I moved across the room very slowly until I reached the vault. I pulled the large thick comp from my thigh pouch and placed it on the wall beside the access pad. I attached two slim leads and waited as the comp began syncing to the vault and the signal it was sending out. When I saw the blinking light change to a solid I brought the pack off.

I pulled out the artificial arm and hand. The DNA was a match for one of two men with access to the vault and the thermal signature of the hand was a match. I placed the hand on the pad after entering twenty eight numbers. A dim light came on and the vault door began opening. I waited until I had room and went in and started to load mega credit pads into the pack.

I left the vault door open when I slipped out but took my equipment. Since I was five my father had begun to teach me how to open locks and bypass alarms. He had been one of the best thieves in the empire until he retired. Besides locks and alarms I was taught about sensors and spy devises.

I also learned about costumes and disguises. What I really learned was I did not want to be like my father or do the things he had done. I had the entire top floor of a sky building but only one quarter was my residence. It was a gift from my father before he moved to another world. I glanced at the three men that walked into my front room.

I sat back, “I hope you have a warrant officers.”

Two of the men looked at each other and one crossed to me and held out a film, “this do?”

I took it and looked at it, “it says you want to search for items stolen from Mr Yomisha.”

I looked at the man beside me, “this is not legal according to the latest court ruling. You have to put exactly what you are looking for. Which means the mega credit pad numbers.”

I handed it back as I stood, “not that it matters.”

I started for another door, “As for the items taken from Mr Yomisha, I have a contract.”

They followed me into the large dining room where a large stack of mega credit pads sat on the table beside an empty case. A comp screen was beside it and I picked it up and turned to hand it to the detective, “Mr Yomisha must come and claim his property in person according to the contract he signed.”

The detective looked at the screen and turned to the third man who had remained quiet. He stepped forward and took the screen before reading it and looking at me, “he did not inform security.”

I snorted, “and why do you think that was?”

He turned and pulled his comm and I gestured to the two detectives, “coffee?”

They smiled and one nodded as he pulled out a chair. It was awhile before the front door chime sounded. I gestured to Mr Yomisha’s head of security and he stood to go open the door. He was back a few moments later and I stood and bowed to Mr Yomisha. He frowned, “I did not expect you to break into my office vault.”

I gestured to a chair as I reached for the comp screen, “I examined your systems. The super comp is secure through normal means.”

I turned the comp screen and handed it to him after opening the sync with the vault, “by syncing with the vault I was able to bypass the security mainframe and access the super comp.”

The head of security hissed, “we did not detect...”

I smiled as Mr Yomisha shook his head, “so we were vulnerable.”

I nodded, “by adding a separate stand alone security mainframe you can correct and protect the super comp from outside intrusion. There is still the possibility of an employee copying files from the network using a remote comp or storage device.”

He nodded and stood before reaching to the stack of credit pads. He tossed me one, “a bonus.”

I caught the pad and bowed as he turned and started walking away. I gestured to the head of security and he began putting the pads in the case before leaving. I smiled at the detectives, “case closed.”

They stood and one shook his head, “you could have let us know before.”

I started walking them to the door, “I posted a notice on the peace officer briefing board.”

They looked at me before shaking their heads. I held the door as they walked out, “if you ever need my services just call.”

I closed the door and smiled as I headed through the penthouse. I stopped in my study at the desk and began scanning the credit sheets into a reader which deposited them into my account. When I finished the pad was just ash and I cleaned it up. I went to my gym and stripped before climbing into the lap pool.

When I got out I put a robe on and headed to the kitchen. I frowned when the door chime sounded and turned to go answer the door. A young oriental woman was standing there with a small trunk and held out a elegant card. I accepted it and opened it and glanced at the glyph at the bottom.

It was short and to the point, “Mr Daniels I did not think you would succeed. The security of my company is everything. I checked you out very throughly before contacting you...”

I glanced at the young woman as she shifted and went back to reading, “while normally a female is of little value I noticed that you did not seem to have one. I give Niome to you, she is young but I hope you find her pleasing.”

I closed the card, “do you know what it says and do you agree?”

She nodded and I turned and gestured for her to enter. I led her to a guest room and then went to shower and dress. I was thinking the entire time and somehow I did not think Mr Yomisha had sent her. While she might look like an older teenager I did not think she really was. I dressed and walked out and headed to the kitchen and found the girl already there.

I helped her straightened and clean up before heading for the door. She followed a step behind and to my left and I sighed. I walked out and across before unlocking another door. I held the door for her and crossed to a large wooden desk. It had three sides with comfortable chairs in front of it.

I gestured to a chair as I walked around to sit in the chair behind the desk, “what is your name?”

She was looking down, “Niome sir.”

