Michael goes further in his relationship with his two girl friends
It was the summer holidays at last. Six weeks until he had to go to collage. Michael was in a very good mood as the first week of the holidays swung into play. Of course he still had no idea how to sort of the situation between him and Joanne and Olivia. How he was going to decide between two of his best friends he could not work out. For now it was not that big a problem for him, it was the holidays and he had the whole house to himself. His parents both at work till late. So he had given into his inner geek and was playing a Star Wars game online. Had been all morning, as he was not a big fan of daytime TV. Suddenly his mobile phone buzzed on the desk in front of him. Glancing down he saw that it was a text from Olivia. Pausing the game he opened the message.

“RU free now.” It read, Michael quickly texted back that he was. A few seconds later a second message arrived. “Do you want to come round to mine. I need you now!!”. Olivia wrote, Michael smiled and quickly replied.

“If you need me now!! Then I’ll be right over.” He switched off the PC and grabbed his keys. Just as he was about to leave he had a thought and ran up to his room. He grabbed a couple of condoms from the pack he had finally managed to buy over the weekend. After all he had no idea why Olivia needed him, better to be safe. Pushing the condoms into his jeans pocket he headed back downstairs and out his front door. Olivia’s house was opposite his on the cul-de-sac, so it was a quick walk. He knocked once and she almost instantly opened the door. Michael felt his eyes go wide when he saw what she was wearing. A tiny bikini top and a mini skirt that was so small it was more like a belt. Suddenly he was glad he had remembered the condoms. Olivia stepped back to let him in, before closing the door.

“My folks are out till four so I thought I’d ask you round.” She said, Michael glanced at the clock on the wall. It was just gone a quarter past one.

“So we going to watch the next twilight movie.” Michael asked, Olivia shook her head. She reached up to rest one hand on his chest, brushing her fingers over his T-shirt.

“I thought we could do something a bit more fun than that.” She said, giving a look that could only be read as sexy. Michael reached up to take hold of her hand, turning it over he softly kissed the palm.

“I was hoping you’d say that.” He told her pulling her towards him, until she was stood touching him. He looked down at her with a look of pure lust. When she was this close to him he realised how small she actually was. The top of her head just reached his neck. In the little top and skirt he could see how small her frame was. Not that she was too skinny, just looked small. The fact she was tanned helped to make her look nice. She tipped her head back, letting her hair fall loose over her back. Her blue eyes looked up at him with a look that matched his. Her small mouth was slightly opened.

Michael lowered his mouth over hers, kissing her softly. As if a spark went off the kiss went from soft to hard in an instant. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tight into him. She curled her arms around him in a similar manner. Their lips pressed hard against each other. Michael probed into her mouth with his tongue. Curling it around her tongue, the two of them matching movements. He felt her small body pressing against him. Her breasts crushed into his chest, and her groin pushing into his. She lifted one leg slightly, hooking it around the back of his. Softly rubbing herself against him. Michael moaned softly as he felt her pressing against his cock. He reached down to cup her buttocks, pushing her harder into him. He began to rub himself against her. Which made her murmur into their passionate kiss. She pulled back, panting softly.

“We better head upstairs or I’ll be loosing it here in the hall.” She whispered to him.

“Upstairs?” Michael said.

“Yes, to my room.” Michael nodded, then he reached down to lift her off her feet. Olivia gave a small squeal as he picked her up. Then she curled her arms around his head as he cradled her and started up the stairs.

“Oh how romantic.” Olivia said, softly kissing his neck. Michael smiled as he carried her up to her room. Once in her room he lowered her down to her feet. She reached up to pull his mouth back down onto hers. Kissing him hard and passionately. He matched her passion, pulling her into him again. After a few seconds he felt her pulling his T-shirt up. He pulled his head back, lifting his arms to let her remove his top. She ran her hands down over his chest, slowly stroking his skin with her fingers as she ran her hands down to his jeans. Quickly she undid them and pushed them down, removing his boxers at the same time. Michael flicked his trainers off so he was totally naked. Olivia took a step back and gave him a long look.

“Umm, defo like you to Taylor. You’re real and in touching reach.” She said, hinting at the conversation they had over Taylor Lautner the actor. Michael smiled and put on a deliberate strong man pose. Which made her giggle softly. He laughed then pointed to her clothing.

“You’re turn to get naked.” He said, Olivia nodded. She reached up to unclip the bikini top, letting it fall to the floor. Then she undid the skirt, sliding it down to join the top. Finally she lowered her small bikini bottoms then stood up as naked as he was. Now it was Michael’s turn to look her over, and he liked what he saw. Her skin was a healthy bronze tone. Her small breasts seemed to be perkier than the last time he had seen them. Her thin stomach rose and feel as she took in deep breaths. Her legs were long, slender and sexy. He could just see the soft, pale down covering her pussy. Her platinum blonde hair hung loose over her back and shoulders.

“God, you are fucking hot.” He said, she smiled and flushed slightly.

“Thanks, you too. And it looks like your horny as well if your cock is to be believed.” Michael nodded, not having to look down to know how hard he was. She stepped forwards and slipped one hand over him, rubbing her fingers along the length of his cock. “Ooh very hard.” She murmured pressing her lips to his. Then she began to kiss his neck softly, all the time rubbing her fingers ever so lightly over his cock. She moved lower, kissing his shoulder then the base of his neck. She ran a line of kisses down over his chest, moving between his nipples. Then running the line down past his stomach towards his cock. Finally she was crouched in front of him, her face in line with his cock. She lent forwards to kiss the head, then moved down him kissing his cock all over. Before running her tongue along him, moving it up to curl it around his head.

She looked up at him, her eyes wide and flashing as she slowly parted her lips and drew him into her mouth. Michael gave a soft moan as he felt the warmth of her mouth enveloping him. She drew in part way into her mouth and sucked hard on him. Running her tongue over his head. Then she began to slide her mouth up and down him. Sucking on him hard as she slowly moved along him. He watch as her lips moved further and further down him each time she moved. Finally she was taking his whole cock into her mouth. She held him for a couple of seconds. Before pulling her mouth back, sucking hard as she slid her lips back to release him.

