This is chapter ten of the true stories of Sadie, (my wife) and David (me). How we met, discovered, schemed and molded our sexual lives, beginning in the nineteen sixties, the height of the sexual revolution. Characters and events in this chapter depend on references and descriptions from earlier chapters. So if you have not yet read the previous chapters, we hope you will consider going back and reading them first, starting with, Sadie 01 – Prelude and Awakening.
Sadie – Chapter 10 – Christmas Break & The People’s Park

The morning after the voyeur episode with Penny and Kathleen, I was leaving for an early morning class when Kathleen passed me in the hall returning from the showers. She saw me coming, made a slight show of adjusting her towel in such a way that just before she secured it tighter around her chest, I got the briefest flash of her naked body underneath and as she passed, looking up into my eyes she whispered “that was SO hot.” Right behind her were Penny and Shirley, similarly clad, with heads together, tittering and giggling and smiling at me with knowing looks and bright eyes.

I felt a slight reaction in my pants and smiled back.

The following morning, I wrote;

Dear Sadie,

I told you I thought Penelope might be ready for a little group sex. Well it didn’t take her long. I guess she and Kathleen told Shirley all about it and yesterday they were completely obvious. Last night when I got back to my room from my night class, there was a note on my door that said “Need the plumbing checked.” I dumped my books on my desk and went across the hall. When I went inside, the room was lit with only a few sand candles in macramé hangers.

Penny was sitting on her bed, on top of the covers, naked with her hands between her legs and across the room, in Kathleen’s bed sat Kathleen and Shirley, huddled under a blanket, I could barely see their eyes shining in the candle light, staring at us.

To tell the truth, it felt a little awkward, like I was part of a show or something, but I got undressed and climbed up on Penny’s bed and knelt down between her legs with my butt up in the air facing the other girls. I started licking Penny and she moaned, maybe a little louder than usual. I think she was putting on a show. After a little while, she had a little shuddering orgasm and I could hear the other two girls tittering on the other side of the room.

Penny pushed me backwards and turned me sideways on the bed took me right in her mouth. She very deliberately pulled her hair over her shoulder so the other girls could see everything and I saw her glancing over at them now and then. I could also see that there was some motion going on under that blanked but I couldn’t tell if it was independent or mutual.

Finally, Penny climbed up on top of me and got me inside and started moving up and down real slow. And she was looking at the girls the whole time. I could tell it was really turning her on doing it in front of then and it didn’t take her long to have a really good, really loud orgasm for them. (And me!).

I pushed her over on her back and lay down on top of her with her feet pointing at her friends and put it back in and did it real slow and sexy as I could so they could really see it going in and out.

Then I felt somebody’s fingers on my balls and when I looked around, Kathleen, still all wrapped in her blanket was kneeling on the floor beside the bed, stroking me. Shirley was beside her on the floor, wrapped up in a different blanket but she only sat and watched until I finally came real hard inside Penny.

When I rolled off and lay next to penny, both of us panting and sweaty, Kathleen moved up and started licking me off and sucking me hard again, which didn’t take long. Then she climbed up out of her blanket onto the bed without ever letting go of me and got to the 69 position so I could do her at the same time.

Penny reached up and put her hand on Kathleen’s rear while I licked on her and every time I hit a sensitive spot, I could feel her react down there on me. Shirley was still sitting on the floor but her blanket had dropped down so I could see she was wearing a bra and when she caught me looking at her she pulled the blanket up and covered herself, looking down kind’a shy.

I stretched out my arm out to her but she shook her head and shrunk back a few inches so I didn’t insist. After a few more minutes, Kathleen turned around and lay down on me and we kissed for a while, then she sat up and lifted me up so she could sit down on me and it was right in front of Shirley. I asked her if she was protected and she said yes, then she sat all the way down so I was completely insider her. Shirley made a little squeaking gasping sound when she saw that, right in front of her face, close up and when I looked at her she looked away real quick.

Her blanket was falling open again and she scooted up close to the bed and put her hand over one of Kathleen’s breasts and since she was close enough I reached out and put my hand over hers. She jumped and pulled away, but then came back closer and took my hand and put it over her own breast but looked real shy about it. That’s when I got the feeling that either she had never had sex before or for sure never in a group.

I think I told you before, that Shirley is like this child prodigy math wizard and she graduated high school two years early and got accepted on a full scholarship to Berkley and she only just turned sixteen over the summer.

Anyway, I could tell she was shy but excited so I kept caressing her breast real gentle and pinching her nipple just a little bit through her bra while she was kind of doing the same thing to Kathleen, and Kathleen was all the time bouncing up and down on me and had three little orgasms about a minute or two apart and finally just fell down on top of me worn out. When I felt her sweaty body press against me and her insides pulsing at me from her orgasm it made me come again too.

When Kathleen got off of me, Penny started stroking me with one hand real slow and raised an eyebrow at Shirley like “Want a turn?” But Shirley shook her head and put her chin down on her chest, totally shy and pulled away and covered herself.

That was fine I guess, since I was pretty well done, for a while at least, and the three of us fell asleep on Penny’s bed. I stayed the rest of the night and took turns with Penny and Kathleen during the night. Shirley got in her own bed at some point I don’t recall but several times while we were doing it I could see her eyes staring at us in the darkness.

