This is about me and my younger cousin.
To start, this is a true story about me and my cousin Samantha. This happened about 3 years ago when I was 16 and my cousin Samantha was 11.

My mom was rushing me to get packed so that we can go over to my Aunt Jessica's house for a visit. I take a 10 minute shower and throw a whole lot of random clothes in my backpack because we where going to be staying over there for about a week or so. I get ready and tell her that "I'm going to go out to the car". I head out to the car, And to no surprise I ended up waiting for my mom for about 20 minutes, When she finally got into the car and got all her things in the back I turned the music on for the long 1 hour drive over to her house. We have not seen them for about a year or 2, and the only thing I remember about Samantha was that she was a pretty 9 year old starting to grow her beautiful body. I have always like Samantha because one day when she was 5 I was watching t.v and she came in and sat on my lap, She kept jumping up and down and moving around. After about 10-15 minutes of my little cousin jumping around i came for the first time in my pants, Being only 10 and being horny almost all the time I started to watch t.v a lot with her and she would always sit on my lap. Her mom and my mom didn't think anything about it because we where both still really young.

After about half an hour of driving I start thinking about the last time I saw my cousin Samantha and it started to get me all excited. We arrived at their house around 5 or 6 pm so the sun was just going down. I get out of the car and see my little cousin running over to us with a really small shirt that showed some of her stomach and some black tights that hugged her nicely formed butt and a little bit of a camel toe. She comes slamming into me giving me the biggest hug she has ever given me and kisses me on the cheek "Hey John and aunt Silvia I haven't seen you two in so long".

"I know, you have grown up so much the last time I saw you, you where just a little taller than my knees" I say jokingly because she has always been a really short girl being around 4'11 or 5 feet. Me being a lot taller than her being 6'2 I would always make jokes about her height. My Aunt Jessica comes out and also greets us and we walk into My aunt says " Are you two hungry I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and some corn". Sense I didn't have a chance to eat before we left I was the first to say "Yes" and my Mom also fallows me with a "Yes", We head over to her table that was not that big at all only fitting around 2 or 3 people. Me my mom and my cousin Samantha sat down at the table to eat, But I was focused more on how beautiful my little cousin has gotten long smooth brown hair nice small size she was not super skinny but she was not fat she had just the right fat in just the right places. We talked until we where done eating.

After we where done eating my Aunt says "Lets get in our PJ's and watch a movie so we can start going to sleep". And sense my PJ's where my boxers I slip out of my pants and shirt and head over to the living room where my aunt was setting up the movie. And I almost fainted when i saw my little cousin come down in one my shirts that went down to her knees seeing her little nipples through the white fabric. She says "I hope you don't mind I didn't have any other clothes to change into".I say "Oh that's fine just don't mess it up" I say jokingly she looks at me and sticks her tongue out at me. My aunt and my mom start to get comfortable on the couch with their blankets and pillows, My cousin grabs us a blanket she jumps up on my lap, and covers us with a blanket and the second she did I could tell that she did not have any panties on, the only thing she was wearing was my old t-shirt, My aunt says "why are you sitting with John on the recliner" my cousin replies in her cute little girl voice " well its just that I have always sat on Johns lap while we watched movies, I didn't think it was going to be a problem" My aunt then says " well its fine as long as you two are comfortable". My aunt turns around and starts the movie, while I sit down on the recliner that is farther behind the couch so you would have to completely turn around to see what was going on in the recliner, so it gave me the perfect opportunity to play with my cousin. The heat coming from her vagina gave me an instant hardon, because the only thing between my penis and her vagina was the thin cloth of my boxers.

My cousin was moving her little butt and vagina around on my penis trying to get comfortable, and in the process the front of my boxer where pushed half way down revealing half of my rock hard penis, Luckily the movie was just loud enough to block out my heavy breathing. I started to get bolder and I put my hands on her naked thighs, I almost lost it when she quickly puts her hands on mine and moves it over her hairless vagina, She starts to move it up and down so I take over and start rubbing her little clit, she was moaning really quietly so our parents wouldn't hear us. I then take my middle finger and start to put a little in her vagina and slowly work it in more until my fingers are hitting her Hymen, I whisper into her eat saying "This might heart a little but it will feel good after. She says "Ok I will try to be quiet". I push it in more and put my hand over her mouth in case she tried to scream or something in pain so I push my finger through her Hymen and she bites onto my finger. I started to finger her until my aunt started to move. I stopped just in time because she turned around and said "I'm going to go up to my room to go to sleep I'm really tired had a long day"

Me and Samantha say "Ok goodnight love you"

My mom soon follows with "Yea me too it is not comfortable on this couch can I sleep in your bead Sis?"