“Jesus doesn’t that make you want to gag.” He asked, she shrugged.

“I’ve never gagged before doing this. You’d be shocked at how much I can put in my mouth.” She replied, then ran her tongue over his cock head again. She ran her tongue down the length of his cock, curling it around the base. Then running it back up to gently lick the tip of her tongue over the head of his cock. She wrapped the fingers of one hand around the base of him. Slipped her lips over the head and began to slide her mouth up and down him. Moving quickly, sucking hard on him. Her mouth sliding up and down his cock. Michael moaned in pleasure at the feel of her mouth around him. Reaching down he brushed his hand on her hair, before curling his fingers between the strands of her hair.

Her movements continued, sliding up and down him rapidly. Her lips tight around his cock. The fingers of her hand holding him steady so she could move quickly along him. Michael moaned softly, gasping as her mouth sucking on him sent shivers of pleasure through him.

“Oh fuck!” He said with deep feeling. She looked up at him, eye’s glinting at his reaction. Her movements continued at the same pace. Her lips sliding up and down, sucking hard as she did. Michael could feel his body reacting, the pleasure bringing him to the edge of cumming. Suddenly she stopped, pulling her mouth off him and releasing him. She instead began to kiss along the bottom of his cock. She ran her tongue over the underside, then did the same on the upper side. First kissing all the way down, before running her tongue over it.

She lowered her head down under him to run her tongue over his balls. Firmly licking each one, sliding them individually into her mouth. Then she ran her mouth back up to draw just the head of his cock in her mouth. She began to suck softly on it, alternating that with running her tongue over it. Michael groaned softly at the sensation. Then she slid her mouth completely down him, taking all of him into her mouth. She began to move slowly up and down him, sucking hard on him as she moved along him. Michael was breathing hard again, his body rising again .

Again she stopped, pulling back to kiss the tip of his cock. Reaching down to rub his ball’s with her hand. Leaning forwards she kissed his stomach just above his cock. Michael looked down at her, from the amusement in her eyes he could tell she knew exactly what she was doing to him. She pressed her lips against his skin, kissing his stomach and around his cock. She ran the fingers of her hand along his cock, brushing it softly. Running her thumb over the head sending jolts of pleasure through him.

“Fuck, please Olivia.” Michael pleaded, his need for release was so great. Olivia looked up at him and smiled. Then she slid her lips over the head of his cock, sucking hard on him. At the same time using her hand to wank him off, rubbing hard and fast. Michael gasped hard at the sharp increase in sensation. He curled the fingers of both hands around her head. Quickly she brought him to the edge of his orgasm. For a moment he wondered if she was going to stop again. She did not, instead she continued to suck hard while wanking him off.

“Oh yes, yes cumming, baby.” Michael said, gasping out each word. Olivia pushed her mouth down him, sucking him deep into her mouth just before he came. Groaning in pleasure he exploded into her mouth. He felt her swallowing as his cum pumped down her throat. She grabbed his balls, squeezing them tightly with her fingers. He gasped and felt himself pumping harder into her mouth. She held him inside her mouth until he had emptied every drop and she had swallowed it all. Licking her tongue over him to clean him off. She slipped her mouth off him, leaning back and looking up at him.

“Umm, love that taste.” She said, licking her lips. Michael reached down to pull her up into his arms. Kissing her hard, and deeply. She moulded herself against him, kissing him back. He lifted her up off her feet, swinging her round to lower her down onto her bed. He kissed her side of her neck, then down to kiss her shoulder.

“My turn to give you pleasure.” He whispered as he brushed his lips over her shoulder and neck. She murmured in pleasure and he felt a small shiver ripple through her. He began to kiss her neck and face, softly pressing his lips against her soft, warm skin. Sliding his hands up he curled them over her small breasts. Pressing his fingers into the soft flesh, rubbing his hands against her hard nipples. They were rock hard, pushing against his palms. Dropping to his knees in front of her he took one breast in his mouth. Sucking the small mound into his mouth and flicking his tongue over her hard nipple. Olivia gasped and arched her back slightly. He felt her curl one hand around his neck, resting it softly on him.

He sucked and licked at her breast, while using his hand to knead and rub the other. He flicked his tongue and his fingers over her hard nipples. Again inciting a gasp from her. Then he switched his hand and mouth, repeating the actions but with the opposite breasts. Olivia moaned deeply, running her hand up to curl her fingers into his hair. Michael moved from breast to breast. Drawing each out with his mouth, or rubbing and tweaking with his hand.

“Oh baby, please I need you to lick me.” Olivia gasped sharply after a couple of minutes. Michael lifted his head and looked at her face, the need and desire written on her face sent a thrill down his spine. He gently pushed her back to lie on the bed. Pushing her legs apart his pressed a line of kisses down her one thigh. As he got closer to the top of the thigh he took a deep inhale of her musky scent. Yes, she was ready for him. He pressed his face between her thighs, licking his tongue along her pussy. Even that gave him the faintest of taste. Then he probed his tongue into her folds, pushing it into her pussy. Licking deeply inside her, tasting her sweet nectar. Olivia gave a long deep moan of pleasure. He licked slowly inside her, running his tongue around her pussy. Then he began to flick in and out of her. Rapidly licking his tongue over the walls of her pussy.

“Oh yes, baby, lick me baby.” Olivia said in a husky voice. Michael pushed his tongue deep in her, curling it around inside her pussy. He had one hand curled over her stomach, the other he ran up to paw at her breasts. Moving between them, probing their flesh, softly rubbing and twisting her nipples. Olivia gasped and moaned softly, arching her back slightly to push her breasts into his hand. He continued to lick inside her, rapidly running his tongue around her pussy. Her moans and movements grew deeper and stronger. Her hands reached down to curl tightly around the back of his head. Taking this as a hint she needed more he licked his tongue up to circle her clitoris.

