I woke to more bodies on and in the bed than I could account for. I looked at Brandy sleeping on me like I was her body pillow and smiled as I caressed her hips. She wiggled and lifted her head a minute later before shifting and slowly pushing back and down onto my cock. She wiggled to get it deeper and sighed before starting to thrust back and forth.

I felt and caressed her and she kissed me before sitting up. She began to thrust back and forth and bounce and I grinned as I reached for her breasts. I cupped them and began kneading them and tugging on the nipples. She shuddered and started twisting and rolling her hips. Faith shifted and pressed against me as Brandy began to moan, “morning sex, yummy.”

Tammy laughed and Storm sat up and stretched before looking around. Cara pulled her down and kissed her and other girls began to giggle as they moved to and onto her. I smiled and moved my hands to Brandy’s waist as she became erratic. I pulled her back and forth as her pussy grasped and kept squeezing.

She twisted and rolled her hips as her pussy clenched, “aaahhhh!”

She bounced and began rocking as I reached for her breasts again. She jerked and spasmed as she began to howl, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I pulled her down and shifted until she was under me before I began to fuck her. She humped and kept thrusting up as her pussy constantly squeezed, “ooohhh!”

I fucked her firmly as I tried to cum and she began to wiggle and thrash around. Several minutes and I buried my cock and kissed her while pumping and spewing. She hugged me as her pussy rippled and massaged my cock. When I finished spurting and gushing cum I relaxed and kissed her.

I pulling out and moving off the bed, “showers.”

It was a huge crowd that followed and joined me and I grinned as I had sisters I had not seen in years washing me. Then my father arrived with all my mothers and the rest of the family. Even as I made the floor larger more people joined us. My half sister Morning Glory pulled me out and up the stairs.

I smiled and rubbed her pretty butt, “where are you taking me?”

She wiggled, “to meet Ember.”

I let her pull me into the caravan encampment and across to a young mage who was muttering as he squinted and tried to look at a kitten. I let the wild magic in as Glory slipped her arm around his waist and he looked at me. I reached out and touched his temple and murmured and he shivered as his eyes changed, “change them back when you finish.”

He smiled and glanced at the kitten, “the magic that created this is very intricate and subtle.”

I nodded, “and for most of my life it made kittens like this one on its own.”

Glory grinned, “he even changed a wolf and leopard into real girls.”

He looked at her, “that is not...”

I cleared my throat and he looked at me. I nodded and he blinked, “really?”

I kissed Glory, “I am glad you captured your man.”

She grinned and smirked, “and the magic makes him very horny.”

I laughed and he looked at her before grinning. I walked back to my wagons and wove grass and changed it to create a robe. I glanced at what was left of the spheres of wood and sat in a seat beside the fire platform. I turned to look at the large outdoor kitchen as several dozen women appeared and started cooking.

Many I knew but there were still a lot I did not. I glanced at Trinity when he walked into the camp with a half dozen council apprentices around him. I smiled and waved and he crossed and sat, “I wanted to ask you about setting up a watch at the larger river mouths.”

I nodded, “more Kracken?”

He nodded, “six ships or barges have been destroyed so far.”

I glanced at Storm as she whispered with aunt Sofie, “I think I have a way to check the rivers.”

I looked at Trinity, “on another note. There is a large herd of centaurs a few leagues away. They would like to bargain for guard positions. I was thinking they would make good scouts and could patrol isolated areas or communities like Clearing.”

He grinned, “I will have Nature go speak with them.”

I nodded and stood and murmured as I let the wild magic in. When I walked into the other camp everyone turned and smiled. I glanced back as one by one the girls joined me. I reached out to touch Brandy, “these are my concubines. Brandy...”

I turned and touched Storm, “Storm... She was a Siren so be warned.”

I turned and pulled both Cara and Amanda forward, “you know Cara and Amanda.”

I caressed Dara’s cheek, “this is Dara, she was a dryad.”

She smiled and waved as I looked at Tammy and Faith, “you know Tammy and Faith.”

I reached for Kim and took her hand, “this is Kim. She is my lover.”

She grinned and waved as I looked around, “this is my family girls. If you wish you may have sex with them.”

They grinned and I turned at a touch on my magic. I frowned and moved quickly towards my camp and through to the portal gate and I was not the only one. Trinity was waiting with the council and looked at all the mages hurrying to us. He gestured and a huge portal opened. Through it I could see a battle around the walls of a large city.

I moved towards the portal and stepped through before the wild magic surged into me. The men and creatures attacking the wall were dark and then I realized they were animated. A huge ward shield flared around the portal just before a massive bolt of energy struck it. The shield shook and seemed to vibrate but held.

