forehead. Julie looked up, the silent insistence for more than a gentle peck glimmered in her eyes. Her request was undeniable.

Our lips met, Julie and I kissed long and hard, our breathing growing deeper with every smooth rub our mouths made against each other’s. Julie’s tongue darted into my mouth searching for a companion and I returned the affection. Together, out lips and tongues danced, love building between father and daughter as we fell deeper and deeper from choice to instinct.

With disbelief at my fortunes overcoming me again, I held my little Jewel against me and pulled our lips apart gently. “There’s always time for you to join me, Jewels,” I whispered tenderly. She smiled, looking straight into my eyes. I could see from the way she stared just how deeply my daughter loved me. Against all of society’s whims and words, she would risk everything to see me satisfied. Social norms defied, she offered herself willingly and with every consent, wanting me to take her.

The paternal lust flowed through me just as powerfully. There was no way for me to deny her; I wouldn’t deny her. Our culture’s rules on father-daughter relationships were just as meaningless and obsolete, in my opinion. Julie, my precious fifteen-year-old daughter, would feel my love for her, that fatherly affection becoming a physical one as it moved from the intangible.

My hands began to wander over my daughter’s lithe, teenage body, feeling every smooth, shapely contour she had toned so well. Julie’s hands followed suit over my chest, her mind obviously entertaining the idea of making love to her daddy again. I didn’t stop her. It was something I could tell she wanted. More than anything in this moment, I wanted it, too. I wanted so badly to fill her body with the most stunning of human emotions, those of physical gratification.

“I love how toned your chest is, Daddy,” she complimented as she kissed my torso, still rubbing her hands over my body. “It’s really sexy, actually.” Julie kissed her way down my stomach, her face ending up beside my erect penis. Taking it affectionately into her hand, she kissed the underside of the circumcised head. “My dad is just so hot!” she thought aloud, as though I weren’t around to hear it.

Suddenly, Julie’s lips engulfed me. Sucking gently on my stiff cock, my fifteen-year-old daughter offered me her tender, sweet treatment. She slid her mouth along my engorged shaft, quickly taking me in and slowly dragging her lips and tongue back along its length. I was in absolute bliss, deciding that even the most beautiful paradise on earth couldn’t compare to what I was experiencing now.

“Mmmm...!” I moaned sharply. “Oh, Jewels...! Ohhh...yeah...” Beneath me, my legs buckled, threatening to collapse as the pleasure caught my mind’s concentration up elsewhere.

Pulling her face away from my groin, she warned me with a giggle, “You might want to sit down, Daddy.” She rubbed her hand with carnal intent along the length of my stiffening manhood. “If you thought yesterday was good...well...” My little Jewel looked up and winked at me with a greedy smile on her face. The look of pure lust in her eyes was more than ample to convince me she knew what she was talking about.

“Whatever you say, Jewels,” I responded, sitting on the tiled bench in the shower stall. Julie immediately went to work, revitalizing my every physical craving. Her lips and tongue massaged the turgid pole between my legs, their seal around my manly digit felt airtight. “OHHH...Jewels...!” I moaned, feeling my daughter pleasure my body. “Oh, my girl...! Mmmm...yeah...!”

Julie’s hand accompanied her mouth, rubbing the sensitive organ with a fervency that I hadn’t expected. As the feeling of her soft hand combined with the ecstasy I felt inside her mouth, I couldn’t help but grimace in pleasure, grunting and groaning reflexively. Every time I moaned by approval, my teenage daughter took it as encouragement to fellate me harder. Both the sucking and the speed my little Jewel used increased, the pleasure feeling incredible as it enlivened every cell in my body.

I cupped my daughter’s head with both of my hands, my fingers intertwining into her luscious brown hair, now wet from the shower. Through my mouth I kept moaning, urging her to continue. Wild desperation flooded me, wanting to feel my fifteen-year-old daughter’s every loving treatment to me, her father. There couldn’t have been any affection more pure and instinctual than what we shared between us in that moment.

Suddenly, I felt the rush of my orgasm mount. I couldn’t help it. Julie’s technique and efforts were too much for me to resist. As my daughter’s mouth and hand ran over my rigid sex, I could feel its girth expand for a brief second. Every muscle in my groin tightened up, preparing to spew their load.

“Julie...! Oh! Oh, Jewels...JEWELS...! YES!!!” I cried out, feeling the love she shared with me reach fruition. An instant later my reproductive spear emptied its contents in a violent burst. Julie sucked it away and swallowed every drop of my viscous fluid that gushed into her mouth.

With a forceful heave of air, I doubled over, one hand staying on Julie’s head, the other resting on her back for support. My eyes were shut tightly as I breathed deeply, calming myself as my body settled. The hot spray of water cascaded over us and I heard my voice echo in the space between our bodies as I managed to quietly mutter only a single word.


My daughter’s mouth and hand let go of my settling erection. Julie leaned her head against my leg and wrapped her arms around my waist, hugging me tightly. Right now, in this moment, she was the most important woman in the world, and by far the one I loved the most with Kelly gone. I held her, fearing that if I let her go, she might disappear forever.

“I love you, Daddy.”

I smiled, hearing the softly-spoken, adoring words from my precious Jewel. Sitting up, I looked down at her, kneeling in front of me. Our eyes met. Words were unnecessary. At the same instant, we grabbed for one another, aiming for the other’s lips.

Our kiss of unbridled passion and desire was enough for even the most star-crossed lovers to envy. It melted away any shame of fear for our beautiful love that may have been lingering in our minds. Our arduous embrace was as genuine and real as any kiss I had ever given her mother.

Except that her mother wasn’t here – and my teenage Jewel had stepped up to take her place during that absence.

Pulling our lips apart reluctantly, I stared straight into those deep, mysterious dark-auburn eyes of hers. “I love you, too, Julie.”

She breathed shallowly, a smile crossing her face along with an expression that gave the impression she might cry, though I wouldn’t have known if she had with the shower still dousing us. Her eyes looked as though tears of love and joy and relief would flow now that she could share a physical intimacy this meaningful and powerful with her father.

“And,” I told her gently, “I want to thank you for all you’ve done.” Those brown gems stared at me more intently. “I have a special treat, just for you to enjoy.”

Catching my meaning, my darling young daughter stood together with me. Her mouth formed into a broad smile as she took my place on the shower room’s outcropping, lifting one foot onto the ledge with her. With the other on the floor, Julie’s toned, shapely teenage legs spread widely, allowing me an impressive view of her clean-shaven womanhood. My daughter’s petite flower glistened with moisture from both the water spraying us and with a forbidden desire for her father to tantalize.

I leaned in between her athletic thighs, breathing in the scent of my daughter’s wanton desire. Softly at first, I pressed my lips against her budding femininity, the touch of my mouth against her delicate flesh causing her to tense up and quiver. Extending my tongue, I drew it over Julie’s soft, adolescent labia. She shrieked as the pleasure electrified her mind and body.

“Just relax, Jewels,” I whispered up to her, my voice just above the noise of the shower.

“How can I relax when my own father is eating me out?” she wailed in lustful excitement. Gently but firmly grabbing the hair on my head, she led my face back to her pulsing womanhood. “C’mon, Daddy,” she insisted. “Eat your little girl’s pussy.”

Gladly, I dove between her legs again, madly nipping at my fifteen-year-old daughter’s ripe womanhood with my lips and licking frantically around her cavern with my tongue. My little Jewel howled and moaned with absolute pleasure, revelling in her father’s sexual touch to her feminine cavern. The stimulation I was giving her was only augmented when I focused my efforts on that special little nub peeking from its nest.

“Mmmm...oh, Daddy!” Julie cried out as I intimately devoured her delicate clitoris. “I love it...when you eat me...oh, yeah...! Oooh...Daddy...!”

Suddenly, I could taste her juices on my tongue. My daughter’s sweet nectar trickled into my mouth, and thirstily I lapped it up. Reaching up and around her body, my hands felt their way along until they found her delectable breasts. I squeezed them firmly, the supple mounds of womanly beauty pliable in my hands. Between my thumbs and fingers, I pinched her adolescent nipples lightly and tenderly, bringing out another yelp of pleasure.

I knew she couldn’t take much more.

“Daddy...!!!” Julie moaned uncontrollably through gritted teeth. “Yes...yes...! Ah, ah...AHHH!!!” Her high-pitched grunts of pure ecstasy were drowned by her climax. With her voice lost as the orgasm took hold, I kept up my passionate work between her legs, milking out every sensation I could in Julie’s teenage body. She simply held my head in place, silently begging her dear old dad for more.

From head to toe, Julie’s fifteen-year-old body quivered. My beautiful young daughter basked in an explosive orgasm. After several long seconds of sheer delight, Julie’s body relaxed. She was still breathing hard as I backed away from her womanly crevice. Our eyes met, and I could see just from the way she looked at me how intensely she had climaxed.

“Mmmm...Daddy...” my little Jewel sighed, her mind still reeling from the epic sexual experience. “That felt so good!”

I smiled lovingly at her. “Nothing like an orgasm to start the day off right is a slogan you mother often says to me.”

Julie grinned from ear to ear. “I have to agree with her,” she stated matter-of-factly, adding, “especially if it’s an orgasm you give me – or, in Mom’s case, you give her.”

We chuckled as she included her mother in the statement.

Standing up, I backed into the main torrent of hot streams. I motioned for her to follow me into the soothing blast of water, but her attention was elsewhere. “Looks like someone has a different idea,” she observed. Following her gaze, I had to concede that she was right.

I had been desperately trying to ignore it, wanting to save it for later, but my erection was back. I often astounded even myself at how quickly I could regain a full hard-on. It wasn’t every time that my phallic tool renewed this quickly, but it wasn’t a rare occasion, either. I figured my stamina must be due to all the ‘sexercise’ my wife and I constantly gave one another.