I’m not going to push it with her. She’ll do it if she wants to. I don’t know how long she can hold out with all the activity going on around her but it’s not like I don’t get any, so I’m in no hurry.

How’re things in Mobile? Been back up to the University lately?

Write me. Miss you.



Meanwhile, I settled nicely into college life at Berkley. I studied hard and did well on all my exams and papers. Not straight A’s but a very high B+ average. I often had to find other places than my room at Barrington Hall to study however because I found that much of the goings on there and especially having Penelope and her roommates directly across the hall were great distractions.

Eventually I found a secluded niche in the library that suited my study needs admirably, close to the reference books I needed from time to time and quite enough that I could concentrate on what needed to be done. I do recall that it took a lot of discipline to go over there and stay secluded while thoughts of my own exploits, and the letters from Sadie were still fresh in my head.

I did, however, study in my room from time to time and whenever Starshine was not otherwise occupied, and my roommate Jeff was away from the hall, we would spend afternoons naked in my room, sometimes talking, sometimes actually studying and more often than not, entangled in each other’s arms and legs, finding all of the pleasurable spots on each other’s bodies in sweaty sessions of sexual gratification.

Sadie and I continued to write each other. Sometimes simple ordinary communications about classes, friends and family, and of course our other steamier letters in graphic, minute detail about our sexual lives.

Dear David,

YES! We went up to the university Saturday night and I told Jess and Jen I wanted to do it with a bunch of guys all at once like we did back on the island. They said I was nasty but they giggled about it. We’ve never gone back to the same house twice but we have seen some of the same people at different parties, like that James Dean guy. So this time we found a quiet little party going on at a house surrounded by oak trees with lots of Spanish Moss. We all said it reminded us of Little Jake and Beth’s tree house. It had a big wide screened-in veranda all around the house and there were maybe 30 or 40 students mostly sitting around drinking beer and listening to Donovan and Dylan songs.

We went in and got a lot of looks from the guys and some ugly looks from some of the girls. We were dressed to kill!

Oh, David, I felt so wicked! There were these five guys sitting around the kitchen table drinking beers and bragging about football and stuff and I walked around the table and touched each one on the shoulder. Jen and Jess stood by the sink and watched and they were whispering to each other and giggling about something, I couldn’t hear. When I got to the last guy I reached up under my skirt, shimmied off my panties and stuffed them into the shirt pocket of the guy closest to the back door and walked out onto the veranda. They all shut right up and stared at me with their mouths open.

It made me so wet, David!

There was this wooden picnic table with two benches with a blanket or bedspread laying over it and the guy with my panties came out right behind me so I knelt down, unbuckled his pants, got him out, gave him a few sucks to get him hard, pulled a rubber out of my little beaded clutch, rolled it on and bent over the table and pulled my skirt up. It took him a second to recover from the shock I think but he didn’t say a word and put it right in! I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have him pounding at me right away like that, a total stranger!

I could see Jen and Jess looking through the kitchen window and the other guys all bunched up behind the screen door looking out, still with their mouths open, punching each other and whispering.

Jess finally came over to the kitchen door and pushed it open and the guys nearly fell out onto the porch and Jess and Jen followed them out and started getting into the guys pants stroking and sucking them nice and hard. It was so hot watching them do that while I was getting it from behind. I had half a dozen little shivers before he finished.

Finally he grunted a bunch of little hard grunts and pushed inside me really deep a bunch of times and I had a really nice little orgasm. It felt SO good! And Jess already had a rubber on the next guy who put it right in as fast as the first guy was gone. He didn’t waste any time and I was so turned on I could hardly stand it. I was having little orgasms on and off the whole time. Jess and Jen had the other guys ready the whole time and put rubbers on them while they took turns. I was feeling so filthy and horny at the same time… I know the filthy part was keeping me horny.

The third guy reached around me and started rubbing my clit with his fingers while he did it and by then I was so horny I just EXPLODED in a really intense orgasm and I must have screamed because a couple of people inside said something and came over to the window and looked out and that was even HOTTER!

It seemed like it took forever for all five guys but then I realized they were having seconds, and that made me even hotter STILL! I must have had four or five really good orgasms and I was SO completely exhausted but it was SO HOT!

It’s funny, but Jen and Jess never did it that night. Somehow they were having a blast just watching me get ravaged! When we finally got home, they told me when I walked around the table they decided to help me get my wish. That’s what they were whispering about at the sink. But they had to do each other when we got home since they didn’t get any. I helped a little but I was really tired. They told me it was their turn next time.

I really wanted all that stuff inside me, but Jess made them wear the rubbers because the clinic told her about venereal diseases and she wouldn’t let us take any chances. I knew she was right so I couldn’t complain but I can’t wait to see you again and do it all natural. I love it when I feel all that warm stuff running down my legs afterwards. Mmmmm, just thinking about it gives me chills.

Tell me about Shirley. I can’t wait to hear if she decides to do it!

Hugs and kisses XOXOXO



It took me several days before I finally burned that letter. The idea of watching her do it over and over with several guys was just too hot and I abused that letter several times before I finally let it go.

It also made me realize that I was taking a lot of chances too and I found a pharmacy and got up the nerve to go in and buy several large boxes of condoms which I hid under the bottom drawer of my desk. I don’t know why it embarrassed me so much. I’m pretty sure almost everyone in the Hall knew I wasn’t a virgin, it just seemed strange to me and it took a long time before I could go into the pharmacy without feeling like a perverted thief in the night.