I turned to see almost a hundred mages in dark robes. Before any of the mages that had come through with me could act my ward shield responded. Lightning exploded back towards those that had attacked and it branched again and again. Half of the mages were stuck while the other half had shields.

Of course that was when we began to act and not react. I murmured as I pulled the wild magic and whirled a finger. More bolts of lightning as well as balls of fire struck at the collection of mages. They threw up a ward shield to protect themselves and the animated dead had turned towards us.

When I was done with my spell I knelt and touched the ground. It was only a moment before the result came. Out of the ground inside the enemy mage ward shield a violent whirl wind sprang up. It snatched the mages off their feet and threw them around and pounded them into the ground.

When it died I let the wild magic loose and mage fire exploded inside the other ward shield. Those still alive screamed but there was no escape. I murmured and it was a few minutes before the fire died and the ward shield vanished. I looked at the animated dead and they had dropped to the ground.

Trinity and the council merged with a dozen others and reached out to burn the bodies to ash. When they finished one of the council started for the city gates as I held the wild magic and opened the portal back to Arolus. Tammy and Kim were waiting when I walked into camp and slipped their hands into mine.

I sighed as I sat and let the wild magic go, “time to set the rules.”

Kim pushed Tammy onto my lap, “I already have. Tammy may not go until she has the baby.”

I smiled as I hugged my sister who was frowning, “or you.”

Tammy grinned and stuck her tongue out at Kim who grinned, “I knew that was coming too.”

I cupped my sister’s breasts, “the two of you must watch over the others if I have to go somewhere. Also I want you to use a little of the wood or stone to make things like barrels of potions or amulets of protection or regeneration.”

Tammy wiggled and turned to give me a kiss, “play with those and I will fuck you.”

I gave one nipple a tug, “so?”

Kim laughed as she bent to give me a kiss, “I need to go see Pam and Teresa.”

I lifted Tammy as I stood and pulled her after me, “have fun.”

Tammy was grinning as she closed the door of our wagon. I pulled her to the bed and let her lay back as I undressed. I laid beside her and caressed her body and she sighed as she caressed my cheek. I finally turned to move over her and between her legs. I kissed her as I slowly pushed into her and buried my cock.

She wiggled and tilted her hips and I pulled back as I began to fuck her. I kept kissing her softly and she sighed and humped as her warm pussy constantly grasped and squeezed. A couple of minutes and she was clinging to me and shuddering as her wet and slippery pussy massaged my cock.

I began to fuck her harder and grind each time I pushed into her and she began to wail. She was shaking and bucking as I continued to fuck her and slowly she began to stiffen. I plunged into her to press and rub and she screamed as she thrashed around suddenly, “YES!”

I rode her and continued to hump and grind as her velvety pussy constantly grasped and tightened. It was a couple of minutes before I went back to fucking her with long strokes and she was clinging to me. Her pussy was very wet and slippery as I began to use firmer thrusts. After awhile I was fucking her hard.

She had her legs up and spread as she spasmed and screamed, “AMERLYN!”

I finally buried my cock and kissed her as I began gushing cum. She jerked as her pussy rippled and grasped my cock. I was kissing her passionately while I kept pumping spurts of sperm. When I was done I sighed and slowly relaxed while she panting and shivered. I pulled out and laid beside her and she smiled as she turned on her side to caress my chest.

She grinned and kissed me before climbing out of bed, “I need to see mom and Eve.”

I watched her go before getting up and dressing. I walked out and saw Megan speaking to Brandy who saw me and grinned, “Megan needs a real house.”

I glanced at the wood spheres to see them almost gone. I pulled in the wild magic and walked to the river and stood looking out. I thought before I sent the summoning spells up and down the river. I sat on the steps to wait and smiled as Faith walked through the camp towards me. She had a sway to her walk and a gleam in her eyes.

She pulled me up and opened my robe, “I forgot how real dad’s pleasure wagon is.”

I grinned as I caressed her hips, “how many booths did you try?”

She pushed me down and straddled me, “four and I really need you.”

Her pussy was very wet and slippery as she impaled it and wiggled to get my cock as deep as she could. I glanced at Megan when she sat beside us. She grinned and reached out to tug on one of Faith’s nipples, “she needs a baby or three.”

Faith grinned as she rubbed her pussy on me and it kept squeezing my cock, “just because you and mom had triplets.”

I grinned and put my hand on her mound and felt within. I laughed and looked at her as she thrust back and forth and reached for the stone. I touched it and she stopped moving to look at me. I smiled, “you have three eggs waiting.”

