This story is a biography, based on fact with interwoven fiction.

Romance, incest, male/ 2 females, softcore

This story is a biography, based on fact with interwoven fiction. It spans a period of about 12 years.
If you only like hardcore don’t read any further.

The background development can be found in the early chapters of this series.
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I said that I did not think I would have any more trouble as my dick now felt quite soft.
Sarah suggested we just lay quietly for 10 minutes and then she would test me. If I was ok, she would stay with me for the night.

“How do you feel now ………….still soft?” she asked. I nodded.
There was no life in my dick, at all.

“Let me see.” she requested.

I pulled down my boxers. Sarah picked up my dick, but, instead of the usual 2 finger test, she put her hand completely around it and gave a gentle squeeze. “Even when it’s soft I can only just get my hand around it.........!” she commented.

Finally, she gave the ok. She would stay. But, if I started to get hard she would have to go to her own bedroom to sleep.

Sarah’s final comment was “I’m pleased we fixed it……….otherwise I would have needed to take you to Emergency.”

With the thought of the possibility of going to Emergency my dick really died. I could not imagine walking into Emergency, accompanied by Sarah, with my dick sticking out – fronting up to the Triage nurse saying “I’ve got a hard dick”……….and………. I don’t even have an overcoat.


Sarah was now convinced that my system had come back to normal.
She believed that the cause of my sudden depression was due to the fact I had no advance notice that Lucy was to go away. It was all too sudden. In reaction, my system had gone out of balance.

If I had been given, say, a weeks notice, then I would have become settled with an understanding of the real situation. Over the week, the three of us would have got together and leisurely made plans for her absence.


Sarah had arranged to phone Lucy when we had settled for the night to confirm that everything was going well. On this occasion I did not ask Sarah to put on the loudspeaker. Sarah’s side of the conversation was:

-Yes I’m in bed with Jimmy now.
-No he did not get in shower with me tonight.
-He just sat and watched as usual.
-No we didn’t do it. We decided to wait until you returned.
-We had a technical problem…….but I’m certain it’s fixed now.
-I’ll explain when you return.
-We’re going to have a chat and then go to sleep.
-Did you say ‘cuddle’ but no kiss?
-Ok. I’ll put Jimmy on.

Sarah passed the phone. Lucy told me that I was to give Sarah the cuddle that I often gave her before sleep, but without the kiss!! We said goodbye and agreed to talk again in the morning.

Cuddling Sarah was always ‘off limits’.
Why would Lucy suggest it?
Apparently, she saw her absence as another ‘special occasion’. She would have been sure that Sarah would enjoy my ‘special’ cuddle - particularly as Sarah was foregoing her ‘sessions’ until Lucy returned.


Sarah rolled on to her side to talk to me.

She said that Lucy had told her, bit by bit, about our background.
She was fascinated by the fact that Lucy and I had never had sex until we were married.
Lucy had explained that, when younger, we had slept a lot in the same room.
Also, that we cuddled and kissed a lot, and had frequent sexplay.

Sarah was interested to hear more from me.


So I began telling my side of the story…………………………..

………………….When Lucy returned from overseas I still remembered that I was not to put my dick in her. Not long after her return she reminded me that we had agreed on this restriction.

I can recall that, at times, it was difficult to suppress the urge. Lucy did not seem to realize that bouncing around the bedroom naked only made it worse. I guess I should have told her not to go around naked, but I loved looking at her – and I haven’t changed. But, I guess that at her then age, she did not understand how dicks worked. I think she thought I made it go up and down whenever I wanted.

There were many nights when she insisted on getting into bed with me. Even though she might not have stayed very long, she always left me with a hard dick.

Sometimes I would dream Lucy was kissing and cuddling me. I’d wake up with an extremely hard dick – and that makes it difficult to go back to sleep.


If I had pressured Lucy to have sex she may have given in. But I think, somehow, I knew that if I did exert such pressure, I would have lost her.

She would have told her mother who, in turn, would have told my mother. Weekend stopovers would have been stopped. Other than family visitations, I would not have seen Lucy.

