He use to fuck his sister, and drink gallons of her fresh warm urine, but now it's her daughter who craves his golden and white fluids.
My Niece Was Too Young To Fuck
But Her Pussy Was Too Tight To Resist

By ZondarTheBear

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I unbuckled my pants and pushed them down my thighs, expecting her to lean over and start sucking. Instead, she pulled me to my feet and said, “It goes down easier if I'm sitting up.” I didn't ask how she knew that, I just slid my cockhead between her lips and let her have fun.

She took a deep breath and held it as I pushed the head of my cock between her welcoming lips. After gently easing in and out for a moment, I eased in further until I was resting against the back of her mouth; I thought that it was very brave for her to let me do this.

The tip lodged in the tight opening at the top of her throat and she swallowed to keep from throwing up. I pushed harder and the first two inches of my shaft popped in and slid down her tight esophagus. She gagged, her stomach heaving, but she held onto my asscheeks and refused to let me pull back.

The thought of fucking my niece's face in a darkened movie theater had me ready to fire my load into her tummy in seconds. I continued to feed her every inch that would fit down her throat, and she licked at my shaft as I grunted and pumped into her mouth.

Her middle finger reached between my legs and tickled my asshole for a second before sliding two knuckled deep. That was all it took and I hunched hard, feeding her six long spurts of cum that shot directly into her belly.

She'd been playing with her pussy as I fucked her face and the protein drink that she was eagerly gulping down sent her over her own cliff and into a quiet, shuddering orgasm that caused her to bite down on my shaft. I bit my lip, hoping that she didn't do any real damage to my little friend.

Chapter One

I was there the day the my future lover was born. My sister was seven months pregnant with her second child when she came to my town for a business conference and I was the only one close enough to be her baby-coach when she went into premature labor. It's a good thing that it didn't happen on the train ride down the coast or she would have been truly fucked, and not in a good way.

As she sweated and grunted through her long labor, she suddenly decided that her hospital gown was chafing and uncomfortable, so nudity was suddenly the order of the day. I didn't object, naturally, because, even swollen to massive proportions with my niece swimming in her belly, I considered my sister to be one of the most beautiful females on the planet. I spent the entire night feeding her ice chips and helping her in the shower (I had no idea that this was a thing for women in labor but, again, no objections from me).

“Gotta pee, big brother...” She gasped as a contraction ended and she let go of the death grip she had on my fingers. “You wanna...?”

The warm water was raining down on her head and shoulders as we both stood naked under the spray. I quickly slipped down to the floor and gazed at her swollen, naked pussy. There was a bit of stubble, but it was obvious that she'd shaved herself bald within the previous few days.

She eased down on the shower bench and spread her legs wide, almost obscenely so, and I leaned in with my mouth open just as wide. It had been years since I'd tasted her urine, and my cock was twitching with anticipation.

One moment, she was sitting there, hands held protectively over her swollen belly, the next, she was moaning loudly as her piss began to fly from between her puffy bald lips. I moved down and held my mouth mere inches from the source of her golden stream and caught almost every warm, salty drop before it could swirl down the drain.

“Lick me, big brother.” She hissed as her pungent urine sputtered, then finally stopped.

I moved the last inch or so and my mouth came into contact with her pussy. I sighed, my world complete once more, and began to lick her as instructed. The hot water from the shower kept me from getting the full effect of her female odors, but she still smelled wonderful, and tasted even better.

In seconds my wriggling tongue had her gasping and crying out in sheer ecstasy. Her back arched and she shuddered hard, sending a gush of girl-cum spilling onto my tastebuds.

She sighed and looked down at me with a look of pure love, with just a bit of our childhood lust mixed in. I helped her from the shower, drying myself quickly, then spending a good bit of time rubbing the warm, fluffy towel over her soft skin. At one point, just as I could find no more reason to continue toweling her already dry skin, she pulled my head to her breast and insisted that I suck on her nipple.

I took the sensitive swollen nubbin into my mouth and suckled on it gently, like a baby that had taken its fill, but wasn't ready to let go of her mother quite yet. Her fingers trailed through my hair as she sighed with quiet pleasure. A tiny bit of liquids spilled from her nipple into my mouth. It was thin and sweet, the precursor to a breast that would swell with milk for her daughter in only a few hours.

She suddenly pushed my head away and gasped in pain. I helped her back to the bed and held her hand through yet another contraction. I have no idea how the nurses and doctors can tell how far a woman is dilated, because when she grabbed my hand a few hours later and pushed my fingers into her pussy, it felt like it did when we were children, warm, wet and wonderful, but I couldn't tell what was cervix and what was just...pussy.

I have no idea why she suddenly needed my hand inside of her, she didn't say and I didn't ask; she just kept saying, “More, deeper, etc.” and I complied by curling my fingers into a fist and slowly pushing wrist deep in her baby-hole, stretching her wide open.

A contraction hit before she told me to stop and she clamped down hard. I grunted and moaned as she crushed my fist with her strong inner muscles. I didn't know what to do, so I ran my free hand across her clit while she squeezed my hand glared at me. The contraction soon passed but I continued to rub her button with my thumb in an effort to make her feel better. Her pleasure-moan wasn't much different from her pain-moan, but the look on her face was much more pleasant.

“Oh, Ben, keep doing that, it feels wonderful.”

Who am I to argue with a woman in labor? I pressed on her swollen button, making sure that I wasn't too rough on the sensitive flesh, and brought her to orgasm in moments. Her pussy squeezed my hand again; the spasms weren't as bad as the contraction's had been, but I was still forced to ease my hand out of her slippery snatch, shaking and stretching my fingers, before she did permanent damage.

She groaned in disappointment and then screamed out loud as another contraction hit. That was the end of the weird sex-stuff because the nurse came in a moment later, pushed her finger into my sister and said, “Okay, you're at ten, I'll get the doctor and we'll be having that baby quite soon.”

I wasn't surprised to hear my sister scream, “What do you mean 'we' you fucking bitch!? I'm the one pushing a Volkswagen out of my cunt, not you!”

