12 year old Tyler and his mother take it further.....
Tyler and mom – part 2

As Tyler’s mom rubbed his cum on her breasts, he stood there staring at her, still panting and tingling all over his young body from the huge orgasm he had just had. His cock started to grow soft as he stood there, feeling guilty, dirt, and embarrassed but yet still thrilled at what had just happened – he could not believe he just had cum on his mom after licking and sucking on her bare feet, and watching her play with herself as he did it.

“Oh shit, what have I done?” Tyler thought to himself, still staring at his mother covered in his cum. He just stood there, not knowing what to do.

“Did you enjoy that Tyler?” mom asked, still rubbing Tyler’s cum on her breasts and staring at her very attractive, naked and still semi-hard 12 year old son. She gave Tyler a seductive smile as she asked, hoping it would help Tyler not feel so uncomfortable – though she felt a bit uncomfortable herself, laying there naked, her son’s cum still on her naked body, her pussy dripping and still needing some attention, even after the multiple orgasms she had while playing with herself as her son played with her bare feet.

“What did I do?” she thought to herself.

“Um, um, um” was all Tyler could say. He felt a blush creeping up his face.

“Its OK Tyler, I enjoyed it” his mother said. “In fact, I really really liked what you were doing, and I hope you did too” she continued. “Don’t feel embarrassed son” she said, still staring into her son’s eyes. “We can keep it between us if you want, and not say anything to your father or anyone – as long as you are good with it, I am too” she finished, watching Tyler for his reaction.

“Um, um, ok mom” Tyler finally managed, his young cock now soft and laying against his smooth balls. “Just between us, I did love it too”

As Tyler stood there, his mom took her left foot and began teasing his smooth balls. She wanted to see what his reaction would be – she couldn’t believe she was extremely horny, and wanted her 12 year old son.
Tyler jumped slightly as his mother’s toes touched his balls. He was surprised, but he began to feel excited at the same time, and he stepped closer to his mother’s feet. His mom began using her bare feet to fondle Tyler’s balls, and gently stroke his young cock. Tyler closed his eyes and began quietly moaning with pleasure as he became more excited – and his young cock grew hard quickly.

“That’s mommy’s good boy” she said, smiling at Tyler’s reaction – she felt her pussy twitch with excitement. “Oh, this is sooo wrong” she thought to herself – “But, I want my boy in me so bad”.

As she continued to stroke and fondle Tyler’s cock and balls with her bare feet, he continued to moan and groan, his eyes closed, his young, firm body rigid, standing on his toes as he enjoyed the feeling of his mom’s feet playing with him.

“Ohhh mom” Tyler moaned, as he began to slowly thrust into her bare feet. His mom smiled at him.

“Does Tyler like mommy’s feet on his penis and balls” she asked in a sexy voice, pushing harder on her son’s privates.

“Yes mom, oh yes” Tyler gasped, thrusting harder against his mothers soles. “Oh mommy, I love how it feels” he said, eyes tightly closed.

“That’s my good little boy” she said, beginning to rub her soaking wet pussy.

She could feel her juices, mixed with her son’s first load, and that got her even more turned on. She pushed her feet against Tyler harder and stroked his young cock faster, enjoying the look of ecstasy on his young face.

“Oh yes mommy, oh yes” Tyler moaned. His mind was focused on his feeling of his hardon, and his mother’s toes and soles rubbing and stroking him – he had only masturbated thinking of how it would be, and now that it was actually happening, he couldn’t believe how good it really was – it was the best feeling he could ever imagine.

“Oh Tyler, Oh Tyler” his mother moaned, coming close to another orgasm as she played with herself, her fingers deep in her pussy, thrusting them in and out as she stroked her son with her bare feet.

“Oh Tyler” she gasped suddenly, as she brought herself to another orgasm.

As the orgasm coursed through her sexy body, she knew she wanted and needed more – and wanted it from her own son. “Its so wrong” she thought to herself as her orgasm subsided “But I want my son in me”.

“Do you like mommy’s feet Tyler” she asked.

Feeling excited, embarrassed, nasty, dirty, and very horny, Tyler opened his eyes, and felt a blush creeping onto his face. “Yes mommy, I do” he said.

“Let me hear you say it Tyler” she said, smiling at her son as she worked his cock and balls with her gorgeous bare feet.

“I love your bare feet mommy” Tyler said in a quiet, embarrassed voice. Hearing himself say it out loud made his cock jump with excitement – he felt completely embarrassed saying it, but yet he also felt extremely excited.

