Dear reader, This is Chapter one of the true stories of David and Sadie (The authors). Please read the complete prolog. It will explain a lot. Don’t worry, it will get interesting and steamy, especially if you understand the full context of the stories. Enjoy! David & Sadie
Sadie – Prolog

In 1957 The US Food and Drug Administration approved a progesterone based pill for the treatment of severe menstrual disorders. A major side effect was that it also prohibited conception. Almost immediately, an unusually large number of women reported severe menstrual disorders. In 1960 it was approved for contraceptive use and by 1965, six and a half million women were taking the pill primarily for birth control.

During that decade, the Vietnam War was raging, war protesting was constantly in the news and the Hippy movement was getting into full swing. Peace and Love were the mottos, bras and draft cards were burned and the term “Free Love” was coined as the battle cry of the “sexual revolution”, supported by those six and a half million prescriptions. (Today, in 2013 that number is over one hundred million worldwide.)

What “free Love” and birth control really meant, was permission to be promiscuous to the fullest extent and those that embraced it freely gave themselves over to the hedonistic pleasure of the flesh at the slightest whim and in record numbers.

Of course as with any new trend there are those who oppose change and shout the coming destruction of the human race because of the corruption of the youth. But youthful indiscretion has been going on since the beginning of time and adults have been decrying their excesses in every generation. As hard as our parents tried to protect us from the sins of the world, we were witnessing the beginnings of the worldwide mass media. We could see on television, things that took place only days, or hours before, or if forewarned, live like the first moon landing.

Juxtaposed in our living rooms with somber commentary by Walter Cronkite, were firefights in the jungles, protests in the universities and free love and communes in city parks. Life magazine published pictures of semi-nude hippies at Woodstock, and the sexual revolution was out in the open and in full swing.

The morality of the hippy generation was discussed, condemned, praised and displayed for all to see. Young adolescents, becoming naturally curious about their own sexuality were drawn to this culture and unintentionally encouraged by the media to experiment beyond the socially accepted boundaries of the time.

While Sadie and I never became Hippies in the true sense, (we didn’t wear love beads and peace symbols, or tie-dyed shirts and bell bottoms, and we never owned a Volkswagen of any kind), we did embrace the sexual revolution at an early age, learned to live it without judgment or jealously and came to love each other deeply, joined in what has come to be called an “open marriage” for over forty years now.

I won’t tell you that our marriage has been perfect, if you’re not disagreeing now and then, you’re not talking to each other. Love and relationships are built on trust and communication and adherence to spoken and unspoken rules. As soon as you lie or hide what you are doing, trust begins to disintegrate and if it continues, it will eat a relationship like a cancer until there is nothing left but resentment and hatred.

I will say however, that we have never argued or fought over sexual issues. Our sexual journey began as teenagers, with multiple sex partners and by the time I proposed to her we were far beyond jealousy and possessiveness. We had developed the unspoken rule that nothing went on that wasn’t planned or discussed in advance, or immediately disclosed afterward.

The planning was hot, plotting how to seduce this person or that, and usually resulted in a passionate session together, and the disclosure of a recent affair, with lurid details only served to turn up the heat in our own bedroom afterward. As we’ve grown older, our stamina has flagged a bit and our drive has slackened and we’ve begun to talk about sharing our experiences. Maybe it will add a little fire back in our relationship, although we are more in love now than ever, it’s ok to be a little less active and slow down a bit.

These are the true stories of Sadie and me and how we were caught up in the sexual revolution and propelled by our experiences into the twenty first century by morals and practices learned at that early age from each other, our friends and lovers and the world around us.

The general facts are true. The conversations and dialog are generally true but colored by time and often modified to fit the flow of the stories. We’ve disagreed in our recollection of some instances, so there are creations of compromise. Some of the specific events did not occur necessarily in the exact chronological order we’ve described but for the most part each encounter happened and they are recorded here and in the stories to follow, to the best of our recollection.

Naturally names and places have been changed, including mine, I will be David here, and my wife will be Sadie, of course not our real names. Each of the fictional characters we introduce will be based on a real person. None have been added through fantasy or invention and few who participated in our adventures have been left out as far as we can remember.

We are co-writers although Sadie has suggested that we post under my existing login name rather than start over, but know that we are collaborators in matters of fact. We want these stories to be more than hasty sex stores. We are taking care to present them in an entertaining way as much as possible. We are concerned with grammar, spelling and vocabulary. Please forgive any mistakes that may slip through, we are only human after all. And please forgive us if we take more time than you may like between chapters. We would rather do them well than do them fast.

We hope you enjoy our stories.


Sadie - Chapter 1 – Awakenings – 1964

In June, 1966, the year of my seventeenth birthday, cousin Jen came to spend the summer with us in Southern California. That was the year indelibly etched in my mind that my sex life was brought fully awake and aware, instigated quite unexpectedly by a beautiful cousin, two years my junior. Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t a virgin by any means. My very first girlfriend and I had given our virginity to each other on our first date, something that, if not rare in the sixties, was at least rarely talked about. She broke up with me when I betrayed her with her manipulative best friend. (Read the “Maritime Law” series, the first two chapters are modernized versions of my true story) By the time Jen came to visit, I was dating a girl from a different school on the rebound. My sex life was adequate but alive and I really couldn’t complain, at least I had a sex life.

But the roots of this story really began two years earlier in Mobile Alabama, when Jen was only twelve and the seeds of her sexual awakening were planted by her best friend Sadie.

