Eris, the goddess of chaos gives her ultimatum.
What evil plans does Eris, the goddess of chaos, strife, and vengeance, have in store for Lyden, Brooke, Emmet, and Alloria? Will they be able to go through with her dark desires, or will they balk and let two worlds die?

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Chapter 32
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Brooke’s fingers are entwined in my own, as the goddess of strife, vengeance, and chaos looks at her. The redhead glances at me, and I can see uncertainty in her gaze. The moment only lasts for a second, and Brooke turns back to face Eris, shoulders squared and ready.

“What would you have me do?” she asks. Eris’s smile grows feral and hungry.

“It is a simple task, difficult in the doing,” the tattooed woman replies cryptically. “Simply tell the generator your true emotions.”

The mermaid blinks in confusion for a few moments, before turning to me. “I love you, Lyden,” she says, her voice full of conviction, “with all my heart.”

That familiar warmth fills my chest, and I can’t deny my own feelings for the mermaid. “And I love you,” I tell her, giving her hand a squeeze.

“Ah, but that’s not all, is it mermaid?” Eris chimes in, her voice solicitous. “There is more, festering just under the surface. Come on. Be completely honest with him. He deserves it after everything he’s done to you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Brooke defends herself. “I love him with all my heart!”

“Tsk, tsk,” the goddess chides. “Didn’t I say it would be difficult?” She contemplates us, even looking at where we’re holding hands and shakes her head. “Looks like I’ll have to assist.”

Before either of us can react or think, Eris points at Brooke. That’s all. She just points.

Brooke throws my hand back at me, and I turn to look at her. Anger suffuses her features as she glares at me.

“Brooke?” I ask uncertainly.

“You want to know the truth, Lyden Snow?” She twists my name with scorn, and I realize that Eris’s power is working on her. I remember how I’d felt with just that one small touch. What would it be like to have the goddess intentionally concentrate on you? “The truth is: I resent you! I gave up everything to save a child, and for what?” As she speaks, her voice rises. I do my best to let her words roll off me, knowing that this is Eris’s doing. They still sting, though. “To be with a man who can’t even keep his cock in his pants. Every time I turn around, you’re fucking someone else. I even had to kill my old mentor, and when I thought I could finally die in peace, you went and brought me back. Because of you, I’ve been tortured, tormented, and treated as if I’m not the one that’s been with you the longest! Look at you! You’re a wimp that can’t handle what life sends at you. Oh no, someone’s hurt poor Lyden’s feelings. He’s probably off pouting somewhere. Stop crying, you’re a grown man!”

By the time she winds down, my eyes are tearing up. Despite myself, each word coming from her feels like a spoon trying to dig out my heart. Each new gripe blindsiding me.

“You don’t mean any of that,” I say, my voice soft, but carrying in the darkness around us.

“Oh, but she does,” Eris crows. “These are the emotions and thoughts she keeps locked away. Buried deep in her heart, these things are festering. Better to let them all out, wouldn’t you say?”

“You’re making her say those things,” Emmet yells, surprisingly speaking up despite his terror of the goddess.

She turns her dark shadowed eyes on the balding man and smiles. The Paladonic Healer’s face loses all of its color as he steps back.

“I am not the outsider, capable of controlling others, Knight,” her voice is now firm, having lost its jovial quality. “My power simply allows what is buried deep to come out. I can unlock the secrets of your soul. What you do then, is up to you.”

“L-Lyden?” Brooke’s voice quavers, but I can’t look at her. Even if Eris had forced those words from her, they had to have come from somewhere. Deep down, Brooke really feels that way about me. “Lyden, I’m so sorry. I love you.”

Despite myself, despite knowing how much it will hurt, I have to ask. “Is it true?” I wait for an answer, but only silence greets me. “Is it true!?” I shout, finally turning to look at her. The redhead pulls away from my glare. I can see fresh tears staining her cheeks. “Is that how you truly feel about me? Am I just some mistake you made when you were younger?”

“Yes. No! I mean. . . .” She stumbles over her words, and I wait, my heart thundering in my ears. “I never thought of you that way, I promise. I know what I said hurt you, but you have to know I love you Lyden.”

“That doesn’t answer my question,” I state firmly. Her head drops, and she sobs for a second, while I continue to wait.