“Oh fuck yes.” Olivia cried out as he licked around her clit. Michael smiled to himself and continued to circle her bud with his tongue. Then he gave it a quick series of flicks with the tip of his tongue. Olivia gasped loudly, jolting on the bed from his action. He began to run his tongue over her clit. Licking it all over, then just licking under it, or circling it, or flicking it with his tongue. Making sure that he never settled into one pattern, but always keeping the pressure on her. Her moans of pleasure grew louder, harder as he licked at her. Moving his hand from her stomach he ran it down to her pussy. Firmly pushing two of his fingers into her.

“OHMYGOD!” Olivia squealed loudly as he began to pump his fingers in and out of her pussy. At the same time beginning to lick hard over her clit. “god, Michael.” She cried, then began to mew loudly as he brought her to the edge of her orgasm. He felt her reach the peak of her pleasure and thrust his fingers hard into her. With a wild scream she erupted, arching her back until she was almost lifted totally off the bed. He felt her fingers pulling at his hair. She cried out, repeated loud mews of passion. Michael rapidly pulled his fingers out so he could lick inside her and taste her orgasm. Savouring the deepness it brought to her taste. She rocked on the bed, moaning deeply as her orgasm ran through her. Finally sinking down, gasping hard. Michael kept licking at her, tasting the last of her orgasmic juices.

“Stop, please, stop.” Olivia said, gasping out the words. “You’ll make me cum again.” For a moment Michael considered stopping. Then he remembered how she had deliberately stopped twice when he was close to cumming. He hooked both hands around her hips, pinning her down. Then moved his tongue up to lick hard and fast over her clit. “No, god, Michael, no.” Olivia gasped, and tried to buck him off. But he tightened his grip and held her hips still. She tried to push his head away from her. He tightened his shoulders and continued to lick at her clit. Her gasps turned to moans then cries.

“No, oh no, fuck. Fuck. FUCKKKK!” Olivia screamed her voice cracking as he triggered a second orgasm in her. He felt her body jerk upright, she dug her nails into his shoulders squealing in passion. Michael licked hard at her to prolong her orgasm as long as he could. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Olivia gasped repeatedly as her orgasm blasted over her. He felt her body twitching and jerking wildly. Her breathing was now rapid gasps between her words. As he felt her orgasm dying away he pulled his head back. Looking up at her face. Her eyes were wide open, flashing with passion. Her face and neck a deep red from the exertion of both orgasms on top of each other. She gulped in air as her body slowly calmed down and came back under her control.

“You. Fucking. Bastard.” She said, panting each word. “That was evil.”

“And bringing me to the edge of cumming twice and stopping wasn’t evil.” He replied calmly, he saw her expression change as she accepted this. She sat on the bed, breathing hard. Leaning back to rest her arms behind her and open up her chest to get more air. Which pushed her breasts out towards him. He could not resist leaning up and sucking on one of them. She gasped and pulled away from him.

“Hey, I’m still recovering.” She said sharply, Michael smiled.

“I was hoping we hadn’t finished yet.” He told her.

“What do you mean?” She replied, he twisted round and hooked his jeans towards him. Digging in the pocket he pulled out the couple of condoms he had grabbed on the way over. When Olivia saw them her eyes went wide, a shadow flashed over her face. Then was replace by a look of interest, which Michael was not certain it was real. But, he could not be sure so he dropped one condom onto her bedside table. Lifting himself up to standing he lent down to kiss her softly.

“I want to fuck you so much.” He whispered to her, gently lying her on her back on the bed. He opened the packet and quickly sheathed himself in the condom. Olivia watched with an expression that could only be called impassive. Michael frowned slightly but moved to climb on top of her. Leaning down her kissed her on the neck as he positioned himself against her. As she felt his cock pushing at her Olivia froze and an expression of almost fear flashed over her face. Michael stopped and lifted himself up.

“You do want to have sex with me don’t you?” He said to her in a worried tone, Olivia gave a single small nod. “Then what’s wrong…Christ you have done this before haven’t you?” He asked as a sudden, horrified thought came to him. Olivia turned away from him before answering.

“No.” She said in a small, scared voice.

“Crap you were going to let me go ahead not knowing your were a virgin.” Michael snapped.

“I didn’t want you to be disappointed.” Olivia said, turning back with tears in her eyes. Michael took a deep breath to clam himself.

“I’m more disappointed that you didn’t trust me to tell me. I’d have just fucked you hard and it would have ruined your first time.”

“You said that’s what you wanted to do, fuck me.”

“That was when I thought you had some experience.”

“So you don’t want me now you know I’m a virgin.”

“Of course I still want you, I just am going to be more gentle than I was going to be. That’s if you really do want to have sex.”

“Yes, yes I do.” She said quickly, “of course I do.” He smiled and lent down to kiss her hard.

“I was hoping you’d say that.” He told her pulling away from the kiss and moving to lay on top of her again. “Now I’ll go slow and gentle, you tell me if I’m being to hard.” He said to her as he positioned his cock against her pussy, she nodded. “Promise?”

“Yes I’ll tell you.” Michael lent down to kiss her again. Then while kissing her deeply he slowly pushed into her.

“Oh shit!” Olivia gasped as he opened her pussy with his cock. He felt her fingers curl around his arms, gripping him tight.

“You ok.” He said stopping his movements only half in her.

“Yes, don’t stop. I want to feel you in me.” She replied in a breathless rush.

“Ok, but relax a little.” He said, she smiled and released her tight grip on his arms. Slowly he pushed into her until he was fully inside her.

“Oh crap, fuck that’s hard.” She said through clenched teeth. He pulled out and pushed back in. “Unn softly.” He nodded and moved as gently as he could. Sliding in and out of her in long careful movements. It was not easy, he was having to hold himself in check. The feel of her tight pussy around his cock was so good. She was warm, wet, and gripped him tightly. For what seemed like an age he moved slowly in and out. Then he felt her relaxing under him.