Jennifer, who everyone called Jen, was the second of three daughters. In 1964 her older sister Jess, short for Jessica was sixteen, a sophomore in High school. Her younger sister Julia, who we called Jules, was only ten. Their mother, my Auntie Abby, was one of eleven brothers and sisters, all but one of which still lived in or around the Mobile area.

Obviously there was a good deal of Irish in Uncle Sean’s blood because although he had a medium complexion and dark hair, all three of his girls were flaming redheads with brilliant green eyes and creamy complexions accented with light sprinkles of freckles across their noses. Jess and Jen wore their hair in the popular “page boy” style, cut straight around the head, just below the ears with bangs straight across the forehead. Jules however had such kinky, curly hair that it could never be tamed at any length and I always remember her with a great mop of brilliant red curls wildly splayed out from her head at all times. The closest I can come to describing her today would be that Princess Merida in the movie “Brave” is a dead ringer for Jules as a child, both in looks and in attitude.

Jen’s adventurous Aunt Joyce, the youngest and only one of the siblings who had moved with her husband away from Mobile was my mom. This resulted in the annual tradition that on even years, my younger brother and two younger sisters and I travelled to Mobile to summer with the family, and on odd years one or more cousins from Mobile came to California to spend the summer with us.

Sadie lived next door to Jen and her sisters and had been Jen’s best friend since they were babies. At just a couple months apart in age, they had grown up together, started pre-school, then kindergarten together and had been in the same class at school since the first grade. It happened that Jen’s house was right on the corner where the school bus stopped so Jen and Sadie rode to school together, sat together in class and came home together. They also spent weekends and holidays together and were often the extra child with the opposite family on local outings and trips. On the weekends they slept over at each other’s houses more often than not and most of their parent’s friends were not always sure which family either of them belonged to.

At two months older then Jen, Sadie was always a half a head taller with raven black hair that hung straight down to her waist and darker skin that turned deep brown in the summer. At eleven they were skinny, gangly, awkward and secretive, constantly tittering to each other behind cupped hands and forever giggling as young, best friend girls often do. At thirteen, while still gangly and awkward, they were both beginning to develop more curves than angles and were keenly aware of their changing looks and feelings.

What they also shared were intimate secrets, desires, dreams and fantasies. When very young, these included ponies, unicorns and handsome princes. As they approached puberty the handsome princes started to take center stage, eventually replaced simply by boys. This topic came up one night between Sadie and Jen during one of their sleepovers at Sadie’s house. They were lying side by side in Sadie’s twin bed as they often did, even though there was a guest bed in the room, and Sadie mentioned that Rusty Johnson had kissed Betty Lou Baines on the playground at the park that morning.

“Eeewwww!” Jen exclaimed, “That’s nasty.” And the friends giggled together.

“Yeah, but they both liked it.” Sadie replied.

“Eeewwww!” Jen reiterated, then more giggles.

“But didn’t you ever wonder about it Jen?” Sadie asked.

“I don’t know, maybe… A little.” Jen admitted.

“Don’t you want to try it?” Sadie asked, knitting her eyebrows together.

“I don’t know, maybe. But I don’t know any boys I want to kiss.” Jen said thoughtfully.

“I’m not talking about a boy, I’m talking about just trying it to see how it feels.” Sadie said.

“But I don’t know anyone to try it with.” Jen said flatly.

“I mean you and me silly. Do you want to just try it right now to see what it’s like?” Sadie said exasperated.

“What! You and me?” Jen replied shocked. “Eeewwwwww!”

“Why not?” Sadie asked. “We’re best friends and if you can’t try something with your best friend who can you try it with?” she reasoned.

“I don’t know.” Jen replied, unsure where this was going. “It sounds a little weird to me.” She hesitated.

“I’m not talking about making out Jen. I just want to see what it’s like to kiss someone.” She said reasonably.

When you’re very young, your best friends can greatly influence you and after a moment Jen relented, “OK, I guess so.”

They sat up on the bed and leaned towards each other. They both closed their eyes and Jen promptly poked Sadie in the eye with her nose. They giggled some more and tried again, eyes open this time. They had a short battle of noses until their lips finally met, mouths tightly closed then giggled some more.

“I don’t know, it didn’t seem that great.” Jen finally said.

“Yeah, but I think we’re supposed to open our mouths or something.” Sadie said leaning in towards Jen.

Both girls were quick learners so there were no more nose collisions. Their lips met this time, still a little awkward but softer and they held the kiss for a good five count before they broke away and stared at each other wide-eyed.

“Oh, wow! That made me feel all goose bumpy.” Jen said.

“Yeah,” Sadie gulped “Let’s try it again.” And she quickly leaned in towards Jen.

Jen leaned forward and this time the kiss lasted several seconds. They pulled back and looked at each other then moved back together. Sadie gently brushed her tongue against Jen’s lip and Jen Jerked away with wide eyes, but she leaned back in and licked Sadie’s lip. “That made me REALLY tingly… down there.” Sadie said, dipping her eyes down towards her lap.

“Yeah,” Jen breathed and leaned in once more. This time their tongues found each other and Sadie put her hand behind Jen’s head and they held the kiss much longer and much deeper. Sadie scooted closer, sitting between Jen’s legs and wrapping her ankles around Jen’s waist. Their arms found each other and they entwined themselves into a soft embrace, continuing to kiss each other rather passionately now.

