I want jullie to quit fucking me easier said than done. Revenge on Lisa victory is sweet.
Even though the strain of having a relationship with my daughter and not living under the same roof proved aggravating, I was determined to make her understand she needed to go out with a boy her own age and stop having sex with me. It was a Wednesday when I talked to her about it the following Friday was Halloween. I was all set up for the children to come and get their candy. Julie called me on the phone and asked if it was alright for her to come over I wasn’t working so it was ok. At the time of her arrival she jumped in my arms and latched on to me until I kissed her.

When we broke the kiss I settled her down and told her we needed to talk. Julie wasn’t interested in the conversation as soon as I said she needed to see boys her own age. Right away I was put at a disadvantage, Julie stepped it up a notch by starting to take her clothes off. While she was taking her clothes off she was asking if I really couldn’t fit her in for at least two days a month. Before I knew it she was taking my cock out of my pants and I was lost in her oral ministrations.

Once again I let the little head take control of what was happening. After Julie finished giving me a blow job she asked if I would fuck her, begging really is what she did. Before I could say no she was already putting my cock in side of her and was starting to ride me. Julie we really need to stop doing this, we might get caught and if we do both of us could get put in jail for a long time. She paid no attention to what I had said.

I demand your attention now Julie, I said. Julie stopped rocking on me and said so you want to quit making love to me, and force me to find some guy to fuck. The choice of words Julie used kind of stung me a little and while I thought about how to respond she resumed doing what she had been doing. I am serious here; we are going to end up fighting the courts and our families, to remain doing what we are doing now. Who would object, Julie asked? Teresa, grandma, Aunt Shelley, Uncle Mike, and about 99% of our neighbors, will say I took advantage of you’re being young and innocent.

Besides mom is accusing me of cheating again, but this time she wants a divorce. I cried my eyes out when she said that. I love mom and you, Lisa and Teresa, the thought of losing all of you is causing me more stress than I can handle. Court proceedings on the explosion are enough for me to deal with. I have to keep what grandpa did there under a tight lip. Once I had made my case with Julie of course she had a rebuttal for me. I am going to talk with mom as soon as I get home. Dad will you tell me the truth about what grandpa did at the mine, I have heard people talking saying the union caused the explosion, Julie said.

I don’t know how much mud you’re going to clear by talking to mom. The honest truth about grandpa is he sabotaged the mine. What he did caused the explosion and keeping Sam and the other workers inside the mine to die was just icing on his cake. He had an idea MSHA would have a field day with the operators of the mine if it blew up. He was right. Julie threw me a curve ball when she said. May we talk more about this later I’ve been super-horny all day and all this talk is getting in the way of me blowing my load. If you have read the previous chapters, but have forgotten about her magic trick; when she cums, she likes to squirt it seems like the only way she is satisfied is when she does that. I realized I wasn’t going to win my argument over us having sex so I did as I always do and fucked her the way that usually got her spraying her juices on every inch of the bedroom.
I squirmed out from underneath her and positioned her into a doggy-style stance then put her legs on my shoulders so I could lap at her juicy pussy. I had learned to trace the alphabet with my tongue and by time I got to (K) she drenched me at least once. When I finished (I) she sprayed me the first time. When I was in the middle of (N) she did it again. I got her to cum twice more before I finished, when I had finished she was begging for a time out. No way baby I am raring to go now I don’t want my balls turning blue, I said. Now this may sound coarse but she liked being stabbed out of the blue, she was well lubed so I drove my cock all the way home with one push.

Oh boy she moaned and started to break into the rhythm. It took her ten good strokes to catch me, once she did she started sprinkling on my in strokes; gushing on my outs. Moaning and grunting when each happened respectively. I quickened my pace and pounded her with jack-hammer speed, when I did so she buried her face in the pillow and was howling at the top of her lungs. I started to feel the cum boil to the base of my cock so I started moaning too, doing that usually prolonged me at least fifteen and as many as thirty strokes. I didn’t last but twelve and was telling Julie I was ready. Turn it loose I want it in my creamy pussy, she said. I shot the first four ropes into her without slowing down. I knew I had to my gas tank is pushing empty fast.
I collapsed onto her and drove her hard into the bed. She recovered first and was trying to escape from my bondage on her. I weakly rolled to one side to allow her freedom. Even then she only snuggled up to me as I slept. When I stirred out of my nap she had me hard again and was titty fucking me and sucking the tip of my cock with every stroke. All I could do was moan the fact I was coming again. Two loads went down to her belly, and she looked into my eyes with a shit-eating grin on her face. I’m satisfied now dad, Julie said and slipped form the bed and headed straight for the bathroom. Hearing the water run caused my bladder to sound its alarm, so I also slinked to the bathroom.

Not knowing how my pee would come out I just sat down. Good thing I did because number 2 was not far behind. The fan was on but the stench was over powering. Dad how many times do I need to remind you of how bad you stink when you go number 2, Julie said from the shower. I just grunted and returned to the bed sleep was taking me down fast. Julie came in and kissed me on the cheek and said I’ll call you later, thanks for this afternoon. Later that day Lisa had come to my house alone, surprised by her presence my reaction to her being at my house alone came off a little cold.

Come in, I said. So why are you here, I added. I came by to say goodbye; and tell you my final sorry for getting you into so much trouble, Lisa said. You’re leaving a mess behind why not try to clean it up first, I said. I have said I’m sorry what more do you want, Lisa said. You having a red ass for a week will do; but that is only evidence for you to hold against me, I said. I I I-ont.. again I promise, Lisa mumbled out. That was all the firepower I needed. I stood up and retrieved my soft lasso for bdsm in my bedroom, readied it to toss at her the minute I was at the doorway. I stepped into the bathroom first and flushed the toilet. Peeking around the corner of the doorway I noticed she had her face buried in her hands and she was weeping. Perfect I thought she will never see it coming; I threw the open lasso at her and bull’s-eye.

I quickly pulled tight and pinned her arms to her body before she had time to react. Keeping the rope taught to prevent her loosening it I made my way to her. Please let me go Roger I promised not to do what I did again, Lisa said. Begging is nice but you need to do a better job at it; let’s see if you are a better sub than your sister although for the last three months I have been training her, I said. Oh no Julie has beat you to it I promise, Lisa said. What, I exclaimed in wonder. Oh she is going to pay for this tonight instead of having one sub I am going to work on two; open your mouth, Lisa noticed the ball gag and shook her head in denial. I am not going to ask again without causing some pain.

Lisa complied crying while she opened her mouth. Ball up your hands so I may secure the gag. Again compliance, good slave I told her.

Before I get ahead of myself let me describe Lisa to you. She is less desirable than her sisters a little on the pudgy side. But that is what attracted me to their mother. Full hips, shoulders soft full C cup breasts that jiggled in her shirt when she wore a loose bra and when positioned into the doggy position her labia extended beyond her legs…… be continued. With Julie in attendance.

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