I never knew my father but my mother was a slut. She was a stunning woman and loved me but she was a slut. My powers came to me with puberty and luckily for me I was in a junior high that had a couple of wizards. People do not know about us so everyone thinks they are just teachers. Of course they teach basics control in separate classes.

My name is Storm Christian Albert and I was glad for the two years of basic magic classes. I was fifteen when I started Wizard high school as a freshmen. I had three magic classes as a freshman, Charms, Enchantments and basic Potions, think chemistry. I also began to feel urges and had a major growth spurt.

I walked into school and looked at the glowing magical wards in the halls. I grinned because I had never seen them before even if I had known they were there. I went to my home room and looked at the guys and girls filled with magic. I walked across to the only empty desk and sat to wait.

The tall teacher that walked in was a wizard and glowed brightly with magic. He looked at us and gestured and the door closed, “I am Magnus Cariss. I am your guidance councilor and your home room teacher.”

He gestured and everyone except me jerked up, “I will be the one to come if you try magic where you...”

He stopped and frowned as he looked at me, “Mr Albert you are missing your watcher spell.”

I glanced down to see the normal glow I had become used to since my growth spurt, “Watcher spell?”

The other kids laughed and he gestured and murmured a spell. I felt a pressure and then Mr Cariss was flying back and against the wall. All the kids stood as he came to his feet, “Mr Albert?”

I stood slowly, “what happened?”

He glanced at the others, “sit down.”

He strode to me, “you are not from a wizard family is that correct?”

I had heard this several times and stiffened, “no.”

He slowly walked around me as the other desks moved out of his way, “strange.”

I growled and he held up his hand, “I meant no disrespect. You have a remarkable natural shield.”

I looked down my body, “I do?”

He smiled before turning and walking back to the front of the class, “as I was saying if you use magic I am the one that will come.”

He looked at everyone, “now you freshmen need to make sure your regular classes are completed and I will check to make sure you do.”

He looked at us again, “no spells in the halls, bathrooms or the regular classrooms.”

The bell rang and we stood and headed towards the door, “Mr Albert.”

I turned and Mr Cariss smiled, “tomorrow I would like to see you before the class starts.”

I nodded and left after the others to find my first class. The subjects were simple and most of the kids were easy to get along with. I was sitting at a table eating a sandwich when three guys sat and one knocked my lunch off the table, “beat it punk.”

I had no idea why but it struck me almost physically. My right hand struck and grabbed the guy that had knocked my food off the table. I slammed his face into the table several times and kicked straight across and between another’s legs. I stood and tossed the guy backwards as if he were a doll and started around the table, “you are dead.”

The guy I had thrown flew into the wall and the one I kicked had gone straight back off the chair and a half dozen meters away. The last one tripped and suddenly Magnus was standing between us, “stop.”

I glared, “move.”

He sighed, “just because you have a shield...”

I gestured and his eyes widened as he staggered to one side. I pulled and the guy trying to get away slid towards me. I grabbed his throat and pulled him close, “you bully anyone ever again and I will come for you.”

I shoved him back and turned to look at my lunch on the floor. I knelt and moved the bag to see the note my mother always sent. I picked it up and ignored everyone and everything as I walked out. I stopped when Magnus put his hand on my shoulder, “we need to talk.”

I glanced at him, “right not would not be safe.”

He smiled, “go to the enchantment classroom.”

I nodded before I turned to walk towards the hall as he turned back to check the two guys I had injured. The classroom was empty but I could see the glowing lines on the walls that I knew were wards. I crossed to stare out the window and gestured like I had since my power came to me. The image of my naked mother appeared in front of me and I watched as she masturbated.

A girl cleared her throat and I gestured to release the image before I turned. She smiled, “do you do that a lot?”

I glanced back where the image had been, “yeah I check up on my mom all the time.”

She giggled, “I meant the fight.”

I blinked and then sighed, “I thought you meant watch my mom... masturbate. No, they surprised me.”

She grinned, “a girl needs a good cum too.”

She came closer, “I am Tabitha.”

I smiled, “Storm.”

I looked at the note from mom and she turned to read it and smile. I folded it like always and put it away as the anger left me. I looked around, “I wonder how they placed the wards on the room?”

She looked around before murmuring and then smiling, “I think...”

For over thirty minutes we discussed the wards and then the class started. It was about making an emotion enchantment and taught by an older woman called Daphne. The charms class was taught by a young looking woman called Tristine Cooper. I was fascinated with a ring she wore that had a charm to make her look older.