I didn’t use them with Penny and Kathleen until it came to my attention that “Starshine” was now entertaining other guys and the first time I used one with her she was a little upset but I told her I had no idea who those other guys were or where they’d been and, it didn’t bother me what she did with her self but I would rather not take any chances and that ended the discussion and I gave her one to use the next time. Later she asked me to buy her some so she could be prepared for the next other guy.

Word got around and some other people asked me to get them, and pretty soon I was buying multiple large count boxes regularly. The Pharmacist, who now recognized me on sight, never said a word, but only raised an eyebrow when I put eight twelve packs on the counter and handed him a wad of bills. I could only smile back at him and shrug my shoulders. I guess I was the “safe sex” ambassador of Barrington Hall, only the term “Safe Sex” hadn’t been coined yet. People who didn’t know my name called me the “Rubber Man.” I really hated that nickname, but I didn’t mind doing what I was doing. I guess I helped preserve a lot of people’s self-esteem and probably prevented the wider spread of ugly stuff around the Hall, including a few babies perhaps.

In December I took a taxi into San Francisco, and hopped the train home for the holidays.

Dad picked me up at Union Station in downtown L.A. with Susan, Marty and Sally packed into his ‘66 Chevy Station Wagon. (That’s the 60s version of today’s family van.) We had a joyous reunion on the one hour drive back to the valley, and the house was filled with the warm smells of roasting turkey and baking pies when we arrived home to find mom busy in the kitchen cooking up a grand welcome home feast.

After a huge, satisfying and really delicious meal, filed with conversations, mostly about college life, professors, the hall, my friends, my roommate and my grades, mom dropped her usual bombshell, “Any girlfriends?” with a huge conspiratorial, questioning smile.

I told her about Starshine/Penelope and her room mates, how Penelope was trying to be a hippy but wasn’t really successful at it. About Shirley and her Higher Mathematics scholarship, but no, Sadie is still my “official girlfriend.”

Then I got the concerned lecture about how young people drift apart after prolonged separations and I shouldn’t expect to think she would come running back into my arms after being away so long. I shouldn’t be disappointed if she finds another boyfriend, after all there are plenty of nice boys in her school… I tuned her out after a while and I could tell that Marty and Susan were fully on my side from the smiles and winks across the table.

Sometime after dinner I broke out my fall semester report card and showed it to Mom and Dad. All A’s and one B. Mom was thrilled and Dad gave me the obligatory sass about why they weren’t all A’s, but I could tell he was proud.

After desert, we spent some more time in the family room talking and finally around ten or eleven o’clock, mom and dad, and all the younger kids went off to bed. Susan, the next oldest in the family after me had inherited my room out behind the garage, and in the same fashion that Mom had assigned Jen to the sofa bed a couple years ago, I was now assigned that guest spot in “Susan’s” room. I couldn’t have been happier, but I put on a little show of disappointment and hurt at losing my room anyway.

After another thirty minutes or so, Susan got up and went to bed and left me and Marty alone in the family room. Marty made some small talk about college life like he was interested, but I could tell something was up. He finally said, “Susan has a welcome home present for you. That’s why she left early, to wrap it up for you. We should go check it out!”

With some curious chagrin I followed him out to my old room. He slid open the glass door and peeked inside, then stood back and let me go in first. I held out my arm and ducked under the curtains to find my room fully feminized. There was a pink throw rug, pink and mint green curtains and matching bedspread, Pink and green slip covers over the sofa and a new matching pink and green easy chair off to the side, but the centerpiece of the room, on the double bed was my beautiful sister, wearing nothing but a very cliché wide red ribbon across one shoulder like a beauty queen with a huge bow in the middle and a gigantic grin on her face.

“Welcome home big brother!” she said as Marty closed and locked the sliding door.

I could only stare and she said “Come unwrap your present! I can tell you want it.” And she glanced at the front of my trousers, now beginning to feel a little tight.

With a very grateful smile, I went to the side of the bed, gently lifted the ribbon off over her shoulder, pulled her hips down the bed and buried my face between her thighs, sucking in the sweet aroma of bath soap, some very faint perfume and the heady smell of arousal as I began to nibble softly on her lips. When I found her clit with my tongue, she bucked up into my face and gasped aloud. Marty chuckled as he watched us from the easy chair and said “She’s been planning this and waiting for you for a month now.”

She rolled over and reached down to my buckle and pulled my belt off in a long loud staccato slap of leather against belt loops and fumbled with my snap and zipper until she had me out, stroking me furiously. I pulled my clothes off and climbed up on the bed where she pushed me onto my back and began sucking me hard and fast. I had to put my hands on her head to slow her down some.

She immediately twisted herself around and straddled my face, grinding herself into my mouth and chin until I had no choice but to lick her hard and press my tongue inside her very wet warm place. That was what she needed and she immediately seized up in a steel band of muscle and tendons and came hard, oozing a huge amount of warm fluids down my chin and neck as she jerked several times and finally relaxed.

I gently rolled her over onto her back, wiped my face on her pink sheets, and lowered myself down on top of her, kissing her gently and caressing her breasts. “These are a little bit bigger then I remember them.” I said, tweaking a nipple between forefinger and thumb.