Her head slowly nods, and I feel my heart break. “I guess it was buried down deep. I meant what I said, about never thinking of you like that. Yes, because of you, my life has been chaotic, and at times terribly painful, but you’ve always been there for me. You’ve helped me more than you’ve ever hurt me. Sometimes I get a bit jealous of your other women. It hurts to see you love so many, but I know that I alone can’t take care of you. You need every one of us. Not just for the sex, but for what we do to help you out. Every one of us has helped to make you a better person, and stronger. Even Areth,” she adds with a light chuckle.

“What about the part about me not being able to handle what life throws at me?” I ask, my voice oddly calm compared to my emotions.

“You. . . .” She trails off, and has to start again as she considers her words. “At first, you were hard to be around if something bad happened. I knew it was because you cared so much, and that’s part of why I fell in love with you. After Lisa’s death, I was certain we were going to lose you completely. You surprised us, though. I could see that you were hurting, but you didn’t stop. You kept going. You’re not the man that you once were. You’ve changed, and I think it’s all been for the better.”

Our eyes meet, hers sea green, and mine gray. I have to swallow a few times to get the lump out of my throat. I realize everyone around us is intently watching us, Eris with a wide grin on her exotic features. I block them out, concentrating on the woman before me. Her words have torn me apart, but she’s right. I’m not the man that I once was. That man would have fled, retreating into himself. That man is dead.

“Eris was right,” I tell Brooke. She looks at me in confusion, but I keep going. “It really is better to have all of that out.” She nods, dropping her chin to her modest chest, and I see fresh tears spring to her eyes. She thinks I’m leaving her. “I love you Brooke.” Her head snaps back up. “Your words hurt me more than you might ever know, but at least I know how you truly feel. I know you love me, Brooke. You would never stay with me as long as you have, without feeling that way. Please don’t doubt that I love you as well. I’m sorry that I’ve hurt you by being with the other women. From now on I’m yours, and only yours.”

“Lyden, no!” she pleads with me, embracing me and crying into my shoulder. “That you would do that for me . . . but no. I meant what I said. You need all of us. I love you, Lyden, but please don’t do that.”

My arms wrap around the mermaid, and I pull her tightly to me. I’m worried that one day her deeper emotions will take over and I’ll lose her, but. . . .

But I’ll be dead long before that happens. I try not to think of what that’ll do to her, or any of my friends for that matter.

“Well, shit!” Eris pipes up, ruining the moment and putting me on my guard. “That didn’t cause as much strife as I thought it would.”

Brooke pulls away from me, her face as red as her hair, but I keep my arm around her, pulling her tightly to me. Her right hand presses against my chest as she snuggles into my right side.

“So we passed your test?” I ask hopefully, already knowing the answer.

“Test? There is no test, generator. Only performing actions that will earn you my master’s token of power.” She laughs softly, and I feel my heart plummet. “Besides, there are still three of you that need to act.”

“There should only be two,” Alloria speaks for the first time. “Lyden has already dealt with his, and Brooke has done what you made her do.”

Rage contorts the goddess’s features. “Do not presume to tell me anything, elf! You forget that I said each of you will have to do something that you may regret for the rest of your lives. What has the generator done that he will regret? No, forgiveness is not a part of this bargain!” This is the first time I’ve seen Eris angry. It’s a bit frightening.

Alloria backs up, and bumps into Emmet. Both recoil from the touch and separate further.

Eris visibly calms herself, taking long slow breaths, before taking a few steps back to the light pole. When she turns to face us again, the smile is back on her face. Somehow I’m even more scared of her smile than I would be of her wrath.

“I know how much of a hurry you’re in,” she states, “so the three of you can do it together. It would have been more fun if you had chosen to hate the mermaid, Lyden, but I think this will work out as well.” Her grin widens even more, and the tattoos on her face and body actually begin to glow softly. She points at me. “You, Lyden, are always terrified about what your kids will turn out like. Always afraid they might become some kind of monster. You will get the mermaid pregnant, and I promise you, the dear sweet Pillar of Earth will be unable to make any changes to it. What it will be, it will be.”

My heart plummets at this news. Not that I have to make love to Brooke, even though I’m still hurting from her tirade, but because I am truly worried about what a child between us will be. Before I can say anything, she turns to Emmet and Alloria, pointing at both of them. “You, Emmet, despite what you’ve recently claimed, still despise all creatures from this world. You may no longer want to kill all of us, but you still hate us.”