“Go faster.” She gasped, he did, pushing in and out with deeper thrusts. “Unn oh god that’s so…” Olivia gasped, breathing hard. When she did not tell him to stop he continued to move, slowly increasing the power of his thrusts. She grunted with each thrust, breathing through clenched teeth. “Yes, umm oh yes.” She finally gasped, moving slightly beneath him. Lifting her legs up and half meeting his thrusts. Michael increased his power, sliding in and out of her deeply. Feeling her pussy sliding along him as he thrust in and out of her.

“Is this good?” He asked, she nodded. Reaching up to hook her arms over his shoulders and pulling him down to kiss her. He probed her open mouth with his tongue as he pushed deep and fast into her body. He felt her jolting under him, her small frame rocking with each thrust. Now she was moving in time with him, matching his movement. Softly pushing her hips up into each thrust. Her hands sliding over his back. He reached down to hook one of her thighs, lifting her leg up. At the same time he curled his other hand around her one breast. Pawing at it, crushing it into her chest with his fingers. The feel of her tight pussy around him was becoming too much for his control. He grit his teeth to stop from loosing it, but it was a battle he knew he could not win. Soon he was on the edge of totally coming apart.

“God, Olivia, baby, gotta go hard. Unn need too.” He gasped to her.

“If you need to do it baby.” She replied, he released his tight control. With a wild grunt he began to ram hard into her. Curling both hands around her shoulders. He thrust hard in and out, driving his cock as far into her body as he could.

“FUCK, OH FUCK.” Olivia squealed, clinging to him tightly. He slammed in and out, ramming hard into her. Feeling her body rocking hard under his thrust.

“Oh baby, so close Olivia baby.” He gasped to her as he rushed towards his orgasm.

“Do it, fuck oh god.” She replied, “fuck unn oh fuck so hard.” She grunted as his thrusts grew wild and uncontrolled. His body on autopilot now, rushing towards it’s peak. He gripped her tightly, curling his hands under her. Holding her hard into him as he rammed in and out.

“Yes, fuck oh Olivia yes, yes, FUCK YESSSS!” He cried out as he peaked, thrusting hard into her and cumming. Olivia gave a sharp squeal at the force of his final thrust. Her nails dug into his back and she buried her face in his neck, gasping loudly. He held himself inside her, empting his cum until he had ridden his orgasm. Then slowly he released her and gently pulled back. Looking down he was concerned to see tears at the edges of her eyes.

“I didn’t hurt you did I.” He said worrid as he quickly removed the condom.

“It was painful at the end there. But nothing I couldn’t take. It was still kind of good.” She stopped, her face thoughtful. “Actually it was very good. You can do that to me again.” She said with a smile. As she spoke Michael had been removing the condom, he wrapped it in a tissue from a box on her bedside table. The turned towards her, pulling her into a soft hug.

“I want to do that to you again, and soon.” He told her, “but I’m guessing that it won’t be today.” She took a moment to think about that then nodded. “I thought so.”

“I’m a bit sore now, wouldn’t really want to do it again today. Unless you really wanted to that is.”

“Well I wouldn’t mind, it felt good being in you. But, I’m not going to push if you’re sore.” Olivia smiled, then kissed him. A soft, long kiss that sent shivers down his back. Then she snuggled into his arms, hugging him tight. Michael curled his arms around her holding her as tight. He closed his eyes for a moment.

With a blink he flicked his eyes open, Olivia was still in his arms and she was breathing deeply. Glancing down he saw she was sleeping, sleeping that quick! With a sudden rising worry he glanced at her clock. It read 3:45pm, Michael stared at it for a moment then began to softly shake Olivia.

“Wake up, shit Olivia, wake up. We fell asleep together, you’re parents are due back any minute.” He said in a sharp whisper. Olivia blinked as she woke, then her blue eyes went wide as his words sunk in.

“Fuck.” She gasped, Michael could not have put it better. The pair of them clambered out of bed. Grabbing their clothing they rapidly dressed. “God you’ve got to go, if they find you here I’m dead.” Michael nodded, he finished dressing then stepped up to her and pulled her into a long deep kiss.

“Thank you for a amazing afternoon, I’ll see you again soon.” He said softly into her lips. He grabbed the wrapped up used condom and quickly left. Olivia stayed in her room, trying to make her hair look less fucked. Michael had just got home when her parents pulled into the Cul-de-sac. He opened the door to his house with a soft smile, sex with Olivia was good and he hoped they would be doing it again soon.


The three of them climbed off the bus at the stop closest to their homes. They wandered up the road towards their Cul-de-sac. It was Friday, the first Friday of the holidays. The three of them had been out most of the day at the local shopping centre. Michael had only come along because they had agreed to go to the cinema to watch the latest superhero blockbuster. Which had just made the two hours wandering from shop to shop before hand acceptable. Fortunately the movie had been as good as he had expected, even the girls had enjoyed it. Now their day out was over. As they walked into their street Olivia said her goodbyes, she was having to go out with her parents that evening so had to get ready. Some family get together that she was being dragged to. Michael and Joanne continued towards their homes. To Michael’s surprise Joanne grabbed his arm and began to pull him towards her house.

“What?” He asked her as she began to drag him down her front path.

“Come on, I’ve got the house to myself today and as I’m away next week I thought we might spend a little time together, just the two of us.” Michael frowned at the mention of her going away. He had tried to forget her annual family week away that Joanne had every summer. Her folks owned a holiday home on the south coast and every year Joanne’s grand parents joined them for a week. He let her pull him into her house. Inside she led him to the stairs.

“Where we going?” Michael asked her.

“My room of course.”

“Of course.” Michael said his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Well if you don’t want to be with me before I go away then you don’t have to.” Joanne said sharply, Michael held his hands up in surrender.

“Oh I want to be with you, I was just pulling your leg.”

“I’d prefer you to be pulling my hair while we fuck.” She told him, Michael smiled then had a thought.

“But my condoms are at home.” Joanne smiled and reached into her bag to pull out a small pack of condoms.

“It’s not just men’s toilets that have condom machines in them.” She told him, her expression turning decidedly sultry.