My daughter wouldn’t let me turn a blind eye to the opportunity. “I’ve always wanted to have sex in this shower,” she admitted. “Will or Broc and I have made love in all the other showers or bathtubs lots of times.” she stared me right in the eyes, her hazel glare locking onto me and magically pulling me towards her. “But none of us,” she continued, “have had the chance to get it on in here.”

“Well,” I suggested gladly with a slight laugh, “I suppose we should get to defiling this place, then.”

With her ever-pleasant giggle, she agreed, “Yeah, I think we should. C’mon, Daddy,” she offered undeniably as she turned around, “let’s see what you can do in here.” She bent over with one knee on the shower ledge, her other leg planted firmly on the tiled floor beside it. Raising her beautiful, curvy bum into the air, she displayed her feminine treasure with open invitation. Peering around her shapely body seductively, she pointedly asked, “Well?”

My pulse racing, I stepped up behind her, squaring my loins with hers. Without a word, I reached between us and aimed my turgid club at the internal pathway to her beckoning womb. Using my free arm, I encircled my little girl, holding her firmly in place as I prepared again to make love to my sweet, young fifteen-year-old daughter. I shoved my groin forward and her pubescent body welcomed me with a warm, slick clench of her muscles.

“Oh, Daddy...” she gasped as I pressed my thick rod deeply into her womanly canal, “I love it when you’re inside me.” She pushed back eagerly, and I could feel Julie’s heated, feminine depths absorbing me with a willing desire.

“It feels so good for me, too, Jewels,” I agreed, pulling back until just the head of my eight-and-a-half-inch manhood stayed pinned in her gripping, muscular interior. Slowly, I pushed my sexual instrument back into Julie’s body again, my penile skin feeling my daughter’s every internal contour. “Ohhh...” I groaned in a low voice, “it feels so good...!”

“Hmmm...” she moaned through closed lips, reaching out to the windowsill above her to support herself. With her other hand braced on the sitting-ledge beneath her, Julie’s other fingers white-knuckled the small ledge above us as she locked herself in place.

I held my beautiful daughter more firmly around her slender waist, placing my other hand solidly, but lovingly on her shoulder so I could control our movement together more directly. Picking up speed and rhythm, I brought our bodies together again and again, wedging my thick cock into her small, adolescent crevice. Her bum slapped lightly against my thighs with every thrust that brought the two of us together.

“Oh, Daddy...”groaned my daughter as she felt our bodies melt together in pleasure. “Oh...Daddy...! Yes...! YES!!! I love you...! Oh, I love you, Daddy...!”

“Jewels...oh, Jewels...” was all I could moan in response, rubbing my hands up and down my daughter’s toned back. With the spray of the shower jets spreading water over her, Julie’s skin felt smoother than ever. The feeling of her skin on my fingers and palms filled me with more carnal lust for my precious, beautiful little girl. I couldn’t get enough of her. Planting my hands securely on her round, teenage hips, I pushed harder and faster into my daughter’s body.

“Daddy...! MMMM! Oh, Daddy...keep going...!” my little Jewel plead desperately. “Oooh...I’m gonna cum... Oh, yes, Daddy...! Unhh...! Uhhh...!” Julie reached up with one hand, keeping the other rooted firmly to the windowsill, gripping my leg to urge me to keep filling her body with immense pleasure – as if I needed the encouragement. I pushed my large digit into her, feeling my daughter’s body tense up in response. “Oh, YEAH...!!! DADDY! YES...! DAD-!!! UNGH!!!”

Julie trembled in my hands, a powerful climax bursting within and echoing throughout her body. Lowering her head, my daughter squeaked out a few squeals of pleasure as I kept ravaging her body with my fatherly love, her voice reverberating in the tiled shower stall. Suddenly, she gasped for air as the orgasm released its unpreventable grip over her mind and body.

I slowed my efforts. My fifteen-year-old Jewel’s breathing slowly returned to normal. “Ohhh...Daddy...” she whispered tenderly, barely audible over the raging shower torrent. “Daddy, that felt so good...”

Although she couldn’t see it, I smiled, pleased with my technique and the result it brought out in my daughter’s body. I was even more pleased that my erection hadn’t failed me yet. Sliding my hard rod back into her, rubbing her back affectionately, I told her, “Glad you enjoyed it. I love you, Jewels.”

“I love you, too, Daddy,” she returned, my daughter’s voice full of her teenage charm. Pushing back to meet my slow thrust, she giggled. “Feels to me like someone needs a little extra attention to satisfy him, though.”

Julie stood, pulling her body away from mine, much to my dismay. Taking my hand, my daughter led me a step forward towards the tiled seat. She put a soft hand on my chest and gently pushed me backwards. The look of wanton desire in her glowing brown eyes was mistakable. She wanted me to feel every degree of her deep, taboo passion and love.

“Sit down,” she ordered softly. “Let’s give him what he wants.”

Needing no further invitation, I dropped myself onto the tiled outcropping. Turning her back to me, my daughter stepped backwards, straddling my legs and pressing her gorgeous adolescent body against mine. Slowly, Julie slid her body downward, rubbing the silky-smooth curves of her backside against my chest. At the last second, she reached between my legs and guided my rigid manhood back into her carnal depths.

We both gasped as her sexy, youthful flower opened up and received me once again. My daughter’s slick, young vagina was so tight, but so wet that there was hardly any resistance as I penetrated deeply into her. I released my breath in a deep moan, hearing Julie sigh contentedly as her mouth stopped near my ear.

Instinctively, I put my hands on her shapely, athletic legs and rubbed them, working my way up her fit, tanned body. Stopping on her hips, I held my daughter in place, prepared to complement her efforts however she chose to continue.

“Daddy...” my little Jewel murmured into my ear. “I love feeling your hands on me...”

Moving herself with her strong legs, Julie pushed her body up and slowly let it back down. She moaned, her mouth hanging wide open, as her movement pulled my masculine rod out of her body slightly, then plunged it slowly and deliberately back in, rubbing her internal flesh.

I lifted her in my hands, helping to guide her body as it moved. I couldn’t help but join my voice to hers. My daughter’s primed, muscular interior was warm and gripping, its succulent friction on my turgid member driving me on towards an inevitable climax.

My little Jewel began to move her body faster. I steadied her in my hands, aiding her with every intimate pulse our muscles made together. My daughter’s sacred cove clenched around my inflexible sex column with greater force as our bodies rubbed together inside and out. At times she lifted herself up and down, interspersed with moments of rocking back and forth. Julie’s body felt amazing as she rubbed her little teenage bum against my groin and her toned back on my chest over and over again.

“Oh, Jewels... JULIE...!” I moaned sharply as my daughter’s interior grappled my manhood. I leaned forward and kissed her shoulders with tender affection. She paused, melting into the touch as her father’s lips – my lips – caressed her soft skin there, cooing with simple contentment. “Your body is amazing, Jewels... I love, so much...!”

“I love you, too, Daddy,” came the sweet, response from my beautiful Jewel. With the dance of my lips on her shoulder blades ending, my daughter began to rock forcefully on my groin again. I grunted with illicit desire as my gorgeous daughter thrust, her womanly vessel consuming and clenching around my masculine spear.

Almost without voluntary control, my hands climbed further and further up my fifteen-year-old daughter’s tight, fit and firm body, feeling every inch of her skin as they moved over her abdomen and sides. I could feel Julie’s skin burn with forbidden desire beneath my fatherly touch; a desire reflected as Julie’s reckless excitement grew, wordlessly begging for more and more stimulation.

My hands found and rested on Julie’s wonderful and delicious young breasts. I wanted so much to take them in my mouth and suck my daughter’s small and round teenage nipples. Much to my dismay, it was a privilege I was denied while making love in this position.

Contenting myself just to play, I caressed and squeezed her budding, fifteen-year-old chest. The firm and supple 30C globes of womanly beauty were a delight for me to fondle and I felt her shiver with an unexpected rush of enjoyment. I savoured the moment, coddling the pliable mounds and brushing my fingers over her nipples.

“Daddy...!” cried out Julie in carnal warning. I could feel her fifteen-year-old figure beginning to shudder with sexual yearning. “Feels so...good...!” she squeaked out just as the orgasm overpowered her. “ GOOD!!! DADDY!!! OHHH...OH-! MMMM!!!”

My daughter leaned forward, letting the explosion of desire and pleasure engulf her mind. She gyrated her pelvis with meaningful intent, drawing out every thrill she could from her young body. I crossed my arms over Julie’s chest, keeping my hands planted firmly planted on her tender breasts to support her. Moving in timed rhythm with her erratic thrusts, I pushed back, driving my manhood deeply into her well of incestuous love.

The efforts paid off. Julie’s trembling fifteen-year-old body’s climax seemed to be contagious, spilling itself over into my senses. Her tender, ripe womanhood gripping me tightly, the flesh of our nude bodies grinding together, the mere feeling of her precious, youthful body in my hands; all of it combined to ignite an uncontrollable reaction in my mind. As our bodies melded in sexual unison, I felt the unmistakable rush of an intense orgasm consume me.

“JULIE...!!! OHHH...JEWELS!!!” I strained out through my teeth, feeling my muscles tighten and fill with an overwhelming dose of some of the most incredible pleasure I had ever experienced. “MMMM!!! NNGH!!!” I groaned, feeling the bulbous end of my cock slather the path to her womb with my thick juice. The strong, unstoppable emotion bent me forward, fitting me snugly over Julie’s adolescent body.