Even when she wasn't in labor, she had a mouth like a sailor getting raped by a troll. The nurse just gave her one of those, 'I've been called everything, you're nothing new' smiles and went to gather the troupes for the show.

The birth itself was as gross as I'd heard it could be, with poop and blood and other fluids that I couldn't identify, but things progressed naturally, and soon enough my niece slid out of her mother's vagina and howled her opinion of the situation to the world at large.

It seemed like only moments passed between the nurses' statement and little Jaiden being pronounced healthy as she was placed into her mother's arms, but the clock showed that it was actually several hours later. She was incredibly tiny, but absolutely perfect otherwise, in spite of her insistence on joining us long before her scheduled reservation.

It wasn't possible, but her eyes seemed to track across the room and settle on me for a moment before she was turned to her mother's breast for the first meal of her brand new life. My brother-in-law quietly burst into the room and rushed over to his wife; things became a blur of soft tears and apologies.

I slipped from the room and left them to get to know the tiny bundle who would one day insist that I jam my cock deep into her pussy or she would kick me in the balls.

Chapter Two

Charlie and I weren't twins, but we were close enough in age that we might as well have been; I was barely ten months older than she was, and I never let her forget it when we were growing up.

At the time of little Jaiden's birth I hadn't seen my sister naked in more than a decade. Our parents were fairly open with their sexual activities and we had spent many an afternoon copying their loud, wet fun. They never really encouraged or discouraged our play-fucking, it was almost like they didn't notice it.

We knew that there was some kind of liquid that spurted out of my dad's cock when they had sex, but we didn't really know what it was. Eventually I began to piss in her mouth when she sucked on my cock and she did the same to me when I licked at her tiny bald crack. It just seemed to make sense to your young minds to do it that way. Again, neither of our parents really took notice of what we were doing, so they didn't correct our misinformation.

I remember a time when we were both waaay too young to be doing the things we were doing and my mom wandered into the living room only to see her daughter laying on the couch, sucking on my hard little penis; her only response was to shift my sister's legs so she could sit down and watch television.

There were many days when I had my tongue stuck deep into Charlie's asshole as she lay face down on the kitchen table with her legs dangling off the edge; the only thing that annoyed my dad about it was when she jostled his orange juice while he was reading the paper.

We accidentally gave each other our virginities one day, shortly before Charlie decided that she wanted to stop playing our sex-games. She absolutely loved it when I bent her over and licked her pussy and asshole; it was a fun game to play and I loved playing it with her. But as puberty attacked both of us, our hormones began to drive us to heights that we weren't really ready for.

I stumbled into the kitchen one morning and saw her in her usual place on top of the table, smiling over her shoulder with her ass pointed right at me; her legs no longer dangled, but otherwise the view was the same as it had been most mornings for close to a decade. I smiled because seeing her there told me that her period had ended and she wanted some tongue inside her.

My hands slid up her legs and lifted her skirt up, giving me a sweet view of her puffy slit and round asscheeks; he wasn't wearing any panties, naturally, and I dove right in, nuzzling her lips apart and slurping at her tangy juices. Her ass tilted up and I went for her clit with everything I had; her moans soon echoed across the house and she was shuddering in orgasmic pleasure. I gulped her sweet juices over and over as she shook through several loud climaxes.

I was almost always naked at home, and that morning was no different. I sucked on her pussy until she went into a low-earth orbit, then stood up and snuggled against her back.

She turned her head and kissed me on the cheek, “You are so good at that, Ben, its like you have fingers on your tongue.”

She eased my cock between her thighs, sliding the shaft along her wet slit like a hotdog in a bun, and I moaned in her ear as her body heat warmed my shaft. Her fingers rubbed around my drooling head gently. Most of the time when she did this, I just held still until the tickling sensation caused my cum to squirt into her hand; sometimes she would lick her fingers clean, other times she'd wipe it off.

This time when she ran her fingernails around the crown of my head, I instinctively began a slow thrusting motion that ran the length of my meat along her wet lips; it felt so much better than her fingers and I was soon stabbing all four inches back and forth. She kept losing my cockhead as it turtled between her thighs, so she eventually gave up and started playing with her clit.

The more that she fingered herself, the wetter she got. I'm not sure how long I had been sliding back and forth, getting wetter and wetter as she pushed herself towards another orgasm, before I pulled back just a bit too far and my cock slid balls deep into her pussy.

I stopped for a second, lost in the sudden sensation of a tight pussy closing around my virgin shaft. After a moment, she moaned loudly and pushed back with her hips, taking the rest of my hard cock into her warm hole.

I began to stab slowly and carefully, like it was the most natural thing in the world for a brother and sister to give up their cherries to each other on the kitchen table where they ate breakfast.

It wasn't the first time that I'd had my cock inside of her, I'd accidentally pushed through her hymen with my tiny pencil-dick many years before, causing a scream of pain and a tiny gush of blood that cooled our playtime for a few days, but it was the first time I had been in there since we'd both fallen into the ravages of puberty.

Without that pesky bit of skin guarding her treasures, there was no pain for either of us when her slick warmth enclosed my entire length. She gasped and slammed her hips back at me, grinding herself into my hips in an effort to get all of me inside her body. I actually had to push on her hips in order to draw back for another thrust; once I was out it took less than a second for me to start jack-hammering into her like a spider-monkey hopped up on Mountain Dew.

I didn't know it at the time, but her prolonged screams of pleasure brought our parents into the kitchen where they stood, arm-in-arm and watched their children fuck each other silly.

It took only a few moments for me to unload my semen into her tight pussy for the first time. I grunted like a feeding hippo and squirted a dozen ropes of warm thick jizz into my sister, causing her to clamp down on my cock and scream like a banshee as her own orgasm joined with mine. My vision grayed out for a moment and I woke to applause and whistles as my parents gave their approval to our activities.

When my limp cock slipped from Charlie's pussy my mother grabbed a warm, wet rag and dabbed at the semen that was flowing out of her hole. When the oozing stream was wiped clean, she went after my slimy cock; in seconds, she had me shiny and clean.