The last class was potions and Tabitha was my partner. When the bell rang we left together and as she walked out with me she bumped my shoulder at the last minute, “you know a girl might rub her own pussy but she loves a hard cock. Fuck your mom and maybe tomorrow after school you can do me.”

I looked at her and she grinned as she walked to a car that was just pulling up. I walked home and thought about her words. I stopped when I saw my house and the watcher spell imbued onto it. I walked in and turned to touch the wall and murmured the spell for a ward. I went to each wall and repeated it until the house was completely warded.

I walked to the front door and opened it before heading to the kitchen. I filled the tea pot and whispered a spell that heated the water. I poured two cups and added tea in two of the silver screen balls my mother uses. I glanced at Magnus when he stepped into the kitchen, “I expected you sooner.”

He cleared his throat, “you are not to use magic...”

I waved a hand, “where a normal can see or detect it. I made wards in my home where no one could see or detect. My mother will not be home for another couple of hours.”

I gestured and the tea cup floated towards him as I sipped mine and moved to the table, “why do I have a shield?”

He accepted the cup and sat across from me, “sometimes when a wizard is born into a normal family it happens. It is believed the ones that have shields create them as a defense.”

I nodded and sipped my tea before setting the cup down, “why did those guys trigger my anger?”

Magnus drank his tea and set the cup down, “I looked at what happened and they surprised you.”

He looked down, “you were focused on the note from your mother.”

I sat back as I realized he was right and opened my mouth before closing it. He stood, “you have a lot of potential. Learn to expect surprises so you do not overreact.”

He left and I cleaned up and started dinner. Tabitha’s words seemed to keep coming back to me. When mom came home she came to hug me and said she was going to change. I knew she would take time to masturbate, she always did. I set the dinner aside and turned before following her. I stripped and gestured to unlock her door.

I walked into her room to see her laid back on the bed as she finger fucked herself. I moved onto the bed and between her legs before settling on her. Mom gasped, “baby!”

I kissed her and lifted to push into her cummy pussy. I buried my cock as she hugged me and moaned. I started fucking her, “from now on I will fuck you if you are horny and need to get off.”

She humped and met each thrust into her as her pussy grasped and gripped my cock. Her pussy was slick and slimy with cum but kept tightening, “mmmm!”

I buried my cock to hump and jab and grind as my mother writhed around under me. It was a few minutes before I had to fuck her harder. I pulled almost out of her and began to fuck her hard and deep while I continued to kiss her. A minute and I was plunging my cock all the way into her as it gushed a huge torrent of cum.

I jerked and grunted as I kept spurting and pumping more and more until I was done. I kissed my mother again, “if you get horny and need a fuck tell me.”

She hugged me as her pussy squeezed, “okay baby.”

I pulled out and moved off the bed, “come help with dinner.”

She smiled as she moved off the bed and stopped to grab her robe. She smiled, “it will be easier than undressing later.”

I grinned and turned to leave and collected my clothes. I left them in my room before putting my own robe on. It was actually fun with mom helping and flirting, knowing she was both willing and wanting me. After dinner I sat in the other room with her on my lap as we watched one of her shows.

When it was over she wiggled, “I am horny baby.”

I stood and gestured as I pulled her after me and everything shut off and the lights went out. Mom followed as I pulled her into her room and turned to pull her robe off. I let mine fall as she giggled and laid forward on the edge of the bed while spreading her legs. I moved between her legs to finger her cummy slit before I thrust into her.

I started with long deep thrusts and she began jerking and tilted her hips, “ooohhhh!”

Her pussy clenched and she spasmed as I kept fucking her, “baby!”

I did not stop, I used firm thrusts and planted my cock each time I pushed into her. She wiggled and writhed around as she kept pushing back. I began to fuck her harder and faster and she started shaking as she wailed, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

It took awhile before I thrust into her and began spewing and spurting and she shuddered and tilted her hips, “YES!”

When I finished I pulled out and moved her onto the bed. I laid beside her as she panted and caressed her hips and pelvis. When she caught her breath I moved over between her legs as she put her arms around me and I pushed back into her warm slimy hole. I fucked her for over an hour before just holding her as she slept.

I woke early and looked at my mother in my arms before rolling her onto her back and moving between her legs. When I left the bed mom had a beautiful smile with cum leaking out of her. The day seemed very nice and when I got to school guys nodded to me and girls smiled. When I walked into home room a few of the others were there.

I crossed to sit beside a window and glanced at Tabitha when she sat down beside me and smiled, “hey.”