Uh-oh, I think I can see where this is going.

“And Alloria, the last elf in existence. Saved from the fate of the rest of your kind, you harbor your own form of hatred. You hate all humans, but you have a special hatred for men. A hate that transcends all racial boundaries.” Alloria and Emmet look at each other, already connecting the dots and shaking their heads. Eris grins even wider as she makes her final pronouncement. “Paladonic Knight, you will impregnate the last elf in the world.”

“I won’t do it!” Alloria screams, backing away. “I can’t do . . . do . . . that!”

“I will not soil my body and soul with such an act,” Emmet intones solemnly. I had thought the man was turning a new leaf, but apparently I was mistaken in just how far he’d come.

“Then the Pillar of Darkness’s token of power will be forever outside Lyden’s reach, and our world will likely fall and crumble.” Eris says, still smiling.

“But that will mean your death as well,” I say, trying to help the others out. As hard as it might be, I’m at least willing to do my part, but to force that on them is the epitome of cruelty.

“Yes, and chaos and strife, pain and torture, will rule the day. I will be free from my own torments, while delivering to the world what I’ve had to feel inside for millennia!” As she speaks, she spreads her arms wide. She is truly mad. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live with those emotions constantly churning inside you, but she must be in true pain, if she’s willing to sacrifice the world. I wonder why she doesn’t commit suicide, if she’s suffering so much. But as I watch her smile at us, I see that she truly enjoys delivering the torments she feels onto others. “The only time I’m free of the pain of my existence is when others feel it. When others are tormented, or chaos abounds, or vengeance reaped, then can I breathe easy.” Her resulting cackle sends shivers down my spine, while at the same time I pity the woman.

“Not that,” Alloria says, her voice haunted. “Anything else but that!”

“The choice is simple, Elf and Knight. Do as I’ve bid, or watch the worlds fall to the outsider.”

The two look at one another and I see Alloria shudder. “Gaia has commanded me to do all that I can to save our worlds. She’d told me that I may have to sleep with the generator, considering his power. I’d convinced myself that if it would save the world, I could do it. This is different, though. I won’t be making him any more powerful. This is only for spite! And to have to carry your child. . . . A human child. . . .”

“. . . regret for the rest of your life,” I hear Brooke murmur Eris’s words from earlier.

“I love you,” I whisper to her and feel comforted when she hugs me tightly back. No matter what happens, if our child becomes a monster, I will always love her. Even if I have to do it from the other side of the grave.

“For generations, my family has been a part of the Paladonic Knights, protecting humanity from the monsters that lurk in the world.” Emmet’s voice seems to be coming from someone else, it sounds so distant. “I was raised with the belief that every creature from this world was out to destroy us. Lyden has shown me that my childhood may have been a lie. But to lie down with someone not even human. . . . A lifetime of prejudices don’t go away that easily, even for one as beautiful as you.”

“You think I’m beautiful?” Alloria asks, confusion in her tone. “I’ve seen paintings of my ancestors, and have a few memories from when I was a child. I am truly ugly compared to them.”

Even I have to admit that Alloria is breathtaking. If she is ugly by their standards, then the Elven race must have been a true sight to behold.

“You are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen,” Emmet replies honestly. “But you aren’t even human.”

“And you are human,” she responds sadly.

I glance over at Eris, and note a difference in her posture and smile. Where before she had been tense and feral, now she looks relaxed and happy. Had she reacted the same way when Brooke had been telling me how she truly felt? I’d been a bit preoccupied at the time to notice.

“Our world must be saved,” Alloria said, her voice soft. She looks up for the first time and sees Emmet looking at her. I can tell that she’s surprised not to see hatred on his face. “If you can forget what I am, I will suffer your touch,” she says, defeat thick in her voice.

I can tell that Emmet is warring with himself, before his head drops as well. “I will no longer be allowed to return to my brethren. This act will taint me, but I have sworn to protect mankind. What is one life, one act, compared to all that will be lost if I don’t?”

“I won’t enjoy this,” the elf mutters.

“Neither will I,” the knight replies.

The two stare at each other for a moment, unsure of how to proceed.

“Why don’t you show them how it’s done?” Eris asks. Her voice actually has a dreamy quality.