Apparently cleaning her children's sex mess after seeing them fuck like bunnies turned my mother on because she tossed the rag into the sink and leaned onto the table next to her newly-deflowered daughter. My dad flipped up his wife's skirt and slid his cock into her pussy. Mom grabbed Charlie's hand and gave a quiet moan that turned into a happy screech as dad stuck his thumb into her asshole. He alternated stabbing into her holes for a long time. She groaned and hummed and prayed for salvation until he brought her to a raging climax, then he unloaded a potent dose of semen into her clasping pussy.

Nine months later, my baby sister, Clara, was born.


That was the only time that Charlie and I made love start to finish. She continued to suck on my cock for a few months, and we showered together for years after that day, still enjoying the taste of warm fresh urine, but eventually even that innocent fun tapered off.

The love and closeness that we shared was as strong as ever, but she decided that she didn't want to have sex with me anymore. I missed it, but truth be told, the intensity of that day was a bit much for me, so I didn't get too pissy about the change in our relationship.

The years passed and we all grew older. Baby Clara became toddler Clara then became young-lady Clara. Charlie and I graduated from high school and went off to college. Four years later we were both spit out the other end with diplomas and spouses; James for her and Alicia for me.

I don't want to talk about Alicia too much; the cancer was quick but brutal and I still miss her kind presence in my life.

Charlie's first baby was a son, healthy and huge, and it was several years later that she called me to say that, even though she was seven months pregnant, she was going to be in town for a business conference...

Chapter Three

“James left me.”

Charlie's sad face looked out at me from my laptop's monitor. I blinked and opened my mouth. No words came out and I shut it again. Most people would have said that she was taking her husband's departure well, but I knew her better than anybody and the subtle twitch in her left eye told me that she was about to lose her shit.

“I'll be there by tomorrow, maybe tonight if its possible.” I responded.

She nodded and her face disappeared from my screen. Alicia's life insurance policy had been quite generous, with a cancer rider that doubled the payout, so I hadn't worked since shortly before she died. I called the post office to have them hold my mail and heading to the airport to hop a hastily booked red-eye.


I arrived at my sister's house early the next morning and the door was answered by my niece, Jaiden. I hadn't seen her in several years but it was like I'd said goodbye to her yesterday. She was wearing a cute pink dress with a frilly short skirt that showed off her long coltish legs. I kicked my overnight bag aside and she jumped into my arms, hugging me tight.

She was about the same age as her mother had been when our sexual play had really started ramping up and the sight of her, so much like Charlie, yet so different at the same time, brought a hiccup to my breath and a skip in my heartbeat.

I held onto her, with her feet dangling above the floor and my face buried in her long brown hair. She wrapped her legs around my waist; my hands found her small bottom and held her slight weight as she hugged me tight. I was surprised and delighted to feel soft naked skin as her round cheeks settled into my hands.

Her face had shown me how happy she was to see me, but within seconds of my arrival, she was sobbing against my chest, her heart obviously broken by her father's absence.

She weighed almost nothing so it was no strain to hold onto her, stroking her back with one hand while the other held her bottom, and wait for the pain to ease. Time passed and my back started to hurt a bit, so I shuffled over and settled onto the couch with her firmly planted on my lap. More time passed and the hurt inside my tiny lady's heart slowly became manageable once more.

She eventually sat back and sniffed up a runner or two, her eyes downcast. Her long, dark hair was hiding most of her face; I brushed it out of the way, tucking it behind her ears. She hated that her ears stuck out a bit, but I thought they were adorable. Her eyes were puffy and red as I caught and held them with mine.

Her mouth turned up in an embarrassed half-smile and she said, “I'm sorry, Uncle, I don't know what came over me.”

I ran my thumb across her tear-stained cheek and said, “Sweetie, you never have to apologize to me for showing your true feelings. I'm honored that you trust me enough to let your shields down. Thank you for that.”

She hiccuped and more tears leaked out of her eyes. She lifted her t-shirt and wiped at her face with it, exposing the bottoms of her tiny cone-shaped breasts, with just a hint of pink nipple peeking out. When she felt that things were good enough with her face, she let it drop back down and leaned forwards to give me a kiss hello. I hugged her to my chest again and she snuggled up under my chin. It felt good to hold her in my arms like I had when she was just a little toddler.

I hoped that she would fall asleep on me, as she had so many times before, but that was not to be because as she snuggled into me, she also began to rub herself against my groin.

With her knees on either side of my hips, her legs were spread wide and, as I tilted my head to the side a bit, I confirmed what my hands had told me a moment before; she wasn't wearing any panties under her skirt.

Her pussy hair was really starting to come in now, a soft-looking mat of light brown fir that I wanted to pet like a kitten. She'd always had a large clit, even as an infant it would be clearly visible at the top of her hairless slit, now it was like a tiny cock just showing among her newly grown pubes. Her lower lips squinched open and closed as she hunched against the bulge in my pants; each time they parted, I could see her cherry peeking out at me.

It had been a few years since my wife died, leaving me with the previously mentioned insurance money, and absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my depression-filled life, and in those years I had been completely celibate.

As I watched my little niece trying to bring herself to orgasm, my neglected member suddenly re-joined the mating game. She leaned sideways and I lost sight of her cute little pussy; she groaned as her clit made real contact with my zipper.

I ran my hands up under her skirt and squeezed her tiny round asscheeks, pulling her pussy tight against my cock. She yelped and giggled, then groaned again as I began to hunch against her. I wasn't trying to get myself off, but the feeling of her young pussy grinding into me felt too good for me to last long.

Fortunately, she seemed to be as horny as I was and she came with a shudder and a moan, soaking my slacks with her juices and causing an explosion of semen to pulse into my underwear. I jerked hard, slamming against her pussy each time a new blast escaped. She yelped again and again, moaning and shaking, until she flopped against my chest a final time and slipped into the deep sleep that I'd hoped for earlier.


She was still out a half-hour later when Charlie walked into the front room. I'd heard a door close somewhere in the house, most likely from the garage in the back, so I wasn't surprised to see her. She smiled as the innocent-looking scene but sniffed the air like a puppy looking for a snack.