She smiled, “you fuck your mom?”

I nodded and she grinned, “everything will come easier today.”

I laughed and glanced at the charmed pen she pulled out to copy a note with. I grinned as I thought of doing that with something else. I glanced at Magus and gestured as I murmured an enchantment while touching the computer pad in my book bag. Magnus looked up and at me as I continued the spell until I finished.

Several of the others had heard or seen and were watching. I looked around, “what? We can not do magic around normals. None of you are normal.”

A girl across the room snickered, “some of you are twisted and others just sick.”

Everyone laughed and Magnus shook his head with a grin. I held up my hand, “can all wizards see the magic we use to create spells?”

The room went silent as Magnus stood, “you can see the magic?”

I shrugged, “of course.”

He smiled, “that explains a lot. The answer is no. Few wizards can see magic unless they use a spell.”

I looked around, “those with magic have it in them and the stronger they are the more they glow.”

I held up the pad I had just charmed, “something with a spell on it will have lines, the stronger the spell the brighter the glow.”

He nodded, “that is because the stronger the spell the more focused the magic is as well as more magic used.”

I thought about it and nodded, “thank you.”

I put the pad back as the bell rang and we headed to the next class. The day went smoothly and Tabitha sat with me at lunch and leaned on my shoulder to read the note mom had sent. She grinned because mom was explicit about what she would do to me as soon as she got home.

We went to the enchantment class early and I pulled out the tablet and set the class book on it. Tabitha grinned as the tablet came alive and began to copy each spell in the book. Students are not allowed to take books out of a class. I held her hand as I looked towards the window and gestured.

The image of my mother appeared and I smiled because she was fingering her pussy as she sat at her desk. She was cummy so I knew she had fucked one of the men she worked with. Tabitha grinned, “an amorous lady.”

I laughed, “mom is a slut.”

She looked at me before squeezing my hand, “and it does not hurt you?”

I sighed, “a little but it is something that gives her pleasure.”

She nodded and I gestured to release the image, “perhaps I will enspell her so she does not catch anything.”

Tabitha grinned and pulled me to a desk and we started discussing how to create the charm for my mother. In each of the three classes I used the pad to copy spell books or potion recipes. When the last bell rang Tabitha grabbed my hand and pulled me after her. A girl with magic slipped up beside Tabitha, “hey.”

They looked at each other and Tabitha grinned and looked at me, “Storm this is Dare.”

I looked past her and smiled, “hi.”

She grinned, “so is he open to sharing?”

Tabitha looked at me, “I think to a degree.”

I looked at her, “sharing what?”

She smiled, “me and you.”

I looked at her and then at Dare, “that would depend on who I would be sharing you with.”

Dare pulled us to the side and out of the path of other kids. Tabitha caressed my face, “you would be sharing me with Dare and I would share you with her and your mother.”

Dare grinned, “you share me with Tabitha and my dad.”

She kissed Tabitha, “see you tomorrow.”

She left and Tabitha caught my hand, “you walk home yes?”

I nodded as we started walking and she smiled before we started talking about each other. When we got home she looked around as I put my things away. I hesitated before undressing as I blushed. She grinned and set her bag aside before stripping too. She pushed me towards the bed and I sat and she pushed me back as she straddled me.

She slowly impaled her pussy and wiggled as she sank down onto me. Her pussy was warm and tight and kept grasping my cock. She sighed and bent to kiss me before sitting up. She started rocking and twisting as her breathing changed. She shuddered and groaned as her pussy grasped my cock, “mmmm!”

A few minutes and she was jerking erratically as she rubbed her pussy on me and rolled her hips. Her pussy was constantly squeezing my cock and she began wailing and shaking. I smiled and pulled her down before I rolled and began to fuck her with deep strokes. She humped and thrust up as I continued to fuck her and her slick pussy clenched as she stiffened.

She clutched me as I fucked her long, hard and deep and she suddenly began to buck and thrash around wildly, “fffuuuccckkk... mmmmeeeeee!”

She writhed around and continued to cling to me until I shoved into her and kissed her while gushing a stream of cum. She tilted her hips and shook as I pumped spurts into her. When I stopped she sighed and relaxed on the bed. I pulled out and laid beside her to caress her body. She smiled as she looked at the ceiling and then grinned.

She turned and kissed me passionately, “how long before your mother comes home?”

I glanced at the time, “anytime.”

She rubbed my chest, “think she would lick my pussy while you fuck her?”

I smiled, “we can ask.”