Gasping and reeling from our combined orgasm, I found her hands and spooned them in mine. I leaned back against the tiled shower wall, wrapping my arms around my beloved young daughter and pulling her back to lie against me. Slowly, my softening erection shrank, eventually falling out of Julie’s sated young flower. Still we sat there, motionless, feeling nothing but our love for one another and the outermost hot jets of the shower washing over us.

I embraced her tightly, feeling her chest heave as she, too, struggled to catch her breath. Words were not necessary as we basked in the pleasured bliss of a mutual father-daughter afterglow. Nothing could take this moment from us; it was ours to treasure and reflect on together all our lives. This and many more like it, I knew, would be the memory of this intimate, secret month that we would spent together as lovers, the social bonds of society and culture shattered decisively.

I could have stayed like that forever. Holding Julie close to me as we let our pampered bodies and minds recover was the epitome of our confidential relationship. Making love to my little Jewel was an experience beyond compare, and I feared the day the passionate freedom we felt with one another would be confiscated. I couldn’t have loved her more or proved that affection more incontestably than I had in the last few minutes today and our time last night. I felt it and I knew she did, too.

Over the din of the shower’s rage, we spoke one another’s names with love and adoration.



Our lips found one another’s without any guidance. They were inexplicably drawn together. We kissed long and deeply, the slow, passionate waltz of our mouths communicating our deep, mutual affection for one another. I hugged her tighter and tighter, to let her know that, even if it was only emotionally, I would never let her go; she would never be alone. She was and always would be my little Jewel!

Julie slipped her hands out of my affectionate cuddle, letting my palms again find her round, firm breasts. She stopped kissing me. My eyes opened to see that she was already staring at me, love and admiration for her father in those deep, penetrating brown eyes.

With one hand and arm, she held my hands in place, inviting me to caress her tenderly and gently. I willfully obeyed, not missing the look of satisfaction that crossed my daughter’s beautiful face. Her other arm she wrapped around my head, looking at me straight in the eyes.

“I love you so much, Daddy,” she sighed over the sounds of our bathing. “I so glad that we can share this now.”

“I love you, too, Jewels,” I responded softly. I gazed at her, my eyes not breaking from memorizing the look of her undeniably beauty. I was so appreciative of everything we had shared together. Although I figured she knew, I wanted to make sure. “Thank you,” I told her.

She smiled and giggled in her cute, trademarked adolescent way. “You say that like this’ll never happen again.”

“Well,” I shrugged, “it’ll have to come to an end at some point. We can’t do this forever. Both your mother and brother will be home in a few weeks, right?” She nodded in understanding. “We’ll have to stop it then – at least as much. I’m sure we can find a spare moment from time to time like you and your brothers have done.”

She stared at me, a knowing look crossing her face, as though there was something else she wasn’t telling me. “Well,” she mused, pausing to purse her lips thoughtfully, “we’ll see what happens.”

At long last, we ended our embrace, untangling ourselves from one another’s arms. Julie and I took turns washing one another, finishing our shower within a few minutes, before drying off and getting dressed for the day – and by getting dressed I mean wearing as little as possible while still being presentable should someone knock at the front door.

I put on a pair of sweatpants, not even bothering to include any underwear; I imagined that, should things heat up again (which they were almost sure to, I figured) between my daughter and me, she would want immediate access. The last thing I wanted was to deter my sweet, young Jewel from offering to treat me to the unique, intimate skills she had become so proficient at.

Julie took about the same amount of effort, though I figured she looked considerably better than I did. After applying a light dash of makeup, she dressed casually in a pair of yoga pants and a light pink tank top. I noted mentally – as I often did seeing my wife or any other woman wearing those tight, form-fitting pants – that the man who invented those workout pants was a pure genius. I didn’t care what woman they were on; I found yoga pants sexy as hell! On Julie, the skin-tight clothing was particularly flattering, accentuating the painfully-good-looking curves of her teenage butt and thighs.

My daughter’s shirt was just as captivating. It hugged her chest just well enough to press her firm pubescent breasts together and was low enough on her to display the resulting cleavage prominently. Even if Julie and I hadn’t been involved with one another as we were, the mere attributes of the clothing would have been enough to make any father think impurely about his female offspring. The shirt didn’t quite cover her firm, adolescent tummy, much to my delight. It revealed just the right amount of midriff to tease and provoke a man’s innermost desires.

From time to time through the morning, I indulged myself by taking lingering, satisfying looks at my sexy, young daughter. More than once she caught me staring. She’d always give me a sly smile, knowing exactly what I was thinking, and usually strike a ‘casual’ pose to accentuate the curve of her body that I had been admiring. It’s not like I was trying to be discreet about it, either. Julie mesmerized me. Her whole body was a testament to the epitome of ideal female beauty and splendour.

When I wasn’t occupied studying my fifteen-year-old’s slender figure, I busied myself in preparing breakfast. I had given Julie the option of what to eat this morning, offering to make it for us, and she had chosen scrambled eggs and French toast. I complimented the meal with a variety of fruit choices – orange juice, apples, grapes, strawberries and bananas – as well as some whole-grain muffins to try and balance out the heaviness of her meal choice.

“Here, Daddy,” offered Julie. “I can help you set the table.” Not waiting for me to move, she wedged herself between me and the counter, moving towards the silverware drawer. In the process, she moved her hand around her back as though trying to make herself smaller. Her small, slender fingers suddenly grabbed my slightly-less-than-soft manhood through my pants and gave a definite squeeze. “Oops. Sorry, Daddy,” she giggled. “But, I did say excuse me.”

“Oh, well,” I stammered jokingly, “I guess I should move out the way faster next time.”

Julie giggled again. “No, that’s alright,” she excused, taking the cutlery she needed. She turned around and touched my bare chest gently with her free hand, running her fingers through my thick chest hair. There was a look of absolute deliberateness in her eyes. “I managed.”

As if I needed to be reassured that she had meant to grab me. The charade was cute though, and I bowed down and gave her a quick kiss on the mouth. She hummed softly as I backed away from her face before she turned and walked to the table to organize it to eat from.

Soon, our meal was ready. Taking it to the dining table, I set things down and we filled out plates. The food turned out well, and we hardly spoke during the meal, we were enjoying it so much. What we did talk about was light and casual, just as it had been before we discovered the pleasures a daddy-daughter affair could bring to our lives. I was glad, actually; we hadn’t gone into sexual territory so deeply and so quickly that we had obliterated our friendship.

It was probably because we had the foundation to begin with. That was a fact that kept me from having too many affairs, despite my wife and me being in such an open marriage. I wanted to know the woman I was making love with. I enjoyed intellectual conversation and discovered that, if it was lacking in the moments leading up to sex with a woman besides Kelly, the chemistry of the moment was spoiled.

It wasn’t that it was not enjoyable; I always enjoyed sex. It was just not as fulfilling, or at least not as fulfilling as it could have been. That social connection – the friendship if you will – was what I had with Kelly. It’s what made our marriage and our sex life so rewarding. Now, I had found I had the same bond with Julie. My daughter and I could have a great time conversing, leaving our intimate passions behind for a while. We were content just to enjoy one another’s company.

As was to be expected, however, our talk turned to sex and the history of it in our lives. Julie opened the topic first.

“Did you and Mom ever have sex when you were dating? When you were teenagers, I mean.”

I looked at her. With my best-acted serious voice I replied, “Never. You mother wanted to wait until we were married before things got that heated. I agreed with her.” Julie looked at me, confusion falling over her. I shrugged at her. “We made out a lot, sure, but we never went any further than that. Sex was something we considered too important to indulge in beforehand.”

“But...” my daughter sputtered out, “that’s not what Mom told me.”

“And what did she tell you?”

“She said that you guys knew each other for a few months, but when you started dating, it was all at once.” She paused, letting the words hang in the air. “I thought that meant you guys had sex immediately.”

I chuckled, maintaining my act. “Did it ever occour to you that she had lied, maybe just to get you to quit asking questions?”

“It only opened up more questions, Daddy. Why would she lie? She didn’t have any reason to lie.”

Finally, I laughed outright. I couldn’t keep it up anymore. Immediately, my daughter saw through the deception and scoffed.

“You jerk!” she giggled, giving me a light punch on the arm. That only made me laugh harder.

After a few seconds, I calmed down. “Ok, ok,” I began, “yes, Jewels, you mother and I had a lot of sex when we were dating in high school.”

Triumph and satisfaction took the place of the former confusion on her face. “I knew it! I knew I believed Mom over you.”

"Smart girl." I smiled genuinely. “We were always very careful, though. We had our hot moments, and we had great sex when we could, but we were careful. We weren’t ready for a kid, that’s for sure, but we wanted to share that part of ourselves with each other. Actually...” I considered thoughtfully, “I was the one who took your mother’s virginity. It was on her sixteenth birthday, as I recall.”

Julie thought for a moment. “She would have been halfway through tenth grade, then.”

“Yes, and I was halfway through twelfth.” I took a sip of orange juice to wet my mouth again. “Mom moved to town just as I was starting my senior year. She was a sophomore,” I explained. “She fell into my group of friends, so we got to know each other quite well for a couple months before we started dating. After dating exclusively for another couple months, our relationship became something deeper.”

My daughter nodded, as though correlating my words with whatever story Kelly had told her.

“Anyways, I think we survived so well because we had that solid foundation to build on. I’ve seen a lot of relationships get hot and heavy quickly, and they usually don’t fare so well. Your mother’s and my courtship was strong enough that I decided to propose the night I graduated. When she said yes, it was the icing on the cake.”

“And then you probably had sex that night, too,” Julie included perceptively.

I hesitated a moment, not sure of what to make of her decisive remark. “Yes,” I confirmed. “Then we had sex. And it was probably the best sex we’d ever had – up to that point at least.”