She blinked as Megan snickered and then grinned at her sister before leaning forward to kiss me, “add a couple more and you can remove the stone.”

I plucked the ruby off and slipped it into her hand before turning to lay her back. I let the wild magic fill me and reached in as I closed me eyes. She humped and her pussy gripped my cock, “ooohhhh!”

I pulled back and started to fuck her firmly as I felt the eggs reach her womb. I kissed her and she lifted her legs as I began to use long strokes. I was planting my cock and pressing and felt the wild magic murmur and reach out. I shivered as I felt my girls pulled towards us. I grinned as I kissed Faith and kept fucking her.

Several minutes later Megan rubbed my back, “they are all here.”

I shoved into my sister and shuddered as the wild magic shifted and I gushed a stream of sperm. The magic seemed to wait for me to finish before sealing the cum in and pushing it all through and into her womb. Faith was jerking and spasming as her pussy constantly clenched. She hugged me and I gave her a kiss before pulling out, “one littler coming up.”

She grinned as she panted and the girls laughed before coming to pull her up and away. I sighed and turned to sit up. I looked at the river and blinked at the huge amount of drifting wood. I kept the wild magic filling me as I murmured and began merging the wood. I had to lift it up and out when it began to block the whole river.

I glanced back when my father walked closer and grinned, “want to pull out enough for a house?”

He looked at the wood, “for?”

I gestured to the girls around Faith, “Megan and David.”

He smiled and began to murmur as I shifted the wood coming up and down the river. I began merging it and creating another huge sphere and let my father move the first one. I had a dozen huge spheres when the drift wood stopped coming. I used what was left of the first sphere to create a large building to store things.

I enchanted the inside so that it was three times larger than the outside. I sent out word that there was more wood and went to relax while watching the two camps. Amanda and Cara were taking the other girls to visit with my brothers and the men in the caravan. Edward and Pam went with the council to speak with the centaur herd.

I glanced at Storm with aunt Sofie and smiled as I let the wild magic in and summoned crystal. I only needed a small amount and let the rest go as I held and caressed the crystal. I thought of Storm and the crystal shifted into a small blue fairy. She smiled at me as the magic faded and looked around.

Her wings lifted her and she started a soft melody that made everyone turn. Storm looked and grinned as she walked towards us and her voice lifted to join the small fairy’s. The fairy drifted towards her and when they met they began to circle while the song seemed to change to one of joy and discovery.

It was several minutes before the fairy landed on her hand. Storm turned and walked towards me as everyone shook themselves and started moving. I smiled at the way her hips swayed and the bright look in her eyes, “do you like her?”

She stopped to open my robe and push me into my seat before straddling me as the fairy flew up and into the trees. She wiggled down my cock and kissed me before letting a sigh escape. She rocked slowly while her warm pussy massaged my cock, “Silence is perfect.”

I smiled and hugged her while her warm pussy rippled around my cock. She sighed as she continued to slowly grind and rub while her pussy grasped my cock. She began to sing and the fairy was the first to join her. It was a song of satisfaction and contentment and it was not long before Sofie’s voice joined hers.

I looked and saw many people walking in to listen. Storm held me and gently rolled her hips as her voice seemed to spread far beyond our camp. I caressed her back as her voice left simple words behind and pulled at the soul. I glanced at mom when she sat beside me and rubbed her back, “finish angel.”

The song slowly began to change as she began to rock and grind. My heart beat faster and her slippery pussy tightened. The song was one of awakening and joy and pleasure. It was one of love and belonging and ended as I held her hips while spurting a geyser up inside her. She let the song drift away as she sighed and slowly lay against me and closed her eyes.

Mom chuckled and moved to kiss her cheek. I sighed and relaxed and let the wild magic in before lifting her and sending her floating towards the wagon and the bed. Mom leaned against me, “you are getting better.”

I smiled as I fixed my clothes, “the more I use the wild magic the easier it becomes.”

She nodded, “I wish we had known when you were younger.”

I slipped my hand into hers, “we know now and I will not let the knowledge disappear again.”

She grinned and squeezed my hand, “so you have gotten two of your sisters pregnant.”

I glanced to one side to see the girls whispering together with Jeremy and Teresa, “yes.”

She chuckled, “soon you will have babies and diapers again.”

I grinned and turned, “and soon my girls will be pregnant and will have to fend off all the mages trying to see what they will have.”

I glanced at Trinity when he walked into camp, “it looks like I am wanted again.”

She sighed and stood, “we are cooking here tonight. Your girls have been making the rounds and everyone wants to celebrate.”
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