The brother cared for his young sister on the nights their mother worked
It began when Skye was eight, her brother Ted twelve. Their mother had started a new job, gone from 10 PM to 8 AM, the graveyard shift. She made good money and got a goodly shift differential for working the long nights. Being a single parent she relied on her older son to care for his young sister while she worked. It was the second or third night when the sister crept to the brothers room to be close, she was afraid of the raging thunderstorm, the rain cascading against her own bedroom window, she did not want to be alone and her mother wasn't there. She slept next to him on top of the blankets, still scared, but feeling safer. He woke in the morning to find his sister shivering next to him, she was cold so he threw a blanket over her and clutched her to him to warm her. From that day on Skye came to his room frequently during the long fright filled nights, slipping under his blankets, sleeping in warmth and security; the brother got used to finding Skye next to him in the morning.

When it developed into a regular habit neither of them could recall. Sometimes she didn't bother going to her own bed; immediately going to his even if he wasn't there. This arrangement surely wouldn't have continued had their mother known but neither Ted nor his sister ever thought to mention it so their parent was unaware of the sleeping habits of her children. On mornings when the kids had to go to school, they were out of bed when she came from work. She got to spend every afternoon and evening with them and on Friday and Saturday nights when the mother was home, the young girl felt secure in her own bed or even slept with her mother.

It was shortly after she started developing from a preteen girl that things took a different path. One night she climbed into bed with her brother and made herself comfortable. Sixteen year old Ted was asleep, lying on his side facing her and when she snuggled up to him for warmth on the chilly winter night he put his arm around her stomach and pulled her closer. Feeling cozy, she shifted even nearer until her butt was pressed against him. As Ted lay with his arm around her she felt him harden. Had he been awake he would have immediately pulled back, but instead, he push lightly against her. Skye felt the hardness, and though she was innocent, she knew enough to understand what it was and it made her curious. At twelve years old she knew about erections, some of the girls in her school talked about them and how they could get a boy hard easily. Two of her friends said that they did things with boys; Sarah liked to play with boys' things and Antoinette said she had let a couple of them touch her.

Cautiously Skye pushed her body tighter to her brother's crotch and felt him jerk. This excited the young girl's curiosity, her tummy churned deliciously, she began to gingerly rub herself against the firmness and was pleased to feel his hand tighten around her small waist. Suddenly he woke; he pulled away and hurried from the bed, Ted was close to cumming and to avoid embarrassment he went to deal with the problem.

When he returned, he intended to tell Skye she should go to her own room but she was asleep. He was determined to tell her the next day that she couldn't come to his bed anymore, that she was too old, but it didn't happen. Being rushed in the morning he didn't get a chance to tell her and during the day he found himself thinking back to the night before and convinced himself that he was making a mountain from a molehill. (But it was she that made the mountain from his molehill.)

From then on, their nights in bed together changed. Slowly, bit by bit, the pair became more dynamic, playful, teasing, tickling, poking, making fun and laughing together before resting. After a few minutes of fun skirmishing Skye would move to lay on his shoulder while Ted lay on his back, his arm under her, his hand at her side or her arm or her shoulder. The sister would reach for his hand and caress herself with it until he moved his it without her guidance. He would stroke her arm, back, or waist, sometimes her butt while she lay quietly against him. Occasionally she would distractedly finger his chest or his arms while he caressed her. Skye didn't know that her brother secretly enjoyed erections when they lay like that but she did savor the quietude, casually basking in a soft aura of low key arousal caused by the play, the intimacy.

Then one night as he was petting her, Skye rolled to her back. Caught off-guard, Ted's hand came to rest atop his sisters developing breast and before he had a chance to pull away she reacted, placing her hand over his and pressing it to the sensitive cone of flesh. Accepting the invitation he played with the budding woman for a few moments; his prick became a statue before his morality set him straight. He lifted his hand but that one deliberate move by her, that one feel by him started them side by side a road to discovery that neither brother nor sister wanted to stop; it was only a matter of time before nature ran its full course.

Each night thereafter those tentative touches became less hesitant, more demanding. The darkness of the room curtained their play, their motives, and allowed them to avoid guilt at what they were doing. Soon brother and sister were eager to go to bed, where they would quickly be on their sides facing one another, touching all over, moving their bodies against the other as they wrestled. Only days after the incertain start to their carnal activities he pulled her night clothes off; from then on by unspoken agreement they went to bed naked and the heat of their burgeoning sexual awareness caused their bodies to grow hot and restless as they cavorted playfully under the blankets. Skye enjoyed the soft friction of Teds bare skin on hers, looking at his nakedness; his erection beckoned her attention.

In just two weeks he was guiding her hand to his hardness while touching her, not only her growing breasts but between the legs. By the time the girl turned thirteen, she was adept at fondling her brother's cock making him cum. Her brother would play with her soft down covered pussy, arousing her with his hands, causing her to have orgasms. Early on his long finger ruptured her virginity so when he penetrated two fingers into the sensational young blonde she got as aroused as any mature woman might.