“And at this moment I am very grateful for that.” Michael said taking the packet off her. Once in her room she took no time in curling her body around him, planting her mouth hard on his. Michael kissed her back just as hard, remembering their previous time in his attic. He probed her mouth with his tongue as he ravished her mouth with his. His hands ran along her back, down to tightly cup her buttocks. Pulling her into his groin, rubbing her against his rapidly hardening cock. She ran her hands over his back and into his hair. She began to move towards her bed, pulling him along with her. They continued kissing hard until they reached the bed. There she pushed Michael onto the bed and climbed on top of him. Before again kissing him hard. Michael matched her passion with his own.

He felt her pressing her groin into his. Rubbing her pussy hard against his cock. He pushed up against her, running one hand down to firmly squeeze her tight buttock. His other hand was curled around her one breast. Squeezing it hard, twisting it softly as he pawed at it. Joanne was breathing hard into their kiss, Michael doing the same. He suddenly wanted to get her naked and reached down to pull up her top.

“Clothes, off, please.” He said, she reached down to grab his hands stopping him. Then she climbed off him quickly. He looked up at her in surprise.

“Let me.” She told him as she stepped back. Michael nodded and pushed himself up to sit on the edge of her beg watching. Slowly she ran her hands down her body. Starting in her hair, down over her neck and chest, over her stomach and down her legs. All the time she was moving softly, in a slow sexy dance. As he watched she ran her hands back up to the top button of her blouse. Slowly she undid each button in turn, until her top was opened. She did not take it off, just let it hang open. Just giving him a glimpse of what looked like hot underwear beneath it. Then she ran her hands down to her jeans. Undoing them and pushing them down. Dragging them and her trainers off. Standing she reached up to slide her top off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor behind her. Michael felt his eyes widen and his mouth dropped open as he saw what she was wearing.

It was a tight, white corset top that only just covered her breasts. Pushing them up to make a very nice cleavage. Michael remembered how often Joanne had lent over in front of him while shopping, and realised that this was the reason. The matching white panties where tight, small, and very sexy. Matched by the long white stockings she was wearing on her legs. Adding to the nice, hot appearance of her legs.

“My god, you’ve been wearing that all day. Why?” Michael said, “not that I’m complaining.”

“Because I hoped I could get you alone. And, I wanted to see the expression on your face when you saw it. It was totally worth it. Plus, I feel good in nice lingerie.”

“You look hot in nice lingerie.” She smiled her eyes lighting up at his words. She reached up to the clasps on the front of the corset. Michael quickly pushed himself off the bed to catch her before she undid it.

“Not yet, I want to finger and lick you while you wear that.” He said to her, pulling her into him and kissing her hard.

“Ohh that’s hot.” Joanne said, “but you need to strip too.” Michael stepped back with a smile, pulled out the condoms and dropped them on the table by her bed then stripped in world record time. Joanne laughed at the speed he undressed, when she saw his hard on her expression turned hot and sultry. “Talking of hot, I can’t wait to have that inside me.” She said, reaching down to curl the fingers of her hand around him. Michael gasped as she rubbed her hand along him. “In fact I want him in my mouth now.” She said dropping to her knees and kissing the head of his cock. She looked up at him, her brown eyes glistening with lust.

“Fuck my mouth baby.” She whispered up to him, before sliding her lips over his cock. Michael remembered how she had got him to push his cock deep down her throat the last time. He wrapped his hands around her head and pushed forwards. Pushing his cock to the back of her throat. Joanne sucked hard on him, before gagging softly on him as he pushed down her throat. He pulled back, for a moment. She looked up at him and nodded at the silent question on his face. Michael began to thrust in and out. Pushing his cock deep into her mouth. He felt her lips pressing into the base of his cock, could tell he was pushing to the back of her throat. Joanne sucked hard and loudly on him, gagging softly, but also mewing in pleasure. This was so hot, that she not only wanted him to do this to her but was enjoying it. Glancing down he saw that she was rubbing at herself. Her fingers inside her panties, fingering her pussy.

That just made Michael want to fuck her mouth harder. He increased his thrusts, pushing deep and fast into her mouth. Joanne’s mews grew louder as she sucked hard on him. Her mouth felt wet and warm around him. He could see her taking in deep breaths through her nose as he fucked her mouth. Her eyes were wide open, looking up at him, glinting with wild lust. Michael knew his eyes were matching hers.

“If we keep going I’ll cum.” He told her as he felt himself reacting to the sensations of her mouth tight around him. She pulled back, he released her, and she pulled her mouth off him with a sharp gasp.

“Oh I don’t want you to cum yet. I want that for inside me.” She said with a slightly mysterious look. Michael was not sure what she meant as he would be wearing a condom. She wiped her hand over his chin, which was covered in her spit. She licked her saliva off her hand then stood up.

“First I want to make you cum before we fuck.” He said to her, she shivered obviously at his words. A ripple of excitement running down her.

“Yes please, but not with your hand.”

“You want me to lick you out, no problem.” She shook her head and he frowned, how was he to make her cum without using his mouth or hand. With the same mysterious smile she turned towards her wardrobe. Opening it she reached up to pull a locked box from the very back. Fishing in her jeans she pulled out a set of keys, opening the box she reached in and pulled something out. Closing the box she put it back before handing the thing she had pulled out to him. It was a large, lifelike impression of a cock. Made of rubber, coloured kind of naturally. He took hold of it, feeling the mix of hard and softness that sort of matched his own cock. Only his was not this big.

“You want me to use this on you.” He said, holding the dildo up. Joanne nodded, her eyes flashing.

“Turn the bottom.” She said, he did and almost dropped it as it began to vibrate rapidly in his hands. “Fuck me hard with that, make me cum like that. Then fuck my cunt hard and rough baby.” She said in a low, sexy voice that took his breath away. Michael nodded quickly, she climbed onto the bed, pulling her panties off and holding her legs open. Michael climbed onto the bed, kneeling between her legs. Reaching down he ran the still vibrating plastic cock over her pussy. Joanne gave a soft moan of pleasure. He reached down to push the dildo into her, just the head at first. Joanne’s moan grew deeper. Without warning he thrust the dildo deep into her pussy.