As she settled next to us on the couch she said, “I'd know that smell anywhere, big brother. She really needed a good cum, thank you. She was suppose to go to school today, but she hasn't slept in two days so I let her stay home to wait for you.”

She leaned over as she talked and gave me a kiss hello.

“I'm surprised that JJ isn't doing his brotherly duty.” I replied, referring to my nephew, James Junior.

To my surprise, her face crumpled and she told me the story. It seems that JJ was gay; he'd come out of the closet a few months ago. His father did his best to come to terms with it, but three days before, he suddenly decided that he had to “get away for a while” so that he could “figure things out.”

Needless to say, I was shocked as shit by my brother-in-law's reaction. He seemed to be one of the most tolerant people that I'd ever met. He knew about our little family...oddities...and he had accepted things without a blink. He and Charlie were as open about their sex lives around their children as our parents had been with us; he didn't even seem to mind that Jaiden would play sex games with me when I was visiting, in fact, it seemed to turn him on.

One time a few years back, shortly before my wife was diagnosed, little Jaiden had crawled onto the couch next to me, unbuttoned my pants and started licking my cock like a lolly-pop.

Charlie and JJ and Alicia had continued to watch the movie but James had watched his daughter slobber on me until I grunted and fed her a good dose of semen that filled her little tummy, covered her lips and dripped down her chest onto her sky-blue nightshirt. She looked so cute that I couldn't help but kiss her on the forehead as she smiled dreamily at nothing.

An hour later, after the movie was over, I'd heard Charlie screaming for salvation in their bedroom as James stabbed her in her asshole over and over again. She told me that she squirted girl-cum for the first time in a looooong time that night.

If he could accept all that, why would having a gay son make him go off the deep end? Hopefully he would figure things out and come home soon, before Charlie got good and mad and refused to take him back.

I was tired from my trip so, when Charlie went to put away some groceries, I carried my limp niece into her bedroom, tugged her pink dress off of her body and slid her into bed; she burrowed under the covers as I stripped down to my skin, wiped up my cum with my underwear and climbed in next to her. She pushed at me, working me over to the far side of the mattress and then slid deeper into her sleep; I followed her soon after.

Chapter Four

You'd think the weight of my niece settling into a sixty-nine on my chest would be the thing that woke me several hours later, but it was the actually smell of her excited pussy pressing against my nose that actually brought me around.

My eyes peeked open and saw her pouty little lips wiggling inches from my face; she was nibbling on my limp meat and when it shot to attention she jumped in surprise.

After looking over her shoulder at my smiling face, she wiggled back and pressed herself against my lips. Messing with my little niece was one of my favorite things so I refused to stick out my tongue until she said the magic words. She knew what I wanted, but was as stubborn as I was so she kept her mouth shut.

Eventually she sighed and reached back, spreading her pussy lips wide open and saying, “Lick it, Uncle.” I loved looking at her hymen; it was shiny with her juices and a delicate shade of pink. As I touched it with the tip of my tongue, my mind flashed back to the first time I'd tasted it a few years previously.


Like her mother and I, she was too young to be as sexually precocious as she was, but, also like us, she wouldn't be denied in her quest for pleasure, and one night when my wife and I were staying in town, she skipped into the guest room, stripped off her nightgown and crawled into bed with us.

She sat cross-legged on my chest, precariously balanced but determined to get her way, and asked, “Auntie Alicia, mommy says that its up to you if Uncle puts his tongue in my pussy. It looks like fun when he does it to you, and I want him to do it to me. Can he?”

There were no secrets between my wife and I so she wasn't surprised by the question; after thinking about it for a moment, she gave her permission with a nod and a smile. Jai clapped her hands and scooted forwards. I let her figure things out for herself and, after a few false starts, she settled for standing over my face and squatting down.

I licked her tightly-close slit for a while, enjoying the sight of her fat bald lips as they parted for the first time; she had a salty/sweaty/slightly pissy taste that I loved instantly. My tongue encountered her hymen, and I was careful not to push through it.

Her asshole had a slightly bitter taste that disappeared quickly enough. Her clit stayed mostly hidden, even as large as it was, and she didn't actually cum, she didn't even get that wet, but a few strong shudders ran through her before her legs got tired and she said, “Okay, that's enough.” and settled between us to watch television, completely ignoring my boner as it waved helplessly in the air.

After awhile, Alicia took pity on me and climbed up to settle her amazingly tight pussy onto my rock-hard cock; she rode me to a mutual orgasm, that left us both panting and twitching.

Jai leaned close to our attached groins and asked, “Wow, can he do that to me?”

Alicia shook her head and said, “I'm sorry sweetie, you have a few years before his big cock won't make your pussy stretch too wide. It might hurt you if you tried it now. Here, let me show you.”

She reached between Jai's legs and carefully pushed the tip of her finger between her swollen lips.

The tiniest bit of pressure caused Jai to jump and say “Ouch...! Okay, I guess I'll have to wait for that. Can I lick your pussy?”

My wife nodded and spread her legs wide. My cock had shrunk after I filled her with cum, but now it was rising rapidly inside her pussy as Jai pushed her face into our crotches. She did her best to get at Alicia's pussy, but was frustrate by the lack of space. Eventually she made her aunt lift up enough for my cock to pop out and smack her in the nose. Annoyed but determined, she pushed my cock sideways and held it out of the way while she pushed Alicia backwards. She giggled as her tiny niece dove between her legs and went at it like a hungry kitten.

She pulled back after a bit and said, “It tastes all salty. Is that Uncle's cum?”

Alicia nodded and Jai went back to work. She was more interested in slurping up the semen that was leaking out of her aunt's pussy than she was in giving pleasure, so my wife mostly sat there and let her go at it, giving a few pointers to her niece as she worked.

Jai had been holding my cock in her hand, mostly ignoring it as she ate Alicia's pussy. Watching my niece eat my wife's slit caused it to start throbbing in her little fist. She began to run her fingers up and down, instinctively jacking me off; she eventually got bored with her pussy eating and switched over to me. She ran her tongue all over the shaft, gathering up the cum and pussy juice that had started to dry on my skin, before slipping her mouth over the throbbing head and nomming on it for a while.

