The teen whitch hears her master's call and prepares another groop of virgins for a patry.
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Teen’s’ Night of Terror:
The Next Party

Damon and Susan had both slept soundly following the Halloween costume party at her Master’s mansion. She awoke the next morning feeling happy and refreshed. Her pussy was sore but not terribly painful. After all, this time her Master had been gentle as he took his mate with his massive cock.

It had been only her second sexual adventure. She had been painfully initiated into the world of sex and the occult the preceding Halloween. Her new Master, the Warlock, had torn her virginity from her with his massive cock and made her his eternal mate. Their son Damon came from that mating.

She used the time before Damon awoke to finger her still cum filled pussy. She brought her fingers to her mouth and savored the taste of her Master’s cum as she licked it from her fingers.

She could remember every detail of the party at her Master’s home. Strangely, the death of her four friends gave her little concern. She knew the second goblet of wine had contained the same drug she had been given during her first party at the old mansion. That was why her friends had not strenuously objected to the rough sex at the hands of the other party attendees. The wine also gave them all a feeling of well being as they ate heartily of their friend’s body. Besides, Carrie as Joan of Arc had been well prepared and roasted by the Master’s chef. She had been delicious.

Susan was happy for Tina who went to the party as Tinker Bell. Though she had given her mortal life to the Count and his Vampiress, she had been transformed to an immortal being with the power to fly.

Lauren had seemed to love getting her first fucking from Wolfy the werewolf. She had even enjoyed it when he took her ass with his long wolf’s cock. She would probably have still been enjoying her mating if she hadn’t become a bitch about Wolfy taking her ass without warning. Too bad for Lauren, Wolfy became enraged with her. He bit through her throat and devoured her as she bled to death.

Andrea, as Cleopatra, was reunited with her lover from antiquity, Marc Antony. She didn’t realize he was still furious over her giving herself to Caesar. Marc Antony took Andrea’s virginity with her bent over the dinner table. After dinner he rammed his cock into her ass. Just as he pumped her ass full of cum he slit her throat, thus sending her to be with Caesar once again and forever.

The Fall, Winter, and Spring passed uneventfully for Susan and Damon. The boy continued to drain Susan’s tits with each feeding. He was a ravenous eater and was rapidly growing into a strong child of which his father would be proud.

It was mid Summer when Susan heard her Master’s voice again.

“Susan, I have another request for my beloved mate. You will begin preparing for another costume party. You will need at least six virgin girls. One of them should be overly plump. The chef wants to do something a bit different this year. In order to accomplish your task with as little difficulty as possible, I am giving you the power of persuasion. Your chosen guests will submit to your will if you gaze deeply and boldly into their eyes. You will select the costumes they wear. Make them sexy and inviting. Also, no one other than those you invite will be given any knowledge of the party or your powers.”

“Yes, Master. I will have your virgins ready when you call for them.” Susan silently replied. She immediately set to selecting her guests.

Amy was the first girl Susan thought would make a fine guest. She would be perfect for the chef. At 16 years of age, she stood about 5’ 6” tall and weighed nearly 255 pounds. She frequently used her size to push around the smaller girls at school. She would make a nice plump entrée for the chef to work with.

Connie was the next girl Susan added to her guest list. Connie was a very pretty 17-year-old bitch. She was 5’9” tall. Even with a slender body, Connie had a perky set of B cup tits that stood proudly out from her chest. The guys joked that Connie’s ass was so tight she could probably pick up a dime with her cheeks.

Connie had been one of the few that had been rude to Susan when it became known she was pregnant. Connie had publicly stated that she did not believe Susan had been attacked. She called the expectant mother a whore, a slut, and a tramp as well as other vile names. She also referred to Damon as a bastard. All the while pointing out her virtuous life style.

Susan had gone home from school crying many times after an encounter with Connie. She would enjoy watching Connie meet her fate at the party.

The next addition added to the guest list was a pair of twins, Julie and Janie. They were busty 18-year-olds with tight young bodies. Their full C cup tits were the envy of many of the girls in their classes. Many of the boys had wet dreams about the pleasures they wished they could have with these two girls. Though the twins shamelessly flirted with nearly every boy in school, they never followed through. The boys they dated were lucky to get a kiss from one of the twins. It was rumored that these girls gave each other all the sexual pleasures they needed.

Tanya was the next girl to be added to the guest list. She was sixteen, and she would be the cutest girl on Susan’s list. Her rounded face, auburn hair in a pixie cut, green eyes, button nose and very kissable lips made her very appealing. She was built much like Tina at last year’s party. She was short at 5’2” and weighed only 98 pounds. Her tits were small B cups. She felt inferior to the other girls her age due to her small tits. She had frequently expressed a desire to have bigger tits so she would be more desirable to the boys.

