its my first story
Me and my dad were camping in a forest in northern california. Our tent and equipment were all layed out in a stop close to the cost, we were hunting elk. After each getting one we returned to the camp and whent to sleep. I awoke with a start from the gunshot outside his tent. I grabed my 45 and ran outside to find my dad dead, shot in the back. I looked for the killer but i found nothing. The woods conceled many things. I heard five more shots and imidietly ran towds the sound. Whoever he was, he knew i was coming and i was hit in the leg. The pain was so imense i thought i was going to pass out but was startled when i saw him fall next to me, my eyes then rolled up into my head, i lost control and pased out.

I didnt know were i was or how long i was out, i tried to sit up but i was padlocked to some kind of a bed. My first thought was, he got me. Then i looked at my surounding and realized this is not a crazy killers house it had oud trinkets, sex toys and chasity devices everywere. After what seemed like hours laying there the door opend, and a lady walked in. She walked up to me and explained what happened. She has been chassing that man for six days, she didnt tell me why but she said i was very lucky she was there or else i wouldnt be here right now. She told me her name was christine, she aslo said i am not allowed to leave this place ever again she but heave chaines on my hands and legs so it was hard to walk, then she finaly un cliped me from the uncomforable bed. She led me to another room were there was a comfotable bed and food she said the keys for the locks on me were in the food and left after locking my metal door. I imiedietly started searching for it and finaly found it in my pasta. The food was good, much better than that dried crap i ate while camping. But then i felt funny and pased out again.

I awoke realizing there was somthing in that food but my thought were interupted when i saw i was wearing nothing and was tied into a nealing position so that my ass was sticking in the air forcing my anus to open and my face jamed into the soft carpet. I herd gigling behind me and tried to turn around but was unable to. Christine moved around me and said this is what you will be doing for the rest of your life, I am going to keep you here for a long time before i sell you. After she said that i realized there was not just christine but two other girls that were very young. Around fourteen and fifteen, and one was wearing a strap-on! When i saw that i tried my hardest to get up but christine said we shall have none of that and hit me with a wooden padle, i saw stars and didnt move again. I learned that the two girls were actualy fifteen and sixteen. The fifteen yearold name was goergia and the other natalie. Christine says she bought them when they were just born. Goergia put some type of cream on the strap on and plunged it into my ass, i yell out in pain but that didnt stop her, Natalie slid under me and lifted my face up. She then instructed me to eat her out, when i said no Christine het me again but his time on my left ass cheek, so i started to eat Natalie out with out hesitation. All of the sudon Georgia turen on a vibrator in the dildo that was embeded deep in my body. She sighed with plesure. There was such an odd sensation coursing through my body, one i have never felt before i started to gran and i cummed right there on the spot, not realizing what was hapening my penis was bluging with blood and exitment so hard that it hurt. Christine then slid under my belly and took my nine inche dick in her mouth and said let me help the pressure. Working together Christine and Georgia took off, going faster and faster i cumed so hard into her mouth i though i would drown her but she just kept on swallowing, my anus was then relived of the dildo but was filled with some tpye of liquid and then stras were inserted, Horrified at what i saw christine and Georgia were drinking form my ass. Finaly my toung being sore Natalie cummed in my face and together they unbound me from the ground but kept the chaines on my arms and legs they explained what would become of me and how i will be liveing in this new place i must now call home.

Christine took me outside and showed me why i cannot flee, they lived on a island far from the coast off california, she told me why she was chasing that man who killed my father. He use to be a slave here but escaped on one of her boats, she said no body is allowed to know this place exists, and if i try to escape she will kill me. She asked me if i trust her, i look into her beautifly blue eyes and look at her soft blond hair and said yes, she took of my chaines and said she like me very much and looked forward to the rest of our life. She said our, that scared me allitle bit. We went inside and to her room, her clothes slowly slid of her soft body and she jumped at me, having no clothes on myself the whole day it saved time. She pushed me to her bed and started to arouse my cock. Placing herself in the 69-position i slowly liked her little cunt and worked my way up to her clit, not know alot about sex becaues i was just 14 she guided me through the whole process. I puled back her slit and attacked the little nob and she shrieked in extacy and her sweet little cunt juices pored into my mouth. After shrieking she whent crazy on my cock head, i couldent hold back any longer and i cummed what was left in my balls into her waiting mouth. Before we fell asleep in this position i wonderd what the rest of my life would be like.

The folowing day natalie and georgia showed me around thier house, if you looked at it from the outside u would think

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2011-02-04 22:10:30
I think you need to read your shit befor putting on here and think about what your putting. Think about this if you read this would you like it I know i couldn't stand it it's a pile of shit not a small pile but a large pile that everyone around can smell it and its making them sick

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2010-07-20 18:15:23
man wtf you need to describe the main character before u begin....i couldnt tell if the story was being narrated by a boy or girl until much later in the story.

sorry but this story sucks

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2010-07-20 18:15:03
man wtf you need to describe the main character before u begin....i couldnt tell if the story was being narrated by a boy or girl until much later in the story.

sorry but this story sucks

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2008-08-30 06:38:19
umm i read some of it, why did you write as a 14 year old boy?? are you a 14 year old?? coz you shouldn't be writing stuff on websites like this, its adults only


2007-01-24 15:26:59
Bad story, bad spelling, terrible grammer

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