Without saying a word, Brooke turns into my body and tilts her head back. I take the invitation for what it is, and press my lips to hers. The kiss isn’t passionate by any accounts, only our lips pressed together, but I try to impart all the love I have in me for the redhead through this one act.

Reaching down, I grip the hem of her shirt and slowly lift it up. When it’s bunched up under her arms, I move my hands to her small breasts. Her tongue tentatively brushes along my lips, and I open up to let her in. As our tongues gently glide along one another, my thumbs find her nipples are already hard.

Brooke pulls back, and removes her shirt, as I bend forward and take one of her small areolas between my lips.

“I’m scared, Lyden,” I hear above me, and pull back to look into her beautiful eyes. “What if we have a monster? I-I don’t think I could destroy my own child. Not something we made together.”

“I know,” I tell her softly. “I worry too, but how can any child we make be evil?”

“I had hoped that one day we could have kids,” she continues as if I hadn’t spoken. “When Mother Earth said she could help with Sheila’s kids, I thought we could do it. But not like this. Not forced into it, with no help from Gaia.”

My insides ache to see my lovely Brooke in this state, while at the same time, I want to tear into the goddess for making us do this. Looking to the dark haired woman, I see a sublime look on her face. I know she’s getting just what she wants. Alloria and Emmet are watching us. They’re standing close to one another, but not touching.

I pull Brooke to me again, one hand going to the back of her head, the other one to the small of her back as I hug her to me. I can feel her stiff nipples poking me in the chest, and know she can feel the bulge in my pants pressed against her stomach.

Using the hand on her head, I tilt it up, and press my lips to hers again. I have no answers for her fears, other than my love and presence. For now, it will just have to do.

Her arms wrap around my neck, pulling me deeper into the kiss. Reaching between us, I work at her pants for only a moment, before sliding them down and off her. Bent over as I bring the waist of her pant to her ankles, I’m eye level with her clean-shaven pussy. Despite everything, or maybe because of it, I can easily see how aroused she is. As soon as she has one foot out of her pants, I grab her rear, and pull her nether-lips forward to meet mine.

I hear her gasp above me as I find her clit, sucking hard on it. This isn’t like our normal lovemaking, where I take it slow. I still plan on being gentle, but this time there is a purpose to our coupling, and I want to make sure neither of us has the time to back out.

I pull my right hand down, and painstakingly work at getting my own pants down and off. I have to reach in and readjust my rod before my underwear drop free. How odd, that earlier today I’d told Gaia that I wasn’t up for sex, but now that I’m with someone I truly love, I’m hard a ready to go. Once my pants are off, I kneel between her legs, never removing my lips from hers.

I can sense Brooke getting close to her climax, as my tongue works through her inner lips. Moving quickly, I place my hands behind her knees, and pull, while placing my pelvis directly beneath her. She lands in my lap, wide eyed, but I don’t stop my movements. It takes me only a second to lift her up, position my pole, and drop her. I’d hoped to be able to get her off with my antics, but instead it looks like I just postponed it. There is still plenty of time.

I let her sit in my lap, getting accustomed to being filled so quickly. My only movements are to lightly tickle her back and sides with my fingertips, and plant soft kisses along her cheeks and neck.

When her hips begin to move, making my phallus stir around inside her, I know she’s ready. I love how wet she gets, and truly love the way her inner walls fit snugly around my accommodating prick.

“Oh, Lyden,” I hear her moan softly when I bring my hands down to her rear and help move her. “I love you so much. I do want to have your child. I want to have all of you, in any way you’ll share with me.”

Realizing that her words are coming more from the moment, than her true intentions, I look up and see Eris grimace at us slightly. I also notice the goddess is topless and gently running her fingers across her modest breasts. The strange tattoos that adorn the side of her face travel down her body, even coming up on the side of her breasts.

“I love you,” I reply. “I think I always have, even when I was a child. For as long as I live, I will always love you.” Inside I twinge at how deceptive my words can be. I won’t be alive much longer. What Gaia told me is true, and I can’t survive past the coming battle.

Eris grins at my inner turmoil, tweaking one of her nipples.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had someone watching us, I realize. I remember the desperate session in the Orange Bubble as we rushed to rescue Areth from Blue. This is the first time so much has hinged on the act, however. It’s a good thing Brooke feels devine, tightly wrapped around my phallus, or I might get distracted by everything else going on around us.