The final addition to the guest list was Terry. Seventeen-year-old Terry was a sweet girl with a great body. She stood 5’7” tall and weighed about 115 pounds. Her C cup tits stood out tall and proud from her chest. Her tight heart shaped ass naturally wiggled as she walked. Unfortunately, Terry’s face had been badly disfigured in a car accident when she was a preteen. Though she was friendly enough to anyone who would hang out and talk with her, the boys at school were too infatuated with the “hot chicks” to give Terry much of a chance. Poor Terry was getting desperate for some loving affection.

Thus, Susan’s guest list was complete. She now had to come up with the sexy costumes her Master had requested. It was the middle of September when Susan began approaching her guests. She caught up with Amy in the school parking lot after a football game. Amy froze in silence as Susan gazed deeply into her eyes.

“Amy, are you a virgin?” Susan asked the rotund girl.

“Yes, I am.” Amy quickly replied.

“Good. We will be attending a Halloween costume party. We will all meet at my house one hour before the party starts. You will be given your costume then. Do you understand, Amy?” Susan asked.

“Yes, Mistress Susan. I understand.”

Susan then released Amy to go on about her business. ‘Humm. I think I like being called Mistress Susan.’ She thought.

Connie was the next girl to fall under Susan’s spell. Susan saw Connie enter the restroom and followed her in.

“What the hell do you want, whore?” Connie shouted as Susan yanked open the restroom stall door.

“You bitch!” Susan replied as she stared into Connie’s eyes. She then asked the mesmerized girl. “Are you a virgin, Connie?”

“Of course I am! Why?”

While continuing to stare deeply into Connie’s eyes, Susan told her about the party and instructed her to arrive at her home an hour early. Then she added. “You will be there, and you will call me Mistress Susan from now on. Do you understand, bitch?”

Connie had become much more docile. She answered Susan quietly. “Yes, Mistress Susan. I will be there.”

Susan then left the stunned Connie in the restroom stall and walked out to find another invitee. She found Terry heading for her mother’s car in the school parking lot.

“Terry, may I speak with you for a moment?” Susan called out.

With a smile, Terry turned and answered. “Sure Susan. What’s up?”

As she stared into Terry’s eyes, Susan spoke. “Terry, you’d like to go to a costume party wouldn’t you? You would be wearing a mask so no one would recognize you.”

“Oh yes! I’d love to go.”

“Now, I must ask you a personal question. Are you a virgin?”

“Yes.” Terry answered as a simple statement of fact.

“Good. Be at my house an hour early to get your costume. See you then.”

It was the next day before Susan came upon Tanya at school. “Tanya, we will be going to a costume party this Halloween. Be at my house a hour early to get your costume.”

“Ok, I’ll be there.” The shapely teen answered.

Oh, by the way, are you still a virgin?” Susan calmly asked.

“Sadly, yes.”

“Good. See you then.”

Finally, Susan found Julie and Janie. They had been in gym class and had just taken a shower in the girls’ locker room. They both shrieked and wrapped towels around their bodies when the fully clothed Susan approached them.

Susan quickly stared into their eyes. She switched her gaze between the two girls until they seemed to relax. “The towels won’t be necessary girls. Drop them!”

Susan wanted to test her control over the twins.

The twins both dropped their towels. “Nice tits girls. I love those long nipples you both have.”

When the twins giggled, Susan knew she had them. “Janie, Julie, we are going to a Halloween costume party. Be at my house an hour early to get the costumes I have selected for you. By the way, are you both still virgins?”

“Yes, we are.” The twins said in unison.

“Great! See you then.” Susan then turned and left the locker room. She was happy that she had filled her guest list. She now merely had to obtain the sexy costumes her Master wanted his virgins to dress in. She already knew how Amy and Terry would be dressed. That left four girls to outfit. That was taken care of with a trip to the local adult store the following Saturday morning.

Halloween finally arrived as did the Master’s virgins. The girls were happily chattering when they arrived at Susan’s home at the appointed time. They then all complained when they saw the costumes Susan and selected for them. Susan stared into their eyes again and said. “You will where exactly what I tell you to wear. Now, get changed. Time is short.”

They all answered in unison. “Yes, Mistress Susan.”

Amy’s costume consisted of nothing more than a fake pig’s snout and a butt plug with a corkscrew tail attached. Her large DD cup tits swayed from side to side and her fat ass jiggled as she crawled about Susan’s room.

Terry was dressed as a dungeon mistress. Her costume was entirely black. She wore a full mask that had holes for her eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. The rest of her disfigured face was covered by soft black leather. Her corset had holes through which her firm tits protruded. She wore stockings held up by the corset’s built in garter-straps. Her costume was completed with a pair of high-heeled shoes. She had no panties so her pussy and ass were also exposed to any that cared to look. Even so, Terry was grinning broadly.