I nodded and turned to wake the huge wall comp. I started looking at responses to enquires and pulled one out and sent it to the desk comp. I blanked the wall screen and turned to the desk before I started doing a little research. I glanced at the girl when she shifted and set up a program I had purchased. I let it run and a moment later a holo of a man appeared.

He looked surprised and sat back, “who are you?”

I bowed, “my name is Kevin Daniels. You responded to a private advertisement.”

He blinked, “that is... you look young.”

I smiled, “Do you know the Shepard House?”

He nodded and I smiled again, “perhaps we can talk over dinner. How about at the seventh hour tonight?”

He thought before agreeing and I disconnected and looked at the girl. I stood and walked around the desk, “come here.”

She stood and walked to me and I stopped beside a full length mirror. I reached out and began to undress her while she blushed and looked down, “do you understand about unwritten contracts or verbal agreements?”

She looked at me as I stepped back and twirled my hand while touching the mirror, “yes.”

She slowly turned around as I watched the upper corner of the mirror. I gestured for her to stop and touched the comm interface and entered an address. The upper body of a well dressed man appeared, “Mr Daniels...”

He hesitated and I stepped close to Niome, “hello Ralph. I need a gown for this girl. I will also need perfume and jewelry.”

He smiled, “one moment.”

The screen darkened and several moments later an older woman appeared. She smiled, “You need a gown, jewelry and perfume? How formal?”

I looked at the girl, “dinner in a nice restaurant.”

The woman nodded and several images of dresses appeared to replace her. I touched one and then she started asking questions and picked a nice perfume before sets of jewelry appeared and took the place of the gown. I touched the set I thought would look best and the woman appeared, “and what time did you need it?”

I looked at the girl, “no later then the fifth hour and she will need an attendant.”

The woman bowed and the mirror replaced her image as the comm was disconnected. I took the girl’s hand and walked her to the desk and turned her before lifting her to sit on the edge. I pushed her legs open as I moved between them, “So... officer, are you going to honor the unwritten contract?”

She looked into my face quickly, “I do not...”

I knelt and leaned forward to lick through her pussy. I sucked on her clit as she shuddered and looked up, “and when I fuck you?”

She groaned and laid back, “how did you know?”

I pushed my tongue into her and nibbled on her inner lips. I started to wiggle my tongue on her clit and she began to hump and shudder while she moaned. It was a couple of minutes before she jerked and tried to close her legs. I stood and opened my pants before pushing them down. I moved closer and pushed into her slick pussy.

She shuddered and tilted her hips while her pussy tightened. I bent over her and gave her a kiss, “I studied Mr Yomisha and he might give me a bonus of credits but he would never give me a girl.”

I stood and pulled back before I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She humped and shivered as I continued to fuck her slowly. A few minutes and she began to stiffen as her pussy contracted. I buried my cock and humped suddenly and she screamed as she spasmed and thrashed around, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I began to fuck her hard and deep and she lifted and spread her legs, “YES!”

She thrust up and then began to buck. I kept fucking her and started rubbing each time I buried my cock. It was not long before she began to convulse and her eyes rolled up. I could not hold back and pushed into her and held her as I gushed and spewed. She jerked while her tight pussy kept squeezing and massaging my cock.

When I finished cumming I bent over her while she panted, “did you know what it says and do you agree?”

She shuddered while her pussy tightened and squeezed, “yeah.”

I pulled out and helped her stand, “in the other room is a desk chair. Bring it in here and sit beside me so you can see what I am doing.”

She looked at me before nodding and walking into the other room. I smiled as I went around and sat before bringing up the desk comp. I sent it to the wall comp and sat back. I used a remote and ignored the girl when she pulled the chair next to mine and sat. I went through everything about the man and his company and his family.

Niome murmured a few minutes later, “what are you doing?”

I smiled, “learning everything about him, his family and his company. After that I work on what he is looking for, either to test his security or equipment.”

She nodded, “all before he agrees to sign a contract?”

I glanced at her, “he already contacted me and this is only research. Tonight we will talk and decide if I will accept a contract with him.”

She looked at the huge comp screen, “and your fee?”

I grinned, “it depends on the job he wants done. Mr Yomisha agreed to a quarter million credits but only if I succeeded.”

She looked at me, “and if you did not?”

I shrugged, “I would have gotten nothing.”

I returned to the research and Niome leaned forward and seemed to look at everything. I stopped at noon and stood and she looked at me as I shut the comp down. I gestured and started around the desk and towards the door and she fell in beside and behind me. I smiled, “I know what you are. You can walk beside me.”

She moved up as I returned to my penthouse and the kitchen. She started helping me make a light soup for lunch and once I put it on the table she grinned and straddled me. She impaled her tight cummy pussy and wiggled before picking up her spoon. I grinned and picked mine up as she began to rub her pussy while it kept squeezing.

