When his wife goes oversea, a man turns to his step daughter
It really was wonderful, my life. I had recently met an amazing woman and things were getting serious, enough so we were thinking of moving in together. My writing career was taking off, as was her corporate legal career but we always made time for each other. She was one hell of a sculpted woman. She was 31, 5 foot 7, and loved to run and swim, and had been a gymnast earlier in her life. The sex was terrific, she could cook even better than me and her little girl was an absolute treasure.

Cathy and I had dated for about 2 months before I ever met little Becky. After our date one night, Cathy said she wanted to relieve the babysitter early so we went back to her place after dinner. Becky was 8 and cute as a button. She was very smart, though her mother, for all her personal inhibitions had kept her daughter fairly sheltered.

That night after the sitter was relieved and Becky in bed, Cathy and I had made passionate love on the dinning table. How Becky didn't wake up and catch us in the act I will never know. That night I told Cathy I wanted to marry her and for us to be a family. She was caught off guard and made me date her another two months before she relented that I really did want to marry her. It had been a very romantic night, her favorite restaurant, a ring in the champagne glass, a violinist, the whole nine yards. She said yes and we stopped by my place on the way home to make love before I took her home. We were not sure how to tell Becky or how she would react, as she had never met her dad nor had her mom even had a live in boyfriend.

Then I got the idea from that jewler's commercial and bought a realistic looking cubic zirconia ring for Becky and the same night we told her that we were going to marry, I brought out the ring, sized for her middle finger, and got down on one knee.

"Becky, I love your mama very much, and I love you too. We are going to be a family, and I want you to know this isn't a joke or for fun, but for keeps." I pulled out the small ring and placed it on her finger. She exploded with joy jumping up and down saying she was my wife and laughing and dancing. Cathy and I thought it was so cute how she was reacting and even played along.

"That's right sweetie," said Cathy, "You are his little wife."

We had a great laugh over it, and sat down to our first dinner as a family. Becky told me about school that day and gymnastics and how she couldn't wait to be a cheerleader, like mom was. We had a great time and that night Becky even slept in the bed with us (something she had done often when it was her and her mother.

Things carried on like that for the next 3 years. Becky always referred to herself as my little wife and we thought nothing of it but the princess type dreams that young girls have. Becky continues to excel at gymnastics and had joined a swim team. She was athletic like her mother and was showing lots of talent.

The next year unfortunately was not quite so good. Cathy had been offered a great promotion by her firm but it required many days on the road and before I knew it she was gone between 20 and 25 days a month. The days she was home was a torrent of errands to get her clothes cleaned and restock on supplies and then she was gone again to some merger meeting or patent case. The money was terrific, but when she wasn't running errands, she was sleeping. The great sex we used to have had ceased and the damn bitch would check the computer every time she came home to make sure i "wasn't cheating on her with porn or dating sites."

I was far too busy writing my articles for Money magazine and editorials for the town paper to cheat on her. But no porn? That was annoying and infuriating. Not only was I not getting laid but I didn't even get to watch good beat off material. I felt like I was going to go insane. I jacked off probably twice a day but never had a good cum, never felt real release, it was just too hard trying to visualize porn I had seen years ago.

Then one day I was in the shower and I looked out the window. It was mid summer and my neighbor Paul had a pool. He also had two daughters, one 16 and one 15. They were not very attractive, they took after their horse faced mother. But they were young and showing skin and that was more material than I had had in ages. So I started fantasizing about going over there when Paul was gone and fucking those girls in the pool. Despite their below average looks and not very developed figures, I still came like I had not cum in some time. Something about it being a real person I actually knew, that made it all the more hot. I had no actual interest in Paul's girls, they were not worth prison, but hey I needed material, so I began to time my showers around the time they usually went to the pool.

If only they were hot, I thought to myself, then I could really crank my cock and be able to go a day without jacking off. But it was not to be. This went on for a while and then Cathy came home with an announcement, she was going to Germany for 2 years for work and there wasn't room or budget for her family. She didn't even take her daughter the lousy skank. She said she would be home to visit for the Holidays each year. Plus I got the feeling Cathy was fucking her boss. He was a former Olympic Cyclist and had the same love for exercise induced punishment like Cathy. Not that I cared anymore, I actually wanted to divorce the cunt, but I cared deeply for Becky and she needed to be cared for.

Cathy managed to stay home for 5 more days, just long enough to celebrate Becky's 12th birthday. Her mother, absent for nearly anything, tried to buy Becky's momentary affection by purchasing her a gorgeous pink prom style strapless dress with plenty of frilliness on it and with it she got her much too high for her age heels and new drooping ear rings. Not only that but she took her to the mall to have her hair done and it now sported a tiara. Of course she still had the ring I had given her on her finger, and was glowing with smiles all night with her friends at the fair that was in town.