Then came the inevitable. They left the bedside lamp on so that they could see one another. Her brother's naked body hovered above her, his legs settled between her velvet thighs; Skye lifted her head from the pillow to look between them, watching him hold his cock against her young cunt. She was trembling heavily as it rubbed against her; he was going to put it in her for the first time and her stomach was roiling with desire. With a move as natural as breathing she spread her legs to accept him. The adolescent girl caught her breath when she felt the initial entry into her small hole. She could feel herself stretching, yawning wider to take him. Her breaths came deep and rapid as she continued to look while her brother's manhood slipped into her slowly, exquisitely, inch by thrilling inch.

As the pulsing shaft entered, the thirteen year-old was overwhelmed with sensuous outbreaks of pleasure caused by the contact with his erection. Her mind was floating; she instinctively lifted her butt off the bed and panted soft moans forced by spasms of raptus. Skyes feverish body was yearning to feel more, an unconscious seeking that the girl couldn't control, nor did she want too. The many nights of intense foreplay had prepared her for this, she wanted to feel her brother in her, there was no thought of rejection, no feeling of guilt. She needed to feel the culmination of the act; she was experiencing a timeless animalistic need for him to fill her with the produce of his balls. Ted sighed as he pressed down on his sister’s slender form, easing his erection into her, he thrilled at how she welcomed him. Her eager pussy fused with the flesh of his solid muscle, her body reacting naturally to the penetration. As he descended into Skye her arms came up and wrapped around his neck.

"It's in me Ted --- it's in me" she gasped with wonder as his engorged erection pushed into her depths as far as it would go, his groin pressed against hers. From the moment the head of his swollen cock entered his sisters sweet pussy, Ted knew he was in for the thrill of his life. Now, entirely inside her, she felt hot, tight; perfect.

"You feel so good Skye." The sound of his lust filled praise acted as an aphrodisiac, her heart hit a harder beat.

As powerful erotic seizures shot through her, Skye gave up trying to see it all and slammed her head back onto the pillow "Uhhh!" she cried aloud as his cock pulsed deeper inside her cunt.

Ted's arousal had him in a state never before experienced. Eagerly, he ground his pelvis on his sister; Skye gasped anew, her hips and butt eagerly syncing with the movement of his hips.

Ted's mind swirled in ecstasy as he savored the feel of his hard cock filling her, shivering at the sensations her snug vagina caused. Raising up, he looked down at her deep arresting eyes, his pretty adolescent sibling stared up at him, arousal and excitement written on her brow, eyes feral, face flushed and breathing heavily.

"Do you like it?" he asked.

"Oh god yes!" was all the sexually overwhelmed girl could utter. Ted was never so aroused; he felt nothing but raw burning lust as he savored the feel of Skye’s tight cunt. Gazing into his young sisters eyes, he moved to kiss her.

Skye watched raptly as he lowered his head, his attention on her soft looking lips; eagerly her mouth sought his, his hard-on throbbed inside her. Their lips met, lightly touching, momentarily rubbing but then they began to kiss passionately. This was the first time they had ever kissed but their mouths locked together in a tender dance of lips against lips. She closed her eyes, the sensation of the new contact only added another layer of pleasure to what they were doing. Brother and sister moaned in harmony. They entwined their legs, the kiss became more heated. The girl could feel the building of sexual chaos where Ted had his cock. He stroked into her, their bodies danced in a frenzy of primal passion. For weeks they had been cautiously approaching this night, building a strong physical desire which now enveloped them as a cloud of euphoria while he fucked her.

Knowing he shouldn't plant his seed in his sister Ted withdrew; her eyes widened as she experienced yet another sensation between her legs; emptiness. He slipped his stretched hard-on from her then began to stroke it through the light thatch of pubic hair. The pressure at the end of his cock was swelling the head of it even more and he even though he had never fucked a girl before he knew he was about to cum. "Uh ssshiii...!!!" the girl groaned as her entire body reacted to the touch of his shaft vibrating across the top of her hot, pulsing pussy. Her brother had discovered the pleasure she could have from touching her there several nights before but now the feeling of his erection rubbing on her clit was an even greater sensual thrill. Her body jolted upward, seeking to get him back, thrusting her hips up she was able to reclaim half of her brother's hard-on. "Please, Ted," she gasped as her fingernails dug into his back.

Ted once again pressed down, Skye unconsciously wrapped her legs around his thighs as his cock reentered the depths of her ravenous vagina. "You want me to cum in you?” he asked as he impaled her.

He drew back again and her hands rushed around his waist, clinging. “Yes! Don't stop – Ohhh, don't stop all night!” He began to fuck his little sister in earnest, the slapping of stomachs echoed in the night as he looked down to observe her reaction. She slammed her eyes shut, arched her back and her slender thighs began to quiver. Ted bent to her chest and planted his parted lips over the end of her right breast then licked the nipple.

The swelling of lust in her breast was the final sensation the girl needed put her at the peak of excitement. Skye's orgasm began in her womb where the end of Ted's cock was and blossomed as if her body had gone nova. Waves of trembling, hot rapture engulfed her, washing through from toes to her slamming heart. Ted braced his legs then tried to force his balls into his sister as they began to pump her full with his discharge in a series of convulsions that drained him. Cum flooded the young girl as their bodies bounced and thrashed in simultaneous ecstasy.