I was enjoying her pussy as it massaged my cock and she began to shudder and stopped eating. She jerked and moaned as her pussy tightened. She wiggled and squirmed and it was a few moments before she went back to rubbing her pussy on me. She grinned and started eating again as I stopped and tried to relax.

The feel of her cummy pussy around my cock grasping and squeezing was very enjoyable. I began to hump and she wiggled and twisted as she rolled her hips, “mmmm!”

I set my spoon down as she shook and spasmed and held her waist. I kept her moving back and forth and she began to bounce and rock. I groaned as my cock almost came out before she sat and shoved it all the way back into her. She started to convulse while her pussy clenched and kept tightening, “fffuuucccckkkk!”

I shuddered and humped and tried to thrust up as my balls churned. Niome screamed and shoved down while spreading her legs wide apart, “YES!”

I held her as I began to pump a geyser of cum up into her. She twisted and jerked while her slimy pussy kept squeezing, “oooohhhh!”

When I was done I took a deep breath and she sagged and leaned against me. She finally lifted a little so my cock would come out before she sat. I picked up my spoon and started eating as she caught her breath. After lunch we cleaned up and returned to my office. This time she started pointing things out to me.

I watched the time and finally pulled her up and after me as I shut everything off. She looked at me as I pulled her into the penthouse and then back to my bedroom and then the bathroom. She grinned as she stepped into the shower and I began washing her. She wiggled and rubbed her breasts against me and stroked my cock.

I pulled her out and dried her off, “you have an attendant coming in a few minutes.”

She kissed me, “what should I do?”

I smiled as I headed for my closet, “whatever they tell you.”

I dressed carefully and answered the door to let the attendant in. I went into the study and pulled a new comp screen out of a drawer. I began creating the contract using the specs he had listed and finally glanced at the time and stood. It was still a half hour before the attendant walked out with Niome.

I grinned, “very nice.”

I pulled a large credit sheet and handed it to the attendant, “thank you. Tell Ralph I would like you to return tomorrow to fit my companion with everyday clothes.”

She smiled, “ninth hour?”

I nodded and she left and Niome walked to me carefully, “this is...”

I turned and put her hand on my arm, “beautiful.”

We walked into the expensive restaurant ten minutes early but Mr Gilbert was already there. Another man was with him and he did not look happy. They stood as we reached the table and I seated Niome before gesturing and sitting. I smiled at the waiter, “my regular and the lady will have tea.”

She nodded and looked at the two men who ordered whiskey. I waited until she left to put the screen on the table and a small devise that would scramble any listening device, “you want me to check the security of your secure corporate files.”

Mr Gilbert looked around and gestured to the other man, “my director of security thinks this is a waste of time.”

I glanced at the other man before looking at him again, “just from open files and public access I can say it is possible.”

I closed my mouth as the waitress returned with our drinks and handed out menus. I looked it over and ignored the fact that it did not have prices. I ordered and leaned over to help Niome before waiting for the two men. After she left I took a drink of the water before looking at Mr Gilbert, “if someone who knows what they are doing wants access it would not be hard.”

I tossed a small data screen, “this is not capable of wireless transmissions. It has a couple of files I am sure you do not want to get out.”

He leaned over so the other man could see as he turned it on. I was watching their expression and smiled slightly when they scowled and Mr Gilbert glared, “you will list the access and how to solve the security breach?”

I nodded as I pulled another screen and slid it across, “everything is in the contract.”

He sat back and started reading as appetizers were brought. He glanced at the waitress and then at Niome, “what about her?”

I smiled, “she belongs to me but she is also a peace officer.”

He frowned, “bought?”

I grinned, “think undercover to learn my secrets and a mistake in her contract language.”

He grinned and then laughed before nodding. Dinner went very well and we left with the contract signed. When we returned home I pulled Niome into the bedroom and helped her undress. I left the jewelry on and sent her to hang the clothes up while I undressed. When I returned to the room she grinned and put her hand on my chest and backed me to the bed.

She pushed and followed to straddled me before wiggling down my cock. It was late when we finished and she lay half on me to sleep. I was up early and she followed as I got out of bed. She exercised with me naked and seemed to enjoy teasing me. After we were finished and showered we returned to my office.

She used a comm while I returned to my research. I saw several ways to physical get in and two ways to breach the system firewall. I was putting everything down as I went and glanced at Niome when she sat beside me. She grinned, “my captain was not happy you found out so quickly.”

I smiled as I went back to work, “I have told every peace officer that has come that all they had to do was ask for my help.”

She sighed, “they think you are still hiding something.”

I smiled, “I am. How I do things to make money.”

I glanced at the time a little later and turned to open a drawer. I pulled a credit sheet out and handed it to Niome, “the attendant should be here soon. You need a dozen outfits and tell her to put them on my tab.”