“Fuck!” Joanne cried out, her fingers digging into the sheets of her bed. Michael held the dildo as far inside her as he could for a couple of seconds. Then pulled it back out, before thrusting it hard back into her. “Fuck, yes, fuck my cunt hard with it.” Joanne moaned to him, Michael did just that. Pushing the dildo in and out with hard, deep thrusts. Driving it as far into her as he could. She groaned, mewed and cried out as he rammed in and out of her. Almost immediately her could feel her juices covering the dildo. He ran his free hand down to wipe some of them off. Holding the dildo deep in her he lifted his hand up to lick her taste off them. Joanne’s eyes widened slightly.

“Umm nice, I want to lick you when you cum.” He told her, she nodded her face flushed and bright. With a smile he went back to pushing the dildo into her. He did not go fast but, instead he rammed it in hard and deep. Leaning onto his hands to add his weight to each thrust. Joanne grunted as he pushed into her, the moaned. He pulled out, thrust in, out, in, repeating the process again and again. Joanne began to moan loudly, her hands clawing at the bedding. Then he suddenly sped up, ramming the dildo in and out with fast hard strokes.

“Fuck, fuck oh god yes.” Joanne gasped as he started to slam the dildo in and out. The volume of her moans jumped sharply. As he thrust in and out Michael reached his free hand up to the clasps on her corset. He undid the top two clasps, just enough to free her nice round breasts. Pulling the corset open he took one of her breasts in his hand and squeezed hard. “Unn yes.” Joanne said with a gasp. He began to paw at her breasts. Digging his fingers into their firm flesh. Twisting them, pinching her hard nipples. All the time ramming the dildo in and out as hard as he could. Joanne’s moans grew harder, louder. They began soft cries, then grew into wild screams of passion.

“Oh Michael, fuck Michael baby, I’m, I’m, unnnnn FUCK!” Joanne screamed just as she exploded into her orgasm. Her head arching back, her hands reaching up to claw at her bed head. Michael quickly pulled out the dildo, dropping his head down between her legs to lick at her pussy. He heard Joanne’s gasp as his tongue probed into her. “Fuck me, yes baby.” She cried out as he licked in her. Michael made soft murmurs of pleasure as he tasted her. Pushing his tongue deep into her pussy, licking at her juices. Tasting her deep, raw flavour. All her passion and lust tied into one. Joanne cried out and rocked on the bed as her orgasm ran its course. As it ended she reached down to drag him up to lay on top of her.

“I want you, in me, NOW!” She said, gasping the words out. Michael reached over to grab the pack of condoms. Quickly he pulled one out, opened it and sheathed himself in it. He moved to between her legs, guiding his cock to her wet entrance. With a long slow thrust he entered her, pushing himself fully into her so he was buried to the hilt inside her.

“Yes, yes baby.” Joanne gasped.

“Fuck me.” Michael moaned as he felt her tight wet pussy wrapped around him.

“Yes, fuck me baby, fuck me hard.” Joanne said, so he did. He began to ram into her with deep, hard thrusts. Driving his cock as far into her as he could. “Oh fuck, god, yes baby yes.” Joanne gasped clinging to him as he rammed in and out of her. He kissed her neck and shoulder, nipping at her skin. She groaned as she moved under him, pushing up into his thrusts. He could feel her body rocking under him from each thrust. Moving each time he slammed into her.

“Yes, fuck me hard, fuck my cunt hard baby.” Joanne urged, between moans of pleasure. Michael kept up his pace, groaning as he felt his cock slamming into her tight pussy. Her body gripping him like a vice, as if she never wanted to let him go. “Harder, fuck me harder.” Joanne ordered, “rape my cunt like I was a whore.” Michael was shocked to hear the words coming out of her mouth. Normally she was so nice and generally polite. Not, it seemed, when having sex. Then she was a wild, foul mouthed animal. And he loved it. Reaching up he grabbed a handful of her hair, yanking her head back so he was looking in her eyes.

“You want it hard?” He said, she nodded. “Rough?” Another nod. With a snarl he increased the power of his thrusts. Using all his strength to ram into her. “Like that.” He hissed through he teeth.

“Yes, yes.” She gasped back between his thrusts. She grunted each time he entered her, moaning as he thrust hard and deep into her body. He felt her clinging to him. Her legs curled around his thighs, her hands reaching down his back. Pushing him down into her as he rammed in and out. Michael kept up the power of his thrusts. Slamming into her hard, fast, with as much force as he could. He felt sweat covering his back as he rammed in and out. Only his stamina from his running was keeping him going, and he was getting close to the end of that. Even more than that he was getting close to loosing control and cumming. He had been totally aroused when he had fucked her mouth, then when he had made her cum with the dildo. Now he fought not to cum, wanting to enjoy the feel of ramming into her hard. He had never been like this with a girl before, and he was surprise how much he was enjoying it.

He heard Joanne’s cries growing deeper, hoarser, wilder. She dug her nails into his buttocks. Thrusting up into him each time he slammed into her. He suddenly remembered how she had cum when he fisted her in his attic. Reaching his one hand up he dug the fingers into her one breast. Twisting it, hard but not to cause real injury to her.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck baby, Babyyyyyy!” Joanne gasped, then screamed as he felt her shatter under him. Her body jerked with her orgasm. She dragged her nails up his back. He hissed at the sharp sensation, then gave a deep groan as it sent him to the edge of his own orgasm. What little control he had been using went. He grabbed her hair, yanking her head right back. Ramming into her harder, his need to cum adding strength to his thrusts.

“Fuck me!” Joanne cried out at the sudden extra power in his thrusts.

“Take it, take it all you hot little slut.” He snarled to her as he reached his peak. Ramming in with every ounce of his remaining strength he came. Shuddering as he orgasm exploded.