“Umhmmmm.” She sighed and I softly found the opening I was looking for and gently pressed myself all the way in. We lay still for several moments until she began to gently undulate her hips. Taking the signal I started moving in and out, slowly at first, then faster and faster until I felt the familiar tightening that finally burst forth with a prodigious stream of seaman, flooding her with warmth to our very mutual satisfaction.

“That was so cool.” Said Marty softly from his chair and for the first time I realized that he was also naked and holding himself in one hand.

Suzan pushed me off and rolled me on my back, taking up the position beside me and bending on her knees to resume sucking me and licking off all of our combined fluids. At that, Marty got up out of his chair, approached her from behind and without a word entered her and began pumping in his trademark jackrabbit style.

She moaned and sucked all the harder and had a small orgasm when Marty came inside her just a few minutes later. Then she switched positions and sucked on Marty to keep him hard while I took her from behind. It took me quite a bit longer this time but I finally had a quite satisfactory ejaculation that left her wet and dripping gooey white fluids onto her bed sheets.

Marty and I spent the night with her and enjoyed several more nice orgasms throughout the night until Marty finally climbed out of the double bed and into the sofa bed.

“Marty, what’s the matter?” Susan asked sleepily.

“Nothing, but somebody needs to sleep here and mess the covers so Mom won’t suspect anything.” He said as he rolled over and went almost instantly to sleep.

“Good point.” I said as I spooned up behind my sister and slid myself, newly hardened inside her.

The next afternoon I wrote Sadie and told her every detail of my homecoming.

For the week before Christmas, we went to Christmas parties, visited friends, had some great family dinners and evenings and generally did the things families do at Christmastime. We decorated the tree and the house, I helped Dad put up the strings of lights around the eves, and Susan and Sally baked cookies with Mom or strung garland around the house.

Christmas morning we got up early with thirteen year old Sally leading the pack, still young enough to be very excited about Christmas morning. I don’t really remember what gifts we all got, but I remember giving Susan, Marty and Sally Golden Bear Jerseys and everyone was thrilled except Sally who petulantly declared that she was going to U.S.C. when she was old enough.

I told her I could take it back but she clutched it to her chest, declared “NO!” and pulled it on over her pajamas and wouldn’t take it off for the rest of the day except to change into her red velvet Christmas dress, then slide the jersey back on over it. At one point Mom whispered to me, ”She adores you David. Thanks for being so sweet to her.” And gave me a kiss on the cheek.

We went to a great New Year’s Eve party at some friends down the street and stayed up so late that Susan, Marty and I simply undressed, climbed into bed naked… and went to sleep. The next week I was back on the train to Berkley for the spring semester.

I arrived at the hall ahead of most of the others and was sitting in my room sorting textbook lists and class schedules when Shirley knocked on the door lightly and stepped into the room. “Hi David. Can I talk to you a minute?” she said softly with downcast eyes. I could tell right away something was bothering her.

“Sure, come in.” I told her “What’s the matter?”

She looked up sharply, “You can tell?” she said.

“Yeah, what’s up?” I asked again, now certain and concerned.

“Um, it’s kind of embarrassing.” She started.

“It’s Okay, don’t say anything you don’t want to say.” I told her.

“I know, I just have to talk to someone.” She started again. “Um, I guess you could tell I never had sex before.”

“I suspected.” I told her.

“And I especially never WATCHED anyone have it before. It was kind of weird watching you guys all naked together and DOING it! I felt like I shouldn’t be watching, but I couldn’t stop looking!” She said. “I mean, it really made me feel all funny and turned on, you know?”

“Umhmm.” Was all I could say at that point.

“I mean it was just so weird watching you and feeling so weird and all and I wanted to… you know, but I was embarrassed. I’ve never been naked in front of anyone before. I mean except in the shower and stuff but that’s different. That’s why I couldn’t get all the way undressed. I don’t even like to get dressed in front of Starshine and Kathleen. It’s just, I don’t know, embarrassing.” She finished and looked up at me.

“Okay.” I said, “You never have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“Oh, I know, but that’s just the thing. I wanted to, but I was afraid. I never even saw a boy naked before you but it did make me feel like I really wanted to do it, you know? So that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” She said quietly as she hung her head and her face colored a bit.

I could only sit there and wait for her to continue.

“So on break I kinda did something a little stupid.” She almost whispered.

I sat without saying anything, just watched her face and waited for her to be comfortable enough to talk. When she did, it was a long run-on sentence that just burst out like a broken dam.

