A man of God, shames himself for pleasure
*****So this is the first part of what will be at least 5 parts. It's going to be a long term story, a bit of an investment, but I think you will like how it unfolds.*****

God damn its cold out here, thought Frank as he locked up the front door on the rectory. The school next door was dark, there must not be any events tonight. While Frank did teach a few religion classes next door in his church's school, Frank was more involved with the Youth Group and trying to keep the great kids under his tutelage off drugs, off sex, and off tobacco. He really did have great kids in his groups and classes. He had the young ones twice a week, the the 5th-7th grade once a week and the crucial 8th-10th graders twice a week and every third Saturday. These were the important kids. The ones who had a high chance of falling into bad behavior.

Frank was a pastor and very devout but he wasn't a priest. Though he did not have to take a vow of celibacy, he did feel that all of his time should be devoted to his flock while he was the Youth Group Pastor. One day, when he was a Pastor to the congregation, he would find himself a wife, but he was only recently out of seminary at 26 years old and the Lord would let him know when the time was right. In the mean time he would have to let the young ladies who had already developed bodies and wore the tantalizing school uniform with stockings feed his earthly desires for now. Masturbating wasn't exactly condoned but he only did it once in a great while when he had seen one too many young beauties. And he never did it with any one in mind, perish the thought! He would just see a menagerie of the young figures, the budding breasts, the curve forming legs and hips, and the tanned skin of summer. He only really ever fantasized about the bodies from the neck down, and never fantasized about doing anything to them, just seeing all the figures in his minds eye was plenty.

As Frank turned from the rectory to head to his car he saw Cindy out waiting for the bus. The wind was whipping pretty good and snow was starting to fall. Cindy was a wonderful and popular student, her father was from their little town and he had met and married a Persian woman on an evangelical mission abroad. The result was this mixed child who was quickly becoming the type of woman who would stop traffic. Cindy had long dark brown hair with slightly lighter highlights, a bronzed skin, huge round eyes, a skinny and somewhat flared nose, and thick lips. Her body was a bit advanced for a girl entering 8th grade. Forget advanced, it was luscious.
She had the lithe body tone of her father and shadows of the voluptuous mother. But the greatest feature was the bright blue-green aqua eyes off setting her tanned skin and dark brown hair and dark features.

There must have been a game that afternoon as she was only wearing her cheer leading outfit and her school windbreaker. Frank walked over to her, the whole time finding himself staring at that butt. It was amazing, one of a kind. Even when the 90 pound young lady stood straight up at attention, the have circle stuck out like she was forcing her tailbone backwards. A perfect little bubble but, and even better, it was very taut. She didn't have a phat ass, just an amazing one. It stuck out so drastically naturally that her longer than usual skirt due to school regulations still almost left the bottom of her ass cheeks exposed. The uniform was mostly teal, with yellow trim as a secondary color, and the jacket as well.

"Hi Cindy, are you waiting for the bus?" Frank asked.

:Hi Pastor Frank, yea and the stupid bus is late!" she hollered through the wind, the few stands of hair that weren't clipped by barrettes in her high squeaky voice. The voice was about the only thing to consistently stand out as to her younger age.

"I am heading home now, come hop in and I will drop you off at your folks place."

"Oh my gosh, thank you so much!"

We ran as fast as we could to the car, Frank pushed the keychain to unlock the door and we both got inside. The dome light stayed on for just a bit after the doors shut and after Frank had started the vehicle and was pulling on his belt that his gaze was in the direction of the glove box and he couldn't help but notice her legs. They were going to be great legs someday. Frank wasn't sure why a young woman's legs looked so good in bunched up socks and low top athletic shoes. The socks always intercepted the curve of their calves as they curved up towards their feet, but instead of going to the skinny ankle, they follow into a cute bunching of sock. Their legs really never look that way after puberty, be it 16 or 19, but then, even if they stayed in great shape, would be toned and muscular or if they didn't stay in shape, they got fat. But in the puberty phase, they had that thin but chubby, firm but soft look.

The drive to her place didn't take long and they just chatted about daily events and school life. Cindy had always gotten along very well with Pastor Frank, she was a good student, very straight edge, always did her homework, was totally chaste and dressed properly and all this with parents that had just had an unexpected pregnancy and were spending 90% of their attention on Cindy's new baby sister. Cindy wasn't upset, she knew it was necessary. But since she didn't feel like she had her parents attention she no longer felt like going to them with her problems or questions. But she did have an issue that was worrying her.

They pulled up in front of her house down by the mailbox since her parents cars were in the driveway.

"Alrighty sweetheart, here you are. Say hi to your folks for me and remind your Dad he is the presenter for next week Men's Bible Study."

"Pastor Frank"


"I need to know what to do about an embarrassing situation."

"You know I am always available for anything you need. What is it that is troubling you? There is always a solution through God's love."