Brooke places her hands on my shoulders, gently pushing me back. As soon as my shoulders touch the black ground—I marvel at how soft it is, noticing for the first time—she stares deep into my soul. “I know what you enjoy the most. For now, let’s do this. Later we can truly make love.”

I nod, letting her know I understand, and she lifts my head to her left breast. I can see Eris still playing with her breasts to my right, while to her right, Alloria and Emmet are intently watching us.

I block them out, concentrating instead on the woman atop me. As she leans forward, I can feel her pussy slide up my cock. When she begins to go back, I lift my hips, timing our movements perfectly, and hitting her deepest, most intimate parts. My left hand is on her right breasts, thumbing her sensitive nipple, while I play with the other one between my teeth and tongue.

For some unknown reason, I remember being in Marchosias’s lair. I get an idea.

When she clamps down on me, moaning softly, I know I won’t be far behind her. I pick up my pace, driving into her as I suck harder on her teat. Just as she starts to come down from her climax, mine begins, and she moans louder, another wave of passion and bliss overcoming my lover, as I empty myself into her womb.

“Tsk, tsk,” Eris says and I can detect an edge to her tone. “Did you really think you could fool me?”

“What do you mean?” Brooke asks. “We did what you wanted.”

“No, mermaid, he didn’t,” she warns. “He chose not to make his seed potent.”

It’s true, but how did she know? It only takes a moment’s thought to realize the answer. I should have been a lot more anguished than I was. I hadn’t fooled her at all.

Brooke looks at me and can see the truth on my face. “I guess we’ll just have to go another round,” she says, not seeming unhappy about the prospect. Unfortunately, my cock doesn’t seem to want to agree, as it continues to deflate inside her. “Oh,” she says when she realizes my predicament. I’ve had too much sex today, and don’t know how long it’ll be before I recover.

What was I thinking? Now, instead of being able to rush right back, we’ll have to wait here, until I can recover and do it again. I’m not sorry about having to make love to my wonderful mermaid, but the lost time eats at me.

The goddess smiles at my torment, and then turns to the other two. “You have waited long enough. It’s time you complete your end of the bargain.”

The two people from different races turn and look at one another uncertainly. “I’ve never been with anyone,” Alloria confesses, and I see Emmet’s face go even paler.

“The first time will hurt, if you’re anything like a real human,” he tells her, “but I know a spell that’ll help.”

“I don’t want your spells!” she suddenly snaps, then visibly regains control of herself. “I’m sorry, this is just wrong, but it’s not your fault.” I can tell those words have cost her by the way Eris seems to have a small orgasm. “I broke my hymen centuries ago. I’ll survive this.”

Emmet nods, gulping visibly. “How do you want to do this?” Despite how much I know he’s not looking forward to being with the gorgeous elf, I’m glad that at least he’s trying to be considerate. I don’t think many of his brethren would be, in the same situation.

“I don’t,” she states, then takes a deep breath, “but I must.” She locks eyes with him. “Get naked, and we will go from there.”

“Will watching them get you hard?” Brooke whispers in my ear. I shrug, not really feeling it right now. “Hmm, well then maybe I can help.” She pulls away from me, letting her red curls trail down my chest, until her face is inches from my shrunken member. It still glistens from our combined juices, but she doesn’t hesitate before taking it between her lips. I can feel her tongue swirl around the over-sensitive rim, and have to grip the ground to keep from crying out. As good as it feels, I sense no change in my second brain.

Looking back to the others, I see that both have removed their clothing. I have to admit that Alloria has a body that easily matches her face, with firm handful sized breasts sitting high on her chest, and a small tuft of light brown hair at the top of very smooth looking long legs.

The surprise comes from Emmet who is rather well endowed. To look at the man from the outside he doesn’t look like much, but even I’m impressed with his cock’s size.

Apparently so is Alloria, because her eyes are locked on the throbbing purple head.

“That might hurt after all,” she mutters, and then shakes herself. Her next words are too soft to reach my ears, but I hear them through the ground somehow. “It’s to save our world. It’s to save our world.” Her voice grows in volume as she gives commands. “Lie down, and stop staring at me. Good. Now hold still. If a weak human like you can suffer this, then I can as well.”