Connie was dressed as a Nun. She was a Nun whose tits, ass, and pussy were fully exposed by the removal of selected panels of cloth.

Julie and Janie were both wearing nothing but the sheer jackets from baby doll gowns. Julie’s was blue and Jamie’s was green. Otherwise, they were completely nude. Their costumes suited their roles as wet dream porn stars.

Finally, it was Tanya’s turn to get dressed. She was going as a pixie. Her costume consisted of a set of pointed ears, and a small set of wings held on by elastic straps. Her nicely tanned body was generously sprinkled with gold “pixie” dust.

Susan put her witch’s dress on again and Damon became an imp for the second year.

Just then her Master’s voice entered Susan’s head. “My beautiful witch, bring my son and your virgins to me now.”

“Yes, Master.”

In spite of their nudity, all six girls boldly walked out of Susan’s home and made their way to the Master’s old house. Susan and Damon led the way with the girls close behind.

Again the door opened when they stepped up on the porch. As they entered his home, the Warlock greeted them. As Igor handed out goblets of wine, Susan introduced her guests.

The Warlock tenderly kissed and hugged his mate and son. “Welcome back my beloved. It is good to have you here again.” He sniffed the air around his beloved mate before smiling at her and lovingly kissing her lips. He took his son Damon from Susan and proudly held him high above his head for all of his guests to see his son.

The Warlock then spoke to Susan with his mind. ‘My beloved mate, I can smell your ripeness tonight.’

‘Oh thank you, Master. I hope so. Damon is getting so big. It’s time he had a little brother or sister.’ Susan returned his thoughts.

While the Warlock cuddled his mate and son, the girls drank their wine. Igor quickly served a second goblet of wine to each girl. It was slightly bitter to the taste, but the girls drank heartily.

“My witch, whom have you brought to me this year?”

“My Master, first we have Amy. As you can see, she is something of a porker. She seems to think her size gives her the right to push others around. Thus the pig costume seemed appropriate.”

The Warlock hugged Amy and fondled her tits and pussy. “Very nice selection my love. I am sure the chef can do wonders with such a delicious looking selection. Amy, since you came as a pig, you should crawl on your hands and knees from now on.

Amy swallowed the last of her second goblet of wine and immediately dropped to the floor. Her heavy tits hung well below her chest with her fat ass wiggling her pig’s tail. This porker was getting into her part.

The chef appeared and began feeling and prodding Amy’s body. He squeezed her tits and hefted them as if checking their weight. He then ran his hands over her belly and back. He worked his hand down her back and firmly squeezed each of her ass cheeks. He then, without warning, deeply probed her ass and pussy with his fingers. Though her tears were flowing, Amy made simple grunts when the chef probed her virgin holes.

“Master, this piglet will do quite nicely. She will need her cherries removed before any further preparations can be made. If you don’t mind Master, I will begin preparing her right away.” The chef said.

“Very well. Work your magic with her.”

“Please don’t sir. I have never had a lover.” Amy begged the chef.

“Who said anything about a lover, Amy? I will simply fuck your virgin holes to open your body’s cavities. Now follow me.” The chef said sternly. He led Amy off toward the back of the mansion.

Amy’s tears flowed freely, but she crawled obediently behind the chef. Her tits and ass swayed seductively as she crawled.

By then most of the other girls had consumed their second goblet of wine. Igor was serving another. This one tasted a bit better.

“Master, next we have Connie.”

“Ah yes, Connie! I understand you have been less than complimentary to my beloved mate and my son. So, I have a special guest I want you to meet. He may be able to teach you some manners.”

Just then Wolfy came into the room. He was a handsome appearing young man. Connie began thinking this might not be too bad. Wolfy took Connie’s hand, kissed it, and said to her. “It is a pleasure to meet you my dear.” He then licked the palm of her hand from fingertips to wrist. Connie giggled. He then took her hand and led her to his favorite corner near the fireplace.

Once there they began to cuddle and make out. Connie hated the familiarity with which this stranger was treating her. The liberties Wolfy was taking soon had her breathing heavily in response to his attentions. He was roughly fondling her tits while ripping her dress apart. Once Connie’s dress was nothing more than rags, Wolfy pushed her down to the floor. He maintained a firm grip on her tits while shoving his elongated tongue deep into her virgin pussy.

Connie soon cried out as an orgasm washed over her body.

While Connie was in a post orgasmic daze, Wolfy flipped her over onto her belly and pulled her hips up. He aimed his ten inches of canine cock at her dripping cunt and shoved. His cock shot straight through her hymen and rammed into the devirginated bitch’s cervix.