“A couple of nights after I got home my old boyfriend came to the house to say hi. It was really strange, we didn’t exactly break up when I went to college, but he’s still only a junior in high School and I felt like I was really beyond that. But anyway, he asked me out and I really didn’t have any other plans so I said yes and we went to the movies. He wanted to see 2001 and I wanted to see Funny Girl and we argued about it then 2001 got sold out and he got all mad at me and I told him to take me home but he ended up getting tickets for Romeo And Juliette and I calmed down a little but he complained about it being all soppy the whole time but it was a really good movie and so romantic I almost forgave him completely. So anyway, after the movie he drove us over to his house and I didn’t know until we were inside that his parents weren’t there and he started grabbing at me and kissing me and I was still thinking about the movie after a little while I started thinking about that night before break and how cool that was and I figured this was a guy I already knew, I mean we made out a few times when we were dating and I even let him touch my boobs a couple times so I figured now was as good a time as any and I just let him do whatever he wanted and pretty soon we were both naked, except he still had his pants around his ankles and I wanted him to kiss me down there like you did Starshine and make me all shuddery, but Justin was just rude and groped me all over and just… well, just stuck it in, took my virginity, it hurt like hell, he grunted and moaned for a couple minutes then pulled out, thank God, and made a mess all over my tummy and got dressed and took me home. David, it was just so gross and fast and stupid, not anything like how it was with you and Starshine and Kathleen, I mean they really enjoyed it, I could tell and they told me how awesome it was and it was nothing like that. Then he wanted me to go out with him the next night. It was just gross and he bugged me all break to do it again. He kept saying that since we did it I was his girlfriend and I had to do it with him whenever he wanted and I finally told him he was too immature and he got all mad and huffy and I just couldn’t wait for break to be over and get back here and I told him I never wanted to see him again because he was such a jerk.” She finally took a deep breath and sighed, “It was just gross. And now I’m not a virgin anymore and my first time was just disgusting and I’ll never have a nice first time because that’s all gone!” and tears welled up in her eyes and ran down her cheeks.

I leaned over and put my arms around her and she put her head on my shoulder and sobbed softly for a couple of minutes while I held her. She finally sat back up and I wiped her eyes.

“David, I know all boys aren’t like that, I know ‘cause I watched you with Kathleen and Starshine, so I know, but how many are just creeps like Justin?” she pleaded.

“More than there should be.” I said. “More than there should be.”

“How do you know which ones?” she asked, looking like a sad puppy.

“I don’t know. You just have to learn how to tell who treats girls nice. The guys who don’t try and make out with you on the first date. (But I was thinking of Sadie and five guys) The ones who hold doors for you and let you go first, who hold chairs at the table…”

“But nobody does that crap anymore!” she interrupted “Everybody is all equal rights and all, and girls don’t like that kind of stuff!” she protested.

“Girls with self-respect do and guys who respect girls do and when you see a guy that acts like that, he’s the guy with enough respect for himself that he doesn’t care what the feminist, women’s right crazies think and that’s the guy you’re looking for.”

“So you’re against women’s rights?” she challenged me, getting on the defensive.

“No, not at all. If you want to do something, it doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a gal. If you can do it, do it. But don’t start to think that men and women are equal in every way. They simply aren’t. For the most part, women are not physically as strong as women so I don’t know how that’s going to work out for them in construction, or as policemen or firemen. There’s just stuff men can do that women can’t. And there’s stuff women can do that men can’t and that’s just physiology.”

“Like what?” she challenged.

“Well, most notably, I’m not personally aware of any male in history who has had a baby.” I smiled and finally forced a smile out of her and we both let out a healthy laugh.

“There are other inequalities too. Like you being a math wiz. It’s not a gender thing, it’s just fact. You are a thousand miles above my head with that math stuff that I can never understand in a million years and there’s probably some stuff I can do better than you that I can’t think of right now but that doesn’t mean we’re not equal human beings. And besides, being nice to a girl and treating her with respect isn’t the same as not treating her equal. I personally like girls a lot, and I figure the nicer I am to them, the nicer they’ll be to me.”

That finally really broke the tension and we stood up and hugged long and hard, she giggling and I laughing together for several moments.

“Thanks David.” She said and kissed me in the cheek. “I knew you were the greatest!” and she turned and left much happier than she had come in.

I sat back down and thought about her for a few minutes. And all the stupid guys I knew or had heard of since I got here in the fall. It didn’t really make any sense for guys to act that way. They always ended up pissing off the girls. I was much happier keeping the girls happy.

By Sunday night pretty much everyone was back in the hall, ready for classes on Monday or Tuesday. I took all three of my across-the-hall roommates down to Fisherman’s Warf for crab and bread bowl clam chowder. We had a great time and I paid a little extra attention to Shirley throughout the evening, making sure she was comfortable and included. In the taxi on the way home, I sat between Shirley and Starshine and Shirley held my hand and fell asleep with her head on my shoulder. I had to nudge her a bit when we got back to the hall, and she leaned on my arm all the way back to her room. Kathleen and Starshine said goodnight but Shirley lingered outside their door and once we were alone in the hallway, she reached up and kissed me very sexily on the lips and thanked me for a very nice evening, then slipped shyly inside and closed the door behind her.

I turned and went to my own room where Jeffery was unpacking his Christmas Break luggage. “Where have you been?” he asked, as if he was worried about me.

“Down at the Warf for dinner.”

“By yourself?”

“No. Why?”

“I just want to know why you weren’t here. School starts tomorrow morning and you weren’t here.” He said.

“You’re the one that wasn’t here.” I told him. “I’ve been here since Friday so while the inquisition is in session, where were you?”

“At the meeting.” He said flatly like I should have known about it.

“What meeting?” I asked.

“The meeting about the parking lot dude, don’t you ever pay attention?

“What parking lot?” I was still wholly in the dark.

“Dude where they kicked out all those people, took over their homes and demolished half of them. The regents want to build a parking lot there!” he was livid by now and on his soap box. “Like, they kicked all these poor people off their own property with that Impotent domicile thing.”

“Eminent domain.” I interrupted him.

“Yeah, whatever.” It’s totally like unconstitutional man, the establishment dudes just took their land, evicted them and tore down their houses. It’s like communist man.” He complained.