“Oh baby, cum baby.” Joanne gasped through her own orgasm. Clinging to him, shuddering as her orgasm slowly died. Michael grunted deep in his throat as he emptied himself. Holding his cock as far in her body as he could. Finally his orgasm died and he sank down on her for a few seconds. Then, before his cock lost its erection, he pulled out of her and removed the condom. He shifted off Joanne to drop the used condom onto it’s packet. Then turned to look at her.

Her face and neck were covered in a sheen of sweat. Her long auburn hair was tangled from where he had pulled on it. She was breathing hard, gasping for breath. Her face flushed, and her eyes glinted with lust and passion. Michael could feel the sweat on his body. He knew that his eyes were matching hers. He lay beside her on the bed, gulping in air. For several seconds neither of them could speak, only draw in breath. Then finally Michael felt he could speak.

“So was that what you wanted?” He asked, Joanne nodded.

“That was totally amazing.” She said to him, “it was ok for you?”

“More than ok, that was fantastic. I’m a bit shocked by how much I enjoyed it. Never had a girl want me to be rough with them before. It was good.” Joanne smiled and looked relieved.

“That’s great, the couple of other guys I’ve been with just couldn’t do it. You were prefect, god you made me cum so hard it was intense.” Now it was Michael’s turn to smile. Glancing down he saw that her breast was red, long welts from where he had grabbed it at the end. He carefully reached up to touch the welts.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” He said, Joanne looked down at her breast.

“Erm… Yes, but not too much and I liked it so no problem.” Michael blinked at her.

“You liked it.”

“Well, at that moment it was just right. When you twisted my breast you made me cum.” She said, lifting her hand to cover his. Pressing both hands into her breast. “And it doesn’t hurt now, just feels so sensitive.” As she spoke she used his hand to squeeze and knead at her breast. Michael quickly took over, rubbing his fingers into the firm flesh. Running them over the hard nipple, flicking it. “Mmmm baby.” Joanne moaned softly as he rubbed at her breast.

“You’re still turned on aren’t you.” He said, she nodded.

“And you’re not?”

“Of course I am, I’m playing with your hot breasts while you lay there looking like that.”

“Oh like what?”

“Like you’ve just been totally fucked.” Joanne laughed lightly.

“That’s because I have been by you, and I want to be again.” Michael looked at her slightly amazed.

“You want to do it again?” He asked slowly.

“Yes, but not in the same way.” Joanne said and she pushed herself down to the bottom of the bed. Michael twisted round to watch her as she went back to the wardrobe and pulled out her strange box. She put it on her floor and reached in to pull out a small tube, which she threw at Michael. He caught it and glanced down at it.

“KY Jelly, what’s this for?” He asked her.

“You ever fucked a girls ass?” Joanne replied.

“No… Wait, what!?” Michael gasped, Joanne smiled at his reaction.

“I want you to fuck my ass, that’s to go on your cock so it’s easier.” Michael looked at her in astonishment. Then down to the tube in his hand, then back up at her. “That’s if you want too?” Michael took a couple of seconds to consider it.

“I’ve never thought about it.” He said finally, “but I’m up for trying it out if you want.”

“Cool, just not too hard. I don’t want you too…” She shrugged not able to put into words her thoughts.

“Rape you like you were a whore.” Michael said, repeating the words she had used while they fucked. She blushed and nodded.

“Er, yeah that.” Michael laughed softly at the embarrassed look on her face.

“Don’t worry about it, it was right at that moment and I was kind of turned on by you talking that dirty. And I won’t be that rough on you this time.” Joanne gave him a small smile, relieved that he had not minded her words. She walked slowly back across the room. As she did she began to undo the last few clasps on her corset top. When she reached the bed she slowly pulled the corset off her and dropped it too the floor. Then bent over to rest her hands on the bed, looking at him with a deep look of desire.

“Fuck my ass baby.” She said in a low whisper. Michael swallowed at the carnal desire in her expression and in her voice. He stood up and moved round to behind her.

“How do I do this, do I just put some of this on my cock.” He asked, she looked round at him.

“And use your finger to rub a little in my ass.” Michael nodded, opened the tube and squirted a small amount onto his ring finger. He pressed it against her anus, pushing softly. When that was not enough to enter her he pushed harder and his finger slid into her. Joanne gasped softly, a low sound of pleasure. Michael pushed his finger deep into her ass, rubbing the jelly into her. She felt very tight around him and he suddenly wanted to be inside her ass. He pulled his finger out of her slowly. Then he squeezed some of the jelly onto his cock, which had hardened while he had fingered her ass. Joanne looked back at him and smiled.

“Looks like you’re well up for it.” She said, he giggled softly and nodded in reply as he rubbed the jelly over his cock. “You know what the good thing about this is?” Joanne asked him, he shook his head. “You can cum in me without a condom.”

“Oh yeah, nice.” Michael said, finished rubbing the jelly over himself. He dropped the tube onto the bed and moved to stand behind her. Joanne watched him as she positioned his cock against her anus. Slowly he pushed forwards, looking down he watch as her anus opened around him. His cock slowly vanishing into her ass. He pushed all of himself into her, until his groin was pressed against her buttocks.

“Oh fuck.” Joanne said, drawing the words out into a low moan of feeling. Michael could not say anything. He was simply overwhelmed by the feel of her ass around him. It was so tight, so warm, so good. He held himself in her for a few seconds then pulled back, sliding totally out of her. Before sliding back in as deep as before. “Fuck!” Joanne hissed, Michael matched her with his moan of feeling. Slowly he began to fuck her. Pulling out then thrusting back in. Burying himself totally in her ass. Feeling her opening around him, the way her ass gripped him tight. “Oh baby, that feels soo good.” Joanne moaned, still watching him.

“Yes it does, your ass is so tight Joanne.” He said to her as he continued to push in and out.