“Oh my God, no!” Connie cried out while thrusting back to accept Wolfy’s cock. Each time Wolfy drove his cock into her cunt he rammed into her cervix. Rapidly and repeatedly Wolfy rammed his cock into his bitch. His cock penetrated her cervix and entered her womb. His knot grew in Connie’s cunt thereby tying them together. With his cock sealed in her womb. Wolfy began flooding her with cum.

Connie was so overwhelmed she fainted.

Meanwhile, the Warlock was still greeting his young guests.

“Ah ha! I see we have a pixie with us tonight.” The Warlock smiled broadly at Tanya. “And what a lovely pixie she is too. My dear, we have some royalty here who have died to meet you.”

“Royalty? Really?” Tanya excitedly asked. She had missed the ‘died’ part.

“Yes! Tanya, I’d like to introduce you to the Count and his mate. I am sure you can find a way to entertain each other tonight.”

“Their vampires!” Tanya gasped in protest.

The Count reached out and took Tanya’s hand. The pixie followed them into the next room without further protest. They sat on the couch and proceeded to make out as Wolfy and Connie were doing in their corner.

“And now I see two delicious young things with their tits and pussies exposed.”

Julie and Janie groaned with embarrassment but said nothing. The drugs in the second goblet of wine were having their full effect on the twins as well as all the other girls. None of them had any personal will left. When the Warlock reached out and fondled a tit on each girl, they giggled. He then reached down and petted each pussy. Slowly the girls spread their legs to give their host better access to their virgin holes.

“Be patient girls. I know someone will take a liking to you soon. It’s too bad you have been such teasers until now. But, I promise you that will soon change. For now, you will climb up onto the dining room table and entertain us by eating each other’s pussy.

“We don’t really do that sir. We just let some of the boys at school think we do.” Julie said.

“You do now. So, get up there and start eating some pussy.” The Warlock commanded.

Julie and Janie were soon busily slurping away at the other’s wet hole.

“And finally I have brought you Terry. I hope Terry and the others please you and your guests, Master.“ Susan said.

Terry, my dear, I know why my mate selected you. I know why you are wearing that mask.” The Warlock softly spoke to the teen.

Terry dropped her head and looked at the floor in shame.

“Terry! Lift your head. There is no reason to be ashamed here. This is a powerful and magical place and many things can happen. Now smile and enjoy your evening. Dinner will be served rather late tonight. So, we have plenty of time to get to know each other. Now please follow me into the next room.”

In the mean time, Igor had given Amy her third goblet of special wine. She was feeling its effects on her self-control as well. She was unable to resist any commands given by the chef. When the chef ordered her to crawl over to the preparation table, Amy obeyed without hesitation. Her large tits swayed side to side and her ass jiggled as she crawled.

“I think we can do without the snout.” He then removed the fake pig’s snout from her face. “Turn and face away from me.” He ordered.

Amy turned and presented her ass and pussy to the chef.

“This can go too.” The chef then jerked her butt plug with its curly tail from her ass.

Amy gasped but did not move.

He started gently rubbing her face. Then he again poked, prodded, and stroked Amy’s body. Her oversized tits received extra attention.

“I love a gal with hefty tits.” The chef told his entrée. She was soon moaning with pleasure as the chef awakened her sexuality. When he reached her rump he firmly squeezed her cheeks and shoved a finger deep into her asshole. Amy groaned. With his other hand he inserted one, then two, and finally three fingers into her virgin pussy. Her lubricating juices were freely flowing from her unfucked hole. The chef then deeply licked her pussy. “Yummy! Amy, you are a very tasty young piglet. You will soon be even more delicious.”

“I’m going to fuck you now. No sense in letting a perfectly good cherry stay with you any longer, especially when it will have to go when I baste you.”

“Baste me?” Amy inquired.

Don’t worry about it right now. I’ll explain everything soon enough.” The chef then lined his stiff cock up with Amy’s pussy.

“Please don’t sir. I’ve never done this before.” She begged but never moved her pussy to avoid what was coming.

The chef patted her ass one more time, took a firm grip on her hips, and shoved his six inch cock deep into Amy’s cunt.

She screamed at the pain of having her hymen ripped from her. The chef rapidly fucked Amy until he filled her pussy with a load of cum.

The other girls heard Amy scream and looked toward the Warlock. Though they were mentally alert, they could not resist any use of their bodies.

With a chuckle the Warlock told his guest. “Ah ha! It sounds as if the chef has removed Amy’s cherry. The rest of you will also be getting fucked soon enough.”

Without delay, the chef removed his still hard cock from Amy’s pussy and lined it up with her tight ass. He applied a coating of extra virgin olive oil to his cock and Amy’s tightly closed asshole.

“Here you go, pig. Your asshole awaits its fate.” With another abrupt shove, the chef’s cock was driven deep into Amy’s ass.

She screamed again.