“It’s like totally constitutional dude.” I mocked him. “Besides they paid the people for their property, it’s not like they just stole it.”

“Who told you that crap man. The Man just walked in and kicked U. S. Citizens off their property.” He complained even louder.

“Chill Dude.” I told him. “First, this is pretty old news, a couple of years old, second, run down to the city hall of records and look it up. I’m not going to argue with you. Get some facts first, then rant all you want. I’m going to bed.” I told him and did just that.

In reality, the news was so old that Jeff had no idea that the regents had already run out of money to build their parking lot and nobody really knew what to do with the land which was now littered with trash and old cars until finally somebody got the idea to turn it into a park. Sometime around April of 1969, local residents voted for the idea and some guy wrote an article in the Berkley Barb about the plan that got everybody all fired up, even though the university hadn’t discussed or approved the plan and on a sunny Sunday several hundred local residents and students showed up with shovels, rakes and all manner of tools and simply began building a park.

By this time, Jeff had convinced the girls and me to participate in some of his activist movements and building a park seemed to be as good a way to spend a Sunday as any, so all of us went over to see what all the hubbub was about and join in. It was dirty, muddy, sticky work and we really didn’t accomplish much that first day other than lose Jeff’s sandals in the sucking mud. But there was a festive atmosphere and we worked hard in the filth and the sweat.

At some point, a girl and a guy were laughing about the guys being able to take off their shirts and the guy challenged the girl to go ahead and take hers off if she thought it wasn’t fair, which, to a howl of laughter, hooting and hollering she did. Then the guys started proding other girls to do the same and to my great surprise, Shirley was the next to strip off her tee shirt, tie it around her waist and dig right in.

Several other girls joined in but it didn’t grow much beyond a dozen or so topless girls, digging away next to their shirtless guy friends. Kathleen joined in, but surprisingly, Starshine, who I would have guessed to be the first to strip, never did. We didn’t talk about it but just bent to the task of cleaning out old construction materials, rocks and refuse from the mud.

While we worked, I continually stole glances at Kathleen and especially Shirley as she bent and raked causing her breasts to sway with the motion. She caught me looking and just smiled at me and kept working. I noticed that her nipples were distended and hard. There was only one explanation for that in this heat and eventually she leaned close to me and said “God I’m hot.”

I smiled, “Yeah, it’s pretty warm today.”

“That’s not what I meant.” She said back at me.

“Just checking.” I said as I felt a stirring in my jeans.

“Nice.” She said, looking at my crotch.

We raked and dug for a while until somebody showed up with a water cooler and cups and we stopped to go get a drink. We stood for a while drinking and Shirley kept getting close to me and brushing my arm with her bare breasts like it was an accident, but the look in her eyes told me otherwise. Just behind the group now showing up for water there was a house with a wooden fence around it. I moved over by the gate that led to the back yard and pulled the latch string. It clicked and the gate swung open. I looked around and when I thought nobody was paying attention, I grabbed Shirley by the elbow, pulled her into the side yard of the house and closed the gate behind me, pulled her to me and kissed her long and hard.

The next night I wrote,

Dear Sadie,

Maybe you heard in the news about the People’s park we built near the campus. A bunch of people just showed up and started building it. It was so cool. Jeff got us all to go help and it was really a lot of fun. Hard work though. Anyway, some of the girls stripped topless because it was so hot including Shirley and Kathleen and Shirley kept looking at me so when we took a water break, I pulled Shirley into a side yard that had a gate and kissed her.

After like five months since we had our talk and I’ve told you about a lot of times with her watching the others with me and some other guys, I guess she was ready. She was kind of surprised but then she put her arms around me and really kissed be back. We made out for a little while and I rubbed her breasts and she started rubbing her hips against me and finally she knelt down and unbuttoned my jeans and sucked me right there. There were a couple hundred people right on the other side of the fence. It was really hot.

When I was really hard and ready she unzipped her own pants, pulled them down and leaned against the fence with her rear end sticking out. I got down and licked her all up and down and all over her clit. After only a couple of minutes she turned and said “Just put it in, please.”

So I stood up and put it in and she was starting to moan and rock back and forth and a couple of guys climbed up to sit on the fence and of course when they pulled themselves up they were looking right down at us. I stopped and pulled out because I didn’t know what Shirley would do but she said “No, I don’t care, keep going!” so I put it back in and these two guys just sat there and watched us, smiling but they never said a word.

Unfortunately, just before we could really get at it, this old guy came around from the back of the house carrying a trash bag and a broom and when he saw us he started yelling. “You filthy fornicating hippies! Get out of my yard! And get off my fence or I’ll call the cops!”

The two fence guys jumped off right away but Shirley and I had to pull up our pants and get the gate open and I was still trying to button my jeans when we just made it out of the gate with the guy swinging his broom at us. We were laughing and tripping over each other and we crashed into the water cooler and knocked it over and that started all the other people throwing paper cups and dirt clods at us and all we could do is cover our heads and duck and try and get away. So we ran all the way down Haste Street (Ironic choice of escape routes I know) back to the hall, still both shirtless and we ducked into my room and slammed the door.

We just stood there, laughing hysterically, sweaty, muddy and half naked, bending over with our hands on our knees trying to catch our breath. When we finally calmed down a little Shirley reached down and stripped off her pants and put her arms around me and kissed me. I slid my jeans off and she pulled me over to the bed but we were filthy so I laid her down on the floor, got on top of her and we kissed and held each other while I moved in and out real slow and easy but with all the dirt and mud somehow we got a little on the tender parts and it was like having sandpaper down there. You remember at the island when we had to go out and rinse off sometimes because of the sand?