“Say it again son” she teased, pushing her right sole up against his erection, stroking it against his young firm body.

“I love your bare feet mom” Tyler responded in a louder voice.

“And do you love how mommy makes you feel Tyler?” she asked, stroking him faster with her foot. Tyler was now humping her foot, his hands on it, pressing it against himself, matching his thrusts with her strokes.

“YES mommy, I LOVE how you make me feel” Tyler almost yelled, getting close to another orgasm.

“And is playing with your mommy better than just playing with yourself?” she asked, pulling her foot away from her son.

He let out a groan, and tried to pull it back. His cock was rock-hard, and throbbing, his balls aching, his body tight with excitement.

“YES MOMMY, PLEASE DON’T STOP” Tyler begged, trying harder to pull his mothers bare foot back against his cock. His head was swimming with excitement, and his balls ached – he had almost cum again, but she had stopped just short of putting him over the edge.

“That’s my boy” she smiled at her son.

“Mom, please don’t stooooop” Tyler said in a needy, whiny, begging voice.

“Oh Tyler” she said, enjoying seeing how horny and desperate her son was, needing to cum.

“Mom, please please please” Tyler begged, his left hand cupping his balls now, his right hand holding his cock and stroking it slowly. “Please pleeeeeeeeeeease mom, don’t stop!” he continued begging.

Tyler’s mom smiled – she loved being in control, and loved to dominate her husband and partners during sex – making them beg for what they wanted. And now she was doing the same thing to her 12 year old son.

“Oh you BAD BAD girl” she thought to herself, watching Tyler slowly masturbate and beg for her feet to come back and play with his cock.

“Oh Tyler, I think mommy wants to take a break” she teased. She watched his face instantly show disappointment – exactly what she wanted. “Maybe later you can have some more”.

“Nooooooooo!” Tyler whined, stroking his cock faster. He really needed to cum.

“Stop playing with yourself Tyler!” his mother suddenly snapped at him. His hands instantly fell to his side, his face showing surprise and shock. Tyler stood there, naked and hard in front of his mother, not sure what to do. He felt totally confused – he thought his mom liked what they were doing – now she seemed angry at him. He suddenly felt scared – maybe she was mad about him cumming on her, and playing with her feet – and maybe she was going to tell his dad!

“Mom, I’m sorry” Tyler blurted out, close to tears. “Don’t be mad, I’m sorry, please don’t be mad, and please don’t tell dad” he begged. Even though he was now scared, his cock stood straight up from his hairless balls.

“Tyler, I am not mad” she replied, watching relief spread over his face. “Wow, he is so damn sexy” she thought to herself. “And I won’t tell dad – for now” she continued.

“What? You are going to tell dad?” Tyler said, looking worried – he didn’t want his dad to know what a bad boy he was – and how he shot cum on his own mom!

“No, I won’t tell dad” she said. Tyler felt relief flood through is body. “But, there is more to your mom than sexy feet” she said, holding them up in front of her son’s face, wiggling her toes.

She loved how Tyler’s eyes widened as she held up her bare feet and wiggled her toes in front of his face – she knew he wanted her, and smiled as she thought about how she could control him just using her bare feet – the possibilities were endless!

“You may kiss and lick your mommy’s feet for one minute more Tyler” she said, holding them up to his face. She watched as he smiled – “But you cannot touch yourself or cum”

“Thank you mommy” Tyler replied, and grabbed one foot in each hand eagerly, pulling them to his face. He felt lightheaded with excitement, his cock standing rigid as he began kissing and licking his mother’s soles again. “Oh thank you mommy” he groaned in-between licks.

“That’s a good boy” she said, enjoying the feeling of her sons tongue running up and down her bare soles – she really loved having her feet played with, and found it even more fun and exciting being done by her own 12 year old son. She counted off the seconds in her head as Tyler licked, kissed, and sucked her bare feet – and then pulled them away suddenly. Tyler tried to hold them to his face, but she was able to pull them away. She noticed how wet she was – and how excited she felt.

“That’s enough Tyler” she said.

“Oh mom pleeeease!” he begged.

“No Tyler, if you want more you need to do what mommy tells you” she said in a stern voice. “Understand?”

“Ok” he replied quietly.

“What? I didn’t hear you” she said sternly.

“Yes mommy, I understand” Tyler said louder. She smiled.

“Come over here Tyler” she said gently. She watched eagerly as Tyler slowly walked towards the other end of the couch where her head was, his hard cock slapping against his young body as he walked. “Damn that is a nice cock – young and full of cum” she giggled to herself.