Mean while, the Count and his Vampiress had their pixie friend writhing on the couch in sexual bliss. While the Vampiress sucked and nibble her tits, the Count practically devoured her pussy.

“Now Count?” His Vampiress asked.

“Yes my eternal love. Let us begin to bring this beautiful pixie into our world.” The Count then moved up to face his mate with Tanya on her back between them. They kissed briefly before each took one of the pixie’s tits into their mouths.

Tanya briefly felt a sting as sharp teeth penetrated her tits. The Count and his Vampiress fed at Tanya’s small but succulent tits. They released her tits just before their pixie lost consciousness.

About that time, Amy’s second scream was heard. “The chef must have just fucked Amy’s ass. He is very thorough about removing all cherries before preparing dinner.” The Warlock explained.

“Terry, you will follow my instructions carefully. Remove your mask and eat every pussy in this room until you make each one cum. Be certain to smear your face with the fresh pussy juices immediately after you make it cum.”

“Without question, Terry did as she was told. She began eating pussy. Julie came almost instantly on Terry’s tongue. Terry could be seen smearing her face in the wetness of Julie’s pussy. Terry’s face glowed with the virgin’s juices. Janie too came rather quickly and her juices were added to that from Julie on Terry’s face. Connie was a bit more difficult to arouse. After all, Connie had just gotten off and her pussy was filled with Wolfy’s cum. The canine cum in Connie’s sloppy pussy added a pungent odor and taste to her cunt, but Terry attacked it with enthusiasm. She brought Connie to an orgasm and smeared her face in the bitch’s gooey hole. With a smile, Terry went to Tanya. Like the twins, Tanya was a quick cummer and provided Terry with the desired pussy juices. The Vampiress was a real challenge for the scared teen. The older woman’s pussy had the stench of death, but Terry forced herself to eat the woman’s nasty cunt until she also came.

Finally, it was Susan’s turn to be eaten. Her pussy had been tremendously stretched by the Warlock the first time he had fucked his mate. The second time he grew inside her until he was just as large as the first time. Therefore, Susan’s outer lips were still larger than normal. Terry could nearly cover her entire face with Susan’s pussy flaps. As Susan’s cum flooded out of her horny hole, Terry shoved her face as far into it as she could.

When Terry stood she found the Warlock, Wolfy, and the Count facing her stroking their stiff cocks. “Lay down Terry.” The Warlock told her.

She obeyed instantly. It wasn’t long before all three males let their cum fly. They all had excellent aim and their cum landed on Terry’s disfigured face.

“Connie, get over here and rub Terry’s facial creams into her skin.”

Connie quickly went to work. She gently rubbed the cum and pussy juices into Terry’s face until it was nearly all absorbed.

“Terry, put your mask back on now. The Warlock ordered.

She quietly complied although tears were beginning to flow from her eyes.

More wine was served and the guests enjoyed the sexual favors of their mated companions and friends.

Immediately after fucking Amy’s pussy and ass to remover her cherries, the chef had shoved his baster’s long probe up her cunt and squeezed its handle. A mixture of warm oils, herbs, and spices flowed into Amy’s cunt until she overflowed. A ceramic plug was inserted into her to keep the fluid in her pussy. The chef then shoved his baster’s probe into her asshole and filled it with the same mixture and plugged it as well.

“Get up on the prep table, pig.” He ordered Amy. She obeyed. He then proceeded to rub oil and spices all over Amy’s body.

“Sir, what are you doing to me and what did you put in my vagina and butt?” The frightened girl asked.

“Now is as good a time as any to tell you what I’ve done thus far. Your cherries had to be removed so my baster could fill your holes with my oils and spices. I am now rubbing that same mixture into your skin. It will enhance your flavor and keep you tender. Now lay on your back!”

“Tender? What do you mean keep me tender. What are you going to do to me?” Amy begged to know as she rolled onto her back.

The chef continued rubbing his mixture into her belly, tits, and face. “Very well, I’ll tell you. You are to be the main course at dinner tonight. You will be gutted and stuffed with various fruits and vegetables and slowly roasted over an open fire. I promise you will be delicious. Our guests will love and remember you. Now shut up I need to gut and clean you before stuffing you with my fruits and vegetables.”

“Oh please sir, don’t do this. Why are you doing this to me?” Amy cried.

“You were chosen because you are big enough to feed everyone here tonight. Throwing your weight around at school brought you to the attention of our Master’s mate. Now shut the fuck up and die as quietly as you can. I hate it when our meal bitches about her fate.” The chef’s assistant was then standing next to him stroking the chef’s largest carving knife on a sharpening steel.