They both began to breathe heavier and Sadie was slightly rocking her hips, trying to press closer to Jen, pressing their pubic bones together. Jen pulled back, “What are you doing?” she asked shocked.

“I don’t know. It just made me feel so … good.” Sadie replied. She paused a long time, embarrassed, unsure but finally spoke. “Jen, do you ever touch yourself?” she asked shyly.

“What do you mean, of course, how can you dress or eat or wash without…”

“I mean like, down there.” Sadie interrupted.

“Well, yeah, I guess, when I take a bath and stuff.” She said.

“No, I mean to make it feel good.” Sadie clarified.

“What do you mean, feel good?” Jen replied with a quizzical look on her face. “I just wash it and wipe it and stuff.”

Sadie hunched her shoulders and whispered conspiratorially “Oh, Jen, I’ve been dying to tell you about this but it’s kind of embarrassing, but listen… No, I can’t tell you… But it’s just amazing, it feels so good, it was just…”

“SADIE!” Jen almost yelled. “WHAT?”

“Ok, sorry, ok. So I was taking a bath and I got in the tub before the water was all filled up and I put my hand in the faucet and it kind of squirted over and hit me, you know, down there, and it was really warm and it felt kinda’ weird, but nice, you know? So when I washed myself there I started rubbing it more than just regular washing, like a real long time and pretty soon I don’t know what happened but I got all tense and weak all at the same time and just fell back in the tub all warm and tingly and tired like after we run around the playground for P.E. class, but really good. It was really, I don’t know… nice.”

Jen shuddered a little at that, she didn’t know why, but something about Sadie’s story made it sound interesting, desirable and there was that unmistakable funny feeling she got down there that she was newly aware of.

“So I got out of the tub and went to bed but I just couldn’t stop thinking about it and I started to feel all warm down there again just thinking about it and I couldn’t help it but I had to touch it again and this time it was kind of wet down there, all slippery and nice and I did it again in my bed. It felt even better that time and I thought I was going to pop a blood vessel or something but it just made me feel so good and relaxed I went right to sleep real hard.” She practically sighed.

Jen wasn’t sure what was going on but she had to admit, this kind of talk was making her feel a little funny in the stomach too, especially after the kissing.

“So anyway, Sadie continued, I woke up in the middle of the night and I already had my hand down my pajamas and was rubbing myself again so I kept doing it until I did it again and went back to sleep, then when I woke up in the morning I did it again and every time it feels better and better.” She whispered.

They were lying back down in the bed by now and a motion under the covers caught Jen’s attention. She lifted the covers to see Sadie’s hand buried in her pajama bottoms. “Sadie! What are you doing? Don’t do that right here in front of me!” she protested.

“Why not?” Sadie moaned, “We kissed already, we’re best friends and it feels really good.”

“No way Sadie, that’s nasty.” Jen said in a disgusted tone.

“No it’s not. Only if you think about it like that, but it feels so good it can’t be nasty.” Sadie said as she increased the speed of her fingers below.

Jen held the covers up and looked at her friend’s hand now furiously working between her legs. It made her feel even funnier down there and she squirmed a little in the bed. Sadie was now breathing faster and her hips were starting to rock back and forth. Her speech came between gasps, “If you… rub right… on the little… bump right there… it really… feels… IEEeeeeee!” she trailed off as her back arched up in the air, lifting her rear off the mattress and she held her breath, her face tuning bright red. She let it out with a moan and collapsed back, deep into the mattress, completely spent, panting in the darkness.

Jen’s eyes were wide with astonishment and she couldn’t help but put her hand down between her own legs and press on herself. She was surprised to find that the bottoms of her pajamas were damp and the touch of her hand had a slightly electric feel to it. She jerked her hand away, her mind reeling in confusion.

Sadie’s breathing was returning to normal and she said, “That was a really good one. You should try it Jen, really, you won’t believe it.”

Jen hesitated, “I don’t know, it seems kinda’ I don’t know, funny, really.”

“Oh come on.” Sadie urged, “It’s just you and me, it’s not nasty, it feels really good.”

Jen put her hand back between her legs and rubbed through the fabric of her pajamas. “I don’t know, it feels ok I guess, but not, I don’t know, you know, amazing or anything.”

“Put your finger in the middle down there and find the little bump right above where you potty and rub it.” Sadie instructed.

Of course Jen had touched herself there before, when she wiped on the toilet, or when she bathed, but until now she had never touched herself in a sexual way. Something about this situation made it a little naughty, a little exciting. She slipped her hand down her pajamas and pressed her finger between her slit. When she found her little clit, she jumped in surprise. As she began to explore herself she found new sensations she hadn’t been aware of before; new, delicious, naughty sensations.

She looked over at Sadie who was lying there looking at her and smiling. “See? Feels good huh?” she encouraged.

But she needn’t have encouraged. Jen was finding new pleasure as she explored all around, above, beside and on top of this new special place. Soon her hips were rocking up and down of their own accord and her hand was moving faster and faster. She had two fingers rubbing up and down on either side, pinching herself slightly between them and after maybe five or six minutes, she felt a warm glow raise up from between her legs, flow over her stomach, tingle her tiny nipples and then release itself in a hot wave of little body spasms and jerks that seemed to rush up from below and stream out through her face

“Oh my gosh.” Jen whispered.

“See, I told you.” Sadie whispered back.