So I told her we should go take showers and meet back here in ten minutes. She ducked across the hall naked, carrying her clothes and I found my towel and went down to the showers. I got back before Shirley, so I just sat on the bed with my towel around me and waited for her. It took her another few minutes but the door finally cracked open and she stuck her head in and said “My room.” and left.

I went across the hall and she was just taking her towel off and hanging it on a hook by her bed. It was really the first time I had been able to simply admire her wholly naked. She was tiny but perfect with slender legs, nice round breasts (which I had studied at length at the park) and her hips were slim with a nice little round butt. She had her hair wrapped in a towel and she pulled it off and shook her hair out.

I don’t think there is anything sexier in the whole world then a pretty naked girl fresh out of the shower. It reminded me of us at the island after we came in from the beach and got cleaned up.

I asked her why she wanted to be in her room instead of mine and she smiled real shy and said it was because Jeffery might come home soon and she didn’t want him to catch us together.

She went and gathered up Starshine and Kathleen’s towels and shower kits and hung them on the outside of the door and wrote a sign that said SHOWER FIRST on it and stuck it to the door with a thumb tack. Then she reached out her hand and pulled me over to her bed.

She sat down and leaned back and pulled me down so I pushed her legs apart and started licking on her all the way from top to bottom. She said, “No, David, just do it.” and I told her to be patient. She leaned back and after a minute or so she started breathing heavy and moving her hips so I put one finger inside and started rubbing up under her clit from inside while I sucked on it outside, you know, the way you like it? And pretty soon she had a HUGE orgasm that nearly crushed my head between her thighs but while she was still jerking bouncing, I moved up and sucked on her breast then put it in and started rubbing hard with my hips, pressing against her clit when I went in so I never let up and I was able to keep her in an almost constant orgasm for a couple of minutes until I finally came really hard inside her and she pushed me off screaming that she couldn’t take it anymore.

Sadie, I never saw anyone come that hard and long. She was in tears and I wanted to make sure she was actually ok but she kind of panted and between breaths she said to wait a minute and she wanted to do THAT again! So I lay still beside her and waited until she got calmed down and started licking her again. This time she turned around and started sucking on me at the same time so we were lying there doing each other when Kathleen and Starshine walked in together and Starshine said “Shirley?” and Shirley looked up and said “Go take a shower before you come back in here.” and they closed the door and left.

I asked her if the girls were going to be a problem and she said “Nope! That’s what I was hoping for!” So I went right back to work on her and she returned the favor. When she was good and ready and I could feel the first little shudders of another orgasm, I slid out from under her and put it inside from behind. That set her off, not as strong as the first time but plenty of muscle action. It took longer for me of course but I was just squirting a good bunch inside her when the other two other girls came back.

They stood at the door for a little while and watched us finish, then they locked the door, dropped their towels on the floor and crawled in with Shirley and me. We were both pretty spent but Starshine started right away sucking on me and Kathleen went right to work on Shirley sucking her nipples and rubbing her between the legs until we were all fired up again and I had to reciprocate with Starshine while Shirley licked Kathleen right next to my face.

We all had a bunch of orgasms and I came inside everyone at least once, I don’t remember for sure, but we completely missed dinner and I never did go back to my room, just slept with Shirley all night with the other two coming in and out of the bed during the night. Good thing my first Monday class wasn’t until the afternoon.

Hope you’re having a great semester. Only a few weeks left and I’ll be a sophomore! I love it here! Except for the part about you not being here.

I love you, and miss you!


Now that Shirley was officially into our little group sex ring, I tended to spend more time in their rooms at night than in my own. That allowed Jeffery to have a little space of his own and now and then one of his activist female friends would wind up in his room with him for the night. That was fine with me, since I had all the female companionship I needed. It got a little more crowded when the girls decided that they wanted more than just one guy and invited two guys from upstairs, Charlie and Russell over one night.

They had no idea what they were in store for however and when Starshine suggested that we all might be more comfortable without clothes they were the last to nervously get undressed. Then when they did, and Kathleen started stroking me right in front of them, they jumped on the other girls like hounds on a rabbit and we had to have a little cooling off period and give them some ground rules. They behaved nicely after that and became regulars on the weekends.

Shirley was set free. She became the sexiest, horniest sixteen year old I ever knew. She was starved for orgasms and we had to sit her down and remind her that she needed to keep her grades up for her scholarship. She settled down somewhat but now and then in the middle of the day she would show up at my door and say, “David, I need you to lick me right now.” And after a nice orgasm, (For which she sometimes returned the favor or sometimes begged me to come inside her) she would go back to her room and finish her equations or whatever she did for school.

I never could make heads or tails out of what she was doing but apparently she was doing it right because she was getting all A’s and one of her professors had made her an undergraduate teaching assistant who tutored other math majors in the really difficult concepts.

Despite what you might have heard about Berkeley in the sixties, it wasn’t all hippies, protests and sit-ins although that was a great deal of it. And the freedom that many simply took for themselves of going topless, being naked and acting unashamed around each other certainly helped to keep sex easy and accessible.