She didn’t see a second chef’s assistant come up to her head from behind. The chef rubbed her cheek and pulled her face so she was facing him. Behind her back, the assistant held a very sharp axe half an inch from her cervical spine. Using a heavy hammer, the assistant hit the head of the axe. The sharp blade of the axe was driven deeply into Amy’s neck. The blow completely severed her cervical spine.

Amy made very little sound as she died. Her eyes fluttered and her mouth opened as if to scream. Nothing came out. Amy died quickly and quietly. She was then promptly gutted and cleaned. She was stuffed, and her abdomen tightly sewn back together. She then had a spit rod rammed along the inside of her spine from her ass until it came out the top of her head. Prongs were slid along the spit and rammed into her ass cheeks and head to keep her from sliding on the spit. She was then carried by four strong men to the fire pit on the patio and placed over the brightly glowing coals. The men took turns turning Amy on the spit and basting her until she was golden brown.

Some time later, the chef entered the large dinning hall and made his announcement. “Master, dinner will be served in a few minutes.”

The table was cleared and the wine goblets were refilled. When the guests were all seated, Amy was carried out high above the four assistant’s heads. They were the same men that had tended to her roasting.

The girls gasped but said nothing when they saw Amy roasted and served like a pig. The wine had done its job. Amy made a delicious looking dinner. Her snout had been put back on her face and her tail had been reinserted into her ass. An apple had been shoved into her mouth. Her fattened body made a delicious looking entree.

The chef immediately began carving slices of rump roast from Amy’s ass and serving the guests. Susan was served first. Then the girls she had brought each received a slice of Amy’s rump roast. Then the other guests and finally the Warlock received his portion.

The Warlock stood and offered a toast. “May this meal bring us all a good year and bring us all back together again this time next year. Thank you all for coming. Now eat, drink, and enjoy the rest of the evening.”

The wine had completely removed the girls’ inhibitions. The happily ate Amy and commented on how delicious she tasted.

As dinner was completed, the other festivities continued. The Count and his Vampiress took their pixie to a room on the second level. There they again played with Tanya’s tits and pussy until she was soaking wet and writhing on the bed begging for someone to take her cherry. The Count obliged. He mounted the pixie and drilled his cock deep into the teen’s virgin pussy. She screamed as her hymen was swept away. He thrust hard and fast until he pumped a load of cum into her depths. His cum felt cold to the pixie. As he pulled his slimy cock from the pixie’s pussy, his Vampiress dove to her cunt and lapped up the virgin blood oozing from Tanya’s torn open hole.

Tanya cooed with joy as her pussy was eaten again. When it was licked clean the Count and his mate again fed from Tanya’s tits. This time, they fed until Tanya passed out. Then they bit into her neck and sucked the life from the girl’s body. An hour or so later, the Count and his mate came back down the stairs.

They were followed by a very pale and weak pixie. Though she could barely walk, the pixie was smiling as she followed her new master.

“I see you have brought another convert into your family.” The Warlock smiled.

In the mean time, the twins were again told to climb up onto the dining table and lay on their backs. They were placed side by side with their legs spread wide and draped over edge of the table. The table was just wide enough that with their legs hanging over one side, their heads were nearly off the other side. Then the chef, his staff of four large men, and the lawn keeper stood in two lines at the twin’s feet.

The Warlock spoke to the girls. “Julie, Janie, you have been merciless cock teasers. The days of that behavior are over. Tonight you will get your fill of cock and cum. Are you ready gentlemen? These prick teasers are all yours.”

The twins looked up to see all six men had removed their pants and were stroking large cocks. The smallest was over six inches long and too thick for the twins to get their hands around.

The first up were two of the chef’s staff. They quickly ate the pussies spread out before them until they were dripping with lubricating juices. With no further delay the men shoved their cocks deep into the twin’s pussies.

Julie and Janie screamed as their cherries were torn from them. The men offered no compassion. They merely continued to rapidly fuck the teens until they pumped loads of cum into the cunt each was fucking. They then pulled out and two more men took their place. While the next two fucked the girl’s pussies, the first two shoved their slimy cocks into the teasers’ mouths. The wine allowed the girls to clean and suck the cocks in their mouths without revolution. As the second set of men fed cum into the freshly devirginated cunts, the first two men had regained their erections and rejoined the line waiting to fuck the twins. The rotation of men from pussy, to mouth, and back to the line continued for several rounds until all the men had fucked both girls’ cunts. Cum was running freely from the twin’s gaping pussies as they lay on the table.

The men then began fucking Julie and Janie’s mouths. Eventually, the girls’ throats became accustomed to swallowing cock and cum.

Getting a deep throat blowjob from Janie or Julie would soon become a very popular activity at their school. Getting some pussy from Julie and Janie would also become common as well. There’d be no more prick teasing from these two cum hungry sluts.

“Terry, get up on the table and spread your legs. I am going to fuck you.” The Warlock ordered.