“Faster, you can go faster if you want.” Joanne told him, he nodded and curled his fingers around her hips. He increased the speed of his thrusts. Driving himself into her deep each time he entered her. Joanne groaned deeply, lowering her head down to rest in on the bed. Michael built up his speed, thrusting harder and faster into her. Joanne’s moans grew faster and deeper as his thrusts sped up.

“Oh baby, uun fuck my ass baby.” She gasped to him. Soon he was thrusting in and out with deep fast movements. Pulling her into his thrusts with his hands.

“God you feel so good Joanne, fuck so good.” Michael told her, sliding in and out hard and fast.

“Fuck me, oh baby fuck me yes.” Joanne gasped back over her shoulder. Then arched her head back as he thrust in even harder. “OH FUCK.” She cried at the extra power of his thrust.

“Baby, I really want to do you hard.” He said, she glanced back at him and must of seen the desperation in his face. Slowly she nodded her accent. He sharply increased his thrusts, slamming into her harder and faster.

“FUCK, ohgod, baby, FUCK BABY.” Joanne squealed as he slammed in and out of her. Michael groaned and grunted at the feel of his cock buried deep into her tight young ass. Reaching under her he grabbed her breasts. Pulling her up until she was stood upright, her back pressed into his. He pawed at her breasts, digging his finger into them hard. Slamming up into her ass, which was suddenly even tighter and warmer around him.

“Oh god, Joanne, fuck baby soo good.” He gasped into her neck as he fucked her ass repeatedly. She reached round to grip his buttocks, pulling him into her ass. Michael ran one hand down to rub at her pussy, running his fingers over her. Feeling how wet she was, he began to finger her clit. “God, close, unn baby so close.” He gasped as he felt himself loosing control.

“Yes, cum in my ass, fill it baby, fuck my ass.” Joanne said to him, arching her head back onto his shoulder. Michael slammed in to her hard, lifting her up with each thrust.

“Oh god, oh god.” He gasped with each thrust. The sensation of her ass, so tight, his cock buried so deep into her, was overwhelming. He rushed to the peak of sensation, his thrusts wild and needy. Ramming up into her as hard as he could. Hearing the sound of his thighs slapping against her buttocks. Joanne was crying out, shrill sounds of pure feeling. He dug his hand into her breast and thigh as he reached his peak.

“JOANNE, FUCK BABY CUMMING!” He screamed as he erupted. Joanne groaned loudly as he came. Pumping his cum into her tight ass. He was pushed up into her, lifting her up onto her toes with the power of her thrusts. Only his hands gripping her held her up.

“Yes, cum in my ass.” Joanne said, gasping out each word. Michael groaned and gasped as he emptied himself into her. His face pressed into her neck, holding her tight against him until he had emptied himself totally into her. Then he slowly released her, pulling back as his orgasm ended. Joanne groaned as he pulled out, sinking down onto the bed. Michael staggered back, resting his hand on her wall.

“Fuck me.” He breathed, amazed at just how good that had felt.

“Exactly.” Joanne murmured from the bed as she slowly dragged herself up onto it. “That was…Fuck that was just wild.” Michael nodded with a soft laugh. His body was shaking from the after effects of his orgasm.

“Is it always like that.” He said, she shrugged.

“It’s not been like that before, must be you.” Again he laughed, as he did he staggered back and his foot hit something on the floor. Looking down he saw the box she had taken the dildo and jelly out of. He turned and sank down beside it.

“What else do you have in here?” He said reaching for it.

“No, don’t…” Joanne started to say, but he had already opened it. He looked in the box with a wide eye look of shock.

“What the fuck.” He said as he took in the manacles, the two dildos, the blindfold, a small riding crop and a strange pink item that looked like a squashed feather duster. He turned to look at her, lifting the squashed duster up. “What it this.” Joanne looked embarrassed and glanced down before speaking.

“It’s a flogger.”

“A what?” She climbed off the bed, took the flogger off him and then slapped it against his hand. It was hard, sharp but not painful.

“It’s for flogging me with.” She said slowly.

“Flogging you with, you want to be hit with this.” She nodded slowly.

“It doesn’t hurt more it about the feeling of it.” She said, “the crop is more painful.”

“And you’ve been hit by these thing before by who.”

“Erm, me, no guy has ever seen inside this box before.” Michael looked at her for a moment.

“You’ve used this on yourself.” She nodded, looking worried about his reaction. “Would you want me to use this on you.” Again she nodded, now even more worried. Looking back in the box Michael spotted three books. He grabbed one and looked at it. ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ said the title. Michael had heard of the books, who had not, but had never read it.

“There kind of my guide.” She said, “that and the net. You can borrow them if you want.”

“Ok, I will just to see what it is you want me to do.”

“Ok, just remember that I’m like Ana in the books. I like the kinky fuckery but not the whole contract Dom bit.” Michael looked at her blankly. “You’ll understand when you read the books.” He nodded and closed the box, moving back to the bed. Joanne joined him, still looking worried.

“You’re not put off by this are you.”

“Honestly I’m not sure, I’ll read the books and see what I think. But, I do like fucking you hard like we just did. I’ll see, that’s all I can say.” She nodded, her face dropping. “Look, I’m hoping that we can still get together after your holiday. I love having sex with you.” He said, she smiled perking up a bit. “The rest I’ll try and see what I think, ok.”

“Ok, I’m guessing that there’s no more sex today then.”

“Erm no, I’m kind of in shock now so not up for it.” He said, then pulled her into a hug. “I don’t mind hugging and kissing for a bit. We’ll see, maybe I might use the other condom after a while.” He told her, his lips pressed softly against the top of her head. She looked up at him with a smile, then kissed him softly. The pair sank back onto the bed, in each others arms. Softly kissing and holding each other. As they lay there Michael considered the differences between his two friends. How both of them seemed to match different sides of his sexual nature. Olivia was matched to his soft, gentle side. While Joanne seemed to match a darker more forceful side that he had never known was there before. He still had no idea how to sort the situation he was in out. But, for the moment, he was in now rush to sort it out. He was simply going to enjoy it for as long as it lasted. Then he would just have to deal with the after effects.
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