While Becky was over dressed of the night time small time amusement park in town, she insisted on not taking anything off for more suitable clothes. As she and her friends were coming off the tilter whirl I noticed the teen male carny let his eyes follow her for minute. I was going to give the guy a piece of my mind but as I watched my step daughter I realized she looked like a woman, especially with all her young friends. They all had their hair straight or in a pony tail, jeans and t shirts showing there chests to be very small or ever flat. Becky on the other hand was wearing her hair up, plenty of makeup, ear rings, a ring, a form fitting dress that went to mid thigh and white strapped high heel sandals.

It was the first time I had realized that Becky was and early bloomer and due to her athletics and sports she had toned her already shapely legs, showing more tone in the heeled sandals. The dress showed a larger chest size that she actually had, thanks to the designer, but she did have breasts that were growing by the day and filled the dress out pretty well. Her still petite and short body was very compact and she had a very thin waist. Her hips were starting to show but the dress really accentuated her bottom. It was pronounced, especially by the chest out rear the other way design of the dress which made that posture the most natural one for the girl to show.

Damn, my little girl was actually a better catch than most of the women at the fair. Through in her dark tan from many hours of out door swimming and she was quite the little sexpot. I realized at this point I had been staring, thankfully I looked more like a proud dad then a dirty old man. But I was glad she was going to be beautiful, she was smart and driven and looks would only help her cause.

Cathy left to Germany and Becky started school. The days grew shorter and colder as fall settled in. Becky did actually get things from her mother. Usually clothes bought in expensive boutiques in Europe and apparently didn't stop to think that she was buying more and more skimpy outfits for Becky. Again I thought she must be having an affair. Feeling sexy and fresh the slut probably didn't notice she was dressing her daughter in too short skirts and to tight tops. Becky's breast kept right on growing and by Thanksgiving break they were just about to the point where they mattered and would get men's attention.

It had been months since the neigbor's girls laid by the pool and I was back to mental stimulus. Only this time, I couldn't stop the thought of Becky in her birthday dress, all done up. I only for a second thought about if the dress had slipped before I felt like I was gonna cum. I quickly pushed her out of my mind and thought about her friend's halfway decent mom and came thinking of fucking her. I felt terrible, I had let my own step daughter enter my fantasy. I hadn't meant to, it just popped in there, and those tan shapely legs, the sexy dress, the tiara, the tan exposed shoulders. God damn, I nearly came thinking about her. Not about doing anything to her, just thinking about the maturing young body and how firm it all was, yet how soft it all looked under the baby fat young girls had. And that caboose. I had noticed it on a few more occasions, when the clothing dictated it.

Then she came home on Friday before Thanksgiving (the first of many holidays Cathy just "couldn't make it home for." Becky had made the cheeleading squad for 8th grade basketball. She came home wearing the cheerleading outfit and didn't take it off until I told her to (saying I didn't want to have to clean it but just to get her out of it, she looked too inviting, too grown up, too ready.

That night, the image of her still swirling in my mind, I excused myself to go use the shower. Becky was on her ipad and just smiled. I went upstairs to the bedroom and got in the shower. There was no avoiding it, I was gonna jack off to Becky in that outfit. I wouldn't fantasize about doing anything to her, just her in the outfit, looking so pretty and cute at the same time. Well it was fast and intense. I came in about 15 seconds and so hard that I had to sit on the bench in the shower for 5 minutes just to regain my composure. I felt just horrible about what I had done but dammit, I wasn't getting any action from my wife, I for some reason actually felt to guilty to look at porn and working at home, Becky was really the only feminine figure I saw in person. It was sad but true. I thought to myself I may need to go to an escort, just to get my hormones under control. It wasn't really Becky, it was just the availability I told myself.

I got out of the shower and dried off, noting that my penis was still semi inflated. I didn't have a hard on but a bit of a chubby. I guess I had gotten so turned on that the old boy couldn't shut down so fast. I finished drying and opened the door separating the bathroom from the master bedroom and walked in. I was halfway through the room when I realized that Becky was at the desk using the computer. I looked over at her and froze, embarrassed.

Becky from her part was pretty composed but was staring and my manhood. I quickly clasped my hands in front of my crotch.

"Becky! Toss me a pair of boxer from the dresser!" I barked.

Becky snapped out of her stare and grabbed a pair out of the drawer and tossed them to me. As I put them on Becky was still staring at me, or at my crotch.

"Becky stop that!"

"Can I see it again?" she asked matter of factly.


"Your thing, your . . . cock?" she said, obviously not sure if she was using the right word. Where the hell had she heard that? Not from her mother or I and I didn't let her watch racy tv shows or stay at friends house's with parents who were lenient.

"Wha--why do you want to see it again?"

"I haven't ever seen one."

I stood there in shock and looked at Becky. She was wearing a hawaii item from her mom. a pillowy blouse that tied behind the neck, exposing her back. She was in really great shape. She had a line running up her back, giving her the curves of a woman.

I have no idea what I was thinking but i said, "I guess better you learn from me than from a boy at school." and I dropped my boxers to the floor.

Becky ran over in her very short black skirt, her hair tied behind her head in a braid down that great back. She sat on the side of the bed and stared at my penis, about 3 feet from her.