Terry obeyed after seeing a smile on Susan’s face. The Warlock grabbed each of Terry’s stocking cover ankles and lifted her legs until her knees were next to her tits.

“Hold your knees here for me!” He ordered.

Terry held her knees up next to her chest. She knew her virgin pussy was fully exposed to the Warlock and his cock.

“I’m going to fuck you now. If you take it quietly, you will receive a gift.” The Warlock told her.

The Warlock’s cock was only nine inches long at that time and as big around as a small ball bat. It was not nearly as large as the first time he fucked and impregnated Susan.

Terry gulped when she saw the weapon that was to be used on her. She said nothing but steeled herself against the pain she knew was to come.

The Warlock smiled down at her and placed his cock’s head at the opening to her virgin pussy. He took a tit in each of his hands and squeezed tightly. When Terry cried from the pain in her tits, the Warlock thrust his cock forward. He drove through Terry’s hymen and battered her cervix on the first stroke.

Terry’s tears flowed freely but the only sounds she made were grunts and whimpers. The pain seemed to subside as the Warlock drove in and out of her then bloody cunt. It wasn’t long before he filled her pussy with his hot cum. He then patted each of her tits and pulled out.

“You did an excellent job of taking my cock. Therefore, you are free to go. You will find more appropriate clothing in the restroom off the main hallway.

Terry rose and said. “Thank you, sir.” She then went to find the clothes she had been promised. She removed her costume leaving the mask for last.

A few minutes after she entered the restroom the whole mansion heard her scream. It was not a scream of pain. It was a scream of delight.

Terry came running back to the dining hall completely nude. She fell to the feet of the Warlock and hugged his legs. “Oh thank you, Master. How can I ever repay you for the gift you have given me? I will never forget this night. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“Stand up so we can see you, Terry.” The Warlock told her.

“Yes, my Master.” When she rose to her feet everyone could see her face had been transformed. Where there had once been a scared and deformed face, a beautiful young lady’s face practically glowed. Terry then returned to the restroom, dressed, and ran all the way home.

“You may go as well.” He said to the twins.

“Sir, do you have any clothes for us as well?” Julie asked.

“No! Sluts like you should dress the part. Besides, you never know when or where you will run upon a cock to suck or fuck. Just go!” He ordered.

By then Wolfy had taken Connie back to his favorite corner. He had torn her dress completely off his bitch and was in full werewolf mode. He was furiously fucking her from behind while she shove her pussy back with each ram he gave her. Shortly after flooding her pussy with cum again, he pulled out of her pussy.

The recuperative power of a werewolf is fantastic. He hadn’t even dismounted from her back when his cock grew back to it full length. This time he forcefully shoved his cock deep into Connie’s ass. He was pleasantly surprised when she didn’t object to his taking her in the ass. She merely grunted with discomfort but held her position. Wolfy hammered her ass as hard as he had her pussy until he filled her bowels with his hot cum.

This time he dismounted. Wolfy was exhausted. As he lay on his back he pulled Connie to lie on his furry belly. She resisted briefly when he pushed her head down his belly toward his still unsheathed cock. When Wolfy growled deeply, she impaled her own throat on his shit and cum covered cock.

She licked and sucked until he was completely clean. When she started to pull her mouth of his still hard cock, Wolfy growled again. “God damn, how much do you want?”

She should not have said that. Wolfy has a hair trigger temper. He whirled and bit off a piece of her ass.

Connie screamed and cussed him again. “What the fuck is the matter with you. Damn, you’ve fucked both my pussy and asshole. I have sucked you clean. Shit! How much more do you want?”

That did it. Wolfy went wild. He turned and circled his bitch until Connie was backed into a corner. He then leapt up and bit deeply into her left tit. She screamed again. Wolfy then bit her right tit nearly off. When she turned toward the wall to protect her tits, he bit off another piece of her ass.

She howled Loudly. She was being eaten alive. “Someone please help me.” Connie cried out.

Susan angrily replied. “Hey bitch, was it not you that called me and my son vile names? Why the hell should anyone here help you? It seems to me you have been his bitch and are now about to become werewolf chow.”

Connie fell to the floor whimpering. Wolfy slowly continued to eat his bitch alive. First her ass was devoured then he ate her tits. When she weakly tried to swat him away, he bit off her hand. Her life’s blood was gushing from Connie at a very fast rate. She would not last much longer.

Finally, Wolfy tired of toying with his bitch. With one final lunge, he ripped her throat open. Wolfy then sat back on his hunches and licked his fur clean while watching his bitch bleed to death. When he was last seen, he was bounding out the mansion’s rear entrance with one of Connie’s meaty femurs in his jaws.

“So much for that bitch!” Susan said.