“I didn’t know anything could feel that good.” Jen sighed.

“It only gets better.” Sadie said.

“Mmmmm.” Jen trailed off.

“See?” Sadie said again and the two friends lay side by side on their backs, staring at the ceiling, gently rubbing themselves to sleep.

It became their routine to put themselves to sleep with self-inflicted orgasms and for a while it was enough for them. When school started, the sleepovers became less frequent as they always did, restricted to weekends, but now they began to ask questions of their older schoolmates and they heard about nasty stuff that people supposedly did to each other and they couldn’t believe people would actually do those things.

One night, lying side by side in bed with their hands beneath their Pajamas, Sadie said,” Betty Lou Baines said she let Rusty Johnson touch her titties.”

“No she didn’t.” Protested Jen.

“Yes, over at the park by the old dirt road!” Sadie giggled.

“Did she like it?” Jen asked.

“She said it made her feel all tingly.” Sadie said.

“Hhhhmmmm… I wonder what it would feel like.” Jen said and absently as she reached a hand up and rubbed one of her still forming little breasts.

“I rubbed mine too after she told me about it. It feels kind of good but I think it must be different when a boy does it.” Sadie mused. “I wonder.” And she reached over without warning and cupped her hand over Jen’s breast and squeezed it.

“Eeewwww!” Jen protested, “Get away!” as she swatted at Sadie’s hand to get it off of her.

But Sadie persisted and smoothed her hand around Jen’s nearly flat little breast and found that her tiny nipple swelled and hardened as she twirled her fingers over it through the thin cotton of her pajama top. Jen’s protests diminished at the realization of what she was feeling and her breathing increased as she succumbed. “Oh, my gosh Sadie, do the other one.” She panted.

Jen’s orgasm was the hardest she’d had so far and Sadie begged her, “Do me now!”

Jen reached over and copied what Sadie had just done to her, cupping her developing breasts and swirling her fingers over the nipples. “Oh, my gosh Sadie, they’re getting really big!” she exclaimed. “I’ll bet if we rub them like this every day they’ll get real big like the high school girls.” They both giggled. “It feels so different when somebody else touches them.” And Sadie agreed.

Now Jen took the initiative. “I wonder what it would feel like if somebody else touched you down here.” She said as she slid her hand under Sadie’s and cupped her friend’s mound, sliding one finger between the very wet folds and replacing Sadie’s finger with hers on Sadie’s sensitive little bump. Sadie jumped at the suddenness of it. Up until tonight neither had touched the other there, but Sadie realized immediately that the feeling was exponentially better and moaned softly.

Jen sat up in the bed to get a better angle, slipped her other hand under Sadie’s pajama top and began massaging and squeezing her bare breasts. Sadie clenched up her entire body immediately at the touch and grunted between clenched teeth, “Yes, there, oh, oh, there, there…” and then spasmed into her strongest orgasm so far, then “Stop! Stop, oh please stop… unghhhh… wow!” she breathed.

“That was so cool Sadie! Do me, do me!” Jen gushed and flopped herself down on her back lifting her pajama top exposing her young breasts and spreading her legs under the covers.

Sadie rolled to her side and slipped her hand under Jen’s pajamas and began to find the right spots based on Jen’s little intakes of air and soft moans. “Touch my titties.” Jen begged but rather than change position and comply, she had a sudden urge to lean over and take one erect nipple in her mouth. Jen jerked at the feel of it and immediately moaned into her friend’s hair. Within a very few moments Jen was wiggling and jerking under Sadie’s ministrations and lay back completely spent. “Why did you do that?” Jen asked breathless.

“I don’t know.” Sadie whispered, “It just seemed, you know, right there and I just had to suck on it. You liked it.”

“Oh, I loved it!” Jen said, “I’ll show you later.” She said softly and they drifted off to sleep.

For the next few sleepovers the friends continued to experiment with kissing, rubbing each other, touching and suckling each other’s breasts to enjoyable little orgasms, until one night while Jen was rubbing her down there, Sadie suddenly reached down and pulled her pajama bottoms off to give Jen better access. By now, anything Sadie did was becoming less of a shock and more of a curiosity so Jen simply continued rubbing her, sucking lightly on her nipple. When Sadie pulled her top off, Jen stopped. “Sadie, you’re naked! Put your pajamas back on!”

Sadie replied by rolling over on top of her friend, backing down the covers and gently pulling Jen’s Pajamas off with only a slight halfhearted objection from her friend. Jen even raised her shoulders and helped shrug out of her top. The two friends were completely naked now for the first time in their sexual journey.

Sadie slowly lowered herself down over Jen, stared into her eyes, turned her head and kissed her, As Jen opened to her and their tongues began to explore each other, Sadie lowered her whole body down onto Jen’s and pressed herself, breasts to breasts, stomach to stomach and thigh to thigh, down their entire lengths. Jen reached up and put her arms around Sadie and they pulled themselves together, experiencing a whole new set of feelings.

Of course they had been naked in front of each other before. Since they were tiny children they bathed together. Still did actually, but always in a utilitarian way, baths were just for cleaning. They dressed in front of each other and only recently had started to notice each other’s changing bodies. But this was completely new, the feeling of soft skin against soft skin.

As they lay there kissing, Sadie’s knee found its way between Jen’s and they both parted their legs to allow the other to press a thigh against their smooth little mounds. They each noticed the moisture coating their thighs and pressed harder against each other until after a few minutes of this new stimulation they both shuddered in satisfying little orgasms.