She looked at the sheet and blushed, “I...”

I turned and cupped a breast, “belong to me and will wear clothing I provide.”

She shivered and then grinned as she stood, “yes sir.”

I watched her leave before returning to what I was doing. When I had a plan I contacted the peace officer precinct closest to Mr Gilbert’s building. I give them the day and time and contract number before leaving the office. The other area I went to was my practice area and I began setting it up so I could rehearse the break in.

It was hours before I was done, the bots had done most of the work. I walked into the penthouse and Niome peeked out of the kitchen, “there you are.”

I smiled as I walked towards her, “all you had to do was ask the AI and it would direct you to me.”

She grinned and turned around, “I picked skirts and dresses.”

I looked at the dress she wore and smiled, “and under things?”

She grinned wider, “I left them off.”

I caught her and caressed her hips as she pressed against me. She kissed me and turned and lifted the dress up past her butt before she spread her legs and slowly bent forward while tilting her hips. I looked at her pussy and she giggled as she wiggled her butt, “want to stuff it and inject some cream?”

I laughed as I opened my pants and pulled out my hard cock. I spread my legs and rubbed the head of my cock in her slit before I pushed into her. She groaned as I slowly buried my cock and held her tight. I moved forward until she could hold the counter and then pulled back and started to fuck her with long deep thrusts.

She sighed and began pushing back as her pussy constantly contracted. She began moaning and wiggling as I kept fucking her firmly with deep strokes. It was several minutes before she shuddered and then spasmed as she wailed, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

Her warm slippery pussy felt very nice as I continued to fuck her and bury my cock. I began to use hard thrusts and she started grunting. It was another few minutes before I plunged into her and held her as my throbbing cock erupted and I gushed cum into her. She jerked and shook as she yelled, “yyyeeessss!”

I pumped a lot of cum into her before I was done and it was already leaking around my cock. I pulled out and stood her up before turning her. She leaned against me as she panted, “damn I love the way you fuck.”

I grinned and gave her a kiss before looking around the kitchen, “dinner?”

She grinned and turned to go back to making it and I began helping her. After dinner I pulled her into the living area and she sat on my cock. I told her the plan and about informing the local peace officer precinct. As I went through the plan she slowly fucked me. After I came she pulled me up and to bed so I could pound her pussy a few more times.

I woke up to Niome moving off the bed and followed. First was the bathroom and then a light breakfast and then I pulled her into the practice area. We went through everything over and over until it was evening and we had it down. We ate and laid down after setting the alarm. I do not think she really expected it to work.

She had a satisfied expression when we came home a few hours before the sun rose. I woke to the soft beep of the alarm and glanced at Niome before shifting over her and using my knees to spread her legs. I pushed into her slowly and she groaned as she put her arms around me. I settled and waited and she humped as her warm pussy squeezed.

I kissed her and pulled back to start fucking her and she thrust up and moaned, “ooohhh!”

She opened her eyes and smiled as she wiggled, “good morning.”

I continued to fuck her slowly with long strokes and she began to lift her hips while her pussy tightened. She shuddered and hugged me a couple of minutes later, “aaaahhhh!”

I buried my cock and began to rub and grind. She shuddered and her pussy clenched, “mmm!”

I grinned and kissed her before fucking her hard suddenly. She spread her legs and lifted them into the air, “fffuuucccckkkk!”

I continued to fuck her firmly for several minutes and she was spasming and struggling when I was ready. I shoved into her and held her while I kissed her and spewed cum. She screamed into my mouth as her pussy clamped down. I pumped and gushed and spurted until I was finished.

I settled and waited as she panted and she finally took a deep breath and dropped to the bed. I pulled out and moved off the bed, “we should have guests soon.”

She looked at me as I held out my hand and rolled out of bed. We were in the front room discussing how to open certain safes when the doorbell rang. I grinned as I stood and went to open the door. Mr Gilbert and his director of security looked pissed as they walked in. I crossed to my chair and gestured to another, “still think your secure corporate files are safe?”

I gestured to a small card beside the chair, “everything is in a folder marked peek a boo. Your name is the user and boo is the password. The folder will unfold and all the secure corporate files will return to where they were. The only thing left in the folder will be a list of the accesses and how to solve the security breaches.”

He sighed, “you scared me. I thought the whole data net had been wiped.”

I smiled, “it could have been. Consider this a wake up.”

He stood and glanced at his security director, “your money will be deposited as soon as we get back to the office and confirm this.”

I nodded and stood to follow them out. I looked at Niome when I returned, she was topless and rubbing her pussy through the skirt. I grinned as I stalked towards her, “first I am going to fuck your tight pussy and then we are going back to work.”

Niome resigned a month later. Now we also do work for the peace officers for free when they need a safe or door opened.


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