“So that was actually the icing,” snickered Julie.

I deliberated for an instant, considering how to respond. “It was a second helping of cake, complete with extra icing.”

Julie giggled.

I stood and gathered some of the dishes. Julie joined me in clearing the table.

“I hope I can find a man like you, Daddy,” she wished. “You always treat Mom so well.”

“That’s because we love each other so much,” I explained needlessly. “We have that necessary connection.”

Setting the uneaten fruit in the fridge, Julie added, “And you treat me so well, too.”

I caught her as she was walking by me back to the table. Quickly wrapping an arm around her waist, I kissed her lips again. Once more, I couldn’t get over their sweetness. “That’s because I love you so much, too,” I told her softly. “We have that necessary connection, too.”

Placing a hand on the side of my head, Julie agreed, “I know, Daddy.” We kissed each other again, a long, tender kiss full of love. We let each other go and returned to the chores at hand. As she picked up some more uneaten food, Julie considered thoughtfully, “I just mean I want to find someone that loves me for me the way you do.” I looked at her, understanding the meaning to her words. “I’ll have to find someone my own age eventually.”

“Well, you have your brothers,” I stated pointedly. “They’re more your age. They’ll do in a pinch, I’ll bet.”

“I know, Daddy. And, yeah, they do,” my Jewel confessed. “I mean to marry, though. I can only do so much with Will and Broc. I can’t exactly marry them.”

“Point taken,” I gave in. I understood completely. Julie was looking for that connection. Although she had it with me and with her brothers, she needed it from another source. She needed and wanted it from someone whom she could be openly in a relationship with. Family members didn’t exactly make the cut. “I guess you can’t make love with your dear old dad or your brothers all your life, huh?”

“Yeah,” she agreed ruefully. She caught my eye. Although there was that special love we shared together shining through, there was also a new appreciation for me as she realized I understood her dilemma. I turned back to the dishes as she included, “Plus, I think that, sometimes, Will and Broc love me more for what I do for them instead of just for me.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s Broc mostly. Will’s pretty good about treating me with respect and making sure I feel loved – almost to a fault, actually,” she explained without reservation. I could immediately tell which of her brothers her favourite was. It came as no surprise. “He really makes me feel like a woman. I really can’t complain about him. I guess I’m more willing to have sex with him than with Broc.”

I stopped what I had been doing abruptly. If Broc had coerced or compelled his sister to have sex in any sort of underhanded or usurping way, there’d be hell to pay.

Julie looked up at the sudden silence. I caught her eye again, looking at her with insistence. “Is there something I should know?”

“Oh, no,” she assured quickly. “He’s never hurt me or anything if that’s what you’re wondering about.” I breathed a sigh of relief out slowly, letting my shoulders relax. I hadn’t even realized they were tense. If my children were going to have sex, there’d be no abuse of the privilege. That was entirely intolerable. “It’s just tough to convince him sometimes that I need some attention, too,” added Julie. “It always has been, actually.”


“Yeah,” she confirmed rather glumly. “It’s never been a problem for Will – once I brought up the subject, anyways. But, I still remember the first time I persuaded Broc to let me in on the deal a little more than he had been. He was pretty hesitant.”


“It just seemed he wanted what he needed and then wanted to take off,” explained Julie matter-of-factly as she walked by me with the last of the food. “I convinced him to stick around, though. I struck a deal with him.”

I chuckled knowing just how well Broc liked things to do his own way and how much he disliked being reasoned with when his pride was at stake. “How did that go?” I asked taking a glance in her direction. My daughter lifted her head at looked at me with an inquisitive stare. She lifted an eyebrow as a question, but I didn’t quite get her meaning.

Julie stepped towards me, standing toe-to-toe. She brushed her soft hand lovingly down my chest again, tussling the hair she found there. Without warning, she slipped her hand into my pants, the elastic holding them on me offering only a light, failed resistance. I put my hands on my daughter’s shoulders and looked down into her beautiful brown eyes. She stared back at me, an expression mischief and intrigue on her face.

I felt her fingers wander for a moment before they wrapped around my slowly-awakening penis. My sexual companion was durable, alright, but occasionally not as vibrant as he used to be. He could last a long time, and usually was ready to go again before long. Occasionally, though, he had trouble waking back up after a ‘workout’. I hated that part about reaching middle age. My privy member was coming to life, but it would probably be a while longer. Julie seemed to read my thoughts.

“We have some time before he’s ready again, I guess,” she noted, rubbing the flaccid digit gently. “Want to hear the story?”

- - -

Julie sat at the kitchen table, diligently working on her homework. Over the course of the last hour she had made virtually no progress. Schoolwork had always come easily for her, but this year held some new surprises she hadn’t expected. She had just started seventh grade and already her teachers were complicating math by throwing letters into it.

Algebra, she spat silently, cursing the very existence of the idea. Why couldn’t they just leave math alone? It was fine the way it was.

The new experience made her head spin. Why couldn’t they pair like with like? Shouldn’t a’s and b’s go together with the ab’s? It made sense to her, but apparently that’s not how the evil mathematicians of the world would like it. The subject was throwing a curve ball at her, one she considered herself unprepared to deal with. She needed help, but any answer her teachers would give her only made the principles more confusing.

Julie was about ready to give up. She needed something to take her mind off the difficult new concept and unwind for a bit. Deciding what to do was the problem. Dropping her head into her hands, Julie let her thoughts consume her. What did she want most right now? Just to be free. School was such an annoyance. She missed summer.

What’s more, she could be out of the house a whole lot more. Did she hate being home? No, not particularly. Rather, she was becoming more and more annoyed with those she shared her home with that afternoon. Both her parents were gone until later that evening. Her brother, Will, was at swim practice through the afternoon, too. That left only one person she was home alone with: her second brother, Broc.

For several months now, she and her brothers had been experimenting with sexual favours. Unfortunately, Julie wasn’t getting the attention she felt she deserved, at least from Broc. Will was very open to the idea of letting his little sister grind on him, eliciting a sexual response from her young body that she was unable to gain solely on her own. If ever Will hinted at stealing a few moments together, Julie was more than willing to follow him. She knew she would be satisfied, too.

Broc, on the other hand, was much more selfish. He would ask for a blowjob and then be on his merry way. Julie had become more than a little resentful of him as of late. His attitude of self-gratification only seemed to be getting worse. It was a point of irritation that she was fast becoming tired of. Why couldn’t he treat her like Will did? Julie would be far more willing to spend time the same way with Broc if it meant getting together for an intimate moment was worth her while.

Sure, Broc repaid her with other favours such as taking care of her chores from time to time, but it wasn’t the same. Julie wanted more out of her brother. She appreciated his small repaying gestures, but it was as if he didn’t want to take the time and make sure she was incentivised to give herself over to her brother. After all, it wasn’t exactly a ‘normal’ thing for siblings to do, and the three of them knew it. The more she thought about it, the more Julie figured she could just refuse, couldn’t she?

She loved her brother, of course she did! Julie wanted to show him that pleasure that came only from a deep, physical union together. It felt wonderful, and she was more than happy to share it with both her brothers, regardless of how society viewed it. That was the key word, though: share. She had grown frustrated over these past several weeks just giving, giving, and giving to Broc with little in return. When they had first delved into sexual play with one another, Broc had said he was willing to let her grind her pelvis on him, but now that offer seemed to be forgotten.

It’s not like she could threaten him; she, Will and Broc would be in over their heads with trouble if their little agreement were ever discovered. It’s not like she could turn him in without incriminating herself in the process, sending them both – and probably Will, too – to crash and burn. All she could do was sit and wait for the next time Broc approached her. She would let him come to her; no sense in provoking the situation. It wouldn’t be long, of that she was sure.

Currently, Broc was downstairs doing hell-knew-what.

He was probably playing video games, though that would change. It had been two days since Broc had last approached his sister for a private sibling moment. Julie figured it would probably be today. She’d come to expect the routine. Now, she had to figure out how to subtly demand something out of the deal, or turn him down gently. He couldn’t really threaten her with revealing their little pact either, but what would he do instead? How would he take it? Would he accept the negotiation in stride or fly off the handle?

Her fourteen-year-old brother’s muscles were filling out nicely as he journeyed though puberty. Broc had always been active in sports, and it showed. He was lean and fit and he seemed to be getting brawnier day by day. Taken altogether, Broc was more than strong enough to overpower her if he ever chose to do so, compelling her to do whatever he wanted. There would be little she, his younger, twelve-year-old sister, would be able to do to stop him.

A tear came to her eye as the possibility settled in her mind. Please don’t do that, Broc, she begged silently and pre-emptively to her brother. Please don’t force me. It’s all I ask.

It was a growing concern. Broc seemed greedier and greedier when it came to having his male needs taken care of and Julie honestly couldn’t know what to expect if she impeded his petition. Their father had taught her brothers well on how to treat a woman and respect her at all times. However, if, for a moment, there was a loss of self-control in her older brother, what would happen?

He’d let her grind before. He seemed to enjoy watching her, so Julie knew it wasn’t something he was ultimately opposed to. It always felt amazing to her. Her own hands and fingers could only do so much. Ever since discovering this facet of her relationship with Will and Broc, driving herself to orgasm just didn’t feel the same. The touch of a man’s skin against her body goaded her into a crazed frenzy that she had become all but addicted to. With Broc, though, she felt as though she were the one being denied time and time again.

Hopefully, she could get Broc to agree to it if he asked her today.

Julie could feel herself getting warm between her legs, just thinking about getting some action from her brother. For many months now, she had been playing with that beautiful, sensitive spot between her legs. It felt amazing. From what she could gather from her friends, she was one of the first to have started doing so, but it certainly hadn’t stopped her. Only one of her girlfriends, Karly, as far as she could tell, had been just as, if not more adventurous than Julie had been.