Her teeth scraped a few times before she put her lips over them; she was mostly copying what she'd seen around the house and didn't really have any technique. Alicia leaned in and started to whisper a few instructions on how to pleasure a cock and she was soon jacking on my shaft as she dug the tip of her tongue into my piss slit.

My wife put her hand over my niece's smaller one and helped her to get a good rhythm going that had me grunting and hunching upwards, seeking even more of the amazing pleasure.

Her mouth got sore before she could bring me off so she let her aunt take over while she rested. My wife was an amazing cock-sucker and had me ready to blow in minutes. She felt me stiffening up and pulled her mouth off my cock, aiming it at our little visitor.

Jaiden had seen her mother swallow cum many times before so she leaned forward and took the head back into her mouth just as the first squirt landed on her tongue. I'd just cum a half-hour before, so my load wasn't too huge for her to handle. She gulped the first spurt, but held the next three in her mouth for a bit before swallowing them down too. Alicia milked my shaft to give Jai the last few drops.

“Wow,” she said excitedly, as she wiped a stray drop from her lips, “that was neat. Daddy won't let me do that to him and JJ only let's me do it sometimes.”

Alicia stroked her niece's soft black hair and said, “You can suck on him any time he let's you, okay? Just don't make him cum more than once a day; he needs to get it up for me also.”

“Okay, Auntie 'Licia,” she answered with a huge grin, “I love you, good night.”

And with that, she was out the door. We exchanged amused glances and went back to watching television.


I shrugged off the happy memory and continued to lick at Jaiden's cherry. She'd really grown since that day; this time her pussy was a swamp of girl-juices that ran down my chin as she hunched into my mouth. I slurped hard to get all of her sweet tasty liquid into my mouth; it was a losing battle, but one I was happy to fight. Her clit was large and stood out proud; I took it into my mouth and sucked hard, just the way she liked. Since she was deep into puberty now, she was a firecracker that could go off at a moment's notice; it only took a few minutes for her to clench up tight and shudder through a series of bone-rattling orgasms that left her limp and twitching.

She lay there, gasping for air, as a tiny spurt of pee squirted onto my tongue. My lips instantly sealed over her small hole as I sucked hard, bringing more of her lingering juices into my mouth. She moaned loudly and I felt her entire body relax. A moment later I was given the gift of urine spilling into my mouth, fresh teen piss, straight from the pussy.

I gulped, long and hard, reveling in the tangy salty flavor of my niece's warm golden fluids. She screamed as my tongue swiped at her twitching clit until her piss cut off and a gush of girl-cum spilled into my mouth. Her pussy clamped down in a spasm that left her quaking on top of me.

When her piss and cum were both deposited in my happy stomach, she rolled off my chest and lay gulping air for a while. When she was recovered from her fun she slowly leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

“Mom is right, that tongue has got to have fingers on it somewhere, it's the only thing that explains how you can do that.”

I smiled at the complement and ran my hand across her hip in a loving caress; her skin was so soft that I never tired of touching her. She sat up and yawned with a massive stretch that drew my eyes to her breasts. She had grown a pair of incredibly cute little cones, with even cuter pink nipples sticking out from the tips, since I'd seen her last and I couldn't resist running my hand across her chest, pausing to circle those nipples a few times as she purred.

She leaned over, kissed me on the cheek again and asked, “What do you want to do today?”

I blinked at the question and answered, “I have no idea.”


“Sure, why not?”

We went looking for Charlie and found a note that said she had been called in to work and wouldn't be back until the evening so it was just the two of us who headed out to the cineplex for a Monday afternoon matinée. I have no idea what movie she picked, the only thing I remember is that the theater was entirely empty except for us; it was kind of spooky. The theater was tiny and we settled into the top row of seats, just under the projection booth and watched the previews for a while.

As I mentioned before, I can't help running my hand across any available skin when she's near me and her pink ruffled skirt left me with plenty of soft skin on her thigh. I didn't realize what my tickling fingers were doing to her until she leaned against my shoulder and moaned quietly in my ear.

The sound of her pleasure caused me to look around and confirm that we were still alone before sliding my fingers further up her skirt. The small town where my sister's family lived was considered 'safe' so there was no reason to believe that the theater had security cameras anywhere.

Jai opened her legs and gave me room to run my fingers across her cotton panties. She moaned again and hunched against my hand. I slid under the elastic leg band and ran my fingers along her moistening slit for a little while before moving up pinching her clit lightly. She grunted and shuddered as she held tightly to my arm. She squeaked and groaned as a small orgasm ran through her frame.

“Oh, God, Uncle, I love that so much.” she whispered in my ear, “I want to suck on your cock. I want you to push it in my throat and cum in my belly. Please, let me do it? There's no one else in here with us.”

Ever since the night when my wife showed her that sex could hurt, she'd been careful about asking for anything that she wasn't ready for; if she thought she could handle my cock in her throat, she most likely could.

I unbuckled my pants and pushed them down my thighs, expecting her to lean over and start sucking. Instead, she pulled me to my feet and said, “It goes down easier if I'm sitting up.” I didn't ask how she knew that, I just slid my cockhead between her lips and let her have fun.

She took a deep breath and held it as I pushed the head of my cock between her welcoming lips. After gently easing in and out for a moment, I eased in further until I was resting against the back of her mouth; I thought that it was very brave for her to let me do this.

The tip lodged in the tight opening at the top of her throat and she swallowed to keep from throwing up. I pushed harder and the first two inches of my shaft popped in and slid down her tight esophagus. She gagged, her stomach heaving, but she held onto my asscheeks and refused to let me pull back.

The thought of fucking my niece's face in a darkened movie theater had me ready to fire my load into her tummy in seconds. I continued to feed her every inch that would fit down her throat, and she licked at my shaft as I grunted and pumped into her mouth.

Her middle finger reached between my legs and tickled my asshole for a second before sliding two knuckled deep. That was all it took and I hunched hard, feeding her six long spurts of cum that shot directly into her belly.