“Oh my gosh Jen, new rule: no more pajamas in bed on sleepovers.” Sadie breathed.

“No,” Jen agreed. “That felt… nice.”

Sadie rolled off to the side, one leg hooked over Jen’s thigh and one arm wrapped over her chest, lightly cupping her breast and they drifted off to sleep.

The next day was Saturday and Jen’s family had planned a day at the beach. Jess was sent upstairs to wake the younger girls for breakfast and knocked lightly on the door. “Jen, Sadie, breakfast!” she called through the door. No answer. She tapped again lightly and called out. Still no answer. She tried the doorknob and it opened. She pushed her head into the room to call out again, and was met by the sight of her little sister and her friend, with the covers down below their waists, entwined in each other’s arms, fast asleep and as naked as the day they were born.

Jess looked down the hall to see if anyone else was there. She slipped into the room and closed the door behind her. She walked over to the bed and put her hand on Jen’s shoulder and shook it gently. “Jen! Wake up!” she said. After several attempts Jen finally stirred, woke with a little smile on her face and now Sadie also began to climb out of her deep sleep.

Jess saw her gently kneed Jen’s breast and cuddle closer to her best friend as she awoke and then there was a sudden explosion of bodies as Jen and Sadie awoke enough to realize what was happening. They pushed away from each other grabbing at the sheets, trying to get covered up quickly but realizing it was too late. Jen had the bedspread pulled up to her chin and was staring at Jess with wide frightened eyes. Sadie had given up and was still uncovered but holding her arms crossed over her chest in a failed attempt at modesty. Neither of them said a word.

“What on God’s green earth are you two doing?” Jess demanded, looking down at them with her hands on her hips.

“Nothing.” Jen squeaked out.

“It didn’t look like nothing to me.” Jess said sternly, “Neither of you have a stitch on and you’re wrapped around each other like a couple of two bit… I don’t know what!” she concluded.

“We were just… sleeping.” Jen said lamely.

“Naked.” Jess accused.

“Well, we just…” Jen trailed off.

Jess stiffened, pointing a finger at them both in turn, “Not a word to mom or dad, we’ll talk about this later. Time for breakfast. Get dressed and get down stairs now!” she commanded.

She left the room and the girls sprang out of bed frantically searching for their clothes and made it downstairs in record time but with hair mussed and clothing disheveled.

Jen’s mom and dad were putting plates of food on the table and Jess and Jules were already digging in to bacon eggs and grits. They took their places and ate self-consciously, finishing before everyone else, then excused themselves and headed up to the shower with barely a word to anyone.

“What in the world’s gotten into those two?” Jen’s mom asked.

“Oh, they stayed up too late. They’re not awake yet.” Jess said finishing her orange juice, excusing herself and taking her plates to the sink. “I’ll go hurry them up.”

At the beach, Jen and Sadie moved off a ways from the family and spread their towels on the powder white sand of Gulf Shores and lay down together. Jules had brought her friend Theresa and they were busy building dribble castles down by the water.

After a while, Jess came over and spread her towel down next to Jen and Sadie. They both looked up at her nervously. “So what’s going on with you two?” she asked straight out.

“We… we’re just…” Jen stammered.

“Experimenting?” Jess finished for her.

“Yeah, kinda… we didn’t mean to do anything wrong, we just…” Jen tried again.

“Wanted to try some stuff.” Jess said.

“Yeah.” Jen sighed quietly.

“Have you tried any stuff with boys? “She asked sternly.

“NO!” they both cried in unison.

“Besides we don’t know any boys we want to try anything with.” Sadie concluded.

“Good.” Jess said with finality. “So. What have you tried so far?” she asked like an inquisitor.

“Well, we kissed.” Jen offered

“And we touched ourselves, to, you know, make it feel good… down there.” Sadie said.

“Have you been touching each other?” Jess asked.

They both paused a few seconds. “Yeah, kinda.” Jen admitted.

“What do you mean kinda?” Jess demanded, “Either you have or you haven’t.”

“We have.” Sadie admitted. “It feels a lot better than doing it to yourself.” She offered.

“What else?” Jess demanded.

“Nothing, really!” Jen pleaded.

“Oh? I saw Sadie squeezing your tit this morning.” Jess reminded them.

“Oh, yeah. We do that. But that’s the same as touching isn’t it?” Sadie asked.

“OK, I’ll give you that one. What else?” she asked again.

“Noting really Jess, I promise!” Jen said in a pleading guilty tone.

“Don’t worry sis.” Jess assured her. “I won’t tell anyone. Does anyone else know about you two? Any of your other friends?”

“Never! We only talk about it and try stuff when we have sleepovers, only some of the girls at school have told us stuff but we don’t know if it’s true, nasty stuff but we never told anybody we were… trying it.” Jen assured her, lowering her voice

“Ok!” Jess said acting the wise older sister. “From now on you talk to nobody but me. If you have a question you ask me and I’ll tell you the truth. So you don’t get in any trouble or anything, you guys let me know if there’s anything you want to know. I can probably tell you some stuff you don’t know about, and it won’t be silly stuff that your friends are making up.”

Jen and Sadie were visibly relieved. First that Jess was being a cool older sister and would keep their secret but second because they now had a high school girl they could ask questions of and not feel embarrassed by it. When you’re thirteen, a sixteen year old sister is practically a font of unquestionable knowledge. “Jess! Is it true that boys like to lick you… down there?” Sadie asked right off.