Slowly, Julie put her hand between her thin, twelve-year-old thighs. Even through her blue jeans, she could feel the heat radiating from her precious, young gem. More thoughts about taking off every bit of clothing below her waist and rubbing her pelvis against her brother’s bare leg rushed through her mind. She squeezed her hand, feeling the pressure simulate the emotions of being so close with a man, in particular either of her teenage brothers. It felt good, and it was something they could practice and enjoy together before one day flying off with a man who treated her right.

Moaning softly, Julie squeezed her hand again as she thought of Broc, letting the pressure between her young legs comfort and pacify her. She closed her eyes and imagined the two of them together, running off to her bedroom, stripping down and invigorating one another’s sex drives. She’d seen both her brothers cum many times now, and felt it happen many more inside her mouth. It always turned her on, knowing just how much both Will and Broc enjoyed her novice, leaning touch. It always made her feel so powerful and womanly.

There were times where she considered she may be rushing herself into adulthood too quickly or too soon. The thought occoured to her again now, but she dismissed it as she always did. You’re only young once, she reasoned within, so I might as well enjoy this for as many years as I can. A couple more squeezes convinced her she was making the right choice for her life’s philosophy.

The sudden noise of someone running up the stairs from the basement woke Julie back up to reality. She was sitting here masturbating at the kitchen table. She knew it was only Broc, but it would be embarrassing nonetheless. Quickly, she took her hand out from between her thighs and directed her eyes back to her homework.

It was a futile effort, she knew, as she was now so turned on that to focus on the drudgery of algebra was akin to watching paint dry. There were much more exciting things she could be doing. Still, the sight of her touching herself, even through her clothing, might spur Broc on to ask for a little something for himself. Julie wanted to avoid the situation if at all possible.

Broc burst through the basement door, and one look at his face was enough to tell Julie that the conversation was both inevitable and imminent, no matter what she did.

“Oh! Hey, Jewels,” Broc hailed her, playing off his excitement at seeing his younger sister. With an exaggerated effort at being casual, he walked over to the refrigerator. “Didn’t know you were home.” He started taking a big swig of milk straight from the carton.

“Where else would I be?” she asked pointedly. Broc knew full well that she was home almost every school day at this time. Why he was biding his time, she didn’t know. It was something that he did almost every time. He would beat around the bush, almost to an annoying degree before finally straight-up asking for what he was obviously thinking about the whole time. Maybe waiting for me to initiate the conversation we both know we’re going to have, analyzed Julie.

“Nowhere else, I guess,” Broc admitted, swallowing his mouthful of drink. “You never know, though, you could be out with Karly or some other friends or something.”

Julie shook her head. “Not on a day like today.”

“What do you mean? Why not?” He took another drink.

“Too much homework to do,” she shrugged, gesturing at her books on the table.

Broc looked in her direction and the divided concentration ended up with a small trickle of milk dribbling down his cheek and onto his t-shirt. “Damn!” he exclaimed, lowering the carton and putting it away. “Hate it when I do that.” Without warning, Broc grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled it over his head. Using it as a makeshift towel, he dried his neck and face, clearing away the excess milk. “Have to grab another shirt later, I guess.”

Taking a sharp breath, Julie tried to hide her grimace. Was this purely spur-of-the-moment or was it an intentional tease to her pubescent body’s desires? Seeing her brother’s toned, athletic chest only agitated her internal confusion. The warm, burning desire hadn’t dissipated at all since she had awoken her sexual needs a moment ago. After a few deep breaths and the distraction of at least some conversation, she’d regained her composure despite her body’s insistence for relief and satisfaction.

Now, however, the sight of her brother standing there half naked weakened her resistance considerably. She was suddenly acutely aware of how charming and handsome her brother was, and even more sensitive to the fact that she had begun a project between her legs that she’d left unfinished. She could feel her vagina becoming slick and ready for a man, just pulsing with anticipation with her every strong heartbeat. Could her fourteen-year-old brother be any more tempting?

“So,” asked Broc, tossing the shirt towards the basement door for pickup later, “what are you working on exactly?” Her brother came and stood beside her, his strong chest mere inches from her face as he leaned on her chair and the table simultaneously. “Ah, algebra,” he observed. “Gotta love that stuff.”

“Yeah,” Julie managed weakly, struggling to keep her attention on the papers and books in front of her. She was feeling weaker and weaker each second as she tried to resist her brother’s nonchalant advances. Being so close, she caught a whiff of his cologne. It was Axe if she wasn’t mistaken. Unlike a lot of guys her age, Broc actually kept his use of the stuff quite reasonable – which was probably another reason her brain was malfunctioning. It raced it frantically for solutions right now to the current situation. Unfortunately, it was losing.

Julie felt Broc put his hand on her shoulder. “Are you understanding it at all?” His grip was firm, but not threatening. It was enough to let her know why he was there and what he wanted, but she didn’t feel afraid. In fact, she felt like asking him instead. Through his heavy touch Julie could feel the strength her brother carried in both poise and physical attribute. Broc’s posture both intrigued and allured her. He was flirting with her, very subtly, and she knew it, but the non-verbal request felt irresistible.

With an unsteady voice that she tried to keep level, Julie admitted, “Sorta. There are parts that just don’t make sense, though.”

Her brother leaned in, looking more closely at her homework, pretending that’s what he was really interested in. Julie knew better. “What part are you struggling with?” he asked irrelevantly. She felt his fingers slip from her clothed shoulder underneath the edge of her t-shirt collar. Broc’s fingers slithered forward, following her collarbone deeper into her shirt. The strong, masculine seduction he was performing was taking its toll on Julie’s mental defiance.

Inching their way along, Broc’s fingers continued their journey along Julie’s skin. She could feel him beginning to find the top of her breast. Julie felt herself trembling as she struggled to regain composure. If there was one thing her brother had learned, it was how to seduce her. Broc knew exactly how to prey on Julie’s lust and, once he had her doing what he wanted, he backed right off, leaving her empty once she had filled his desires.

When that realization came floating to the surface of her whirling thoughts again she quickly realized what she had to do.

“Broc!” she sneered in mild irritation, catching his hand and tossing it aside. “Seriously! What the hell!? If you want a blowjob, why don’t you just ask for it?” Julie stood up so she could argue with her brother face to face.

Broc was already smiling wryly at her by the time she was on her feet and looking at him. The cheeky grin only melted Julie’s resistance further, but she held her ground.

“I wanted you to think it was your idea,” stated her older brother simply. “It usually works its magic perfectly.”

“Oh, yeah. Real sneaky, Broc, sticking your hand down my shirt,” she retaliated, loathe to admit it had been working on her. The fourteen-year-old young man just kept smirking. “I’m sure not to notice that at all!”

“Like I said, it usually works. It was turning you on, wasn’t it?” Broc pointed out. It was a statement Julie couldn’t deny, and even if she did, they both knew the truth. “Alright, fine. I’ll just ask.” He twisted his features into his most overdone puppy dog face. “Please, Julie,” he plead with exaggerated effort, clasping his hands together for effect. “Please can I have a blowjob?”

Looking her brother square in the eye, Julie bolstered her confidence. It was now or never and she had one shot at this. The topic had to be addressed. Whatever Broc’s reaction would be, Julie was going to find out, and deal with the consequences. Hopefully her brother’s reasoning and understanding would shine through any expression of anger. She took a deep breath in preparation for her response.

“No,” Julie denied conclusively. Even she was impressed with just how well it came out and how resolute it sounded.

Broc’s mouth dropped open as though he were about to argue, but nothing came out. The word had obviously taken him by surprise. This was not what he had been expecting at all. “Wow,” he gawked, taken aback. “Between the subtle touch and the eyes, you’re usually submissive to me by now. Why are you fighting it so much this time, Jewels?”

“You really want to know?” asked the twelve-year-old young woman, fire in her voice. Her brother tilted his head, indicating he was willing to listen. “Alright, I’ll tell you. It’s because I’m tired of not getting anything out of the deal, Broc! Yeah, you get me all turned on, but that just makes me want things more!”

Her brother glared at her, as though trying to make sense of the news. “Ok, let me get this straight,” he reasoned. “You’re upset because I get you turned on, get you to make me cum and then we’re done. You’re mad because you don’t get anything out of it?” He shook his head in dismay. “Well, I guess I don’t need to do your chores anymore, do I? You don’t seem to appreciate that. When it’s your turn for dishes, they’re all yours; same with your laundry.”

“I do appreciate it!” countered Julie. How thick could her brother be? Did she have to sing it opera-style? “I want to get off sometimes, too, Broc, and you never let me! It pisses me off!”

“Wha... Jewels,” Broc stammered, realization hitting him. “What the hell are you talking about? I’ve let you grind sometimes.”

“Hardly ever is more like it! When was the last time, Broc?”

“Jeez...didn’t realize you liked it so much,” Broc admitted, his face carrying a look of disbelieving surprise.

“What the hell, Broc!” Julie screamed at him. “Don’t you like getting off? Didn’t it ever occour to you that I might, too!?”

“, not really,” confessed Broc further. “You just always seemed so happy to do this for me and Will.”

“Yeah, but Will lets me grind, too,” she huffed. “Yeah, I’m happy to get you guys off, but I want some of the action, too! It makes me feel so good, Broc!”

“You’ve never said anything to me,” her brother defended quietly. “It never really occoured to me. Besides, I didn’t know you were able to cum being as young as you are.”

“What do you think happens?” Julie struck at him. “Are you really that dense? What did you think was happening when you saw me grinding on Will’s legs when we first started all of this?”