She'd been playing with her pussy as I fucked her face and the protein drink that she was eagerly gulping down sent her over her own cliff and into a quiet, shuddering orgasm that caused her to bite down on my shaft. I bit my lip, hoping that she didn't do any real damage to my little friend.

When she came back to earth, she let my cock slip out of her mouth and I sat back down quickly. She flopped against my shoulder and sucked air into her lungs for a while. We watched the movie until it ended then went out for a bite to eat.

When we got home, James and Charlie were sitting at the kitchen table talking intently. They barely noticed us as we slipped past them and into the living room. I hoped that this was a good sign, because Jaiden was fairly bursting with excitement at the possibility that her daddy might come home.

Chapter Five

He did, in fact, come home. Over the next week it came out that he didn't have a problem with his son being gay, his issue was with his own feelings about men. It turns out that, while he very much preferred women, he had always had sexual feelings that were triggered by the male body.

When his son came out, his long suppressed desires had gone sideways and he had lost it for a while, until Charlie hunted him down and made him tell her what the fuck was going on. She'd left that note about work because she didn't want anyone's hopes to be raised if things didn't work out.

Now that he was back, I didn't really have a reason to stick around, but Charlie and Jaiden wouldn't let me go. They insisted that I stay with them for a while and I could never tell them no. Over the nest few weeks, it became clear that they had been worried about me ever since Alicia died. They knew that I was miserable and, now that things were all good with James and JJ, they had decided that I was their new project.

Confronting my long buried feelings was scary as fuck, but they knew how to bring me out of my shell, and, after several more weeks of intense nights that left me limp and exhausted (from crying, not sex), I agreed to move up the coast to be with them. Charlie didn't exactly trust me when it came to my own feelings, so she insisted that Jaiden go with me when I went back to get my things. When spring break came, we flew back to my state to work on the move.


The packing was going well since I didn't really own anything. I'd donated most of my furniture and all of Alicia's stuff to a nearby church after she died; the only thing that I kept was our bed, a king-sized monster with a thick mattress that you could almost sink into, and a few special nick-nacks that even my depressed heart couldn't bear to part with. The first day was spent putting my meager belongings into various boxes, it wasn't too time consuming and we went out to dinner at a nice restaurant after we were done.

“Pee in my mouth, Uncle.”

We were back in my house, taking a shower before going to bed. Jaiden was shiny with water, looking like a sprite dancing under the moonlight. After washing her hair and running my hands over her small body for many long minutes, I'd settled in and began to suck on her tiny cones until she shuddered and pushed my hand up between her legs.

I flicked her clitty and continued to suckle on her pink nipples until she screamed and grabbed my shoulders. My hand felt the gush of her inner fluids spilling into my palm and I smiled. I loved to make her feel good.

When her eyes opened and she smiled at me, I leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. She moaned and her tongue slipped between my lips, hunting until it found mine and began to dance in a gentle circle.

After a wonderful eternity of kissing and licking, she pulled back and knelt down in front of me. I watched, fascinated, as she began to slowly lick my shaft from top to bottom. Her fist circled my meat as her thumb caressed that most sensitive of spots just under the piss slit, gathering the pre-cum that spilled out and rubbing softly until my liquids were spilling over her hand.

Her mouth slid down until her lips were sliding over my wrinkled nutsack. I eased my legs apart, giving her room to lick and suck on each testicle. I moaned and shuddered, my cock throbbing in her hand. She smiled up at me as her tongue slipped even further down and tickled the area under my nutsack where it joined with my thighs. I smiled at the sight of my nutsack resting on her perky nose while she licked my taint.
She moved me around, holding onto my cock the entire time, until my ass cheeks were pressed up against her face. I bent over, holding onto the shower wall, as her tongue probed between my cheeks and found my asshole. She used two fingers to spread me open and give her room to lick and suck.

I almost came as her tongue speared deep into my anus, especially since her hand was still slowly jacking my meat. My moans filled the shower stall until she moved back and turned me around again, using my cock as a handle.

“Piss in my mouth, Uncle.”

I gulped and nodded as she opened her mouth and aimed my hard cock between her lips. We'd played pee games almost all of her life, but I'd never actually peed in her mouth before. I'd swallowed her urine a thousand times, and I'd showered her in fresh piss, covering her from head to foot, almost that many times, but she'd always shied away from actually drinking my golden fluids.

It was difficult to pee with my cock bent as such an angle, so I had her sit up, still on her knees, but not quite as far down. Her tongue slipped out of her warm mouth and lapped at my cockhead, gathering the drooling pre-cum that was leaking out.

I slowly relaxed until I could feel my piss begin to boil and roll. A moment later a fountain of warm salty piss erupted from the tip and flew into her young mouth. The spray hit the roof and fell onto her tongue. She gulped quickly and slid her lips over the end of my cock, taking just the top into her mouth as she sucked and swallowed.

I groaned out loud, the sight of her throat working to take my urine into her stomach making me twitch and shudder. I peed and peed and peed, sending a river of fresh urine spilling into her belly. She sucked hard and fast for several minutes until there was no more golden fluids to be gulped.

Her head began to bob up and down as the last of my piss flowed over her tongue, and in moments, I was gasping and twitching harder than ever. Her tongue swirled around and around until my cum raced up my urethra and spilled into her mouth. She took a full dozen hard spurts of thick cream and held them until I was finished spasming. My cock slipped from between her lips and she smiled up at me, her mouth full to the brim with her Uncle's thick semen.

I shuddered with pleasure as she closed her mouth and swallowed my cum in two large gulps, and slipped down to my knees in front of her. She fit in my arms so easily as I hugged her to my chest. I never wanted to let her go.

We spent another half hour or so lingering in the warm spray of my shower before settling into the bed to watch some television. A small part of me was standing next to the bed, watching my niece and I snuggling next to each other, with an accusing look on its face, but I knew that Alicia would not have a problem with Jaiden sharing our bed and the judgmental apparition eventually faded away.

My mind was wandering not really paying attention to anything when Jai turned and kissed me on the mouth. Even with all the sex games that we'd shared, we never really got into hard-core kissing, it just seemed too intimate for me, and she never seemed interested in that sort of thing.