"Well", she said, her beautiful angelic face bathed in the glow from the car's dashboard screen. "I have been praying to God, and begging for help, and diving into my studies and my cheer leading and volley ball, but no matter what I do I am felling, um, horny all the time. I think that's what it's called. I have always stayed away from all, s--s--sex stuff.:

The discomfort was visible on her face, her expression of shame palpable. "I don't know what else to do, I well always stay chaste for the Lord, I will save myself for my husband of course, and I have never watched porn or read dirty stories, and I will not soil myself by committing masturbation but I, I feel like I am going to lose my mind." At this point Cindy's eyes had tears welling up.

"I am so sorry Cindy, I know that is a difficult time for a young adult. And I know the desire to release and explore the tantalizing feelings you feel are so very hard to leave be. But you are a young ADULT Cindy, you are old enough to make decisions for yourself. You can decide that you will honor god and keep yourself chaste through the strength of your will. God knows you can do it. I know you can do it too. Don't throw your life away for simple Earthly pleasures."

"Do you really think I can? I feel like crying half the time because I want to explore that tingle. Oh my Lord, why don't you take it away!?" at this point the words were tough to really understand because Cindy was sobbing."

Frank leaned over and pulled her in and gave her a strong full hug. "It will be okay Cindy, you can do this."

"I can't I really can't. I have to make the tingle go away."

"Listen to me Cindy. I want you to promise me that tonight you won't let yourself explore that feeling. Do everything you can to stop from doing it ok? Promise me. If that doesn't work then there other steps that can be taken. But tonight, do it for me Cindy. Stay true to God and yourself."

Cindy pulled back from my hug and wiped her tears with her hand. "OK. I will do it Pastor Frank, I won't let myself disappoint you and I will prove my love to God. Thank you for listening to me."

"You're welcome Cindy, now go do your homework and then watch a sermon channel until you are sleepy, or if you want to read, read scripture. Practice your prayers. And we will chat tomorrow ok? Come by my classroom after 5th period and tell me how it went. I can give you a ride home if needed." instructed Frank.

"I will, I will. Goodnight!"

With that she hopped out of the car and rain through the still thick rain to her door. Frank made sure she was inside and safe before he started for home. On the short drive to his house Frank thought about how proud of Cindy he was. She was a special girl and she had a great future ahead of her. He hoped she would stay chaste and save herself. She deserved to be rewarded for being such a good person, of which there were fewer and fewer.

Frank got home, showered, made some dinner and watched two episodes of Murder She Wrote, his guilty pleasure, and headed to bed. He just planned to go to sleep but he had developed a hard on. Frank didn't really know why he was hard, he just felt extra sensitive for some reason and he knew after a few minutes that this one wasn't going away. Frank had been a bit of a rebel before he gave his life to God, not anything crazy but he had had sex with three women, one of them 6 times. But he always felt like it wasn't what God wanted, and he finally stopped with the cavorting. But when he got one of the hard, hard ons, he knew he would have to jack off if he wanted to get sleep. He felt guilty at the thought. Here was Cindy doing everything to stay chaste and right and he was just giving in?

No he told himself, I am a man, we get backlogged and we have to let some go, we just have to. Maybe if they were virgins they could do it but Frank felt that anyone who had felt an orgasm would fall prey to a self induced one even if just minimally every once in a while. It was too hard to tell the REALLY sensitive hard on to settle down, it clouded your mind, he was a better man of God when he had control of his thoughts.

Frank grabbed a new out of the box t-shirt (Frank ran a lot, he went through them quickly) and hopped into bed. He turned off the TV and laid back on his pillow. He reached down and grabbed his erection, shrouded by the undershirt and began to stroke it and push it back and rub it next to his stomach. He began to visualize different bodies from the many wholesome pretty girls at the school, when Cindy flashed through, the vision of walking up behind her, watching the ass bulge out. He purposefully pushed that thought out and began random headless bodies again, and again Cindy jumped in, this time his view of her rain slicked calves in the car. Again he cleared his head and went back to random women from school. Cindy jumped in again but instead of just Cindy it was Cindy in a pose he hadn't ever seen her in. laying on her side in her cheer leader outfit, both legs curled, the top one sloping over the bottom one and pushing forward while she was playing with her hair. Frank didn't push that image away, he couldn't, it was too invigorating and began to push Frank towards release.

Frank saw the clip of her moving her leg over and over until as really there, he lunged forward and reached out and caressed her top thigh and licked and kissed it. That sexy, dainty, supermodel to be tanned leg! Franks cock exploded, soaking the under shirt. Frank came and came hard, so hard his breath caught in his chest for a second, and Frank never really came down from his orgasm until after he fell asleep. The exhaustion of such pleasure was too much for the man to absorb. He would have to chastise himself for the thought of Cindy, but for now, he had never felt so content.
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