More importantly, I would have lost Lucy’s respect as well as her mother’s. In which case, Lucy would not have been interested in working out a way to get back together. And, her mother may even have discouraged it.

Over the last couple of years I have concluded that love and mutual respect are equally important. Without both, I feel that a relationship is likely to fail.

That fear of maybe losing Lucy, plus the pleasure I had cuddling, kissing, and other things, helped override my natural urges to have sex with her. So I never asked, or even hinted.

Looking back, I wonder how, at the age of 14, I could be so in love. I probably did not understand what love was. But, I was never interested in meeting other girls.

All I wanted to do was be with Lucy. After all, she had told me she would never leave me again – and I believed her completely.

I think I knew that the time for sex would come!


Sarah said that my story allowed her to understand the relationship that Lucy and I had.
Also it explained why she had never heard us disagree about anything. She believed that the bond established between us, at such an early age, was a big factor – we just understood each other completely.

She now understood that relationships were not just about romance and sex. There needs to be deeper commonalities. Ideal love was about passionate, sexually attracted best friends sharing secrets, vulnerabilities and forming a close partnership.

Next, she put two of her fingers to her lips and kissed them. Then she put those two fingers onto my lips – and said
“I just love living here with you……………I would never have believed that I could be so happy living apart from my family.”


Sarah looked at me “Lucy said I was to get a cuddle…………do I have to do anything to get that cuddle?
I indicated to Sarah that she needed to slide to the middle of the bed, on her side, with her back to me. I then moved up so that my body was firmly against her back.

At this point I said to her “if you are not comfortable with my cuddle just say so - I will go no further.” She replied ‘if Lucy likes it, I am sure I will too.”

I placed my hand under her t-shirt and rested it on her mound, then let my fingers open and slide through her soft blonde hairs, backwards and forwards. Moving my hand up to her tummy I gently circled it around and around – then back down through her hairs.

Sarah whispered “oooohh………….. that’s nice ……….I like it………..can I have more.”
After a few more ‘oooohhs’ from Sarah I cupped my hand lightly up over her top breast. It felt beautiful – firm yet so soft and smooth. Resting on her side made her breasts much more than a handful………..but I managed!!

It was only seconds before her nipple had gone quite hard.

I asked her to lean back towards me a little so that I could feel the other breast as well. Now I was able to easily move from one breast to the other, letting the palm of my hand glide back and forth lightly over her nipples. “Are you ok Sarah………….tell me when to stop?” I said.
“Yes! …………just keep going……..I feel real nice! .............stop when you feel too tired to do any more!” she answered.
I really liked feeling hard nipples. It was instant feedback of Sarah’s pleasure.

I was pleased Sarah was getting a lot of pleasure from my cuddling her. Also, I guessed Lucy thought that it was something I could do for Sarah after all the trouble I had caused her, that day.

I continued moving slowly from one breast to the other. After a short while I realized that Sarah had gone to sleep. It was obvious that I would have to wait until morning to get her final verdict on goodnight cuddles.


On waking, I looked over to Sarah………… “How did you sleep” I asked.
She replied “beautiful………….. now I understand why Lucy says that she always ‘sleeps like a baby’……………….do you think I could have another cuddle tonight?”
“Sure…………….if you want!” I replied.

I think Sarah knew that I really loved caressing breasts – Lucy would have told her. Lucy never had many inhibitions when we were young – and had even less now, especially since taking college biology classes.

During the morning we both spent some time on assignment work. Mostly however, we just chatted. During the period Sarah had been living with us, I never really had had any ‘one to one’ time with her. She was very easy to talk to, and, in fact, quite charming.

I quickly realized that, if I found her charming, so would other guys. That meant I would need to be even more vigilant on campus. Sometimes classes finished early and students hung around talking. To be safe, I would need to make sure that I was back to collect Sarah before scheduled finish time. It was difficult without Lucy there to keep watch.

When it was nearly time to leave, Sarah dressed. It appeared that Lucy had advised Sarah on what to wear this time, so there were no problems from my point of view.
On campus, we followed the same arrangements as before, without any dramas. Also, we stopped off at the coffee shop and checked in again with Lucy.