But things seemed to have changed between us in the shower and this was not an uncle/niece kiss, this was a kiss that curled my toes and cranked my cock to full hardness in ten seconds. The sheer passion that she delivered from her mouth to mine almost had me shoot a load of cum right there.

She continued to kiss me hard for a good long while, then, without saying a word, she shifted her leg over my hip and aimed my cock at her pussy. Before I could object, she spread her lips with her fingers, tucked my cockhead between them and pressed down until my cockhead ripped through her hymen.

She froze as tears squirted from her eyes and ran down her cheeks. Not a sound came from her as she bit her lip and forced her pussy to slide further down on my shaft. The blood from her ravaged cherry ran down my cock and pooled in my pubic hair. As she rose and fell, her virgin liquids began to lubricate things, letting me slide all the way into her tiny body.

I was in shock from her unexpected actions and just sat there as she began to ride up and down my shaft. She was so tight that my cock went numb; her inner muscles spasmed in pain and squeezed the blood from my dick. She continued to rise and fall until I placed my hands on her shoulders and held her still.

She looked into my eyes, soundlessly pleading with me to let her continue. With a sigh of resignation, I let my hands slide down to her breasts, covering her puffy pink nipples and squeezing the soft flesh between my fingers.

There was nothing that I could do about the agony shooting through her pussy, but I could do my best to bring pleasure in spite of it. I pulled her breasts to my lips and suckled on them like a slightly hungry baby looking for some milk.

She paused and moaned as her chin settled onto the top of my head. I moved from one breast to the other, sucking and squeezing, leaving a trail of tiny hickeys in my wake. She wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me tight against her chest.

I reached down with one hand and gripped her round asscheek, pulling her to me as my other hand found her pussy and pinched her hard clit. The sucking mouth and pinching fingers soon had her wriggling on my shaft, bringing vast amounts of juices out to mix with her virgin blood and making her inhumanly tight pussy finally ease up on my trapped cock.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I was finally able to start a decent sliding motion up into her bleeding hole. She was still in a great deal of pain from the open wound of her torn hymen, but, like always, she didn't let anything stop her when she wanted something.

I moved my hand so that two of my fingers were sliding along either side of her swollen clit, bringing continuous friction into play and causing her to spasm around my stabbing cock. Her groans of pain and pleasure filled my large bedroom as I sped up my thrusting; soon, every inch of me was stabbing into her as hard as humanly possible.

I let go of her clit and grabbed both of her asscheeks, pulling her down hard on my cock over and over again. Her clit scraped across my rough pubic hair and sent her over the edge into a spasming, squirting orgasm that ripped a scream of pleasure from her throat.

The sound of her happy scream sent me over the edge and I erupted deep inside her pussy, filling her to overflowing with gobs of hot, sticky cum. Rope after rope splattered against her womb before being forced back out by my stabbing cock. A pink foam of blood and cum and girl-cum formed around our pubic mats and dripped onto the sheets below us.

My vision went gray, much as it had when I took her mother's virginity all those years ago, but, unlike back then, I was more than ready this time. I knew that I would be fucking my niece ten times a day if she wanted me too. I must have blacked out for a moment, because when I came to, we were laying face to face on the bed, she was out cold and my cock was still stuck up her pussy, still hard as a rail-road spike.

I pulled her close, hugging her limp form tight against me; she snuggled her face into my chest hair and mumbled something that I didn't catch. She rooted around for a second before she latched onto my nipple and bit down hard. I moaned as she sucked on it and worried it with her teeth. My cock throbbed inside her pussy and I began a slow thrusting that caused her to gasp in pain.

She held onto my nipple as I rolled her over onto her back and began to fuck her hard and fast. Her legs opened wide and her toes pointed towards the ceiling; she was the tightest thing I'd ever had my cock inside of and the friction was making me wild with animal passion. I hunched into her over and over again, slamming against the back of her pussy several times, before feeding her a second dose of potent semen directly into her womb.


I don't know how long I fucked my niece that night, I only know that I came inside of her pussy at least three times before she pushed me away, gasping for air. The light of the afternoon sun showed us the damage we'd done to each other; my nipple was bloody, with deep teeth marks surrounding it, and her pussy was swollen and bruised. Her breasts had bite marks and hickeys all over them.

We slowly made our way into the bathroom and she settled onto the toilet to pee. She screamed as the hot urine encountered the edges of her torn hymen; I touched her shoulder, concerned by her agony, but she waved me off, saying that she'd be all right.

I couldn't wait for her to finish so I turned and pissed into the shower stall; I'm sure it didn't hurt as bad as her pussy did, but a stream of hot piss shooting through a cock that hadn't seen this much sex in almost three years was not pleasant.

Eventually the last of the burning urine flowed down the drain and I turned on the water. We both limped into the stall and let the hot water slowly revive us once more. I washed the residue of our wild sex from my body before turning to her and carefully wiping her down with a soapy washcloth.

It took nearly an hour before we were almost human again; when things were near normal, I grabbed several towels and we limped back to the bed. When we were dry, I spread a few towels on the blood stained mattress and we both climbed back in and drifted off to sleep once more.


It was late in the afternoon when we woke up again. We ordered in Chinese food and, when it arrived, we ate the fuck out of it until we were both swollen and groaning. As abrupt and painful as her actions had been, I didn't question her about her decision to give me her virginity the way she did.

I wished that I could have made it easier for her, but if she hadn't wanted things this way, she would have done it differently. When the food was gone, we pissed and shit and washed in the shower again before dropping into the bed and passing out once more. It took two more days before we were back to full strength again; two days of ordering food, eating it, using the shitter and passing out.

We woke up on the the third morning, laying face-to-face and our eyes locked, she leaned into me and planted a passionate kiss on my lips. I probed her mouth with my tongue and she pulled back for a second; I waited and she dove back onto me, stabbing her tongue into my mouth and licking every inch of me that she could find. We went back and forth until she pulled away again with a gasp and a shudder. It wasn't a huge one, but she'd actually cum just from a kiss.