Before I could react she reached out and touched the head. It jumped like a mexican jumping bean causing Becky to explode in fits of laughter. I started to laugh too and suddenly she did it again, shrieking when it jumped again. Of course it didn't jump as high as the foreign finger's tough awakened the organ from its slumber and began to fill again. Becky kept pushing down on the head, watching it spring back until it fully engorged and was pointing right at her.

I was out of my mind right then. I was so horny, had been so horny for so long. I should have slapped her hand, pulled on pants and punished her and stopped it right there. But I didn't and her curiosity only increased, she reached around my dick and moved it around, inspecting it. This side, the other the bottom. She wasn't moving her hand really but as she moved my dick it further or lesser into her grip and suddenly just as she seemed to have seen what she needed to see I orgasmed. I came so hard my stomach convulsed before I thrust it forward again, totally on instinct.

The first rope of cum hit her shoulder and some fell down to her short skit sinking in, and a bit dribbling onto her thigh. The second rope landed on her head, in her hair. The first shot elicited a gasp, the second a scream

"Ew my hair!" yelled Becky, but I wasn't done, the third rope hit her square in the face. coating a line from just above her left eye down to her right, chin. And along the way a little bit went in to her open mouth.

She spit out. "Ew, gross, oh my god you peed on my hair and my face, Why would you do that?" her voice turning to sobs, her eyes watering as she tried to scrape the cum off of her face.

"No baby it isn't pee. Pee is yellow. See, that stuff is all clear of white."

"What is it?" she asked, again to naive and young to be schooled in the ways of a facial.

I thought fast. "it's my love juice, sweetie."

"What is love juice?"

"It's what a man gives his wife, sweetie. Remember how I said you were my little wife? Well my big wife is gone, so you need to assume her duties, do you understand?"

"Um I guess so. So, so you used to give your love juice to mommy?"

"Yes baby, but now I am giving it to my other wife. I know you don't know it, but touching my "cock" is one of those duties. The most important."

"So if it's juice, am I supposed to drink it?"

I hadn't thought of that. "Oh yes sweetie, every last drop."

I went and got a wash cloth and cleaned Becky off and gave her a hug and a kiss and told her she was a terrific wife and that she could become my big wife someday. She was so excited at the thought of her replacing her mother. She had fell in love with me the day I gave her a ring. This progression was not bad to her, she was doing her duties for her husband, even if she did not really know what she was doing.

I pulled on sweats and we went to the sofa to watch tv. It wasn't long until I got bold and put on a porno film. It didn't take long for Becky to know this wasn't a normal movie. Before long the woman was performing fellatio on the man.

"Do you see that, how she is licking it like an ice cream cone and then sucking?"


"That's what I want you to do right now okay sweetie? I want you to drink some juice now."

"And I have to really put my mouth on it? "

"Yes sweetie, you agreed to be my wife."

She sighed and shrugged her shoulders as I pulled my pants down. I told her to sit beside me, and lean over to suck on it.

She obeyed, somewhat reluctantly and without enthusiasm.

First she licked, then she sucked. First one, then the other in a constant patters. Jesus, she's a fucking natural.

It was only a few minutes and I knew I was gonna cum again. I kept envisioning my cum pouring down her throat, Suddenly a wave came over me, I figured it was gonna happen but I would work up to it. Fucking my little wife. But no, it wasn't gonna be a while, it was gonna be now.

I pulled her off my cock and began to french kiss her, rubbing her leg.

"Oh baby, on shit" I mumbled as I kissed her, I could not wait to fuck her. i put my hands on her hips and moved her to the other side of me, towards the far arm. I pushed her chest down, and ripped off her panties. Silk ones, of course.

I pinned one leg on the sofa with one knee, and forced the other leg to stand on the ground, I lined up my cock to her virgin slit and pushed.

"Daddy! Daddy! DADDY! STOP!"

I gave one more good shove and heard Becky cry out as her body gave way and I tore through her hymen into her body.
"Uh, oh, oh my god, oh my god, daddy, daddy what are you doing." Becky grunted between thrusts. tears coming from her eyes.

"I know it hurts baby, you'll get passed it."

It was coming. I reached down and grabbed her waist and pulled her up and I fucked her down. My balls clenched and rushed forth the largest and most powerful load of cum of my entire life. Becky was coated internally and I still came a couple of shots, even after I had lost the ability to thrust.

"Oh god, oh baby" I cried as I kissed her neck and rubbed up and down her thigh. Holy shit I had cum. Not cum, CUM! It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt.
I pulled out of her and pulled her shaking body on to my lap and covered us in a blanket. She slept, snugg in my arms ask I continually let her know how wonderful of a wife she was, and that she was the only wife I wanted.

I dozed myself. Only stirring when I felt my organ growing yet again. Becky was still in my arms but her eyes were open watching the tv mindlessly. Probably reflecting on her first time.

She looked over at me. "Hello my husband"

"Hello my wife," I replied. "I have another favor to ask sweetie, go put on that cheerleader uniform."
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