Emmet follows her commands, except for the one to quit staring at her. After he lies down, she steps over him and squats down, her back to his head. Reaching between them, the elf grips his cock, and aims it for her hole. She lowers herself, but grimaces and lifts up again. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she mutters, and again I hear it through the ground. She rubs the tip against her slit for a few seconds, and then tries again, but with the same results.

Meanwhile, Brooke’s ministrations are starting to have an effect, as she licks my shaft from balls to tip, and back again. I’m not necessarily growing hard, but I am feeling interested again. “You feel wonderful,” I tell her. “Keep it up.” She nods, and then sucks my entire rod into her mouth.

“It’s not working!” I hear Alloria easily with my ears. “There has to be another way, Eris!”

If the goddess is bothered by the use of her name, she doesn’t show it. “My dear elf, you have to want it, to get it to work,” she says, a sublime grin across her face. She is truly enjoying their torment. “To get that monster into you, you’re going to have to be aroused.”

“By a human?” Alloria demands, and then shakes her head. “Fine!” The elf’s eyes land on Brooke and me, and she smiles wickedly. “She seemed to enjoy it when he licked her pussy. Lick mine, human.”

“My name is Emmet, and I’d rather lick a pig!” he snarls at her, finally losing it with the way she’s treating him.

“Then imagine it’s a pig you’re licking, human,” she shoots back, and before he can respond, she scoots back and sits on his face. When he doesn’t make any moves, she wiggles her hips, grinding herself on him. “I said lick it!”

I see Emmet shrug his shoulders, and a second later Alloria gasps. Once again I hear her mutter, “It’s to save our world. It’s to save our world.” But this time it is interrupted by another gasp. A few seconds later, she closes her eyes and sucks in her bottom lip.

“Do you really think she will get that thing in her?” Brooke asks, her hand massaging my meat. I’m no longer entirely flaccid, but I’m not exactly hard, either.

“I think she’s determined enough to try,” I tell her. I spare a glance for Eris, and see the she has moved one hand into the hem of her skirt, as she watches the other two.

Looking back to Alloria and Emmet, I can make out that she is swiveling her hips against his mouth, and I can hear barely stifled moans through the Earth. But just when it looks like she might get off, she stops.

“Enough, human,” she states imperiously. “Obviously you have no skill at that. We’ll just have to try the original way.”

“Emmet, dammit! My name is Emmet! And you were moaning plenty, and dripping down my chin with your tasty juices a moment ago.” He pauses as he realizes he’d just paid her a slight compliment concerning her fluids.

Alloria seems to ignore him, but I catch her running a finger along her slit as she positions herself over him, and then tasting that finger. Emmet sees none of it, as her back is still to him. She aims his pole for her opening again and lets herself down on it, wiggling slightly. I can tell the moment his head slips inside as her eyes grow wide, and her mouth makes a large ‘O’.

“That really turned you on,” Brooke whispers to me, and I look down to see that I’m almost fully back.

“I like seeing a woman enjoy herself,” I say.

“Like Eris?” She asks, nodding to the woman. Looking over, I see the goddess on the ground, skirt bunched up around her waist, and two fingers of her right hand furiously rubbing her clit, while her left hand tweaks one of her hard nipples.

“Her, I’d rather not see so happy,” I state, and the slight slackening in my rod is proof of that.

Brooke notices it too, and graces me with a wonderful smile. Not because I’m going slack while she’s fondling me, but because of how I feel towards the goddess, I imagine. She drops her head back down, this time swallowing me into her throat. I can see the gills open on her neck, and know she can breathe fine. Still, the tightness of her throat makes me moan, and I can’t help but entwine my fingers into her red curls from the pleasure she’s giving me.

A grunt from Alloria draws my attention back to them, and I see she’s still trying to work the man’s large phallus into her. “Don’t think I’m enjoying this human, but can’t you try a little harder?”

“Fucking bitch,” the healer grumbles, but I see him reach up and grab her hips. He starts to move in time with her, and slowly, little by little, he slips into her, stretching her hole. “Damned, stuck up, tight as fuck, bitch,” the man grunts. I’m honestly surprised at his vulgarity, but wonder how I would feel in his position.

By the time he is halfway inside her, I’m hard as a rock, and ready to go. Brooke gets on all fours in front of me, and shakes her small bum. “Do me like this, so you can keep watching them.” For herself, Brooke is literally dripping, as I quickly get behind her, and slip inside. Despite having only made love to her moments before, she feels like she’s on fire. Apparently I’m not the only one turned on by Emmet and Alloria’s fornication. Despite my earlier attitude, this time I try to take it slow, and just enjoy every inch of the mermaid’s grasping twat.