I slid my finger down, pushing between her lips and rubbing across her swollen clit. She moaned then abruptly hissed as my finger pushed into her hole. She grabbed my wrist and said, “Wait, I'm still sore.”

I pulled back and concentrated on her clit, pinching it between my fingers and stroking it until she hunched against me. When she was good and hot, she grabbed my cock and aimed it at her pussy. The head slid inside her hot wetness and she gasped again. I rolled her onto her back and slid all the way inside of her; she screamed in pain, but spread her legs wide and urged me to fuck her hard. I hooked her legs over my elbows, lifting her ass from the bed, and fed her every inch of my cock over and over as she slid into a state of constant orgasm.

Her pussy clutched at my cock and it took everything that I had not to erupt immediately. I concentrated on giving her pleasure and she took it all. After several minutes of hard thrusting, her eyes rolled back in her head and she quietly passed out. I continued to slam into her hard and fast until my own orgasm overtook me and my entire body stiffened as a dozen hot streams of cum blasted out and pained her pussy from end to end.

I locked my arms to keep from crushing her and let my shrinking cock marinate in her cum-soaked pussy until her eyes fluttered open and she gasped at the agony that was radiating from her pussy. My limp cock slipped from her slime-filled pussy and tears ran down her cheeks.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me and whispered, “Oh, Uncle, I love you so much.”

I kissed her lightly on the lips and whispered back, “I love you too, baby. How 'bout we wait a for a week or so until we do this again?”

She nodded and said, “I don't know why I love the pain so much, it just feels so amazing when you're stabbing my cunt with your wonderful cock, but if we don't wait, we might do some actual damage down there. Maybe you could fuck me in the butt; mom really loves it when dad does that. She really squirts a bunch when he's feeding her back door; it's amazing to watch.”

“Jai, I know its a little late to bring this up, but...”

“I'm on birth control, Uncle,” she interrupted, “mom took me to get some the day after you showed up six weeks ago and I told her that I wanted to fuck you. Plus, I just finished my period a few days ago, so even if I wasn't, we'd still be okay.”

I didn't exactly sigh with relief, but it was good to know that she was more mature than I was about this subject. The insurance money from my wife's death had left me extremely well off so I'm sure that I would be able to find a doctor who could keep his or her mouth shut, probably in one of those small towns that was populated by an edge-of-sanity religious cult. It might be an issue for the future, but for now, we were good to go.


The next day everything, including the bed, was packed into the moving van and we waved goodbye to all my shit; it would show up at Charlie's house in about three days. We had a high-end air mattress to sleep on that night since I had to be there for the real-estate broker the next morning. I wasn't ready to sell the house, it might be years before I was, but finding a decent renter shouldn't be too hard.

We ate pizza and watched movies on my laptop until she got bored and leaned over to suck my limp meat deep into her mouth. She tugged on the floppy thing with her lips and it quickly rose to attention. The air mattress wasn't as sturdy as my bed so I was careful as I lay down and moved her on top of me. She continued to nuzzle my cock, licking and slurping on it as I pushed my face between her lips and stabbed my tongue deep into her pussy. She still had a slightly coppery taste, but it was soon overwhelmed by the sweat-as-berries flavor that I loved so much.

I gave her a solid orgasm that left her limp while I gathered her pussy juice and pushed it into her asshole. She moaned as I eased one, then two, then three fingers into her sphincter. I pushed and stretched and she was soon jamming herself back against my invading digits. As I worked to loosen her up, I slid off the mattress and positioned her on her knees next to it. I had a flash of seeing her mother laying face down on the kitchen table with her pussy spread wide and my cock throbbed hard.

Jai was impatient to get fucked and I shook the memory away; I spread her asshole wide with my thumbs and aimed my cock at her back door. She grunted as the head spread her open for the first time and I pushed past her tight ring. I was soon leaking huge amounts of pre-cum into her anus, making her slippery for the fucking that she was about to endure.

“Ooooh, God dammit that hurts.” she moaned, “It's like you're stabbing a hot poker into my asshole.”

I waited for her to tell me to stop, but she pushed back instead and I jammed forward; our hips met with a wet smack. She screamed and a gush of pussy juice shot out and coated my nutsack. Her asshole squeezed my cock tight, cutting off any pleasure that I'd been feeling. When her orgasm finally eased, the blood rushed back to my dick and I was able to begin a slow thrusting.

The sheer agony of her orgasms squeezing my cock kept me hard and thrusting for a long, long time; she finally passed out from the pleasure and I was able to began a hard rabbit-thrusting that brought a huge gush of cum out of my nuts and into her bowels.

I cried out in pleasure and she jumped from the sound. She felt the last few squirts of semen filling her shitter and another tiny gush of cream oozed out of her clasping pussy.

She reached back and pulled my face down to hers for a passionate kiss that kept my cock from going soft in her asshole. She grunted as I stabbed into her again. She was weak from passing out and the fatigue allowed her to simply lay there and enjoy being ass-fucked a second time by her uncle.

She'd loosened up considerably and even when she started cumming again, it wasn't the cock-crushing experience from before; it was more of a tight hug from a new lover.

My knees were beginning to scream in pain at me, but her hot asshole surrounding my stabbing cock felt too wonderful to stop. I settled for pulling her back against me until we flopped onto the carpet; we ended up with her sweaty back plastered against my chest and her legs pointed towards the ceiling. I could only move an inch or so in this position, but it was more that enough for me. Another long while passed while I punched my cock in and out of her cum-filled butthole but eventually, all good things must end and I fired another salvo of hot cum into her asshole. She shuddered and more of her juices leaked out and coated my twitching nutsack. My cock went completely limp and slipped from her anus.

She giggled and squeezed her cheeks together, “Carry me to the bathroom, Uncle, before we have to explain the cumspot on the carpet to the realtor.”

I had just enough energy to comply with her suggestion and she settled onto the toilet without issue; she made me leave and close the door behind me.

The next morning, after the realtor left, we gathered up the last of my possessions and closed the front door. We walked out to the my car and got in. As I pulled out of the driveway, I paused and looked one last time at the house where my wife and I had been so happy for the short time we'd had together, then I put the car in drive and headed out to begin a life with my lover.


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