Tyler stood in front of his mother, and she swung her legs to the floor and got in a sitting position. She looked Tyler in the eyes as she did this, though her hands went to his cock and balls and began fondling and stroking them.

“Ohhh yeah” Tyler groaned.

“You like that Tyler?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yes mommy, I love it” he replied.

“And you want to continue having fun with your mom?” she asked, still stroking his cock while her other hand reached around and grabbed his young, firm ass.

“Yes mommy, yes please” Tyler gasped, feeling her hands on his body – he would do anything she wanted to be able to cum, he thought to himself.

“Good son” she said, as she stopped stroking him. He looked at her, wondering what was next – would she let him
cum? He hoped so, his balls ached so badly.

“Ok Tyler. You will do as I say – and mommy will let you cum” she said.
“Yes please mommy” Tyler groaned.

She swung her legs back on the couch and laid back – she put one leg up on the back of the couch, and the other on the floor, her soaking wet pussy spread wide open. She giggled as Tyler’s eyes widened.

“Kneel down between my legs” she ordered.

“Yes mommy” Tyler said, not knowing what she was going to do. He gently got on the couch, kneeling between his mothers legs, facing her.

“Now lean over you mommy” she said, gently using her legs to pull her naked son towards her. He clumsily leaned over her, his hands on either side of her head. “Yes Tyler, that is a good boy” she whispered, looking directly into his eyes. “Now stay there and don’t move” she said.

“Yes mommy” Tyler whispered, his face inches from his mothers. He could feel the heat from her pussy against his hard cock. He was breathing hard, his body filled with excitement.

Tyler felt his mother’s hands gently grab his hard cock, and he moaned with pleasure. She was gently pulling him, and suddenly he felt her wetness against the head of his cock. He groaned, the feeling of pleasure almost making him faint. He felt his mother’s hands guide his cock up and down the wetness of her pussy, then gently pull his cock into her slowly.

“I want you in me Tyler” she whispered, feeling her son’s young, hard cock enter her. She let out a moan.

As Tyler slid into his mother, he was overwhelmed with pleasure – he had never in his wildest masturbation fantasies imagined how good a pussy would feel gripping his cock – or that he would be sticking his cock in his own mother. He slowly slid into her further, until he could go no further. He heard his mother groan. Her hands now pulled his head towards hers, and she began kissing him. He felt her tongue against his lips, and parted them, feeling his mothers tongue slide into his mouth – instinctively, he did the same to her and they began to passionately kiss.

As they kissed, Tyler began thrusting in and out of his mother, feeling his cock slide into her warm, silky pussy. They both groaned and moaned as Tyler fucked his mother – his cock sliding in and out of her.

“Oh Tyler, oh Tyler” she moaned in-between kisses, feeling his young hard cock sliding in and out of her – she felt amazing, being fucked by her own son.

“Oh Mommy” Tyler gasped, thrusting even faster. He was getting close to cumming, and couldn’t hold back.

“Oh Tyler, cum in your mommy” she said, her legs wrapping around his young body as Tyler’s thrusts began to increase.

“Oh mom, I’m going to cum!!” Tyler moaned, feeling his mothers legs wrapped around his body, her pussy gripping his cock. He tried to hold his cum back as he continued thrusting in and out of her, but that only made the orgasm more intense.

Suddenly, he felt his cum begin to explode out of his cock and into his mother – one…….two……….three…………four……………..five…………….six……… long spurts of his young cum shot out of his cock and into his mother’s pussy, the orgasms wracking through his young body, the feeling so intense that he felt like he had just exploded.

“Oh yes Tyler, oh yes” she moaned, feeling her son’s body stiffen against hers as he shot his load into her – she could feel the spurts of cum as they shot out of his cock – and she was amazed how much there was, and how long he came.

“Oh mommy” Tyler moaned, collapsing against her, panting hard as his second orgasm subsided – he felt completely spent – though his cock was still hard and inside his mom.

“That’s a good boy” she said, softly stroking his hair as he panted and recovered from his orgasm. She hadn’t cum as her son fucked her, and really needed to as she lay there, her son still in her, his cum running out of her pussy.
She let Tyler rest for a few more minutes, slowly feeling his cock shrink inside her, until it came out with a slight pop. She smiled – she knew exactly what she wanted now.

“Ok Tyler” she said “Now listen to what mommy wants………….”

To be continued………….

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