I moved off the bed and she followed as I walked out and to the kitchen. We were making dinner when mom came home. She stopped and stared at Tabitha as I walked to her, “Tabitha is my friend. She wanted to know if you would lick her pussy while I fucked you.”

Mom looked at me before grinning, “sure.”

She gestured as she grabbed my hand, “come to my bedroom.”

Tabitha grinned as she followed while mom pulled me after her. I murmured a spell while I was pulled after her and her clothes fell off on the way to her bed. She did not even notice as I turned to pull Tabitha around and push her to the bed. She giggled as she climbed on and laid back and mom kissed me and followed.

I looked at her butt and followed them. I moved behind mom as she began licking into Tabitha and curling her tongue to bring out the cum. I felt my mother’s cummy pussy and covered it with my hand and whispered the charm Tabitha and I had come up with. She shuddered and pushed back and I grinned and moved to slowly push into her.

Her pussy was almost hot as I held her hips and pulled back. I fucked her with deep thrusts and her pussy began grasping and squeezing my cock each time I tried to pull out. She wiggled and moaned as Tabitha began to writhe around and wail. She was bucking and shaking as mom continued to suck on her clit.

I kept fucking mom with deep thrusts and her pussy continued to clench and tighten around my cock. She was shaking and jerking back and forth and wailed into Tabitha’s pussy a few minutes later. I held her up as I kept fucking her and she wiggled and twisted and howled. Tabitha lifted her head to look at me and grinned as my mother kept slamming back on my cock.

She grinned, “roll her over and breed her.”

I groaned at the thought but mom jerked away and twisted as she rolled. She held her legs up and spread, “do it honey.”

I looked at Tabitha as I moved over my mother. I pushed into her and settled before kissing her while my mind whirled. I held her as my cock throbbed and looked at Tabitha as I murmured a spell that made any and all sperm inside my mother come out. I continued with another spell and felt Tabitha doing one too.

I finished and pulled back to fuck my mother firmly. She jerked while her pussy tightened, “ooohhh!”

I kept fucking her with long deep strokes and gave her another kiss. I looked at Tabitha, “what did you do?”

She pressed against us and rubbed my back, “made sure your sperm would go into her womb and stay and that she would have several eggs in her.”

I groaned as I began to fuck mom hard and deep, “I moved a couple too.”

Tabitha laughed as I kissed mom and she began to convulse and clutch me. It was several minutes before I shoved into her and pressed her cervix open. She screamed and wiggled as I gushed cum into her. Her pussy kept squeezing as it miked my cock long after I was done. I relaxed while she shuddered and panted and pulled out.

I covered her pelvis to murmur another spell that would keep any other man’s sperm from staying in her. Tabitha moved over mom and kissed her, “like that mom?”

She grinned and nodded, “Storm feels very nice.”

I moved off the bed, “we started dinner.”

I did not know Tabitha was spending the night or that she was from a mage family and lived on her own now. After dinner we cleaned up and pulled mom back to bed. It was a couple of hours before we stopped fucking and I held them against me. We woke up together and I got to wash mom and Tabitha in the shower before dressing.

Tabitha and I walked to school together and she grinned before kissing me in front of several girls. We met during lunch and went to enchantment class to eat and talk and copy the spell books. I grinned when Dare slipped in and crossed to sit beside us. She winked, “how did it go last night?”

Tabitha smirked, “he has way to much cum.”

Dare looked at her and then at me before grinning, “I happen to like it when my pussy is cummy.”

My cock was throbbing as Tabitha giggled and was tempted to fuck Dare right in the classroom. She wiggled and leaned over to read the note mom had written before we left. She grinned, “oh... I like the way she thinks.”

She looked at Tabitha, “can I lick it out of you too?”

I shook my head, “you two keep this up and I will fuck one of you right here.”

They laughed and both bumped me. Dare left at the bell and the rest of the day seemed to drag out. When school ended Dare caught me at the door and slipped her hand into mine. Tabitha put hers in my other one and we started walking. I looked at Tabitha, “why do you live on your own?”

She sighed, “my family is a mage family and when I turned sixteen I decided to move out.”

I looked at her and she shrugged, “my dad has a few women and mom wanted to leave and move in with another mage.”

I grinned, “so you are free to move in with me and mom.”

Dare laughed as Tabitha grinned, “you want me to move in?”

I squeezed her hand, “since you moved the extra eggs into mom’s womb I could use the help changing diapers.”

She laughed as Dare giggled and I grinned. When we came into the house mom was home. She grinned as she walked out of the kitchen and looked at Tabitha. I let their hands go and went to kiss her and turned, “this is Dare.”