“Is this what you wanted, slut?” Emmet asks, and suddenly Alloria freezes. Somehow she is able to spin around to face him, without pulling off his thick rod.

Her slap is easily audible, as is Eris’s cry of pleasure as she gets off on her fingers. “I am no slut, human! I’m only doing this because I have no choice!”

“Then why does you cunt tighten down on me when I call you a slut, slut?” he demands, and before she can respond, he grabs the back of her head, and pulls her lips down to his. At the same time, he drives his hips up, driving his massive meat deeper into her.

She struggles against his embrace, but he continues thrusting his hips, and I can hear her gasping with each stroke.

“Yes, fuck me Lyden!” Brooke screams out, and I look down to see that I’ve started to match the same rhythm as Emmet and Alloria. “God, that’s so hot, and feeling your huge cock pounding me at the same time. . . . Oh, God, I’m cumming!”

Her pussy clamps down on me, as she starts to shudder, but I don’t slow down. I keep pace with the other couple.

Alloria finally pulls away from Emmet, and her eyes are wide as she glares down at him. “How dare you presume to do that, human!” She slaps him again, but he only grins.

He stops moving, and grips her hips firmly to keep her from moving. “Slut,” he says, and drives his hips into her once. Her mouth tightens, but she doesn’t say anything. “Slut,” she states again, and this time when he thrusts I hear a slight moan escape her lips. “Slut,” he calls her a third time, and when he thrusts, her whole body convulses, and the last little bit of his massive cock slides into her. He doesn’t move after that, waiting for her to finish.

Anger blazes in her eyes when she opens them again, and she slaps him a third time. “I am no slut, human!”

“Then say my name, slut. Only a slut would fuck someone and not say their name,” he challenges her, slamming into every time he calls her a slut but otherwise holding still. I can see her trying to grind against him, but she only shakes her head. “Slut,” thrust. She shakes her head again. “Slut,” thrust.

“Emmet, dammit! Your fucking name is Emmit! Oh, Goooood!” this time it’s her that bends over, and kisses the man. I’m not sure who was surprised more, Emmet, or me, but the man begins to wildly thrust into the elf, passionately kissing her back, until his body locks up, and he grunts as he fills her pussy full of cum.

“Oh, yeah!” Brooke moans, as I grab her hips, and start pounding into her as hard as I can. “Cum in me, Lyden. Fill me with your sperm, and get me pregnant! I don’t care what it is, I just want your child. Fuck me Lyden, fuck me, OH God!” As she clamps down on me again and her soul joins mine, I lose it, and fire deep into her womb, this time making sure that my spunk is potent. I debate on faking it again, and acting more distressed over it, but decide I’d better not. I don’t know how much she can sense, or how well I can pretend to be in turmoil. I’m also running out of time to get back to Gaia and the others.

Worn out despite the energy I’d just received, I topple to the side, taking Brooke with me, and cuddle up behind her. “I love you, Brooke, and always will.”

“Gaia will have no say in what your children will be,” Eris crows, “but I will!”

I look up in time to see the darkness swallow her whole. When it retreats again, a large black pearl rests where she had been. A few seconds later, the nightmare stallions return.

Emmet and Alloria refuse to look at each other as they get dressed, but Brooke and I keep trying to find ways to stay in contact. Eris may have tried to drive a wedge between us, but she has only made our love grow stronger instead.

* * *

“I’m sorry, but we’re sworn to secrecy,” I tell Areth for what feels like the umpteenth time after greeting everyone in the large round room. Technically, only Emmet and Alloria demanded secrecy from us, but Brooke and I agreed to keep their secret.

“So you just walked in there, had a long chat with her, and she gave you the token?” Areth flutters in front of me, her hands on her hips. “Did you do something really perverted? You’re really bad at doing perverted things, sometimes.”

I know where she’s coming from, but why does she have to be so loud about it? I see the elf and knight blushing furiously, and I hope no one is looking their way.