Skye's face was transformed by ecstasy, she opened her mouth to speak but as Ted thrust harder, she only panted and grunted, wanting to call his name but all that came off her tongue was a gurgle of wordless sounds ripped from her throat. She aware only of the soaring pleasure radiating from inside her cunt where his overladen cock was erupting. She was at his mercy, she gave total control of her body to her brother and it was the most exhilarating and loving feeling she had ever encountered.

They fell apart, exhausted, gasping for fresh air. He was on his back beside her, his cock still hard, standing stiff and tall from his groin. Skye rolled to her side, captured his erection then kissed him on the lips as she fingered him. “I never thought it would be like that! Oh my god Ted, that was like totally fantastic!” She was panting.

Her brother looked warily into her sparkling blue eyes, “I didn't hurt you? You aren't mad or anything?”

In a moment of extreme intimacy she put her lips tenderly against his then cooed lovingly “I loved it, I love you.” Ted put his arm around his sister and pulled her close to his chest and smiled into the air above them.

They rested for a few minutes then she went to the bathroom to clean his ejaculate from the still tingling lips of her pussy, her brother went for water to quench their thirst. When the sibling lovers returned to bed they were refreshed, eager new energy flushed their bodies and they quickly fell together. Just moments after going to bed again they were engaged in play, teasing, tickling and touching as mouth found mouth, hands explored. Brother and sister, Ted, 16 and Skye, 13, wrestled together, building to their second full contact sexual experience. They were not tired, they were not hesitant as twin fires of desire and need consumed them. The many nights of play and frolic taught the older brother how to arouse the younger sister and he brought her to another orgasm before he fucked her again. At the end of the second tryst, both were completely expended, completely sated and fell to deep slumber clutching tenderly.

After that night the siblings were as insatiable as a newly married couple. The long exciting nights were full of adventure and experimentation. The third night he yearned to taste her sweet pussy and she learned how the tip of his tongue could throw her off a mountain of ecstasy. He asked her tentatively for a blow job, she complied eagerly; the fourth time she gave him head he shot her mouth full, sprayed her face and hair. The seventh time she sucked him she let his semen wash down her throat, the first convulsion caused her to gag but she quickly repressed the reflex and took him gladly.

On his bed they rolled and moved constantly, changing positions, trying new approaches to fucking, she liked it best when he was mounted over her ass while she was on her knees, head on a pillow. She could feel how deep he penetrated, the end of his cock caressing the walls of her womb and it turned her on even more. He liked it when she was sitting on his lap, riding his erection, setting the pace of sex. As the nights turned into weeks then months, the brother and sister lived in a cloud of intimate euphoria, loving and fucking almost every night. And the mother never suspected.

Ted was seventeen, Skye fourteen when he started to date another girl. At first Skye was wroth with jealousy, angry that her brother could forsake her for another. She fought with him, furious that he was not bedding her regularly. Ted tried to console his sister, he fucked her quiet several times but his pretty seventeen year old girlfriend was too enchanting, too loving to leave. Eventually Skye came to know that her obsession with her brother was innately wrong. Sky's friends had begun to wonder if she was 'different' because since she had developed into a sexy young woman she hadn't shown an interest in boys. She accepted the girlfriend then realized that there were many boys nearer her age and several of them sought her attention. She was just past fifteen when she went on a first date then left her brother's bed, returning to her own.

They were seeing others, they both enjoyed active sex lives, but the attraction between the two never completely waned. Ted and Skye, brother and sister, continued their intimacy for many long years, coming together occasionally to reaffirm their relationship, to keep the bonds strong. Ted married, five years later Skye took a husband but even then brother and sister engaged each other occasionally. They did not consider what they did as unfaithful to their marriages, to him and her their liaisons were normal, an extension of their kinship.

Brother and sister ceased having sex when she was twenty six. Skye and Ted had been fucking for 13 years (half her life) before the intimate attraction waned to an occasional pleasant memory. He and she eased into a platonic relationship, their families were close, the bonds were strong.

Skye and her husband were gone for the weekend, the first time they left their two children alone. Melanie was fifteen, Kevin fourteen when they were first trusted to be alone for the night. When the parents came home in the late hours of Sunday Skye peeked into the girl’s room to assure herself the daughter was safe and sleeping. In the dim light she saw two heads on one pillow, Kevin was lying beside his older sister, snuggled close to her, two sets of night clothes were lying on the floor. Her first impulse was to wake her children and pull them apart, to stop such behavior but just as quickly a wave of Déjà vu washed over her and a small tremor rippled through her loins. She watched her children for a few silent moments, flashing back on the early days with her own brother then quietly closed the door and said to her husband “She is asleep, go to bed, I'll check on Kevin.” As he stepped away Skye shivered with an erotic thrill because she would call Ted the next day; from experience she knew he would be the only one that could quell the agitation growing between her legs.

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