“Yes.” She answered immediately. “Not only that, but you’ll love it when they do.”

“Eewwww.” Said Jen reflexively but already she could imagine warm breath between her legs and she started to get that familiar tingle. “Wait, how do you know we’ll love it?” she asked.

“Never mind.” She said sternly and Jen took the hint.

“Do you have to kiss their thing?” Sadie asked.

“No, but boys really like it if you do, and suck on it too. They love that.”

“Eewwww. That’s really nasty!” Jen protested but was aware of renewed warmth in the bottom of her bathing suit. “Hey, wait! How do you know THAT?” she asked and Sadie looked at her with wide eyes.

“We’re talking about you two, NOT ME!” she said emphasized, but the statement wasn’t lost on the two younger girls.

“Do they really rub it on you… down there… to make you pregnant?” Jen asked.

“Well they have to actually stick it inside you to make you …” She started but was immediately cut off by a twin harmony of “EEeeewwwww!” from the girls.

“Stick it inside where?” Jen asked incredulous.

“Inside your vagina.” Jess replied factually. “You guys really don’t know anything do you?”

They shook their heads in unison, so Jess began a lesson on sex education identifying all the important parts: that little bump is your clitoris or clit, the opening beneath that is your vagina, or pussy, honeypot, beaver or snatch. A boy’s “thing” is his penis, prick, cock, or dick. And she told them about virginity, cherries, condoms and pregnancy. That feeling you get when you just need to release was called being aroused, hot or horny, and the release was an orgasm or coming.

When she had finished answering all of their questions Jen and Sadie were both squirming on their towels and Jess looked down at Sadie’s crotch. “Got you all horny, huh?”

Jen followed Jess’ gaze. Sadie’s swim suit was soaked down there. “Oh my gosh Sadie did you pee your pants?”

“No.” was all she said as she squeezed her legs together and shuddered with a tiny orgasm.

“Nice.” Jess said, raising an eyebrow. “Maybe you should go get in the water before momma and daddy see you.”

“Yes.” Sadie shuddered. She got to her feet unsteadily then walked quickly down into the warm Gulf saltwater.

For most of the next year the girls talked about boys, pleasured themselves and each other, questioned Jess about things they didn’t understand and lest we think they were obsessed only with sex, they also fussed over clothes, parties, gossip and the plethora of girly things that young adolescents have obsessed over since the beginning of time.

When the summer of 1965, arrived, Mom packed my siblings and me off to Alabama for our semiannual visit with the cousins. I was sixteen that year and my sister Susan was fourteen, the same age as Jen. Our brother Martin was only twelve, and the youngest, Sally was ten. When we visited, we were generally split up among the cousins based on our relative ages and sexes so Marty and I were immediately parceled out to Uncle Jakes family since Jake Junior, who everybody called Little Jake was the same age as me, and because Marty was a boy.

Susan and Sally of course went to stay with Uncle Sean and Aunt Abby since Susan was Jen’s age and Sally was only a year younger than Jules.

I guess that put a strain on Jen’s and Sadie’s privacy since Jules and Jen both had spare beds in their rooms, Jen got to share with Susan and Jules with Sally. The sleepovers at Sadie’s house were curtailed as well out of the good manners involved with entertaining the California cousins, so Sadie and Jen were mostly restrained to conversations about fashion, gossip and other girly topics. All of the families did what families do in summer and they entertained us well. Aunt Lila made the finest seafood gumbo I have ever tasted and we had it several times each summer and gorged ourselves on it. We went to the beach, sailing, water skiing, shrimping, crabbing, fishing and just about anything else you could think of. We visited our other aunts and uncles and a myriad of other cousins, young and old, some married with kids of their own creating a whole subset of second cousins to visit and play with.

Towards the end of summer each year, my parents came out from California for the week an all eleven siblings, their wives or husbands and children and grandchildren gathered out on Dauphin Island at Uncle Jakes stilt house on the strand for a big family reunion. A week of sleeping on pallets in the living room, bedrooms, on the balcony or out on the sand, eating Southern delights, sunning, playing and visiting to exhaustion.

During the reunion of 1965 I noticed Susan, Jen and her friend Sadie constantly giggling, pointing and watching me and Little Jake the entire week. Little Jake just told me they were silly girls and to ignore them. They were just now developing and all had small breasts that barely filled their swim suit tops, narrow boy hips, knobby knees and awkward mannerisms that were just on the fence between interesting and obnoxious.

I ignored them and spent the week with the boy cousins and my uncles, boating, water skiing and doing guy things together. At the end of the week, we returned to our respective relative’s houses, packed our things and headed back to California, deeply tanned and sorry to leave.

The first night we were gone, Jen went to sleep over at Sadie’s house. As soon as they were cuddled naked in bed Sadie gushed, “Oh, my goodness Jen, your cousin David is simply dreamy handsome!”

“What? David?” Jen replied somewhat shocked.

“Yes! He’s just oh….” She tailed off.

“But he’s my cousin!” Jen protested.

“So? He’s not my cousin.” Sadie replied with a wistful smile.

“No, I guess not.” Jen replied, “But he’s on his way back to California right now, so that’s a waste of your time.”

“Oh, I think I could wait for him.” She said dreamily.