“I don’t know,” mumbled Broc. “I guess it feels good for you, but, like I said, I didn’t think you were cumming or anything. You just almost seem too young for that. I mean, damn, Jewels! You’re not even thirteen yet.”

“Doesn’t mean my body doesn’t react the same way yours does.” Julie stood there, frowning at her brother’s ignorance. “I’ve already hit puberty. I can cum with enough effort just like you can.”

“I guess.”

They stood there a moment, brother and sister resolving their differences silently on neutral ground. Julie felt good, getting her frustrations out. Now they could be addressed.

“I’ll try to be more mindful of that, Jewels.” He looked at her remorsefully. “I promise. I’m sorry, I honestly didn’t know. I've never paid attention.”

"You got that right."

Julie calmed down some, though, beginning to see where her brother was coming from. It was true, she’d hardly ever asked for any reciprocation and, when she had, it wasn’t like this. Maybe it hadn’t been spelled out enough for her older brother. About the only mention of Julie being satisfied Broc had ever mentioned had been that day where she and her brothers had first explored their sexuality together. She had just let Broc lead while she followed.

“Thank you,” she said calmly after a deep breath.

They continued to stare at each other for a long moment. Finally, Broc broke the heavy silence. “So,” he began timidly, “can I have a blowjob now?

“Damn it, Broc!” Julie exclaimed, immediately bursting into laughter. The fact that her brother had such a one-track mind was suddenly hilarious to her for some reason. “Is that all you ever think about?”

Broc shrugged.

“Alright, c’mon,” Julie invited with a giggle. She took his hand and led him towards the staircase. “Let’s go to my room.”

Hand in hand, the two siblings ran together up to the second story bedroom. Once inside, Julie shut the door behind them. They looked at one another briefly before Broc stepped towards his twelve-year-old sister, taking her slender waist into his hands. He stood close to her, breathing deeply, looking solemnly into his sister’s eyes.

Julie felt her heartbeat begin to race. She was always anxious when these things happened, but she found it added to the excitement of the experience. Her arms wrapped around Broc’s body instinctively and she hugged him with all the forbidden sibling love she had come to know so well. He pulled her closer, tighter against his strong teenage torso, locking her into his arms and holding Julie tenderly in a warm embrace.

Julie, too, was breathing deeply, inhaling the sweet cologne that her brother wore as she rested her head on his bare chest. The waft that invaded her nostrils sent an exhilarating thrill all throughout her body and she shuddered, feeling her love for Broc reciprocated through the way he held her. It was all just a matter of negotiation, Julie thought, to get him to promise to give me a little something back.

“You ok, Jewels?” she heard her brother ask in a low, mellow tone.

Taking a deep breath to savour the moment, Julie replied softly, “Mm-hm...”

All at once, Julie felt her brother’s strong, warm hands lift the hem on the back of her shirt. They both quickly invaded her clothing, rubbing her young back muscles affectionately. Julie sighed at her brother’s soothing touch, knowing it was about to lead to something far more intimate and physical than a mere hug. With their bodies pressed against one another, she could already feel the growth taking place in Broc’s pants, even through their clothing. She smiled in anticipation, knowing exactly what was waiting for her there.

“You’d better get on the bed, mister,” Julie ordered with a playful shove. Broc chuckled as he stumbled backwards a couple steps and fell to a sitting position on the edge of his sister’s bed. Still holding her hand, Broc pulled Julie towards him, guiding her face close to his. Without warning, he leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers.

The kiss took Julie by surprise, but she neither recoiled nor made any effort to object. In all their months and weeks of playful sexual touching and fondling, Broc had never once taken the time to kiss her the way Will often had. She’d come to expect its absence when she was with the younger of her two brothers, and so, she didn’t make an effort to ask for it.

The way Broc kissed her now made Julie regret that decision. How could she have not wanted to kiss her brother she loved so much? Broc’s lips’ soft tango on hers was a rush and a high in and of itself. Julie melted into the tender affection, leaning more and more heavily on her brother. All at once, he fell backwards on her bed and she landed on top of him, their lips not parting or stopping their mutual outpouring of taboo sibling love.

A violent, electrifying pulse charged through Julie’s body. She moaned lightly, feeling her conscious choices give way to human instinct. She and Broc made out for what seemed like forever, making Julie’s body crave satisfaction more and more. With the most primitive of desires taking control of her actions, she rubbed her pelvis over the hard lump that had formed between her brother’s legs.

“Ohhh...” she groaned, breaking away from Broc’s lips as she felt the pressure trigger a surge of pleasure through her nervous system. She ground her flower against her brother again, and once more felt a felicitous wave of bliss wash over her. “Mmmm...”

“Oh, Jewels...” admired Broc, looking at his sister’s beautiful face. “Sorry I took so long to realize you have needs, too,” he told her apologetically. “Honestly, your face is so pretty when you grind.”

Julie paused her efforts mid-thrust and opened her eyes to look at her brother. The fourteen-year-old young man was watching her intently, beaming a bright smile as he studied her facial expression. She pushed her body against the bulge in Broc’s pants again, gasping, “ just...feels so good...!”

“Yeah,” her brother agreed, grabbing the bottom of her shirt. Julie sat up, straddling her teenage brother between her legs. Not waiting for another word, he pulled the shirt up and over Julie’s head, leaving her topless with the exception of her small, black bra. “Damn!” he gawked, looking over his sister’s nearly-nude torso. Her twelve-year-old breasts seemed to have captivated him. “You are just sexy as hell, sis!”

Reaching around herself, Julie unhooked the restraint and tossed it aside, fluffing he hair for good measure. She looked down her chest and cupped the small, size-A globes in her hands. “And they’ve only just begun to grow,” she told him with a wink.

“I know!” Broc exclaimed greedily, reaching up and replacing his sister’s hands with his own. She put his hands on hers, feeling his hands move as they caressed and squeezed her growing mammary tissue. “Give them a year or so and you’re going to be just unbelievably sexy, Jewels! Your boobs are gonna turn all the guys’ heads.” Broc ran his hands over his twelve-year-old sister’s body, feeling her developing contours. “You’re just so hot now, I can’t even imagine how hot you’re going to get as you grow up. I’ll have some competition, I’ll bet.”

With a giggle, Julie replied, “Not so long as you keep me happy.” Their eyes met. “If you’re always here for me, I’ll always be here for you.”



With another quick push against her brother, Julie felt physical pleasure grow in her again. This time, Broc’s hands on her small breasts increased the thrill of the moment. “Nngh...” she moaned loudly though an open mouth.

Julie fell forward, landing with her hands on Broc’s chest and braced herself up as she kept up her steady pace of mashing their groins together. It felt wonderful, but she needed more. Moving her hands down her brother’s body, Julie’s fingers fumbled with his pants, struggling to undo the button while her hands trembled with excitement. Once it released, she grabbed the zipper and opened Broc’s pants.

She stepped off him quickly, tugging his jeans off his legs. He lifted his waist to help her, chuckling as the clothing left his body. Julie was just glad his shirt was already off from when he had spilled milk on himself earlier. Broc was now naked, with the exception of his boxers and Julie looked over her brother’s athletic, stripling body. She truly admired how strong he was already.

Another couple years for him and I might be the one who’s in danger of being forgotten, she noted sadly.

The last remaining bit of clothing Broc wore stood out like a tent from his crotch, the solid erection inside pushing the light fabric out from between his legs. The masculine digit looked like it positively begged for release, something Julie was more than happy to help with. With quick fingers, she grabbed Broc’s shorts and prepared to tug them off his body, too.

To her surprise, her brother stopped her hands. “Grind first, Jewels,” he told her without reservation. “I’ll let you go first. The best time to do it is now, while my cock’s hard; me in my boxers and you in your panties.”

Having been in this scenario with Will any number of times, she knew there were different ways about it. She didn’t expect Broc to allow her the first orgasm. In the heat of the moment, getting her brother naked was all she had been thinking about. With her wits restored, she stood up and began to remove her jeans, dressing down to match her sibling.

“You don’t gotta tell me twice,” she agreed wholeheartedly, absolutely overjoyed to accept her brother’s gracious offer. An instant later, Julie’s pants lay on the floor and she stood there clothed in only a small pair of lacy beige panties. It matched her skin tone so perfectly that it was hardly enough to be considered clothing at all. Anxiously, Julie climbed up onto the bed to resume her most private activity with her brother.

Broc moved further onto the bed, turning himself to lay squarely on his sister’s pillows and making himself comfortable there. Julie looked over her brother again, lying on her bed, dressed only in a pair of black boxers. His sexy adolescent body was so enticing, well on its way to becoming a man. For the time being, however, he was ready to provide her with all the pleasure she could want at this stage of her life.

Julie knew that, one day down the road, she and Broc would share more than this, as would she and Will, she was sure. Whether that experience would be sooner or later she didn’t know. All she knew was that one day they would make love fully and completely, and Broc would have that rigid manhood of his buried deeply inside her. Julie looked forward to that union with great anticipation.

For now, though, they needed to be careful and prudent until she was on the pill or some other type of contraception. Though it wasn’t perfect, this was the extent of the privilege the two of them could experience together. Julie intended to enjoy it for all it was worth. It was certainly satisfactory for now, and a tantalizing sample of what lay ahead for them.

“Wow...” Broc complimented his sister, drinking in the shapely figure of her young, womanly body as she drew closer to him. His eyes wandered with insatiable lust over every delicate curve her twelve-year-old body had begun to develop. “Jewels, you are an absolute goddess, you know that? Your body is amazing!”