Sarah appeared to be very comfortable with our extended time together. I tried to make up for Lucy’s absence. I was certainly enjoying her company. As we walked back to the parking lot, Sarah hung tightly on to my arm, I noticed guys turn around to give Sarah the once over –and probably thinking……. ‘lucky guy’.


I decided that I would not sit and watch Sarah in the shower. I did not want to run the risk of the previous night. Sarah understood, and, as she hopped in the shower said she would not be long coming to bed.

Sure enough, without Lucy to talk with, she was only a quarter the regular time in the shower. As was her usual habit, she crawled up from the bottom of the bed. Her breasts were now so full and firm that they barely wobbled. Even though Sarah did this every night I still enjoyed the view.

Sarah’s figure had changed slightly over the time she had been with us. I thought it was a ‘maturing thing’. However, Lucy explained that when a female starts having intercourse her body begins to get ready for impregnation. Depending on the individual, this means that her hips may widen, making her waist appear to be narrower – and her breasts become firmer. Also, there is a tendency to put on extra weight. If this happens, some weight gain will always finish up in the breasts. In Sarah’s case, I felt the small changes made her look even sexier.


Sarah had agreed to do 2 shifts at the fashion shop as she was covering for Lucy.

As she was to wear a brand new promotional outfit she decided to have an extra shower before dressing.
“Come in and talk to me while I shower………….you will be ok now, won’t you?”

It would be sensual watching Sarah in the shower, but I was sure I was over my initial problems. After all, Sarah had, as usual, been wandering around naked since we got out of bed without any effect on me.

I suggested arrangements for the day-

I would walk her to the shop then pick her up for her lunch break. We could go close by for a snack. Finally, I would pick her up at the shop, at the end of her second shift.

Being a Saturday, the local vultures would be out in force. I did not want Sarah wandering around the Mall without me.


With shower finished she asked me not to leave as she would need my help with the zipper. I had no intention of leaving as I had not lost any enthusiasm for watching the girls’ dressing procedure.

Sarah took a dress out of the closet and said to me “I do not need to wear a bra with this dress.” She removed 2 pads from inside the top of the dress and slipped it over her head, with her arms through the armholes. A little wriggle and the straps were on her shoulder. One pull and the rest slid down over her waist.

I was a little disappointed when her beautiful blond pubic triangle disappeared from view. She turned around for me to pull up the zipper, saying “leave it down a little.”

Her next action I had not seen either of the girls do before.

She bent over forward and put her right hand down the front of the dress and under her left breast. She lifted it and then dropped it. Then did the same with her left hand and right breast. I would have been happy to do all that for her if she had only asked. Finally, I pulled up the last bit of the zipper.

“How does it look?” she asked.

The front of the dress was square cut although not very low. Nevertheless, her cleavage was clearly noticeable and ‘bulging’ slightly over the top of the dress.

“You’re partly falling out.” I replied.

“Not that………..I meant the color.” She answered.

I don’t think there was any misunderstanding here. It was just that as a male I responded to a non specific question in the way any male would. Looking at Sarah, the first thing a male would notice would be her ‘bulging’ cleavage. It was surely eye-catching.

The color was a very pretty turquoise. It fitted closely around her midriff and came to just below her knees. Her fair complexion and blond hair enhanced the overall appearance.

Looking in the mirror she commented “I like this dress…………I hope it sells well so I get some good commission this month………..I think it will!”
If girls coming into the shop were accompanied by their boyfriends who saw Sarah ‘modeling’ the dress, I was certain it would sell!

Sarah said it came in a variety of colors. My assessment was:

In Turquoise - irresistible
In Black - elegant
In Red - sexy
In White - sensual
In Blue - seductive

Sarah said that after she combed hair and touched up her face she was ready to go.

“What about underwear” I asked.

“The dress is not short……..I will not need any” she replied.

I could see that it was not much use trying to convince her otherwise.

“Well………… if you sit down make sure you cross you legs.” I told her.

She blew me a kiss and disappeared in to the bathroom.

Arrangements for the day went as planned.

Continued………… Sarah tries out the new position.
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