Mom smiled and looked at Tabitha, “does she want me to lick her pussy too?”

Tabitha grinned as Dare strutted to mom, “and I wanted to lick yours while Storm puts sperm in mine.”

Mom looked at me and I grinned, “and then Tabitha before I pour a gallon into yours.”

She giggled and pulled on me as she headed for the hall, “sounds fun.”

Tabitha caught up and I heard her murmur when she stopped at my bedroom. I turned mom at her bed and stripped her while Dare quickly undressed. I touched mom’s pelvis and murmured before letting her move onto the bed. She shuddered and looked between her legs before Dare pushed her back and turned to straddle her head.

I began to undress and looked at Tabitha when she walked in. She stopped beside me and grinned as she stripped, “I put all my things in your room.”

I grinned and kissed her before looking at mom and Dare as they moaned and wiggled. Tabitha pushed on me, “Dare needs it.”

I looked at her before moving onto the bed and behind Dare. I looked down at my mother sucking on her clit and moved closer. I held Dare and positioned the head of my cock before I pushed into her. She wiggled and her tight pussy grasped my cock. I began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts as Tabitha moved onto the bed and down between my mother’s legs.

I grinned as I started to fuck Dare firmly and she kept pushing back while her pussy pulsed. Each time I pulled back her warm pussy would tighten and she would shake. It was several minutes before mom and Dare were both wailing and jerking around. I began to fuck hard and deep and had to hold her up when she went limp.

I lasted another couple of minutes before I shoved into her and grunted as I gushed cum. She jerked and her pussy tightened and clenched as it massaged my cock. When I was done I hesitated before looking at Tabitha who was grinning. I pulled out and turned Dare onto her back and smiled when I saw her eyes closed as she continued to shudder.

Mom lifted her head and looked before giggling with Tabitha. I shook my head as I moved to the side and over between Tabitha’s legs. She reached between us to cup my balls and murmur a spell before pulling my cock to her pussy. I grinned, “filled them so I could pump a large load into you?”

She grinned and hugged me as I sank my cock into her, “yes.”

Mom moved to press against us and kiss my shoulder before she went the other way to start licking Dare’s leaking pussy. I grinned and kissed Tabitha while I began to fuck her and watch mom. She humped and her pussy tightened as she sighed. I continued to fuck her with long deep thrusts and it was not long before she lifted and spread her legs.

She clutched me and wailed and began to jerk and spasm when I fucked her hard suddenly. She thrashed around and bucked while her pussy constantly grasped and squeezed, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I kept fucking her hard for several minutes while she struggled and spasmed. Her pussy was slick and seemed to feel like it was milking my cock. A couple more minutes and I groaned and shoved into her. She arched her back and screamed as I gushed cum into her, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I held her so she could not get away while I kept spewing and spurting. When I was done I slowly pulled out and laid back and Dare giggled and a felt her hand on my balls as she murmured another spell. I groaned and turned to move over her and push mom onto her back. She grinned as I buried my cock in her and kissed her passionately.

I started to fuck her with long deep thrusts and she kept lifting her hips to meet each one. Her pussy was squeezing my cock and trying to massage it as I kept fucking her. She moaned and continued to hug and kiss me as we fucked. She wrapped her legs around my butt and wiggled and shuddered hard. Several minutes and she started to yell and scream.

She jerked and spasmed as I fucked her firmly and kept planting my cock and pushing to get deeper. She thrashed and writhed round as I buried my cock and began to hump and grind and jab. I was trying to cum and she was clinging to me as her hot slippery pussy kept contracting.

Finally I shoved into her and pressed as I grunted and spewed a thick stream of cum. My mother jerked and spasmed as she hugged me, “BABY!”

I shook as I continued to pump sperm through her cervix and she kept jerking and shaking. When I stopped cumming I slowly relaxed while she lay under me limp. She was breathing hard while her slimy pussy kept squeezing. I pulled out and laid beside her as Tabitha and Dare both moved over my mother.

It was a couple of minutes before she sighed and opened her eyes. She grinned as both girls kissed her and moved down to lick her leaking pussy. My mother is still a slut but now that the girls live with us she is only our slut. She had the babies and then Dare got pregnant, of course Tabitha had moved a couple of eggs.

When Tabitha got pregnant I moved a couple of eggs and Dare moved a couple. The girls and I work together in our own mage shop and yes I have bred mom a couple more time. She loves it when she knows we are getting her pregnant and she is a very good mother for all the children.
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