Placing one of her soft hands delicately on his leg, she traveled up his body with it, affectionately sliding it over his growing muscles. She paused as she reached the vaulted clothing he wore, lightly petting her brother’s manly extremity through the fabric. He twitched at her soft touch and sighed heavily. “You’re not so bad yourself,” she complimented in return.

Crawling up her queen-sized bed, Julie approached Broc and straddled herself over her brother’s body. Only a single, small piece of clothing still resided on each of them, covering hardly more than their most sacred body parts. As Julie moved her legs to either side of Broc’s masculine, teenage body, she brought those specific parts together between them, rubbing the clothed reproductive tools together with slow and methodical effort.

“Mmmm...ohhh...oh, yeah...” Julie groaned as she indulged her body with sexual pleasure. “Oh, feels so good...”

Her brother employed his hands to stimulate his sister further. He touched and caressed the twelve-year-old’s whole body, not leaving a single inch of her soft, fresh skin unexplored. As his hands traveled his sister’s body, he made particular efforts to fondle and rub Julie’s growing pubescent breasts. They were small, but still present. Carefully, he tweaked her sensitive nipples with gentle affection. Focused on grinding her pubic mound against his turgid shaft, the extra stimulation made Julie shudder with pleasure.

“ that again, Broc. That felt so nice...” she begged, rubbing along the length of his erection again with her precious young womanhood. The friction the smooth clothing between their bodies made as it ground together felt warmer and warmer, urging Julie on. With the goal of total satisfaction on her mind, she continued grinding, simulating the act of sex that she knew both of them wanted so badly.

“Liked that, did you?” Broc asked with a smirk. It had been a long time since he had let Julie grind on him. Watching her so intently, it was obvious he was enjoying the expressions she made as she used his body to pleasure hers. More than compliant, he ran his hands over the length of his sister’s body again, feeling her pubescent skin, again stimulating her supple, young bosom.

As Julie kept thrusting her groin against her brother’s, she could feel her body building up to a climax. She’d not had a chance to cool down since her brief self-indulgence at the kitchen table. With everything that had happened, she was so sexually excited right now that an orgasm already started looming near. Just as she realized this, she felt Broc’s hands invade her panties behind her, squeezing her butt and helping her to put extra pressure on the sensitive zone between her legs.

“Broc...oh, Broc...!” grunted Julie as her vibrating body suddenly felt itself reach the point of no return. Knowing it would be better if she involved her clitoris, she angled herself, pinning her sensitive little bulb where the pressure could stimulate it the most. She started squealing with pleasure as the orgasm built in strength, preparing to explode in her tender, adolescent body. Breathing became difficult and shallow as she gasped, “Yes...!!! OHHH...YES...!!!”

Lifting himself up, Broc brought his mouth to Julie’s smooth areolas. Tantalizing her nipples each in turn, he gently sucked on them with both mouth and tongue. The sweet touch of her brother’s intimate kiss to her breasts renewed Julie’s orgasm for another few seconds, filling her with pleasure she had never yet experienced. She groaned in a high-pitched voice as her breath struggled to find its way out of her throat.

With a forceful exhale and tremoring violently, Julie’s orgasm subsided. She fell on Broc’s chest, pinning him to her bed. She breathed hard, still very aware that her brother was touching her bare skin wherever he could find it.

Broc let a minute go by before he commented on his twelve-year-old sister’s orgasm. “Looks like that was really good for you, Jewels,” he said.

“Ohhh...” Julie sighed labouriously. “Oh, it was... It felt so good...”

Wrapping his arms around his younger sibling’s bare back, he held her tightly. “You are so damn hot when you cum, sis,” he chuckled. “I’d forgotten how much fun it was to watch you get off.”

Julie lifted her head. Staring straight at her brother, she smirked mischievously. “Glad you enjoyed the show.” Keeping her eyes locked on his, she began to wriggle off of and down his brawny teenage frame.

“Jewels...what...?” he began to ask in confusion.

“What?” Julie countered, working her fingers into his boxers’ elastic hem. “You didn’t think this was just going to be for me, did you?” Tugging forcefully on his last piece of clothing, she pulled it off his waist and down his legs. Tossing it off to the floor beside her bed, Julie laid down beside her brother, keeping her head near the solid, five-and-a-half-inch rod of flesh she had uncovered.

Taking it into her hand, she rubbed her brother’s manhood softly, spreading his oozing lubricant all along the thick shaft. The smooth caress made him twitch. Julie circled the ridge of his circumcised head with her thumb and forefinger, squeezing gently and rubbing the bump with rapid movement. Broc tensed up and the sudden rush of pleasure as his sister provoked his sexual needs.

“Well, I was certainly hoping there’d be something for me,” he admitted with a grunt, relaxing as his sister’s hand eased into stroking him more affectionately. Broc smiled broadly and reached out and played with Julie’s dark brown hair, pushing her head playfully towards his stiff pole. “C’mon, Jewels. You had your turn. Quit teasing me!” he complained half-seriously. “I wanna cum so bad right now!”

Still the anxious, horny guy as always, Julie thought giddily. “Ok, ok,” she agreed, opening her mouth and bringing her lips around the thick blub capping her brother’s penis. She felt the warm rod touch her tongue as it entered, flitting it around the underside of her brother’s penis just before she sealed her lips around the hard flesh. She knew the technique always gained a great reaction from either of her brothers. She wasn’t disappointed.

Broc groaned loudly, feeling his sister’s warm mouth engulf him. With timed precision, Julie sucked on the sensitive end of Broc’s erection, rubbing her hand along the shaft in accompaniment. As extra sexual provocation, she danced her tongue all around the tip of her brother’s phallic spear in her mouth.

“Ohhh...Jewels...! Nngh...oh, DAMN!!!” she heard Broc exclaim in reckless abandon. “ give such good head... Ohhh...yeah...!!!”

Bringing her other hand around, Julie involved it, too, as she treated her older brother to a sexual feast. She cupped his scrotum, playing with the fleshy sack of skin softly and carefully. The way Broc began to wail in pleasure, she knew he would soon reach the impasse she had enjoyed only a moment ago.

“Jewels...MMMM!!! Oh, keep going...! Keep going, Julie...keep going...!” her brother urged. Julie didn’t let up, keeping her rhythm steady and her movements smooth. “Julie...! Yes...! Y-YES...! MNNN!!!”

Immediately, she recognized the signal, and readied herself to accept her brother’s creamy fluid. A second later, it burst into her mouth, the salty globs spilling over her tongue and filling any cavity they could find. With expert timing, Julie swallowed every volley and then milked Broc’s softening manhood, extracting every drop she could.

“Mm!” groaned Broc, twitching every time Julie sucked his penis for more. “Careful there, sis.”

“Just want to be sure it’s all done,” Julie giggled, licking up the last little dribble leaking from him. “Don’t want to make a mess on my bed now, do we?”

When she was satisfied it was gone, Julie crawled up the bed and nestled herself into Broc’s arms. The feeling of their skin together was so satisfying and lulling; Julie knew she could just lie here and fall asleep if they didn’t need to worry about their parents finding them. She felt safe. She felt wanted.

More than everything else, she felt appreciated by Broc in a way she hadn’t in a long time. Julie basked in his comforting arms as he held her warmly and kissed her on the forehead. When he spoke again it was to thank her for the extreme pleasure she had just given to him.

“No problem,” she agreed giddily. “You treated me first, though. I got to cum, and now you got to cum, so it’s all fair, right?”

“Yeah, Jewels,” agreed Broc with an undertone of uncertainty in his voice. “Fair.”

Picking up on the subtle speech pattern, Julie turned her head to look at her fourteen-year-old brother. “What’s wrong?” she asked him.

Without flinching, he responded, “Sorry I’ve been a jerk.”

“You haven’t been a jerk.”

“Yes, I have. We could have done this every time,” he explained, incriminating himself. “It’s only fair that you get off, too, if you want, isn’t it, Jewels?”

Julie closed her eyes and snuggled up against her brother’s bare chest again. “Don’t worry about it, Broc,” she told him forgivingly. “We’ll do it this way from now on.”

They laid there for a while, together, basking in the secret brother-sister passion they shared. Julie could tell Broc was still tense, though. After a moment, he spoke up. “I just feel I should make it up to you.”

“What do you mean?”

Broc took a deep breath and untangled himself from his younger sister. Bracing himself on one arm, he brushed Julie’s chocolate-brown hair from her face with the other. “I mean...I think I owe, you,” he admitted freely.

Reflexively, she bit her bottom lip. Could he possibly mean...? Julie thought excitedly. They both knew that having full, penetrative sex was out of the question, but there were other methods. “Well, I really don’t think you have to,” she avoided, trying to sound as ambivalent as she could, “but what did you have in mind?”

A smile crossed her brother’s handsome face and the fourteen-year-old moved down the bed. When he reached her waist, he stopped and grabbed the hem of her beige panties, excitedly taking them off her and tossing them aside. Their eyes caught one another’s again, and Broc’s intent was clearly demonstrated in his eyes.

Crawling between her legs, he told her, “I want to eat your pussy, Jewels.”

This was a treat that not even Will had offered her yet. It was something she had envisioned and fantasized about late at night as she probed her fingers into the thin, young crevice she owned. Many times she had lain on this bed, stroking her warm, wet, quivering labia, picturing either one brother or the other giving her kiss after intimate kiss on the tender womanhood between her legs.

Now, Broc was here, offering it. He rubbed her smoothly shaved, twelve-year-old legs all the up to her feminine treasure, parting her thighs as he did so. The way he moved, with speed and determination, told Julie that she had better accept that another of her deepest fantasies was coming true. Her fourteen-year-old brother was on a mission, and there was no stopping him now.