They said nothing further since Sadie was now rocking her hips against Jen’s leg and they broke off the conversation in favor of some long overdue and very intense orgasms.

Throughout the following school year life went on as always and while they often talked of boys, they continued to find satisfaction just between themselves. One evening in December when Jess was answering questions, the topic of virginity came up and Jess expressed the understanding, with no personal experience to back it up, of course, that losing one’s virginity was quite a painful process, and without the right boy who would be gentle and kind, it could be a singularly unpleasant experience.

The next week, Sadie could barely contain herself when Jen came over. “Jen, I have an idea!” she whispered conspiratorially.


Sadie pulled a large red candle about an inch and a half in diameter and about six or seven inches long out from under her pillow. “Look at this!” she said grinning from ear to ear.

“A candle. So what.” Jen stated flatly.

“I found it when momma was unpacking the Christmas decorations. Jen, it’s about the size of a … penis.” She whispered.

Jen’s eyes opened wide and she giggled. “And?…” she paused.

“Jen, if we use this, to, you know, make us not be virgins, then when we do it with a boy it won’t hurt. Get it?”

“I don’t know…” Jen said skeptically.

“But Jess said it would hurt the first time and it might not be nice. If we do it ourselves, then he can’t hurt us and it will be nice.” Sadie reasoned.

“Who can’t hurt us?”

“Him, I don’t know, whoever we do it with.”

”We’re both going to do it with the same boy?”

“I don’t know, I’m just sayin’… Oh Jen, be serious!” Sadie urged.

“I don’t know,” Jen worried. “I’ll have to think about it.”

“Ok, but it’s a good idea. It makes me horny to just to think about something that big inside me. We’ve never had anything bigger than our fingers…” she tailed off and sighed.

Jen shuddered.

When it was time for bed, they stripped naked as always and slid under the covers together. They intertwined their arms and legs and kissed each other softly. Sadie reached down and cupped her hand between Jen’s legs and began to massage her gently, swirling her finger softly around Jen’s clit, eliciting little mews and moans from her friend. Jen reciprocated and they were soon humping each other’s hands rapidly until Sadie flooded Jen’s hand in a body seizing orgasm.

“Oh, my god Jen…” She sighed. “What would if feel like if a boy did that?” she wondered. She reached under her pillow and withdrew the candle.

Jen looked at her skeptically. “Sadie?”

“I want this in me Jen. I have to have it in me now.” She stated urgently. She stroked it in her hands a few times then reached down and put it to her entrance, pushing and twisting it gently until the end slid past her lips and entered her by an inch or so. She stopped, a look of surprise on her face. “Oh, that’s big.” She sighed. “Do it for me.” She begged.

“What? You’re crazy!” Jen said, wide eyed.

“No I’m not, I want it in me like a boy. I want more than a little finger, but I need you to do it. I want to not be a virgin.” She begged again.

Jen was skeptical but she sat up in the bed and took hold of the end of the candle. Sadie lay back and spread her legs apart while she bit her lower lip uncertainly. Jen pressed on the candle and twisted it a little. “Yes, like that.” Sadie panted.

Jen pushed it a little further and Sadie’s eyebrows knitted together. Jen pulled it back, almost all the way out. She looked down at her friend and saw her opened wider than she had ever seen before, saw her clit, standing out between her parted lips. She couldn’t help herself. Jess had told them girls liked to be licked there. They hadn’t tried that yet, but right now it simply seemed like the thing to do. She bent over, pressed the candle back into her friend and gently licked her clit.

“Ieeee! “ yelped Sadie and Jen backed away. “No!, do that again!” she pleaded and Jen bent lower and licked it again. “Oh, my god Jen, why didn’t you ever do that before?” and she arched her hips up towards Jen’s tongue.

Jen was too busy to answer and began to suck lightly on Sadie’s clit. At the same time she twisted the candle and pressed it forward. It only went in so far and she pushed and twisted a little harder. Sadie was bucking on the bed now, making it hard to maintain contact with her tongue. She pressed her mouth down over Sadie’s mound and sucked hard. At the same time, the motion of Sadie coming up to meet her and the pressure she was putting on the candle suddenly achieved critical mass and when the candle plunged deep inside Sadie she let out a loud yelp and Jen clapped her hand over her mouth to keep her quite.

Too late. There was a light rap on the door and Sadie’s dad outside, “Girls, bed time. Quit your giggling and twittering in there and go to sleep.”

“Sorry Daddy.” Sadie managed to squeak out between clinched teeth.

“Thank you.” He said and they listened with held breaths as his footsteps receded down the hall.

“Oh, god, that hurt!” Sadie said squeezing tears from the corner of her eyes.

Jen started to pull it out but Sadie clamped her hand over it and said “No, leave it. Do that some more… with your mouth”

Jen leaned over and began sucking and licking anew. After a moment, Sadie began rotating her hips again and Jen started pushing and pulling the candle in and out. Just a little bit at first, but soon it was almost all the way out, then plunging all the way back in as far as he could push it without losing her grip on it.

Sadie was bucking and heaving and breathing hard. She pulled a pillow over her face and screamed into it as her knees raised, her toes curled and she seized up, spasmed hard and squirted a gush of pink tinged liquid out from all around the candle.

Jen didn’t have to think any more, she withdrew the candle, soaked in Sadie’s juices, twisted it gently into her own soft opening, stroked in and out three of four times and jammed it violently up inside herself, stifling her cry having been forewarned by Sadie’s reaction and sat cross legged on the bed, hissing through gritted teeth, rocking gently, holding the end of the candle tightly inside her.