My aunt says "Yea of course"

So my mom and aunt leaves to go to my aunts room and the second they closed the door my cousin reached down and grabbed my throbbing dick and swelling balls, she starts to stroke it and rub her pussy on my penis while she jerks me off. So I lift my butt of so I can pull my boxers off so it would be easier for us to continue, I start to rub my dick on her pussy and slowly lift her up so I can put it at her entrance. I slowly set her down on my dick and only half of my head got into her vagina so she spit on her hand and rubbed it all over my penis, that almost made me cum right there and then feeling her rubbing her hot spit on my penis. Now that my penis had her spit on it, it slid in my entire head and every time I lifted her up and back down my dick would go in more. When it finally got all the way in I say there for a second to enjoy the feeling of being inside of her. She says to me "Fuck me John, Take my virginity", The way she said it made it even more exciting for me. She then started to bounce up and down slowly, and every time she would go all the way down her butt hitting my stomach would make a small slapping sound. after going in and out of her about 5 or 6 times she says to me "I'm cumming John mmmmm" After she was done with a minute long orgasm she fell back onto my stomach and just sat there until I started to fuck her again, right away she was moaning. After about 20 minutes I came inside of her and I pushed my dick even farther in when I came in her. She says "Thanks John I love you", I say "I love you too". We just sit there with my dick and cum inside of her until we fall asleep with my dick still inside of her.

I wake up with a raging boner, realizing that I was still balls deep in my cousin I begin to fuck her again, And right as I do she starts to moan "mmmm John yes fuck me". I tell her "SHHHHH we need to be quiet I don't know where your mom and mine are" She says "Oh shit sorry it just feels so good", I fuck her slowly for another 5 or 6 minutes and I cum again inside of her. She kisses me on the lips and gets up sliding my cum covered dick out of her pussy and slapping it down on my stomach. While she was walking away I saw drops of my cum dropping out of her vagina so I quickly pull my boxers up and get a paper towel and clean it up. I go to the bathroom to flush the evidence and my cousin was in there peeing, I walk in and she says "Come in and close the door", I did and she pulled me closer pulled my boxers down and instantly started sucking my cum covered dick, I was so surprised when she did that, I grab her little boobs started to pinch her little pink nipple while she was sucking me like a pro. She made me cum really fast it was not a lot because I shot all my cum in her just 5 minutes ago. I start kissing her and then I hear a knock at the bathroom door and my cousin says "I'm in here" my aunt Jessica says "Wheres John I can't find him", my cousin says " I don't know go look outside". The second she leaves I run out the door, I go to my aunts bathroom and walk out of her room as if I where using it. I say "Hey how are you?, how did u sleep last night", She replies with "Not that good your mother was hogging all the bed so I didn't sleep good, How about you?" I say "it was good I was more comfortable than I thought with Samantha sitting with me" She says "Yea it did not look to comfortable, Well anyways I wanted to tell you that I'm taking Samantha to go and get her haircut and nails done for a late birthday present". I say " That's cool I hope you two have fun". Nothing else ended up happening that day or that night because she was gone all day and she slept with my aunt. So I just found a pair of her dirty panties and jerked off into them.

The next morning my aunt and mom went out to go run some errands and I was woken up with a wet feeling on my dick, My little cousin was ridding my dick while I was asleep. I tell her "O my god that feels so good", "Where is our parents?" I say in a panic thinking they would walk in on us. She said "Calm down they are gone running errands", "O ok I just thought they might walk in on us". she continues ridding my dick she had 4 orgasms and I came inside of her 2 times before we stopped. The last few days we fucked like 2 or 3 times a day because I was leaving soon. When we left their house my little cousin said to us "Please come back and visit more often it was awesome having you guys over". "ok we will when I am not working" says my mom. I went back a month later and every month sense and we fuck like little bunnies to this day.
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