Julie watched as Broc lowered his head to where her sacred cove’s entrance was waiting for him. It was red and puffy, having just been used to grind and bring her body to a fulfilling climax. It glistened in the bright afternoon light pouring through her bedroom window, evidence that her personal liquid had flowed freely only a short time ago.

For a moment, her brother just stared at the feminine slit between her legs. “What?” she asked softly.

His eyes shot up, meeting hers, as he broke out of a daydream. “Nothing,” he dismissed. “I’ve just never been this close to a girl’s pussy before. It’s really quite beautiful, yours especially, Jewels.”

She smiled lovingly, accepting the compliment. “Better than anything you’ve ever seen on the internet?” she teased.

Way better,” he agreed. Broc hesitated a moment longer. “I’ve never done this before, sis,” he confessed. “I hope I do alright. I want you to cum again.”

Julie reached down and ran her fingers through her brother’s hair. “I’m sure you’ll do fine,” she encouraged with a smile. “Besides, I don’t have anything to compare it to,” she added with a coy wink, “so I’m sure it’ll be great!”

“True enough I guess,” he chuckled. “Ok, then. Here I go.”

Broc brought himself forward the last inch. His warm mouth touched Julie’s quivering labia, sending an electric jolt through her. Her brother’s lips gently chewed on her tender skin, and she found it difficult to breathe as pleasure raced around her senses once again. Feeling a man touch her there directly was more amazing than she could have imagined.

“Mm...hmmm...! Oooh...yes...! Oh, Broc...!” she vented between shallow, laboured breaths. She clawed at his head gingerly, trying anything to communicate to him and encourage him not to stop. “Oh, yeah...mmmm...!”

Julie felt the small entrance to her body open slightly as Broc probed as deeply into her as he could with his tongue. He flicked it slowly inside the folds of skin guarding her depths. An exhilarating rush of satisfying pleasure enveloped her and she rhythmically moaned and hummed, feeling her brother tantalize her body’s most basic desires.

She was in pure paradise. Never could Julie have imagined just how satisfying oral sex would feel for her. As Broc’s mouth worked its magic on her petite, young cove, Julie writhed beneath him in a sexual frenzy. She wanted more; her hunger could not be denied now!

Was this what her brothers felt every time she wrapped her lips around their masculine digit and gently sucked, driving them to an orgasmic release? Now she knew just why they asked for her special touch so often. The feeling of someone’s warm mouth pleasuring you was almost unbearable pleasure to endure, and Julie revelled in every second of it.

Her fourteen-year-old brother moved slightly, and the new sensation that exploded in Julie was unbelievable. Julie absolutely lost track of everything else as she felt Broc concentrate his efforts on and around her clitoris. Her brother gently sucked the stiff little nub between his top lip and tongue, sending a jarring surge of sheer ecstasy echoing around Julie’s consciousness. As the next few seconds ticked by slowly, she felt the gratification in her young body building to one enormous crescendo.

“Broc, yes...! Ohhh...I’m gonna cum, Broc...! Gonna...GONNA...!!!” the womanly twelve-year-old shrieked though clenched teeth. Julie’s muscles clenched up in involuntary spasms as her brother kept up his oral assault to her feminine rose. She stopped breathing. For the next several seconds, the only movement Julie made was the slight vibrating motion as her body orgasmed.

In a ferocious huff, the air rushed out of Julie’s lungs, her awakening mind beginning to recover from the euphoric high it had just experienced. Never in her life had Julie experienced a sexual apex of that magnitude. It had so totally engrossed her thoughts that she knew she was now hopelessly addicted to the thrill of such intimate pleasure.

“How was that?” she heard her brother ask her, his voice still sounding far off.

Julie opened her eyes widely and, seeing Broc still standing guard over her womanhood, knew there were precious few ways she could explain just how deeply he had satisfied her sexual craving. Grabbing her brother by the arms, she pulled him up towards her. When his face was beside hers, she kissed the fourteen-year-old young man with the fire and passion that he had stoked in her. On his lips, she could taste the bittersweet moisture that had come from her womanly depths.

“Thank you! Oh, thank you...Broc!” she exclaimed between each frenzied kiss, rubbing their nude bodies together to keep the feeling alive. “That good!”

Suddenly, she felt Broc take her head in his hands. “Woah, slow down,” he soothed. “ really got into that, didn’t you?”

Taking a few breaths to settle herself down, Julie nodded emphatically. “Mm-hm!” she moaned. “Broc, you have no idea how hard I cummed! It was amazing!”

“Glad I could make things up to you.”

“And then some!” Julie agreed. “You have no idea how much I want more!”

“And you have no idea how sweet you taste, Jewels, especially when you get what you want.”

They laid there, sharing Julie’s bed for a moment, staring into one another’s adoring eyes. Breath by breath, Julie’s breathing returned to a more normal pace. Her whole body still felt warm and ready for action and she tremored almost imperceptibly in her brother’s arms. Julie’s body absolutely begged for another round of sexual ecstasy, but she felt hesitant to ask for anything extra today. Broc had already given her so much.

“Well,” Broc suggested boldly, “I still kinda do have a lot to be sorry for and make up to you, don’t I?” Julie’s mouth smiled widely, anticipating his next words. It was as if she was laying closely enough to him that her brother could hear her every thought. “Plus, Mom and Dad won’t be home for another hour at least, right? Do you want to try that again?”

Julie bit her lips together and stared at him, wide-eyed. Then, she nodded at her brother insistently.

- - -

I sat there listening to Julie’s story. We had moved to the couch, sitting on opposite ends as we had the day before when she first told me of her and her brothers’ initial exploits. With each new story, I was becoming less and less surprised, shocked and, dare I say, appalled at my children’s misbehaviour. Honestly, how could I be the least bit upset with them now? I, too, was involved. My daughter and I had spent the night together, making love passionately and sweetly the evening before, recklessly and wildly this morning.

No, it was alright with me. As long as they were careful and my little Jewel never ended up pregnant, I figured they were old enough to make the choice themselves and do what they felt they wanted and needed. In society’s eyes, they would be considered outcasts to be shunned and hated if they were ever discovered – but what family didn’t have secrets? What family didn’t have a skeleton or two in the closet? I figured we weren’t the first family ever to discover how satisfying such a pastime could be.

This was our own family secret, now. At twelve years old, my daughter had begun giving herself to her brothers, and, surprisingly enough, she’d had the confidence and posture enough to insist on the same treatment from them. Although it was my children having sex with one another, Julie’s negotiating skills did more to impress me than to repulse me. My daughter kept a level head, particularly for being twelve at the time. Maybe it’s what had caused her to mentally mature so quickly, having to regulate her life with such precision.

Now at fifteen years old, my daughter had decided to include me in the ‘family affair’. I was long over my distress that all this was going on for so long, and had come to grips with the weight of the situation. If Julie figured she could balance her life and include a passionate intimacy with both her brothers and now her father, then I was alright with that.

At least, I rationalized, my children love each other. It’s better than the constant, persistent bickering that some families have to go through.

“So, what do you think, Daddy?” my precious daughter asked me sweetly. “Did I do the right thing?”

I nodded. “I think you did an excellent thing, Jewels,” I concurred. “You spelled it out in no uncertain terms, but allowed a little wiggle room for the two of you. It sounds like he took your request to heart.” My little Jewel smiled back at me congenially. “My question is did he keep the mutual exchange of favours going?”

“Well...” Julie started, weighing her answer, “sort of. He hasn’t been perfect. He’s needed a reminder every so often. I have pretty much no trouble with Will at all, but Broc is sometimes neglectful. There are times that he just comes to me and asks for something without really giving anything I’m looking for in return.”

“And you’re ok with that?”

“Yes and no,” explained Julie, sounding somewhat indecisive. “I mean, he’s my brother, right? I love him, and so I’ll take care of him if he needs it. On the other hand, though, if it gets to be too much out of hand or too much of a problem, then I give him a talking to. He usually behaves for at least a while afterwards.”

Nodding, I saw her point. “I see.”

She giggled lightly. Her tender laugh sounded innocent enough that, had I not been privy to my little Jewel’s activities, I would have thought she was as guiltless as a child. I knew better, though. My daughter was anything but blameless when it came to matters of sexual passion and physical intimacy.

After a brief lull in the conversation, Julie moved forward and crawled along the couch towards me. There was a look of lustful seduction in her rich, brown eyes. It wasn’t that I needed any seducing, but seeing that gaze full of desire and want always enticed me. My fifteen-year-old daughter certainly knew what she was doing when it came to triggering a man’s animalistic needs.

As she crawled onto my lap with her hands, she leaned in and kissed me tenderly. Julie’s velvety lips felt so soft and warm on mine. I closed my eyes and returned the gesture with just as much tenderness. An instant later I felt her hand infiltrate my sweatpants, followed by the unmistakeable grip of my daughter’s hand around the shaft of my hardened penis. Slowly, she stroked me up and down, revitalizing my yearning to share this beautiful part of our natures.

“Looks like somebody is wide awake again, Daddy,” observed Julie, pressing her forehead against mine. “Actually I saw him waking up as I told you my little story.”

Indeed, just hearing about my fifteen-year-old daughter’s experience with her brother had begun reigniting my innermost wants. I had been sitting here with a solid erection for the past few minutes, waiting for the right time to make my move. I guess I was late, though, and Julie had beaten me to the punch.

“Mm-hm...” I heard myself say, still enjoying Julie’s gentle, intimate massage.

“Well, if we don’t have anything else to do,” she recommended suggestively, “then maybe we should put him back to sleep.”

I ran my hands over the length of my daughter’s clothed body before taking off her shirt and flinging it aside. Putting my hands on her bare skin, I touched her with my every forbidden affection I had for her before answering her request, every one of them feelings a normal father would avoid.

“Maybe we should.”

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