Sadie lay on the bed still shaking and spasming in little jerks, not yet down from an amazing orgasm.

Jen began to push the candle in and out of herself while rubbing her clit with her other hand.

Sadie rolled her head to the side and watched awhile, then sat up and gently pushed Jen over on her back and began to return the favor Jen had done for her. As soon as Sadie’s breath passed over her Jen shuddered and when her tongue and lips actually touched her she felt she was in complete heaven. Nothing about their previous activities could even come close to this new feeling of warm, moist heat, electrifying her own soft moist parts as they were stretched to new limits by the candle, itself a new sensation never before imagined by either of them.

She shuddered, twitched, felt the warmth boiling up from inside her then violently pushed Sadie’s head away, clamped her knees together, holding the candle deep inside and rolling into a fetal position on her side making little “hun, hun, hun,“ sounds.

“Sigh… oh Sadie, this is my new best friend.” She said withdrawing the candle and holding it in front of her.

“Really? What about me?” Sadie teased.

“I’m not sure about you but I think I’m in love with your tongue.” She teased back.

Sadie rolled over and hugged her. They wrapped their arms around each other and fell sound asleep for the night. Sadie woke first and seeing her friend lying on her back, breathing evenly, she felt around the bed and pulled the candle out from under the covers. She slowly inserted it again inside her friend. She leaned over and began to suck on Jen’s breast and push the candle in and out. Jen’s hips woke before she did and she was freely humping the candle when she awoke to the top of Sadie’s head at her breast.

In just a few moments she came again hard and Sadie squealed in delight. “Good morning horny girl!” she cooed. And Jen just smiled back contentedly. Just then Sadie’s mom called out “Breakfast girls!” and Sadie, wholly disappointed not to have time for another turn with the candle rolled her eyes as she rolled out of bed and got dressed for breakfast.

The candle indeed was their new best friend and they experimented liberally with it and practiced their oral skills on each other. Still, as good as it all felt, they both were desperately curious about how it must be with a boy.

One evening they were talking about it once again and Sadie finally said, “We need to get a boy.”

“I know,” Jen agreed, “but we’ve already talked about it a hundred times. Do you want some high school jerk that will just do it and quit like Jess said?” Jen said.

“I know, but I just want to feel what a real penis feels like.” Sadie said.

“Well if that’s all you want, there’s always Rusty Johnson.” Jen offered. “He’s done some stuff with Betty Lou, she told us. And if we’re both there, we could make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. Besides he’s a year younger than us so we could boss him around to keep him quiet.”

“Yeah, maybe. We need to get him alone somewhere and get him to do it to us.” She agreed.

They talked and plotted and finally came up with a simple plan to get Rusty to the park. He met them at the old maintenance road behind the park the following Monday after school and they led him down to the drain culvert underneath on the pretense of showing him something. “What do you guys want?” he asked, a little leery of the secretive behavior and the strange location.

“We know you did some stuff with Betty Lou Baines and we want to know what it’s like.” Sadie told him.

“What stuff?” he said defensively.

“Oh, don’t worry Rusty, we won’t’ tell anyone. Stuff like kissing her and touching her tittles. And we want to do some other stuff.” Jen told him, getting close to him.

He backed away from her but bumped into Sadie standing behind him and she wrapped her arms around him. “We’re not going to hurt you or anything, we just want you to kiss us and stuff.” She told him.

“And we want to see your… thing.” Jen said.

“Yeah, and stick it in us.” Sadie continued.

“Wh… what?” he stammered

“Yeah, we want to do it with you.” Sadie said as she stepped in front of him, unzipped his fly and unbuttoned his jeans.

“But… but…” Rusty couldn’t even speak. Sadie reached down inside his underwear and fished out his already rock hard penis. It twitched in her hand but Sadie’s eyes showed her surprise that Rusty had not yet even begun puberty and his little boy penis, although stiff as a twig, was not much bigger around than her thumb.

“It’s just… tiny.” She said, disappointed but still holding on to it.

“Yeah, but it’s still a boy.” Jen said trying to salvage the disaster.

“Yeah,” agreed Sadie, “I guess. It still might feel better than a finger.”

“Why don’t you try it anyway.” Jen suggested.

At that, Sadie lifted up her skirt and pulled her panties down to her ankles and pushed up close to Rusty who tried to back away with eyes wide, but got himself pinned against the side of the culvert. Sadie duck walked up against him and spread her knees and tried to lift herself enough on her tiptoes to get his little penis between her legs, but the moment the smooth skin between her thighs touched the end of his quivering little member, he made a guttural grunting noise, jerked his body a couple of times and ejaculated a tiny amount of whitish, mostly clear liquid onto Sadie’s skirt.

His eyes opened even wider, his face took on a look of abject terror and he darted out of the culvert, running for home, all the while trying to tuck himself back into his jeans and get zipped up before anyone could see his humiliation.

Sadie pulled up her underwear as she watched him go. “We need an older boy, who’s not a virgin.” She said flatly.

“Um, hum.” Agreed Jen. “One who’s not afraid of girls.” She added.

“We need David,” said Sadie.

“But he’s in California.” Reminded Jen.

“I know,” Sadie replied. “But you’re going to California this summer, so here’s my plan…”

Chapter 2 – The Summer of My 17th Birthday
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