There were snags too. When the Vice Chancellor told the People’s Park Committee that he would not build anything on the park property without their approval, Governor Ronald Reagan stepped in and sent police and three hundred highway patrol officers at 4:00am on a Thursday morning to pull up the planting and construct a chain link fence around the property to keep people out. That day got to be known as “Bloody Thursday” since the resulting protests and riots resulted in one death and over a hundred and twenty injuries to students and residents who wanted their park back.

Sadie read all the news and was worried about me, but fortunately, the girls all listened to me and we stayed in the hall during the whole affair. However Jeffery was one of the injured with a broken forearm from a police baton. He just couldn’t stay silent about any of his causes. I guess that’s a lot of what the sixties and seventies were about. Later, when Sadie and I heard about a great concert being put on in Woodstock New York, we made plans to go.

Unfortunately her father stepped in, and based on the violence that had occurred at the People’s Park and other places around the country, he forbade her from going. Shirley was likewise forbidden to go and was ordered home for the summer by her family. She was only turning seventeen after all. Starshine went with Charlie and Russell and a couple other guys and gals from the hall in a painted VW van. They told us all about it the next spring. Apparently they were complicit in helping to tear down the fence and turning the concert into a free love-in.

They had all kinds of stories about the six days it took them to drive to New York, including the night the van broke down and they all had to sleep in it overnight. They told us about skinny dipping in the streams at Woodstock, being naked in the rain and mud and of sexual encounters with new acquaintances along the way. But those are stories for another time and place, for they do not bear directly on the stories of Sadie and Me. Perhaps we’ll expand upon those at another time.

In the meantime, Sadie’s father did agree to let her come to California for the summer with Jen and Jules so at the end of June, 1969, Susan, Marty and I took dad’s big Chevy Station Wagon down to Los Angeles International Airport to pick them all up. We went right up to the arrival gate, no security in those days, and waited while the big new DC-8 taxied up and turned off its engines. After fifteen or twenty passengers emerged through the jet way, that unmistakable mop of flaming red hair appeared in the jetway.

“There’s Jules!” Susan shouted and we all waved until she saw us and waved back, nearly knocking over other passengers as she bounded up the ramp and ran to the gate.

“And there’s Jen and Sadie!” Marty yelled as they appeared behind Jules. He needn’t have said anything because as soon as I saw that long black hair framing her sun bronzed face and dazzling smile above a tan sued jacket that topped a pair of long legs in crisp white slacks my heart skipped several beats and I was simply overcome with the emotion of it.

She came up the ramp, waving and smiling hugely, and when I took her in my arms and twirled her around the smell of her perfume, and the remnants of her shampoo despite the long flight were intoxicating. She simply smelled like Sadie. It was really her, right here in my arms and any tiny doubts I might have had about long distance relationships were immediately erased.

There are old girlfriends and boyfriends who we meet later, and most of the time, conversation is stilted and awkward. Then there are lifelong friends who after a long absence and reunion, the conversation are so comfortable they might have been interrupted by only seconds rather than months. This was ours. Like nothing had intervened. As if one of us had simply left the room mid-sentence and just come back to finish the thought.

She was all at once soft, beautiful, sexy, sophisticated and wonderful. We walked to baggage claim, six abreast, arms wrapped around each other and while everyone talked at once, everything was heard and understood in a flurry of questions and answers that was as if we had just climbed out of jakes tree house and were headed to the kitchen..

We gathered all the luggage, piled into the car and headed back to the Valley and home. Sadie sat in the middle up front between me and Susan while Marty got the center seat between Jen and Jules. Sadie leaned against me with her arm underneath mine and laid her head on my shoulder. In the rear view mirror I could see Marty leaning towards Jules, then Jess and then Jules leaned in and kissed him.

Jen was rubbing his shoulders and Jules was doing something I couldn’t see with her hands. After a few minutes of this, Jen’s head went down out of sight and I could hear Marty starting to breathe heavy while Jules continued to make out with him. It didn’t take much imagination to figure out what was going on back there. Susan turned to look over the back of the seat and said “Geese you guys!” and Jules turned and climbed up on Marty’s lap. All I could see was her shock of red hair in the rearview mirror bouncing up and down and the sound of Marty making little grunting noises.

It was pretty hot and I noticed it. So did Sadie who started stroking me through my jeans before she unbuttoned them, pulled me out and put her head down in my lap, taking the full length of me in the first gulp. “Sadie I’m driving!” I said, but only half-heartedly and I saw Susan slide her hand down the back of Sadie’s slacks and Sadie groaned when Susan reached her tender parts.

We were already at it like a warren of rabbits and we hadn’t yet been together for thirty minutes!

This was going to be a great summer!

Author’s Note:

In our research to help keep the chronology of events straight, we ran across a gallery of photos of the building of People’s Park and were quite surprised to find that Jeff, Starshine and David are to be found in a couple of them. So for those so interested in seeing what we looked like, they can be found at this URL

I combed the images for Shirley and Kathleen, but couldn’t find them here. We were not together the whole day and plenty of people were taking pictures but I have no real memory of any of the photographers, only that they were there.

By the way, there are a couple of pictures of a topless girl or two. None of those are Starshine, Shirley or Kathleen. Sorry, but you’ll just have to imagine which ones are us. Sadie laughed aloud when she saw me. I was much better looking in my memory than these pictures would prove. But the memories are fond ones.

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