The Warlock hugged Susan closely to his chest and told her he was well pleased with her. “You will be gaining more and more powers as time passes and you learn to use them. Now let’s go say good night to the Count and his family.”

The Count, his Vampriress, and their pixie were waiting for Susan and the Warlock. As they walked toward the mansion’s rear entrance, the Count graciously thanked his host for a delightful evening.

He made a special effort to thank Susan for providing such entertaining and tasty guests. “These dinners have never been so delicious until you began providing the entrées. We hope to see you again very soon. Our new pixie will be a nice addition to our family. The fairy you brought us last year was unable to attend. She hopes to be here next year.”

Tanya, their pixie stood silently behind her new family. She was so pale she seemed white. Her eyes were glazed and her breath was very shallow. Her small wings had fused into her back and seemed to have grown little larger. They were slowly flapping to gain strength. In spite of it all, she was smiling and seemed happy to be with her new master and family.

The Count, his Vampiress, and their pixie walked into the Warlock’s garden. They all three seemed to fade into the darkness. They could be seen a few seconds later flying across the chilled October sky.

The Warlock gazed into the eyes of his beloved mate. “My witch, bring my son and join me in my quarters.” He put his arm gently around his mate. In a flash, they were next to his bed. They slowly disrobed for each other.

The Warlock admired his witch’s fine set of plump C-cup tits and her slender frame. Her belly had gone back to nearly the same flat shape it had been in before bearing their son. The Warlock’s son had been the result of his first mating with his witch.

Susan looked longingly at the Warlock’s rising cock. It had grown to nearly six inches. Susan knew it would soon reach at least nine or more inches. It would completely fill her pussy and probably enter her womb. Susan’s was already well lubricated with her pussy’s juices. She had longed for her Master’s cock to fill her for the past year.

She then climbed onto his massive bed and spread her legs widely. She looked over to her son, Damon. He was lying peacefully in his antique crib next to Susan. He was sleeping soundly. Susan then extended her arms to invite her mate and Master to take possession of what was already his.

The Warlock crawled from the foot of the bed kissing and licking his mate’s legs as he went. When he reached the junction of her legs at her soaking wet pussy, he breathed deeply of her aroma. He feasted on her juices there. He soon had Susan writhing on the bed as she begged to be filled with his cock. He continued kissing and licking his way upward. His cock’s head spread her vaginal lips as he reached and began sucking her tits. Nibbling on her tits and their elongated nipples and the probing of her pussy with his huge cock’s head had Susan on the verge of orgasm.

The Warlock slid his cock slowly and fully into his mate’s hungry hole. His cock bumped into Susan’s cervix, and her first orgasm of the night was a wild one. There would be many more before the night was over for her. As she came down from her cum, he whispered to her. “You are extremely ripe tonight my beloved. You will surely give me another son from this coupling.”

Susan raised her legs and wrapped them aroung her Master’s hips. “Yes my Master. Fill my womb with your seed and give me another son.”

The Warlock stroked in and out of his mates hot pussy until she softly interrupted him. “My Master, why are you withholding all of your love from me? Am I not your mate? I know you are being gentle with me. Please give me all of you cock. I know it will hurt. I remember the first time you planted your seed directly into my womb. Please, use all of your cock again so your son Damon will be certain to have a brother.”

“Very well my beloved. If you desire me in your womb, you shall have it.”

Almost instantly, the Warlock’s cock grew to over nine inches in length. The next time he thrust at her cervix, his cock forced it open and entered Susan’s womb.

Susan yelped as his cock speared through her cervix and entered her womb. Once in her ripe womb, the Warlock’s cock began spurting great gobs of his cum into her baby making chamber.

Susan used her legs to pull her mate tightly to her pelvis. She bucked violently as the Warlock filled her baby chamber with his cum. They remained lock together like that until both the Warlock and his witch were exhausted from cumming. Eventually, the Warlock’s cock withered and came out of Susan’s womb. “Oh Master, I feel certain I have conceived another son for you.”

“Yes my beloved witch. Your womb was indeed fertile and my seed is seeking your egg at this very moment.”

They lay cuddling together for quite a while until the clock began chiming the midnight hour. The Warlock handed the still sleeping Damon to his mother and said to her. “My mate, you will find your powers as a witch growing as your belly grows with my next son. You will soon be a fully empowered witch. Go slowly and learn to use your powers wisely. I will call you again soon.”

As the clock struck the final chime at midnight, Susan slipped into darkness. Once again she found herself in her own bed at her family’s home. Her son was sleeping peacefully in his bed beside her. She reached down to her sore pussy and felt her Master’s cum oozing from her stretched hole. She smiled and said to herself. ‘Good night, my loving Master. My wish is to see you again soon.’

The Warlock replied softly in her mind. ‘Good night, my love. We will be together again soon.’
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