“Only two tokens left, young generator,” Gaia says, coming up out of the floor. Alloria rushes to the Earth Mother, and gives her a fierce hug. Gaia pats her head, but her eyes are on Emmet. There is no doubt she knows what happened, and that she’s not happy about it. When the elf pulls away, Gaia faces me, and I can see that some of the strain is gone from her eyes. Is that because of the energy I gave her earlier, or because my daughter and Angela are getting a grasp on their powers? “I believe those two may be your easiest ones yet, though I’m a bit worried.”

My heart sinks as I hear those words. “Why? What’s wrong?” I demand.

“Hear her out,” Becky says. I turn to look at her.

“Angela already sent over a token of her power,” Gaia states, holding up a small golden phoenix, “but there has been no word from the new Pillar of Air.”

“Lysa?” I ask, barely aware of Brooke’s fingers entwining in mine. “But you would know if something happened to her, right?”

Mother Earth grimaces, and I see a different weariness enter her eyes. “I can only see what happens on the ground. Air’s demesne has very little ground in it, and I haven’t been able to see your daughter since she left.”

“But wouldn’t you be under greater strain if she was. . . .” Brooke cuts off, looking worriedly at me. I know what she was going to say anyway. If she was killed.

“She’s not dead,” Gaia reassures us. “And I can feel her taking charge of her powers. She hasn’t responded to any of my emissaries, however.”

“That’s because I’ve been busy procuring these,” my daughter’s voice, so like her mother’s sweet tones, breaks the air.

We all spin at once, as a slow breeze enters the room. Dirty-blonde hair billows as a thin woman in flowing robes floats in just as we’d been talking about her.

“Lysa!” I exclaim, rushing to her.

“Stop!” she commands, and suddenly I’m bowled over backwards by a powerful blast of air. “Crap, sorry!” she cries, as I try to get the room to quit spinning around me. “I’m still trying to get used to my power.”

“Wow, Lyden, that’s your daughter alright,” Jennifer crows as she laughs. “She even avoids swearing like you do!”

“Do that again!” Areth cries right afterwards. “That was fun, watching the dolt get blown around.”

Finally I’m able to get my vision straightened out, and see what I should have seen before. In Lysa’s arms are a bunch of sword hilts, but there are no blades.

“What are those?” Jewkes asks, pointing to the hilts.

Lysa beams, and there is no mistaking her as Lisa’s daughter with that smile. “I had these swords made. The blades are made out of air, and there is nothing sharper.” She sets the items on the ground, and I can see that the invisible blades gouge the solid rock of the floor. Before I have a chance to marvel at this wonderful gift, the Pillar of Air’s arms are around my neck, and I’m buffeted from all angles as she hugs me.

“Are you doing okay?” I ask her, as my arms enfold her. She is literally lighter than air.

“I was terrified at first,” she confides in me. “But I remembered watching you move on through terrible things, and come out stronger, Dad. I had to do my best.”

My chest fills with warmth as she calls me Dad. Unbidden, my arms tighten around her as I hug her tighter.

“How are you able to leave your own domain so soon after taking the mantle?” Gaia asks.

Lysa actually giggles as she pulls away from me. “I’m a child of two minds,” she states easily. “When I realized it was all a matter of the way I think, controlling this power became easy.” She turns to look at me again, and I see her cheeks turn red. “Sometimes my emotions get in the way, though.”

“Lysa?” a tremulous voice intrudes, and we turn to see Becky approach us uncertainly. The short brunette seems to fight with herself for a moment before finding her resolve. “I’m Becky. I knew your mother very well.”

Becky had been angry with me for creating Lysa, and now I wonder what she’s feeling as she faces her dead roommate’s fully grown daughter.

Looking at the new Pillar, I see a tear slowly roll down her cheek, unaffected by the swirling wind around her. “If it’s not too much to ask,” Lysa says, and she is suddenly just as hesitant as Becky had been, “I would like to call you Mother, since—“

She doesn’t get to finish the sentence, as Becky dashes forward and hugs my daughter. “Yes. I would like that!” she cries as the two women hold each other.

I have to fight my own emotions from overwhelming me as I watch the two, until Gaia interrupts my thoughts with a whisper in my ear.

“You have all the tokens you need,” she whispers to me. “Now it’s time to face the outsider, and your death.”


Author’s Note: Much of this chapter was the brainchild of Garbonzo. He was the inspiration behind Eris. Thanks once again!

Chapter 33 is up on the blog. The link to it is in my forum here:

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